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Punisher Skulls 0.22368421052632 22.4% [ 17 ]
Candy Skulls 0.18421052631579 18.4% [ 14 ]
Toxic Skulls 0.18421052631579 18.4% [ 14 ]
Vampire Skulls 0.14473684210526 14.5% [ 11 ]
Tech Skulls 0.15789473684211 15.8% [ 12 ]
Fire Skulls 0.10526315789474 10.5% [ 8 ]
Total Votes:[ 76 ]
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Year 2020: Within the heart of Tokyo, Japan. 5-Skull Gangs existed: Fire Skulls, Tech Skulls, Toxic Skulls, Candy Skulls, and Vampire Skulls. The Skulls shared no similarities, but one.....gang domination. The desire to dominate over all gangs led to an all out war. As the war waged on between gangs, casualties came in great numbers, some of them were innocent civilians in the wrong place, at the wrong time. The war gained the press interest, and soon became public in Tokyo. Tokyo's police tried to crack down on the Skull gangs to put an end to the war & high crime rate in Tokyo. However, Tokyo's police force failed in their efforts.

3-Months Later: To the public, a band of Tokyo's finest policeman banded together in a group to put an end to the gang war. The group of Tokyo's finest policeman were known as Skull Hunters. Hidden Truth: It was an organization of highly trained human & android assassins created to not only end the war, but wipe out the Skull gangs. Some say it was the work of Tokyo's government.

5-Months Later After Creation of S.H.: Operation E.A.S (Elimination of All Skulls): Was put into effect. To the public, the Skulls were being put away in prisons. Hidden Truth: The Skulls were either being killed off on sight or being put in a PaddyWagon for the public, taken to a "so called prison" where they were killed off for bounties. Not only did the Skull Hunters manage to the end the war, they managed to put an end to the Toxic & Fire Skulls by infiltration. The other Skull gangs numbers were lowered drastically forcing them into hiding.

7-Months Lafter: Operation E.A.S (Elimination of All Skulls): Was shut down. The facility where they were taking Skulls and torturing them before killing them had been exposed. Apparently, someone got inside the facility with a recording camera, put everything they were doing in secret on live T.V. in front of everyone. The old Skull Hunters were immediately arrested and put away for life in prison, never to see day light again.

2025-5 Years Later: The 3 remaining Skull gangs continued to thrive, no longer within the shadows. The gangs have grown stronger in all aspects, even becoming a greater threat than they were years ago to Skull hunters. In addition a new skull gang has risen from ground zero with the goal of being #1, the Punisher Skulls. A second war has yet to come, but battles still rage on for the #1 Skull Gang. Who will run Tokyo, Japan?
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R&R(Rules & Regulations):

1. Follow all of Gaia's ToS(Terms of Service) and R/G (Rules & Guidelines). R&R is meant to be followed at all times. I am also capable of making changes to or adding rules.
2. This is a Semi-literate role play. Mandatory you give me 2 paragraphs or more.
3. Text size: Keep it at nine.
4. Don't use pics that stretch and take up half a page. If it's large, it's cool, but don't over do it.*
5. Keep OOC where it belongs, in the OOC thread.
6. Godmodding: There are no GODS here, except for the one you go to when you die and he can't be role played here by anyone. You can't dodge everything or survive impossible things. Ex: Dottie holds a grenade in his hand. Grenade explodes in Dottie's hand. After the explosion, Dottie looks around with only burnt cloths and a couple scratches. <----So not cosher and may get you kicked off rip, depending on how I'm feeling that day I catch it.
7. All fights will be monitored. Killing of a character is accepted, so that means every fight you have is a death match and a high risk of your character's life. If you and the opponent decide to do a injury fight, thats fine. Out of respect for other people characters, don't take this to the extreme and go around snipping.
8. It's the future, so several futuristic gadgets are usable, but that doesn't mean you can make a device that aids with Godmodding.
9. Feel free to use pictures with your posts to give people a vision of your character. Optional though.
10. Enjoy! blaugh
11. In your posts please state the weapons you have on you & your location at all times. EX:
beneath all your posts, Inventory: 1: Grenade

1:Katana (This should resolve you coming out of nowhere with five items you don't have in a fight. If you lose items in a fight and don't retrieve them you are to post how you restocked on lost items, they just don't reappear.)
12. I care not to check to see if you read the rules, thats on you. If you haven't read the rules it will show in the Rp.
13. You will see this rule again, upon submitting your profile, I want the subject to be titled whatever Skull Gang you are applying for.
14. A thread has been created "Layouts" to show the floor plans of rooms and buildings to cause less confusion of how anything looks and gives you as a role player a vivid mental picture upon entering somebodies room or building. All Gang leaders must submit a futuristic building picture and room layout, I don't care as to how you get it, just submit it. I used for ex: Deviant Art & Photobucket. Optional: If you want to be extra, you can find a picture and send it to me to submit what your actual room looks like, to help with painting a more vivid picture. Upon submitting pictures of your building and your layout, the subject will be: '(Insert the name of your Skull Gang here) Layout'.
15. This is not a Rp for the weak(non-dedicated).

