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Jiro's claws gouged and dug into the dirt, bracing his whole body. That oversized weapon of Shuten's was no joke, and he lay his ears back to watch every move of the bludgeoning disaster.
As he focused, he found himself spared as he had done for Momotaro, by the most unlikely of saviors. The teeny fox girl's fireballs had collided with Shuten, bouncing her well away from Saka and himself. Jiro wasted no time! Earth and grass flew as he leapt off his paws in pursuit. It took no more than a single stride to see him playing offensively again. His front paws left the ground as he jacked his body up, and his open fangs made a quick and merciless play at Shuten's weapon arm. Right under the shoulder joint he snapped superheated canines, flames licking out of his throat like the old dragons of western myth.


Poor Chiharu could not keep up. Until meeting Urashima Taro, she'd had no idea how disorienting it could be to be whisked about like that. She'd have to give her victims more warning.
It was a resolution that was to be short-lived. Ura's confusion drew her attention, and who did she find in his arms but her own Graffiti prince! Neon did not look well, and if she'd found his heart still humming, she'd have been thrilled.
"Ah, Neon! How..??" There was no time to wonder. Her chilled fingers masked down his cheeks, streaking gruesomely in the crimson coat she found there, and her eyes darted over his injuries. Without a word of caution to Taro-san, all three of them, plus the two kitsune girlies had whisked to nothing more than vapor.

It carried and swirled on a quick wind and materialized in the only place Haru could think to go - back on the balcony with her mother.
"Mama!" The tanuki wailed, two hands on her injured general, but both eyes pleading Elizabeth to do...something!
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Everything was happening too fast. Too many people,too many voices. Too much action. It was enough she felt as if her head might split wide open.Kurai would shift her gaze to Urashima,wide eyed. who the hell was this person? And why would he care? She was just here to murder Saka. Verbally,of course. And get some help from Inari. Speaking of which...
Kurai would slowly turn her back to Urashima to face Inari,her full attention now on him..,"Thank you Inari!" She would all but scream,the relief evident in her eyes,"Thank you so much!" She would bow several times to the God before turning her attention to Neon,attentive only to making him comfortable and well again,"Let us get you safe and healed..." she mumbled softly
[ Hotaru Castle - Courtyard ]

Yukiko's attack landed surprisingly true upon Shuten Doji, sending her a good distance from her arranged beloved. The mad red oni was sent flying by the icy-hot flames of the Inoue princess. If anything, Yukiko could try out for archery.

Her second volley was crudely intercepted by the mighty swing of the Oni King, dispersed by her flail's concussive force. But that was all a ruse to deter her from the lightning quick Jiro, who's single bound ushered a fiery bite that Shuten Doji cursed she'd fell for! Knowing Jiro, once he'd trapped his jaws around her, it'd be a b***h and a half to make him let go. But the Great Yokai was little threatened.

"Tch! What is it with you Inari-kin and your fetish for fire?! Sorry Jiro, but I won't become like my Lieutenant!" She boasted, referencing her right-hand, Ibaraki-Doji. Unafraid of any level of intensity the fox family could pump their flames temperatures to, Shuten Doji was annoyed at most by Jiro's bite. However, as he held on longer, and unfamiliar feeling - pain - quickly racked her muscles.
"Ah... ah!! What is that?! Ow!!" A roar crawled up from her hellish bowels as the Oni King thrashed Jiro about his own courtyard in attempt to knock him off. During her tantrum, she briefly spotted a figure silhouette up in the distance. The origin of the fireball was clearly the white kitsune atop the roof, but the pain it induced came from her connection with the god of foxes himself - Inari.

'Inari Myojin...!' She growled, in the recesses of her mind. Biting her nails into Jiro's back, she fought to tear him away from her arm...! "Let... go!!"


Urashima shared that same feeling with Chiharu. That same feeling he felt when they first met, that cold tickling his nose, was soon felt around his whole body. The World around him shifted, and became a whirlwind not unlike the one that sent Dorothy to Oz, though not as destructive and only a fraction the time. In his next blink, he found himself back at the balcony they stood.

