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Seven years ago was the first time for many that Gaia had been split into two; those who supported the continually rising ambition of billionaire Johnny K. Gambino, and those representing the ever-present old money of the Von Helson family. Harboring a secret agenda of world domination backed by acts of blackmail, kidnapping, and worst of all, murder, it was an agenda their patriarch, Count Vladimir Von Helson was no doubt accustomed to.

To combat this threat, a lone supporter of the Gambino cause, SilverLynx, conceived a plan to call forth all the Gambino's top allied forces, and eddy them into a collective that would defend the family, G-Corp, and the islands; an 'Army' under the banner of Gambino.

Ever-growing with every passing evil, the Gambino Army has remained a steady force for nearly eight years since its inception. While the blood-feud between the two families has since been squelched with the newly-crowned king of vampires, Louie Von Helson, issuing a treaty between his people and the human race, the Gambino Army continues to defend against any threat to Gaia's wealthiest family.

Post 1: Welcome!
Post 2: Rules
Post 3: How To Join
Post 4: The Roster
Post 5: Plot
Post 6: Home Sweet Home
Post 7: Our Story
Post 12: Current Status

A hologram would scratch to life, following your almost-timed completion of the introduction. Put together, before your very eyes, was a woman, compiled of streaming, indigo circuits that begot her holographic figure.

"Good evening," She'd welcome you. "I am Skylar. I oversee Security on GA Island, located to the west of Isle de Gambino. It is my job to make sure that everyone abides by these rules and regulations. Please take a moment to review;"

1. Please follow the Terms of Service.

2. We no longer accept walk-ins. In the following post there is a "Resume" that you will submit via the thread or to one of the Thread Moderators (listed below).

3. There are many plots going on at the same time! If you would like to join one please don't hesitate to ask (but please ask)!

4. Use semi-moderate to moderate roleplay. The GA is largely a friendly roleplay-based thread. We've always prided ourselves in acceptance, no matter what RP style you use, but we expect you to do your best. One to two lines and poor writing are not very fun for anyone. Many of us are willing to help if you are inexperienced!

5. Keep god modding to a minimum. If you're not sure what god modding is please read this guide. God modding should only occur when both parties have discussed and agreed to it!

6. If you're doing something that a Thread Moderator (listed below) deems out of line (generally by violating one of the rules listed above), you are to act under their instruction, but don't worry! Generally this will hardly ever be invoked, since we're pretty lenient. Please use common sense.

Thread Moderators
Neon Graffiti
Kabuki-Kun (On Hiatus)

Rules are subject to change when need be.

"To join, all that is required is explaining your attributes, skills, and background, and we will assign you a rank and a team after reviewing what jobs your abilities are most suited for." Following that explanation, a display of holograms uploaded from her body. A network of digits and symbols that eventually culminated into something discernible; a resume.

Character Resume
Name: List your character's birth name, as well as any aliases, codenames, or nicknames they wish to be called.

Birthday: Optional.

Gender: How many X chromosomes does your character have -or- how do they identify?

Race: Please list your character's ethnicity and species.

Appearance: How will we recognize your character? A list of your character's typical attire and physical appearance.

Abilities: A short list of your character's abilities, be they strengths they were born with, skills hardened over the course of their career, or any otherworldly or unnatural powers they may exert. Also, any mention of weapons or devises used to accomplish these feats is appreciated.

Personality: What kind of person should we be expecting?

Background History: A brief summary of how your character came to be, and more importantly, how those instances landed them here, on Gambino Army soil.

"The Roster acts as a simple diagram," She'd go on to explain, "Hosting a list of prominent, active members." Pulling up another spread sheet of holograms, with a list of spilled names across the front, sans one - your own.
"The rank of "Colonel" remains among the highest regard and is usually reserved for team leaders. The Gambino Army's make-up consists of teams that specialize in different missions, with different equipment, skill sets, and uniforms that separate them." Several electronic manikins, no bigger than herself, would dance in front of you, all sporting different uniforms and different weapons.


Known to their uniformed colleagues as the "Suits", they are an organization composed of ruthless, well-dressed reconnaissance, trained to handle specific jobs such as espionage, guarding officials, and even assassination, all in the name of the corporation.

Colonel: Chiharu Wind (Kabuki-Kun)
Lieutenant Colonel: Steve Helstrom (Neon Graffiti) - Acting Leader
First Lieutenant:
Second Lieutenant: Gregory, Sampson, and Petruchio (Neon Graffiti), X and Y (Kabuki-Kun), Mel Reynolds
N/A: Botty (X_Sparkie_X), SOPHIA (Lytsar)


Imported from the mainland, the nicknamed "Demolitionists" make up G-Corp's security guards who report directly to the Head of Security himself, Bucho. As the the ones who carried out the Silent Flash protocol, they are the fundamental opposite of the Technicians, ordered to wipe out anything in their path, be it enemies or evidence.

