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ஐ S.T.O.R.Y ஐ

The realm of Talm is the place where the magic of the ancient nations is still alive.Find the forever beautiful elves in the forests,witches and wizards in towns,vampires and demons in dark caves, and many many more creatures.

This world has 8 lands,and each one is famous for unusual races,mysteries, kings and queens.

Let the world know who and what you are.Make a new history in this land of magic..

Short lesson of Talm's history:

Years ago,Talm was one big land,ruled by only one man.He had many brothers,who waited their turn to rule the land,but their big brother wasn't ready to die so soon.In fact,he didn't seem to age at all.That's when one night,after many days of plotting and planning,the brothers killed the king.
But they didn't want to wait anymore until they rule the land.They were numerous! And nobody aged! So they started fighting,with magic,and the land of Talm was divided.Everyone had the chance to rule over,maybe not entire lands,but at least some parts.

Many years have passed,new kings and queens ascended the thrones of the lands,until the Great War started.Every child in Talm knows that it was Saur who started the war.Saur and it's demon king,who wanted more and more land.He started with Togath,and it was the biggest mistake. Pathur joined forces with Togath,in order to kill the king.
But when the king of Kratos heard about a war going on between these lands,he decided it was time to take action.And War started,involving all the lands.
Saur's king died.Veles' king died,as well as it's kingdom.The only ones still standing were Mirth and Pathur.Mirth -because it was a neutral land,Pathur -because of a powerful and wise king.

Twenty years have passed. With the help of magic, the lands were restored to their former glory.Talm is now a place of peace and harmony.Everyone forgot about the land disputes,swearing not to repeat them again.
Everyone..except Saur...

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The 8 Lands of TALM

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If you're looking for something to buy,maybe even rare things,Aranka, the capital of Mirth is the right place.It's a crowded city, famous for many beautiful places and unusual architecture, but most of all, it can be called a very big marketplace- filled with people selling anything you could even wish for.Visit Skorr if you're looking for some unusual,rare items - it has a marketplace where you can sell and buy anything you want.( stolen things are most welcomed here).The marketplace is open even at night, but you may want to avoid it then, if you're just a simple human - many demons lurk there, selling items filled with dark magic, forbidden items, unknown creatures and even slaves. If you wish to find herbs and rare plants for potions or healing, or just replenish your mana level, you can visit Mara Farm, where people grow them on special mana fields.
It's always sunny everywhere,even though heavy rain may hit unexpectedly here and there.Mirth is a neutral land - it's not involved in wars or land disputes.
Various holidays are being held every month or week.There is a port located in Aranka.

Find here the following:

Races - all (humans,half-animal humans elves,werewolves,witches,demons,wizards,trolls etc )

Buildings and places -

Aranka - the view
Aranka - the central
Aranka National Library The port
"Melissa's tavern" in Aranka
Mara Farms
Fields on Mana
Mana plantations
Mana Tree - upper Mirth
The marketplace in Skorr
"Lion's Den" in Skorr

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Pathur is the "always-green" land.It is surrounded by a huge forest,and many rare animals and creatures can be found here,from the traditional animals and birds,to creatures like banshees,trolls,dryads and fairies.A land of peace and harmony,Pathur welcomes everyone,like a mother-country,offering shelter and food.
Famous for the rare herbs for healing and magic,the cascades,the tree of life - oldest dryad in Pathur, and the rarest river - of eternal beauty.
Rumors say that deep in the forest exists a giant plate with a secret inscription,guarded by trolls,cyclops and dryads.What is encrypted there,and what happens if someone finds it,though,nobody knows, but many people often come to Pathur only to search for it.
In the forest,some may see the dryads,some may be victims of the pranks played by the river spirits,while in Ganias,the capital, people are almost always keeping a festive atmosphere,with fun games,tournaments,master-classes and other unusual things.
Adruade is known as the land of the dryads, and one in search for them may want to search there first- though, who knows if they will actually appear: the dryads are not to be called for trivial matters.Xin-Yu is a place where many temples are home for those who wish to learn the magical art of the ancient Xin-Yu tribe, as well as learn to become one with nature.It is also called Pathur's "Holy Land" because it is surrounded by a barrier. The Rainbow Forest was once part of Xin-Yu, but now it is home to many elves who didn't wish to settle in Ganias or Ishnu.
There is a port located in Ganias.
Pathurians are mostly elves.