*Breaking R&R will come in a three step procedure: *
1. Reminder
2. Warning
3. Kicked + Black List .
*I reserve the right to add or minus any rules, at any given time.*
!If you are going to be MIA or on vacation, please find a way to notify me, so your character can be taken out of the equation until you have returned. Please be mindful of others, meaning try not to keep other Rpers waiting ages for you to post! Not trying to come down on anyone, because we all have lives outside of Gaia. I'm just asking you to be mindful.

~If you are looking for a long-term Rp, a cozy Rp to make your home, you've come to the right place. I'm looking to keep this Rp rolling with action packed events in the future, to keep you interested.

Type of Roleplayers
Newbie: The beginning point for all role-players. Newbies are often mistaken for n00bs, but are very different. They are simply new to the role-playing scene, and as such often had problems with literacy and Munching. However, Newbies are usually willing to learn from more experienced role-players, and with some help, will eventually become Literates.

Intermediates: The midway point between Newbies and Literates, Intermediates have improved grammar and are better at avoiding Munching, but still slip up fairly often. It’s okay, though, because these problems can be remedied with practice. With some work and support from other role-players, they can become Literates very easily.

Literates: Often the end-goal for most role-players. Literates, as the name implies, are literate- they have pretty good spelling, punctuation and grammar, and are pretty good about avoiding Munching, though they may occasionally slip up. They are the ones who are often the most fun to play with, as they are capable of being fair without being assholes.

Elitists: Elitists are usually right behind n00bs in the fact that everyone hates them but themselves. Elitists are Literates who were on the path to become Veterans, but took a wrong turn in Albuquerque and became complete assholes. They are the role-play equivalent of the Nazis- they view themselves as superior to others, will only role-play with other Elitists, are incredibly cocky, use reams upon reams of detail, and see anyone who doesn’t meet their ridiculously high standards as a “n00b” that should be eliminated, even people who are actually quite literate. Their “Elitists only” policy has no lee way whatsoever, and they often reject the AMP for “common sense”, even though the AMP IS common sense. No one wants to role-play with Elitists. Elitists are very common among magic-users

However, Elitists aren’t the final stop before becoming Veterans. Most Literates become Veterans without ever being Elitists, and many Elitists never become Veterans.

Veterans: The Alpha and Omega of role-playing. Veterans are experts of their craft, having role-played for years. They are often experts with grammar and punctuation, and know what is fair and what isn’t. They know best due to experience, but they are usually willing to role-play with people below their skill level. Many role-players aspire to become Veterans, but it is by no means the endgame. Many are content to settle in as Literates.

: If there’s one thing that all role-players, be they Newbies, Literates, Elitists or Veterans, can agree on, it’s their hatred of a certain group: n00bs. Put simply, n00bs (never capitalized) are the lowest of the low- as Literates are born when a Newbie improves their skills, n00bs are born when Newbies refuse to get better. Basically, n00bs cannot and will not role-play fairly, even if outnumbered and outgunned. They constantly Munch, and very often have bad grammar, spelling and punctuation. They also hate criticism, and will often resort to flaming, which leads to being banned. The worst n00bs will often create new accounts, Munch around, flame again, and get banned again.

ne0 n00bs: A dangerous group, ne0s (also never capitalized) are simply n00bs who can spell and have good grammar. They first appear to be Literates, but their n00bishness becomes apparent within a few posts, as they constantly Munch.

Anti Munch Project Terms
Aimbotters: Especially annoying when using NPCs, as NPCs don't get to argue about munch...
A: Three hundred seventy of my trained assassin gymnasts crest the hill, sight you, and rush toward you.
B: Luckily, I have three hundred sixty-nine bullets in my chain gun! I quickly mow them all down, each taking a single bullet to the head, and peg the last one with a rock in the sternum.

Godmodders: Obvious.
A: Now that you're strapped to the end of a naval cannon, I fire it.
B: Whoosh! I nimbly dodge, somehow forgetting the fact that I'm restrained by three-hundred-pound chain!

