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                                            He was not quite sure how much he had gotten through to them, especially since the lot of them were either giving blank stares or just not there from the start. Sure, Lisa joined a bit later, Ace had noticed out the corner of his eye. He honestly was not new to scorning the crap out of these girls, it happened.. sometimes more than he liked. They tended to get comfortable with things, too comfortable, even with him, and then he had to set them straight again. It was a never ending cycle, and while sometimes their comfortable level was a bit more extreme than other times, it all ended with Ace yelling in some way or another. Honestly if he kept relying on these girls he would have to spend his years after hitting thirty as a mute. But that was an issue for another day, and hopefully by that age he would be too rich and carefree to even have to worry about ever talking again. He walked out of that place with a sigh and an effort to calm his mind again, only to walk back into... nonsense. Goodness, when did he start surrounding himself with such horrible, foolish and useless people? Oh... that's right... he was doing this for a reason, of course... Ugh.

                                            He came back into Bo's sly comebacks. Honestly, Ace slightly enjoyed their back and forth moments, they were entertaining for a while, although the guy still was an eyesore. But Bo did admittedly make him chuckle now and then, even now he could not help but smirking and shaking his head at the male's reply. He was a sly one, that guy.. a sly little annoying a*****e. Yup. "Every joke gets old at one point..." The blue haired male murmured back, warning him not to overplay is smart-assed-ness, although Ace had kind of been asking for it from the start. But in Aceland, Ace could say anything he pleased without consequences, and if you had something to say against that or some negative remark towards it, you were irrelevant and should probably watch out when your sleeping. Ace played by the slickest, more cruel and unfair rules in the game, which was exactly why he was here now, settling as an unknown enemy to everyone around him. He had no friends because everyone close to him was somehow under his manipulation and against their will.. well... except maybe Eva but she was still certainly in his control. He was a rat, to say int he least. He worked under our feet without us even knowing, slyly coming and going as he pleased and leaving a mess of havoc behind him. Ace loved it, really, it just made him feel so superior... but it was still quite frustrating to actually keep up both his internal and external appearances. Both of them were so.. tiresome. Either he was out laughing at stupid jokes, smiling and men and women he hated or he was here yelling furiously at his workers, spending nights plotting endlessly and such.

                                            He snapped out of his thought at Bo's next comment. Hitting on Lisa? Ace chuckled, that actually did seem like something he'd be doing outside of this little conversation they were having now. But Lisa was hopefully busy doing what he asked... or else. He smirked and opened his mouth just as Nana slipped on over to Bo's side... that had trouble written all over it, "Hah, and shouldn't you be getting gonorrhea from the lovely lady next to yo--"


                                            Ace jumped a bit at the sudden noise, fearing that he was somehow being attacked by something or someone, but after looking at what direction the thud came from, that thought soon went away and was replaced by others. "L-Lisa...? ... what the hell?" Ace stared at her fainted body with confusion for a second or so before kneeling over quickly and shaking her arm. What the hell happened?! Was she okay?? Who the hell just faints like that out the blue!? He grimaced, both pissed that this was even happening right now and awfully worried about Lisa, this was not normal for her. After shaking her she did not budge, dammit, what was going on here? He groaned and looked around, slowly slipping his hands under her and picking her up. God, she was... actually pretty heavy. Ace held on though and began to walk her briskly towards the private bedroom for customers and ladies on the same floor. He held a straight, uncaring face the whole time, as if this was some kind of normal thing, but on the inside Ace's mind was racing with some kind of logical reason for this happening. Perhaps she was dehydrated? Or just far too tired.. she had fainted to suddenly too, and oddly right when her name was mentioned... it was... weird. He brought her to the room, ignoring any comments from others who saw her collapse as well and settled her on the bed.