King - Avraal Lee

Find here the following:

Races - humans,elves,half-animal humans,magicians and wizards,trolls,fairies,banshees,centaurs etc
Rock golems- are hunted for the magic stones they keep.Golems usually guard something,be it a secret building,or a treasure.
Buildings and places:

The Castle in Ganias
"Emma's potions and herbs" near the castle in Ganias
The Museum of Giants in Ganias
The Great Tower of Xin-Yu
The Great tree of life in Ishnu
Broken portal in Ishnu
Various portals for traveling to other lands
The rainbow forest
The Secret Plate
Various shops for bows and arrows

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Togath -the forever cold land.Despite the cold,humans still come here to live and work,and enjoy creating ice sculpture tournaments.
There is not much to see here,but one of the most beautiful places in Togath is the palace in Mephelia- beautiful and cold as it's queen.
The Shialu Mountains are rumored to be the home of the rare Brightscales- The white dragons, the most intelligent and sacred race of dragons.People in Togath worship them and think of them as their guardians, and many can see them flying in the sky during the day. To kill a Brightscale is the greatest sin in Togath - even though it is rumored that drinking their blood could make one gain unimaginable powers.
It is characteristic for a togathian to have white or gray hair.

Queen - Mayu Sou

Find here the following:

[b]Races - humans,half-animal humans,magicians,wizards,witches etc

Buildings and places:

Mephelia - the defense wall
A view over Abiloth
Example of an ice cave

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Saur, or often called "The Hidden Land", is mostly a deserted land,due to it's infertile soil and lack of rain.The only place where people actually live is Neya, a giant oasis covered in green, and St.Lutudas- the place where the castle,as well as many political buildings are located.St.Lutudas is located far from Neya, so common people are not usually seen there,except,maybe, for some special events.Saurians don't actually welcome strangers in their land- they guard Neya and St.Lutudas day and night, and the sand elementals inspect and report everyone who comes in and leaves.
Saurians are famous for using dragons as a transportation method and military forces,even though a lot of people are against using them.They summon the dragons from Dragon Nest - the former King of Saur put a spell on the dragons there a long time ago, and up until this day the dragons hear and obey the saurians.It is characteristic for a saurian to have darker skin, but not always.
There is a bridge in Neya, connecting it with Dragon Nest and Gutgeoh Canyon.
There is a naval port in St.Lutudas, as well as an aerian port, connecting Saur with Psoglav and other lands.

King - Kai Yung

Find here the following:

Races: all

Buildings and places:

St. Lutudas
Saur's castle in St.Lutudas
The Throne room of the castle in St.Lutudas
The royal library of the castle in St.Lutudas
Hall of Glory - St.Lutudas
Gutgeoh Canyon
Dragon's Nest
Dragon Nest 2
"Drunken Molly" - famous tavern in Neya + (outside look)

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The heart of darkness.There are a few humans staying here,but they are either thieves,murders, and half-demons,or people without homes,who lost their families or minds.
It's covered in ruins,and even the sky is black in this land.
However,there is a black market at the border with Mirth,where many humans and other races buy armors and other dark things.There's a slave market as well.
Ancient ruins of churches and cathedrals are now being occupied by humans who seek shelter from the vampires and demons.
There's a deep and dark forest at the west of the land,where only a few humans survived,gathering in tribes.
Nobody knows what kind of demons rule this land,but people in Talm talk about Mephistopheles being the king.The entrance to the palace is hidden somewhere beneath the land.
Kratos has one of the most amazing things - the portal to another world,that only a few managed to escape from - including the mighty Noklim.
Opal caves are hosting many treasures, that many brave heroes try to seek, but not many know that the caves also host dangerous, unknown creatures.

Find here the following:

Races: humans,half-humans,demons,vampires,werewolves,spirits and ghosts etc
A Contractor
Buildings and places:

Underground tunnels in Imak
The Portal
Opal Caves
Isk-ha forest
Example of an abandoned Cathedral
Cathedral 2
The black market
The slave market

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One of the most amazing lands in Talm.It's divided in 2 lands actually - the upper land and the aquatic land.The upper land is protected by a strong kekkai - a barrier that doesn't allow evil creatures inside.

It's basically a country that has a very god/ddess-oriented population. They have certain goddesses and gods that they worship, and for that purpose you can see a lot of temples that they built for each of the gods.

The country of Aspira is like a mini-journey in and of itself. The very center of the land is called the 'Spirit Plains' in which the royal city resides, protected by ancient walls.Far behind the spirit plains rests the 'Siris Mountains'. Also known as the mountain of sin.
It is said that Apira was purified to an extent where even the trees and grass turned white.
Far ahead of the spirit plains rest the underwater territories, known to the people as the 'Holy Seas'. The aquatic land is full of secrets and beautiful places.There is no way to see them if you are not a marine creature,though.

