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If youʼll be my star ill be your sky
XXXXyou can hide underneath me and come out at night
XXwhen i turn jet black and you show off your light
wheniturnjetblackandyoushowi live to let you shine

                                              tab Despite what one would say, Yamada trusted his team. He was smart when it came to positioning his followers. There was no point in making them do something they couldn't and then beat at them once they messed up. No, instead, he took the advice of his mother. Just like how his dad once did. Yamada positioned his guys accordingly to their capabilities. Nana, for example, was good at going unnoticed. He would use that to his and her advantage. If he could figure out a way to get his team in a safe, yet strategic spot, then they were in the right position. He knew his guys, he knew them inside out and he made sure that even the tiniest scoop was registered. The Tenpi lacked there... He was strick, he pushed his guys around and made sure they knew their place, yet he made sure to always get the job done. Hisakata were too loose. It was there that Yamada saw a strategic advantage against the other mobs. Hisakata had more men than them, and so could easily outnumber them, and Tenpi had more money, but Yamada was confident. And the most important part of being a leader was to be confident.

                                              tab It rubbed off of the other members and gave them a boost.

                                              tab Today was one of those days where Yamada's understanding of being a leader could be mixed with selfishness. Honestly, it might've been a slight mixture of both. "I'll sell you to a toy factory," he growled his frown now clearly marked over his forehead. His mother would often remind him just how much he looked like his father when he frowned. The wrinkles created on his forehead were quite similar to that of his father's aged features, but he didn't see how the made him look exactly like his old man. On the contrary. His father had black hair, Yamada was a brunette. His father had brown eyes, Yamada's eyes were green. He did have his father's nose, but his lips were thin whilst his father's were actually quite full. Yamada had a sweet face and a cat-like grin, his father looked like a psychotic mass murderer freshly out of prison after three life sentences and thirty days. How were they anything alike? Well, maybe it was the fact that Yamada didn't want to see a ressemblance between his old man and himself. Maybe it was that that made him overlook all their similar personality traits, preferances, and their uncanny admiration for the owner of DTB. Well... His mother described it as more of a school girl type of crush.

                                              tab She surely had a way of making normal situations awkward.

                                              tab He was lost in thought, ignoring Nanamiko's little episode. He was getting good at letting her foul habits pass. To him, if you were alive, all these mental disorders were your fault and should be dealt with accordingly. Nana saw those irrealistic things, it wasn't Yamada's fault and he didn't have to take responsibility of the consequences of her actions. Her episodes varied in length. He'd watched her go delirious for a few days, and then she'd started again for a few seconds. It always varied like this. And today, it seemed that she would only see this Yoshi for a few minutes. She wasn't responding very well, though. Her sudden lack of... drive, was alarming to the young don. If there was one thing he knew about women was that, when they started aggreeing with everything you said, you were in for some trouble. Yamada, on the other hand, wouldn't let this tiny woman patronize him. She was second-in-command for a single reason: She wasn't the boss, Yamada was. "Oh, no you're not. Not yet, at least," he retorted when the brunette apologized for arguing with him. And something had to come change the subject.

                                              tab Kuujo was now here. Was about damn time!

                                              tab He brought rather important news back with him. This man, Mr. Yamaguchi was an important man in Yamada's eyes. He'd once borrowed money and paid his debt in full and on time. A very good customer, if he could say so himself. That's when Mr. Yamaguchi came back, borrowed a little bit more money. Paid it all in full and right on time as well. After that, though, his dues starting getting late. He was begging, crawling for more time. And Yamada was lenient on his favored customers. So he obliged and gave more and more time. But there was only so much time he could offer. Mr. Yamaguchi's time was now or never. Or so it was supposed to be. Kuujo was such a sweet boy. Reliable. Trustworthy. Capable. But when it came to actually getting the job done, all those good traits of his vanished, like an helium balloon flying off. It was irritating, and Yamada wasn't in the best of moods. "Why can't you just say that you're an incompetent fool who can't even get the simplest of tasks done?" he was two-inches away from raging. Once those two inches were crossed, he would draw his katana and, from there, heads would be chopped off. A warning would be given to this incompetent fool, "What's you're definition of 'beaten to a bloody pulp'? Because, if Mr. Yamaguchi fails to come up with the money, the both of you will know my definition of the expression."

                                              tab And there she went again. Nana was flipping s**t, as usual. "Shut up, Nana-chan! I don't wanna know what you've been doing over the holidays, I want to know what my men have been up to." he growled. Really, Yamada liked spending a bit of time with his siblings. In order to do that, though, he needed someone to watch over the mob. That was the second-in-command's job. Unfortunately, "So, you're useless," he concluded, pointing at Kuujo, before turning to Nana, "And you're absolutely worthless. What has been going on since I left for Horishima, hm? What's been ******** up again? What was I thinking when I thought of making you my 'wing-man'? Can you explain that to me? Nana-chan? Kuujo? I mean, please! I seem to be the clueless one over here! After all, I must surely be an imbecile to think that you guys could actually manage the s**t I give you? So, please illuminate me on the subject!" The sarcasm was strong and his temper bad. He asked questions, but didn't get answers. Wasn't it simple, though. Who killed who? This wasn't some Clue game or Guess Who! No, it was two simple names with a word separating them. Or even then, a simple 'yes' or 'no' could do the trick! Just to know whether or not a Daichi killed a Hisakata. Yamada wasn't fond of war, especially not now that his family was in Kyuuten. He would much prefer keep the tensions down for the week, until the get back home safe.

                                              tab BANG!!

                                              tab The sound was aggressing in more than one manner. Daichi leaders were raised to be humble, respectful, and also very traditional. Yamada followed his father close by. The only difference, the strippers. Yamada wasn't attracted by them. Instead, he would much rather marry a woman, send her off with children of his own to a secure and private household. A family, really. Yes, something hard to believe from a man who thought only about himself. "It's fine, don't apologize. Kuujo will clean up, he's good at that," he said offering Lisa a kind, yet not so flirtatious smile.