                                            Her cheeks were flustered but her body was at a normal temperature, everything seemed healthy but... who knows. Ace walked out just to get a ice pack and some water, he came back soon after, placing the pack on her head where she had hit the ground at and leaving the water to the side for later. He stayed there at the side of the bed for a few moments, hoping this would not require a doctor's attention. Ace then looked at his watch, s**t, the meeting was starting... and he was in here, caring for some stupid lifeless body. Why... Why was it that somehow Lisa ha to go and ruin something so important for him so early in the year!? He would have probably angrily processed that and left if not for suddenly hearing her small, groggy and confused voice soon ring out from her poor little throat. He blinked and looked over at her, watching as her eyes slowly opened and she mentioned.... a bunny suit? What the-...? Did he even want to know? Ace raised a brow and looked at Lisa confused and unamused, "Is that a real question, or are you just trying to be funny?" He huffed, not quite sure how to take that, but her next question answered that.

                                            She was obviously lost...

                                            "You fainted... randomly... it was really weird and unnecessary. Are you eating well? You know I make breakfast and dinner for you guys for a reason... lunch I leave up to you but I'm pretty much handing you nutrition... so I don't see how you can just randomly collapse like that." He explained in a way that showed a hint of worry behind it all, but sounded more like an a*****e-ish scolding. He watched her sit up and somehow make this conversation take a complete turn with a sudden apology. Ace listened... confused, and feeling a bit.. softer as she spoke. Even he could not be so cruel when Lisa was talking like that, apologizing so honestly and.. adorably. The bluenette sighed and placed his head in one of his hands, rubbing his head and hair before looking up again. "... It's fine... Lisa. I was not exactly... referring to you, at least not this time. So... don't think on it too much... or you'll faint again..." He chuckled, petting her hair down, particularly a little strand that was sticking up since the fall. "You can... rest in here if your still out of it... " The elder sighed and he stood up, placing his hands in his pockets and turning to look at her, "What the hell was that comment about a bunny suit about...? Because I was really thinking we should hike you guys up in some of those playboy bunny outfits and such maybe next Monday~"

                                            ι`ᴍ gʟᴀᴅ ᴛo нᴀvᴇ ᴍᴇᴛ ʏou, Love
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                                            Out of all the times to get hit by a blasted love curse....
                                            Why the hell now?
                                            Anybody here?
                                            Maybe I can cuddle with Lisa
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                                            It is now 10 am and the meeting has officially started. The groups all gather at the back of dancing tastebuds in a more private but large, circular table with a single pole running through it. Alcoholic drinks are being served and the Tenpi have the official documents as they do every year stating the most peaceful way this year should go. They will go over this and make deals on certain bits and pieces of property but objections can certainly be made.

                                            Everyone, finish up your conversations and have your people migrate over to the conference table, each boss has a special chair and their main subordinates sit to their right all along the table.

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                                                                              Deak stared at his boss coldly. Why did it never matter to Deak? The fact that he wasn't bothered by what little he knew didn't irk him in the slightest. He was never one for strategy, though that was a skill implanted into him by his father. But since he wasn't a leader he didn't waste his time thinking up such things. He knew his place and didn't plan on deserting it. He hand't talked to Nobu,Toby, nor anyone else since he got Giovanni's text.

                                                                              He had trapped himself in his own little world filled with drugs and lead bullets. How could he possible know what goes on in reality? When he felt Gio's hand on his shoulder he sighed a little. It wasn't hard to add two and two together. His guns in the hands of someone as psychotic as Giovanni always equaled something unpleasant.

                                                                              He glanced at the woman who was tending to Giovanni. Maybe it was the lighting, but he could've sworn he saw her wink at him. Deak did not appreciate nor despise it though. It was weird any time he would receive affection from anyone. It sent a shiver through his body.

                                                                              There were two sides to Deak (well I guess three for his clumsiness). A side that was so innocent and distant from anything and everything. The other being a side so loose, wild, and obsessed with attention and attraction - in other words a man whore. To him, being idolized was a fad from the past...yet again old habits die hard. He only glares at the waitress in return.

                                                                              When his leader got up, Deak stayed planted in his seat. He needed another minute or to until get a better grip on reality. Things had started to slightly sway from left to right in Deak's vision. It only made the male grip harder on his thigh. If it wasn't for the rough material of his everyday suit then he would have surly broke the skin and drawn blood by now. He needed a drink, just something to clam his nerves.

