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In 2005, times had become increasingly violent in Gaia. The Von Helson family and those allied with them had taken it upon themselves to challenge justice by committing acts coercion, blackmail, kidnapping, and worst of all, murder against the Gambino family.

To fight them, top Gambino-supporter SilverLynx called upon an alliance of all top Gambino-allied forces, to right the Von Helson's wrongdoings and bring peace back to Gaia.

As for now, circa 2010, the blood-feud has settled with the newly-crowned King of Vampires, Louie Von Helson issuing a treaty between the G-Corp and the rest of the human race. However, in the wake of the recent death of the our great leader Johnny K. Gambino, a conspiracy is beginning to be unveiled. And yet again, as history begins to repeat itself in these trying times, the bad blood once again stirs...

- Post 1: Introduction
- Post 2: Announcements
- Post 3: Rankings
- Post 4: Main Jobs
- Post 5: Registration Form
- Post 6: Rules
- Post 7: Base Information
- Post 8: Weaponry
- Post 9: Open to Attack
- Post 10: Blacklist
- Post 11: Allies and Enemies
- Post 12: Background Information
- Post 13: Reserved
- Post 14: Reserved
- Post 15: Reserved
|| Announcements ||

~Tue Aug 01, 2006 - The thread is now open.
|| Rankings ||

These are the rankings in the Gambino Army. Though more of an 'army' by symbolic standards, we still make use of certain military titles. When first joined, members begin with the title of 'Recruit'.

General (the boss of all bosses): Sergius Bianchi


Colonel: Hirokato Mishamura ( [~Crescent~Decent~] ), Slait, Doresain Alexander ( Melodramatic Melancholy ), Chi-Cura, Chiharu Wind ( Countess Elsinore )

Lieutenant Colonel: Neon Graffiti, Mythic Foxers, Hyde Hyle ( Neon Graffiti ), Hikaru Silvio ( [~Crescent~Decent~] )
Major: Genocide ( [~Crescent~Decent~] ), Sanrin Dragon, Darron

Captain: Tenack Acki ( Tenack2 ), Dr. Ainsley
First Lieutenant: Luna Summers ( Luna 88 ), Dr. Stand ( Neon Graffiti ), Phyno ( Slait ), Circi ( Countess Elsinore )

Second Lieutenant: Kit Tainess, Miles Tainess ( Psychedelicuh ), Apollo ( Countess Elsinore ),


Sergeant Major: Amelia ( Neon Graffiti )

Sergeant: Grace Black ( Black-Brat ), Jacob ( Slait )

Corporal: Romeo ( Neon Graffiti ), Koda Jeager ( Ryugatsu Doom )

Private First Class:

Private: Lynn Sang ( Chaotic_Sympathies )
|| Main Jobs ||

Underground Soldier ("G-Corps" ): Making their public debut in 2004, many are veterans from the zombie outbreak. Some suffering from shell shock, they are known to go 'postal' when encountering zombies. With many of G-Virus' hungry undead still walking the surface of Gaia, the G-Corps are charged with eliminating them.
Head Officer: Formerly Brad Margera. Command has since been transferred to Hirokato Mishamura upon the last Head Officer's resignation.
G-Corps: Amelia (Neon Graffiti), Grace Black (Black-Brat), Jacob (Slait), Romeo (Neon Graffiti), Koda Jeager (Ryugatsu Doom), [formerly] George (Slait)

SOLDIER: Possibly the most well-known of Gambino's forces, the SOLDIER are the military brainchild of G-Corp. Created through the process of infusing G'hi Energy into worthy candidates, members of SOLDIER are granted enhanced regeneration and exceptional physical capabilities. Their most recent responsibility has become dealing with the Animated.
Head SOLDIER: Hirokato Mishamura ([~Crescent~Decent~])
SOLDIER: Neon Graffiti, Mythic Foxers, Hyde Hyle (Neon Graffiti), [formerly] Hirosashi Mishamura (~Shinsen Eclipse~), [formerly] G ([~Crescent~Decent~])

