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Erica was ready for Jack to move as Lola shot at him, and only just missing him. She followed his steps and extended her stance to catch Kopi's sword. Erica with one hand was able to off set the attack. The blade was inches from Jacks face her own chines broad sword was just about to touch him as she was able to use Kopi's attack to try to push her off balance. She sent a roundhouse with her left leg up at Kopi's face. Erica's movements were fluid and well practiced. Her hair whipped around as she finished quick movements.

Jamie walked over to Blain, and smiled. “I am sorry for bringing up the past, its been hard for me not to think of things that have happened. We have survived so much in our short time knowing each other. Without things happening the way they have we would not be the people we are today. I have no regrets, and I am trying to move forward.” She actually squeezed Blain's hand, and went to sit down. Her knee was reminding her that it was still pissed off at her for the abuse from early that morning. And one of the causes of that pain was ten feet from her or less separated by a thick piece of reenforced bullet proof combination of metal. Jamie looked over to Mi as she and her mother worked.

Jamie looked over to Hawkeye. “You don't mind if we go to your Island, and see your secret. You say people were hurt there. If we have time I can lend my skills to them if you would like? I don't want to over step my boundaries considering our circumstances." Jamie figured things were bad there, and seeing hurt people bugged her more then most things in this world.
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Kopi's eyes gaze to Erica through her mask as another blade extended from her other piece of her equipment getting into her other hand as she pulls the other sword away she pulls back sending one of her swords down at Erica and keeping the other for defense. Lola ducks out of the way for a moment not having much space as she attacks Jack pushing him back alittle to give her enough room to breath. Jack slashed at Lola as with the other hand appeared a gun as Lola dodges the gun appeared in her face. Kopi gazes over to Jack and Lola and uses her other sword to slash down making her wide open. Jack pulls back his hand to prevent his hand from being cut off.

Blain chuckles. "No its fine, after all my past did give me an excellent future." as Jamie walked over to sit down Blain continued to stand looking over to Hawkeye as she spoke to him. Hawkeye looks to Jamie raising his head up. "Don't worry, my secret is below my city you will not see my people weakened I have my own people helping me out with this." "After all..." Hawkeye looks to Blain "This is bigger than keeping a secret from each other what we have known and have done for a long time." "You won't just see it, you will be in it as well." Hawkeye smiled

Andrew continued to drive quickly as he comes up to a wide area with nothing in his way. He kept his speed going as he headed for the wide sea up ahead. "We don't have much longer to go to get there if they are going to finish off those two now will be a good time to do it. Zion has fallen behind or has just let us go." Charles was looking at Mi and her mom as he sat next to her looking at the screen. "You know, I find knowledge to be absolutely beautiful and on you I cant seem to keep my eyes off of you." Charles smiled looking at Mi as Himeko chuckled alittle to herself

Marcio looks over to Charles as Andrew's eyes gaze back they both shake there heads "Even still, he flirts with her. Charles is persistent when it comes to cute girls." Andrew nods in agreement as he looks at the horizen up ahead the sun began to come up as morning slowly began.
((You can put curves in the road. I only like now of a few roads that lack curves that are this long and straight. There could be no cars and what not. Due to this new military order ))

Erica moved to take the obvious strike, but was not stupid to think there was a counter. Her lung did not leave her off balance, and if Kopi dodged out of the way it would put her further from Jack, and Lola. “They have their differences to figure out. Let them be. I have to settle a score for someone.” She brought the sword swiftly around, the metal cutting the air as it sang to its intended target. They were moving slowly towards a set a corners that Erica was going to use in her attacks, she just could not keep her eyes off Kopi as she did them. Mi was going to have to come into play here.

Mi chuckles and looks up at Charles. She was polite, but quick. She smiles at him, and even blushes. “Thanks. Your not to bad yourself.” She said being honest. Her mind flashed to Zero as Mi noticed the bends in the road coming up. Getting on the com with Erica as she and her mother worked away at hacking into Zion. “Erica you have three ahead of you, one should be taken at Fifty-five mph, but we are doing triple digits. It bends to the right. The next two are made for swifter movements but we are already going at a pretty good click. I will ask them to put on some speed at the end of each.” Realizing she did not give an ear bud to Jack, her eyes went wide. “Crap Jack might not know.” She said to Erica did not take her eyes off her attacker voiced out to Jack. “Remember what I asked Mi to do for us up here. Well she is warning us now.” Hoping he would remember that Mi was going to give them an idea of terrain ahead. Erica leaned into the turn making a sweeping kick at Kopi's legs.