                                              Here's Johnny! ; ; ; DTB ||| I'll bomb you next! ; ; ; Nana, Kuujo ||| I can see it! ; ; ; I must be surrounded by idiots... ||| Give it your best shot! ; ; ; Capable followers
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                                                      "Momo..." A familiar voice, a man's, whispered. "Hmm....Wha...?" Tomoko groaned, her figure stirring unhappily under the sheets. Tomoko's eyes opened slightly, her gaze scanning what she could make out of the room. Where was she? Certainly not HQ.... But that voice... Oh dear. "Vin?" She groaned the name out, moving to sit up slightly. It was then that she noticed how much her head was throbbing. She reached for her forehead, fully aware that it wouldn't help any, but there was still the slight hope that it would somehow lessen the pain. "So, you finally decided to get up, eh? I swear, you must have hollow legs.. Do you know how much you drank last night?" Quite frankly, no, she didn't remember how much she drank last night. Quite frankly, she didn't remember drinking much at all. Though, that's how it always seemed to happen. You drink way too much, wake up with an awful hangover the next morning and can only remember the first couple drinks that brought you to this lovely point.

                                                      "Just...help me up, will you?" She asked, before feeling the bed sheet being pulled off of her. She peered over at her companion, making sure her head wasn't telling her the wrong thing. Black hair, blue eyes, funny birthmark on his chest..Yeah, it was him alright. "You know what? Just sit here while I get you some clean clothes, okay?" Tomoko only groaned in reply, wanting nothing but to flop back into bed and sleep forever. But she wouldn't be able to do that, much to her dismay. That meeting at Dancing Tastebuds was today, and if she wasn't there... Well, who else would be the neutral party in the inevitable conflicts that would arise? Even though she was hungover, that didn't mean she was exempt. Vin suddenly trudged back in with a pile of clothes in his arms, placing the neatly folded pile on the bed. Tomoko would never understand how her ex knew her clothing sizes after they broke up. Granted she hadn't really changed much body wise, but it still managed to amaze her...and creep her out slightly.

                                                      "Alright hun, you're good to get dressed and stuff, right?" With only light groaning and little movement on Tomoko's part, Vin only sighed and set to work on getting Tomoko dressed. Tomoko did whatever Vin told her to, lifting her arms or a leg, and after a few minutes of effort on both ends, Tomoko was dressed properly, and sort of awake. After one slightly-off-balance walk to the kitchen, Tomoko decided against having any food since her stomach felt like it was a raging ocean at the moment. Better to just down some water and then head to the meeting. She started putting on her jacket so she could leave when Vin came up behind her with his coat on. "You are not walking out there like that. I'm driving you." Tomoko didn't object, seeing it as the most logical option at the moment. One short walk to the car, and Tomoko was flopping into the passenger seat, willing herself not to fall asleep. It was a rather quiet drive over to Dancing Tastebuds, and upon arrival, Tomoko managed to get out without a stumble, much to her surprise. She waved a goodbye to her friend, before making her way inside.

                                                      Looking around the interior of DTB, Tomoko noticed that her morning wasn't the only eventful one, or so it seemed. There seemed to be some commotion going on with one of the girls on staff, but she decided to ignore it, seeing as it didn't concern her. She spied the other Tenpi members, and started heading in their general direction, but ended up settling herself in her own little area. The less she had to talk right now, the less her head hurt. She peeled her jacket off, but kept the hood of her sweater up so that less light would threaten her head to explode. All that mattered right now was surviving the meeting, once it started. Until then, Tomoko was staying in her little corner, trying not to move or vomit all over the place.

                                                      ( o.o.c: ) (outfit?)
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                                                          What kinda creature do we have here
                                                                  It feels like love, but it smells like fear

                                    Ace's response to her excuses wasn't far from her expectations, however it was difficult for her to pay attention to his words as he pinched her pale face and pulled her up on to her tip toes. Many people would have found the position he put her in to be most uncomfortable, but it was a rush of pleasure that Valarie felt, so much so that he had to place her hands over her lap and squeeze her thighs together to prevent herself from getting off this early in the morning. As he lectured her in his cold steely voice Valarie just kept thinking to herself, 'More, more, I want more!' But alas Ace was but a tease,releasing her face and giving her a peck on the cheek before she was thoroughly satisfied, it disappoint Valarie. She did understand Ace's strong disapproval of her lateness though. She kept her lips pursed as Ace left for a moment and quickly returned with a tray of tarts that he placed in Val's hands. He gave her a stern warning that he would use violence in his disciplinary actions if she continued to follow the guidelines.

                                    However when he began to tell Valarie to take orders, the last part of his sentence was cut short as both o ftheir attention was shifted to the noise of jewelry Out of nowhere appeared a larger presence, nearly knocking over the little vixen, and the tray of tarts as well. Luckily Valarie's dexterity is much better than it use to be, therefore she was able to save the treats. Valarie looked up at the larger being as it embraced Ace. She scoffed when she realized it was Evangelique. When she noticed Ace going a bit soft on Eva than herself she was quite convinced that she was treated differently because her bust was practically nonexistent. This slightly infuriated the orange haired girl, but she resisted the urge for an outburst for she owed Ace.

                                    Valarie turned away from the two as Eva began to speak to Ace. She had barely made two steps forward before there was sound of breaking plates and glassed, accompanied by the sound of a metal tray clanging to the ground. The loud noises caused Valarie to cringe, Once they ceased Valarie opened one eye to see what had happened. At first she had expected herself to have knocked something over, but as she examined the surrounding she sighed as she saw she was in the clear, however her fellow stripper was no so lucky. She saw Lisa on the back of a man who appeared to be dressed like a bartender, the man himself was face first into the table he was standing next to. Lisa in a panic rushed to get the man some napkins, he himself making a small scene as she returned, but he seemed to cool down quite fast when he saw who had cause the accident.