Boa Constrictors: Threads that have a long list of rules that prevent any characters except their own from role playing in that thread. No example will be given here, since that would be suggesting rules that shouldn't be used at all, and used separately these rules would be fine.
Boa Constrictors most commonly like to ban most forms of magic, guns, NPCs, technology, 'special' abilities etc. The result is, as I said, a thread in which very few characters can venture.
More recently, a favorite among Boas is to restrict character appearance to avatar appearance, and thus limit looks and powers to fire, ice, light, dark, angelic, and demonic.
I do emphasize that threads should have whichever rules they want, within fairness to other role players. Lists of rules which prevent too much are too, let's face it, n00bish.
[Suggested by oxymoron_02]

IDKFA-ers: Most likely people attempting to emulate Solid Snake or some other cheesy spy-novel hero.
A: You're all out of ammo for all five of your Ingram sub machine guns, 501!|). Since you're buck-naked, I know I can now safely step into the open and begin returning fire.
B: Ha! Little did you know, I have twelve shuriken hidden within my pubic hair!

Twinks: Sometimes allowed in certain RPs. If the RP isn't specifically about invincible deities and such, a simple rule is that if the strengths aren't counterbalanced with relatively equivalent weaknesses (or if the reasoning behind the phenomenal cosmic powers isn't eloquently and appropriately explained), you're dealing with a twink.
A: A punch coming, eh? Well, seeing as you're a seven-year-old child and I'm riding in a twenty-meter mecha, I won't bother dodging.
B: Fooled you! I have the power to DESTROY EVERYTHING when I punch it! I'm just like an X-Man, and therefore require you to suspend all logic when RPing with me! Oh, and I have the power to steal your girlfriend, too.

Min-maxers: Not a lot of those running around here, thank goodness... that's more of a DnD-style paper game issue.
A: I've successfully broken into the facility which gave you your incredibly 1337 power armor. Now I pull up the file on it. What does it say about weak points?
B: The metal of my armor is... um... allergic to praying mantis urine.

Miss Cleos: Obvious.
A: ((OOC: There's a secret switch hidden in the lamp.))
B: I suddenly think to myself-- why not check the lamp for hidden switches? Call me now for your free reading!

McFlys: An all-too-common menace.
A: Ha! Now that the force field is down, I run inside your evil lair!
B: Um... um... there's also a super-secret second force field which causes you to die instantly! I just didn't say anything about it because... um... I had to do my laundry! Not because I just thought of it now! Honestly!

Hi-jackers: These are intensely annoying for thread creators. They are often members of that thread, also. [Suggested by oxymoron_02]
A: Ok! Our base is under attack and we have to defend it!
B: *Goes and activates the base's self destruct* Everybody run you have three minutes!

Puppetmasters: Another overly common occurrence.
A: I step carefully into the room, peering around for occupants.
B: Suddenly a dragon pokes you in the eye. You run screaming from the room, where after you go home, make a pickle sandwich, and call your mother to cry about how she ruined your life.

Daydreamers: Not exactly munch, per se, but it does get annoying.
A: In the middle of the intense shootout, I dash across the narrow alley, ducking and weaving in hopes to avoid getting hit. I'm unsuccessful; two bullets peg me in the shoulder, throwing me back into a Dumpster.
B: The bullets make me think back to my days as a youth, when I had to melt down tin soldiers to use as musket balls against the Redcoats... or was it redskins? I can't remember. Anyway, I had to walk uphill all three ways to school and back, running from glaciers all the while. It was torture, lemme tell ya. And then there's the story of how I met my first wife...

Prosecutors: People who claim every one else is Munching when they are the only one who is. [Thought of by Asmodeus The Crow]
A: I, a powerful fire mage, cast a combustion spell at the tree you are in. Thus setting a large portion of the tree on fire.
B: I think about what to do, jump off the tree or run down it. I choose run down the tree through the fire, but I don't catch on fire.
A: ((That doesn't make sense...))
B: ((Oh, but it does! The fire couldn't have spread fast on that dry old tree. It was still a small fire and it was just god-modding to make itself big!))

Shoe elves: Pretty obvious.
A: ((OOC: Well, gotta go to bed. Big neurosurgery test tomorrow.))
B: Ho, ho, ho! Now that the loser's gone to bed, I can strap his character to a cross and peg him with rotten fruit!

Revisionists: Another prevalent problem.
A: You chose the blue pill? Ooh, tough luck.
B: Red! I said red!
Don't go pulling that "I can read your previous post" mind game crap, either!

Speedhackers: One of the worst we have to deal with.
A: I walk to the door and step outside.
B: Suddenly, twelve men grab you, carry you off to my secret lair in Tibet, and torture you for weeks. When you finally die from the agony, we bury you in the frozen wastes. Hundreds of years later, archaeologists discover your frozen body and try to determine if you're another Lucy.

Oxymorons: Luckily rare.
A: I'm a farmer with a shotgun.
B: I'm a black hole which emits blinding pulses of visible light!
(For those of you not familiar with physics, black holes allow nothing out of their immense gravity. Not even light can escape.)

