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What god do you worship?

Gaia, Goddess of the Earth 0.625 62.5% [ 10 ]
Nyx, God of the Night 0.375 37.5% [ 6 ]
Total Votes:[ 16 ]
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Luna Vitesse
Rolling out from under the jeep on her Mechanic's Dolly, Senya rolled off and got to her feet. Standing up straight, the goop oozed down, making her look a bit more intimidating in the dim light. But then she wiped it off of her face with one hand, revealing only a slightly annoyed Senya. Then she ran a hand through her unbound hair, decidedly more as an impulse, because it was covering her glove as well.

"Heya Luna. What's shakin'?" She polished her wrench off a bit on her pants, the darkness spreading as it seeped into her clothes. She didn't seem to care though, it was part of the job after all. "Weird night, eh?"

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Hells Prison

Jo held her hand out as the keys nearly slipped from her finger tips. "That was close." She used the time Saka was giving her to unlock her cell door while the guards were distracted. "My General? I'm sorry the only General I've had was Rita Lynn and she exiled me for treseon." Jo said as her Cell door bounced against the guards backside knocking him off balance before she pushed him over.


Angelica giggled flirty like as she took Dan's gun and moved up infront slipping through his arms. Dan would find he wouldn't need to stop at all. "You should read my fathers record I think he does this just for fun." Placing her arms on the handlebars as she made herself comfy on his lap.
Angelica wasted no time pulling the trigger with careful aim to make head, heart and mid-chest shots.
Luna Vitesse

((*Shakes head* tsk tsk tsk... and here I was, hoping to come to the GA for some quality posting. Instead, all I get is an IOU. Dis-a-ppointing. Get your priorities straight! 1) Me 2) School/Work 3) Food. Haha ... but seriously... gimme a post!.. when you get a second <3 ))

((Something is wrong with this thread it goes against nature. The guys are supposed to wait on the girls but here its girls waiting on the Guys like that song "Waiting on a women." wink )
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White Taurean
Luna Vitesse

((*Shakes head* tsk tsk tsk... and here I was, hoping to come to the GA for some quality posting. Instead, all I get is an IOU. Dis-a-ppointing. Get your priorities straight! 1) Me 2) School/Work 3) Food. Haha ... but seriously... gimme a post!.. when you get a second <3 ))

((Something is wrong with this thread it goes against nature. The guys are supposed to wait on the girls but here its girls waiting on the Guys like that song "Waiting on a women." wink )

(( I feel this is an appropriate response.

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Kiba took out a cig and as it touched his lips he took a lighter out lighting his cig up. "Surrender this." Leaping from the rooftop he fell the ground below as he landed he created an electrical overload that moved through the electrical boxes.

The streets became dark as night. All that would be seen was shadows but visability would be completely zero. Drawing his gun from its holster he aimed out and started shooting the first sighn of Nexagen soldiers.
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Pro looked over the large package as she would call it picking up the payment feeling the weight. "Payment up front I like that." Taking the paper from him she looked it over real quick just only took 1 second for her.
Putting three pulls like devices around the package she moved away as she pressed a button on her wrist computer engaging the polls. A flash of light and the body plus the box were now pocket sized. "Job is not only excepted but trust me when I say hiring me you get a garentee its done." Picking the box up she placed it in her well desighned cushioned bag.
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The first shot from the long range weapon nearly took down the shields of the gunship as the other shot only scrapped by as the small ship moved. The location of the attacker was quickly identified but word had been passed that the Battle cruiser Silver Lightning was on patrol in Durem and would take care of the hostile. This would leave the three gunships to deal with the current crisis in barton.

Though the was blacked out due to Kiba's overloading attack the gunships would still be able to see. Equipped with night vision sensors to them it was as bright as day and Kiba was dead in their sights as bursts of automatic fire came to life from their turrets.

NEXGEN soldier on the ground equipped with high resolution optic sensors could see equally as well in the darkness and had no trouble locating the fugitive Luanar. A small squad had converged letting off small arms fire as the began to surround their target.