                                    Before she could move any further Ace had removed the tarts from Valarie's hand and instead gave her a bucket with a sponge inside. 'Great cleaning duty, and it's not even my mess.' Valarie moaned in her head. She approached the incident not to far behind Ace. She waited for her blue haired boss to finish his business, not catching the whisper he gave to Lisa. Once he left Valarie began to assist Lisa in the clean up, catching Yamada's words given to them. She chuckled inside while looking at the blonde man, he did not seem to ring a bell to Valarie, despite her last gang being the Daichi. She simply looked at the now filthy man with a disgusted face. "Such a dog." He whispered under her breath. Disregarding Yamada's suggestion she continued to clean the area about them

                        Look in the mirror, baby, what do you dream
                Look at it harder now and you start to scream
        We're finding out what drives your machine

        ~XO Val...

        Location: Dancing Tastebuds

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People Make things complicated
People piss me off
But people make me money
Money calms the beast

                                                -x- Kuujo Yomi

                                        Kuujo's brow furrowed behind his sunglasses, and he gritted his teeth as Yamada proceeded to treat him like a piece of s**t. He let every word that foul man spewed from his mouth soak into his very being. He could feel his body tensing as the ridicule continued, and then it seemed to pull Nanamiko into the mix as she rambled on about her holiday. 'So she ******** up to? This d**k of a leader doesn't seem to appreciate anyone's work in the gang, I hope it comes back to bite him in the a** in the end.' The thought was a malicious one, but well deserved to a blood thirsty monster such as Yamada, at least that was Kuujo's own feelings on the matter. He was far from getting along with Yamada as compared to his relationship with Yamada's father. He let the young boss finish his rant, the sarcasm near the end was acid to Kuujo's ear. Maintaining his composure Kuujo took in a deep breath and looked at both of his superiors, resting his eyes on Yamada as he attempted to relax his body.

                                        "I did not off him simply out of reason. Yamaguchi doesn't have family we can just go off and sell in compensation for the debt. If I were to off him, the only thing of value he had was his fishing business which I am sure the Tenpi would swoop in and buy the company and liquidate the assets. I am sure that the company would be sold to them well under it's actual worth." His firm stare into Yamada's eyes did not break as he continued, "And then where would we be? With out the money the man owes us, I figure it would be better to get the money than lose out on the remainder. That an I am not a blood thirsty killer, you should have known this before you took the damn seat. However I do enjoy violence up until that point." His tone was even and calm, though there was a hit of strain on some of the words. "But I must apologize, for I am not an appropriate voice on authority like yourself."

                                        There wasn't time for his boss to give him a response before Kuujo was surprised by a sudden weight on his backside. Unprepared his knees buckled. He attempted to reach his hands out to support himself on the table but his reaction was a bit to late, he ended up smashing his head onto the table. The impact was hard enough to shake the table and spill Nana's beer all over Kuujo. The weight seemed to disappear from his back side. Kuujo quickly spun around in a fit of rage. "Who the ******** did tha-" He began to shout, finding his only interest in Dancing Tastebuds making her way back to him. Apologizing to Kuujo as she began to clean up. "Oh it was Giselle." His voice was much softer. He could feel his face getting warm from the smell of the beer making him a little buzzed, as well as having his person of interest being this close to him. He could feel his muscles going weak for a moment but they snapped back as soon as he heard Yamada's order to the young lady.

                                        Kuujo snapped, ignoring Lisa as she attempted to clean him up. He slammed his right hand on the table, removing his sunglasses from his wet face. "You are nothing but a ******** spoiled brat! You know that Yamada?!" Kuujo shouted in his superior's face, repeatedly poking the air before him with his free hand, "Not once did your father treat me like a dog like you have, not even after I begged for my damned life before him when we first encountered! I respected him for that."[/b] Kuujo clenched his free hand into a fist, breaking his shades in the process. "You deserve respect from none of your subordinates with the way you treat them!" Kuujo threw a swift punch that met Yamada's face flawlessly. He had wished that would have been the end of the conflict but he noticed Yamada's movements towards his sword, before he could draw his weapon from such an awkward position Kuujo managed to knock his hands away from the grip. He followed this movement with a quick but heavy blow to Yamada's chest with an open palm. The force caused Yamada to go into cardiac arrest.

                                        That was the scene that played in Kuujo's mind at least. The reality of the situation was much different. He knew such an outburst like that would surely grant him a quick death, and that was not Kuujo's desires. The alternative was as such. Kuujo is that flash of imaginary violence failed to notice Ace's presence by Lisa until he had began to depart, give him and Lisa a small smile. Then approached what seemed to be a child. He had no interest in her at this point in time so he looked away from her, not catching her little remark she made towards him. He assisted Lisa and the little one in cleaning the mess, however refusing Lisa's assistance to clean himself. His face was still a bit red from the buzz the alcohol was giving him. "Since you obviously do not like the way I conduct my business I assume you would rather have Mr. Yamaguchi's head on your doorstep rather than wait the week I granted him? If so I can surely deliver it on a silver platter m'lord." Kuujo said softly to his boss. The way he addressed Yamada could easily be noted as spiteful sarcasm. After saying such a comment he had to think to himself, 'It will surely come at a hefty price towards my own values though.'
                                        Simplicity is magnificent.

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                    Lisa felt horrible about bumping into the blond man. His head had smacked the table and when he turned he looked pissed. He proceeded to scream and Lisa winced and opened her mouth to utter out an apology when his personality seemed to switch completely. Rather than being angry, his voice softened as he said her name, and a pink blush crossed over his face. However Lisa noticed none of that and she continued to ramble on her apology. “M-my heel broke and you were the closest thing to grab and I didn’t know I was going to fall that hard and are you alright? Your forehead is all red and your shirt is covered in beer, let me help you clean-oh!” She was cut off by Yamada speaking, telling her there was no need to apologize and that “Kuujo” was fine at cleaning up. She looked at the male, assuming that was his name and she shook her head. “It’s fine, he shouldn’t have to clean up for my clumsiness.” Lisa said softly before using the napkins to mop up the spilled beer. She looked at Nana and offered her a smile. “I’m terribly sorry, I’ll get you a new beer, free of charge.” If Ace had a problem with that Lisa would merely pay for the drink herself.

