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"For Justice is blind and so you shall be its eyes"

So many meaningless wars have broken out across the lands of Gaia, which used to only involve smaller guilds that had just begun to start out. Nowadays, those smaller guilds have gained rather large allies, and as such, have dragged many an unwilling soldier into battle. We are here to stop those wars as painlessly as possible.
We aren't here to choose which side we think will win, or to create enemies or allies. We are our own people, as such, we are unaffected by who wins and who loses within these wars. Those whom we choose to aid in battle, depends solely upon what that Guild and its people represent. To sum it all up in one sentence, we are pacifists for hire. If you don't like that idea, perhaps you could consider us Mercenaries of Order, to put it another way.

(~Note~ we are NOT a mercenary guild precisely, though we don't object to jobs. Please Pm the Overlord for more Info)

LN, or Lawful, Neutral.
Basically, we're Neutral.


In the lands of Gaia, when blood and battle ruled, there came at the end of the era, a great war between four Guilds. Though their names were long forgotten, there was one place that all the surviving soldiers that were injured could remember visiting at one time or another, where they all felt at ease, and comforted. This place, a hospital to be exact, rested exactly upon where the four Guild's territories met, and as such, was proclaimed neutral ground, although there were several debates on building wings where soldiers from each Guild could be grouped together (of course, this idea was immediately thrown out the window when the founder of the hospital built it). None of the Guilds could really complain, because so many soldiers were being injured each day, they were running out of places to put them where they could all receive the medical attention they needed. The war between those Guilds ravaged on for 8 long years, in which not a single shingle upon the roof of the hospital was harmed. Strangely enough, the hospital was also where the war finally ended; where a peace treaty was signed. After that time, the Hospital still ran, though its original founder had long since died (Back then, it was thought to have been food poisoning, though really, the man's kidney had failed). A few years ago, the hospital was a rather run down old building, abandoned after terrorists had taken hostages and killed them within the Hospital's main lobby. Finding an interest in it, a long-time soldier, and Veteran of the great war of the Forsaken, set out to restore the building, and turn it into a base of the operations for an organization that wished to stop another era of bloodbaths. Renamed and rebuilt, "The Armistice" is now the headquarters of the organization of the same name.

Locations and Information on Locations

The Armistice resides within a valley, though the area that the base is on is actually quite flat. The plain on which it resides goes on for about 6 miles, and from there, its Northwest side is surrounded almost entirely by a large mountain as well as a forest. The only route that one could travel on foot through would be a narrow dirt road that goes through the only pass in the mountainside. The rest of the area surrounding the base is mostly flat plains, a few small groves and thickets here and there, but hardly anything that one could hide a scouting troop in, let alone an entire Militia.

Not too far away from The Armistice, is a rather wide fresh spring water creek, one could almost call it a river, because of the water moving at such high speeds. Because of that, upstream, a small dam was put into place, as well as a small power plant, which is the secondary power source for The Armistice, if the power plant for the nearby city in the South were to ever go down, or there were to be problems with the electrical lines. The small power plant is run and used entirely by The Armistice, though rumors say that there are a few other places that use the electricity provided by this small plant, under circumstances that only The Overlord of The Armistice knows about.

As mentioned, there is a city south of The Armistice called Thaesis, though the city really is of no other importance to them other than supplies and electricity. Even so, there are also rumors that even if the supplies from the city were cut off from The Armistice, they had an 'underground' distributor from which they could get most food and other goods. This underground distributor is also who they say gives The Armistice their extra weaponry in order to pay off a rather large debt that they owed to them.
The rest of the area surrounding the base is mostly flat plains, a few small groves and thickets here and there, but hardly anything that one could hide a scouting troop in, let alone an entire Militia.


The actual base itself is mostly underground, with a main entrance, a side entrance, and two hidden escape tunnels. The main entrance as well as the lobby is above ground. The Main Entrance and Lobby is the only remaining piece of the original Hospital on which The Armistice based the foundations of why it exists.