Demolitionists: Originally existing as a private military company led by the infamous Tenack Acki, the Demolitionists didn't make it big until Gambino perchased their finest missile, "Silent Flash"; a weapon that would go on to wipe out the Gambino Mansion, and the zombie terror within it. Recognizing their potential, SilverLynx gave them a place in the Gambino Army.
Armed with equipment powered by Drknrgy, they are charged with managing any existing Zurg threat, and if necessary, eliminating it.
Head Demolitionist: Tenack Acki (Tenack2)
Demolitionists: Lynn Sang (Chaotic_Sympathies), Kit Tainess

Technicians: A group of G-Corp science officers assigned to the Gambino Army eventually split into two groups; the Technicians and the Laboratory Technicians. The Techs are in charge of devising new weapons for the Gambino forces to use, as well as repairing the base if needed. The Labtechs are in charge of genetic work, such as creating new SOLDIER, a task handed down to them by their parent company.
Head Technicians: Slait and Doresain Alexander ( Melodramatic Melancholy )
Techies: Luna Summers (Luna88 ), Phyno (Slait), Circi (Countess Elsinore), Apollo (Countess Elsinore), Kit Tainess, SOPHIA (Chaotic_Sympathies), SKYLAR 2.0 (Neon Graffiti)

Nursing Staff ("Medics" ): Once a ragtag group of doctors and physicians who were pro-Gambino, the Medics formed to treat those wounded in the riots between opposing supporters. Admired for their calm collectiveness in the face of any wound, and willingness to help with any injury regardless of friend or foe, the Medics have always been well-respected amongst the Gambino Army.
Medic: Chi-Cura
Medics: May (Chi-Cura), Dr. Stand (Neon Graffiti), Dr. Benjamin Ainsley (Countess Elsinore)

Stealth Experts ("Suits" ): A ruthless bunch of well-dressed reconnaissance, acting as the black ops of the Gambino conglomerate. Once led by Bucho, Gambino's Head of Security, command has since been forwarded to the Gambino Army. Though meant to handle jobs like spying and bodyguard detail, they also are tasked with finding new candidates for SOLDIER.
Head Suit: Formerly Sergius, until he was promoted to General. Leadership has since been given to Chiharu Wind (Countess Elsinore).
Suits: Agent Steve (Neon Graffiti), Botty (X_Sparkie_X), Grimm Redcap (Countess Elsinore), Miles Tainess (Psychedelicuh), Twin Roses/Blondie/French Press (Neon Graffiti)
|| Registration Form ||

The first step to joining is filling out this form for your character. :D And don't worry about including every little thing. When your done, PM it to either Slait or Neon Graffiti.

Name: Please give a somewhat realistic name. Nothing like "SuperSoldier001". (I'm not joking. The VHEG actually have soldiers named like that.)

D/O/B: Date of birth.

Gender: How many X chromosomes do you have?

Appearance: Attire, physical appearance, height, weight, etc.

Abilities: Skills, fighting styles, powers, genetic modifications, etc. But try and not have too many, k?

Weaponry: This is limited to the weapons that you carry around.

Desired Rank: Corporal, Captain, Colonel, etc.

Personality: Your likes, dislikes, etc.

Past Army History: List all the organizations your character has past been apart of... we will investigate.

Background History: Describe your past.

Roleplay Sample: At least a paragraph. If your sample shows literacy, but your role-playing here does not, you will be discharged.
|| Rules ||

1. Use common sense.

2. Obey the ToS.

3. Obey your superior officers.

4. No more than two quotes per post.

5. Minimal OOC please, keep it light.

6. I reserve the right to change/add to rules at any time.

7. Any futuristic technology must be approved by Sergius before it is used.

8. If you are not a member of the Gambino Military, you must attain permission from a Lieutenant Colonel or above to post here.