Jamie continued to look at Hawkeye as he explained things. She nodded, and looked back over to Blain and she shook her head. “Okay.” Jamie's eyes felt heavy, but there was too much going on. Jamie looked up to where the fighting was taking place. Each time a strike was made it could be felt in the metal of the transport. Standing she worried about both Jack, and Erica, and who they were fighting then to who they had in this Stinger with them. Yes she had forgiven Hawkeye. But it did not make it any easier to be so close to him. The mind games that Kopi played with her had left its mark, though she hid it well she was holding back more emotions then she was letting out. 'After we are done Jamie, then you can let it all out. Just like before.' “Just like before.” She whispered as she looked up at the combat feeling useless. As they approached the first turn, Jamie almost lost her balance. The brace was about to fall to pieces as she put her weight on it. Using the handles she kept herself from falling on her butt as she fell into Blain's lap. “Whoops... Sorry about that.” She said with an embarrassed chuckle.
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NC sighed to herself "its all ways about politics".
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Kopi takes the hit as her movements became somewhat slow Kopi looks at Erica as she puts her blades down to the side she spoke as she did so. "Their own problems..." Kopi points her blade at Erica "You are part of their own problems for my sister Lola that means you are the problem. She can handle Jack, yes but I have a score to settle. Kopi lefts her blade up pointing it downwards toward the truck as she hits a switch sending electricity through the blade. Kopi chuckles "I can only guess who is beneath me, this is for Kazi."

Jack's eyes look to Erica as she spoke to him then quickly back to Lola as he had a knife in one hand and a gun in the other he was now prepared to fight in close quarters combat. Lola rushes into Jack as Jack quickly grabbed Lola's arm bending it backwards and turning her around to kick her in the back as she stumbles. Lola quickly stood up as she gazes at Kopi making Jack's eyes shift to Kopi as well. On that moment Lola rushed into Jack cutting his arm as Lola came back around this time Jack catches the blade with his own. "You see that, you’re nothing Jackey." Jack looks at Lola as he smirked. "Its time you grow up, why die for me if I'm not worth it." Lola paused for a moment "What is your who reason for wanting me dead. Is it because I didn't give you the time of day, or that I didn't care what you felt. Or is it because I have chosen someone who lived a normal life but had something special about them I didn't know about." "My reason is because you are so weak. Just like Melissa said about you. You have gotten weak because of her and you must be forced to open your eyes to the truth once I’ve beaten you." Lola held the blade in front of her as Jack paused glaring at Lola. "How foolish." Jack takes off his jacket and tosses it down as it catches a hook on the top of the truck. Placing up his gun he held only his blade. "You want to see that I've just been holding back each time. Then you've got it." Jack placed his knife backwards as he takes a stance. "You will be dead after this move, you can believe that."

Charles notice Mi blushes as he smiled "So, to help out my friend Andrew do you have someone already in your life or are you flying solo." Charles gazes over to Andrew then back to Mi. Andrew chuckled as he prepared for the tight curve up ahead. "I suggest everyone back there hold onto something. I'm not one to break." Marcio held onto one of the handles as he spoke. "Trust me he isn't thats why we don't let him drive." As Andrew hit the first turn Marcio held on as does Charles. Blain held on tightly as the movement of the truck nearly threw him from his seat if he was on the other side of the truck. As Jamie fell towards him Blain quickly on instincts moved his hand to catch Jamie a little as she fell into his lab Blain chuckled looking at Jamie. "Hello Jamie, it will be a wise idea if you strapped yourself in your seat." Blain smiled moving Jamie in the seat next to him.

Upon the turn Kopi was in the movement of stabbing her sword downwards as the trucks movements threw her off her balanced off together as does Lola. Kopi falls off the truck as she quickly grabs onto one of the handles. Lola landed where Kopi was as Kopi held a hand out to her. "Help me my sister." Lola steadily gets to her feet as she looks over to Kopi. Jack looks at Lola as he spoke. "Lola, if you turn your back to me I will not hesitate to kill you when I said I won't hold back I could care less for honor." Lola's eyes gaze back to Kopi then to Jack as she balled up a fist and growled. As the truck followed the path to the next turn Kopi started to lose her grip a little as she hung on. “Sister, help me.”

Dmitri speaks to his soldiers to prepare for a battle worth all their time and effort as the soldiers pounded their weapons upon the ground they chant a war song as they couldn’t wait for the battle. Dmitri stood with a serious look to his face as he spoke to his sentinels “Look, look at them prepared for what’s theirs in the words of a hero, Adolph; rise up higher than the rats and roaches that only look for survival and eliminating them on your way to the top. The Sentinel’s sensors look directly at Dmitri as he spoke. “My father has done so much for this world that its time the world paid back what they owe. I have so much planned for Zion just expanding isn’t good enough anymore I won’t be satisfied with the simple fact that this place has become the pinnacle of life.” Dmitri turns to his four sentinels as he handed out a signal and spoke “Prepare the Buster Syntec Alpha I don’t want any mishaps when this thing starts.” One of the Sentinels looks at Dmitri as it spoke “Taking drastic precautions are you sire, what are you afraid of? After all if you are so well prepared already what’s the need?” Dmitri looks at the sentinel “They are my brothers, even though they aren’t raise by their father that is all I need to know.” The sentinels nodded their head as the turned quickly rushing off.

