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The Moriati family. One of the most powerful crime families in the city. They own everything from businesses up to the damn politicians. They run the money, the drugs, everything that even tries to go through even close to the city, the Moriati family knows about it. The cops can get warrents, the DA will do anything to bring the family down. This is the story of the family. And their days, ruling the city, and never letting anyone get the best of them.

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Criminal record: (Bio)

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Name: Alexander Nathaniel Redflare
Age: 24
Race: White American
Aliases: Alex, Easy Man, Mechanic, Fixer
Weapons: Two 1911 Colt .45 pistols, 1 Colt Single Action Army, 2 survival knives
Position: Soldier
Criminal record: Alex grew up with a very rough childhood. His mother was a drunk and his father was a crackhead, both very abusive. His childhood was like that of someone being tortured. He decided to run away and did just that. He wandered the streets until he came across some men hassling a girl. Alex quickly ran in and held the men off until they were killed. The girl Alex protected was a daughter of the Moriati family, and when they offered him a chance to work with them, Alex took it without hesitation. At first he started running numbers, packages, and never once was caught. He worked his way up the system of the family and became a Soldier. He has a knack for taking care of problems that the family has, so they call him to fix them, giving him his nickname of Mechanic.

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Name: Nuala Bethmoora-Moriati
Age: twenty two
Race: Caucasion
Aliases: Princess, Noel, Innocence
Weapons: She doesn't have a weapon
Position: Adopted daughter of the Don
Criminal record: Nuala was born in Ireland though you would never guess from her lack of accent and she doesn't really look like your typical irish child. When Nuala was 2 her parents moved to America, her father got heavily involved with the Moriati mob family, he was pretty high up in ranks until one night someone brutally murdered her parents. In front of her, well the attackers didn't know she was there. She had hid in the closet and watched through the slats in the door. She came out after the men had left it was obvious that they only came to kill her parents. The next morning when the Don came to the house after not hearing from one of his most trusted friends, he found this poor girl curled up next to her father holding his hand. Naturally the Don took her in as his own and raised her. Though she would much rather have her nose in a book than in mob duties.

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Name: Amidio Gil
Age: Twenty three
Race: Spaniard
Weapons: Poison and drug vials, two daggers, M16A4 R0901 Assault rifle, and a Glock 31
Position: Assassin
Criminal record: Amidio was born in Barcelona, Spain but was left at the mercy of the church when he was barely a month old. Growing up in an orphanage he never did get along with any of the other kids and never sought to be adopted by a family. At the age of twelve he ran away and began to live a life on the streets. At first he began stealing. During his various escapes he developed excellent climbing skills, agility,stealth, and hand to hand combat. He eventually even learnt acrobatics his own way. At the age of fifteen he was discovered by a pharmacist who had his own agenda. Amidio learned from him how to make all sorts of drugs from the ones that would knock you out to the ones that would cause hallucinations but what really got his attention were poisons. At the age of sixteen he began carrying out assassinations. At some point he decided that he did not need his 'teacher' any more, that it was time for him to part ways. He eventually left Spain and moved to America. A year after settling in, he had begun to carry out his own hits, being hired by gangs until he was discovered by the Moriati Family and was asked to join their ranks. He became known as Hazard because of the fact that he primarily used poisons to carry out his assassinations.
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Alexander Redflare

Alex groaned as his alarm went off. The sun just starting to shine through the windows of his house. HE sat up and shook the sleep from his eyes. He reached under his pillow and pulled out his Colt SAA and checked it. It was something he did every morning. He got up and went to take a shower. He stood there and let the warm water hit his bare skin and caress down his body. After his shower, he dressed in his baggy jeans, a red s**t and his favorite jacket. He pulled on his combat bots, making sure that the survival knife and the SAA were carefully hidden there. He put his two Colt .45's at his side. He didn't like using a shoulder harness, it always got in the way and made thing difficult for him. He looked at himself in the mirror. He knew what he was. A soldier of the Moriati family. Whatever they needed done, whoever they needed pressed, pushed, or whacked, he was the one they went to. He left his house and climbed into his 1967 Shelby GT500. At the turn of his keys, the engin roared to life. He put the car in gear and drove off to the home of his boss, the don of the Moriati family. He went everyday to see if they needed anything. But of course he needed food. "Better stop and get something before I get there."
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Gracious Seeker

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                  THE HOURS SEEMED TO PASS LIKE A FLEETING DREAM Everything seemed to always go by so fast. Either because it was the adrenaline of the job, or the simple satisfaction, enjoyment that one had when the hit was carried out. Whatever it was has now long passed with the arrival of the rising sun. As pale body sat with it's eyes closed, It's face staring the window, but nothing seemed to move it. Not the rising sun, nor the knocks of it's office door, the sound of it's ringing phone. It just sat there, as if frozen in time. Liquid dripped on his lap, liquid from a spilled glass that had been spilled on top of his desk. Though the liquid seemed like nothing more than your ordinary whiskey, it had something else to it. Whoever this man was, he had a hit on him. The deed was carried out in a bloodless matter. No forced entry, no signs of struggles, nothing. Just a man and his drink. His drink was all that took.