Baghdad Bobbits: An advanced (or is that "degraded"?) form of Puppet master and Aimbotter combined.
A: I fire at the stationary target, hitting twice but missing with my remaining four rounds.
B: I get tired of your realistic RPing style and poke you in the neck, collapsing your trachea. You die writhing in torment.

Hives: So named after such things as the xenomorphs from Aliens, the Klendathu bugs from Starship Troopers, and the teeming hordes they generally are. These hordes are always fearless, will battle until dead, and quite often have some excessive weapons and/or armor.
Basically, it's the guys who have too many NPCs. [Suggested by oxymoron_02]
A: *He sat alone in his one-man fighter ship, quickly scanning the radar for hostiles*
B: *He sat aboard his giant flagship, with his other 1000 ships around him. He ordered them all to attack the tiny fighter in front of them."

Gaseous Snakes: An advanced (or is that "dumb"?) form of McFlys.
A: I walk to the door and open it.
B: Being a fellow with a bit of foresight, I hooked that doorknob to a car battery an hour ago. You're thrown across the room.

Augustines: Far, far too prevalent.
A: Given that this RP's technology base is medieval, I happily drive my cart to the market to buy some maggot-ridden meat.
B: Too late! I already got there in my Gundam and blew up everything with my insanely overpowered weapons! And don't start whining, because my Gundam's already pre-approved in the "This Is Not a Medieval Technology Base RP" thread.

Ironclad Sentinels: This is fast becoming a problem, and refers to when a thread's subject organization/corporation/military has too many defenses, or defenses that are unrealistically powerful or just plain 'modey. [This AMP suggestion created by kodachi3]
A: I am attacking with a battalion of thirty tanks, air support of twenty gun-ships, and three submarines off the coast with Tomahawk cruise missiles.
B: Defenses - Forcefield that blocks everything but lets our weapons out, invisibility shield around the base, 100 SAM turrets, 100 machine gun turrets, 1000 guards with machine guns, 200 space fighters, 200 tanks.

Batmen: Only a few, but they're a b***h to deal with.
A: In this Fantastic Four RP, I'll be Ben, the gruff rock-man with a heart of gold.
B: I'll be Reed Richards, the living sex toy who hunts down innocent women to subdue with his incredible flexibility!

Zoicite: The people who alter their character as needed for the situation.
Example: They can turn from an angel to a demon to a dragon to a gundam pilot to a janitor to a literal fly-on-the-wall to an ogre magi to the sacred holder of that important plot element that they need to do what they want.

NIMBY: The people who quite readily attack others' threads, but then stop all attacks on their own thread.
A: They attacked us! Let's go and get them!
B: Our base is protected by three force fields, giant laser guns, automated robots with plasma guns, and a barrier blocking all weapons and magic!
A: They attacked us! Let's go and get them!
B: *Deletes any posts related to an attack*

Trinity: The knowledge down loaders, the omniscience wizards.
A: My character was raised by a gang leader in the harsh conditions of a slum. From this, he learned to wield small firearms fairly effectively and has limited driving abilities.
B: My character was born on a remote jungle island and can fly or drive anything and use any gun with perfect aim.

Quakers: They can magically 'spawn' anything.
A: My character is wearing a form of armor only vulnerable to a drop of water from a holy well in South Dakota.
B: *He pulls out the vial of water from a holy well in South Dakota* "I don't know why I always carried this, but I knew it would come in useful one day."

Lucky Irishman
: A mix of a McFly and Augustine, Lucky Irishmen’s RPCs perform actions at chance, with no knowledge of how it will affect the outcome, that usually turns to their favor, despite chances of it happening being very slim.
A: With your character totally surrounded in a section of corridor, my ten skilled ninja prepare to slice him to pieces.
B: My character backs up to the wall, inadvertently tripping the base's alarm.
A: ((If I'm going to be honest and fair here, I have to tell you that the alarm would trigger the corridors to be sealed by blast-proof bulkheads.))
B: ((Oh, oops. Guess my character's safe then.))

Mary Sue/ Gary Stu: Not truly a form of Munching, and not always annoying. Mary Sues/ Gary Stus are characters who have over-idealized mannerisms and no apparent flaws. They represent the perfect character for their creator. Everyone wants to be a Mary Sue or Gary Stu, but no one can, because characters NEED flaws. It also refers to characters with certain cliches (strange eye colors, mystical powers, mysterious past, etc). It is on this list because role-players with Mary Sue/Gary Stu characters often use other Munchies in their posts, which can be VERY annoying. Mary Sues and Gary Stus are actually more common in literature than they are in role-playing, but they ARE there, and you probably know or are one.
No role-play example is provide, but examples of Mary Sue/ Gary Stu characters from other media include Edward Cullen and Bella Swann from Twilight, Wesley Crusher from Star Trek: The Next Generation, and almost every Disney character to date.

