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What god do you worship?

Gaia, Goddess of the Earth 0.55555555555556 55.6% [ 10 ]
Nyx, God of the Night 0.44444444444444 44.4% [ 8 ]
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The sound of a slap would echo through the hall, his hand had made contact with the wall above Hikari's head. his body inches from hers, his left hand would gently touch her chin, the tip of his thumb resting against the center of her chin as he raised her head up. his shades falling to the floor, hard enough to crack after shaking his head a good hard time causing the ebony locks of his bangs to flow and his ponytail to move with his head. His mouth split, at first it was silent before he managed to sum up the words in his thought process. His fingers moving from her chin to grasp a strand of her white hair slowly as he began to talk softly. "I will be returning, in the near future." His free hand moving from the wall to pull her into his chest gently "You need to calm your heart rate... There is no need to be upset, remember all those years ago when I told you that everything will be okay in the end?" His head chin resting on her head gently, taking in her scent and holding her close like old times. Right hand petting her head and holding her to his form, left hand keeping her hand grasped in his. "Well I was never lying, and I'm still not." He would lean her against the wall slowly still holding her to him, though he did this they both knew the truth.
her heart skips a beat and she lets out a slow breath, when she breaths back in his sent catches her and she tilts slightly, even being held by him in such a way. with slow and short breaths she shivers. "saka..." his name comes out a whisper, almost to low to hear. she closes her eyes then re-opens them a moment later her eyes catching the light, the red color dimmed down to a watery pink "you better come back.."
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"That is a promise I will keep, it will take a whole Hell of a lot more than death to stop me." He said looking down at her, shifting enough to wrap her in his trench coat. "But we must wait on Neon to make preparations before I can leave, let's take what time I have left and rekindle what time was lost. The past is the past, but let's not ruin this moment with anymore sorrow than already exists." He said by placing his index finger to her lips slowly, his lips meeting her forehead gently. It was the first time in years he had saw someone that he was overly familiar with, even with the friends he has now he had always been an outcast due to his past. "I think that when I return... We should have a family reunion, all of us and I think it would be best to convince our daughter to join us." One of his many long lost children, the vampire lord would gently press the matter while tending to old wounds.
gently pressing closer to him to enjoy the moment she slips her arms around him and sighs. her heart slowing to a normal pace, this felt right, normal "you know i will try to make her be here but.." tilting her head up she bites her lip" she is busy with her life, i can't force her.."
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[Luna's Dreamscape]

Whispers. Wisps of wind; shallow hums of voices.

Words. Words emerging like ice cubes in a glass of liquid; forming sentences, phrases.

Light. Light peeling into pupils, sight bringing forth new truths.

Bubbles… her first thought as her azure pupils reached the feint green hue of the liquid she was floating in. Low hums of voices could be heard from the other side of the glass.

Her ears twitched, barely making out the vibrations as they formed into words. “Fifty Five is--“

[GA - Luna's Hangar] - 7:00 PM

A jolt, a gasp, and she was up, lifting herself quickly to a seated position. Sweating profusely, breathing was sporadic, her heartbeats thrashing at her chest as her palm reached her face, covering one eye while the other stayed wide open searching frantically for something familiar until, finally, things focused back into perspective.

Bubbles she thought, again with the bubbles…

Given, it was the truth when she told Rome she came back because she missed the GA base, she missed her friends, but perhaps that hadn’t been the whole truth. The underlying factor was, in fact, that her reoccurring nightmares had started a years or so ago during her time at G-Corp. After a few sessions with a company provided shrink, trying to answer questions like “where do you call home?” or “where do you feel most familiar?”, she realized that, weirdly enough, she had no home – at least not in the conventional sense of the word. Her mind search frantically, scouring her memories, the volumes and volumes of memories and knowledge, for some semblance of a family, her originally family, and it always came back to her father. But why did she only have an image of a face - nay, less than a face, a silhouette! Like ice… whenever the topic came up in conversation or just made itself present in her mind, it was like ice in her chest that wouldn’t melt.