                    Speaking of which, Ace arrived and she looked at him as he handed her two slips of paper, glancing at them she instantly knew they were for the blond male who she had rammed into and flushed when Ace leaned by her. Being that she wasn’t on her normal Ecstasy, the idea of being in such close proximity of a man caused her to be a bit flushed, but she merely listened to what he had to say before nodding and slipping the coupons in her pocket. Val came over, and Lisa smiled at her brightly. “Thank you for your help!” She exclaimed before assisting in the cleaning. Kuujo also decided to help and gently, Lisa took his hand and moved it away from the mess and offered him a soft smile. “Relax, we can handle this, and after I finish cleaning, I’m going to get you a new shirt.” With that, Lisa spoke no more until the mess was clean. Quickly, she bustled over to the bar and fetched Nana a new drink and gave it to the female, making a note on the pad that that beer was free of charge.

                    Lisa quickly disposed of the cleaning mess before leaning by Val and whispering in her ear. “Ace wants us all in the kitchen as soon as possible, okay?” With that, she pulled away with a light smile once more before throwing away all the beer-soaked napkins and heading to Ace. Entering the kitchen, Lisa moved by him and kissed his cheek. “I’m going to take the guest up to my room to get him one of my night shirts, alright? I’m not sure what he’ll fit so rather than constantly coming up and down the stairs I figured this would be faster, alright? I’ve relayed the message to Val and I’ll do the same to Eva and Nia, but I hope you’ll excuse me if I’m a bit tardy, I’m sure I can get caught up on what you have to say quickly. Oh! Also, I gave the girl whose beer I spilled a free one, if there’s any trouble with that I’d be happy to pay for it, it’s my fault she lost her first one after all.” Another gentle kiss was placed on his cheek and she left the kitchen, heading back out and over to the Daichi table, only pausing to go to Nia and Eva before whispering "Meeting in the kitchen as soon as possible," in their ears. She then lightly grabbed Kuujo’s hand before pulling him outside and up the stairs to her apartment.

                    Lisa unlocked it quickly before inviting him inside and shutting it behind her. “Excuse all the books please, I know they sort of, clutter up the place. I’m going to get you one of my clean sleeping shirts for now while I wash yours, I don’t want those stains to set in and ruin your shirt.” Lisa offered him a smile and signaled for him to remove his shirt before she went over to her dresser and began pulling out various large shirts and tossing them on her bed. They were all men’s sizes, as Lisa found those to be the most comfortable things to wear to sleep. Quickly, she laid them out, took Kuujo’s shirt from him while not looking at him, and quickly threw it in the washing machine she had purchased for herself. She sighed lightly before turning it on, adding some soap and then shutting the lid.

                    With that done, Lisa moved to her closet and opened it, her eyes scanning her various pairs of shoes before selecting a pair of black heels. She slipped them on and walked around a bit, making sure that they wouldn’t snap like her light pink pair had. When satisfied, Lisa shut her closet door and returned to Kuujo, fishing out the two coupons. “On behalf of Dancing Tastebuds I’d like to give you these coupons for a free meal and a free lap dance as an apology for my clumsiness.” Lisa offered him a smile. “Feel free to use them any time you come in.”

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                          L O C A T I O N :
                                I am in my apartment.

                          C O M P A N Y :
                                I am with Kuujo.

                          T H O U G H T S :
                                I am feeling apologetic.

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A slight crimson red blush appeared on Anthyhimenia face as she brought her hand to her mouth giggling softly over hearing the comment Ace had given Lisa a few seconds before. Hearing Bo's voice saying "Good morning, Nia. Your kid doing well?" to her Anthyhimenia turned her attention towards him smiling brightly"he's a handful as all ways"she joked out"but he's doing good"she told him" I think he's still in the apartment watching Tv"she told him keeping him updated about Seina. A couple of days when she started to work here Bo as been there helping her watch Seina even through he didn't have to,he always asked about the young trouble boy which made her happy to have such a great friend like Bo and the other girls to help her out,after all it was just her and Seina for part of her life.

Getting ready to respond to Akio another customer entered the doors ranting about something"I wonder what's wrong with him"she thought to herself wondering why the man was making a complete fool of himself,as he slouched his way to one of the corner tables taking a seat."okay..so what would you like Miss..."she started again but noticed a man walking to Akio giving the girl a kiss on the cheeks,as he lifted up his head Nia noticed that he was the leader of the Tenpi family.

AnthyHimenia ears twitched hearing Akio voice sweep across her ears replying to her question"Do you perhaps have milk and cake? I need to drink more milk in order to grow some more and I just love cake! Thank you" giving Akio a sweet look she nodded her head"Of course we have it Miss"she said as she took put paper and a pen writing down Akio order"one milk and a slice of cake coming right up"she said happily turning around walking over to the goodies stand,each step she took her hip switch side to side like a gently wave each time her breast bounce a little but still in place.

Reaching the sweets stand Anthyhimenia picked up a tray at the end of the table and started to make her way down the line looking for a nice big slice of cake for Akio. As she looked Nia found a perfect size caramel cake"Miss Akio would love this"she thought to herself wanting please Akio after all she is a loyal customer and nothing but the best for the customers.

Bang Crash Smash!

Can be heard from the back of Nia head, a confused looks appeared on Nia face wondering what happen"Another dish drop"she said nonchalant to herself picking up the slice of cake and milk sitting the Items on her tray as she turned her body around scanning the cafe.

That's when Nia eyes noticed Lisa and Eva cleaning up a mess over by the Daichi table"one of them must have wasted something."she thought a bit scared wondering if the girls would get in trouble but a calm relief washed over her happy that the Daichi leader or any of his subordinates didn't take action on the girls but they seem to be into a deep heated conversation with one another. Walking through the club customers was trying to get her attention"excuse me.."one said to her pulling at the him of her skirt "hold on please"she said trying to find Akio who wasn't at the bar no more. Scanning around the room Nia found Akio at the back table with the man that made a fool of himself,walking up towards their table Nia caught a better look at the man and realize that he was second in command of the Tenpi family.