A pair of GOLEM mechs would move into position blocking Angelia and Dan from fleeing Barton. Armed with their energy shields the Armor Piercing rounds of Angelica's gun would not penetrate. Their second arm equipped with a small cannon sending HE rounds at the approaching motor bike. Two squads on either side of the GOLEMS provided additional fire support with small arms weapons.


The Battlecruiser Silver Lightning tracked the shots from the energy rifle and had already launched drones. About half the size of man the attack drones zoomed in around the clock tower firing at the hostile sniper. Equipped with light machine guns they would do little damage to the tower itself though tougher drones could be deployed if needed.

On the ground two squads of NEXGEN soldiers had been dispatched one team locking down the perimeters with GOLEM support as the other 5 unit team moved into the building. With the sensors of the Battlecruiser airship hovering overhead they would be able to keep an eye on Kou in case he fled.
((*Cracks knuckles*))

All of a sudden the entire city of Barton began lighting up bright enough that the three cities around it could see.
RPG, Assult rifles, C4 charges. All with Armor peircing ammo, shield cracking ammo and anti dark-energy bullets hit the Demo ships and the NEXGENS as The Order of peace finally made its move.
Though out manned and gunned using equipment out of date the had stocked enough ammo and weapons to start twelve wars.
Mechs from Gaias past that were already somewhat damaged moved into the streets. when the got in range of groups of enemies they would self-destruct most targeted the Golems.
The only thing this faction did not have was air support but they did have anti-air.
Fang had collected weapons from battlefields past and junkyards for years. The battle wouldn't be long and though the Order would not when they wouldn't leave without making a few scratches.
Saka Hirozumi

Kelly Bishop

[ GA - SOLDIER building ]

"Can you believe that guy?" When the crowd finally died down, Neon was alone again, concussed by the petulant silence of reality - like his own artificial gravity, it lassoed in all the guilt and troubles he had souring his mind.

He had long stopped calling her.

And yet, despite Mel's eager threat to forcefully groom him, the Graffiti King seemed little motivated to take handle of the situation. Following the breakup, it seemed all too apparent that the world was collapsing in on Neon. And there was nothing he could do about it.

"I know. A wakazashi? Usually you use a simple tanto for these kind of rituals." But that didn't mean that everyone else was giving up on him. After but a year as acting leader of the Soldier, Neon's mentor, 13, had never left his side.
In this case, he appeared against his graffitized walls as a faceless grin, snarky as the Cat was Cheshire.

"C'mon, 13!" Neon banged the absinth bottle against the table he had been sitting at. "He means to kill himself for some... crazy hunch!"

"And who're you to stop him, huh?" Begged 13, appearing in his full-color human form from the walls. Tall and lanky, the dark-skinned yakuza made his height apparent as he approached Neon.
"Have you been listening to anything I've been teaching you these past couple months. You said you wanted the truth, and I told you! Tsusaka's grandfather is a god." 13 said, snatching the bottle from Neon's possession. "If he wants to go to hell, if there even is one, I say let him! And will you stop swathing this thing around like you've been drinking it, you can't even handle the sake I give you..." 13 muttered, turning away from Neon.

Suddenly, the telly flickered on. It showed, in a gruesome, almost snuff-film like depiction, Tsusaka, clearly fed up with waiting for Neon, having his own assistant Scarlet taking upon the duty of severing his head.
"Oh no," Neon, stumbling through words and material, Neon slipped on his jacket in a hurried race out to wherever Tsusaka was. "no, no, no, NO!"

But by the time he had made it, He was only staring at a mere splash of blood, with Tsusaka and Scarlet nowhere to be found.

"She teleported the body somewhere." 13 said, coming up from behind the stunned Neon, now wearing his feline form. No longer smiling, the bakeneko's only expression was concern. "Goddamn fool..." It wasn't Tsusaka's death that struck him the most - it was watching his student's own mental degradation before him. Sitting on his rump beside Neon, who had been brought to his knees by the display, meanwhile, several other GMers around him begun to depart, seeing no use in further observing of the situation...
Kit Tainess
((Ahh...finally settled in at Technical School, back to work. *Cracks knuckles* This one's for anybody in Durem who feels like playing a cop.))

