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Oh man, so much for bravery. Chiharu scrabbled back, and her back connected with the wall so hard she gave a mute gasp. And then another when a quick look found her penned in, staring up at eyes so green and alive she couldn't help the blush that shot up from her toes to her cheeks.
This oni-slayer god was a nightmare. If not posing a fight, she should at least have been making a run for it. But there was something about Urashima that had frozen the ice princess in her boots. As if under a spell, she blinked up at him, unmoving while his singular touch shattered that masking spell she had so carefully crafted.
The illusion washed off of her from head to toe, and the traits she had inherited from her father reached the light for the first time in months. Her bright red mask again coated her eyes, and tanuki's bushy tail flickered to life behind her. Her frame might have taken on a touch more curve as well..

If he'd left her without her telltale bandit's mask, he might have seen more of the hot blush that painted her face as Chiharu redirected her gaze to his toes. She'd been wearing that spell so long that to go without it felt chilly and vulnerable, like going without her cloths.
"Why do you care how I dress?"


The kitsune twins might have differed greatly in personality, fashion choice, and what they did with their hair, but their mocking laughter was absolutely identical. Momotaro might have thought he was hearing double as the two watched him lose his feet.
"Some hero!" Kai sneered, poking at the poor, immobilized Momo's nose with his big toe. Because everyone wants a whiff of kitsune boy feets.

"Poor handsome! That was pretty easy though..." Sai leaned down, hands on his knees, to get another close up look at Momotaro's pretty eyes. Wisps of his black hair tumbled down and brushed at his victim's nose, his wide eyes blinking down into Momo's frame of view like something out of an alien abduction.

"Don't just stare at him. Go get Shuten!" Sai was shoved out of frame by his brother, giving off a squeak of protest.

The next thing Momotaro would hear was footsteps padding out of the room at a run, and Sai Hotaru's high pitched calls of, "Doji-san! Doooooji-san~! <3"

"Aw man." Kai laughed, leaning over Momo enough that he could see the kitsune's mocking grin. "We really just wanted to see if we could. But Shuten is going to do you one better! I'd take the chance to get good and scared."
[ Hotaru Castle - Wine Cellar ]

Returning to his regularly jovial nature, Urashima hopped his hands up at his waist, looking over Chiharu's rather dramatic transformation! It was a change for the better, in his opinion, but he supposed it was really just preference.

"Much better. C:" He stated, taking the roll of the fashion police. "Now isn't that a load off your-- well..." There was no hiding the weight she had put on; luckily for her, it was in all the right places. What confused him was that she was a tanuki - a race of rare shape-shifters infamous for their immeasurable strength, and he wasn't exactly the most physically intimidating crayon in the shed.
"Come now, what's with all the hostility? Didn't we just meet? I think we came off on the wrong foot." Flashing his hand, free of any trickery, he bid her a handshake. "I'm Urashima Taro, and I am not a dummy. C:"


[ Hotaru Castle - Front Gates ]

The more Momotaro tried to regain his vision, the fuzzier things got. What's worse, is that it was never softened by the sweet release of unconsciousness. No matter how nauseated, he still managed to stay awake. Which, on the other hand, probably was a good thing.
Right about when he had half a mind to reach for his sword, the damn b*****d had to wear his face for a shoe. A very unhappy Momotaro glared up at the twins, with an anger so useless, it was almost infantile.

Almost on cue, a parade marched through the torii gates in Aekea West that led to the Hotaru estate. It was quite an unprecedented parade, leaving people to just assume it was some little-known Eastern holiday. But as the parade disappeared behind Inari's gates into the spirit world, their illusion, not unlike Chiharu's, were demasked to reveal a tribe of oni marching towards the castle. And at their help, the Oni King herself, Shuten Doji.

