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( >>... Not very sneaky, Ten. This is why you weren't in recon. Are we gonna finish this Aekea plot or what?! I got a reff. post when you're ready! )

((I can start whenever, I just need a post to spring off from.))
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"I know, I know." Chiharu held out a hand. This wasn't the GA's priority and she knew it, but there was no need to give her the denial in stereo.

"The rebellion? ********, no. I've been finding us two new Gambino heirs." Alright, so that part was mainly an accident. She'd stumbled on the boys while she was very, very busy getting absolutely shitfaced and avoiding her desk. But the Suits didn't need the whole story. "You and I are going to have to debrief. Later. I have a family crisis on my hands here." One hand supported her forehead, and the other made a grand gesture of directing everyone's attention to Jiro. "Hence the samurai at my desk."

"My desk." Ainsley pointed out.

The samurai at Chiharu's Ainsley's desk was indeed a massive presence. He sat tall, dwarfing his daughter, and there was something...about him. Even in his suit, the "normal guy" outfit came off more like a costume.
He sighed. Reaching out to Chiharu's friends and coworkers was not looking good, and he couldn't help but wonder what one would have to do to gain these mens' loyalty. If it wasn't to lead them for nearly a decade. Jiro stood up from his chair. "I'll go back to Hotaru while you do what you can here." There would be many in Hotaru willing to risk their lives to bring Raku home

Chiharu rubbed a hand over her face. Her mind was reeling, and she knew she wasn't any good to anyone if she couldn't sit down and ******** focus. Her mind kept going back to Raku's face as she left, her father's blank expression upon seeing her, and now back to Guanlong and Stefano. She'd ditched them without warning in a city that was less than safe. But then, she soothed herself, she'd left the boys in the care of a demigod. Kintaro would doubtless keep them s-

"The Taros!!" Chiharu jumped to her feet with a shout that made everyone start.

Everyone except Jiro. He turned around to face her. "Explain."

"The Taros, Jiro. The legendary slayers. I know where Kintaro is, and he'll know where Momotaro and Urashima Taro are. They'll help. They have to; it's their job."

Jiro frowned. The "legendary slayers" had thinned his own numbers in their day, but...she was right.

Chiharu all but jumped over the desk. "I'll go find Kin! Won't take me long!"
[ Gambino Army ]

It was by this point that the Suits had finally gotten the idea across - the slim, fox-faced gentleman in front of them was none other than Chiharu's father. Several, like Gregory, proved skeptical, but a few certain ones like Sampson embraced the concept, having never once seen any of their beloved leader's family in the flesh.
"Well, heeey! Mr. Wind himself." Sam exclaimed, giving the modern bushi a lookover. "And with a sword strapped to his trousers and everything. Can't say I couldn't envision any other guy who could be the Chief's dad. You must be where she got her killer technique from!"

Sampson, always the talker, was rudely interrupted by Gregory, who felt it was his civic duty to silence his cohort before he said something too stupid.
"Hold on! Chiharu?!" He called out to her, her fleet-footedness carrying her likely before his words could reach. "What do you mean 'new heirs!' Explain!" But, before he could get a word in edgewise out of her, she had disappeared. Looking at his fellow agents, two in particular, his eyes edged dangerously.
"Screw what the "Ace of Spades" says," He harped, setting a cigar in his mouth. "Saddle up, boys. We're going on vacation."

"Oooh, fun!"

[ Isle de Gambino - Onigawa Spa ]

"Boss!" Kyros grabbed his superior's hand, trying to gently tug him back under the water's depths. Nothing was so wrong that the pool couldn't heal it...

[ Isle de Gambino - Onigawa Spa ]

"No!" Exclaimed Ichiro, distancing himself from Kyros before he yet again breached the fountain. However, his hands did draw heavily from its waters, splashing against his face and washing himself of unnecessarily-spilled blood. "My new pet will arrive soon. Perhaps this one as old as you, Kyros." Ichiro smirked, peering at his number-one bodyguard. "But don't worry; he's proven his worth. No need to... 'initiate' him when he returns. All dogs must be broken in."


[ Isle de Gambino ]

Out on an errand to acquire a handgun, to Cainan's chagrin, Neon careened softly through the local town, every so often checking the windows. The sun was breaching the horizon, and it was then that Neon realized he hadn't slept for some time. He rubbed his eyes, well used to pushing all-nighters, but this time it was something else.