Andrew continued to drive as he sighed getting through the turn “This truck is amazing we have to get one. Protective, added shielding, can plow through anything that stands in its way.” Marcio chuckled “Yeah, right then we don’t have to fight we can just ram our enemies.” Andrew chuckled as well “Yeah totally, but just imagine after all of this we all can share a cold pint.” Blain looks over to the Andrew and Marcio as they talked “After all this…” Blain looks down for a moment “That’s right, after all this; there won’t be anything left for us nobody attacking us. No reason to fight.” Marcio gazes over to Blain “It will be quite boring wouldn’t it but aren’t you the Czar that alone gives you stuff to worry about.” Blain nods “True, but I’ve always wondered if there is something more. To go somewhere that nobody knows your name.” Charles looks over to Blain as Andrew gazes back in the truck mirror looking at Blain as he spoke. “Every since the event of trying to start WWIII all of our names have just been the highlight for the books.”

Hawkeye looks at Blain as he chuckled “Well, well seems my brother has finally reached that point.” Hawkeye laughed tiredly as Blain looks to him. “I have reached that point a long time ago when that soldier integrity finally begins to break and all of this commanding and ruling becomes a blur of concern.” “I have to admit the reason I haven’t been attacking all of you is because of that, and the reason I took to spaceships so quickly.” Blain looks down as he too chuckled “The whole title of Czar isn’t important to me but my people are but the simple fact is I can’t solve everyone’s problems I use to think I can. In reality I’m only human.” The rest of the guys got quiet as they thought about their own situation. Marcio spoke again. “I see now, after our military unit disbanded… for some reason we continued to fight.” Charles looks to Marcio “It’s because it disbanded we fight, we can’t handle boredom so we get into everything so basically we’re just weapons to be used and move on.” Blain looks over to Jamie who he placed next to him. “What are you thinking Jamie?”
Erica held strong to the handle on the roof of the Stinger seeing Kopi loose her balance which surprised her. As the truck straightened out Erica got word of the next two corners, and knew Kopi would be able to get up if she used the second corner to do so. She heard real fear in her voice and it shocked her even more. Hearing Jack speak on his honer, she let go and let the momentum of the next corner take her near where Kopi fell off. She glared at Lola. "Jack don't let her suck you in. It's exacatly what she wants." She looked at Jack her sword pointed at Lola. “You know how easy it is to destroy something? It takes so little, and it is easier to do that then create. Drop your weapons both of you. I have given you both a choice.” She looked down to Kopi ready to defend herself if she must, or help her up.

Jamie cleared her throat, and let Blain set her down next to him. “Thank you Blain.” Jamie strapped her lap strap across her and remained quite as they spoke. She unzipped her tach vest enough for it to be comfortable as she put her elbows on her knees. “I would hope that the attacks on us would stop, but I will still sleep with a gun under my pillow at night.” Considering she was alone in her home, she still left the door unlocked. Jamie looked to Blain as she thought about her empty home, and wondered if it would ever have someone else to enjoy it with. Having an open home, it was a sign of welcome to her friends, and a warning to her enemy's. She picked at the dirt under her nail, and it made a quite clicking sound. Her fingers spread and she looked at the palms. Rubbing the tips of her fingers with her thumbs, Jamie's hands were with out scars, one of few places with out white lines crossing her flesh. Her mind wondered to Blain and what he perclamied durring Zion's little visit. He cared for her. But could se allow herself to open up again after such pain? Only time will show, and she wanted to love him back. As the men spoke of leadership, it gave her a since of pride for them, and 'having something to do.'

It all got quite. Hawkeye sounded tired, and Jamie looked up from her hands. Blain asked for her option. “As for having something to do, I always have something to do. My hospital, my small farm, the Military, my Campaign, which I might add maybe something that it is not worth doing. I can't even keep my life under control let alone a whole country. My hospital.” She smiled at her achievement. “It's ever moving, and learning. As is my little farm. I am not worried about getting my name in a book. Even though I have managed to get into books ” She paused as she thought about it. “I could of lived with out how I got it there, and what I had to do to get there. People were ever judging.” This brought her back to the first days she met Blain, and how he handed her, her file with all of her information on it. “I have never read my file it still lays there on my desk at the base. Hell I did not want the job of General. I was happy as a Captain. High enough to get respect, but my calls would not end as many lives.” She looked down for a moment as the men got silent. “I am not saying what your dreams are argent, or selfish. Not in the least. I was the one who brought about my suffering from the days in space. I was just trying to get under Jack's skin, and win over his mind. I did not know the foolish actions I was taking and the death sentence I made for the man I married. Arrogance was something my father always chastised, and got after me for. No body likes a bragger.”

