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Lex grinned and high fived the man. He then looked at his stinging palm.

"I just got a high five... I just got a high five!" He glanced down at the bar, scooped up the shot there, downed it, and threw himself into the man's arms. Alsoomse watched as the two fell to the floor and began to roll about, the smaller boy tucked into the larger one's chest. She looked up at Behlil as he came down the stairs.

"Alsoomse. I see my brother has met our friend," Behlil said, smiling as he watched the two. It reminded the old guard of the Scotsman his brother had been a little closer-than-friends with in Istanbul.

"Yes, yes, he has," the woman said, laughing softly.
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The man continued to babble with the young man as they rolled around. The barkeep had buried his face in hands and gave up as stools were knocked over; most of his customers leaving, the ones that stayed were too drunk to notice to what was going on or dead asleep.
Lex laughed as the man finally stopped rolling them around, both fetched up against Alsoomse and Behlil's legs. Helped up, Lex staggered and leaned back against his bigger younger brother's arm.

"Well, to answer your question from before, abi, the year is 1775." Behlil reached up and brushed the dust from his shoulders, back, and hair. "And perhaps, if you're looking to get acquainted with the local..." He glanced around for a moment before taking a seat and continuing, "...peoples, we'd best start with friends and work from there, shouldn't we?"

"Okay." Lex nodded. He'd learned enough about strange countries what to ask first. "Have you seen Jameel?"

"Last I heard, he was off in Kentucky."

"Kentucky? Seriously? Doing what, sipping moonshine? Never mind," he added, when he saw the confused look on his brother's face. "Anybody else I should know about?"

"Well, some are coming in now, if you want to ask them." Lex turned around to see who was coming in the tavern this time. "Hello, my friends! What news?" Behlil stood and clasped their hands and arms.

((Abi = big brother in Turkish))
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“I hate the cold,” The woman pulled her hood down before hugging the man tight,"I hate the cold," she pecked his cheeks, "And have I mention that I hate the cold?” she pulled away from Behlil and did the same to Alsoomse.

“Honotbi, I do not think that was the news he wanted to hear… and everyone knows that already.“ The man behind her said and sat on a table, “And who is the child on the floor next to Night Stalker?”

“Alma, Psycho Bear,” Night Stalker patted Lex on the back, “Meet Mini-Behlil, he’s a Tumblr.”

“Is that a new rank or...?” "It is Tarlof Harjo."

Behlil shook his head, laughing softly.

"Honotbi, Tarlof Harjo, this is my elder brother, Skandar Yusufoglu Tazim, a fine Master Assassin. However much he lacks in height, he makes up for in...Lexishness, shall we say?"

"Ish a buhr!" Lex cried, pointing to Tarlof. Tilting his head, he blinked. "Wait..." He looked between the woman called Honotbi and the man once more. He pointed between them, back and forth, as he said, "You...you...you...you...you..."

Stopping himself, the Sparrow took a long breath and said to Honotbi, "Alma? Hablas espanol, si?" Looking at Tarlof, he couldn't resist asking, "You're the Giant Angry Bear That is Friendly?" Alsoomse shook her head at the small man's antics--Joe was obviously a bad influence on him--and put an arm around the crazy Englishman's shoulders.
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Joe rested his head on the Shawnee woman's, "Lexishness? Pfffft, that is not even a word."

"...Si, hablo espanol ... pero, que pasa con tu acento?" Alma looked him over before continuing on, "Ha viajado a Cuba? O la República Dominicana?"

"Giant Angry Bear That is Friendly?" the man made face, "I think you are confusing me with the Pawnee man that terrorizes the taverns."

"But he is not an angry bear, just loud," said Joe,"... Really, really loud."

((Translation: Yes, I speak Spanish, but what is up with your accent? Have you traveled to Cuba? The Dominican Republic?))
"Tuve un novio cubano durante la escuela secundaria," Lex answered with a shrug. Looking up at Tarlof, he asked, "Can I just call you Buhr then?"

"And what about half the words that come from your mouth that none of us understand?" Alsoomse looked at Joe accusingly, though the corners of her mouth quirked upward just a little.

"Never mind about made up words," Behlil muttered. "Brother, ask your questions, if you want, or stay and chat. For now, I'm going to walk to that bar and nurse a little drink." He smiled and squeezed Lex's shoulder. "Try not to destroy the rest of the bar while I'm five feet away, will you, abi?"

"Your wish is my command, kardes." Lex stretched out his arms before pocketing his hands and looking up at the newcomers. "Is there anybody else I should know about that isn't here? Masters, Mentors, Assassins of note or interest?"

((Tuve un novio cubano durante la escuela secundaria. = I had a Cuban boyfriend during high school.

Kardes = little brother/brother))
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"How about you just call me Tarlof Harjo?" he said and joined Behlil at the bar. Alma smiled at Lex as she took a sea, "Pagale hay mente, el es simplemente molesto porque mi hermano rechazo su propuesta."

"And she is bringing him up to speed on this novella, maid in the city, " Joe pointed to Lex, "And he can not believe it is not butter," he pointed back to the Miccosukee woman, "And she just saved a bunch of money by switching her horse insurance to another company."

She rolled her eyes, "Well we are missing tall, moody, and handsome."

"No--I'm right here!"

"Not you Night Stallker."

((Translation: Pay him no mind, he is just upset that my brother turned down his proposal.))
"Tall, moody, and handsome? You mean this century has a hothothothothothot besides Jameel? I'll have to meet this guy." Lex grinned. Behlil shook his head.