The Main Entrance was the Emergency entrance for the Hospital. The place seems welcoming enough if you were to step inside, though the main entrance has few windows, in the lobby there are several skylights in the roof, as well as chairs and couches of every shape and size, though they follow the same color scheme of Silver and Navy. They all seemed to be grouped with one of each type of chair and two types of couches resulting in groups of 5 or 6 pieces of furniture, all centered around a fireplace, coffee table (covered in magazines and books) or one of the three TV's within the lobby. A very fine Oak desk in which a woman with short brown hair is behind sitting back and reading some sort of Romance novel and chewing gum. On the desk there is a stack of papers, and a small sticky note on top asking you to circle your answer to the following question, and hand it to the Clerk. There are four simple choices that you could circle.

I Require...

1. Membership into the Armistice

2. The services of The Armistice

3. A meeting with one of the High Officials, or the Overlord of The Armistice

4. Other

Of course afterwards, if you were to hand it back to the Clerk, she'd either slide a keycard over the counter as well as a small note that has a simple password on it, or she'd ask that you leave and come back another time, depending on how busy The Armistice currently was. In the back of the lobby, there is long wall, with only two entrances into the back. If you were to step back there, you'd notice there is a place to slide a keycard and enter a pass code, as well as a video camera and a guard watching your every move. These aren't the ones that you see watching TV eating donuts, or reading the paper, they seem extremely alert. It really doesn't seem to take much time or effort to get into The Armistice, but unbeknownst to you while you sat waiting in the lobby for those very brief few moments, a video camera had caught you on film, and the clerk behind the desk had already identified you through The Armistice's complex system.

The side entrance is for members use only. All it is is basically a ditch with stairs leading down to a steel barred door. A keycard and password is required to open this door. Upon opening the door, there is a small chamber, and in front of you would be another steel barred door, and a scanner pad which requires one to place the palm of their hand flat upon it. If you're recognized as a member, the door will open, and you'll enter a small hangar, where there are a few vehicles that don't look like they've been used very often at all.

The two hidden escape tunnels are for use in emergency situations only. Both start out in the second floor basement, and if you were to travel through one of them, you'd end up in the middle of a forest, crawling out from under a trap door after having to climb a rather narrow shaft. The other tunnel takes you on the other side of the river, but no one knows exactly where you'd end up.


Inside, you can either turn around and go back to the lobby, or travel down a flight of stairs into the first basement. The first Basement is actually the Main keep of the guild. It looks rather similar to the Lobby that you just passed through, only with more TV's, the furniture all being scattered yet somehow all grouped. There is a mini-bar in the upper right corner, containing bottles and cans of any type of alcoholic beverage that you could think of. Of which are neatly stores in cabinets behind the bar counter. There is also a small freezer for those who liked their glasses frosted, and also contains a bucket that is constantly full of ice. The glasses are located in the hollowed out space within the counter, only reachable on the bartender's side. Adjoining the mini-bar, there is a small kitchen, closed off as a separate room. There is a refrigerator containing the nonalcoholic beverages, a cookie jar, as well as cabinets for snacks and other foods. The skylights in the main keep are tinted, yet still allow sunlight in. The flooring is hardwood, and looks like it has been waxed until you could see your face within the shine. Even more so, there aren't many scuffmarks on the floor. The walls are merely painted white, with a few old tapestries adorning them, as well as a painting or two of the surrounding terrain of The Armistice.


The second floor basement consists of the living quarters for each of the members of The Armistice, as well as the debriefing room, library, and the mess hall and kitchen. The living quarter for each regular member consists of two rooms. One would be the bedroom, which has a queen sized bed, a desk, and small walk-in closet, as well as a bookshelf, radio, and a phone. The phone and the radio are on top of the desk. There is also an overhead light fixture, and a dimmer switch for those who need light, but not too much of it. The walls are painted just an ordinary white, while the carpet is a dark navy blue. The second room is just your average bathroom, containing a bathtub/shower, a toilet, sink and mirror. The floor is soft blue tiling, and the walls are painted simply white. Since a lot of the members prefer to make their living quarters customized, several of the rooms that already have members living in them may have more furniture or the carpet and walls a different color. There is no rule saying that you cannot change anything about your room.