"All right, where are they??" Hounded the warlord, throwing open the doors with inhuman strength for a woman her size. Appearing in her favorite tattered tiger-skin dress, she walked upon bare feet, her skin as red as hell itself. With the rest of the Hotaru Clan off discussing matters with Jiro, the party, in spite of its leader's belligerence, went all but unnoticed.
She sniffed their air, sensing the familiar peach-citrus Momotaro carried with him, but there was another. A smell he knew all too well. Her face crinkled like trash paper when she recognized it. "Hirozumi..."
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"Ahhh... No need to bow, honestly... In fact I should be under your graces since, you are to be wed to my grandson... I know that arranged marrianges can be difficult, and that love should play a major part in any relationship and much less a wedding." Inari had stepped further into the room and closed the door behind of his form, kneeling as his left hand had shifted to hold the gallon jug of alcohol over his shoulder in a lazy manner, his right hand would lightly take Yukiko by the chin with his thumb resting just below her lip. Ivory iris's accented with a golden hue would take in the girl's appearance before speaking. "I know that a lot of this does not make sense to you, especially in such a trivial time... But I want you to promise me that you will take care of him, I think that he needs somebody like you... Promise me that you will try? He really does need somebody like you." There would be no doubt on whom Inari was speaking of, and the fact that a god had put pressure on the subject would only add to the situation... Though he was soft spoken about his request, and gave a small bow to the girl.

His attention turning to Kurai as his six-foot-eight form straightened up and he cleared his throat. "Did Tsusaka and Tsukaso pull the old trick where they trade places? Yukiko, this... Kitsune is Kurai Haruko... Must have been drunk when I made her..." He coughed into his right hand and turned away slowly, for a god he was playful and often times relaxed... Almost like a normal person. "I am simply here for a casual visit, and to purify my grandson... In fact, I think we should pay the kidnappers a house visit... Amaretsu is probably angry that I beat her at Go again." Inari didn't choose the god life, the god life chose him.
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Kurai would bite her bottom lip at his rather rude comment. Focus..ask you favor first..keep your temper..,"Yes..yes they did..So that I have to find out in a rather unconventional way that the real Saka is injured...." She would flash Yukiko a shy smile,"God help you with this family..they are a lot to handle..but good at heart.."....Inari probably was drunk when he made this kitsune. But she happened to think she was pretty fly. Usually
Shifting her gaze back to Inari,she flashed him a nervous smile,"C-can I ask you a favor please...?"
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What was a girl supposed to say to something like that? Yukiko's lips parted as if to protest. The young fox demon was nothing impressive. She was not powerful, not extraordinarily beauty, and she was certainly not perfect. Yukiko was naive, dangerously selfless, and lacked common sense due to her living under a rock her whole life. Certainly they wouldn't blame her for her father's protection? "Of course Inari-sama. I will do my very best." A weary smile fell upon the young girl's lips before her attention was drawn away for a brief moment.

Kurai was the kitsune's name. The woman spoke, wishing God's fortune upon the girl. Yukiko's stomach twisted uncomfortably. Why was everyone making Saka-kun seem so... bad? He... she.... it, seemed perfectly fine before. A little rough around the edges, but all in all, kind. She needed to get to know him and quickly. This would not do. Having people already hinting at a problem when she was still unaware of it herself. Yukiko, like a curious kitten, had to know what the fuss was about.

As if on cue, Inari announced that they would go to Saka. The little pink eyed kitsune smiled and her tail flicked up and down, impatient. "Are his friend with him as well? I am sure they are worried. I was taken so suddenly and I am sure Momo told Ura and Saka-kun about my previous abduction."
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"You're not upset about our first encounter are you? If you hadn't of hidden the dagger I wouldn't have kissed you." A freshly crafted bronzed right prosthetic limb flicked ebony strands of hair from the vampire's face, he was standing on the roof of the mansion wearing nothing but a grin, a new robotic arm... And some form of long gauntlet on his left hand. "It's been how long now? Don't tell me that you missed me, Doji baby~" The new arm had a shoulder guard and fitted the nub of his right limb like a boot, it was a heavy duty piece of machinery and it was obvious what kind of heat the piece was packing, though the supercapacitor hidden beneath the outer bronzed shell was currently lacking an electrical charge in its current standing so it would have to suffice as is. His left hand however was riased in a trigger like fashion before a long beam of energy rippled through the outer atmosphere and evaporated an entire section of the roof and would shake the ground below the Oni... Saka had one of the Kuro's demigod slaying weapons! "My father would have come, but he figured that he would leave me a small present should I be stuck in a situation such as this." The inhabitants of the castle would find that Zak had made a stealthy ninja escape in his Oni form during the invasion and simply blended with the humans afterwords, Using the new confusion created from his rather buff and explosive entrance to tie his hair into a ponytail. A spitting image of Splinter nearly, sans the currently paled flesh and ebony locks of hair that resided upon his skull, this man was planning to escape and was packing the heat to do it... Though Shuten Doji and her forces below would find themselves garnering a ripe view of the Hirozumi family jewels and sacred object, so to speak.
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"J-just met??"
Chiharu sputtered. Had he really just implied that....Well sure, they'd never been in the same room together until that moment. But oh, Chiharu knew him. She'd been told all the stories, and she didn't feel like she needed to sit down for cup of tea in order to draw a final judgement.
"No, I know who you are, Urashima Taro."
Chiharu looked down at his hand and gritting her teeth, let it hang in the air. From all she knew, he could dislocate his jaw and eat her in one piece for that...but nonetheless.
"You're a slayer of yokai." Oh, the contempt was dripping from her voice now, and the sake bottles around them had started to frost along the edges. "You hate and kill us, and yet now here you are looking for favors! And...and undressing me."