                                                                              "Okay I'll ta-" A woman had just come and spilled milk all over Gio's shoe. A woman came and ruined Gio's shoe. A woman had messed with Gio. Like a dog , Deak was ready to pounce. His face contorted under the mask and he was ready for a beating for the young girl. However, to his surprise Giovanni calmed down quicker than he would imagine. He scuffed under his breath. If it were Deak he would cause the biggest uproar. Bitches couldn't get away with that stupid s**t so easily. P-pphhh! WHO AM I KIDDING? Deak wouldn't do jack squat if it were him. He would probably have failed the noticed the mess, gotten up and slipped himself!

                                                                              Finally, Deak stood from his seat and walked passed the woman who Gio helped back to her feet and left her to attend to the mess she had caused. Kei is he who needed to find.

                                                                              He went to the bar and and was promptly served a russian apple. He was surprised this place had actually heard of that type of drink. As he walked to a silent corner of the building he pulled out his phone with his one free hand and began to type a new message:
                                                                              From: Deak
                                                                              "Where are you? Giovanni told me you would
                                                                              tell me what's missing with my guns."

                                                                              He sent the message and placed his phone back into his pant pocket. He was content in his little corner. It was nice and quite. Most of all he didn't get any crazy looks. He quietly sipped on his drink and focused on the music playing the club as he looked around for any sign of Kei.

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                                                                              _____________________There ' s no running from the scarecrow。
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                                        MY HEART HAS BEEN HURT BEFORE, BUT YOU WERE THE LIGHT THAT HEALED IT.
                                        I KNOW IT IS HARD TO FORGET THE PAST, AFTER ALL THE PAIN AND ALL THE HURT.
                                        BUT EVEN IF YOU WERE THERE FOR ME, AND MADE ME FEEL LIKE I WAS NEEDED.

                                                            Nanamiko let herself get as close to Bo as possible, resting a bit of her arm and her head on her shoulder, looking up at him intensely as he spoke. She honestly was not really listen, she was more so just... observing precious meat. He looked pretty damn mysterious an hot with those sunglasses on, especially since it stopped her from pretty much seeing his eyes at all. She could hot help but wonder what color they were. Green would be nice... or blue... probably not brown, brown would suck on him. Oi what if he was cross eyed or something? That would be hilarious! Nanamiko snickered a bit at the thought as the other continued. She'd totally still do him of course, just for the laughs! Yes, Nana would certainly laugh at you during sex and not care one bit, funny sex was much better than no sex in her mind. "Huh? Oh, haha, a badass then, huh? She snickered, but oh god, she simply could not help herself! He had brought up the opportunity so openly that Nana just could not resist one bit! The young blond leaned up a bit, coming closer to him and whispering in the bodyguard's ear, "You can put something in my a** anyday~" She coo'ed with no shame, grinning from ear to ear as she pulled away and tried resisting the urge to laugh by biting her lip. Ah... Good one Nana, you dirty whore, you.

                                                            Nanamiko watched as he pulled out a cigarette, her ADHD just seemed to catch onto movements of all sort, never for any particular reason, her eyes just enjoyed having a reason to wander now and then. She had asked for one a moment ago and he never mentioned anything, had he ignored her request? Ah, no, no. The blond girl blinked and looked back up a Bo once he spoke again, this time his comment was actually pretty funny! Couldn't afford... now that was a good one. Nana laughed a bit and sighed, moving away from him and shrugging with a fake pout, "You're probably right... these pockets don't run too deep, but for you, I'd probably just rob a bank for a single night~" Oh yeah, cranking up the charm now. Nana looked down at the cigarette and nodded, taking the cigarette handed to her and placing it in her mouth. Nanamiko actually was not much of a smoker, so did not usually have a lighter on her. So, instead she just leaned closed, placing her and Bo's cigarettes together until it lit her's just a bit and making due with that. She smiled and took a small drag in peace before her eyes opened wide and her head snapped back at an out of range comment by Ace. Her, Gonorrhea!? How rude! "Hey now, Little Boy Blue! I'll have you know I get tested once a month, and their ain't no creepy crawlies in my panties yet!" She growled at him with a huff of he cigarette. Nanami turned back into her seat with a slight pout, hearing a thudding noise behind her and assumed Ace had slipped and died or something, Hah! She snickered, glancing at Bo and calmed herself once more. She let her arm fall around the couch once more and around his neck, crossing her legs and turning to face him a bit, "So, as I was saying, Baby..."