Stepping towards the table Nia stopped and smile at them"hehehe...hears your cake and milk Miss Akio"she told her sweetly taking the milk and cake of the tray putting it on the table"Would that be all Miss Akio?"she asked hugging the tray close to her bosom. Waiting for them to reply Nia flinched a little from the tingle on her ear when Lisa approached her"Is everything okay Lisa?"she asked her,but got quite when Lisa whispered"Meeting in the kitchen as soon as possible" in her ear,as lisa pulled away Nia nodded and watched the girl go back to her table grabbing one of the Daichi gang member with her.Turning her head back around to the table Nia went into a short deep thought"I wonder what Ace want?"she thought to herself wondering what could the meeting be that they was excuse from the customers, but didn't dare question her blue haired boss if he command it then she will follow orders like a loyal servant that she is,bowing her head to Akio and Relius "excuse me one second please"she told them excusing herself from their table,taking her leave from the back of the room making her way to the kitchen following behind the others.

The doors opened up as the girls walked into the kitchen Nia walked over to the counter placing her hands on each side to hold her balance as she hopped on the counter taking a seat as she lightly kick her feet back and forth watching the others waiting for Ace to walk in"Good morning Noir and Little Succubus" using their stripper name while they was in the club,she gave them both a warming smile,as the door opened up Nia turned her attention to Ace waiting for him to speak to them.
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                                                It was days like this that he simply wished the stay inside. To perfect everything he worked on. Saturday, no education to learn. Such an early morning. But, there were things to do. The blankets stirred. No will to get up was exerted. He was awake. His conscious was aware. The scurrying of feet trying to keep quiet perked his attention. The servants awake... Leaving wouldn't be easy. He rolled to the edge, cocooned in the blankets. Sitting up, he stands, a few blankets shedding. Soft steps, shuffles of socks against hardwood.

                                                Having to be up early sucked. He didn't have to wake up this early for lessons. A couple yawns. Another blanket drops. To the dresser he goes. But... what should he wear. What was he feeling today? A flaunt of his new cup? Sounded like a plan. The last blanket is shed as he moved to his closet. It was a... fairly large closet. He refused to keep clothes in it. For the very reason that his hobby would take its space. Shelves lined the inside, most empty. Some with dust. The older models... they collected that dust. There was no use for a poor model. They looked fake... The newer ones were toward his work station... toward the back.

                                                What cup, what cup? He recently made a C cup... Ah, he could test that one out. A slight apply, and a few minutes later they were situated. Still needed a bra. Perhaps lace. Yes, that sounded right. On racks in the same closet was his collection. Lace, push-up... Today felt like a lace day. Black. Yep, and that went on. A little glance in the mirror, looking over himself. Maybe he should flaunt them... It wouldn't hurt. Back to the dresser. Shirt or no shirt... Maybe just a jacket. White pants pulled over black lace, fitting well to his form. He glanced back at the time, he was fine.

                                                Still, he should hurry up. He ran a brush through choppy blond hair before ruffling the locks a couple times. Navy blue canvas shoes pulled onto socked feet. An army jacket slipped on to hang loosely over his figure. It ended just a little past his crotch, the breast of the jacket opened at the top. To, ya know... show. Bits of lace peeked. It was winter, this jacket wasn't going to do much, and being bare beneath it didn't help. A coat followed, buttoning it fully. Wallet and cellphone shoved into pockets before leaving the room.

                                                It seemed the bedroom hall was deserted, free of any prying servants. Looking around several times, he scurried down the hallway, as quiet as possible. He could hear snores, feminine and masculine. Seemed everyone was still asleep. Good. A slight smile tugged at his lips. Kari managed to slip out, unnoticed by.... anyone. He had grown used to sneaking out. It really wasn't as adventurous anymore, but, he didn't want to risk it. Walking would take a good amount of time.

                                                The blond didn't mind the walk, though the cool air was a terror. His face would pale, but his cheeks went pink. Often he would check the time on his cellphone. He didn't enjoy being late. Driving would be too obvious. He'd rather be thought to be a shut-in. Approaching the strip club, could it be called that, he began unbuttoning his jacket. It was definitely going to be warmer in there.

                                                He entered, ignoring anyone around. The coat was shed right off, gripping it in his hand. Blue eyes scanned, spotting a few members. Where to sit... He adjusted the breasts as he stood, running scenarios through his head. Sitting with the boss.... A good and bad idea. Maybe taking a seat alone... Yeah, with what was going on, staying away sounded best. The bar, the bar... Away from everyone else. Or, as far as he could be. Plopped into a barstool, he swiveled a couple times, his coat flopping with the swivels.
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тαкє тнє ραιη
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xoxoxoxoxonobuSecond Co.

                                            xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo "Mommy, Mommy, look! It's a Hobo man! Hi Hobo man!"

                                            Nobuo grimaced as some kid and his mother walked by him, the kid pointing and laughing, referring to him as 'hobo man' while his mother pulled him away securely, as if Nobu was going to attack the brat for what was honestly just a pretty good observation. Honestly, he did kind of look like a homeless guy, plus, Nobu just was not one to get pissed at kids, like.. ever. If anything the whole scene just made him ridiculously embarrassed, and wishing that Keisuke would get here faster. But, wait... Hadn't Keisuke been at the bar with him that night as well? Oh God the guy was probably even more hung over than him by this point. Nobu whimpered at the thought, burring his face in his hands as he settled half naked in that cold bench, light chilly winds blowing at his boxers as if to tease him and make fun of his misfortune. But, then again, Keisuke was a lot better at holding his liquor than Nobu was, which was surprising seeing that Nobuo was older. But seriously, that guy was like a black hole specifically made for alcohol Nobu had gone and watched him consume ridiculous amounts of Alcohol in a single night than he could ever consume in a single week. It was insane, and sometimes frightening, he could not even imagine how ******** up that guy's colon was at this point. That then made Nobuo wonder if he'd be able to get another one. Wait, weren't there two colons in a person's body? Or was that kidneys? No... or maybe they only had two lungs? So then did Nobu only have one colon to give? Or none? Woah, too much math for his poor blond head. He honestly had no idea about what went on in a body, and didn't really bother to find out.

