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Its a scary world out there... When you're all alone. The government having taken over America long ago, anyone who didn't agree with what they said were either shot down or had to flee.
And thats how the rebellion was formed...
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The Story

After the economy crashed in America, The Government took over full speed, splitting the country as we knew it into 12 different districts. Some though, did not agree with what they were told and rebelled against the changes. For most it didn't end well... Those who were still alive fled to the wilderness which was once known as southern California. There, all survivors teamed up and made The Rebellion. There one and only goal was to destroy what the government had created. Even still people broke free from the districts and went into hiding to join up with The Rebellion.

So which side will you be on?

The Government?


The Rebellion?
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The Rules

1. Literacy
This is a semi-lit to Literate roleplay. Meaning you have to be able to write at least 2 good paragraphs per post. I understand writers block every now and then, as long as its not ever post. One liners will not be tolerated.
2. Activity
Please be able to post at least once a week. It being a large group roleplay, it will be moving fast so please do try and keep up.
3. Rating
PG-16. No more, no less. I know, I know, smut is fun! But innapropriate for this type of roleplay. Yes there can be romance, as long as it doesn't go too far. And not too much gore as well.. Like I said, keep EVERYTHING! Even language, to a PG-16 level.
4. Gaia TOS
If you haven't read them, you probably should.
5. God modding
God modding will not be tolerated. If your character takes a hit, you can't just say they dodged it. That would be an example of god modding. If it happens, consider yourself removed from the roleplay.
6. Pretty posts
Though not required, decorative posts are very much so encouraged! They just make the roleplay a lot more fun to read. If you don't want to do one though, a picture of your character and their name will suffice.

If you have any questions or concerns please, PM me.

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