                                                            A Little time Later

                                                            Nana went on playing with Bo for as long as he would possibly let her, and she had gotten pretty far! Or at least, far enough to slip her number in his pocket. He seemed to avoid her sexual coments pretty well back there, but he'd come around sooner or later... they all came around sooner or later. Well, no, not all, okay honestly she just wanted to say that line. But she would get him yet! Her attention had only been pulled away from him when Yamada came up to her, pulling her away and made a hasty and odd statement. It seemed he had to leave immediately for a sudden family matter. Of course, he was hesitant to actual leave her in charge of the meeting, but it looked like his family was just a hair more important in this moment. So, he handed her his own personal documents and gave her instructions on what to go over, what to bring up during the meeting and all that good stuff. He obviously gave her a few threats and scoldings to insist she do this job right, and honestly Nanamiko was totally cool with being serious for just a moment. She understood at least how important this was to all of them, and honestly, even she kind of wanted to get to the bottom of all the havoc going on and just bring back the... semi- peace again. "I got it Yay-- I mean, Yamamada, go ahead and do your thang!" She chimed and saluted him. That reply only seemed to make Yamada even more unsure as he left the building.

                                                            Nanamiko looked through the files for a moment before looking up at the clock, oh geez, it was time already? She sighed and held the files to her side, taking a deep breath as she went up to Kuujo and Varro, " 'Oi, we gotta get on it, everyone get to the table, Yamada had something to do so I'm gunna have to represent Diachi during the meet. So no worries guys! We got this! -- where's Kari?" She started off a bit strong and all bossy like, just to play the part, but soon migrated back to her normal content self, her head perking up to look around for the third blond of the group. Oh, there he was... in his cute little boobs and bra's of course. "Kariii! Meet is starting! Come on, minions!" Nanamiko commanded, calling over Kari before she began to march over to the table. She took a place at one of the boss's seats around the table and stacked her file in some official manner, putting on her game face, which she had learned and mastered since coming here those few years ago, and placed her hands properly on the table, waiting for others to gather.

                                                            OOC:// Outfit
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                                                        It's all in good funXXXXX↘↘↘XXXXXWe're making 'em run


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                                      tab Hi momentary escape seemed to go flawlessly unnoticed. Good, this meant less distraction, as well as a less stressful environment to "work" in. Of course, he was well aware that the stressful part would come around once he was out in the open. Good thing he was ready to take the closest window if he had to. Keisuke was a master at the art of escaping from dangerous situations. In normal situations, he couldn't run for s**t, but in rough situations, all that you knew about him would drastically change. Cowards preferred safety over danger, after all. His adrenaline would pump in and he'd be good to go.

                                      tab Once he was finally done, he relaxed, leaning against the sinks, and light himself another cancer stick. Keisuke was bad with his addictions, that was a fact. He would snap as soon as his pack of cigarettes went empty and his booze... Well, his booze was simply a way for him to forget, momentarily, about the troubles of his past. He couldn't remember if he'd told Nobuo anything about his family, and the morbid events that surrounded them, but all he cared for now, was a way to forget it all. Forget it'd all happen, and forget they'd ever existed. Most of all, he wanted to forget the house and their faces. Just as he expected, weed didn't have the same effect as alcohol did. Instead of allowing to think of other, happier, subjects, he couldn't help but obssess over his injuries. Pressing the scar that traveled a great length in his palm, he now felt uncomfortable. This was the bad part that came with drugs: bad-tripping. He didn't want to bad-trip here, though. Not of all places. But he convinced himself he could hold out. He would have to. Although he doubted Gio would stand to have him sickly at the table for the meeting.