The living quarters for the elite members and the leader are further down the hall in a closed off section of The Armistice. None of the regular members are allowed within this section of the barracks without permission from an Elite, or the Overlord, and even with permission, they are only allowed in the room of the Elite that invited them, and in the hallways. There seems to be some magic barrier protecting each of the Elite's room from intrusion, as well as a removable 'Do Not Disturb' sign.

The Debriefing room is a plain, long, rectangular room with a giant table going nearly all the way from one side of the room, nearly down to the other. There is a chair for each member of the Guild, as well as one at the very head of the table for the Overlord. The Elites sit near the head of the table, while the regular members going from highest to lowest rank go down the table. This is where the members are told critical information directly from the Leader and the Elites, as well as where discussions take place on what The Armistice should do.

The Library contains information on almost any subject that one could ask about. There are tables and desks set up in random nooks and crannies of the library where one can relax and research what they need to. There is also a small section within the center of the library where one can find fictional books that they might want to read to pass the time with. There are a few computers to help one search for the right book, and where that book would be found. Any info you want on any subject (as mentioned before) can be found here.

The Mess hall and kitchen are adjoining rooms. The Mess hall contains several tables where any member can sit and eat. There are, however, a two or three tables where only the Elites of the guild are allowed to sit at. The kitchen serves food at 6AM, 12PM, 6PM, and 12AM. There is a variety of different foods that they serve each day, from the most exotic and strangest thing you've ever heard of, to the simplest meal, they'll serve it. There are also a few cooks who take requests for meals, in return for a favor or two or extra cooking supplies.


The third basement is the weaponry stock hold, forge, and the training arenas. There are weapons of every kind within the stock hold, and anything you cannot find there, you can make yourself in the adjoining forge. Several materials are already prepped and ready for you to use, but you most likely will have to bring your own, for The Armistice only has so much money, and they usually only by already made weaponry of the finest quality and strength.

The training area is basically a room with a flat dirt floor, and walls of stone. There are a few benches along the north wall where other members can watch the fights taking place, rest, put their stuff, or wait someone to finish a fight. There is also an area above ground that is designated as a place for training battles to take place, for those who want the elements put against, or in some cases, with them.


The fourth floor is restricted, and with good reason. Usually, the only people down there are criminals waiting their sentences, or already have them. The fourth floor contains The Armistice's prison, and court rooms. Since this floor is the farthest down into the ground, it gets rather hot down here, and only the court rooms are air conditioned.

One in the prison could easily be driven mad if left down here too long, and it’s basically a death sentence if you're here for more than a few months. Heat strokes and suffocation are rather common in the cells, especially the individual ones. Most of the cells are grouped in cells of 4, called blocks, with guards patrolling them in a way that only a ghost could get out. There are about 10 regular blocks, all named by letters from the alphabet, stopping at J. There are also special cells separated and guarded individually. These ones have magic seals that make any attempt at escape futile through the walls, floor, or ceiling. The insides of the rooms are lined with lead encased steel, with only one air vent through the floor. The walls are painted black and there are no light fixtures in the room, so once the door closes, you're locked in there in the dark. Any teleportation or magic skill that you might have is basically disabled because of the magic seals. Because of the way the door works, it shuts rather seamlessly, so there is no light coming from the door, making it nearly impossibly to find the door once it is shut.

There are only 4 court rooms, two of which have plenty of seating for spectators to come and watch this. The other two court rooms contain only about 2 rows of seats, meant only for people who had business at that particular trial. Other than that, the court rooms are rather average, with seating for a jury, if one is to be needed in a certain trial. The judge is most often The Armistice's Overlord, but in certain cases when she is busy with more important business, or she cannot act as a responsible Justice, an Elite member of The Armistice will act as the judge.


There isn't much of a defense for the guild. Most of it is at the door, where any weaponry that non-members have is to be given to the guards for safe-keeping while their in the guild. But, there is also a weak magic barrier surrounding The Armistice. The barrier prevents teleportation in or out of the guild.

