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"... I am borrowing bits and pieces from what Alma just said; Night Stalker is not that kind of man," he snorted, "But a word of advice, think before you speak--especially if what you're going to say is going to come off as an insult. Come on, we have a lot of ground to cover."

"What about ponds?" he asked. He raised a brow when the girl repeated herself, "I am pretty sure most of the ponds are frozen over by now Elizabeth."


"That's what Jack thought--and look what happened to him!" said Joe as he sat up. He looked around, "Oh right. we had split-- OW. WHY DID YOU HIT ME?!" The bear rolled over and curled up, falling asleep.
"I'll be as silent as s shadow when near them again ...... " Hunter looks down for a moment, pondering something as he gets his horse to move faster. ".........Did our missing man have a place or two he liked to go to when in Boston? If so that might be a good place to look first"
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She looked away from the Bear, and sighed. "I miss New Orleans." She mumbled, letting the reins drop.

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Tarlof took hold of the girl's reins and handed them back to her, "Well if you drop these and the horse bucks and throws you won't be around to see it again." he looked back at the man next to him, "This is my second time going to Boston," he rubbed between his eyes, "And no, I was not with him my first trip there."


"Corrine, are you sure you want to keep walking? You've been walking for hours now and I'm sure you must be tired." Percy asked the woman ahead of him. "Don't," started Alma, "We'll keep going for an hour before a quick stop."


"Are we there yet?"

No answer.

"How about now?"

Hjalmar groaned and continued walking, doing his best to drown out the madman, Next time I choose my partner.
Corinne blinked a few times at Percy addressing her and the slightest of smiles appeared on her face, and she spoke in English so he could understand her "Used to walking. Not good on beasts." She responded, her voice coming out heavily accented and difficult to understand if Percy wasn't listening carefully. She gave him a grateful smile though for being worried about her "Will be fine" The redhead inclined her head "Thank you for worry"

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