After her breathing steadied and her body cooled down, she proceeded to slide off the couch, admiring the small sweat marks she left behind and making her way to the bathroom. Never a huge fan of showers, baths, or… water in general, she wrenched the handle and jumped into the warm, steam frosted shower.

Her ears flickered as she leaned up against the cold porcelain tiles. Think think think think…

((I didn't meant to force the whole 7 o'clock PM thing on you guys. It's cool if you want to keep it day time, haha. ._. ))
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-Durem---&Gambino Army Base-

Scarlet had been feeding all night with more then enough D-energy in her system to to last her for several weeks she left the Kuro's crest in the center of the chest of her last victim. She would grin at her handy work as she warped out of Durem into the forest on the outskirts.
Taking this time to change her clothes again and place her devises in the bag she carried. She would warp once more outside of the room Saka was in but she did not go in as she would honor his privacy. Leaning against the wall as Flare took her bird form on Scarlet's shoulder.
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((Hey guys um I'm going to need some time to absorb some things so um yeah....))
((Yea! WhAt happened to all the posting?! I was looking forward to it this weekend. sad ))
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Ooc: Yeah... Uhm I went to a bar....
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((My mains are still preoccupied, but I guess I can post something. ))

Jeremy was in the labs of the tech building. An idea had occurred to him at random and he wanted to act on it. Whether it would amount to anything had yet to be seen, but for the moment, he was putting together the skeleton of the object.

Blowtorch in hand and an extra metal mask over his usual face setup, sparks danced across the dark room that was lit by a single light over his workstation. The noise was strangely soothing. Comforting.

But as he finished and shut off the torch, the hissing remained. Confused, he checked the connections for a leak. That was all he needed, to cause a huge explosion in his place of business. Not that it wasn't common place.

Checking over the setup, he found no leaks. Sniffing the air, there was no more than the usual amount of leftover gasses from the blow torch. Something was off. Where was that hissing coming from? He peered around the room in his usual imperious manner. No movement that he could easily tell. Shadows played against the dim lighting, but nothing more.

He started to really listen to it. To his astonishment, it was close. Really close. Closer than his blow torch, that he had only just put down. It was right behind him...


Senya worked on a jeep conversion. She couldn't sleep for some unknown reason, so she went to one of the base's garages to work on her current project. It wasn't so much an invention, so much as an experiment to see how much fire a vehicle could spit out before it started to melt itself. There was a limit and she needed to know it, because she wanted her own vehicles to pretty much turn into fireballs at the throw of a button for the least amount of fuel and for the most amount of time.

To say she was a bit of a pyro would not be incorrect.

But despite her thoughts consumed by the red flames, there was a strange chill wind this night. Perhaps it was just seasonal, but for a base with a large population there was also an eerie silence too. Usually, at any hour, there was a little hustle and bustle. There was usually security walking around, late night drills. Maybe the drills were relaxed, but the security certainly seemed slower.

She ultimately decided it was just her imagination playing tricks. It also didn't help that while her mind wandered, she flubbed up with the wrench and got covered in black liquid. Maybe she was too tired for this...

((Senya [x] This is the last of my tech chars. She didn't make an introduction/appearance with the others because... well, work is never confined to one specific place, y'know. She was somewhere else at the time. But I'd imagine she'd have definitely met Luna by now. =p ))
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((*la la laa la la laa *))
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[GA - Luna's Hangar]

The shower's levers squeaked as she twisted them shut, the water dripping till silent. Her grim expression slowly started to transform to a determined demeanor as she tried to reset her mind with work, a self defense method she usually fled to when her emotional stability was at stake. She wrapped herself with one towel and her hair with another, twisted and folded before leaving the bathroom, steam folding out into the cold autumn air of the hangar. She followed the rug lined path, along the wall of her shop, and turned into the walk-in closet - only 4 or 5 steps from the bathroom, fortunately.