There is also a special unit that protects the mountain pass, and watches for any suspicious activity. If anyone suspicious travels through, they radio back to The Armistice, and the base goes on high alert. The guards double in number, and seem more determined than ever to keep whoever doesn't have a good reason to be at The Armistice, out.

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1. No God-modding, power-playing, or anything related to those two things.

2. Please obey all the normal rules of Gaia, and the FFA.

3. Keep OOC chatting to a minimum. I have a low tolerance for it, unless it followed with an RP post, or during a fight. No spamming, either.

4. Please, No one-liners. I want to see at least two lines of RP. OOC chatting is not to be considered part of those two lines.

5. READ THE DEFENSES and the rules in their entirety. Also, at least skim through the base description. I didn't put those up there just to look professional. Besides, it took a while, so be appreciative. -.-;


1. All of the above still applies to you.

2. You're to obey all orders issued by the Overlord of The Armistice, as well as the Elites.

3. All members are to treat their comrades fairly and equally, despite rank. No flaming.

4. Most of you are here to create peace, or keep the peace. That means that it's necessary to keep all personal affairs just that. PERSONAL. Don't drag your guild into it, unless you're in so deep that you can't get out on your own.

5. Anyone who wants to join, don't be afraid of not getting in. You'll never know unless you try.

6. Use good judgment, and use good etiquette. If someone comes here with an attitude you don't like, wait a bit before you jump down his/her throat. -.-;

7. If there is no one around to train with that is of the proper rank, go with the one closest to your own rank, whether it be lower or higher does not matter.

8. There are two ways to move up in Rank, and here I'm listing the first. You must find someone of higher rank than yourself to battle with. Pm me the time, and set up the battle ahead of schedule. It doesn't matter if you win or lose, I'm going by how well you RP. Try and use some style with your descriptions.
((*cough* also, if there is no one of higher rank than yourself at the current time >>' You may also RP with myself, or someone of the same rank as yourself. :3 ))

9. The second way to move up a rank is for the myself to see you enforcing the rules within The Armistice (that also means following them yourself), as well as training by yourself or with another member. A lot. I'm not guarunteeing that by doing these things you'll move up a rank, its more of a "luck-o'-the-draw" type of thing.


If you are on this list, you will be ignored by all guild members. Members on this blacklist will be erased from the member list and ignored. If I see you back here, a Mod will be contacted. You are banned from this Guild, in other words.

None, so let's keep it that way.

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Member List

If you wish to join us here at The Armistice, please pm the Overlord with the form below this paragraph. If she responds with a pm saying you're accepted, you're now a full fledged member. If the Overlord doesn't think you're ready for The Armistice, but still wishes for your patronage, you will be asked to become an Initiate ((explained in the ranks)). If you're PMed with just a simple No, then you need to take the time to get some actual RPing skills, and come back later on.

~Don't Badger the Overlord or plead with any member here to allow you in~

~Most members start out as Cadets, and work their way up. Depending on how good you are, you could easily jump up a rank within a few days, if you choose to arrange a fight this early on.~


Class: ((A class is what describes your capabilities. Usually its combat related, but it isn't necessarily so. Below are some common classes and their functions. Note, these are just common classes; you don't have to use them. Some examples are Fighter, Ranger, Rogue, Paladin...etc, etc.))
Magic: ((Please, don't make your character have vast knowledge of all magic elements. Try to be an 'expert' in only one. ))
Racial Traits sad (If any))
Transformations((If any))
RP Sample sad (minimum of 1500 words))
Purpose: ((Why you want to join, and/or why I should accept you. Note! Its not wise to show off your huge ego when explaining why I should accept you. Try to be honest. ))


Wolf Guardian 001

.::Overlord in Absence::.
If I'm not around, this person IS in charge! Do NOT ask for this rank, it is NOT a first come first serve rank. I will give this to an Elite member who has proven to me they can handle the responsibility, as well as RP efficiently.

Congratulations are in order! Good work if you've become an Elite, considering your leader is a picky one.

Currently, the things I'm looking for the Elites to do is govern the lower ranks, and observe other Guilds. I'd like it very much if you posted there and made a good impression on them. I'd like this Guild to attract more members, so we should become more well-known in the FFA.