                                      tab No matter how much he convinced himself, though, his stomach was still making unwelcoming turns. Keisuke feared the worse, but only took a drag of smoke, and closed his eyes, his free hand pressing tightly into his palm. "So badass... If I bad-trip, it'll be the most badass thing I've ever done," he made another attempt to change his mind. This small pep-talk didn't seem to be worth much, though, for Keisuke still felt weak in the legs. So much so, that he felt the need to turn and squat in front of the sink. Heh, if Nobu did that, his chin woud barey reach the side of the sink. Kei, on the other hand, even squating, could easily fold his arms and rest them over the counter. Which he did. He knew this way too well; if he was to bad-trip here, he'd be better off closer to the floor than to stand at his tallest. The fall would be less damaging. Squating still made him feel like the floor was too far away, though. His cell suddenly rang, the usual notification ring tone he set for everyone else but Nobu. It rand twice, signaling two texts.

                                      tab He'd moved to the wall, sat and leaned against it, when he pulled his cell phone out. The two texts were from two different people. The first one came from one of Hisakata's, lowlife, drug dealer. It stated that a new batch of cocaine and heroine would be delivered at his doorstep in two days, top. He knew Nobu would be happy to hear about that. Although it did also mention that it should sell for whatever Kei could get for it. That meant it was most likely tinted. It was hard to purify cocaine. It was even harder to purify heroine. But Keisuke could surely do something about that. He had the equipment for it. He didn't even know why he didn't make his own stock. He just didn't. Then again, it was safer that way, not that he had much to fear from the cops. He knew plenty who bought from him. The second text came from Deak, asking about the ginger's where-abouts. He wasn't sure if he should tell or not; Keisuke didn't exactly fancy his face at the moment. And that mask always made him wonder what hid behind. He never dared to ask, though, considering he refused to take his own eye-patch off. He didn't waste his time replying to the first text, but he did type a little something for Deak:
                                      To: Deak
                                      From: Kei
                                      Subject: N/A
                                      Message: hmu later

                                      tab He'd barely had time to put his cell back in his pockets when Nobu walked in. Like an hawk as always. Nobu knew so much about him, Kei could hide that guilty grin. None the less, he was glad, also, to see Nobu. Unlike others, the blond had a recomforting effect on the ginger. Maybe it was the years, or just his persistence that had made Keisuke into the docile puppy he was. Which ever one it was, to the ginger, Nobu was God; it was a well known fact. "Just the man I wanna see... 'Sup, bro?" he stood and brought his cigarette to his lips. He couldn't simply get away with it that easily, though. Nobu could see right through him and he seemed to smell the mischief right off of his clothes. He was guilty as charged. "Y'know, the usual. Not much to say 'bout what I'm doing here. It's just gonna be funny as ******** later," he answered when the blond questioned his motives. It would probably bring him a few laughs, but he would probably be the first to take off as well. It was an innocent prank, though. Mainly against the Tenpi for being so full of themselves. Not that Keisuke would ever have the guts to say that outloud.

                                      tab He quickly changed the subject, taking a few steps forward and wrapping an arm around Nobu's shoulders, leading him out of the bathrooms. "Also, Munakata's got some s**t for us. It'll be at the HQ in two days. You'll still have to wait, though; I have to purify it. Then we sell," he mentioned the text from earlier, leaving a few details out. It was apparently a batch that came from a foreign country. Which would explain the way it lacked in purity. It had to pass through security, after all, and the only way to do so was by impurity of the s**t. He didn't exactly like selling. Some of his buyers were scary ********; he didn't like that kind of environment. So he left most of that part of the job to Nobuo. Instead, he fixed the price, purified the s**t, and took care of giving the right order to the right people. Sometimes, though, he dealt as well. It was a relatively safe job, as long as another dealer didn't come to steal your clients. Then things could turn bad.