Colonel: Tenack Acki (Tenack2)
Lieutenant Colonel: Captain Wright (Tenack2)
Major: Genocide ([~Crescent~Decent~])
Captain: Terra Rose (Commander of Tenack's air forces)
First Lieutenant: Nick Reed (Barton Commander, Task Force 53) (Tenack2)
Second Lieutenant: Oswald Multin (Durem Commander, Task Force 13), Ashley Fletcher (Aekea Commander, Task Force 66), and Jack Robinson (Isle de Gambino Commander, Task Force 37) (all Tenack2)
Sergeant Major:
Private First Class: Matt, Vincent, and Jacob (Slait)
Private: Lynn Sang (Lytsar)
N/A: Dr. Von'Crogsgel (DrkNrgy Labs Lead Scientist and Owner)


Perhaps the most well-known in the GA, the "Soldier" are the military brainchild of G-Corp. As products of the SUTF, they were dubbed the "perfect war machines," created through the process of injecting the "synthetic fountain of youth" into worthy candidates, imbuing them with accelerated recovery and regeneration rates.

Colonel: Neon Graffiti
Lieutenant Colonel: Hyde Hyle (Neon Graffiti)
Captain: Hirokato Mishamura ([~Crescent~Decent~])
First Lieutenant: Kit Tainess
Second Lieutenant: Rick Jenner (Neon Graffiti), Alik Moscow (KittyKakesRawr)


The surviving members of the SUTF lay buried beneath the aftermath of the Silent Flash protocol for three years, until the excavation of Ground Zero in 2007. They were employed to cure, and if necessary, fight unorthodox diseases; namely, vampirism.

Lieutenant Colonel: Dr. Benjamin Ainsley (Kabuki-Kun) - Acting Leader, Dr. Carey Ulra (X_Sparkie_X)
Major: Dr. Stand (Neon Graffiti), Grimoire Wilhelm Redcap (Kabuki-Kun)
First Lieutenant:
Second Lieutenant: Circe and Apollo (Kabuki-Kun), Dr. Killjoe (Slait)


The Technicians were imported from the mainland in the same formula the Demolitionists were, but tasked with with differing objectives. They function as a state-of-the-art armory, manufacturing new and capable weapons for the Gambino Army to test on the field before G-Corp deems them ready for the market. They also repair the base when needed.

Colonel: Slait
Lieutenant Colonel: Luna Summers (Luna Vitesse) - Acting Leader
Major: Hikaru Silvio ([~Crescent~Decent~])
First Lieutenant: Phyno (Slait)
Second Lieutenant: Romeo (Neon Graffiti)
N/A: Skylar (Neon Graffiti)

::Spreadsheet of Characters coming soon::




December 26th, 2014: There are changes coming to the thread! We will update you when we're finished! - X_Sparkie_X

August 31st, 2012: Thread is still under a little construction, but is fully functional and open for posting! Just need a little creative momentum... -Neon
Chiharu Wind
Dear Neon,
I’m sorry this is arriving to you so very late. I…I’ve sat down to write it at least a hundred times, but I guess I just don’t know how to say what has to be said. It has to be written though; I don’t think I could look into that face, the one I’ve loved so much, and do this. You know me, Neon. I don’t have the backbone to do scary, sad things. You’ve always been the strongest of us, even if you sometimes didn’t think so.
You haven’t heard from me in quite some time, and I’m sorry. I’ve been hiding. From everyone, but especially from you. I’m not coming back, Neon, at least not anytime soon. Not to the GA…not to you.
But you’ll be okay; I promise. You’re stronger, remember? And you can do a whole hell of a lot better than a halfblood princess who hits the sauce too hard. But I always told you that. You never listen. <3
I know that right now, as you read, you’re shaking your head. You’re thinking that I’m being supremely stupid, and you might be right about that. My life is different now though, and so am I. I met someone new. He’s different too, more like me than like you. I care about him a lot.
I miss you already. Do you miss me yet? You’re going to be a fantastic leader, Colonel Graffiti. I don’t know what I’m going to be, but we’ll both be alright. I hope if I keep saying that, it’ll be true.

I guess that’s it.

All My Love,
P.S. No, wait. I just want you to know that, even though I’m gone, well…I mean I’m still here. If you need me. Okay? You’re my best friend, Neon Graffiti. I don’t know if I’m still yours, and that’s okay. Just don’t think you can’t…I mean. If you need me, call me. There. Goodbye, Neon.

Neon made a history of burying emotion, swallowing pain, and hoarding desire. He had made a career out of it - but when he finally harbored the time to tear open and read the letter he had so looked forward to these past few months, he felt his heart wrench.

Word for word, she had observed him, like she was spying him, through a pair of binoculars. His long, uncut hair, hung like a willow, further illustrating his bubbling heartbreak. The normally very-physical artist, who spoke with his hands, became crushed into a diamond with each word he grossed over.