Thinking on what Charles had said about being weapons and being thrown out. Meeting his eyes, she saw his meaning very clearly, but she smiled at him. “There is always something you can do. It is how you move on from this day to the next, and the choices you make will they really show who you truly are.” She turned her attention to her brace. It was all but gone, and not doing much but hindering her actions. Jamie rolled her pant leg up, and hit the emergency spring. It clanged, and moved from her knee in a simple action. Catching it before it fell to the floor Jamie looked at it. “What a mess.” She said with a smile. “Okay." Jamie clapped her hands as if to ride the room of self lothing. Her lungs sounded clear, and not bottled up. "So lets figure this out. We have a group of people who have everything they need to take over the world.” She said it in a hyped up Irish accent, and moved her hands in an expressive way while rolling her eyes. “What do we have to stop them?” Jamie said as she lightened the atmosphere in the belly of the Stinger. All of her worries were gone, as she held her brace in her lap. Jamie did not want to feel sorry for herself so she took the initiative to move forward. "You spoke of Spaceships? Is Zion up in space now?"

Meanwhile Mi was making headway on Zion. Her mother was helping her greatly, and her eyes were moving across the holographic screen. As Charles spoke to her, Mi's fingers stopped. Her eyes moved back and forth in thought. “I don't know. I have this friend you see. Who...” She let out a sigh, and looked to Blain and Jamie who were in deep conversation. “Well he left, I don't know why, but I am sure he had his reasons.” She let out a sigh, and her fingers actually shook for a moment with her emotions getting a hold of her. Mi shook her hands and they went back to coding.
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Jack looks to Erica for a moment then back to Lola, Kopi smirked flipping herself onto the top the truck again as Erica points her blade at her. As Jack looks over to Kopi as she started to take off her mask Lola rushes over to Jack trying to catch him off guard as Jack quickly reacts Lola pulled out her blade getting to Jack as she runs into him. Jack had shook as Lola smirks a second went past as Lola's smirk became no more Jack smirks as he spoke quietly "Tried to kill me while my attention was else where. This is your mistake Lola I don't care for you because... you were weak. My girl is right, it is easy to break something down its difficult to build something up." Im building up my life. Lola began to shake dropping her knief as she pushed herself back from Jack blood was dripping from her chest as she fell to her kneels holding where the blood was. "Its too bad you couldn't let go of the past to build up your life now its over." As Kopi takes off the mask her silver eyes shown as she looks over to Lola who was now in pain she glared to both Jack and Erica. "My sister, you hurt my sister." Kopi takes both of her blades out charging them both with electricity as she rushed at Erica and Jack at once. "Now you die!"

Blain looks over to Jamie as she spoke Hawkeye spoke out responding to Jamie "Well, just being in the books is something its a kind of untold dishonor. Everyone has there opinion some love us and some hate us. My name for my people will be held up high im sure even when I'm gone. Just because I have a few people in my town I call a city doesn't make me important to the rest of the world but I am important to the people I take care of." Charles looks to Jamie as she spoke to him. "I realize that but its the simple fact weather its for good or evil we hold a gun in our hand and shoot to kill. Our choices are made when we finally put down the gun for good are we now people." Charles looks over to Mi as she answered his question, unsure of what to do he responded the best he could. "Im sure whatever this guy had chosen for his life he will regret making a girl like you so upset." Charles watched Mi as she continue to code as he faked yawning placing an arm around her. "If you don't mind I would like to be there for you until you face who ever this guy is. After all the saying goes all is fair in love and war right."

As Jamie claps her hands it caught the attention of the guys as they turn to her Andrew continued to drive as he turns and ear to listen. Hawkeye spoke up "Yes, its a redeveloped alien space craft we have fixed it enough to use. The simple fact is Zion isn't in space yet but I wouldn't put it past them to have connections to control all satillites. Hawkeye thinks for a moment as a name came to his mind. "Rafael Q. Haynes, he's in control of the satillites communication because of his high ranking he's on my side but I'm sure he has contacts with Zion as well. Himeko doesn't look up as she spoke continueing to type. "Thats correct we all have connections with Zion as a matter of fact..." Something appears on Himeko's and Mi's screen as Himeko finished getting into Zion. "I forgot I just could of used my old password. Himeko chuckles "Sometimes I can be so forgetful, so what are we looking for exactly"

Blain looks at Himeko as he presses a button on his techa a chirp sound is heard as Sergei flashes his stealth mode. The other A.I. tanks does as well as they are seen keeping up with the truck. Blain keeps them in range just in case. Looking up again he spoke "Well we need to know what kind of defense and offensive gear they have." Himeko continued to type as she spoke "I can already tell you that most of what they have isn't on file but I can pull up and old file and give you what they still have in use." Blain nods "Thats fine, we will need whatever else you can find anything will be good than going in there blind-folded."

Nolan walked next to Sirius as he gazes at him. With Zero walking with them Nolan thinks to himself “The boy who was hated for his supernatural powers and loved for being a weapon.” Nolan had done some research on Sirius when he discovered that Eden had a son. With being born in Israel he always kept himself updated with what’s going on in his home. Nolan continued to think to himself. “I know little about whom this kid is as a person but I will follow his story until it’s done.” Sirius eyes shift to Nolan as he chuckled a little. “Well, Nolan if that be what you seek you will learn my true story. I just hope you’re up to it as you say you are.”