: Not very common, they’re more of a problem in D&D-style games. Their strength:weakness ratio is ridiculously off-balance.
A: I've successfully broken into the facility which gave you your incredibly 1337 power armor. Now I pull up the file on it. What does it say about weak points?
B: The metal of my armor is... um... allergic to praying mantis urine.

Oblivious Oaf
: Characters who don’t explain how what they’re using works. Not always bad, as not everyone knows how particle shielding or a gravity-spewing rail gun works, but an attempt should be made to at least give a vague idea.
B: Hahahahahaha my ultra shield deflects any projectile weapon
A: ((Dude, how does that work? I need some info))
B: ((Ahhhhh uhhhhhh.......it....uses......some.......weird substance......that like...........does.....something......and then it like.....deflects all projectiles! Thats how it works, its not like I never explain my gear its just that I just came up with that explanation now, I mean I just had trouble explaining it.))

One-liner: A player who posts ridiculously short posts that somehow attempt to sum up everything they’re doing.

Guardian: Sort of the opposite of Aimbotters, Guardians block or dodge every attack thrown at them. Basically, they never get hurt.
A: My men fire a barrage of two hundred arrows.
B: I block and dodge every single one, and throw my sword at you like a boomerang!

Gaseous Snake Extended
: A cross between a McFly and a Lucky Irishman, a Gaseous Snake will attempt to alter the RP after the fair player has posted something that will lead to the Snake’s demise. However, they aren’t as desperate as McFlys in what they change.
A: I walk to the door and open it.
B: Being a fellow with a bit of foresight, I hooked that doorknob to a car battery an hour ago. You're thrown across the room.

Boa Constrictor Extended: People who put so many rules into their role-play that it becomes impossible for more than a few people to role-play and have fun. The list of rules is often long, and covers every miniscule detail imaginable. Now, role-plays DO need rules, but too many make it hard to enjoy yourself in the game. They often ban certain forms of magic, weapons, technology and powers. The reason it’s Munchiness is so low is that most people who see the list of rules say “screw this” and hit the Back button.
No example is provided, because it would imply that there are certain rules that shouldn’t be used when developing a role-play.

: Named after the main characters of the popular tween vampire romance novel, Twilight, and for a reason. Bellas (girls) and Cullens (guys) instantly fall in love with a character they just met.
A: I enter the room, looking around for a seat. Finding one, I take it and pull out my binder.
B: Seeing the guy walk into the room, I instantly fall in love, and wonder why he’s so pale and keeps giving me creepy looks.

Cyberer: Extremely rare, and for good reason. Cyberers are people who role-play sexual acts in great detail. Almost all role-playing forums will instantly ban Cyberers when they rear their ugly heads, but they’re perhaps THE most annoying (and disgusting) group around.
No example necessary, it’s pretty self-explanatory. If you MUST have an example, use your imagination.
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Character Sheet

The Skulls are a group of gangs who all have one goal and that goal is to take over Toyko. Also check the character section to see what positions are open for the taken.
User Image Candy Skulls: Sexy, Cute, Charming, Beauty, all of these words describes the members of Candy Skulls. They are a band of ladies who use their beauty and intelligence as a deadly weapon. (Cat woman in Batman Returns is a good ex of a Candy Skull)
User Image Vampire Skulls: These guys are the real deal. Word is, these guys are actually REAL vampires. It was said that the Vampire Skull is the oldest skulls to ever exist. These guys are one with the darkness and tend to blend in with the crowd in the day-time. They are masters of hypnosis and make outsiders a slave or dinner. Yes! you read it correctly, they are day walkers. (Leader & Co-leader are the only pure breeds. Unless you are the family of Leader or Co-Leader. Leader family is deceased with exceptions of his little sister.)
User Image Toxic Skulls: Before the downfall of their gang, they were a force of reckoning with the use Science to create powerful chemicals. They coated all of their weapons in poison. They even created weapons that produced different type of fumes with different results for an advantage in any given situation. Toxic Skulls never had much territory above ground, they operated from an abandon base underground, getting real acquainted with the sewers.
User ImageTech Skulls: A band of geeks or people who have a high IQ when it comes to technology. These guys usually use their advance Hi-tech technology to get the upper hand in battles. They have the lowest arrest rate out of all the Skull Gangs, because they were difficult to catch or discover. Very skilled in hacking and if they robbing a bank, best believe they have everything mapped out to the T beginning with killing your power. It is rumored that most of their money comes from secretly selling their technology to any buyers.
User ImageFire Skulls: These guys are serious pyro maniacs. Their the reason why the fire department never sleeps. They use all types of gadgets that causes explosions and gives you third degree burns. Rumor has it, these guys were the ones who created July 4th.
User ImagePunisher Skulls: Talk about mafia made people. These guys are a combination of bronze and smarts. The streets of Tokyo was their teacher and way of life. These street graduates have risen from no where making a name for themselves. The Punisher Skulls have no problem taking other Skulls fighting methods and using it on them. Passionately driven with the desire to run the Skulls & Toyko.
User Image Skull Hunters: When the police can't do their job, these are the goons that are called in. Highly trained assassins & androids who hunt down Skulls for money. Some of them even gone as far as hunting down Skulls just for the hell of it. Nothing, but pure hatred for the skulls burns inside each member.
User Image Toyko Police: The police force of Tokyo, who work hard every day to prevent crime and stop it. Putting their lives on the line to protect and keep the citizens of Toyko safe from crime.
User ImageCivilians: Ordinary everyday citizens who live an ordinary life. Some of these citizens are involved with the Skulls, but remains neutral, they only aid the Skulls when their help is needed. Occasionally trained in some combative art, most are average people who learn to adapt to the Street Code or die trying.