"What unnerves you so, dear cousin?"

Neon, stirred awake by Fortuna at the wheel of her hybrid automobile, dreaded a reply. "Just a little uneasy, is all," He told her. "I guess it's just now kind of hitting me that I'm bumming a ride off the very family I tried running away from."

Eyes halfway on the road, Fortuna too found tiny herself regularly peeking backwards to spy her estranged cousin. "You've no need to run from those who care about you, Leon." Fortuna frowned. "I... Imagine things were very different for you, growing up, outside of the island. "

Yeah, and in fact, one of those "things" was probably sniffing around the whole island for him. Then again, another one of those "things" likely hadn't any idea he was here... It was a race between him and Demarco to track down said individual, Stefano, Demarco's brother, and hopefully convince the kid that this whole "inheritance" s**t was a hoax before things got ugly.
Neon was worried. He'd hoped, in his years away from Durem, Demarco hadn't webbed his only brother into some ponzi scheme or whatever his gang was running, or worse; turning him into a full fledged mafioso.

"Leon? :c"

"Oh! Yeah, uhm, sorry. I guess once you step outta your head for the first time, you kinda leave one foot in," He diagnosed, but really, even he wasn't sure. This power over visions was spontaneous, not controlled, and came a the most inopportune times. Such as...
"Whoa!" Like a hot flash, Neon was hit with the image of something... fabulous. "Stop the car!"

"Wait, what...??"

"Just stop the car! It's a... it's my muse! It's speaking to me!" Fortuna came to a screaming halt, and 13 went flying into Fortuna's lap, eyes whirling. Neon popped open the door and was stunned with nostalgia; before his eyes was a storybook-long graffiti piece slapped across one of the houses outside the marketplace. Crowds gathered around it; a self-stylized tree, dotted with names of numerous individuals all bearing the Gambino surname. And at its crux, two names stood out in bright, glistening paint - "No..."


Fortuna came sundering out with 13 held on her head like a fruit basket.
"Ooooh, pretty~!"

Neon didn't know who this "Guanlong" was, but if this paint was still fresh - which it was - Stefano couldn't have been far off.
"Come on!" Neon erased any unease between them and grasped Fortuna by the arm --accompanied with a light "YEEP!"-- and carted her off somewheres away from the crowd.
Neon remembered, years ago when he and Stefano were on the run from the police, and would cut corners and squeeze through alleyways only they knew. The irony was finally sinking in that he, a glorified pig, was using the same methods to track down the only person he could call "brother"...
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[ Gambino Army ]

Ainsley watched his long lost co-worker take off, leaving all her top secrets flashing on his personal laptop. He sighed, shaking his head as he reached across the desk and popped the flashdrive into his palm, then handed it off to Sampson. The suit would know what to do with it, and Ainsley turned around to grab his jacket off the coat rack. It was one of those puffy, reflective numbers worn almost exclusively by emergency workers and snowboarders. The back and right sleeve were emblazoned with a red cross each, and as he shrugged into the jacket, he caught Stand's eyes over his glasses.
"Stand, will you tap a couple of our field medics for this? If we're doing this, I want to take one of the ambulances."

Jiro glanced across the room full of men gearing for battle, and decided he liked them.
[ Isle de Gambino ]

Chiharu ghosted back onto the street that she had last seen her boys. She hadn't expected them to be standing around waiting for her, so it was no shocker to find herself alone. Her boots slapped on the damp concrete of the sidewalk, and she fished out her iPhone as she walked, hitting up Guanlong's number...

Lee entered his vision juuuust before Cainan lost his footing and went sprawling and laughing under nearly half a ton of liger. Sand sprayed up around his shoulders, and he had to use both hands to hold off a single paw.
"Yeah!" He grinned, just before that paw landed on his chest and Lambert used his trainer as a launching pad to jump back into the ocean spray. "Ugh! @~@ ....Y-yeah, he ran off with Fortuna to "find his muse". You know her." Cain sat up in the sand, his carefully conditioned blond locks full of wet sand.
[ Gambino Army ]

Stand saluted. "Only if you keep using that tone of voice, sir." The android replied in his typical half-sarcastic, half-flirtatious manner. However, before he could make those calls, he had one last person to attend to...
"But what about Mr. Wind?" Stand addressed Jiro. "She left him by himself... he's lonely."

