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"Yeah, her wrists might feel better if she'd stop sparring with the Techs. You know they don't have any hand-to-hand combat skills." Hyde huffed, fumes cleaning out his nose like a chimney.
And even though he technically only saw through one eye, both brows raised when mention of the bombing came to. "Bombing? Don't tell me..." Not too soon, Hyde's head was buried in his hand. "God dammit, can they even hold it together without blowing their own cover? Durem's been scotch free for weeks, who do they have to fight against??"

It was true. Since the NEXGEN had entered town, Durem was doing surprisingly well for a town that that dabbled in organized crime. But it was, for the quiet alone, that Hyde was starting to run suspicious...
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Mel smiled as she was brought in Saka's great big bear hug. It was a big change for her though she had still been tossing people around the base and probably rough around the edges she had grown more friendly since the three Suits that had picked her up on the road side. It was a slow time for healing process and gave her a chance to form new bonds and friends.
Though she hardly seen Saka he was as close to family as she could have when it came to being a vampire. He was an excellent doctor aswell in her eyes.
When Saka had checked her hand and began bandaging them she seen Hyde's face as he brought up the soldiers she had knocked out. "I am sorry Hyde." She had heard about the bombing of Louie and Edmund's shop. "That bombing it maybe related to Gino. Edmund is the leading protector of the Gambino family even compared to us hes the most trusted but if someone gets ride of Edmund we lose our best edge of the families protection." Mel looked to Hyde
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Scarlet had warped in at Hyde's side almost touching his shoulder. "Saka what is the interest with Athena now? Her time is over and the Red Shield is finish I thought. Its been quite for several months now."
Scarlet tilted her head to on shoulder as she quickly focused on Hyde with a whisper in his ear. "Boo!" That was all she had to say to the Soldier as she dropped an empty darkenergy canister in her pocket.
"Ah! the young half blood is awake this time and not getting arrested by her own people now? My isn't that a change."
"Faris, huh...?" At this point, any kind of information regarding the dark elf mafia was good information. As an Army designed to protect the wealthy handful living in the tropics, the GA knew next to nothing of the criminal element that existed in the city to the west.

But apparently Saka did.

"No fraternizing with the enemy!" Hyde scolded. But, underhanded tactics were the Von Helson specialty. In attempt to brush of such silliness, Hyde readjusted his shades like, "You can give it a shot if you can fight through the horde of vampires they've got under their control, kyuketsuki." It had been widely known amongst the GA of the Kuro gangs army of blood-sucking mercenaries, simply from the words of a dying vampire soldier, who in turn was quickly extinguished by "The Killer".

"Gino..." The name echoed in Hyde's mind. His existence being the only lifeblood keeping the Gambino Army striving. Or rather, his hopeful existence; nobody even knew if he was alive.
"I'm more afraid for Edmund's sake," Hyde stated, adjusting his jacket. "I order custom from H&R Wesley."

At mere mention of Durem, he was spooked by the illusive Scarlet. "Whoa! Hey, when did you come in??" Barked the Soldier, putting a good foot of distance between them.
"And hey, I'll have none of that," He'd go on to say. "We're beyond that. Mel, as young as she may be... she is one of us." But there was a little more than Mel's reputation going through Hyde's mind right now. Hand at his chin, he'd ponder, "If I could get a hold of Tenack, I could have him tell the NEXGEN to go to the DPD and get some intel on this 'Faris' gangster... but," Hyde sighed, rolling his eye. "Those bastards have shown little subtlety. I don't think they're smart enough to carry out such a plan..."
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Scarlet looked dumbfounded at Saka's remark. "I'm sorry I did not mean to question you it just seems rather odd to me." Scarlet bowed her head to Mel and Hyde "I did not mean disrespect. Not fully but she Mel is wild and untamed. I'm just not used to seeing her so calmed."
She quickly turned back to Saka. stomping her foot. "I am not jealous." Her face was rather flustered at this point though mostly when she looked at Mel
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Tenack stood his arms crossed on the bridge of his flagship the Endeavor. It had been a few months since Demo forces had moved in and secured every corner of Gaia. The end of the Red Shield war had been declared officially weeks afterwards with the confirmed death of several of the Taurien Family and the imprisonment of the Red Shield Commander Athena. A blanket of peace was falling onto Gaia, but the shadows of conflict always loomed near.
The heir to the Gambino line was still missing in action with mercenaries reported to be hot on his trail. Assets had been put to locating Gino but so far nothing had come back and that didn't sit well with the newly instated Colonel Acki.