Fire Skulls & Toxic can be revived, but would have to start from scratch. Meaning who ever chooses to revive the Skull Gang, must start off as a leader and recruit civilians. If anyone wants to join the Toxic or Fire after the leader position has been taken. Must apply for a civilian then role play a civilian wanting to become a part of Fire or Toxic skulls. It is up to the leader to set the requirements to be fulfilled in order to join the gang. Leader of Fire & Toxic: Do not go around just saying you want to be in the gang, then say your in after the civilian does one small thing. Make them work for their position.

[b]User Name:[/b]
[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Skull Gang:[/b]
[b]Weapons Description:[/b] (What is it & How does it function.)
[b]Special:[/b] (A human/android, human with android eyes, Vampire, etc.)

Your profile will be created as a journal entry. PM me the link to your journal entry. Upon submitting your profile to me, your subject will be which ever Skull Gang you have selected. Once your profile has been reviewed, you will receive a "Accepted" reply back. Once you have received my "Accepted" reply, you may post. All weapons will be reviewed, so be creative, but try not to create aids of Godmodding. Any weapon or technology you want to add on later in the Rp, must be role played that you went to a store and bought it or how ever you obtained it. Then I must be PMed a description of every new weapon etc purchased function, after I approve it, you must add it to your journal, then put it in your inventory IC. If you make any edits to your weapons or improve them, I want to be notified for approval. Any type of adjustments, edits, improvements made to your weapons, HQ, body, I want to be notified immediately for approval. After approval, you will add it to your journal and it will begin to take effect in IC your next post. Not during process of approval. Anything going through process of approval will not be used or in effect, until I approve of it and it has been added to your journal, then put 'added (insert date was added.)' Please do not try to create a mutant or some type of super hero/elementalist/X-Men/Resident Evil. Androids/Cyborgs/Experimented people are fine.
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User Image
wahmbulance You can also use this map to navigate deeper inside Tokyo. This is an interactive map with 23 wards of the area in the map above. That way you won't have trouble stating your specific location in what part of Tokyo you are in. Tokyo's 23 Ward Interactive Map wahmbulance
wahmbulance Toxic Skulls have successfully taken over Tokyo Dome. wahmbulance

User Image Monday, about to be night. Time: 7:35 P.M.

Effective 8-27-12: Every character who falls asleep will dream and their dream will be their character's life story. Like I'm doing with Vicious, that way we keep things rolling and interesting even when our character's sleep. Not forgetting to mention we get to learn each others characters. You can choose where you will start off, whether it be from the hospital your character was born in or when he/she started first grade. Each character's life story will lead up to how they created their Skull gang, Skull Hunters or how they came to join what ever Skull gang they joined. Same thing goes for police, except your life story will lead up to you becoming a police officer. I want interesting stories, nothing quick. These dreams will begin at the time you go to sleep till 7:00AM or whenever you choose to wake up. Once you have gone to sleep, you are to begin your dream(character's life story) with [Dream: Begin], when your character has wakened from his slumber, let your last dream post be [Dream: End] Make sure you keep your posts rolling on telling your character's life story, until they wake up.
8-17-12: wahmbulance Toxic Skulls have been revived wahmbulance
11-19-12: wahmbulance Fire Skulls have been revived wahmbulance
11-28-12: wahmbulance Toxic Skulls took over: Shinjuku Meiji Shrine wahmbulance
12-2-12: wahmbulance Fire Skulls are on the map with an HQ: Marunouchi, The Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum wahmbulance
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1-8-13: [Pg 30 Event Has Begun] - R1: The Future of Mankind's Protection
Profile for the R1 - R1 Mechanics
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Vicious Tactician

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Vicious Tactician

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Orain Geta, better known as Vicious, the leader fo the Vampire Skulls sat on the top of a building watching the civilians below scatter about heading towards their destination. It was a usual thing done when he needed time to himself. ~Humans are intriguing creatures, even though they are foul in their ways~, Vicious thought to himself as he ease dropped on a couple passing conversations. Vicious then exhaled heavily leaning his upper body back, his hands resting on the roof of the ceiling while he observed the passing cars. Vicious began to wonder about his little sister, it has been ages since the last time he has seen her.