Gregory rolled his eyes. Concealing the flash drive from the good Dr. Ainsley in his coat, he approached Jiro wearing all his authority as he, but at half the size. "He's right. Sir, I'm going to ask you come with us for the time being, until we can return you to your place of residence."

"Do you not see the samurai sword he's been carting around?? Relax, Greg, I'm sure the guy can handle himself." Sampson intervened, patting Jiro on the shoulder. "Am I right, old man? Besides, your the first one of Chiharu's family aside from her crazy brother's we've met, and I gotta say, you fit the bill." Sam laughed. "You should've seen her when she first walked in her. She looked straight from a Kurosawa. I couldn't even fight her back then..."

Seeing now that the situation was stabilizing, Stand smiled, and went to make those calls. What they didn't know is that he was walking away with all the information extracted from that flash drive, and while the others didn't have time to read too far into it, his electronic brain was breezing through it.


[ Isle de Gambino - Marketplace ]

Somewhere on the island, in a hotel room littered by all sorts of different people (the majority passed out), a faint buzzing came from beneath a pile of cans of cheap, cheap beer. Like a life form, it began to stir, when suddenly! an arm breached underneath it, clutching a phone like it was some symbol of power. As the ring tone finally set in, the cans began shedding, revealing the Guanlong beneath it, his wingspan stretching wiiide to embrace the morning, with a series of pops and cracks following.
"Ni hao?" Guanlong groaned into the phone before checking to see who he was talking to. "Oh, hey baby. You on your way? You ain't..." The child gangster peered around at all the lowlifes, trashed across the hotel room. "... miss a thing. Hey, where you been?? We all got started without you! You know how stoked these fools got when I said I was datin' a babe from the GA?" He checked the room to see if anyone else was listening, before quietly uttering, "... I missed you."

Shrugging over his jacket, he scooted over to the cross-faded corpse of Stefano, and shook him awake, eyeing his cellphone and mouthing, "It's Chiharu."

Not far off was the host who was funding this shindig, Kintaro, passed out with a couple of fans, guitar still in hand, naturally. His eye peering open, showing signs of a hangover, he focused in on the two boys he was meant to look after.
'I must be getting old. I haven't gotten that faded in over a thousand years...' He begun to usher his supernatural strength, moving his snugglebuddies, but as soon as he caught how good looking they were, he decided maybe another fifteen minutes. "C:"


[ Isle de Gambino - ]

Lee was probably the only man who wasn't terrified of Lambert. He got close, whereas other members of their family wouldn't even come within a yard of Cainan when his giant cat was around, and that was every once a blue moon.

"Hell's bells, what is wrong with that woman?" Lee complained as he trudged through the sand, coming closer. "I swear, she's delusional. Meanwhile, the island's basically one giant mosh pit; sheesh, who knows what'll light that guy's fuse. He could snap any minute." Lee was noticeably uneasy. His cigarette shook between his lips as he recalled watching Katherine, Neon's mother, slay his father.
"Damn it!!" The man tossed his cap on the ground, his face as red as his hair. "She's like a child?? She's out there helping that... freak, when what we should be doing is trying to bring a little order to this town! I mean, that's our job, right?? Ugh!" He snatched up his hat and shook off the sand. "Man, I swear she's gonna give me a heart attack. Ya any idea where she went?"
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[ Gambino Army ]

Jiro had already stood up behind the desk, and he raised his brow at the man who'd clapped him on his shoulder. "You can fight her now?" He asked with real curiosity.
As for the rest, if they were going to be working together, he thought it was time for them to stop referring to him as "Mr. Wind". "My name is Jiro Hotaru, and the Oni have abducted a very dear member of my family." He gave a sideways glance at Gregory. "So you'll understand if I won't be returned to my home without him."

[ Isle de Gambino ]

Chiharu couldn't help a little smile. "I missed you too. I'm sorry I ditched yah. Listen, I'm having kind of a family emergency, and I need to talk to Kintaro. He's there with you, right?" It took her a few minutes to extract from him where they were and that they were, yes, all in the same room.