Things had gotten much worse since the GM, more specifically the Demolitionists, invaded the surrounding cities. Kit had been positioned as an overseer over the NEXGEN forces and the other criminal elements of Durem, which ran rampant under the 'chivalrous' eyes of the Demolitionists and their puppet government. Kit had been chosen to watch over Durem. Military figures outside of the Demolitionists held no authority in the city. Kit had connections but his face was too recognizable, so a plan was hatched. Overnight, Kit took on the role of 'The Masque,' an unidentifiable entity which could slip through the cracks and get to the truth without being forced to pick a side, what the hell was Neon thinking?

It took Kit a while to truly 'become' The Masque, at least from a persona standpoint. From an exterior standpoint, however, he was a perfect fit. Kit knew just how to dress for the character. His best top hat sat atop his hair, which he had tied into a single braid that ran down to his waist. He wore a very special pair of boots, which had been through his best days as a pirate, and his single worst day. The black leather was meticulously polished, as were the brass buckles on each ankle. His slacks were pressed, and his shirt was starched. A green tie and gray vest was over the white shirt, and the second most important coat Kit owned sat over that. The coat was another relic from Kit's pirate days. The material was black wool, which ran down to Kit's ankles, two rows of of well polished buttons ran down to the waist. On the shoulders of the jacket were brass plates bordered with tassels, a brass button on each end of the collar bore Kit's old jolly roger. Last but certainly not least, there was the mask itself, that ever important piece of the puzzle, Kit had traded the standard red and silver for dark grey with green accents. Since the mask itself drew so much attention, Kit even wore blue contact lenses to hide the green glow of his eyes.

Slipping past the door of the police station as it closed, The Masque stated his presence with the uniform click of his glossy boots on the cheap linoleum floor. He was there to investigate a very important event, and the person whom had caused it: Faris. The bombing of H&R Wesley was the only major event to happen in weeks. The only chatter one would hear scanning the crowds in Durem would be about H&R Wesley or that damned graffiti people kept seeing everywhere. Kit didn't care about that, though, it was much too messy for Neon's work, anyway. With a look of intent about him and a serious tone in his voice, two words left the mouth of The Masque, Kit found it more convincing if he kept his yap shut, "Where's Faris?"

[ Durem - Police Department ]

At the start of graveyard shift, little police officers could be seen around Durem Police Department, even during this time of turmoil. While you wouldn't hear any of them admit it, the officers were slightly thankful for the NEXGEN's Frankenstein-like, yet efficient 24/7 patrol of the streets. So heavily armed were they, having now taken the place of the now-defunct Red Shield, that the DPD hardly made any effort to patronize them. Furthermore, packing all that heat where everybody could see you demanded respect, and staved off the local gangs.

And yet still, someone had the balls to paint the town red?

It was one of many questions that kept Detective Patricia Manchado awake at night, enough so that she chose to take on the graveyard shift when the rest of the staff was sound asleep.
But Even this police officer, who had been wearing her sunglasses to keep others from noticing her tiring, was starting to feel the wariness of oncoming unconsciousness.

Suddenly! All of that was pushed off the side of the desk for something more. Manchado had been, until now, the only one operating this corner of the station. She didn't want to startle anybody but... it was always safe to make sure.
Making her to way towards the sound, her wool pea coat billowing in speed of her walk, she'd eventually find herself happening upon a very distinct, hatted man. And while Kit's little private investigation into the Police Department didn't find him Faris, but instead a nasty smear of blood where the dark elf should have been contained, it did find him quite the eager-fingered young police officer.
"Hey- !"With no hesitation she dusted off her coat and snagged her standard issue from her belt, clicking off the safety and aiming it at The Masque. Normally these sort of dramatics would be out of her character - but the splash of blood spoke volumes.

"Hands on the ground!"

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