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Mɪᴛsᴜᴋᴏ User Image Aᴋɪʀᴀ
Tᴇᴄʜ Sᴋᴜʟʟs

It was a rather uneventful night from what she saw, but there is always more to things than what a first glance could tell a person. Her light brown eyes traveled about, she looked like she was just a normal person, it was always best to blend in. Flicking a small button on the side of her game it powered down, she shoved the device into her bag as well as her headphones and continued on, her pace wasn't lazy anymore it was mechanical, trained. She had just passed some 'Rent-a-Cops' talking in hushed tones about something going down, something bad. "I'll have to look into that later." Mitsuko noted to herself as she continued a bit further down the street she could hear idle chat, kids talking about school, adults drunk off their asses laughing and others just barely looking like they had enough energy to get home or to their next job. Her head was down, listening to everything, hands shoved into her sweater pockets. She was just passing a popular bar with some drunks outside having a smoke. It was then someone grabbed her right arm, her face flushed and her body tensed, mostly in anger but she didn't turn to face the culprit.

Then a man, laughing, she clenched her fists. "Ooh I think you made her mad." She heard another voice say. Turning sharply she shot a glare at the man who still had his hand on her and cleared her throat. "Off." She said bluntly, he didn't remove it and instead he tried to pull her into himself. "Oh princess you just made a big mistake." She pressed her middle and ring fingers to her left palm, a whine resonated from her glove and Mitsuko turned, throwing her left fist into the man's face sending him into convulsions. Pushing her hood off as his friends stood back seeing him fall to the ground, his friend who had made the first comment backed up and looked at her. A smile appeared on her face, it wasn't a scary one, it was actually a sweet friendly smile, she then proceeded to take a sticker out from her pocket and press it against his forehead. the guy was staring at her and his companion on the ground with a few 'smarter' ones trying to help him. She winked at him and blew a kiss from her palm as she began to walk backwards, when he was about to speak he convulsed suddenly and screamed falling to the ground in a messy display of electrocution. "What a baby...they're not that strong." Mitsuko chuckled pressing her fingers into her palm turning her 'toy' off. "What a wuss!" She laughed continuing on, she got into a car parked on the roadside and as the engine came to life she put auto pilot on and began the short drive home to Tech Skulls HQ, a smile still on her face.

-Volt Gloves/Boots User Image
- Smiley stickers!
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Pg 30 Event Has Begun

User Image
As you walk, you begin to notice how the electronic signs are no longer commercializing the usual Coke, Sprite, McDonalds etc. A new trending topic has come about, this topic is spreading like a new disease. It's the new creation of Tokyo's Finest aid with fighting crime, this aid is known as R1. R1 is a high tech robot built to help Tokyo's finest reduce the crime in the streets. As commercialized on T.V. by Tokyo's finest, it is said that R1s are the future in mankind's protection, no longer will their people live in fear of the high rate of crime going on in Tokyo. The creator of R1s have yet to been announced, but was sent a thanks by Tokyo's Finest for the accomplishment with a protect & serve award.

R1 Mechanics:

-Built with Colton, to with stand high heat temperatures which prevents the metal from getting weak.
-Colton also allows R1 to withstand a high electrical charge.
-Can with stand: Rifles (excludes powerful weapons such as bolt action rifles & sniper rifles), Hand Guns, Shotguns.
-Weak against: Missiles, Plasma(parts not covered by white plate), High powered weapons with a heavy impact (Bolt Action Rifles & Sniper Rifles).
-Back up generator for preparations against EMPs. Back up generator takes five seconds after hit with EMP to boot. Back up generator remains active until the main generator is up and running again.
-Break through walls.
-Uploaded with 24 different fighting styles.
-Built in zoom vision.
-Thermal vision.
-Night Vision
-Capable of using another R1s parts to rebuild itself & Combine R1 parts.
-Uploaded with hacker programs
-Arm can become a cannon that shoots plasma.
-Cannon forms: Rapid fire, Beams, Plasma shot(Can do charge shots).
-Wireless internet to obtain quick knowledge on any researchable situation.
-Programmed with police database.
-Self Destruct mode(Timer can be set).
-Nano bots exist within the robot serving two purposes. Repair & Hacking.
-Can shoot a steel net that contains a small device on the net that produces a electrical shot that paralyzes captured.
-Strength to lift a truck.
-Extendable parts (Ex: arms, legs can extend out).
-Antihacking firewall. (Makes it difficult to hack R1s. If the hacker is capable of hacking. Hacking the robot to your control can take up to 10 posts of dedicated hacking.
-Tracker chip inside head.
-All R1s are monitored.
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Lin Amaya: Candy Skull
Items: Nano Suit 5A, S.M.T.T., dagger, S.I.B.D., Hand Gun(45 colt)
Location: Shiba Park

