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((I'm gonna post soon, I just don't know where to start.))
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[GA - Luna's Hangar] - 12:00 Noon

By the time she stepped onto the asphalt runway just before her shop, her wrist devise, a black, flexible cuff, was blinking.

Noon already?! Her heavily discolored, baggy eyes twitched as she trekked towards the hangar; a little upgrade from her old garage that she was so fond of, but it was nice to have the extra space.

Her fingers gingerly tapped the the face of the black cuff, squares instantly lighting up under her fingertips as they made contact with the surface. Once finished, the cuff faded into it's original state - black and blank - and she quickly picked up her head, the hanger's bi-folding door lifting just about half of it's full height to let her pass.

She sluggishly entered, the hanger dim with light just seeping through the side windows, her feet dragging as she maneuvered her way passed her Royal Enfield, passed the rack of disassembled rifles and machine parts, passed the lightly humming, lightly glowing CF reactor, and finally to the back of her shop where what she called home resided: a nice dark rug was laid out, a lush Lancaster L-shaped sofa, a somewhat dusty stereo system, and a moderately sized flat screen.

A bubble of excited surfaced as she quickened her pace, quickly snagging the throw blanket and hopping over the back of the couch, landing in her favorite spot: the corner of the L. She took off her dry paint riddled blouse, revealing her clean black tube top, and quickly tossed the blanket over her, kicking off her heavy boots in the process. The thick leather cushions enveloped her and her eyes closed, quickly passing out for the.... rest of the day.
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[Demo HQ, GA Base]

A faint knock came to Tenack's door that pulled him out of any trance he happened to be in. Turning his chair around to face the door Tenack straightened out his uniform before speaking. "Come in."
The door oppend slowly and in waked the DrkNrgy Labs lead Scientist, Dr. Von' Crogsgel. Dressed in his usual lab coat and gray undershirt, the Dr looked much as he always did. Instead of taking the seat the DrkNrgy labs scientist stood close to Tenack's desk looking down at him.

"What can I help you with Dr.?"

"I couldn't stop by and congratulate you on your promotion and crowning achievements?"
Tenack just crossed his arms and looked up at the man, it had been a few months since they had spoken. However Von'Crogsgel wasn't one to just stop by for such a small reason.

"Yes, thanks to your NEXGEN troops we can maintain full control of the Gaia region. At long last I control nearly all of Gaia."


"Oh, just a few minor spots left not in my control. I do not care for them much."

"Ahh I see, There was one thing I was wondering about Colonel. You know Angelica's and Ephraim's bodies were never actually found."

Tenack stood up slowly and nodded as he walked to the window behind his desk.

"Yes, I know. But Red Shield is done. The Taureans are done. It's time for all of us to move on and focus on the future goals."

"What if they show up again."

Thinking for a momment Tenack looked over his shoulder at the scientist. "If my patrols were to pick one of them up. It be the last mistake they would ever make.
Saka Hirozumi

[ GA - Tech Department ]

Before the vampire, who thought himself a sneak, escaped the loud halls of the Technician's well-invested home, he was stopped - not by a person, but by a voice. An entity, which spoke through colorful interpretations of the room. Calling to him, like a ghost possessed.

"Must feel familiar, stalking the room of a man you killed yourself." Hovered the voice, which warped around him through use of multiple warm-screens emanating a purple glow. They all aimed towards his direction, till the ex-VHEG was surrounded by the GA'S resident holographic girl, Skylar.

A custom AI mended together by traces of data, the result, which collected to form her face, was overall quite beautiful. But however beautiful, she wasn't pleased.

In a flash, she had gone over Tsusaka's note.
"After all, it's a good thing you know exactly where you're going after you die." Her eyes thinned. She chastised him, her human side showing briefly, before she retreated back into her shell of logistics.
Luna Vitesse

[ GA - Soldier Department ]

"Oh, my bad," Quipped Neon, noticing how peely-wet his jacket was. That didn't swing too well with the room temp. either; his nipples were so hard they could cut glass.
But that wasn't enough to keep his giggle-box ransom going. He let loose! However a childish, two-year old snort you called "loose" was.
"Yeah, about that..." Neon touched upon his dreadful dye job, having gone so long without botching it that only a few choice tresses were still blue, the rest having reverted to it's old, black Irish roots. "Tryin' out ah, uh... 'new style', seein' where it goes." He frothed it lightly, the long-since combed hair matted like an old carpet.