Officers, you're the ones who'll be doing field training, and information gathering. You'll be going to other Guilds. You needn't post, but merely observe. Pm me reports, detailed as you can. Make it at least two paragraphs. If you want to post you can of course, but don't start any fights. Remember, you are representing The Armistice. I don't like hearing about my nearly elite members shooting their mouths off.


Soldiers, you are to train the Cadets below you, as well as your fellow Soldiers. If you see any critisism that isn't constructive while the Cadets train the Initiates, you warn them. If you see it again, please inform the Overlord, or an Elite and they'll handle it personally. You also may train with the Officers. Just because you are a rank lower than them, doesn't mean that you don't have the authority to point out a few mistakes that they seem to be making quite often. Other than that, I really have nothing for you all to do at the moment.


Cadets, your duties will include training with the initiates, and being trained by the Soldiers. You are to watch out for the initiates, and learn the rule list. In the future, I'd like to know that my future Elites will be able to immediately recognize that someone isn't following the rules within this Guild.


If you are of this Rank, you are not to be involved in any war that involves this guild, and will not be given any specific duty except to become a better RPer. There are a limited amount of Initiates I will accept into The Armistice at this time.
The only thing that The initiates are to do at this time, is train.

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None, so let's keep it that way

These people are to be considered your bretheren; comrades at arms. All members are to treat them like they would other members of The Armistice.

The Supreme Warriors

School of Swordsmanship

/~White Dragon Temple
User Image

The Rage Syndicate
User Image

Unlike most Guilds, it's not mandatory to have a banner in you Signature,
but it would be nice if you could put one in there, so we can get in more members,
as well as show our pride to be a part of The Armistice. If anyone would like to
make more banners, they can do so.

User Image
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July 8
Yes, I've been gone from The Armistice for a while, and I've been in and out of Gaia for a while now as well. The week of the tenth (this next coming week) I'll be at summer camp IRL. x.x Sorry for the long-winded posts of nothingness. Try and bring in new members if you can so this place stays somewhat afloat while I'm gone.

June 28
We have made an alliance with the Supreme Warriors.
Also, the week of the 13, I will be away ((OOC)) for that entire week.
For now though, this entire week I may be busy as well. ((Setting up for huge 4th of July bash IRL ))

June 25
I've finished making the adjustments to the first five posts. Anyone willing to make a few other banners for The Armistice are also welcome to. I'll be adding one or two more so members have a choice as to what they want to put in their signatures.
Also, we've made an Alliance with the White Dragon Temple.

June 24
We've made an Alliance with the School of Swordsmanship, as well as The Rage Syndicate.
Know this now, members. The members within these two Guilds are your bretheren. You are to treat them as if they were members of The Armistice.

June 23
The Armistice Officially opens. Go ahead and post. Also, I still have a bit to add onto these few five first posts, so you may want to check for a few changes in the next couple of days. 3nodding
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Walking through the main entrance to The Armistice, Willow went straight through the lobby, flashing a special I.D. card to the guards, and walked straight through to the main keep of The Armistice. She looked rather exhausted, but pleased. So far, everything was coming together rather nicely. A few people had already took notice. Flopping down on an overstuffed couch, she yawned, orbs the color of amethyst looking out at the newly built Guild. It felt rather great, and being a first time Guild Leader gave you a little bit more experience to put under your belt. This way, she could at least know how Rel and Katsu felt. Most likely crazed, overworked, and tired, but that was besides the point. They did get more benefits than annoyances from it, that much had to be certain. At least, overall, anyways.