Top, shorts, belt, socks, hat, goggles, and her anti-metal gloves (patented!). She stretched the fabric, feeling the fibers and wires wrap around her fingers, snug and well fit before kicking open the closet door, and making her way to the couch. Seating herself on the leather arm rest, she pulled on her boots, one after the other, strapping and buckling the seams, then rolling to her feet and stretching skyward, inhaling the cool evening air.

Collecting herself would take a while, but the lingering ice in her chest would eventually melt. She weaved passed the lightly humming CF reactor, the disassembled rifles, her Royal Enfield and towards the bi-folding doors of her hanger which lay half open. Just by one of the workbenches, right next to the lathe, she snatched up her backpack carrying just her laptop, and swiftly slipped out, the hangar doors quickly and quietly sliding down behind her as she made her way onto the eerily quiet military base.

Her ears flickered to the soft, cold winds - barely any footsteps rustling about, and it was still early evening. Turning the corner of one of the buildings, reaching the center path that would lead her to the Tech Building, she halted, her eyes catching a glimpse of flickering light and wild shadows. Curious, as usual, Luna hastily made her way over towards the occupied garage. With the rows of neighboring shops (Luna's usual terminology for garages if you hadn't noticed) closed and locked up for the night, she felt it odd to have one still active. Rather nonchalantly walking herself to the front of it, she could smell the burnt fuel and singed metal, amongst other fragrances, her eyes scanned the area before finding a black liquid covered woman.

"...." she tapped her lips, eyes scanning to see if anyone else was around before turning back to the unrecognizable woman before her. "H-hello?" The base was eerie enough this time at night, or rather, this particular night, this black slicked feature was not helping...

((Okay, I'll bite! This post was a little lacking... Just edited it for grammar and flow sake.))
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(Gambino Army- Suit Quarters)

Mel had gone off to her room for the night. Changing from her workout clothes into her long button shirt which was long enough to cover her under garments leaving her legs exposed but she was never one for sleeping in pants so it didn't bother her.
She cleaned her guns and spent time making new bullets before she would tire to the point where she finally decided to go to bed. Laying her head down on her pillow she closed her eyes putting her hand on the small revolver she had under the pillow.
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[GA Base, Demo Firing Range]

Moving from his office Tenack decided to do something enjoyable. What better way to relax some than to try out his new device. The HOUND suits Chaos unit MK II the latest thing to come from the DrkNrgy labs. Ever since the Demo's gained control of Gaia the DrkNrgy lab was able to do alot more. Now that they held no restrictions or prying eyes.

Down at the firing range Tenack would be able to sample the power of his new Combat suit. The range was built by the Demolitionists to test out and practice with some of their gear. Craters, scorched earth and demolished trees scattered the area a sight any Demo smiled at.

With the HOUND unit in hand Tenack took a small breath and activated it. "Chaos unit, Acitvate." Equiped with voice detection the combat suit would only react to Tenack's voice. The unit glowed as it bathed Tenack in a green and purple light. The Combat suit molded around his body as the Kevlar padding materialized than the hardened exo skin and various components.

When the light faded Tenack stood a foot taller and much heaver than before. The suit now colored all in black with veins of green and purple running along the suit from head to foot. The head piece was more slick than the last and sported a red visor. It felt just like a glove and a shiver of excitment ran through Tenack as he raised up his right hand.

The suit's hand molded into a small barrel and using his left hand for support Tenack took aim at a rock several hundred yards down range. The suit being equipped with a series of targeting aids allowed him to zoom in on the rock and pin point where the shot would go. With a click a bolt of pure DrkNrgy shot out and collided with the spot target. A crack was put into the rock as the blast only half way penetrated the boulder.

"Not bad."
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(( I think it's a fine time for me to jump back in. ._ .

Will someone PM me about what the hell is going on? ))

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