Not exactly keeping his eye on the ball here, he finally took his goddamn eyes off the floor when Luna called him to attention. It was starting to seem lately that Neon didn't seem to get along with anybody but animal-people.

"Tch, what? You worried?" Neon was starting to thank god his father was Mexican, because he was blushing like a doofus, he could feel it. "Thanks, Lulu," When she went for the door, he made a face, cross-eyed, to make it look like he had been knocked out, but when she'd gone, the dork found himself touching his cheek.

No doubt Hyde was still waiting outside like an a*****e, rolling his eyes.

"Who're you lookin' at, cyclops?"

"Nothin'! Nothin'." The older Soldier snort-giggled into his leathers.
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"I'm not going anywhere after I die, staying right here with my new friends... But I need to die. I am sick of being this abomination, being the grandson of Inari you have no idea how humiliating it is parading around as a vampire." He admitted while making it a point he would be returning very soon, looking at her and the screens almost cautiously. "You must know a lot about stalking to be able to stalk the stalker." He spoke almost comically, keeping his senses on his surroundings. "I will be dead, but I want to give my new self some form of a good life. Though the same we will be different, I think it best if I stayed here or with my father."
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[Demo HQ, GA base]

"How are the upgrades progressing?" Tenack asked moving himself back to his desk, choosing not to sit but instead stand meeting Dr. Von'Crogsgel eye to eye.

"Smoothly, however that does bring up the reason for my visit."
All Tenack could do was raise an eyebrow at the scientist. Many of the main setbacks that had plagued the upgrade of the Demo equipment was the hunt for a bettter energy source. DrkNrgy was still quite powerful however many groups did have coutners to it. Even the Suits of the GA had special DrkNrgy destroying rounds, a gesture Tenack knew meant they had their eyes on him. "We want to bring the Endeavor in and started on her Early."

"What? Take the Flagship out of the skies while already two thirds of our airfleet is in the yards?" Only a handful of airships patrolled the skies of Gaia far few that Tenack would like. Taking away the power and the authority that the Endeavor presented would be a real punch to their strength.

"The Endeavor is an old ship, oldest you have. It needs to be upgraded and repaired much of the quick repairs wont last much longer. Besides no one has the air power to challenge you."

"How long?"

"A few months."

"Very well, is there anything else?"

"Yes, we finished with your personal HOUND unit"

Taking a seat Tenack leaned back as Dr. Von Crogsgel clapped his hands ushering in an assistance carrying a metallic case. The case was set before Tenack on his desk as the Dr. and asssitance gave a small bow before departing.

"Enjoy, Colonel Acki."

Running his fingers over the case a ping of excitement ran through Tenack. Popping the latches off a small hiss came from within the case as the lid was slowly lifted. Bathed in a blue light the gauntlet of the HOUND suit sat inside, colored in black green florescent tubing and circuits ran the length. Picking it up Tenack couldnt help but smile as he ran his fingers over it. Connecting it to his left forearm he could feel the power of the DrkNrgy contained with in, he could also feel the power of something else contained within the device. The thrill of such power send a tingle through his spine.

"They can keep their super human powers, give me the power of industry and technology any day."
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((But the owls are still around. lol Tis the Lunar to be jolly. Its sooo fightless here good thing I joined a guild or I'd be dieing bored.))
Angelica smiled as she walked outside the door admiring Dan's ride. "I could go for a bite and a little danger afterwards." She winked looking at Dan's physical attributes as she moved past him. "I prefer bikes anyway. You pick the place to eat." Angelic looked at Dan for a moment. "You made it sound like we would be going to the G.A. base. It is ok for me to be their then right? I mean the daughter of the Red Shield Commander isn't that very risk?"
Luna Vitesse

Saka Hirozumi

[ Hangar ]

Could she go anywhere without being followed by some horny flake? Ah, but 'tis the curse of being a blonde. And she was asking for it when she heard she was working with Romeo. The dog was no shortage of flirtatious when it came to the cat, but when he arrived, he found her on the next flight to dreamland.

"Pfft, 12:00 and already conked out? She really is a cat." Rome remarked, his whole body perched underneath the half-lidded hangar door. While he was quite the flaunty jock, Rome wasn't going to be jerk to wake her. Merely smiling, he stealthily exited himself from the premises, instead opting to go visit Tilung and bench waits or something.