The country has four gods:

The god of Fire - Agni
The goddess of Water -Jala
The god of Darkness - Akash
The goddess of Light - Vayu Pavan

On each point on the end of the continent there is a temple, built soley for one god or goddess. The Siris mountains, which block sunlight from hitting the city and shrouding it in an impermeable layer of darkness for a good portion of their morning, is where they house the Temple of Darkness. The Holy Seas is where the Temple of Water resides. On the far left, where the most light hits,is the Temple of Light,and on the far right, is where the Temple of Fire is.


Every once in a while,The Elders gather in Aspira for sacred meetings.

Find here the following:

Races: humans,mermaids,various sea creatures,etc

Buildings and places:

Spirit Plains
The Castle in Spirit Plains
The pond of Jala
Jala's tear - the portal to other lands
The gates to the aquatic world. (for non marine creatures,it's a place to restore powers and mana )
The Holy Seas' world
The Holy Seas' castle
Broken portal of Akash - a fast and powerful portal,but there's a 70% possibility that you'll end up in some strange parallel universe.
Temple of fire
Inside the Holy Seas' palace

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Veles - once a famous kingdom,known for beautiful places,nice people and an elven King,whose kindness had no limits.Some said it was "the second Pathur" ,but after the Great War,it transformed in nothing but ruins.

People without home,curious travelers and most of all,witches,are known to live now in this land.
Not long ago,the land became invaded by so many witches,it formed 2 groups - of light and dark witches.

Veles is also known as the land of knowledge.People and creatures from all the lands send their children to Veles in order for them to study here under the wing of the best teachers.

People call the southern part of the land " Green Wind ", because of the numerous windmills,used to catch "mana waves" and transform them into liquid for potions.The mana liquid is also used for soil ,that's why Veles has a lot of unusual and rare herbs.

The remaining tower of Veles' castle is closed with some kind of spell,and nobody knows what's inside.Many witches said that they witnessed spirits and souls at night in that part,and think it's a portal to the "other side".
Good spirits can be seen in the abandoned houses,and even on the streets and in classes as well.

Find here the following:

Races: witches (light and dark ),humans,mages,elves,etc

Buildings and places:

Niret - the view 2
Niret -the view 3
The Palace in Niret
Open Library in Niret
Upper Veles
O-Ska ruins
Green Wind
Tower of Veles
Yaga -the best teacher of Veles. (also a witch)
Mana windmills

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Psoglav Islands - a massive number of islands,floating above Noklim's land.
It's story is very old,and mothers tell this story to children now,just as they heard from their ancestors.

Noklim was a powerful mage,half-demon,half-elf.This "mixture" of races in his blood made his mage powers very strong.After he mastered every power he could,he set out in the world of Talm,reached Kratos and stepped in the portal.Nobody can say for sure what did he say and do in that world,but he came back,and his powers were unimaginable.
He teleported somewhere in the middle of the ocean,and with his knowledge from that other world,he created a new land.

Psoglav Islands,to be precise.When he created Psoglav,it was only one big island.With time,he started experimenting with his new powers that he learned in the strange world,but without knowing the result,he managed to actually destroy the gravity around Psoglav.The land broke into thousand of pieces,disobeying the laws of gravitation.
With his last powers,Noklim created a barrier for keeping the islands in a place,but he couldn't make them return to the ground,so they remained like this,floating in mid-air.

People started living on this small islands,with the help of teleportation and various flying ships.
Now,it developed into a massive kingdom,and some people say that new flying islands started forming lately.
Psoglav is famous for strange mechanical inventions.

Find here the following:

Races: all

Buildings and places:

Noklim - the center
The Castle in Noklim
Small royal islands near the castle
Upper Noklim
Naval port in Noklim
Albina - the center
Upper Albina
Aerial station in Albina
Mr. Frissle's hotel and shop of goodies ( "Ut's never in the same place it was yesterday!" wink
Example of a floating home

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1. Follow Gaia T.O.S
2. Read all the rules before sending me your profile.
3. This is a long term RP. Please do not join and never post.
4. Romance is allowed and encouraged emotion_bigheart
5. Violence is allowed,but try not to kill anyone without the permission of the owner.
6.You may have up to 5 characters.
7. Use THIRD person.Ex for improper way: "I start reading the book,but then I stop".Ex.for proper way: "He started reading the book, but then he stopped."
8. I must ask that you do not do one-liners. [Writer's block is understood,though]
9. Separate thought from out loud speech with either a different font style or a symbol around it within the post.
10.OOC= Out of character. This is chatter that is not inside the RP.Keep OOC text separate from RP using a symbol around it such as //---// ((---)) [---] .::---::. Or something along those lines.
11. Please name your pm " I live in TALM"
12.Always send your profile to me and wait for it to be accepted before posting.
13.Have fun! wink