User Image

XXXX Lin sigh a bit as she was getting messages from almost all members in the group. She wonders if the reports she was hearing were false or if they held some truth to it. This was unlike Lin to be double guessing herself when it came to matters dealing with the gang. She would just take a set and enjoy herself. Sighing in relief she enjoy the view she had so close to the tower it felt as if she should go and view the city from the lovely tower. She just smirks a bit and nods her head. For now the ground would be good enough for her.

XXXX As she relax she got another text and open it to see a message dealing what she would come to call stupid ones. She really couldn’t understand what the hell she was watching after all they all look so plain and let alone look as if they would be just a pain in her a**. She sigh as she wasn’t all to happy with this. She would need to most likely find out more about these things by going through the company and finding any useful information. Which only means she have a much bitchy time getting data and run the risk of letting them know she was after them and that well didn’t sit well with her.
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Location: Nippon Budokan, Unmasking of R1 Event
User ImageThe R1 walked up to the stage looking from left to right at the people of Tokyo who looked back at it with faces of hope. The R1 remained silent for the moment, digesting the crowd of people, it was a scene totally different than the factory he was created in. The first time this machine was able to look at someone other than his fellow robots and his creator. The robot looked over to a reporter who questioned him about his goals to help put and end to crime.

"Well.......to begin, I would like to thank my creator for his superior mind, without it, we wouldn't exist.....to show my gratitude, our gratitude, we will wipe these streets clean of criminals. We are here to set the tone, an example of what it means to walk down a dark alley way without fear of what lies in the shadows or to be in your home and worry of what might happen while at the dinner table with your family.......To be at home by yourself and fear what can come through your door during the night hours. Give a round of an applause to Tokyo's finest who secure the streets every day."

The crowd began to applaud Tokyo's finest in response to what the R1 requested.

"Tokyo's finest secure the streets of Tokyo every day......back and forth, putting their lives on the line, despite having a family......my next comment is not to say that humans are inferior to us, but to say we are limitless bound in what we have to offer......Tokyo's finest work hard and give their all, but they have limits, they need to rest, satisfy their hunger for food or the desire for breaks to satisfy their social needs and wants, we don't......we are machines with a strong desire to protect you and your family.......built with advance technology to up hold our desires..We are not here to replace Tokyo's finest, we are here to aide them. We are, the future.......of mankind's protection."

The crowd stood up and applauded with enthusiasm to such a grand speech. The R1 looked for right to left placing his hands on the podium giving his audience a smile. The R1 then removed his hands from the podium, only to make a few steps that placed him in front of the podium and closer to the edge of the stage. The R1 bowed to the audience then erect himself to give the crowd waves before he made his exit from the stage.
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User Image
Bearie"Cute" Adair
Location: Toshima-ku
Equips: Shock blade, disguised as her parasol

Instructions were given.. Under other circumstances Bearie would avoid the drink, the taste was foul, the smell pungent and she had never gotten drunk before. The Lolipop bit her lip and sat upright slowly with her back to the vampire.

"You know if you decide to go through with this, I won't be there to help or protect you. You might change into a new person, you know that right..~" Lovie's playful yet serious voice rang in her mind.. That was before she took on her mission. Turning to direct her full view and attention to Vicious she gave him a perfected, painted smile a visage for her true nature.

Holding the glass in two hands she took a breath. She tried not to inhale the odor and cringe and to avoid doing so she held the breath she took and tilted her head back with the rim of the cup pressed her lips. Closing her eyes and trying not to think she gulped and swallowed the clear substance until there was nothing left. Slowly lowering her cup she rested it at Vicious' feet without a sound. Using the tips of her fingers she gingerly dapped her lips to collect the rest, then as a bit of service she traced her tongue along the tips as well to gather every last bit. This was her mission of course.