1: Plasma Scythe
1: Hover Board
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Vicious Tactician

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User Image
The clouds had begun to cry down upon Vicious as his mental state prepared a flash back. Screams mixed with gunshots and bombs echoed in his ear as he was consumed by his flash back.

~Lania Geta: "Orain! Take your sister to the library, find the Old English 1800s book, pull it down, then make your way into the under ground passage my son. Me & your father will hold off the humans."

"Mother&Father please, we can escape together...."

Lania Geta: "Do not disobey me young one, you are indeed your father's sound in every aspect, but respect your mother wishes." Lania made her way over to her son, lightly placing her hands on the sides of his head, bringing his forehead to her lips. "No matter what, you will not turn around.....do you hear me?" A tear was generated from her right eye trailing down to her cheek, Lania knew this would be the last time seeing her son, but she was willing to make that sacrifice for her son and her daughter.

"Yes mother."

Orain took his sisters hand heading for the library. Orain looked for the book quickly as the sounds of someone trying to breakdown the door could be heard coming from the front. The book was found then pulled downwards and the entire shelf moved back then slid to the left revealing a passage. Orain told his sister to go ahead and wait for him in the passage. His sister did as she was told moving inside the passage. Orain ran over by the wall peeking around the corner.

The door came down and a team of humans entered the room with machine guns locked and loaded. Orain continued to watch what was going on. Orain's mother and father didn't waste time putting down the humans as they attacked first with the pull of a trigger. Humans dropped, flew into the air, or screamed in agony from limbs being parted from their body left and right as Orain's mother and father passed them swiftly. Through the door came a man with a black trench coat, his suite separated him from the others, it was as if they were saving the best for last. The man lifted his shotgun up aiming at mid-air pulling the trigger. My father was hit, doing a 360 spin on the ground with the inside of his head scattered about. The sight of what just happened shocked Orain as anger built up inside of him. Lania halted in her movements staring at her husband, tears began to stream as she lost it. Loud hissing passed her lips as she rushed in. *BOOM*


The strange man locked eyes with me as a twisted smile formed upon his lips. More humans flushed through the door running towards him. Orain stepped back then turned around heading into the passage with the book shelf closing off the passage behind him.~

The sounds of him screaming "mother" and sobbing echoed in his ears as his eyes opened. Vicious was fully soaked, his black hair resting on his face dripping drops of rain that his hair collected from the rain. Orain stood up on his feet moving over to his hover board setting it down on the ground. The hover board activated itself before hitting the ground floating in mid-air. Stepping onto the hover board, Orain's right foot stepped on a button and flames ejected from the back of the board as if he was driving a Batmobile. Orain took off heading deeper into the city.

1: Plasma Scythe
1: Hover Board
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Greedy Genius

User Image

The streets of Tokyo, while they may not have held as notorious a reputation as say the streets of New York or some other gang towns, they still brought their own version of organized crime, a version unseen anywhere else; The Skull gangs. Even in the presence of futuristic technology it seemed that the violent gangs were not going to be left in the past, sure the Flame and Toxic skulls had managed to get wiped from the face of the earth but when one gang dies another rises to take the reigns, this new gang being the Punisher skulls. Throughout time it has been a race to survive the changing times and no other gang was better suited than Saburo Takeda's Punishers. The gang thrived on violence, but instead of focusing on a particular gimmick; a staple of the other gangs, the Punishers instead took the best from all the gangs and implemented it into their own style of crime. Spearheading this change in power was the leader and founder of the Punisher skulls, a charismatic youth from the very streets that his gang would soon call home.

The sweet pitter patter of rain upon the city streets, such a contrast to the normal hustle and bustle of the busy streets, for one who relished any moments of peace he could attain the rain drops were something of a treat. To be the leader of one of the fiercest gangs in all Tokyo meant that moments like this were scarce; it also meant that someone was not doing their job properly as peace for even a moment was not something that a vicious gang should strive for. Perhaps the men were slipping, or maybe it was just an off day and no rival gangs were starting trouble in Punisher skull territory, either way, it needed to stop and Sics was just the person to end the peace. Taking to the streets with an entourage of no less than five men and women, Sics began the tedious task of patrolling his territory in an effort to find out why the presence of chaos was lacking this particular day.