"You will first have to learn how to say his name, half portion, before you learn where to meet him."

"Ah, hell, I can learn Mr. Hothothot's name when I see him, can't I?" Lex folded his arms and lifted a brow. Behlil raised his own, only to chuckle into his glass.

"All right, you may do just that. I know there's no stopping you when you have that look on your face. Just don't run into any sheep when you ride out."

"What, no goats in this New World?" The two Turks looked at one another before cracking up. Lex went over to the taller man and clasped him around the middle. Behlil dipped his head down and covered his head with kisses until Lex tilted his face up; he placed a kiss on each of his cheeks and one upon his brow. "Safety and peace be upon you, brother. And when you do ride out, try not to fall into anymore snow drifts."

"Pfff. Are you kidding? I'll just build the subway system while I'm down under the snow. So," Lex said, clapping his hands together, "who's my Google Directions for this evening?" He spread his arms and closed his eyes, intoning in a solemn voice, deep as he could make it, "GPS, tell me, where do I go?"
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"I volunteer!" Night Stalker raised a hand high as he stood up, only to be pushed back down into his seat, "Aww, why not? It is not like I am volunteering my self as a tribute to a fight to the death!" He crossed his arms and sank deeper into his seat.

"Do not ask me."

"I do not think he was going to ask you, Giant Angry Bear that is Friendly." said Alma as she stood up, "I have no problem with taking you to meet him."
Alsoomse shook her head and kept her hold on Night Stalker. Lex smiled and nodded to her, hugging his brother once more before turning to Night Stalker and doing the same.

"Safety and peace, guys, and if I don't see you--"

"Shut up," Behlil stated.

"I was going to say I love you all, but shut up works too." Lex grinned and headed out into the snow with Alma. He gasped as the wind smacked him in the face, but was able to mount the horse beside the Floridian woman's easily enough. "Remind me sometime on this ride to pack for all possibilities of weather." God, I love New England. He rolled his eyes at the elements and hunkered down as much as he could into his waistcoat and shirt.
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The woman looked down at him and stopped walking, "Nino, go run inside and a get coat from Night Stalker or Alsoomse." she pointed back to the tarven, "Don't worry, we have plenty of time to look for our friend." she said as she watched him head back inside.

The man with the funny hat perked up a bit as Lex came back inside, "You found him already? That was shorter than an episode of--" he shut up when the Creek man gave him a look.

"What is it?" he asked the boy.
"Alma said to get a coat from you or the lady with all the cleavage." The Sparrow spluttered as Alsoomse dropped one on top of his head. "Thank you."

"Any time, unless you keep making quips like that," said the woman.

"Ask Mr. Stalker of the Night to tell you about Shakira's Suerte song." With that, he headed out into the snow again and mounted up, pulling the coat's hood over his head. "Ready. Let's go." The small Assassin was glad when they were finally heading into the outskirts of the town, back toward the way he'd come.
The dark haired female crouched behind a snowdrift. The stag hadn't seen her yet. Without making any sound she aimed for the beast, steading her breath.
Though her friend had taught her to use the bow and she was not bad with this weapon, she prefered her old rifle. If she made the catch the supply for the next weeks would be secured.

A loud sound broke the silence. The animal immediatly flinched and ran, before Ylva could pull the trigger.
Her eyes went for the space where the noise had come from and what she saw almost made a bunch of Swedish curses escape her mouth.
Yet she held back, as her friend had pointed out she shouldn't use so many foul words when minors were around.

"What the hell are you doing here, child? Do you have a deathwish to sneak around in the woods? "
"Child?" the Sparrow said incredulously. He hadn't been a child in years! No, he reminded himself, no, I'm still eighteen. And a small eighteen at that. "Look, I'm not sneaking around, lady. I'm looking for--"

"Ylva!" Alma called over to the woman, riding up. Lex watched for a while, not really listening, until a flicker of movement caught his eye. Dismounting, he followed after it. His pants were soaked and his boots nearly so by the time he caught up to the source and found a man leaning over the stag the woman had failed to shoot.

The Sparrow tilted his head as he padded over to him, putting a hand out, half to steady himself, half to get the man's attention. The next seconds were a flurry of motion as the man spun around and slashed at him with a knife and tomahawk. Lex dipped back away from the blades, digging his hookblade into the quiver on the man's back and rolling over him. He spun around, a little grin quirking up the edges of his lips. Why, he couldn't say, other than he felt an odd sense of fun in the moment.

A thought came to him then. Grinning a little more, he clicked his tongue. The man tilted his head, watching as he raised his hands and pinched his fingers together as if playing castonettes, clicking with his tongue again. The smaller Assassin moved forward. The man moved back, then rushed forward. The Sparrow, in turn, fell back. When he moved forward again, so did the man, throwing himself into a lunge. Lex dipped backward. His eyes widened as he saw the man's knife-holding hand moving to stab him in the back.

Reaching over his shoulder again, he rolled once more, turning to face him as the man turned as well, slashing with his knife. Lex knocked it aside as his foot sank through the crust of snow, eyes widening as his balance left him. A hand caught his arm, stopping his fall, the other arm seeming to wrap around him just as automatically. The two stood frozen, breathing heavily. Dark eyes stared into dark eyes from equally dark faces.

There's something familiar about him, but where...? The thought was gone, trailing off into nothingness as they looked up. Alma stood beside the one called Ylva, the dark haired, pale skinned one standing with her arms folded, the Floridian woman clapping slowly as if to dispel what his mind had been about to conjure up, saying, "Bravo, bravo."

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