Inwardly she was shuddering. "How can they do it?" she asked in her mind.
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User Image
✔ї√їαη ❞ℒ◎♥ḯε❞ ℬα☤η
Outfit: Character picture

On the way to Tokyo Dome

To: Lin
From: Lovie
Lin-babe! Don't wait up for me tonight, I won't be coming home. ^ -^ Taking care of a few things. I swear I'll get you dumplings tomorrow, as many as you want! ...But.. can you make me some M&M cookies? We can share the milk. <3

Lovie was playing with her phone as Adio took care of business. When the car door opened she quickly sent the message and closed her compact phone. Slipping into the shadow of her backseat she observed the victim from a distance, wondering of his friendship with her dear sweet Adio. Crossing her legs in this relaxed position her vibrant blues remained on him and the tinted windows of her sporty car wouldn't allow any pollution from the city lights to slip in so she was pretty well hidden and could remain that way if she wanted to.. Buttttt they did say he was going to be meeting with a lady friend.

With this thought and for a moment Lovie grew cold. 'Phily was MIA and with no contact for a day now. No matter.. she'd be found and well. Gritting her teeth she shot up from the backseat with a coy grin laying against the center console, using her hands as a prop for her chin. Tilting her head and looking at Wayaki from her over-sized police hat she gave him a playful wink and with a bit of a sultry tone spoke up, "hello~" while giving him a small wave. She pretended as if she were eyeing or taking interest in him.. Lovie was.. a professional flirt so to speak, she'd get you where she wanted you even if she had no meaning behind it. Sort of like the situation with Adio's friend here.

Currently equipped;
Lip gloss
Nail Polish
User Image
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User Image
Civilian: Wayaki Tsuguru
In Car with Adio and Lovie unaware where he is headed

'Popularity is power'

Wayaki had a shocked look on his face, to see the sexy young woman accompanying Adio. But then he questioned her cop get up. 'Do they really let people walk around like? Not that I'm complaining' looking up at Adio for a minute. Wayaki wondered if Adio had been to the red light district picking up prostitutes or was he the pimp? Just seemed to good for that punk. But that was just the judging of the book. "Alright alright, can't wait to catch up on told times." Throwing up a false smile. Before getting into the car however there was a sudden advertisement popping up all over the place. Wayaki glanced at the R1.

"Their finally going to do something about all those trashy savages running around in gangs. This is great."

He spoke hopping into the car where it was room for him to sit. He looked back at Lovie, with a smile since he'd get a better look. "Wayaki Tsuguru." Putting out a hand for a hand shake. "The guy that saved Adio's life. It's nice to meet you." Of course he added that last bit. To make himself sound cool since this woman didn't know. If the greeting was taken or not, he ask "So where we headed?" curious to find out.

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User Image

Tech Skull: Adio
Location- On way to Tokyo Dome

Adio already knew what he was thinking, but it was nice of Wayaki to say hello. Adio caught a glimpse of this advertisement, starring at it with an interested yet unimpressed look. Then hearing Wayaki speak on how wonderful an idea it was, he opened his M.P.S and slipped the R1 thing to Lovie so she could see it. He didn't say anything, but it looked as though a new challenger had arrived. Another obstacle in the way of his dream, this was both a blessing and a curse. Guess the hunters are outdated and washed up. "Yeah..." He responded to Wayaki, hopping into the car himself.

Adio thought it was a shame really, he hated androids and cyborgs merely because people were meant to use machines, the other way around or even becoming one. Doing that you were merely giving up your humanity and restraining yourself to a limited body. Human's can grow and keep on growing, machines become out dated. But looks like a war was going to engulf Tokyo's region once again. But this R1 just looked like an even bigger toy, he was going to take on and possibly hack (Will totally do a 10 post hack to show that Tech Skull nature). "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." His knucklers sparked a little, locking the doors.

Those machines can be dealt with whenever, for now he had something else he was dealing with. "Heh you saved my life alright.... I remember everything that happened. The truth was revealed to me." Adio's tone shifted a little to a more serious one. "Sit back and enjoy the ride Wayaki. If we told you it would spoil all the fun."