While Ura-chan was counting to see if he still had all his fingers, Elizabeth, after recognizing the vanishing act her daughter and not Yuki-Otoko, was quick to act!
"Bring him over here!" The patient brought to them was a flat-out mess, much too serious to bother carrying him all the way to the infirmary where she tended to Tsusaka. The inner quarters would have to do, with windows still showcasing the battle royale going down below. Not knowing who this man was or his connection with Chiharu, Elizabeth wrestled his clothing off, to bare witness to his bare torso.

Urashima, his eyes glued to the warzone outside, took heed of Inari's brash, yet noteworthy warning. His fellow heroes were in danger, and now that Yukiko and the rest were out of harm's way, it was his job to take responsibility for his comrades.
"Stay here. I'm going to go retrieve Tsusaka!" Urashima informed, partially because the halfwit hero was a genius physician.

Littered with wounds, the tea maiden braced her ear up against Neon's chest, reaching out for a heartbeat.
"He's breathing, but he's in bad shape." She informed the trio of girls, plus Urashima. "I'm the only human here, so we're a little short on ordinary medical supplies." She laughed, nervously. By that point, she was looking to one of the three yokai in the room for help. "Do any of you know any sort of... I don't know, healing spells??"


A coalition of Oni fought to keep up with their king's fight, many getting thrown asunder by Shuten Doji's tantrum. Others, still hungry for vengeance, slowly approached the still downed Momotaro and Tsusaka, only to be washed away by a torrent of waves being coaxed from the nearby pond. Suspending the beastly creatures, its molecules suddenly coagulated, forming an frozen ice entrapment for the gluttonous oni.

Urashima arrived to Momotaro and Saka's aid, gathering the first of his kin against his arm. "Tsusaka! Ae you oka-- WHOA!" He ducked, just narrowly avoiding the flying three-tailed fox flying in his direction, shattering a good portion of the stiffened oni.
"Get thee to the castle castle veranda! Yukiko needs your medical assistance!" While not exactly lying, Urashima misled Tsusaka to help quicken his step.

And with due intent. The Oni King, now free of Jiro's horrendous bite, saturated the wounded earth with her blood as she approached her opponent, and with staggering spiritual gravity to boot.
Whipping up her favorite weapon, she spun the iron gourd like a meteor hammer, extending it in Jiro's direction! Her hurricane of destruction easily smashing through a bushel of her own kin.
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The great fox held on for all he was worth, until he tasted the metallic tinge of blood running down his tongue, and until the pull and yank of Shuten's nails on his scruff proved too much for him.
The oni king tossed him like he was nothing more than a Frisbee at the park, and Jiro unwillingly played the part as he sailed across his courtyard.
Earth, grass, and carefully cultivated flowers sprayed up in an arc around his body as it connected and dug a gigantic skid into his garden. The landing had set his ears to ringing, but Jiro couldn't stay down long, scrabbling to his feet and shaking out his fur. The tinge of blood in the air was enough to assure him he'd done his job right. It was the next blow that caught the kitsune lord off guard.

When the lord yokai roared, he evoked images of dragons and beasts, but the yelp that escaped his maw was nothing more than the amplified cry of a kicked puppy. He'd had enough time to duck, but the gruesome spikes had still caught him about the back and shoulder blades and torn gouges in his fur and skin.


Meanwhile, Kai and Sai had maintained their posts...hiding Behind the hulking bodies of Shuten's kin. Though, the both of them were on their toes to watch their father do battle. They both winced at the blow, ducking behind their cover.
"He can't fight Shuten Doji The Oni King. He's not strong enough."

Kai found his brother's tone far too matter-of-fact. They could keep hiding from their father's wrath, but if they did, they might end up without a dad to hide from.
"Sai quick, gimmie the sword!"

"Wh- You're crazy! Doji-sama will rip your head off your shoulders!"

"Hurry up!"

The flame that had before only hinted at his paws and tails now roared to life, engulfing the injured fox until their was nothing left to see of him but a bonfire.
When the heat died down, Jiro had taken on his more familiar form, his shoulders hunched under the rips in his skin.