9. No attacks or weapons that destroy the entire base and/or island. C'mon people, let's be reasonable.
|| Base Information ||

The Gambino Army Base is located several miles northwest of Barton Coast, overlooking the Isle De Gambino. It is on an uninhabited island that over looks both Isle De Gambino and Barton Coast. The GA base is surrounded by a 15FT high titanium wall . With a defense tower with state of the art tracking and targeting systems. The towers are defended with built in Machine gun turrets and a few rocket pods. There is one road that leads into the base you must pass through the checkpoint at the gates to enter. This road as well as most of the base's perimeter is covered with an expansive mine field. The mines themselves are basic, though they do have a selective trigger for detonation that will differentiate between friend and foe based on small microchips installed in each member's ID card. At the far end of the base is the command center. On the right wall of the base are the vehicle garage and factory. Opposite that is the Barracks and the Research building which houses the Hospital and labs. Just outside the eastern wall is a large runway. About 6 meters in width and 100 meters in length. The runway is lined with small lights and turrets. At the end of the runway is a Hangar to park your air vehicle. Right outside the hangar is a Control tower.
|| Open to Attack ||

|| Blacklist ||

None at the moment
|| Allies and Enemies ||

The Pirate Embassy

The Red Shield.
|| Background Information ||

The original Gambino Army was created by the moderator and general; SilverLynx. Everything was running smoothly and perfectly with recruits streaming in and support growing. The Gambino Army was truly a magnificent army conducting many successful operations in the Easter event. Then tragedy struck. The then Leader SilverLynx had to abandon her rank, due to the Gaia Administration not wanting Moderators to show support for one NPC group realizing some people would blindly follow a colored name. Everyone was saddened by the sudden disappearance of the leader we had grown to respect.

Unfortunately, SilverLynx didn?t inform anyone of her leave and after many weeks of wondering where she?d gone, those still active in the army tried to hold the organization together. It was during this time that Brad_Margera was elected to be leader. Behind the other member?s of the army?s back, the once silent EEZP contacted SilverLynx requesting to become the leader of the army. Brad, busy with real world activities, was contacted one day by one of the most helpful and respected people remaining in the army, Sae. Sae informed Brad of what was considered a traitorous power thrust. Brad decided it best he return and attempt to lead the army through this, however that is not what happened. Several threads were created for the army and EEZP, now Hirosashi, fought his right to lead. This lasted for a very long time with many regrettable decisions by Brad, along with some of his top officers, in hopes of ending the battle. SilverLynx, gone for several months, appeared out of the blue to name Hirosashi the new general. After explaining the situation to SilverLynx via PM, Brad was informed that Silver could not take back her decision, but he had her support in the attempt to resolve the issue because of other issues surrounding the battle.

This new fight for power continued and an issue that should?ve been resolved long before then. Brad_Margera reminded the members of how SilverLynx abandoned them with no real notification and how her decision didn?t truly reflect the army?s views because of her absence. Brad wished to gain information about his opponent, when intelligence officer of his dug up information of Hirosashi and Hirokato participating in enemy actions which spiked traitor accusations once again. All of this eventually lead to a great separation of the once united force of Gambino. Brad and his most loyal soldiers broke off to form the Army of Gambino. After a deep insight about the issue from Tenack_Acki, one of Brad?s top officers, Brad tried to work out a resolution with Hirosashi and his brother Hirokato to reunite the army. Peace resumed with the joint leadership idea proposed through the actions of many AIM conferences with the leaders of the opposite parties.

Brad tried to bring more order into the army and more organization. He attempted to introduce simple character forms to keep track of those in the army. Also he introduce the very unpopular no magic rule in hopes of eliminating godmodding that was seen with interactions and wars with other factions. Many soldiers complained about both of those rules. People started to slowly feed away from the very inactive army. Most of the army was gone to other things. Brad eventually announced the official closing of the army because of the extreme state of inactivity.

Several soldiers were fed up with their once mighty army being just like dust in the wind. They wished to resurrect the once great army. Several Officers from the original Army resurfaced and began on reconstructing the Army Base. They were dedicated on restoring it, some more than others. An election was held and I, Hirokato, was appointed General. My goal is simple, to restore the Gambino Army to the power it once held, not the pitiful scrapheap it had become due to inactivity and separatism. With my fellow officers behind me, supporting me, our goal will be met. I swear on that.

Addendum coming soon...
~~Post 13 Reserved~~
~~Post 14 Reserved~~
~~Post 15 Reserved~~

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