Things were probably going to get a little grim, but what Wayaki doesn't know will hurt him.

- Nano Knucklers
- Astro Rollers
- M.P.S

-Tracking Chip
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RyZoM ✘-サ∆z∆Я∂-✘

Silent cries

User Image

Truth be told it took a while to secure the room he had designated for the little exhibition to this other Skull. Either way it was rather enjoyable process and his victims that were tied up in the room, three to be exact were gagged so their screams could not be heard. This was a security measure that the poisons potential would be properly shown. The Boil, Rain and Eternity needed to take time in order for their effects to take place. These were things he took care of before he even began to leave the room. Next he set up his equipment in a dimly lit area, then again where his victims were had no lighting at all unless he chose to turn them on. Which he would, in time. For now he left the room, locked it and smiled at one of the workers, now under his employ and poisonous reach as they passed by.

Ryzom began to walk slowly down the corridor towards the main entrance to this lavish hotel, secondary or not it was still a brilliant structure. Yet he paused and turned to look out of the balcony windows, ground floor and it still had balcony windows to look through, overseeing the amusement park and a garden: Lavish. What caught his eye were the fliers, billboards and commercial showing of the R1. It did not bother him too, much and he placed his hands behind his back, taking hold of his right wrist with his left hand."Everything decays, everything breaks down, and everything...can be poisoned." His voice was deeper than it had come across when speaking with the people he now owned. They only saw Ryzom and never Hazard, but the thought of these androids or what have you made his blood almost literally boil. In said event his eyes began to gleam with malicious intent. Hazard was not pleased and was finding it hard to hide under the guise of Ryzom at the moment.

His anxiety was kept captive and he stood there waiting for either a call from Drakar or the front doors which were not too far to open and for those he wished to see to be lead in. Ryzom would greet them but Hazard would be shown soon enough.

✘-Location-✘ Tokyo Dome City

✘-Inventory-✘ Mask Off.

Left hand equipment: Unarmed
1: Index finger=> The Boil:
2: Middle finger=> Constriction
3: Ring Finger=> Rain:
4: Pinky Finger=> Hypnis:

Right hand equipment: Unarmed
1.Index finger=> Eternity:
2. Middle finger=> Pseudo
3: Ring Finger=> Obedience:
4: Pinky Finger=> Pleasure pulse

Gas mask equipped.
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User ImageLocation: Nakano Ku, Shinnakano

Vicious continued to watch the ceremony on T.V. as Bearie was readying herself to drink the Vodka. Vicious then looked over to Bearie who was sitting next to him with the cup in her hand. When Bearie put the cup to her lips, then took the entire Vodka down with a shudder in response. Vicious widen his eyes for a second before resuming his normal lazy facial expression.

"You didn't have to take the entire cup of Vodka down so easily, you'll get drunk quicker and have less of awareness that your becoming drunk.....it'll sneak up on you, versus drinking slow and noticing your becoming effective. Though it's your call and I'm surprised you didn't do what the average non drinker would do."

Vicious cocked his head to the4 side observing Bearie momentarily, then resumed watching the T.V. When Bearie asked a question, Vicious looked back down to Bearie.

"How can who do what?"

Vicious would reach over with his left hand and if allowed, Vicious would take the cup from Bearie then get up from his seated position. Vicious walked over to the kitchen opening the refrigerator door to pour him some more Vodka, filling the cup to the rim of the glass. Vicious set the bottle of Vodka down on the kitchen counter, placed the top on the Vodka bottle, then twisted it shut. Vicious walked back over to the couch taking a seat slowly to prevent from wasting any of the Vodka. Vicious was successful in sitting down with out a drop of Vodka wasted. Vicious then proceeded to take a swallow of Vodka, then set it down on the table in front of him, then relaxed himself and resumed watching the ceremony for the release of R1s.