"Shuten. It's always a pleasure."
Oh yes, Doji-san could always count on Kai to greet her warmly. If that what she would call warm consisted of an arrogant little smirk and eyes that wondered withouth any civilized barriers.
"Yeah, Sai promised me he'd be limp as a fish for yah." Kai's bare toes shoved curiously at Momotaro's cheek, mooshing his face in one direction. "Sexy."

"I used just enough, Doji-san." Sai promised, before the lot of them had heir attention stolen...

"You know this guy, Shuten??" SD would find herself flanked, not by her Oni followers, but young Kai Hotaru! He was at her side, blue ghostly flames licking at his hands and tail in anticipation. "I could use what you promised me."
Kai knew as well as anyone that the Oni king could take care of herself, but if there was going to be action, he wanted a piece of it.
[ Hotaru Castle - Wine Cellar ]

There goes that word again! What was it, some kind of delicacy??

"Whoa!" Urashima was only just now realizing the severe drop in temperature, accelerated by the wet, dank cellar surrounding them. He found himself dropping the bottle of rice wine he was holding, sending it clattering to the icy-cold floor. However, it didn't break, the top cork flew off and would have spilled sake everywhere if Urashima hadn't been quick-handed enough to fetch it.

From the floor, he looked up at her with all the bloodthirstiness of a kicked puppy. "Now ehere ever did you get those ideas? :C That flatface Jiro infecting your mind with tall tales, no doubt." He'd taken up a seat on a barrel, with the bottle of nearly-spilt sake Chiharu almost wasted. "I don't hate your kind! But... sometimes when you're born with power, you have to use it to do the right thing. And sometimes the right thing... isn't always the right thing in everyone's eyes. Some people acquire the worst reputations for doing the right thing."

Noticeably lethargic, Urashima attempted downing the tall bottle, but choked halfway through. Fire coaxed his throat as he handed it off to Chiharu, coughing through his sleeve.
"If you wanna talk personal grudges, take it up with Momotaro. Or worse..." His heart dropped to his stomach. Kinkin. .____. Ah, but I digress!" Clearing his throat, he was barely breathing, but it was all apart of the plan. He had made sure to choose the bottle with the highest alcohol content.

"What I asked of your father is true, but I didn't tell him the whole story. I think what with all these rumors of demigods being hunted, the Amaterasu family - my family -" He said, with a weight of sorrow in his voice. "- have grown paranoid. They've reopened new wounds with the Inari family - Tsusaka's family, and now all they think they can do to fix it is to tie loose ends by marrying Tsusaka off to some girl he doesn't even know. They literally just met today,"
He seemed awful troubled by this. He went on to explain that Chiharu may've known Tsusaka, but she didn't know of his reputation among the heroic pantheon. This is because he was such an embarrassment that none of his adventures were ever recorded, and thus was deemed "the unwritten one."

"And that's why we have to get her back. She's the youngest little thing, stuck amid all this madness of tradition... a lot like you."


[ Hotaru Castle - Courtyard ]

Once introduced to Sai and Kai, the fiery haired woman stood, hands at her waist, and growled, "You better've not killed him!" already quite displeased with their previous arrangement. But once Kai had dragged out the barely conscious Momotaro, her fire softened.

"Aw, he's barely got any fight in him..." She frowned, picking the doped hero up like a wet cat, then tossing him back down, re-fixed with a cruel smile. "Just how I like it."
Momotaro had been grounded, but his beloved sword had been removed of him, with little to no inkling of care or respect. But once the Oni King drew just a quarter of its light, all but few of her subordinates hissed and winced at its cursed glow.
"Oni Goroshi..." This old oni woman's smile only grew as her subordinates could only beg in agony for her to put it away. Her attention disturbed, she shut the sword, to the other oni's relief, and followed the voice of a man all-too-familiar.