Zero slowly started to fade in and out of consciousness as he walked along side Sirius and Nolan his mind taking in the data from the reeducation process he stops in his tracks as he falls to the floor. Nolan and Sirius both turned to him as Nolan spoke “Do you think the kid is strong enough.” “Many people are strong and got through the reeducation process but never awakened its only until they hear something they remember from the outside world do they start to wake up but they will always have that Zion instinct deep within their mind which is the whole purpose of it.” "Its also the simple fact that he came here with a purpose to fulfill that purpose he has to wake up. Nolan walked over picking up Zion as he held him upon his shoulders carrying him with one hand. “He won’t be much use to us or his group if he is unconscious.” Sirius turned as Nolan walked to the side of him. “Its fine, he will wake when the time is ready right now he is within his mind dealing with his problems he always had only then by solving those problems will he be able to wake.” Nolan nods as Sirius began to walk again and Nolan followed right behind.

Dmitri chuckled as he walked in the presence of his father Eden as Natasha stood next to him. Natasha looks down at her brother as she spoke. “Is everyone ready?” Dmitri looks up to Natasha “Everything on my part is ready what about you. Considering you are barely trained in military operations and combat your just a civilian.” A blade passes by Dmitri’s head as his eyes shift over Natasha held a tossing stance with a annoyed look to her face. “Just a civilian huh, you’re lucky you aren’t my target. Eden held his hand to his face as he watches the two go back and forth at each other. “Bratty little kids no matter how much I train them or teach them they are still kids. Which reminds me while my two children are here; Sirius has never been one to be with the family but always says he loves us no matter what. That makes me wonder what he does when he’s not with us… guess he has his own secrets like the rest of us” Eden sighed as he waited Dmitri glared at Natasha as does she as soon she turns her head quickly “Hm.” “Still think your better than the rest of us don’t you Natasha.” Natasha didn’t respond to Dmitri keeping her head turned from him.

Dmitri chuckled as he turns. “I will break you of that little sister.” As Dmitri leaves Natasha peeks at him leaving as soon she turns her head. Eden’s eyes went to Natasha as he spoke “I know you don’t like being here in Zion, no matter what you’ve been through. I give you a choice Natasha…” Natasha looks to Eden “If you want to leave Zion that is fine but just know when you leave out of those doors you will not be a part of this family. You have always been the rogue flower and you resent your royalty decide now.” Natasha looks straight ahead as she thinks to herself. “This is my chance to finally be free from this strict order. From living under my brothers always being put down because I’m not like Sirius or army leading like Dmitri.” Natasha looks down as she continued to think to herself as he headed down the stairway from her father’s thrown. Eden watches her as she continued to walk thinking to himself. “I don’t have a plan for you Natasha and I don’t plan on you becoming great but atlas you know how to hold your own. You will no longer have your father protecting you.” Natasha turned her head to her father as she looks down at the knife she threw at Dmitri she picks it up and places it away as she continued out the throne room.
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NC listened to Jamie as she spoke of Zion and space. Something in the back of NC's mind clicked. "Isn't that where Blain nicked off to when....". She left the thought there, it hurt too much. "So it's the end of the world again. I should have known, you guys don't do anything in halfs. So....tell me more about these people chasing us." NC said to Jamie as plans started to swirl around in her mind.
Erica turns to see Lola run into Jack. Her look showed she made it home, but how badly. She however got the sour end of the deal as Jack does much more damage to her, then she him. “Keep your feet on the ground, we are grounded. The truck will absorb the electricity.” She said quickly before Kopi could close the distance. Erica moved forward on cat like balance as the truck was finishing the turn. There was more momentum at the end so it was perfect. She brought her swords hilt to her nose, and the tip pointing down as she slid on her knees using the turn to turn her to the right as the corner took them around. She stood now her sword almost seemed to be smoking, and made a swipe at Kopi's back. She blocked the attack from Kopi's sword, but her own sword was scared from the sharpness of Kopi's blade. The tips of her fingers, along her forearm to her elbow spat out blood. Kopi only touched her with her sword, and Erica just not realized this. But now Jack, and Erica had Kopi flanked.

Jamie nodded as both Hawkeye, and Charles spoke to her. She smirks at Charles as he tries a fast one on Mi. Mi stopped her typing and looked at the screen. “Your right, all is fair.” She continued to look for the signal that was tracking them knowing Zion had not really let them out of their site. As her mother shows her the inner workings of Zion, Mi started to get into their eyes in the sky. “We were being watched from a while back. Jamie remember that man who is posing as a US general? Well he just went into a secure location in Arizona not to much before we left for Japan. It seems all of Zion is watching each of it's own members. As if your father does not trust his own people. We are being watched right now. They figure where we are going but from there they will only can guess. If they know Hawkeye is apart of this group, my guess is that he figures we will retreat there once we leave Japan.”