Plasma Scythe
Hover Board
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User ImageLocation: In an Acura GSX 2025 riding around in hover traffic. Leaving: Arakawa-ku

Toshi finally reached Arakawa-ku, Candy Skulls territory, it was time to cause havoc. Toshi pulled out of traffic from the sky, then lowered the Acura GSX 2025 down into the city of the Candy Skulls territory in an alley. The car made a silent vaccuming noise as it lowered into the alley. The wheels of the car bent in, then blew out a large amount of air from the bottom, before landing softly on the ground. Toshi moved his right hand from the stern wheel over to the ignition button, pressing the button, the car responded by cutting off. Toshi placed the car keys in his right pocket with his free right hand, then used his left hand to open the door. Toshi stuck his left foot out of the car then placed it on the ground before moving his body out of the car along with his right foot which touched the ground. Toshi stood up looking around before shutting the door and walked out of the alley looking around. Toshi came up on a person with a stand full of masks who gained his attention. Turning, then approaching the stand, Toshi observed the stand full of masks before picking up the mask he liked. Placing the mask on his face he tilted his head to the right, then to the left.

"I'll take it."

After that was said, Toshi pulled out his plasma gun, then put a shot right through the center of the man's eyes. After putting a hole between the man's eyes, Toshi turned around then started shooting random people down in candy Skulls territory.

"Anybody on Candy Skulls territory, I'm laying down, Punisher Skulls own your life and everything you ******** do, get with the movement or dead."

People started to scatter like roaches when the lights come on as Toshi was shooting random people. Toshi even managed to stop traffic with the chaos he was causing. It was time for a change, time to make that move, time to show the other Skulls who is the most bad a** Skull of them all. Toshi walked over to the car, then launched his left elbow to the right side window of the car, the window shattered upon contact. The male in the car pleaded for his life and told Toshi he could take anything just don't kill him.

"Take your shirt off."

Man: "What?"


The man did as he was told and took off his shirt, then put his hands back up, Toshi pulled the trigger on the plasma gun putting shots in his shoulder and his knee caps so he couldn't move. The man hollered out in pain, though that didn't stop Toshi, Toshi leaned down using his left hand to pop up the gas door, then walked over to his gas tank, stuff the shirt in the gas tank, then dug around his pocket for his lighter. Toshi found his lighter, then set the shirt on fire. After the shirt caught on fire, Toshi walked off from that area as the car was about to explode. The man tried his best to get out of the car, but being handicapped he was unable to make it in time. The car exploded causing other cars nearby to catch flames then explode like a domino effect.

Toshi looked behind him as the car explosions got closer to him, turning back around, Toshi started running to get away from the domino effect explosions, though he didn't make it far till he was caught in one of the explosions. Toshi was thrown into a clothing store into a table a from the force of the explosion knocking down a couple. Casualties in Arakawa-ku started to rise quickly as civilians were caught in the explosion or was burnt to death by the expanding flames from the explosions.

Inventory: Jigokukaji
Plasma Pistol
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User Image

A call reached Tokyo's finest office about the chaos on Arakawa-ku, Tokyo responded immediately by sending out officers. Tapped into the line was an unknown man inside of a hovercraft headed in that direction. When Arakawa-ku was reached, the hover craft hovered over the scene momentarily before a light shined down upon the area, a minute had passed and appearing was another R1 scanning the area. The R1 looked to the left, then to the right, then began to walk slowly continuing to scan the area. As for the hover craft, it flew off into the distance leaving the scene quickly. The R1 walked over to the burning cars observing them momentarily then turned to some of the bodies laying on the ground. It was the man laying dead behind the mask stand that caught the R1s attention. The R1 walked over to the body behind the stand, then crouched down to get closer to the dead body. Utilizing it's mechanical right hand, the R1 grabbed the dead man's chin, then turned the man's head to him, scanning the hole in the man's head, the R1 immediately detected a plasma gun was used. What confirmed the use of a plasma gun was the fact that their was no metal in the man's skull, only burnt damaged skin and muscles.

The R1 let the dead man's head go slowly, then used his right hand to close the dead man's eyes shut. The R1 rose into a standing position scanning the area once more. As the R1 scanned the area, the robot's mind was at work already building hypothetical situations that could have occurred to fit the scene.
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User Image

User Image

Before Ruxaki even spoke, or she acknowledged him, Eliza felt a rush of heat hit her face and arms as she prepared to leave. At the sound of a voice, Eliza peeked upwards from her equipment, frozen at the sight of a tall, muscular figure.