The sound of his son's voice had Jiro jerking his head in the right direction, just in time to see what the kiddo had tossed him. From behind Shuten Doji he saw...yes, it was! Momotaro's sword, the great oni-slaying blade was arcing through the air.
He darted forward, and only a few steps in caught the sword by the hilt, quick to point it right at Shuten's nose.
"Stand down now, Doji, and I won't see your head on a pike!"
He promised, hoping to end this by way of intimidating over bloodshed.

Kai had done what he planned, and now he wanted out of there! Shuten would only have to reach behind her to do what Sai had warned of, and he knew when he was in over he head. He turned to dart back into hiding, only to find his path blocked by the king's kin. No doubt they'd seen his betrayal.
Locked between a wall of boorish Oni and Shuten herself, Kai drew both his katana..
[ Hotaru Castle - Courtyard ]

Shuten Doji's iron gourd returned to her, reengaging the dormant torrent above her head, a snake preparing to strike. "Oh?" She flirted. "My head on a pike? Are you coming on to me, Jiro?" Ignoring the gash from Jiro's jaws of death, Shuten Doji put her whole body into it, entering a maelstrom of tricks as she closed the gap between them!

A rhythmic mealstrom followed as she let the weight play off her neck and hips, almost erotic if it didn't involve a spinning mace of death! It didn't matter where it sailed, in the pond, in the garden, or even into her own frozen lackeys. The first two strike lashed just inches for his face. Child's play, before the Oni King swept up and spun horozontally, kicking the gourd like an aerial goal.

What was left of Shuten Doji's night parade blocked Sai and Kai's path. But it wasn't the larger oni they'd have any problems with; it was the littlest of the Oni, a human-sized barber fella named Ibaraki-Doji. His original prey lost to him, the leutenant commander of the Oni brigade let his enormous straight razor hit the earth.

"Well I suppose true loyalty shows in the threat of family. Nevertheless..." Raising his blade to lick, he and the rest of his kind dashed for Kai and Sai, the leader of their squad reaching them first by a mile, swinging his sword in Kai's general direction, not having to really make much effort to aim due to his blade's size. It rung as it arched through the air~
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Damn! As Shuten laughed off his threats, Jiro twisted the new weapon into a more comfortable grip and settled himself into his sandals. If his opponent did not want to back down, they could take this to the death.

Jiro found himself lucky to be so light on his feet as he twisted and dodged the threatening passes of her weapon. He could swear he'd lost a few locks of hair!
A quick glance at Oni Goroshi saw the two former enemies sharing a moment. Jiro's eyes relented a doubtful trust in his new partner, before he put it to the test. Under a direct attack, he braced himself behind the blade and blocked the full-frontal hit. Any sword he'd ever used would have sooner shattered than take such force, but low and behold, Oni Goroshi was another piece of work entirely. "Hah!"
Shoving behind the sword, Jiro deflected the hit and dashed in, taking the chance to close the distance with a harsh diagonal into her collar.


Kai gulped, his eyes tripping up the blue-tinted legend. Ibaraki-Doji...Kai Had outdone an Oni here and there before, sure, but nothing like this.
The youngster braced his feet, tightening his grip on his duel-wielded katana. Each pointed back in a reverse grip, something he had tried in hopes of looking cool, but quickly found the stance more fluid and comfortable.

"Easy now, Doji-sama..." He coaxed the Oni as if he was facing down a snarling dog. And like an angry canine, Ibaraki was not to be coaxed.
As Doji lunged, Kai played the defensive. Both swords shot up at catch the blade in their interception, and Kai flexed behind his weapons, keeping the business end of that razor away from his pretty face.

"Kai, I uh..." Sai twiddled his toes. "I don't actually have my..See, it didn't match my outfit!"

"UGH you idiot! Go get it!" Kai strained. As his brother used the moment to scamper off, he twisted and deflected Ibaraki's sword. Turning out from under the problem end, he launched his first katana across the Oni's back
The resulting clang from the mash of their weapons sent Shuten Doji's sailing into the faraway grass. Confused, not to mention unarmed, the Oni King retreated back to retrieve her weapon.
"Using the bane of my people against me, Jiro?! You're just as deceitful as your mother!" Halfway to it, she used her monstrous strength to rip the mace from the ground, the momentum flinging it backwards to hit Jiro head on. While she didn't expect it to be a direct hit with the fox lord wielding Oni Goroshi, it was not an attack aimed to offend, more to distract. The weapon, rebounding of Jiro or his sword, would again find itself in the hand of its lord and master.