But wasn't she on some type of top-secret mission? Something so important that the Suit's commander had to take leave for months at a time? Wasn't she...?

It didn't matter. By the end of the letter, Neon had no tears to shed. He merely sulked in his own sorrow, sitting in his room, coated in expressive art and mediums. The room looked electric in comparison, meanwhile its diminutive core, the Graffiti King, seemed to suck any kind of life from it. Neon's image reflected his emotions, and when he was sad, it wasn't very hard to tell - normally stunning baby blues, warm like a lamp from the Ghi coursing through his body, now lay dim lit, like a scene in film noir.

Were anyone to speak to him, it would translate as little less than static. That stupid girl. That stupid, stupid girl.

[ Several days prior... ]
Mel Reynolds's avatar

Lonely Raider

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Mel Reynolds still the newest Suit member was doing her run of the Gambino Army training room She did close combat training and just finished knocking out her 68th soldier. "Whats wrong you all seem to be getting lazy now."
Rolling her eyes Mel couldn't get her fill of beatings. Soldiers were starting to fear training with her as others lifted wights and ran laps around the room.
Mel's gear was packed up in the a locker in the shower room as always when she was working out.
All the things going through her mind. Her commander still missing, the events of her torment in the Lunars realm and her new powers which scared even her not going to the labs yet to figure it out.
Saka Hirozumi

Mel Reynolds

[ GA - Coast ]

"Well this is a surprise." A familiar voice welcomed the vampire elder from behind; a blondie, dressed to the nines in black leather, observed Tsusaka enter from the trunk of a palm.
"You made an effort to sneak past the NEXGEN to come all the way over here? To pick up Athena, I take it." That voice was Hyde Hyle, one of the top Soldier and an excessive smoker. He sparked to life his lighter, beneath the summit of his cigarette, his one, glowing eye looking down it like a laser. "What, you don't trust us to deliver her there safely? ... I don't blame you." Hyde laughed, smoke emanating from his nostrils, like a campfire in Mount Rushmore.

"I gotta tell you, the Demos aren't too cherry about you taking their one, most valuable prisoner. But, a deal's a deal," He observed, sinking his hands back into his pockets.


[ GA - Training room ]

"What did I tell you about pickin' on the new recruits?" Slid the man-candy known as Sampson right when Mel was reaching for effects. At the end of the door, he pushed back some of his long, combed golden hair, and saddled into the room.

"Y'know they don't stand a chance, what with your new tricks and all. Jeez, you're startin' to turn out just like the Soldier way over yonder." He cracked, flicking his thumb back behind him. "Gregory's been saying he's been seein' you pretty welled up. You got something on your mind?" Considering there was a deal made with Saka to come under the watch of Athena, his eyes thinned, looking over the new agent. "Something... Athena-related?"
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Mel looked at the two men with a smile she first turned to Sampson. "I guess I've been over doing it huh?" Mel rubbed the back of her head as she walked with Sampson to over to Saka as she pulled a blood pack from her bag.
"I'm on my third blood pack today doc." She said turning to face Saka as with a cheerful smile.
"I have been drinking one ever morning with workouts and night before bed aswell since I got out of the hospital." Mel grabbed her towel from her bag she wiped the sweat from her face before she drank from the I.V. slot on her blood pack. " I'm not fully sure a about my bones fully. My hands feel like they are being smashed still whenever I pickup a gun or make a fist but other then that they work perfect.

'Our kind'. He took a moment to digest that while he breathed out smoke, only to step off the resting tree and tally his way over to Tsusaka.
"As far as Reynolds goes, the Suit's fine. Just because you were the first one to save, doesn't mean that she isn't in good hands." Despite his obvious mortality, Dr. Ainsley was their leading expert in inhuman physiology, a rare skill amongst human beings. Of course, their latest help spawning from the GA's newest induction, the dark elf Dr. Ulra, wasn't inexperienced in the matters either.

It was right on cue for Mel to enter the stage, sucking back an IV of blood. "H-hey, those're expensive, y'know!" Hyde exclaimed. "It won't be long before we'll be giving you I.V.egan instead of the real thing!"

Hyde cleared his throat. "As for the 'treaty' goes... Neon says it isn't needed. After all, what's there to worry about? I mean, if our masters have settled their differences, then we have no reason to fight... right?" As Neon put it. He laughed at the thought. "But y'know... I guess that isn't stopping you and your Hellhounds from getting in street brawls with the NEXGEN."

Saka might wonder. How is Hyde speaking so freely about the Demolitionists at their home turf? "Don't sweat it, none of 'em are here," Hyde laughed, swishing his hands. "The Demolitionists are around, protecting Gaia. Even Tenack's been scarce. But I gotta say - they're doing a pretty swell job, as far as I've heard."

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