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Upon the side of a well-forested mountain lies a building all but forgotten by time. Recently, a mysterious gentleman took the building and completely renovated the premeses, transforming the property into an imposing manor for his own personal use. This place came to be known as 'Swordsman's Manor'.

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Manor Details

The manor, purchased by the mysterious gentleman, is used primarily as a living space; however, it serves him well as a fortress to guard him from the outside world. It is not often used to launch offensive attacks upon neighboring structures; the design is more for the personal protection of the manor's lord. However, there are extensive secret passageways connected to the building, allowing for quick and stealthy movement.

The manor is fairly humble in design, looking almost like an aggrandized cottage; however, there are many elements of its construction that make it quite intimidating, and it incorporates many trademarks of Gothic architecture. The whole building seems to be carved out of the mountainside, and it is protected from the sun by the surrounding forestry. The inside of the manor and the location of the secret passageways are largely unknown.

Manor Defenses:
There are various magical spells and technologies protecting the outside of manor, but they are, for the most part, mild in nature. The only noteworthy defenses of the manor are the many secret passageways which connect to it, and the eerie black fog which often sets in without warning. The defenses of the manor's interior are largely a secret.

1. Follow the Gaia ToS.
2. No Godmoding. Please use your best judgment on this, for I will be keeping a watchful eye out.
3. This area represents the outer manor grounds. Advancement to the inner manor grounds would lead you here.

Manor Members:
SwordsmanChris - Lord of the Manor


Swordsman's Manor is notoriously difficult to scale; though it is a domestic home, it has been fortified to guard against the outside world. It may not seem as intimidating as some other military bases... but it has its fair share of secrets.

[Secret Passage to the Manor]

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