                                      tab Finally out of the bathrooms, dragging Nobu along with him, he couldn't help but stare down at how pathetically dressed his friend was. He couldn't help the snicker either. "I'm sorry, man... S'just..." he couldn't finish his sentence as he snickered once more. Dropping his head, he shook it, almost as if to try to rid himself of any funny images. He freed the man, pulling a hair tie off of his wrist, and pulled his hair back. His hair were definitely long. Kei didn't exactly like them that way, but he didn't see the point in cutting them either. He never seemed to get split end, which would probably tell the opposite and inform others that he actually cared for them. Truth to be told, he didn't even blow dry them. His soap was a two-in-one, body and hair wash, so nothing fancy here. Maybe it was the alcohol that made them look so healthy.

                                      Time-skippidity to the meeting

                                      ooc: Hey, sorry, Ada, I didn't mean to ignore Deak, just in a hurry to get to the meeting.

                                              m o o d uncomfortable, excitedx x xo u t f i tx x xt h e m ex x xp e r s o n a keisuke
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XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXToby followed Nobu to a booth in silence, and sitting down, relayed what news he had. He slid his fingers along his nose irritably. It was already a little dented from being smashed in so repeatedly, but that didn’t keep him from trying to set it every damn time either. And hell if this one hadn’t heard like a ********. But Toby wasn’t really one to complain. Without thinking, he slid his hand over the paper bag of cash again, double checking it, before sliding it into his waistband. Fight rings were so shitty, he wouldn’t be surprised if some of the fights he had partaken in were rigged. But it really was of little importance.

Blinking tiredly and kneading at his forehead, Toby nodded as Nobu said what was probably on everyone’s minds: it could have been anyone. When it came down to it, there really wasn’t much of a lead. But Toby would be willing to bet it had been the Diachi. Old money like Tenpi wouldn’t fuss over a few late favors. You can’t get s**t from a dead guy, and they already had built a strong rep that killing him didn’t really seem… to fit. Especially when they knew Gio would take it as an excuse to pick a fight with the old bastards. Giovanni seemed to just be biding his time before he could dethrone them, after all, a la The Lion King. ’Long live the king,’ and when Tenpi least expected it, Hisakata would be right there to throw them off a cliff. Out with the old in with the new.

Cringing a bit at his new headache, Toby sighed; just barely audible under his breath. ”...I'll be here,” Toby voiced quietly. Social skills weren’t his thing, especially with the growing number of gang members surrounding him. ”…” Toby watched wordlessly as the other disappeared into the flow of people.

Absently, he discreetly ran a hand along his torso to check both his inner pocket’s contents of heroin syringes. Maybe he could just pass these to Deak later and stop worrying about them. Yeah. Not that anyone at Dancing Tastebuds was going to ask any questions if it fell out of his pockets. aughhhh- The thought alone spiked his heartbeat, which was already probably always a little too quick. Paranoia does these things.

But… aughh! He shouldn’t have stepped away from Nobu, or let Nobu leave him was more like it. Gio was already busy, as was Deak… Toby didn’t even know what happened to Kei and he probably didn’t want to know. Strippers were, obviously, of little interest to him; at least in the sexual sense they were meant to be. Alcohol was not exactly his thing. Mainly, he was stressed about the prospect of a fight. He still had his butterfly knife in with the heroin in case of a pinch, but his hands were really itching to hold his usual pipe or baseball bat when he was surrounded by this many rival gangs. Especially when he knew if a scuffle broke out, he had very literally brought a knife to what would likely be a gun fight.

[[gio approached toby first without my realizing. editted.]]