NEXGEN troop squads were on patrol everywhere with command posts being constructed in each town. Much of the Demo equipment was in the process of being over hauled and upgrading. During the prior engagements and conflicts DrkNrgy had proved to be lacking in power. A number of groups had developed numerous counters to the Demos prized energy source. The HOUND squads had been stood down while the suits were sent to the labs for upgrades. The Demo fleet was being rotated through the airyards to improve their systems and weapons. The NEXGEN troops made up a large portion of the currently operational Demo arsenal. To support the squads the Golem mechs had been kept on the field.

Marcus Fletcher had been imprisoned for numerous war crimes and command of the Space Station Gambino had fallen under the watchfull eye of the SOLDEIRs. Tenack had made a public announcement stating he had no knowledge of his Lieutenants action as he was busy with other matters. Further more the DrkNRgy labs had stated Fletcher had forced them to unleash the swarm at gunpoint. Though the Demo leader and his men had escaped persecution though distrust was starting to grown between the Demos and a few of the other departments, namely the SOLDIERs and the Suits.
[ GA ]

Spitting his cigarette, Hyde nearly lost it. "Hey! I don't care if you fancy yourself some kind of vampire lord. I won't have you talking about such things so freely!" He seemed bothered, mainly around the man's frankness revolving around the subject of vampire enslavement. But I digress.

"Ah! I can't deal with you weirdos and your fetishes!" Hyde polished his boot off on the cigarette stub on the ground. "I'm too old for this... where is Neon??"
Stomping up to the Soldier's directory where the Graffiti King himself resided, with likely the three flavors of vampire following his tail, Hyde eventually came to pounding his fist on Neon's door.

"Hey! 'Your highness!'" Hyde barked at his door. "You got someone here to see you! With news about robots and bombing and... just come out!" All Hyde, Tsusaka, and the girls would be met with was silence. Silence, broken by a heavy sigh by the Moon Child.
"Days. He's been like that for days." Hyde stated, his head pushed up against arm against the door. "I don't know what his deal is. Usually the guy's bouncing around here like a seven-year-old. I'm starting to wonder if he's even still there..."
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[GA - Tech Building - Slait's office]

Dragging her nails through her hair, scratching her scalp as her eyes struggled to focus, glazing over the flickering computer monitors she had been staring at for days, "nnn..." she groaned, turning in Slait's swivel, leather, exec-like chair. Rubbing her eyes, she looked behind her to the thin, frame-less television monitors perched up flat against the wall, resembling windows - fake windows of what one would be seeing if this office was actually above ground.

"Morning... already.." she coughed, taking another sip of her sweet tea before pulling the red bow from the back of her head and lobbing it atop the keyboard. She fell back, tilting the chair and staring at the ceiling as she reflected on the past few months - Christ how things have changed.

She began to count on her fingers, trying to remember all the nuggets of detail. Six years and I find myself yearning to rejoin the tech force in the Gambino Army. I arrive on a Thursday, early afternoon. I was greeted by a man who called himself Rome, later to discover that he is less human and more machine. He made a case that my old employer, G-Corp, was to blame for his lack of flesh, but the full story is still unknown to me. I was re-introduced to my shop and later was introduced to an even larger hanger with three odd but enjoyable teammates - Kevin, Jeremy and... bald man. Come to speak of, I haven't heard much from them. Last but not least, I discover my old boss, Slait, the man I came back to see, incapacitated with some unknown affliction - werewolf? she scoffed, rubbing her eyes. "Not likely..." still in disbelief.