                  "Done" said a calm voice as a few moments later the call was disconnected. Walking down the city streets with his shocking green eyes staring at the morning skies, a harbinger of death remembered how easy the hit had been. Nothing complicated, just take out the thorn that had been causing some sort of trouble. No questions asked. Amidio was someone that liked to take his time with his hits. He hated being reckless. He had watched his target for a few nights to determine his routine. Once everything was planned he slipped his poison in all possible objects that the man could get a hold off, especially drink from. The potency of the poison would only last twenty four hours, so he had to make sure that these possible objects were objects that he would touch or consume within that period. He had been lucky to notice that his target loved whiskey and always drank at night. It had been an easy feat. Now that it was all over, though he had reported accomplishing his feat, Amidio had to make his way to the house of his employer; to the house of the Don.

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Magnetic Gekko

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                            Innocence as everyone in the mob called her had been up for a few hours. She had been reading her book. At first many people thought she was a mute because she always had her nose in a book and rarely spoke to anyone. But that wasn’t the case, she spoke with her father the Don all the time. She was just nervous about everyone else around her, well except for Alex... Her father seemed to send him with her every where she went. Even if it was down the street for a walk. That was why he bought her two dobermans though wasn’t it? So that she was safe. She sighed and set her book down. She needed to get ready for the day. Zeus and Odin followed her to the washroom, they were her loyal companions, when she needed to talk the two of them were right there always willing to listen. Innocence walked into her large washroom, the one thing about living with the Don was that you were treated like a princess, she did enjoy it but she hated some of the things that came with it she would never express these out loud to anyone other than her two dogs. She stripped out of her sleep wear which were a pair of green short shorts, booty shorts as the lady at the store called them, and a black tank top that was tight fitting. She figured that no one would see her so it didn’t matter. Innocence quickly showered, the warm water felt nice on her cold pale skin.

                            As soon as she stepped out she reached out for her bath robe. It was freezing in her room. She darted to the thermostat that was on the wall near the door and turned it up. She liked it cold when she was falling asleep, always had a fan going and her window open just a crack even in the winter. She walked towards her closet what would she wear today. She put her fingers to her lips then decided on one of her usual outfits, a pair of jeans, layered shirts one colored the other black. She pulled them out and set them on the bed. “Alright boys why don’t we try sneak out for a walk this morning.” She said both of them barked with happiness, the small stump of a tail waged as best it could. She giggled at the sight. “Okay, Okay we will go. We just have to be sneaky.” She said putting her fingers to her lips. She really didn’t want anyone coming with her on her walk. She wanted to enjoy the walk not feel like she would be attacked at any moment. Quickly getting dressed the girl finished with her jewelry. A swallow necklace that was her mothers, a ring that the Don had given her, and a few bracelets that matched the color of one of her shirts. She picked a pair of black boots and slipped them on.

                            The petite blonde darted from her room her dogs behind her, she slowed down and walked on her tippy toes as her heels would click on the hard wood floors. “Just letting the dogs out!” She shouted so that her father wouldn’t suspect her leaving. She made it to the door and opened it. She slipped out and shut it behind her and her two dogs. Her back to the entrance way on the estate.
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Alexander Redflare

The car slid around the corner and through the gates of the house. Alex brought the car to a halt and killed the engine. He got out and finished the burrito he got for his breakfast. He pulled out a cigarette and began to smoke when he noticed something out of the corner of his eye. Innocence walked out with her two dogs behind her. He started walking over to her, keeping his eye on her. The Don personally ordered him to keep an eye on his daughter when she left the house. The Don didn't have a shortage of enemies, and they would use Innocence against him, or hurt her very badly. Alex knew this, and he would protect her with his life. "You know, sneaking out is not a good idea Nu. You know there are a lot of dangerous people out there."
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Magnetic Gekko

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                            Innocence was about to turn around but immediately tensed when she heard a familiar voice. “I was... Uh... Just letting the dogs out.” she lied and turned around to look at the male, she was right it was Alex standing there looking at her. She swallowed slightly. She was really hoping that he wouldn’t tell her father about her sneaking out. “I can handle my self, I have Zeus and Odin with me” She said to him “I will be careful” She said and started backing up towards the gates. She would try run off, Zeus and Odin had already made their way to the gate. “I’m just going to let the out, I’ll be back okay?” She said to him. She made her way towards the gate, she slipped out and down the road. She followed her dogs, she was sneaking off. She hated being stuck inside all day. She followed her dogs quietly. She shoved her hands into her pockets, it was a little chilly out this morning. She could see her breath, perhaps she would walk to the coffee shop down the road this morning. Yes that sounded like a good idea, they would need to be quick, she knew Alex was smart and he would catch on quickly to her plan. She looked behind her and darted off, her dogs followed her closely. She ducked between alley’s and smaller pathways, yes it would take longer for her to get to the coffee place but hopefully it would through Alex off.
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Alexander Redflare

Alex followed after her, keeping her constantly in his sight. He ran quickly over, staying put of sight. He was used to following people and staying out of sight, but never losing her. Once she went into a coffee shop, he carefully made his way over to the coffee shop and sat outside. This way, he was able to keep an eye on her and protect her is something came up. Alex watched the people walk back and forth, his hand on his pistol and smoking his cigarette.

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