"Like a brain aneurysm, you scourge. Just in time to watch me hack the head off your lover!" Saka's cockiness was met with an aura as humid as hell itself, the Great Evil Yokai flexing her metaphysical muscles. She effortlessly deflected the blast, displacing it in several directions. In the real world, segments of Aekea West could be seen spontaneously combust.
"You told me there were two of them. You didn't tell me the other one was this b*****d?!" Baring fangs, she looked to the Hotaru brothers... and reluctantly tossed them the sword "Very well! As we agreed upon~"
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Saka wagged his left index finger slowly before the demigod slaying tool's power source had been ejected and snatched by Saka's right palm mid air, the wrist on his new arm would pop open after he disengaged the lock on the outer plate. The small, round, glowing core would find itself connected to a port and the small cover closed and locked properly with a loud hum of electricity surging throughout the inner electrical network as the supercapacitor became charged, the Kuro's cheap and outdated toy would find itself ripped from Saka's left arm slowly. "Not a bad deflection, but don't get too cocky... Mostly because the other guy you want is Urashima, and he's around here somewhere." Saka stated with a grin as his form went through a series of stretches slowly, his palms clapping together lightly. "She's still a quarter ounce too heavy on the forearm, and the hand has an awkward displacement up to an inch and a half... Though I can't say that I did a bad job on this arm considering the circumstances." He was not the former military's labtech for no reason after all, he was a highly skilled mechanic and extraordinary scientist. Saka reached up slowly to pluck a sharp shingle fragment from the roof before slicing off his ponytail that had left the ebony mass atop his skull short and messy, only reaching his chin at best and the longest sections coming to rest at his shoulders.

Inari had stepped over to Kosuke to unfasten the whip that was hidden beneath his son's dress jacket before grabbing Yukiko under one arm and Kurai under the other. "Might want to hold your breath, this ride will get bumpy." Before his three children could even respond, both Kurai and yukiko would be whisped away by a storm of cherry blossoms which had now flooded the hospital room, an explosive force of the same pink petals would place the three right beside Saka atop the roof of mansion. "Ahhhh, grand son I have come to lend you a hand!" The nine massive tails swaying behind of the god slowly, the typically small whip crafted of flames would grow significantly and ignite unto a golden might of a fire that seemed to properly respond to its master... The Belmontgod Inari Okami.

"You're getting slow old man, is that eternal age catching up with you. Or is it the sake you too often indulge yourself in?" More or less, Saka lacked any sort of reaction while he was in a concentrative state. Though he stepped back momentarily before speaking with some amusement, that had formed with a matching grin upon his lips. "Oh hey Kurai, Yukiko, I'm sorry about vanishing earlier... Momo and Ura had brought me here, though the two idiots don't know a booby trap when they see one... Honestly, heroes in a yokai sanctuary?" Saka only watched as Inari set the large jug of sake down next to himself before finally responding to Kurai's question. "What request do you have of me? Make haste before combat starts!" The god ushered the female while draping a large red robe around Saka's figure, intricate black designs decorating its outer appearance and white fluffy fur trimmed the collar.

"Hey Yukiko, I kind of promised our dad's that I would protect you... I know this is really a bad time to ask, but maybe after this... We can have some tea or go hang out." Saka tied the rather large robe slowly, before shifting towards the foes at hand with a rather calm, yet firm demeanor as he would leap from the roof of the establishment and land right into the middle of the Oni... Only for a large surging stream of electricity to discharge from the arm into the crowd violently. "Speed Gate; Level One!" His legs would suddenly be pumped with large amounts of blood and energy as the figure was darting to and fro between the large demons, sliding and shifting and leaping between attacks with only a flash of the lightning beaming out violently between the agile movements, to think he still had two more levels of this set of gates.
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Chiharu was very set on hating this clumsy man. Whether he looked the part or not, she knew his game, and the young tanuki did not approve. Though the 'flatface' Jiro comment..that one almost hooked her into a smile.

Pleas of innocent were instantly revoked, but what did manage to tug a smirk out of the corner of her lips was watching one of the three most powerful heros in history...choke on her booze. While he hacked and gasped, his little tanuki companion bravely giggled at his troubles. To think that she, a half yokai of not even fifty years could outdrink Urashima Taro!
Masking her humor in the back of her hand, she gladly took the offending bottle and sat herself down by his feet. Maybe she could hear him out for just a minute, thought she as she took an easy gulp...maybe.