Mi stopped her typing and looked over to Hawkeye. “You guys say you have people on the inside. This guy Rafael. I would like to see if I could speak to him.” She looked over to her mother, and smiled. “I know what you mean. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in things we forget the obvious. Can you access the engineering department. I want to know the internal structure of Zion give it to Blain and the others who will be point in the attack.” She thought back to Zero. “If they have satellites following their members I am sure they have cameras on the inside.” She thought for a moment and shivered. “A lot of cameras.” Looking over to Himeko. “I bet you know to hide your tracks, and leave them cookies for them to occupy themselves with while we run around. That will come in handy once we get there.”

As Hawkeye, and Himeko started to speak of Alien crafts, Jamie could not help but snort. “Alien crafts. I would be a fool to think we are lone here, but come on. You guys have a spaceship?” As they continued to explained its existence as if they had been working on it for a while now, Jamie sat back, but only to feel her heart jump from her chest as NC showed herself. “HOLY MARRY MOTHER OF GOD! NC you scared ten years from my life.” She said as she cough her breath. “How did you?... Well that does not matter, what matters is your are safe. I was worry about you.” Jamie unbuckled herself used the rails to move over to NC and hug her tightly. It was a good soild friendly hug, one that made people want to have one and feel good getting one. Letting her bear paws free NC of her grasp, Jamie smiled at her. “Well you know how we like to spend our vacations NC. These people chasing us are a huge group calling themselves Zion. The leader is Blain's and Hawkeye's father. They have unknown amount of resources, and man power. The man is calling himself Eden, I am not sure if that is his real name or what he is calling himself. At any rate they have gone at great lengths to get these two together, for a family get together. Mi and her mother Himeko are working on getting more information for us as we speak. Both Himeko and Hawkeye have people inside of Zion that we an use to help us out. Jack and Erica are dealing with two of Zion's people now.” What Jamie did not say was that one of them killed her husband. Her face only showed a titch of sadness as she recalled. Clearing her head she stood. “Speaking of Jack and Erica how do they fair Mi?” Mi did not stop typing as she answered Jamie's question. “Erica just got hurt but nothing major. Jack I cannot tell how deep the wound that Lola inflicted on him, but we know Jack. He will be fine. However Lola is only just hanging on. They have Kopi flanked, and...” She saw Erica swipe at Kopi and Kopi had yet to react to it.
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Kopi stood as Erica's blade cuts into her back plate getting down to the skin. Kopi could feel the blood drip down her back as she turns to Erica and Jack as they happen to close her in. "Very good, perhaps it is time." Kopi closes her eyes and waited patiently as she quickly opens them coming at Erica for a final cut. Kopi rushed at Erica full speed as she slashed furiously to her this was kamikaze. To rush in without the thaught of surviving. As Kopi rushed at Erica Jack rushed just behind Kopi as Kopi uses her other blade to get Jack to back up. "Whoa, that’s how you want to play it huh." As the truck prepared its last turn. Andrew looks up to the ceiling then back to the turn up ahead as he smirks putting the petal to the metal he headed as he quickly slams on the breaks drifting the turn. Kopi felt the unbalance and drops one of her swords as she tries to keep her balance as best as she could. Jack stopped for a moment as he held his side where blood was leaking. Finally having to notice the cut he brushed it off. "Nothing much, a normal deep cut, nothing special I'll live." With Kopi having one sword now Jack takes a moment knowing Erica could handle Kopi

Hawkeye leans up as he spoke to Jamie regarding his father. "Its not like that, my father takes care of his own. If someone is in trouble that’s why Zion is so quickly to respond." Blain looks up to Hawkeye "Its not like he cared for us, with his little plan to get us in high ranking positions its only power that matters to him I’m sure." Hawkeye then spoke again "Its not like he care what we are doing. After all we did escape him and his soldiers in such an easy way. If he really cared what we are doing. We wouldn't of even made it to the truck to escape." Marcio folds his arms as he nodded his head in agreement. "True, they had a whole lot more gear than they let on."

Himeko chuckled as she looks to the screen. "Cookies don't work on there systems, even with our skill Mi its best to do this on the inside and not just on the side lines." Himeko looks over to Mi "After all, didn't you get the name tunnel rat." Hemiko smiles looking back to the screen as she continued to type. "And besides that there is something I really want you to see. After all creating the origin A.I. systems I want to get my virtual daughter out." Hawkeye looks to Himeko "Virtual daughter?" As Hawkeye was about to speak again Himeko speaks out. "Oh, and talking to Raphael is the easy part. Just try to hack a satellite trust me he will get in contact with you faster than you know. A virtual set up of Zion showed on the screen as using the virtual systems it opens a port in Himeko's equipment expanding in a virtual mapping. "This is what Zion looks like it has almost a thousand rooms, secret spaces and its the tightest security existing today. We need to watch ourselves in the hallways there are packs of sir Dmitri’s big dogs and they are something to not play with. That’s just a tiny part of what they have if we want to get deep within Zion fast we need to crash in the center of it that way we can split up quickly. Himeko looks up to Hawkeye as he sighed.