[ Tech Department - Slait's Office ]

"... so ultimately, there's no truly killing you then." All the screens begun to de-rezz, leaving but only one very confused AI, her feelings like a mixed drink. "Heh... your godly linage saves you. If you're a demigod, then I guess hating you would be, how do you say... 'letting the terrorists win'?" She laughed, yet, anger boiled in her metaphorical stomach.

"... I still haven't quite found it in my programming to forgive you. To forgive you for his death." Her eyes cut like thorns briefly, but quietly settled back to the worked, tired face of a long-held grudge, stressed from thoughtful vendetta. "And for you to be standing in the very room he called home isn't a plus on your part." Visions, holographs of both her past self and the former Tech leader, Brad Margera, echoed in the room, showing multiple pairs of them going about their business during the early years of the Gambino Army.

"But, with this last act, I think I can forgive you." Overpowered with grief, Skylar could merely smile, animated tears drizzling down her smooth-sculpted face-recognition. With that, the last screen died, along with her long beheld hatred.
"You have my permission to die not by my hands, Tsusaka Hirozumi."

Kiba Lunar

( It's always calm, before the storm... ;3 )
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Jo Taurean

"I know this great little mom and pop joint out, of the main city, it's family owned and operated." He said straddling the bike slowly, sliding the key into the ignition. "Though, with all of Tenack's lackeys around I would prefer to be in the base than in the city right now. Plus your mom's prison term has been handed over to Saka so it's not like we're in any real danger." He said while taking his leg and popping the kickstand up against the frame, the old shovel head roared to life with a kick to the kick-starter. The raked out front end made it look bigger than it really was, the large teardrop shaped tanks made it look curved. It had both driver and passenger floorboards and a large sissy bar had leather padding made for passenger comfort, the wide back tire made the rear-end sit low giving it an almost animalistic glare.
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"After you have lived twelve-hundred long years, reincarnation is as good of an escape as death when it's all you have. I will just be glad to put this cursed saga in my life to a conclusion." He said while walking down the halls slowly "If i see your friend, I will be sure to kick his a** into heaven and that's a promise I won't forget." He said opening the door while tucking his hands deeply into the jacket's pockets and walking out to look at the ocean "From the depths the forgotten shall rise, the forgotten stories of the deep." He made his way from the beach to the former courtyard of the base, hands sliding over old battle scars that had been created by himself and Hirokato in the days of old.
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[Durem, GM Command Post]

Second Lieutenant Oswald Multin sat in the lavish office of his new post. The Durem Command building had been recently established after the take over by Demo forces. The local authority and governing body had been disbanded and the GM was in control of all aspects. So far much of the crime had been taken care of as NEXGEN troops roamed the streets. It was an easy gig one that required very little on his part, the NEXGEN soldier followed their orders without question.

It was easy untill this day when in to his office strooled a man dressed in a very fine white suit. It wasn't hard to tell a Dark Elf at first glance. As well as the fact many of them swore allegience to the largest crime organization still remaining in Durem the Kuro gang.

"Lieutenant Multin"
The Dark Elft bowed as he lifted the fine fedora from his head. Oswald was not amused as he sat back in his leather chair his arms crossed over his pot belly.

"What do you want?"
His voice scruffy and deep his eyes meeting the Dark Elf's.

"To do business of course."

"The GM does not do business with thugs."

"Oh? What if these so called 'Thugs' had something they shouldnt?" The Dark Elf smiled as he pulled a batch of papers from an envelope below his arm, tossing them onto the desk for Oswald to read. Raising an eyebrow the Demo officer looked over the pages some containing photos others just worded documents.

His eyes went wide and so did his mouth as Oswald went from page to page, most of the information contained was highly classified and much of it the Demo group could not afford to let slip out.

"Now than, if you do not want all this to be spread among the people like wild fire you will agree to our demands."

With a sigh Oswald sat back and nodded. "What are your demands?"

The Dark Elf smiled as he spoke. "Think of it less as Demands and more aiding each other for the better of Durem. You allow us asses to your NEXGEN soldier line, we also want you to stop interfering with our activities and perhaps you''ll find your pockets just a little bit heavier.

Oswald new he had no choice but to agree to the terms it wasn't an easy choice to make but had to be done. The Dark Elf departed without another word leaving the Demo officer alone to think of what was to come next.
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Kiba Lunar


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