                                            Nobuo was... smart, street smart at least, and he had learned a few life lessons and passed htem along pretty well, but when it came to science, math, English, history, all that crap, you'd be better off asking a dead dog on the side of the road. Seriously, Nobuo was so idiotic he was positive that Napoleon Dynamite was the ruler of France fifty years ago. Nobuo thought more on that for a bit, then looked down at his cell phone for the time.. well, at least Kei had actually answered his call, that was a plus, right? But by this point it had already been a while sense then. He noticed a new text from Gio while looking, opening it up and checking the message out. Augh crap, the boss was getting impatient, great. He sighed and pulled the trap phone open and wrote up a reply:

                                            To: Giovanni Boss
                                            From: Nobu
                                            Subject: A Bit Stuck

                                            Seriously? Wow, sorry boss, I kinda got caught up in something last night, Kei is picking em up now... I think, I'll be there soon, don't worry. and I'll call him!

                                            To: Toby
                                            From: Nobu
                                            Subject: Info

                                            Boss says one of our guys got snuffed a few nights ago, mind looking it up?

                                            Nobuo sighed and stood from his place on the bench, looking around the area through his bangs. He straightened his head band a bit to keep the uncut and unruly hair out of the way a bit more, just as he did so he was able to spot a raging piece of a car nearly running over people as it came towards him before making a spotless and award winning park what with the speed he was going at. Kei made it... barely."About time.. I was afraid I'd be arrested for indecency before you got here-- huh? O-Oh..." The elder blushed, pulling down his boxers a bit more and rubbing the back of his head, "I don't wanna talk about it.. you got extra clothes in that thing still?" The male questioned stepping over as Kei stepped out, a wave of relief coming as his friend finally came to the rescue, no, his best friend.

                                            Nobuo and Kei had been best friends since, what, birth? Not exactly, but it sure did feel that say sometimes. Nobuo and Keisuke had seen one another through the best and the worst of times, both of them nearly equally as much. The blond could recall Keisuke being the only one there as he went through his horrible withdrawals when money was too low, or taking him to the hospital when he lost too much blood from his nose bleeds which were horrific sometimes, especially at night, when Nobu found himself choking and drowning on blood in his own sleep. It was also all the same for Keisuke, Nobuo could not even begin to count the times he had cared for him though his 'stages' or personas or whatever you wanted to call them. Honestly, he did not mind it, well most of it. He enjoyed normal Kei, and he enjoyed the child-like Kei, it was just Joe he had a problem with. It was scary sometimes, not knowing if your best friend was going to kill you or not at random moments, but he loved Keisuke too much to ever let his issues get int he way of their friendship. Kei was like his brother, little brother, although he was much taller, but Nobuo would never let him get hurt, not without throwing himself in the way first. He owed him that at least, for pulling him into this life from the start." His sarcasm still sucks..." The boy thought to himself, chuckling a bit at it as he went over to the back of the car. Kei's sarcasm sounded more like scorn and set some people off, but Nobu was quick to be able to tell the awkward male's jokes and kicks.

                                            "Your a life saver, dude... seriously..." He sighed contently, digging through the back before finding an okay pair of pants. He pulled them on and frowned, of course they were too big... but he did not have much else to go with right now. Nobuo searched for a belt or something but could not find much, so just dealt with pulling up his pants every ten seconds, no big deal. He shuffled over to the car in those pants and got into the passengers seat, looking at Keisuke, "You sure you don't want me to drive...? I've sobered up quite a bit--..." Before he could really even finish his sentence the redhead was off as if this was a friggen horse race and your goal was to get as close to death as possible without actually crashing or dying. Yes, Kei's driving was scary as hell, which was funny seeing that the guy was pretty much afraid of everything, yet could happily drive near the wrong side of the road and sing Kesha like it was no big deal. Yeah, he was weird... but you had to love him.

                                            They were over at Dancing Tastebuds in record time, seriously, record time, like Nobuo had to question weather he was in the friggen back to the future car right now with the speed they just went in. "God now I gotta friggen de-glue myself from the back of my seat.. you seriously need to take another driving test..." The elder shook his head and sighed, removing his seat belt and opening the door. He pulled up his large pants once more before walking out. Nobuo continued to pull up those pants, glancing back at Kei now and then as he made his way down the Dancing Tastebuds alley, being introduced by a small, clean stoned area and stairway with a kind blue light emitting from it. He stepped down, almost stripping over the far too long pants but caught himself. Wow, this was going to be along day he could feel it. He walked in as the sliding door came open, seeing quite a few people inside the place already, and was also just in time to see Lisa, one of his to her very good friends, slam her tray accidentally into some Diachi. Nobu glared a bit as the Diachi guy began to yell, stepping a bit about to intervene, but the guy quickly calmed himself. Good, he really wouldn't want to get into more trouble, especially not on this day. This was a peace treaty day... everything ended to be.. peaceful. He walked over to Gio, seeing him and stood side by side with Kei, continuing to hold his pants up and glancing at Lisa for a moment, but she was too busy to notice him clearly, "Hey boss, sorry we're late... Heard anything more on the death?" He looked around, wondering if Toby was here or got his text, Nobuo soon spotted the.. er... Toby. "Hey, Toby! Come over here, did you get my text? Why are you all the way over there?" Nobuo asked in a friendly but fairly demanding way.

                                            OOC:// OUTFIT w/ large pants

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██████████ ███████████████████████

                                        MY HEART HAS BEEN HURT BEFORE, BUT YOU WERE THE LIGHT THAT HEALED IT.
                                        I KNOW IT IS HARD TO FORGET THE PAST, AFTER ALL THE PAIN AND ALL THE HURT.
                                        BUT EVEN IF YOU WERE THERE FOR ME, AND MADE ME FEEL LIKE I WAS NEEDED.