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- please fill the skeleton out, erase the parentheses, add your info
- send the profile to me,and post only after your profile has been added
- you may have up to how many characters you want
- no real life pictures allowed.Anime/semi-realism only . Recommended site for searching: ZEROCHAN
- please include a smaller or cropped picture of your character in your posts when you start posting aka. make your post a bit nice. Recommended small,fast,free editing tool: PHOTOSCAPE
- if you're tired of the repeating races, you can find new ones on in this list of LEGENDARY CREATURES

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TALM is open and ready to accept profiles ;3
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—⎝ Chaya Firmwood ⎠—

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Chaya rested her head on her hands, while she stared with an absentminded look at the front door of her parents shop. She had to watch over the small accessory store while her father and mother were out to get supplies at the large market of Mirth.
Chaya ran her nails over the wood of the counter, leaving a trail. It had been a quiet morning and only two costumers had entered the shop, both buying a cheap necklace.
The shop would attract more people if the charms were indeed magical. Now they were just a nice present for someone. Around the holidays it was crowded, and a lot of people came in to buy something small.

The bell above the door ringed when the door opened and an elf stepped inside. Chaya jumped up and quickly adjusted her clothes. Then smiled at him. 'Can I help you, sir?' Chaya asked patiently as he walked through the shop, looking at the shelfs behind her. The elf shook his head. 'No thank you. I'm just going to look around.' He said and continued his search between all the charms in the corner of the shop.
The elf eventually found the one he was looking for: a necklace with small beads in a light blue colour. 'How much?' He asked while standing in front of the counter.
'It's only two gold coins, sir.' Chaya said. The elf nod, paid for the necklace and left the shop.
'Thanks for coming!' Chaya said as the door closed. She then sighed and rested her arms and head on the counter again.
Not much later, two arguing demons walked into the shop: it were her parents. Her mother put down a bag of new beads on the counter and rushed off while still yelling at Chaya's father, who took Chaya's place behind the counter.
'I'll be outside' Chaya said between the screams and yelling of her parents. Her mother nodded and gave her an annoyed wave.

Chaya rested her back against the stone walls of the shop while sitting on the ground. When her family still lived in Kratos, her mother and father rarely fought, but after they moved and opened up the shop, they started the argue about the stupidest things. Chaya blamed the city of Mirth; it was very crowded. Maybe to much for her simple demon parents.
She grabbed the charm she wore around her neck and played with the feathers, colourful beads and the small shells that decorated the wire. Chaya sighed, pulled her scarf over her mouth and watched the crowd passing by.

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[[ Yay~ I posted =3 ]]
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☆═━┈┈━═☆ Mayu Sou and Kai Yung ☆═━┈┈━═☆
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Making your life impossible...
..is part of my everyday job

The white haired beauty stepped into the royal big hall.She stopped,glaring at the guards behind her,as they were shaking in fear.It was indeed a rare sight,seeing the young Queen of Togath in such rage.Usually,she's always indifferent and cold,and you can only guess what are her true emotions.But now,her beautiful face was showing to the whole world that she was pissed.

"Where's my brother?" - Mayu's tone was beggining to lose control.

The guards looked at each other,confused.Mayu frowned,shooting glares at the two man.
"Are you two retartds deaf? I asked you a question."

One of the guards gulped loudly,then spoke in a shaky voice
"Lord Kai is ..in his royal room..He.. " -the guard gulped again- "He ordered not to be disturbed."

Not to be disturbed? Mayu squinted her eyes. Don't tell me..
She started to climb the white grand stairs in a hurry.
One of the guards reached her hand.
"Miledy!!! .. He ordered not to.."

Mayu stopped,turning to face the man.Now this was interesting.Seems this palace needs some manners and a new pair of guards.She lifted her head with a somewhat royal elegance.

"I am Mayu Sou, the Queen of Togath,the ruler of this land and this palace.And you,a mere guard,dare to stop me from entering in my own house?! " She shoved his hand from hers,sent a cold glare to the guard,and continued to climb the stairs.

She knew what was waiting for her in the room of her so-called brother.They weren't related by blood,and he had the power to do everything he wanted here,in this palace,but there is a limit to what a human can do.

Sending her to Pathur for arranging her marriage? This was too much.