Blinking, Toby entwined his hands; tightly wrapping a fist in his other palm so that his knuckles whitened, and leaned on it so that the lower half of his face was covered. All there really was to do was wait for the meeting. Until Gio seemed to split from whatever he had been doing, and sat down at the table, across from Toby. Absently smoothing the medical tape over his nose, he regarded the other blankly. He almost never had anything to say to Gio. Not that they were unfriendly, but Toby had a habit of only speaking when he had something to say or he was being directly asked a question. ”…” In honesty, he didn’t mind being referred to as ‘my boy’ by Gio, although he thought it strange considering the Hisakata head was only two years his senior. ”Boss,” he answered flatly. The man seemed particularly jovial today, of all days, which was suspicious to Toby. However, he swiftly disregarded that train of thought as he remembered why he had previously hoped to talk to Giovanni, or really, the multiple reasons. And apparently, Gio had the same things on his mind. ”S’a loaded question,” Toby muttered, taking his hands away from his face and gripping his own knees tensely under the table. ”Nobu sent me on some ******** goose chase for info.” He looked back at his boss with careful interest. ”Dead guy’s Ko Hokkaido. From a strictly strategic standpoint, it’s not really going to hurt us,” Toby said in a low voice. Blunt as always, but the Boss wasn’t keeping him around to write sympathy cards. ”Real question’s who done it. Because I sure in hell don’t know.” He fidgeted, looking down at the table with hard eyes. He had sounded pretty nonchalant with Nobu, he’d admit, but in reality, this was strange. Even for them. ”I looked into it from what the feds got, and even over there, they’re keeping it on a need-to-know. A few pics leaked to the press but the story is pretty obviously censored beyond getting any real facts. But the inside’s attributing the death to stabbing and it looks like a Diachi blade.” He took a breath, and grazed his teeth over his spilt lips. ”But it’s not that simple. It doesn’t fit their M.O.” He paused again, before coarsely muttering, ”The guy didn’t have a single organ left in him. And it was done pretty precisely after the initial stabbing, like studied doctor precise. And on top of that, our guy seems to have owed some serious money to the Tenpi.” He locked eyes with Gio, frowning. ”So either the Diachi have a sudden interest in the organ black market or Tenpi have gone from loan sharks to cannibals. Or all of this is a freak coincidence, but I don’t buy it.” Again, Toby paused, pulling his final thoughts together. This was the most Toby had said to another person in a long time, no doubt. Toby glanced across the room of gang members milling around absently. ”I don’t think they’d want to spend that much time and risk on a grunt, but what do I know…”

Gio took the time to respond, and Toby listened carefully, picking apart the words piece by piece. Every once in a while, some loud noise from the rest of the bar would make him twitch and lose focus slightly, but Gio was probably used to this from him. In the silence that followed, Toby pulled out the brown sack from his waistband and tossed it gently on the tabletop. ”…” Toby looked milky-eyed and tired at the thought of money alone, but continued disinterestedly. ”M’in third ring. Next match is for seventy-five k overall and a night with some pimp’s b***h, who you can have if I win,” Distractedly, he scanned the crowd, looking for signs that the meeting was starting.

yay boring filler post. sorry idk.

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People Make things complicated
People piss me off
But people make me money
Money calms the beast

                                                -x- Kuujo Yomi

                                        After things were settled in Lisa's apartment the two returned to the club, somewhat dissatisfying the blonde. Before he actually walked back in he stopped outside the back doors for a moment, quickly sucking away at a cigarette, He learned his back against the exterior of the building, looking up through his blue-tinted shades at sky above. He let out a heavy sigh saturated with smoke. He spent a fair time outside in the cold, taking down a second cigarette. It was safe to say that Kuujo was far from excited to go back inside and sit through was was going to be more like a boring lecture than a meeting of gangs. When he finished the second cigarette he tossed the butt on the ground next to the first and stamped them both out. He turn the short corner to the door and slowly walked in.

                                        Embracing the warmth of the inside he was surprised to see that Yamada had disappeared from his seat at the booth, even more astonishing that he was nowhere to be seen in the immediate room. 'Cold feet huh?' Kuujo mocked in his head. With the head of command missing in action he wondered to the bar, standing next to Varro, but only for a moment. Nearly as soon as he took a comfortable stance Varro and himself were confronted by Nana. She explained the disappearance of Yamada, and that she was to assume the position of the leader for the time being. Any sense of joy or any positive emotion on Kuujo's face, which was pretty much nil as it was, was washed way by an extreme facial contortion resembling a look of fearfulness. Then she threw out the question of the whereabouts of Kari, and he was about to give a response to the ill-behaved woman before she quickly spotted him herself and gave an unnecessary shout out. He tailed behind Nana as she began to move, taking the seat directly to her right when they reached the table.