                                                            She sighed and kicked her feet up onto the table, laughing a bit as Yamada huffed something about selling her to a toy factory after he clearly did not enjoy her own opinion on the matter. Really, the guy did not enjoy any opinion that was not in agreement to his own. He was stubborn like that, and honestly it was pretty funny to Nanami most of the time, but sometimes the two of them really did butt heads. Especially when he went around demanding crap from her all willy nilly, not giving her room to breath, he was really good at that sometimes. It did not particularly piss Nana off, no it was pretty hard to make Nana angry, but it did make her just want to do the exact opposite of what he asked sometimes, even if she knew it was the right thing to do. Nana was an interesting girl, she admired Yamada with all her heart, hell, she even took up a love for Katana's due to his influence... well, mainly his influence, and a few other things.... but those were all in the past, yup, and to look on the past was, not something Nanamiko liked doing.. at all, ever. "You wouldn't do that~ Ya like me too much, I'm too amusing! If anything you'd sell Kuujo... he'd make an awesome action figure anyways." She teased, knowing this was not the best time to mess with him, but it was true! Kuujo action figure would be awesome, all punching and powing and kicking and bowing, kids would totally buy it!

                                                            She let that thought wander in her mind for a moment, before hearing Yamada's sour grumble. Oh yeah, boss was pissed all right, and she'd be sure to hear about it soon enough. Nanami frowned and sat up, placing her legs down on the floor and putting her elbows on the table with an apologetic look, "Aw boss, don't be angry, I'm sorry, really... Nana will keep her mouth shut now, alright? So pep up, Buttercup~" She insisted, reaching over with a small fist and gently nudging her boss's chin with a bright smile on in one of those ways you always saw the loving father do to his kid. As if to say 'go get 'em, Champ!' or 'Your a chip off the ol' block' or some old saying like that. She chuckled and pulled her hand away, clearly not taking much of this seriously, but then again when did she ever? Nanamiko did not do serious moments very well, some, sure, maybe, but this one, in this case, this early in the morning, nah, no way she'd settle down and shut up this time. That was about when Kuujo intervened, and with some pretty bad news at that. Well, not really that bad of news, but Nana could tell it would be bad for Ya-ya. He didn't like the whole 'mercy' idea, not one bit!

                                                            She frowned for her poor subordinate, shaking her head with some joking panda frown on her face, sucks to suck, right? "Welp at least you didn't have to go and see two kids watch their Papa die on their very last day of life... I'd prefer that failed mission ove-- Aww, Ya-ya... She huffed, now he was just being cruel. Nana would not hesitate to say Kuujo could do loan sharking better than pretty much anyone she knew, including herself. Sure, she could do it, cut of heads and what not, but Kuujo actually brought in the money, not just bodies... Nanamiko was really only good at bodies... and occasionally having unplanned sex with their targets... God had she gotten a yelling for that move from the boss. Apparently it was not okay to give them extra time n their rent because they were 'really good at foreplay' apparently it was not good to ever even have sex with them from the start. Who would have thought!? Nana certainly would not have, and even after getting scolded hard for that she could not honestly say she regretted it, that guy had been friggen amazing! She had to wonder how he even learned to do half of those things. She found herself day dreaming on it a bit, wondering if she had kept his number after all this time, or if he was even still alive... probably not, the guy had been pretty deep in debt anyways. Yamada probably went off with his head right after that whole situation.

                                                            Nanamiko was once more pulled out of a daydream as Yamada barked at her from answering the question very wrongly. Oh, he was not accusing her of anything, he just wanted to know what other people were doing during the break. Nanamiko thought about that for a moment, letting her boss's anger pass her and took out her phone. As free spirited and careless as she was, the girl did still do a productive amount of things now and then... if she wanted to. She had made sure to text every man and ask what they're plans were during her break, most replied with a 'nothing' and claimed to be staying here while others mentioned out of town families or just spending it at home with their own families. Everyone had some kind of agenda though, for Christmas and thanks giving, and what she could tell they all went... but she could always be wrong or have missed someone, "Everyone I have had some kind of alibi, going to grandma's house or settling with us... no shifty eyes or anything I don't think. You actually think one of our guys did it...?" She questioned, looking up from her phone and at Ya-ya, who was fuming at this point. Oh boy, here we go, Namiko felt it coming. She sighed and put her phone away, preparing for the nice scolding the two of them would get for these past few days mistakes.


                                                            Nanamiko was listening to Yamada bark in her ear, her legs propping back on the table when a sudden clash came from her side. One of the waitresses ran smack into Kuujo. She snorted and held in a laugh, knowing she should not laugh, not yet, so just slowly handed over her own napkin as Giselle, the stripper/ waitress apologized in a panic. God she was hot, Nana had to admit that, the girl was like some ridiculous hormone magnet made by God on one very horny day. She had it all, perfect breast, perfect a**, and amazing body, and beautiful face! Oh, and not to mention her hair! But damn, she was only one of the many beauties in this place, they were literally all over the place shaking their little bun buns and dropping dishes on poor, unfortunate Kuujo. Nana let out a bit of that laugh, watching the scene go down a bit, Kuujo and Giselle and Yamada having a little back and forth. It was clear Yamada was getting on Kuujo's nerves, but even Nana knew he would not do anything about ti. Ya-ya did it to all of them... but there was not much to do about it but say yes sir and move the hell on before you got yourself hurt. Speaking of moving on before she got hurt, Nanami decided to take this awkward time to move on, move on to the booth next to them, where she was spotted Varro walk on over to without a word. the guy was avoiding the scolding pretty well, lucky b*****d.

                                                            She slipped away from Yamada, Kuujo and the disaster going on, winking at Giselle as she passed by, and watching as the girl took Kuujo up for some new clothes. She sighed and slumped down in the seat next to Varro, watching them go up that area where customers were not allowed and vanish. Nanamiko stared for a moment before glancing at the pink haired male and speaking, "Funny how even when he's unlucky he still gets lucky. No fair..." She huffed a bit, pulling her knees up into the seat and turning to completely face Varro. The guy was a geek, that part was not hard to tell, but Nana was not bias or anything, she liked him... but she pretty much liked everyone... most of the time. He was pretty cool, and she'd totally do him any time, so in her book, he was A-Okay! She leaned over a bit and glanced at whatever was on his computer screen, her blond hair falling to the side a bit as sh did so. It was in a simple ponytail today. "What cha lookin' at? Files.... huh... N-- hey! hah! Is that my file?! Dude, click it! click it!" She chimed, having spotted her name under one of those funny yellow pixel folders, but it did not look like Varro was all that interested in clicking on it. She reached over and started for control herself, grabbing the mouse and making her way to the folder, "You got all my crazy secrets in this thing? Hah, Varro are you a stalker? I bet ya know my favorite color and all... My favorite position and crap.... I like doing it in the water~ It that in here?" She was messing with him, no just completely ******** with him now, she had leaned over to the point where she was resting on him, pretty much in his ear and her voice became more and more low, whispery and seductive as that sentence/question went on. She had been joking... and yet wondered if perhaps her funny guesses would be right.