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—⎝ Chaya Firmwood ⎠—

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Chaya walked through the crowd, aiming for the market of Mirth. She thought it was a nice place to be: it smelled like different kinds of food, creatures from all over Talm and not to mention all the amazing items, weapons and armor you could find. Every time Chaya went to the market, she didn't know where to look: everything being so exotic and new.
A vendor, a large troll with multiple golden earrings through his earlobes, rushed to Chaya from behind his stand and held a cage with weird shaped birds inside in front of her face. 'Do you want to buy?' He said with a deep voice, what almost seems like growling while the birds chirped and jumped up and down. Chaya quickly shook her head. ' N-no thank you!' She said and walked passed the troll, ignoring his offers.
At the other side of the market, a small stand was located. Behind it stood a boy, yelling the prices of the goods he was selling. His stand was filled with shiny objects, some who were useless and some who weren't. He had two horns upon his head and his whole outfit was matching green. When he turned his head and saw Chaya, he called her name out. She smiled and rushed to his stand. 'How are business Lorne?' She asked while checking the wares that were spread upon a cloth. There were rusted keys, shining stones, metal scraps and more. Lorne sighed while stretching his arms and yawned. 'It's going okay, but it's hard to find useful items without stealing them from some elf or demon.'
Chaya laughed while holding up a key while looking at the decoration. 'Where do you find these things?' She asked and Lorne laughed. 'At the weirdest places!' He said, 'Mostly in the big cities, but you would surprised what you can find in the Forest of Death!' Lorne nodded to the key and smiled. 'You can have that.'
Chaya smiled back, but before she could give him a proper thank you, she was pushed aside by a wizard who wanted to buy some stuff. 'I will thank you later Lorne!' Chaya yelled to him and but he was to busy to reply.
Chaya turned and entered the large crowd of creatures again.

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☆═━┈┈━═☆ Mayu Sou and Kai Yung ☆═━┈┈━═☆
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Making your life impossible...
..is part of my everyday job

Mayu stopped in front of the massive white doors of Kai's room.She wanted to kick them out of their loops,but remembered that that darn womanizer wasn't alone in his room.She frowned and opened the doors loudly. Ah,so this was the reason he didn't want to be disturbed.The room was full of girls,and Mayu could even see that he seduced even the maids of the palace.
It wasn't surprising,but the image still was disturbing.Kai was lying on his massive bed,dressed in his usual fancy way,and one of the maids was feeding him grapes.His golden eyes met Mayu's silver ones.He smirked.

-Welcome back,dear sister.How was your trip to Pathur? Is the wedding soon?

Kai chuckled.He was having fun everyday with Mayu arround.Making her life impossible was part of his job,and it's not that he didn't like her.It was quite the opposite.
Somehow,watching her suffer and mentaly torturing her was in his blood.After all,he was the son of her father's enemy.
He turned his face to the maid again,opening his mouth.

Mayu was mentally killing him.His jokes were getting more and more serious with each day,and this time he really made her mad.

- It'll be a miracle if we're going to keep our friendship with Pathur after all you did.Do you realize what you did?

The girls around Kai started giggling when he dropped a grape.
Mayu realized that the girls were still here.She glared at each one of them.

-Get out of the room,all of you.

-No,why should they? That's my room. -Kai replied.

Mayu stomped the floor with her foot.

-That's the Queen's order! Get back to work! The rest of you shall leave the palace at once!!

Mayu panted.Sometimes Kai's stubborn is easily beaten with the mention of the word "Queen".
He doesn't have the right to asscend the throne until Mayu,the real daughter of the king,is still alive.And he never showed any interest in the throne,until this year.

And him arranging a marriage with the prince of Pathur was proof.If she were to marry a prince of some land,she would have to give up the throne.And Kai would be the King of Togath.

The room was empty after a couple of minutes,and Mayu closed the doors behind the last girl.She turned her face to Kai,and walked to his bed,sitting on it.
They were silent for some moments,and she saw Kai's eyes avoiding hers.Mayu sighed.

- Pathur's king said he'll forget about this misunderstanding.Thanks to you,I don't have a good reputation.And thanks to you again,it got down even more.Do you realize how offended the king was? ]

-You shouldn't have refused the offer then.He was looking forward to this marriage.

-But I wasn't! This little joke of yours got too far!

- Ah,well,there are other kings who have sons..

Mayu threw a pillow at him.Was the power so important to him? This has to be stopped somehow.

-Pack up your things.We're going to Mirth. The king of Pathur indeed said he'll forget this misunderstanding.. if we get back his stolen amulet.

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