Now, with Slait unable to take his post, on the same day I arrive I've been given the opportunity to lead the Tech Team as an acting captain of sorts. Her eyes scan Slait's desk, even in this digital age they live in, paper has not gone out of style. This work... I just want to get back to my projects...

Luna lets out a silent sigh as her hand reaches for the bell attached to her collar - chimeless as the hammer had been removed, a simple gift her father had left for her before he passed away. She squeezed it and twirled it as she normally did when she felt stressed.

Suddenly, with a gasp and flicker of her ears, her eyes brightened up. "Neon!" she exclaimed, leaning forward in a crash with her hands on the paper riddled desk - the work she had been thrown into keeping her from reuniting with her long lost friend from all those years ago. It was true, she remembered hearing the name come up in conversation from one of the passing soldiers not to long ago; her friend had returned to GA. He had been resting in his quarters for some time and she had been meaning to make her way over to him but, honestly, couldn't find the time.

She stood up rather suddenly, a surge of dizziness flooding her low blood sugar and malnutritioned self as she stumbled around to regain her balance, holding her head, just realizing how tired she really was. But regardless, she slid Slait's frosted glass door open and started making her way through the frigid, empty tech corridors.

[GA - Soliders Directory]

Her boots clicked against the ground as she made her way closer to Neon, noticing her pace was just short of a skip or a jog. Swiftly maneuvering around the hustle and bustle of morning rush - soldiers, engineers, workers of all sorts rushing to their post or project - she found herself just a corner away from her destination. Moments after hastening her steps, she found herself stopping abruptly, the sound of pounding and shouting from around the bend making her a bit apprehensive. Luna peered around the final corner to find the area smelling heavily of burnt tobacco and... her nose twitched, is that.. blood?

Quick, as usual, her eyes clipped to every edge, every line, every detail of their persons, memorizing and measuring the physical before pulling back until she was out of site. Her ears flickered as she lightly pressed her shoulder to the wall, listening intently to the four congregating outside Neon's door... or what she thought was Neon's door.

Saka Hirozumi

An assortment of giggles began to parade the area, collecting around Splinter's downed body.

The legendary demigod, father of Tsusaka, would quickly find mirages of beautified silhouettes, who shifted in and out of the relentless blizzard like a ghosts. And ghosts is what they were; pale like hardened, frozen corpses, they closed the gap between them and Splinter, collecting around the ancient superhero, likely harboring malicious purpose. Suddenly, they would scatter, at the command of a man more than capable:

"Make way! Snow maidens..." Instructed the man garbed in corpse-blue samurai garb, sword addressing his right hand. This snowy cottage was his abode. As he approached the fallen Splinter, his cold, wintry eyes flashed a deep blue, and the closer the yokai came, the warmer Splinter did seem. "This man is of divine ancestry."

Not long later, Yuki Otoko, one of the yokai lord Jiro Hotaru's retainers, had taken in the frozen demigod, housing him in the warmest part of his haunted estate - the onsen.
While Yuki himself, as well as his collection of chilled courtesans, grouped around one corner of the large, volcanic bath (with signs shown from the collecting thin-ice forming their territory), Splinter had the whole other side, as well as a nice warm cup of tea, to himself.

"What brings you here, son of Inari?" The cold-faced undead asked, his hair managing to still frost, despite the warm waters. As his brow raised, ice broke. "Haven't you caused enough trouble for Jiro-dono? After all, it's only because of your father that he doesn't condemn your super-heroics." He spoke, his breath appearing glossy in the chilled air. "You must have important reason, not to mention resolve, to climb this far up my mountain..."

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