Hawkeye laughed looking to Jamie "Didn't you listen to what I was just saying. A spaceship stolen from area 51 it was unregistered and before they got a chance to document what they have I came in and stole it." Himeko spoke up "The spaceship is Pegasus, with my help we managed to redesign it for human use. Its one of three that I'm aware of." Himeko thinks for a moment as she brushes off and continuing to type she started to hum a song that went on in her head. Soon the computer screen started to flicker as it soon stops as Himeko stops humming the song. Blain looks over to everyone as they spoke as he noticed NC just coming out of nowhere as does Marcio, and Charles. "Where the heck did she come from!?" Marcio laughed at Charles outburst as Blain chuckled as well. "She was there all along you just don't pay attention to much." Charles looks to Marcio "I pay attention just enough to get by. Its not like I have to focus at everything while im sitting down." Andrew spoke out "It would help to keep your defensives up see if you knew she was there then your heart wouldn’t be nearly jumping out of your chest would it Charles. Charles becomes silent for a moment as he folds his arms getting an attitude. "Whatever."
(I'll try!!)

NC chuckled to herself as she startled Marcio. "Guez Jamie I can't leave you alone for 5 minutes. May I surggest a nice holiday in Hawaii or some tropical island, where you can stay out of trouble?" NC joked. Taking a look around her surroundings NC couldn't help but notice how times had changed, everything was more high tech. A slow sinking feeling began to settle in her stomach as NC started to feel old, "Gah your only as old as you feel you are" NC chided herself. As he eyes continued to scan her suroundings, NC notied Hawkeye and couldn't help but stare, he must be related to Blain. "You never told me you had a brother" NC said turning to Blain, before she blush as the words reached her ears. "oh... don't mind me" NC quickly stated as everyone turned to stare at her. "Jamie! I almost forgot, I have a little cut I would like you to check out for me" NC said as she showed Jamie a long red cut running from her right shoulder and disapearing underneath her shirt. "Nothing to write home about, but bit of a nusance to clean" NC laughed.
Erica see's Kopi's action, and feeling the Stinger start to accelerate into the turn. Keeping her feet soft, her body low to gather the power of the G's being built up. Erica's eyes focused on her surroundings she used the Gforce of the drift to send her practically flying at Kopi. She cut her sword in a powerful arch at the vitals of Kopi to sever her in two pieces ((Hit or miss its up to you Liquid )) the move was very forceful and direct. The power from the momentum of the drifting truck she was nearly forced from the top of the truck. Reaching down with her free hand she grabbed onto the safety bar and released the power out her feet, but her shoulder jarred hard with force from the power built up. Slamming hard against the side of back end of the truck she felt a painful spot along her under arm, and side. Her attack had left her side completely open and Kopi used it. Erica held to the bar of the truck quickly loosing strength in her free hand that was holding her in place. Erica was breathing heavily, and she dared not to look down at the passing road below her feet. 'Catch your breath and pull yourself up Erica.' She thought as she looked at her hand trying to will herself to have the strength to pull herself up. She tried, but it almost made her loose her grip. She could hardly catch her breath, as she called out. “Jack.” She said just above a whisper.

Jamie shook her head. “Alien Space craft?” Letting out a sigh, she looked back over to NC. Looking at the wound it was long, but it was not too deep. Jamie lifted the shirt, and examend the wound. Pulling out six butterfly band-aids, Jamie fixed it right up after she cleaned it. Looking back to Hawkeye. “Okay fine.” Jamie put her hands up, and was glad that she was strapped in and next to Blain as Andrew skidded the truck around the corner. She could not help but feel like they were on a roller-coaster. Looked to NC, and smirked. "I agree NC. But I would have to work on my tan before anyone saw these legs." She watched as Mi slid down the side of the bench and into Charles and could not help but laugh. But as her expression changed. She unbuckled her belt, and stood as Mi reacted to Erica falling.

Mi looked up to her mother as she mentioned her nick-name. Blushing she nodded to her mother, and continued to watch Jack, Kopi, and Erica duke it out. “Jack is fine, but he is hurt.” As the truck went into the skidding turn Mi felt squished against the wall as she slid down the bench and smashed into Charles. Seeing Erica and her attack back at Kopi, then her eyes opened wide as she stood, and let the computer fall to the floor. Jamie could not belive what she just saw Mi let her beloved computer drop. “She just fell from view. I can't see her.”

((EDITED for NC Foxy sorry. And i might of misspelled a few words sorry about that. ))
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Kopi held on tightly as the stinger turned as Erica headed to her it caught her off guard as soon he eyes became wide as soon Kopi had a feeling of what life felt like having one last taught she spoke within her mind "Im coming sister..." Kopi's body feel off the side of the truck as does Lola's on the turn as Jack stood looking to Erica as he rushed over. He grabs onto the handle with one hand and reached out his hand to Erica. "Grab my hand Erica we made it and I don't count on lossing you anytime soon." Jack reached grabbing onto Erica's hand and quickly pulled her up.