"I knew there was a reason I liked you. Yah!" Glorious gusto emanated from Shuten Doji as she launched herself upwards to meet Jiro at the halfway point, her iron mace raised to bury him into the ground!


Ibaraki Doji's vest split, exposing red blood, contrasting against his blue skin. Still making distance, the oni redesigned his attack pattern, a murderous smirk separated his lips. "You're pretty fast, fox prince~" As he raced back to intercept Kai, he left his blade grating against the sand. Barely reaching striking distance, he lifted his sword and salted sand into the air in attempt to blind the kitsune, bringing his arm around the kitsune so that his straight razor could retract back into his arm and effectively scissor Kai's head off.

In the meantime, Sai was being forced to duck and weave through the barrage of steely kanabo attempting to bash his brains in. The oni didn't know what Sai was retrieving (and probably weren't smart enough to even suspect), but they'd be damned if they'd let him escape!
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Nausea again. Fortunately it was an instant of spacial manipulation and there she was, on a balcony. The fox princess blinked rapidly trying to make sense of what had just happened. Her silver eyes faded back to pink as the fox fire dispersed. The little demoness looked at her sides to see Kurai, Ura, and Chiharu, a girl she had yet to meet properly. A few others were present, an injured man and a woman instructing them to bring the injured to her... somewhere. Where were they again?

Yukiko spun around on her heel to look off the balcony where the battle raged on. Her pink orbs caught sight of Saka-kun and she let her lips curl up into a ghost of a smile. He was okay. Her once almost relieved expression would shift into that of worry. Momo still needed help. Before she could say anything to Ura, he was gone. Surely he would save Momo and Saka-kun.

Her attention shifted again as the woman asked for assistance. Yukiko made her way over to Elizabeth and looked down at the man. Her pink orbs softened as she looked at his face. He was hurt, and what could she even do to help? Nothing. Her mother was a healer, but she was never taught how to use that fox magic. Still young with very little experience. The only reason she could muster up fox fire was because she would train in secret with her brother. "I do not... I will do what ever it is that you ask of me to help though."
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Kai reared back, instinct bringing his knuckles up to his stinging eyes and drawing in a harsh gasp.
Oh, this one fought dirty in a way that was new to the twenty-something, even having fought his own conniving brother.
Before he could regain vision through his streaming eyes, the barber's blade was stinging cold against his neck.

"W-wait! Doji-sama, please!", croaked out of his sore, sand-coated throat. The hot streams trickling down his cheeks were purely his eyes reacting to the sand...truly.
"Don't! Th-think about what my father will do to you if you kill his son." Kai squeezed his burning eyes shut and gulped hard, feeling his adam's apple pushing up against the razor's edge until he felt the warm trickle of blood on his throat.

This was exactly why the kistune brothers never fought alone when it could be helped. They sucked.

Just as the terrifying oni was about to do in his prey, the sound of steel clanging into steel burned everyone's ears. Ibaraki would find himself, or at least his weapon arm, quite tied up.
Sai had found was he was looking for, and his steal-cabled meteor hammer was now wrapped around the joint between Ibaraki's razor and his arm, the huge steel ball at the end assuring security.
He'd asked for a jump rope, and his father had given him this...so He'd made the best of it.

At the other end was Sai, throwing all of his weight into yanking back on Ibaraki's threatening arm. The smaller of the brothers had not won his prize unscathed; the oni had left him with a severely bloodied nose.
"Move, dummy!"

Kai did not waste his shot. As soon as he had a sliver of room, he weaseled the hilt of his katana between his skin and the sword and pushed, ducking out of the deadly headlock.

"Ahhhhh, you were crying!"

"It was the sand! He- you weren't there, shutup!! ; D;"

Jiro did as expected and blocked the sideward shot, flinging it aside.

