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I yawn waking up from my nap and stood up stretching. I saw a small trail that led north. I'll just have to see where this trail leads me I guess.... night time was falling and that's the best time for me to travel. Deep in the shadows where no one can see me...
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((LMFAO! Wow, she told you?))
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Chapter Two: The Combatants

It was a clear, sunny morning att the gates of Rouge. We had managed to get here overnight by foot, and were exhausted, so we...er....took a nap. We had slept in an old building right outside the magnificent gate. It seemed as though the landscape was contradicting itself, with holes on one side of the gate and a metropolis of towers on the other. There had thankfully been no trouble getting here, and hopefully, there'd be no trouble in here. But those were only hopes.
I turned to the sleeping forms of Miress and Aurellum, who, in a weird twist, had almost cuddled with each other. It was sickening, yet, a voice rung at the back of my head.
Jealousy? It's not your decision for it to be like this...
I looked around in a fright, so much that I unsettled the others.
I sighed as the other two started to wake.
You're here....and there...Hah hah hah...soon, your body'll be everywhere...just you wait, Cross...hah hah hah...
I woke up and stared at Cross with bleary eyes, my head slightly resting on Aurellum's chest.
"You ok, Cross?" I said, drowsily. He nodded, but he looked spooked.. I got up and went over to him, only to be interrupted by a slight...tremble in the ground. That tremble, however, was nothing compared to the next...and the next, then the next. It then occured to me that with this buildings old age....
The house was coming down. Literary...
((Just kiding about you posting Mistress. Just...kidding....Eheh...I need to post. But this is hella fun! ))
((How old is Miress? ))

Aurellum slowly opened his eyes. A warmth kept his boy warm, and a silky head of hair tickled his face. He smiled with his eyes closed then opened then fully. Aurellum blinked and scooted backwards a few inches. His face was beginning to turn red as he stood up and dusted himself off. He promptly turned away as she rose and began to fiddle with a spark, in an attempt for her not to notice how red he was. Well, just to his luck, his powers had fizzled out, and he couldn't even get a flash of light out. So, he ended up tying up his boots.
(15, though children are trained at an early age to beleive that they were older.)

I panicked and turned to Aurellum, who was messing with his feet. Cross had already exited the building, waiting for us to catch up.
"Come on!" I shouted at him, grabbing his arm as the buildings tremors became worse. I ran with him, out of the room...as we headed towards the exit of the building, the shaking got worse than before....
((Oh yeah. I forgot that the building was falling down, lol. ))
Aurellum snatched his things from the ground and dashed into an adjacent hall way. His electricity began to rise back in him, giving him a considerable boost in running speed ((Which is awesome)) and he led Miress, instead. A loud crumbling noise came from in front them, as the roof began to cave in starting from the farthest wall. Aurellum skidded to a halt and turned another corner, where the rest of the building was revealed. It used to be a library, but had all since been abandoned, only a spare few, and unwanted books remaining. He ran down aisles of books as a support beam fell away, blocking their path. He turned to back track as a second beam deserted their last way of leaving. He thought about it for a moment before ramming his shoulders against a bookshelf, causing it to lean precariously, before toppling over. He jumped over it, and not a moment too soon, the rest of that aisle crumbled away. He scanned the next area as the rumbling got louder. A section of the building was falling apart, he knew it. But where would they run next?
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I felt like a coward, standing outside the building. I was too afraid to go back in, and claustrophobia had started to set in when I had awoke to find Miress and Aurellum.
(I'm watching you, Sora. -.-)
Would they be safe from harm? ...
Guilt now, Xix De Cross? Whats wrong? You're going to join them in the ground soon....hah hah hah....
I could hardly keep up with him, darting between falling support beams and whole hallways.
"Where are we headed?!"
"I don't know! " He shouted back to her. He dashed down another asile and tuned a corner revealing an open door. Aurelum ran through it and leapt forward as the building behind them finally caved in. They stood in a small room, that was an entry way. A door to the end lead out of the building to outside. Aurellum binked. The room was silent. And perffectly sound. Not even a single crack in it's walls.
He huffed in great gulps of oxygen and slowly walked over to the door leading out. That room was definitely weird. When opening the door, h blinked from the sudden burst of sunlight and help the door open for Miress, placing an un-used hand over his face. "Are you..." He began between a deep breath, "Okay, Miress?" He sat down on the pavement and stabilized his breathing.
I stood over Aurellum and put my hands around him and whispered in his ear, "Are you?"

((This is fun. Poor Arky...Heh.))
Aurellum stared at her for a moment. He looked up into her eyes very slowly and gave a mischievous grin. "I'm quite..." He stopped and licked his lips subtlety .
"I'm quite fine, thank you." He replied formally snapping back to attention. He adjusted his waistcoat for a moment then held onto Miress's wrists to stand up. He smiled again, this time coyly, and slid along the wall to get out from her arms.
"Very good!" He called to Cross-- "We're alive." He closed his eyes and sighed.
(This is too fun. XD)
"Are we ready to head to town? I mean, the gates are right here...Unless Aurellum wants to stay a while...hehe."
I turned to face the gates of Rouge.
Impatient to hear their replies, I said, "C'mon! Lets GO!"
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I looked at Miress and sighed myself. I waited for her to turn her back before walking up to Aurellum, saying, "I'm watching you." I turned around and raced towards Miress.
"We're heading into the town!"
"You're heading into....the town of theives. You all are VERY stupid..."
The others looked at me with growing confusion.
"What are you looking at me for? Blame the voices."
Miress shook her head and grabbed our wrists as she ran past the gates.
Past the gates leads to your respective deaths....

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