Weapons: Tanto, Wrappings x5 (hidden)
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Vicious Tactician

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User ImageVicious headed for the Punisher territory, he had some business to handle with Saburo. Saburo's methods of how he ran his gang and how his gang formulated sickened Vicious to the core. The nerve of a new gang attempting to mark their territory inside Vampire Skull's territory. Vicious never had a chance to meet Saburo face to face, but only heard street stories of him or his name came up during the time their gangs clashed. Vicious crossed over into the Punisher territory now located in Yoyogi Park. Vicious spotted a member of the gang, his face not ringing any bells as far as a name. Vicious cocked his head to the side nearing to this male who was followed by a couple people. Vicious used the back of his right foot to click down on his hover board turning off the turbo. Vicious then erected his standing position causing the board to halt in it's movements. After the board came to a stop, the board lowered down to the ground in front of Saburo three feet away. Vicious held his left hand over the board, the board responded by opening up a hidden slot within the board revealing his titanium pole.

Vicious whistled and the pole answered his class by moving upward from it's resting place to Vicious's left hand. Vicious rotated the titanium pole switching it to his right hand before setting it down on the ground. Vicious looked Saburo into the eyes with his icy blue eyes.

"Punisher skulls aye? Ya'll like to go around leaving your mark on other Skull's territories. You got two options: A. Take me to your leader or B. I kill you, your peoples and I'll find the leader myself. How we doing this?"

Vicious set his right thumb on the pole scanner. After his thumb print was verified the plasma came out of the top of the titanium pole. the sound of it sounded similiar to when Jedis turn on their saber.

1: Plasma Scythe
1: Hover Board
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Invisible Loiterer

User Image

Anna crouched on the metal grating of the fire escape and waited. She glanced at the readout on her screen; there were about two minutes left before her ride should get there. She stood, closing the laptop and stuffing it in her bag. She thought she could see the yellow of the hovtaxi in the distance. The sleek yellow ship glided four stories above the streets below. It was built to be sleek and beautiful, but also to protect its high paying customers inside. Anna, standing on the fifth floor, broke into a run. She wouldn't be paying for this ride. She lept, throwing herself out over the void of the city. Above and below her flashed the tail lights of the layers of hovcars as they wove between the metal skyscrapers. Gravity began drag her down milliseconds after her feet left the stairwell and she landed heavily on the hovtaxi. Anna winced at the clang. Hopefully, the driver hadn't noticed the sound through the fiberglass body. Laying flat on her stomach, Anna prepared for the trip into Punisher territory. She had work to do.

When she slipped off the roof of the car, she was in a distinctly different part of the city. A dangerous part. Right now, the Punishers controlled more than their share of the underground. The other gangs had taken note, and there was a rumor floating around Tokyo that Vampire and Punisher would be confronting that night. The Techs hoped to take advantage of the ensuing chaos to make a few advances into their neighboring territory. Anna's feet hit the pavement and she ran, ducking into an alleyway. Any point this close to the Punisher's simtower would work, but she wanted to find a physical connection to better tap power. Her mission was intended to be a silent one.


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Greedy Genius

User Image

The sudden appearance of Vicious couldn't have come at a better time as a small smile crept over the leader of the Punisher skulls face. As the man's plasma blade whirred to life, Sics' men did nothing but watch as the stranger stood before them. "I must say that this turn of events works in both our favor. Other gangs territories? Oh you must be mistaken, if these lands were ever anyone elses than it was only for the fact that I let said gangs borrow them. So.... how may I assist you?" Replied the young man, his expression unchanged even in the face of danger, after all if he were to show weakness now, his gang would leave him and all his work would be for naught. Gesturing for his entourage to give him some room, Sics drew his own weapon, the small blade looking like nothing in comparison to the stranger's scythe and yet Sics knew that in his capable hands such a weapon could be just as dangerous.

Weapons: Tanto, Wrappings x5 (hidden)
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Vicious Tactician

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User Image
Vicious chuckled as the gang leader was found, his mouth was slick and his tongue lashed out as if it were a knife when speaking on the territory.

"Tell me something......Do you fear death?"

Vicious tongue moved outside of his mouth running of his pierced lip. Vicious mind started to work contemplating on whether or not he wanted to give this kat the show of his life by revealing his pure breed vampire benefits. Vicious placed both of his hands on his scythe then began to spin the scythe around, he then removed his left hand fromt he scythe keeping the scythe spining with his right hand. Vicious eyes slanted as he grabbed a hold of the scythe handle then launched the scythe towards Sics. The scythe quickly snapped apart from it's lower half revealing the chain extending outwards. The scythe was aimed at Sic throat to be head him with ease.

1: Plasma Scythe
1: Hover Board

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