As Mi slammed into Charles he looks over to her as he laughed. "Be careful, don't want you hitting that beautiful head of yours." Marcio shakes his head. "He just won't quit already, well guess I'll let him have his fun." As Mi ran into him again Charles looks over to Mi then over to Blain as Mi gets up dropping her computer. Blain looks over to Mi as he gets up quickly opening the top hatch of the stinger looking all directions finally noticing Jack who was reaching down to get Erica. Andrew looks out of one of the truck windows as he sees Erica about to fall off the side. He thinks to himself as he began to slow down. "Now that those other two are gone we can slow down and get to where ever our destination is."

As Sirius and Nolan walked Zero began to steadily come to as he groaned for a moment. Nolan pauses in step as his eyes gaze over to Zero as he spoke “The boy is waking now.” Sirius had already stopped being at his destination in the high class mecha warehouse. “That’s good he won’t be completely there once he wakes. Zero nodded back off with another groan as Nolan chuckled as he turns looking at the mechas in front of him. “Which one is it that you spoke of?” Sirius looks at each mecha “Technically it’s none of them at the moment there isn’t one designed for the travel I’m talking about.” Nolan looks to Sirius as he looks up to the mecha’s in front of him “You sure this isn’t just a kid’s dream, how long have you kept this planned up?” Sirius stood there as he closes his eyes folding his arms. “It wasn’t me who taught of it. My power allowed me insight on what to do and when to do it. The only reason I want a mecha to be designed off of my ability is simple.” Sirius opens his eyes looking to the mecha’s “It’s because soon after this little story has ended there will be one more challenge and then I know they will be ready for what I have seen ever since I really opened my eyes and listened.” Sirius started to chuckle as a feeling of peace came upon him. Nolan became quiet as he nodded.

Hawkeye continue to speak as soon he notices NC staring at him as she spoke “Well, I never had a reason to tell anyone about Hawkeye. After all, information is given out only when needed right Hawkeye.” “Right, I didn’t tell anyone about you either as a matter of fact they still don’t believe I have a brother.” Hawkeye laughed for a moment as does Blain the two seemed to have forgotten about their problems as the memories of being siblings alone at the orphanage started to come back. Hawkeye looks to Blain as he spoke again. “Sorry, brother for trying to kill you;. I knew you didn’t attack my island I honestly didn’t know what I was thinking as well as my actions before.” Hawkeye paused for a moment speaking again. “What happened to us brother; we were so simple and young and now look. We are the targets of our father and his whatever you call it Zion. He has three more children… guess he really did forget about us.” Blain continued to look at Hawkeye as he spoke in response. “Have you forgotten Hawkeye… we’re still orphans. Eden is just another problem we have to solve.”
Feeling her shirt fall back into place, "thanks doc" NC turned to Jamie and gave her a quick hug in thanks. As Blain's words reach NC she couldn't help but feel hurt, after all she thought that she knew him, but then that was before he ran away into space and faked his own death.

"so now what?" NC tryed to break the growing tensions in the (is it a truck or room). "We obviously need some plan. We can't just stay on the defece, runnig away and reacting to their every move. We need to make one for ourselves."
Erica's eyes gazed up to Jack as he offered her his hand to help her. Looking into his eyes, Erica reached up and grasped tightly onto him, and held. She let him pull her up, and she held tightly as she hugged him. She looked past him to see Blain looking up threw the hatch. There was no one else atop the Stinger. She let out a sigh, and smiled up at Jack. “Nor I you Jack. It's done. Lets get Jamie to take a look at us. How do you feel. I sure fell like I have been hit by a freight train.” She grimaced as she was remained of her small injury. Looking down at his side she held her breath. “You need help.” She looked to Blain, and nodded. Erica then helped Jack to the hatch. “Tell Jamie he is coming down, and has lost some blood.” Jamie heard her, and looked to the ones who could help.

Jamie looked to Hawkeye and Blain as they argued about their family. They had deeper issues with this Eden, and it was much, much larger then she had imagined. Then as the hatch opened, and Blain looked upon the roof of the Stinger, Jamie was already opening her pack knowing that she was going to be needed.

“Okay I need two people to help Blain once is he is down. Get him laying on the bench with the wounded potion facing me.” She spiked a line of fluids and ran the line clean of air. She placed a combination of drugs in syringes all in a row. Jamie injected antibiotics into the bag, and set another one out for Erica. She placed out scrub, lidocaine, suture, gloves sized for her small hands. “NC help Erica get her shirt off cover her with this, and give her two of these. It will help with pain while I take care of Jack.” She gave NC a gown Erica could cover herself with.

Mi let out a sigh, and got out of the way as they brought down Jack, and Erica. Mi looked down to her mother, and smiled. “When we get to Hawkeye's base, will I get to see that spaceship? I am totally excited. I can hardly stand it.” She thought about Eden's base of Zion, and how Zero was fairing. She looked over to Charles. “Thanks for being my stopping pad. Your comfortable to run into.”

As the truck slowed down, Jamie took note of where they were. As soon as she had Jack stable, they would be reaching the American Military base. She looked down for a moment, in thought. How was she going to get them past securty?

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