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Which icon should the GA support in H2K13?

The Easter Bunny 0.23529411764706 23.5% [ 8 ]
Jack 0.76470588235294 76.5% [ 26 ]
Total Votes:[ 34 ]
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( >>... Not very sneaky, Ten. This is why you weren't in recon. Are we gonna finish this Aekea plot or what?! I got a reff. post when you're ready! )

((I can start whenever, I just need a post to spring off from.))
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"I know, I know." Chiharu held out a hand. This wasn't the GA's priority and she knew it, but there was no need to give her the denial in stereo.

"The rebellion? ********, no. I've been finding us two new Gambino heirs." Alright, so that part was mainly an accident. She'd stumbled on the boys while she was very, very busy getting absolutely shitfaced and avoiding her desk. But the Suits didn't need the whole story. "You and I are going to have to debrief. Later. I have a family crisis on my hands here." One hand supported her forehead, and the other made a grand gesture of directing everyone's attention to Jiro. "Hence the samurai at my desk."

"My desk." Ainsley pointed out.

The samurai at Chiharu's Ainsley's desk was indeed a massive presence. He sat tall, dwarfing his daughter, and there was something...about him. Even in his suit, the "normal guy" outfit came off more like a costume.
He sighed. Reaching out to Chiharu's friends and coworkers was not looking good, and he couldn't help but wonder what one would have to do to gain these mens' loyalty. If it wasn't to lead them for nearly a decade. Jiro stood up from his chair. "I'll go back to Hotaru while you do what you can here." There would be many in Hotaru willing to risk their lives to bring Raku home

Chiharu rubbed a hand over her face. Her mind was reeling, and she knew she wasn't any good to anyone if she couldn't sit down and ******** focus. Her mind kept going back to Raku's face as she left, her father's blank expression upon seeing her, and now back to Guanlong and Stefano. She'd ditched them without warning in a city that was less than safe. But then, she soothed herself, she'd left the boys in the care of a demigod. Kintaro would doubtless keep them s-

"The Taros!!" Chiharu jumped to her feet with a shout that made everyone start.

Everyone except Jiro. He turned around to face her. "Explain."

"The Taros, Jiro. The legendary slayers. I know where Kintaro is, and he'll know where Momotaro and Urashima Taro are. They'll help. They have to; it's their job."

Jiro frowned. The "legendary slayers" had thinned his own numbers in their day, but...she was right.

Chiharu all but jumped over the desk. "I'll go find Kin! Won't take me long!"

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