Chiharu shoved open the hotel room door, creating a semi-circle of carpet among the wasteland of beer cans and pizza boxes. She took a visual inventory of empty alcohol bottles, trashy food, and unconscious strangers and immediately regretted the way she'd spent her night.
Spotting Kintaro hiding under his blanket of attractive admirers was a little like playing Where's Waldo, but she managed it.
"Kintaro! Up and at 'em, blondie, c'mon..."


"Relax before you pop a blood vessel or something." Cainan got to his bare feetsies in the sand and dusted off the front of his trunks. "Fortuna's never led anyone wrong, and besides, I like the new kid. He's a cat person."
Cainan thinned his eyes at his cousin....but didn't see any of Lee's worry abating. Not that he'd really expected it too. He reached up a tried unsuccessfully to shake some of the damp sand out of his hair, his one good eye rolling upward with a sigh.
"They're out in the city proper. I don't know exactly where."
[ Gambino Army ]

"Hah! Oh, sure! Me and her are on par now!" Sampson lied, secretly embarrassed, he retreated to the back of the line.

"Now it's starting to come together. So it's personal." Gregory fiddled with his cigar as people ran amok around him, prepping their gear and readying for an assault on the island. "Since you're Chiharu's father, is it safe to say you're also not...?" Gregory wasn't sure how to put it. "Of... this world?"
The Gambino Army was composed mainly of the ordinary, but there were certainly some unusuals thrown in. One was Chiharu -- he recalled her capably masking her identity in her early years, and she very well could have continued doing so for years, the disguise master she was. After revealing the truth years ago - that she was part of a collective of mythical eastern creatures known as yokai - it was one of the GA's first steps into realizing the world was not as simple as they had thought.


[ Isle de Gambino - Marketplace ]

"Uuuhnuhnuh!" Kintaro let out a finely-aged whine as he shrugged her off. And Chiharu was one of the ones he liked...

"What'd I tell ya? Lightweight can't hang," Guanlong commented, his arm over Chiharu's as they gazed down upon the sad sack. "Hey. Buddy, c'mon. Charu says this is important." He said, nudging Kintaro with his boot. "Listen here, you bling'd out b***h, you are on the receiving end of this boot, and I'm about to put it where the sun don't shine. >:C Then let's see how you sleep!"

"Matte, matte!"Kintaro eventually turned over, his normally primed hair all over the place, and yet still somehow appearing to be styled. "You know, you two aren't playing this "I'm rich" thing too well. I should be able to sleep out a hangover."

"We ain't rich yet." Guanlong, in a incredible display of kindness, offered Kintaro a freshly brewed cup of coffee, but only after playing keepaway with it for a solid minute, and eventually telling Kintaro to get his own.

"Uhhhh..." The "legendary slayer" moaned defeat, his powers severely dampened by a long night of partying. Struggling his guitar from around his body, he began to tune it compulsively, hoping in doing so would serenade the morning monster in him.
"When did you get here, tanuki-chan?"

Guanlong still had no idea what that meant.

"I didn't see you all night! You're nocturnal, aren't you? You can't expect me to watch these heathens on my own all night... >_>" He mumbled, strumming his ax. "There was this Irish fella, who said he could out-drink anyone in the room. And since you weren't there, I had to do it! D: And now I'm all urpy... My legendary tolerance that which rivaled the King of Ogres hath yet returned to me, it seems." Kintaro explained, in Shakespearean. "... but you have. What do you want!" He exclaimed, snapping his flamboyant fan open for effect, and to Guanlong's chagrin.
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[ Isle de Gambino - Marketplace ]

Chiharu let Kintaro get the griping out of his willowy system, and she spared a glance up at Guanlong. The kid gangster had his arm draped over her, and she was leaning a hip into him in return. It felt nice, being half of a pair, and all at once gratitude was welling up in her chest. Her life had taken a cliff dive, but this dumb kid with his guns and his tattoos had caught her, just because he wanted to.

It made her feel that much worse when she turned to Kintaro and switched their dialogue abruptly into Japanese. "I want you to gather your brothers and let me take you to the Onigawa." There wasn't any reason to beat around the bush on this one. Raku and her father were waiting...she hoped.