She noticed one of the cameras swiveling around, eyeing her for a moment and then returning to scanning the rest of the room for any other occupants. Well, the guards were alert, that she was glad for. Willow sighed contently, and a faint smile brushed across her face. Though she didn't look too good herself, compared with her nice and neat surroundings, her long black raven hair tousled, and her jeans torn and faded. Her long sleeved, dark red shirt was unraveling at the bottom right side as well. What could she expect, though, after running around signing forms, and getting everything legalized and finalized all of last night. Sleep didn't like her all that much, that was for certain.
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With a rather simple wave of her hand, a CD player and pair of headphones appeared in her right hand, while a book simply entitled "Law and Punishment" appeared in her left. She resittuated herself on the couch, so that she was in a more comforatble position, and put the headphones on her head. She pressed the skip button on the CD player until she found something that seemed to fit her mood at the moment, and then pressed the repeat button. Finally, she picked up the book and opened it to a place where a scrap of black paper had been put in, obviously her pathetic immitation of a book mark, but effective, none the less. She yawned, and glanced up at the clock furtively before diving into the book, reading at a rather fast rate. She did however, pause for a few moments and reread a few things, letting a few of the thoughts sink into her own head.
Takeo walked into the main lobby his hands inside his pockets as he stared at the clerk while he sat down on a neighboring bench. He then looked up at the ceiling just pondering of what he would do. He had a smile on his face as the ligh from the skyholes hit his right eye making it shine like a green emerald. He wondered were the overlord was and if he had ever met him.
((I though I put initiate on my profile))
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((*blinx* O.o; Wait, you wanted to be an initiate? Well, eh... I can always demote you. >.o; though I doubt you want that.))
It didn't take her long to feel the prescence of someone she hardly knew within the confines of The Armistice, but before she had even turned off her CD player, a messenger came in with a note stating there was a member in the Lobby. She quickly turned off her CD player and laid the book and the CD player aside, though both disappeared back to her room as soon as she let go of them. If messengers were to have to come in and alert her every time someone walked in the door, she would be driven crazy. She'd have to make a note to tell them not to bother her every time someone came in. She slowly stood up, and made her way into the lobby, approaching the new blood. "Hello there. Welcome to The Armistice," she said softly as she moved.
((Well I dont really care but Ill stay))
Takeo stood up slowly then bowed slightly before speaking."Thank you. My name is Takeo and who are you?" He stood erect his right hand on the hilt of his sword incase of anything just to be ready. He had no real expression on his face as he stared at her eyes as he awaited her answer.
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((I'll leave you as a soldier. You're better than what I'd expect from a cadet or an initiate.))
Returning the act of respect, she bowed as well. "Greetings, Takeo. My name would be Willow." She smiled faintly. She didn't realize that he didn't know she was the Overlord here, and as such, she thought the respect was because of her rank. Staring right back into his eyes for a few moments, she broke the gaze to glance up at through the skylights. She was glad now that she had put them in. This place would seem so much gloomier without them...though it might be a problem for any vampiric members.
Takeo looked up to see what she was looking at before looking at her again. "What rank are you Willow?" He put on a smile now feeling a little bit more relaxed his right hand now just hanging without touching the hilt of his swords. He kept waiting for her answer watching her look up.
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"My...rank?" She said, looking back down towards him. She chuckled softly. So then, now she felt like an idiot. Not everyone knew she was Overlord, not even some of the members. Oh well, she couldn't expect much. She was rather new to this whole thing. Even being in the FFA was rather new to her. She shrugged, yawning. "I'd be the Overlord." she said rather casually, cracking her neck. Never again would she fall asleep in the chair in her office. It didn't matter how comfortable it looked in the magazine. It was more annoying than anything else.
Takeo felt a little embarassed he didn't notice earlier, but it was too late. "Well its a pleasure sorry for the rudeness." He lchuckled bit more before he asked her another question. "Well whats the agenda?"
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She smirked, and shrugged at the same time. "I wouldn't consider it rude. You have a right to be edgey when you don't know who exactly you're talking to." She chuckled. Besides, it's not like she could yell at him for being like how she used to be. "As for the agenda, there's really nothing at the moment. A request for an alliance, is the latest thing, but I have to check into the Guild first, and make sure it's what The Armistice is looking for in an Allie." She shrugged. "The only thing you can really do right now is get to know The Armistice's layout a bit, perhaps train. I currently have nothing important to do, so I suppose I could join you in the latter, if you prefer." She smiled faintly. She'd rather be a hands on leader, than one who sits back and watches, like playing some sort of board game. She was rather bad at board games, come to think of it... ah, but she was letting her mind wander too much.

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