The next would not prove so simple.
He jerked up the sword and threw his weight behind it, meeting her offense with his in equal measure. The shock of the two meeting in middle ground rumbled the estate to its foundations and drew a harsh, stressed sound out of its lord.
His arms strained, and his eyes shocked into Shuten's across their intercepted weapons, his feet sliding grooves in the earth.
"Augh...! Shuten this is madness!" He tried to convince her, his voice harsh with effort.

It was no easy task, but he was holding his own against the oni king. It was the brief glance to left that was his error.
He only wanted to spare an eye, a moment, to check that his sons remained safe. What he saw was Ibaraki ready to do away with one of his twins, and the distraction was enough.

His eyes snapped wide, his elbows buckled, and Oni Goroshi slammed into his shoulder with, luckily, the blunt end. Still, it was no doubt 100% of Shuten Doji's strength that he had built up behind her bludgeoner.
For the second time, Jiro went sailing back. The impact of his back with the earth dug a groove in his own courtyard deep enough to hide the injured yokai...
[ Hotaru Castle - Veranda ]

Even with a half-dead stranger in her wake, Elizabeth never lost her cool, partially due to her daughter's chilly precondition.
"All right," She directed the troop of talents, pulling her hair up in a tight bun. "Red Fox, there's some gauze in the gym at the bottom of the balcony. Get some to stop that bleeding. Meanwhile, Chiharu and White Fox will make some warm water to quell his temperature until I get back with some proper painkillers," She was a fantastic multitasker; such experience did come with raising three rambunctious half-yokai. Leaving behind her platform sandals, she raced down the halls to the infirmary. She didn't know this man, but the urgency in her daughter's eyes told her that he must have been someone important to her.


[ Hotaru Castle - Courtyard ]

The collision of legendary powers kicked up one hell of a shockwave, leveling out the courtyard into little more than ground zero, and in the center of it: Jiro, and Shuten Doji.

"Madness?! What could be more natural than madness?!" Shuten Doji asked from behind her iron dome, designed for demolition. "I'd never faced Oni Goroshi in battle before, I'd only heard stories. Few have survived their encounter, and the ones who did hardly ever came back with all their limbs!" No doubt catching Jiro's attention straying, the demon only grew closer and closer to madness. "Are you listening, Hotaru no Jiro?!"

That momentary stray was all she needed to force the entirety of her strength into Jiro. She sent him colliding with his garden, watching him travel like a batter would a home run. Leaning the iron monstrosity atop her back, it didn't take her long to begin reproaching Jiro again, fire in her belly.
"It's clear it has a will of its own. Can you feel it, Jiro? It thirsts for yokai blood. Truly you are a heretic fox, just like your mother..." She laughed, letting the iron barrel clamor to the earth. From it, she began to take a long, gluttonous swig... before spitting it in Jiro's direction, an acidic concoction with the intent to vaporize him!


Ibaraki paused his execution, taking a moment to hear out the fox's plea.

"I've given it some thought," Ibaraki stated, cradling the young Hotaru underneath his blade. Deceiving Kai just briefly, before he continued, "I'd much rather taste the blood of a demigod, but I'll settle for royal fox blood." His grin malicious, the first lieutenant of the oni gang prepared to twist his wrist and decapitate Jiro's son, had only the mechanism in his arm would comply. Tangled suddenly in Jiro's other son's tricks, the oni lay incapable of finishing the job.

"What's this...?" He questioned, suddenly stricken with the thought that Sai might have ruined his personally customized prosthetic. He looked to find his brothers and sisters piled behind the carefully dressed kitsune. Ibaraki Doji hadn't expected much of him in the first place!
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Had she not been so worried about saving Neon,she would have shot the woman a smartassed reply. Red fox indeed...Instead,the kitsune would set about finding her way to finding the gym. She regretted not having come here before so that she was at least familiar with the place..After a few panicked moments of being lost,and repeated direction requests,the kitsune soon found herself in the gym. Taking a moment to search,she would soon find the gauze she was searching for,"Thank the Gods!" She sighed out in relief. If he made it through this..Grabbing as much of the gauze as she could fit in her arms,she would leave the gym in a sprint,doing her best to recall from memory the directions back....One wrong turn and frantic backtracking later,she had found her way back!
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Ooc: I think that I am going to drop from the Gambino Army for a while to continue my story plotlines elsewhere.
( Aw, that's a bummer. :c Oh well, good luck completing your plot! And come back to the GA any time. c: )
[Space Station Gambino]