                                        "Do you really know what you are doing right now, Nanamiko?" Kuujo asked in a melancholy tone, while trying his best to keep himself from looking in her direction before her response.
                                        Simplicity is magnificent.
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don't you worry, don't you worry child don't you worry, don't you worry child don't you worry, don't you worry child
see heaven's got a plan for y o u see heaven's got a plan for you see heaven's got a plan for you
don't you worry, don't you worry child don't you worry, don't you worry child don't you worry, don't you worry child

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    l o c a t i o n : Dancing Tastebuds tab m o o d : Annoyed >> Up to No Good
        w i t h : People at Dancing Tastebuds tab o u t f i t : Day-One
            a c t i o n : Sitting >> Talking >> Smoking

            Alex sighed as he sat on the couch, watching over the incompetent Second-in-Command. He leaned his head against the wall and closed his eyes for a moment; however, soon enough he felt a hand on his shoulder and grimaced. Without opening his eyes, Alex already knew that it was Kazuki, of course. The Tenpi boss apologized for Relius and Alex just nodded and was about to say it was fine and that Kazuki best just go; however, he heard a scraping and saw that Kazuki had taken the stool next to Alex.

            With another sigh, Alex straightened himself and listen to Kazuki ask question about talk about how he made sure that things were “taken care of.” In response, Alex just nodded and replied, “It’s been fine. In addition… I don’t need anything. In fact… no need to watch over my actions. I believe I can clean up and take care of everything… So I rather just be left alone… if you understand.” Alex turned and sharply looked at Kazuki, before leaning back in his stool and dragging his hand through his hair.

            Alex watched as the boss drank his gin, and Alex stared at the drink in his own hand, then looked at the passed out Relius, looked at the drink, put it back on the counter. Kazuki was talking about how he was happy about taking the role of boss from Relius and then tried to make a joke. Alex just remained silent.

            “He doesn’t know what Aiko has in plan…”
            Alex thought, he was one of the few who knew about Aiko’s evil side and plan, the only one actually.

            Alex just sat there in silence for awhile. Then he looked at the clock, it was ten o’clock, the meeting was starting. He stood up and picked up his drink and shot a quick look at Kazuki, “The meeting is starting… best be heading to the back now. I’m going out to get a quick smoke then come back in…”

            Alex dumped his drink and left the empty cup on the counter before heading out the door and taking out his cigarettes and lighter. Alex carefully chose one cigarette and put it in between his lips and lit the cigarette.

            However, as soon as he blew out the smoke, out came Alexander Scissorhands. Scissorhands cracked his knuckles and neck and then turned to see he was in front of Dancing Tastbuds.

            “So this is where you like to go to Alex? Interesting taste. I never knew you were the type to go to bars… stripper bars to be more specific. Well then, hope you don’t mind if I go in and have some fun in there.” Scissorhand said out loud. A wild smile stretched across his face as he strolled into Dancing Tastebuds.

            As soon as Scissorhands entered, he was approached by a fellow Tenpi member who said to him: “What are you doing out here?! Don’t you know the meeting has already started?!” Alex stared at the man blankly and blinked, then decided to play along and he nodded.

            “Oh yeah. Sorry, just went out to get a smoke. I forgot where is the meeting again… what is it for?”

            The girl rolled her eyes and looked at Alex, “You are kidding right?” Alex just started at her and she let it out a sigh and explained where he had to go and quick basics about what the meeting it about.

            Alex smiled at the girl and took her hand and gave it a quick kiss and said, “Why thank you miss…”

            She gave him a strange look and slowly said, “Lo… but you know that… Are you feeling alright Alex?”

            Alex just smiled and dropped the hand and replied, “Ah yes, the beautiful Miss Lo. As for me, I am feeling swell, but please… call me Alexander… that nickname is much to… vulgar.” He gave another strange smile and walked around the Tenpi member and headed to the back where the others were gathering and he sat down and grabbed a drink and drained the alcohol.

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