Stefano was displaced when the rockstar sat up, and he appeared from under Cuddlebuddy#2. His silky hair was out at all angles, and he blinked up at the three early birds, glaring like they'd kicked his puppy.
"Can we all turn it the ******** down?" The kid grumbled.
[ Isle de Gambino - Marketplace ]

"Turn down for what!" Guanlong sent a well-placed kick into his cousin's side, rolling him over on and lobbing on his back, taking the boy's leg with him.
"Say uncle, b***h!" He demanded! "Say uncle for daddy! >8D"

Meanwhile, Kintaro didn't skip a beat, speaking in his native tongue the moment Chiharu finished her sentence. Her dialect was different from his, but he understood. Were he still "Kotaro", he doubted he'd be able to repay her in complete sentences, but now that he returned to his full glamour, he could recite the entirety of "The Tale of Genji" in perfect Japanese.
"... is this some kind of joke?" He asked, but all seriousness showed true in Chiharu's eyes. Vile, determined; with the thirst for blood on the tongue and a cold fire in her eyes. "... you're serious?? Chiharu, you promised me before we came here that I wouldn't have to return to that place. That I wouldn't have to see... him."
Kintaro's eyes reflected a dangerous gold, like that of a wounded beast's, noticeably suffering. "He's waiting there, for me?! Don't you understand?? And he's been waiting there, for hundreds of years. If Momotaro wanted to decimate them, he would have done it by now! Why start a fight now...? Maybe Momo, but what grudge do you hold against the oni?"
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[ Isle de Gambino - Marketplace ]

"AGH!" Stefano flailed, hungover and victimized. [********]

Chiharu bit back a curse. Yes, she had promised him exactly that, but everything had been vastly different then. Still, she'd hoped that offering him Shuten would be a lure, not deterrent. No such luck, evidently. Now, staring down a hungover hero and out of options, Chiharu wondered if she even remembered how to pray, or if Kintaro remembered how to listen.

Chiharu let out a little sigh through her nose, and she hefted Frostbite off her back. The sword was set down in front of her on the floor, and its wielder knelt behind it, bending forward into a shallow bow that set her crimson hair tumbling off her shoulders. It felt like a pretty ridiculous gesture to be giving a drunk rockstar, with her boy toy and his cousin shouting two feet away, but that rockstar was in truth a spirit so ancient as to command even her stepfather's respect.

"Kintaro, my father and my dearest protector are held by the Onigawa, and not even my immortal family are strong enough to bring them back. I don't...I don't know if the legendary hero of mortals has any obligation to a hanyou's prayer, but you and your brothers are the only ones who can battle the Oni."
She peeked up from under a wayward lock of hair. "I need your help, here."
[ Isle de Gambino - Marketplace ]

"That isn't "uncle" where I come from!"

Kintaro bit back his lip to the gesture. It was an inward struggle he didn't think he would overcome. In one corner #1, he had made it his civil duty centuries ago to protect those who suffered the wrath of his own people. In corner #2, Chiharu was asking him to accompany her against one of the three greatest demons to walk the earth, and furthermore, the very one whom he had slain many years prior. Kintaro wasn't even aware of her continued existence until several years ago. He'd been told by fellow hero Momotaro that the oni's influence had dried out in the last couple centuries, but who knows what inner fury Shuten Doji would amass against her former killer; her former son.
"Chiharu," Kintaro stood. And though he and Chiharu's heights were about level, his seriousness made him appear all the more titanic.

Kintaro's seriousness even called forth Guanlong's attention, who paused in his roughhousing to see what all the hubbub was about.

"I am a traitor to the demon society. I personally removed the head of the one man I could call... 'father.' And what you are asking of me is to put all we've fought for on hold, to commit suicide. Chiharu, what you are asking me to do is die." Kintaro poured all his super strength into his fist, baring blood. Kintaro wasn't just a man, he was an icon; a patron deity to children, and all Chiharu was, was a child. A child who only wanted her father back.
"Chiharu, what you are asking of me is too much. I promised a dear friend that I would find, and protect this family," Kintaro said, looking towards Stefano and Guanlong, his heart breaking.

"... but I'll do it." He muttered. "I'll do it, for you. Because I know, he would want me to."
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Whatup bitches?
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arrow Above the clouds of Gaia.

Kira's wings flapped with anger and fury but she made a promise and she would keep it till death as she used her Soul sight to search for the girl known as Luna.
Her blades searched hard but she noticed the man Hyde still laying where he fell. She brought herself down towerd the ground lifting him into the sky with her.
She made her way to the Gambino base where she dropped him gently to the ground as she made her landing quickly.

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