While the demigod told his story, Chiharu sat crosslegged and drank away. By the time he got to wrapping it up, she had already popped another bottle, the first one tossed away and rolling across the floor.
"Tsusaka's a b*****d, ain't he?"
Hmm, maybe she had gotten a couple of the elements confused. None the less! She understood the mission at hand. Gesturing at Ura with her new drink, she bostfully informed him, "You came to the right tanuki, Taro-kun. I'll have you know I am a master at the spy business."
She took a second to think it over whilst she downed another sip, all the while eyeing him out of the corner of those bright opticals of hers, made brighter by his little unveiling trick.
"Yeah sure, I'll help yah. Might get under Jiro's skin if I do, and I don't mind that....KANPAI!"
Another swig..


Sai's arm shot up to intercept the legendary weapon in it's arc.

Blocked! Kai got there first, snatching the sword by the hilt and tilting the blade into the light. Watching it glint, he gave a low whistle of approval. He looked downright turned on by their prize. One of the greatest swords in myth, and all for doping up some jackass..
"It's almost as pretty as you, Shuten." The young kitsune flirted shamelessly, eyeing her from over the tip of the blade.

Sai peered over his brother's shoulder, admiring.
"What will happen to Momotaro, Doji-sama?"

"Don't be stupid. He made his legend as an oni slayer. What do you think the oni king is going to do to him?"

"Ohhh. Poor handsome." Sai offered, though his actions didn't match the sympathy of his words. He hadn't bothered a glance at the downed demigod. Instead, he was busy reaching over his brother's shoulder, until Kai relented and handed over their prize.
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(( Am I pretty?

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This had only happened to her once before. She could barely remember what had happened back then, as she was probably three or maybe four years old. The scent was almost overwhelming as cherry blossoms exploded about her. Yukiko's pink orbs squeezed shut as nausea set in. Never in her life would she be okay with any form of teleportation. Inari had released the girl's arm as she arrived. The young girl swayed a bit, still trying to recover. As she took in a breath to quell her churning stomach, she could literally feel the tension in the air. Her pure white ears twitched as she became more and more uncomfortable.

Finally his voice found her. A new voice that spoke to Inari then to Kurai and herself. Large pink orbs opened curiously. A man again. It was actually rather unfortunate considering he was nude. What sounded like a sob tore from Yukiko's throat and she immediately covered her face and turned on her heel to face the opposite direction. Once she was facing away, her hands dropped back to her sides and she took in a shaky breath. Scary... way too scary. Was that... She shuttered at the thought.

Again, the young woman was trembling, worried wide eyes locked on the ground at her feet. As she stood there, shocked, Saka invited her to "hang out". Yukiko wasn't familiar with that phrase, so she disregarded it."Saka-kun... this is not exactly the time to be inviting me to do anything... You aren't decent." Momo and Ura would probably keel over had they known Yukiko's innocent eyes had just been tainted. "Now... I am unsure of the circumstances, but I do not think my papa would approve of this fighting and my presence here." Part of her wished she had gone shopping after all. This was really turning into such a mess.
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If she had had a chance to,the kitsune would have made haste the opposite way of the gods arm,rather than being took with them. That was not part of her plan at all! It felt as if she were going to smother or choke to death on the blossoms! This was why she preferred vanilla! She would make sure she held her breath next time,lest she actually smother on the damnable blossoms.Pointing one hand at Saka,she would scowl,"We will have words later. You have a great amount of explaining and groveling to do. Preferably after your honeymoon so that you must suffer after great joy." Shifting her gaze to Inari,she would take a moment,wondering exactly what it would cost her in return for what she was about to ask of him.It was a rather large request,but it was a very selfless request. Somewhat,"I have a friend..and I wondered..if it would be possible if you would save him from Death."
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((Not sure if I missed a response, but gonna leave this here just incase it was missed/forgotten because it's getting a bit buried at this point. >.> (x) ))
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((Not sure if I missed a response, but gonna leave this here just incase it was missed/forgotten because it's getting a bit buried at this point. >.> (x) ))

((Oh crap >< sorry Slait I totaly missed that, I can still have ya do combat with a weakened Reed if ya want))

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