Marcus Fletcher stood in the command room of the Gambino Space Station. His men had moments ago secured it after a fierce fire fight between his loyalist troops and the rebellious men of Captain Wright. Taking a deep breath he turned to the EX captain who stood flanked by two of Fletcher's soldiers. The events on the ground were no secret to those in space as the battle had been monitored by both sides. Though Fletcher knew not that Captain Rose had plans to assume control of the Demo forces, for he too had those goals in mind.

"The battle might be over, but I will pull victory from this and lead the the demo forces to victory."
Proclaiming as he passed back and forth in front of Wright and the captured bridge crew. The only logical action was to use the Space Station against their enemies against those who would dare oppose them. Right now that was the Gambino Military those who had claimed to have the same goals as the late Tenack Acki but had turned on him just as his dream was achieved.

"As my first act I order the targeting of Gambino Military HQ!"

"Fletcher think about what your doing, destroying HQ will not win you this war."

"Oh it will."
Turning his attention to the main screens a top down satellite view of the Gambino Military base came into view. A giant targeting reticule appeared on screen as the computer indicated the system was charged and ready.

"This is your last chance Fletcher, do not fire the main cannon."

"Enough of your words, Fire the cannon!"

"Your funeral"

The words gave pause to Fletcher as they registered in his mind. Than it ticked and everything became clear to him. "Belay that! Hold fire!" It was to late, the system was locked in to fire on the target. As the sound of the laser charging up echoed through the station everything went white.

The station exploded in a giant white and blue ball, the two space cruisers getting caught in the resulting explosion. A sight that would be seen quite well from earth as the station was destroyed. Knowing that he could not hold off Fletcher, Captain Wright had used the explosives rigged in by the VHEG to activate if the central cannon were to be fired. This along with the chain reaction from the laser created an explosion not even Captain Wright had expected. The light from the explosion would of been bright enough to turn night to day for a few moments before finally dieing out.

Luna Vitesse

Captain Jessie Hawk


[ Zurg Spaceship ]

In light of the impressive explosion, the ones closest to it, no doubt the crew traveling Jessie Hawk's modified spacecraft, were claimed by a blinding brilliance that all but lit up the entire visual screen.

Shielding his eyes, Hyde winced heavily at the luminosity, afraid that he may loose another eye, and when it died down, was met with an orbital halo that only expanded in the distant stratosphere.



[ Barton ]

Down below, in the face of the battlefield, the last of Tenack's remaining currupt forces raised his arms towards infamy. His battle was now credited against the fifth Zodiac, Tilung.

The loser of the fight previous, Rick Jenner, stayed a great deal a distance away. As he was met with Vince to tend to his wounds, the SOLDIER watched in the sky at the climax erupting, expelling any shadows from every corner, almost like an obscure metaphor for banishing the Demolitionist's foul dark energy.
He relay little response to Vince, smiling at him, but the SOLDIER's glowing eyes were glued to the night sky, failing in its hue. As blood trickled down his maw, he whispered, "Bravo, Captain. Bravo."

A blood-heavy cough followed, and Vince could see the familiar glow in a SOLDIER's eye dwindle.
Akako Akari


Kit Tainess

Countess Elsinore

( Hey, sorry for the short post, you guys! Quick update though!

For the apst couple weeks I've been moving stuff into my new apartment, and in the next couple days it may be offish! So that's the good news!

The bad news is that my interbutts may be down for a while. :c I'm not saying it WILL be I'm just saying it might. But don't panic, 'cuz if it does, I'll be workin' 'round the clock to get it fixed!

To Aka, Kurai, and Kit - sorry the RP's gone on a bit of a pause, guys! But don't abandon it yet, I promsie I'll revv it back into shape, ja? ; n ; To the two former, I couldn't thank you enough for joining us for this arc, even though it may need a little tweaking now. You've made it all worth while. <3

And Chiharu! Your job is to keep in touch with me as much as possible, understood! C:< )

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