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Location: Rainbow Forrest, Parthur

Looking back at Flo kiren frowned a bit as he began to curl up into a ball, pulling on her top she sighed as she moved his wings and laid in bed with him, getting closer to him she pulled him in close to her hot body and wrapped her arms around him as she blushed a bit as she whispered. " Only doing this because your cold and I dun know where Lee keeps the blankets. I would have gotten you one if I knew where to look." gazing up at his face she sighed slightly as she started into the darkness of the room, trying to warm him up Kiren would stay awake till she knew her friend was alright.
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Liu Hiro

Opal Caves, Kratos

Hiro was showing his tiredness from the battle. Breathing deeply to try to calm down, he turned back to Elspeth before noticing she was unconscious. Still attempting to control his breathing, he approached the girl and confirmed she was, in fact, unconscious. Immediately his heavy breaths ceased and returned to his standard shallow breaths. He looked around the cave, barely catching a fleeting glance at a disappearing black figure. He looked down at Elspeth and sighed. "What am I going to do with you?" For few seconds he looked around the cavern to confirm nobody was there. "Better act quickly. I want to be done before she wakes up." He held out his greatsword with one arm, a feat that seemed to be difficult earlier. A similar swirl of darkness as the one that spawned the weapon swallowed the blade, taking it away to locations unknown. Hiro drew his jian and began etching a circle in the dirt around the girl. When he had finished he continued on to draw a variety of complex geometric designs inscribed in the circle. When he finished, he sheathed his jian and stepped back to examine his work. Flawless as usual. He looked at the girl one more before continuing. The good thing about internal wounds is that everything is still there. No massive amount of leaked blood to replace. No missing muscles that would need to be transplanted. Hiro knelt down and paused a moment before clapping his hands and touching the edge of the circle. The transmutation circle responded and glowed a deep purple. It was a good thing she was already unconscious. Transmutation of a living being was quite painful. The glow expanded and the deep purple sparks danced wildly through the area.

When the glow had finally died, Hiro stepped forward to examine his work. He could feel Elspeth's ribs were intact and her breathing had returned to normal. When she woke she's still be sore, but she'd still be healed. Hiro looked around at the outer circle of the transmutation circle that had been scorched into the stone. It would be hard to hide it, but luckily he had a good way of doing so. Standing inside the circle, he closed his eyes and stood silently, feeling the world move around him. He pointed his at the edge of the circle in the direction he had determined to be the direction which he would start his charm. His sword began to glow white and he spoke a single word. "Aycd." A symbol appeared on the ground and glowed white. Hiro turned around and placed his sword on the spot exactly opposite the circle of the glowing mark. "Facd." A second symbol appeared on the circle's edge. He turned once again so that the first mark was to this right and the second to his left. He pointed his sword at the edge of the circle directly equidistant from the other two marks. "Cuidr." A third white symbol appeared. He turned once again to the final direction that was left without a mark. This was the most important mark and was always made last. It served as a cornerstone for the charm. He pointed his sword at the ground and spoke the final glyph. "Hundr." A fourth symbol flared to life, this one much larger and grander than the others. The four glyphs glowed brightly and a white circle connected them, tracing exactly along the burnt stone of the transmutation circle. With the compass of protection complete, he sat down next to the girl and simply waited for her to wake.

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