‘The museum was empty just a moment ago..’ Eliza sprung up from her, throwing her bag over her shoulder and shoving the painting into her bag, half of the tube sticking out carelessly. She pulled out her unloaded flare gun that could possibly pass off as a pistol if one was inexperienced with old guns, in her other hand was a baseball bat she her firmly gripped just in case her bluff failed.

“This is how it’s going to go down.. You’re going to turn your a** around and leave like you didn’t just see a giant ‘rat’ got it?” As Eliza confronted Ruxaki, she couldn't help but blame herself for this. 'I should've stuck to jewelry. Listening to a senile b*****d and coming here was a huge mistake.' Eliza attempted to be confident, and stepped forward, sucking in her gut and gritting her teeth.

"I don't know who you think you are--" Mia's hand began to shake, the flare gun began to rattle, scowling at Ruxaki from across the dimly lit room, cocking the flare gun as she stated, "but I am NOT in the mood in repeat myself. Leave or die, what's more important to you? Your life, or a painting? I don't know about you, but your pointless life seems dismal compared to the loot I will be getting for this damn antique." The more intimidated she got, the meaner she sounded. She was angry, angry at herself for being so goddamn afraid of a total damn stranger. 'What could he do to me anyways? I am Eliza Syn, he can't do anything to me, right?' Too bad she was wrong, completely and utterly wrong.

◘ Inventory:
- Baseball bat (equipped)
- Flare gun (unloaded)
- Cotton cover up (long sleeve, gloves, pants, face mask, all equipped)
- Pocket knife that's in questionable condition
- Painting case
-The Mitsubishi Ichigokan

Accompanied by:
- Ruxaki
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User Image
'Ruxaki Yu'
Gang/Rank: Leader Of The Fire Skulls
Turf Location: Marunouchi The Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum
Character Location: Marunouchi The Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum

User Image

Ruxaki's eyebrows when this woman started giving him orders? What nerve, looking at her weapons carelessly noting the flare gun and the bat. She must of been planning this a head of time, but she seemed so out of place. This moment caused a fire to build up inside, as she continued he couldn't help but start walking toward her. Pulling his handgun out he shot at the roof to scare her a little bit, but put the loaded gun back. "If I got paid a penny for every person that's pointed a gun at me or threatened my life, I'd be the richest man in all of Japan..." He continued to approached her not stop, she could fire at him at any moment.

"If your going to shoot me then make sure you blow my head to keep me from moving."

He mused in his carefree tone, "Allow me to introduce myself, I'm the b*****d who owns this museum and the Mitsubishi industry in Tokyo if you hadn't checked the news." The danger caused him to walk faster and unless she moved he'd be up close and personal. He however was armed with a standard hand gun that was loaded, so if needed he could always make her one of the paintings call it 'Brain Splatter'. However he didn't always resort to using guns the first move anyway. "Ruxaki Yu."

If he was allowed to get within reach, his left hand would shoot forward passed her head balled up with the swiftness right after he said his name. With his hot hands glove active the heat produce was enough to be noticed buzzing passed the flesh. It was so close she'd be able to tell he missed on purpose. He'd keep said arm out look dead into her eyes, "If you wanted the picture for a little dough you could of just asked. I can careless about that, though I was planning on selling it to the highest bidder." Not once did his hand drop though his other was ready to batter her gut, Ruxaki wasn't afraid to hit a woman or beat her none the less. "Don't worry I won't kill you, unless you give me reason to but I'll make every minute of it painful." he could burn her and beat her at the same time, but he wasn't.

"I'm more interested in how far you would go for that painting. I already figured how you got in here seeing as how well your prepared for such a highest. I like your spunk already so I'm willing to negotiate. How much is the other guy paying?"

From there he'd get really close again if she hadn't completely moved or done anything else. "From here I may let you go alive without trouble depending on how well you can keep the fire lit." Ruxaki was really a reasonable guy, if she said something he didn't like then he'd beat her up and dump her body nude in a mob of homeless people to let them have their way with her. Truth was he was testing her spirit, just from her words and possible threat that could of been true she'd pass the first part. But with a little training he could mold her into something that could be more threatening allowing her to gain whatever she desired. With a little molding next time she falls into such a situation she'll learn to shoot first and talk later.

Shackles (Unequipped)
microwave gun
explosive puddy
hot hands
Bonus Equipment:
Keys to Museum
Standard hand Gun

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