                                                            OOC:// Outfit
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location : Limousine → DTB | | with : Riccardo the Limousine driver → Everyone in DTB | | thoughts: 'Ah. Finally. Now...where's that bartender?' | | ooc : ...

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                      Giovanni sighed in slight annoyance as he hung up on Keisuke, tossing the phone back to Riccardo. Of course he was. Nobu and Keisuke were like a comparison of two befriended monkeys: both tolerable alone, but a real handful together. Leaning towards the car door, he rested his head on his hand, rubbing his temples that ached with boredom and annoyance. He had to admit, however, the better acquainted Hisakata members were with each other, the more committed they would be. It was a friendship he was willing to accept. Besides, they never did anything that bad when together. As far as he was concerned, they could go on a goddamn killing spree at the local Wal-Mart. But as soon as they do something stupid as to mess with other gangs he woul--

                      "Boss Hisakata, we're here." Riccardo interrupted. He looked up at Riccardo from his glasses. It was about time. He let out a chuckle as a slick smile spread on his face. He could already feel the adrenalin pulsating through his body. Today was going to be a fun day. "Good." he cooed. A vibration from his phone. Already guessing who it would be, he lazily took out his phone that revealed the message from Nobu. 'Tch.' Just what he thought. Nobu was with that woman, after all. No matter, what was important now was that he wasn't caught. And that was a good enough outcome for him.

                      He leaned off of the car door and opened it. Right about when he was going to get out he looked back at Riccardo with a smile. "I'll call you when I need you." he teased. Riccardo replied with a grunt, knowing that Giovanni was most definitely planning to get drunk today...or at least by the end of the day. And he will be the one who was going to have to pick him up.

                      Walking out of the car, he closed the door behind him before fixing his collar and tie up. As always, he wore his signature vertical striped dress shirt with a double breasted suit. Sure, it wasn't the normal style they wore around, but it sure as hell made him look distinguished. He fixed his shades and he headed inside the club, leaving on a smirk on his face. Who said one can't go to a strip club alone? It smelled of freshly brewed liquor and a fresh and intoxicating perfume that went about in the air. It felt like heaven...or at least home. This wasn't called the neutral grounds for the gangs for nothing, either. He already saw from the corner of his eyes some familiar faces around him. But no Ace in sight. Huh. That's funny. He was usually the only one worth greeting in the place. He did have Giovanni's same sense of humor.

                      He paused to look around and see if there was any empty booths around. One he had entered, he partly saw the aftershock of the scene that had taken place. That girl dubbed 'Giselle' was heading towards a shaggy blonde guy who seemed to be cleaning himself up from spilled beer. Giving him two familiar coupons, the girl apologized for her 'clumsiness'. Oh boy. There was drama happening around here already and he still hasn't had one drink today. He would have to fix this. Maybe he would go to the bar instead, he would rather wait for someone else to serve him. It definitely wasn't going to be the Lisa girl, that's for sure. Seeing that two other girls were decked out with mops and buckets, it seemed that Ace would have a more than busy day today. Well, it's a hard knock life. Taking care of the liquor business came with a price...a lot of accidents.

                      Wait. Hold up. Was that the Yamada Daichi he saw on that table? He couldn't help but to grin at the scene. This day was just getting better and better. The Daichi's were already getting down on their luck? Good. It was about time something amused Giovanni in the least. As he stood there, footsteps of two more people entered from behind him. Without taking a second's glance, he heard the voice of an apologetic Nobu. Too many apologies. Not much booze.

                      The simple statement of 'You're late' would just waste his precious breath. Hell, Giovanni just came a few minutes prior to them. But he wouldn't mention that. It looked planned how they walked up behind him after and that was all that mattered. The Hisakata were (finally) in the DTB, presented as such. A followed up question from Nobu caught him slightly off guard. "Hm...no, he hasn't. It doesn't matter, though. I'll find out soon enough." he said as his revenge driven eyes were hidden behind his glasses, staring directly at the Daichi gang members.

                      Toby he said? 'Ah. Good.' For some reason Giovanni had the hardest time finding that son-of-a-b***h. "Go get him and find a booth. I'm getting a drink." he said as he shifted his eyes off of the appealing bar, after taking a glance at Nobu. Without turning towards him, Giovanni gave him a questionable look that said 'what in the hell are you wearing?' He signed, shaking his head as he headed towards the bar. Ah, Nobu. What was there to say, really? There Giovanni was, looking as snazzy as always and in comes Kei and Nobu...the burlap boy. Typical.

                      There was one more thing, however. Deak was still nowhere in sight. He, however, wasn't that hard to reach. A message sent to him hours ago, he would probably join the party soon. Or not. Giovanni rarely never gave him the choice. He had those weapons to make for him, after all. His boys were crazy, busy guys.

                      Sitting down at the bar, he sat in solitary from his companions, letting them roam free as they wished. He would much rather have all of them in a booth together as the Daichi did, but seeing how that went so well for them...he'll have them follow their actions indirectly. He didn't have enough patience at this point to wait for his drinks to be served. He need his dose pronto. Taking out another cigarette from his breast pocket, he put it to his mouth and lit it as he waited for the bartender to attend him.

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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Varro could multitask like these DTB girls could shake it, and judging by how popular this place was growing, it was pretty damn well. Actually, he wasn't paying much attention to the frills bouncing around and cleaning up messes (though one couldn't help if he just happened to catch a shot of panties or someone bending over and revealing quite a bit of cleavage) when he was this busy checking his files against the people in current attendance; he had to be up on his information should Yamada have any questions about a certain person, if someone needs to be dealt with at a later time, or if someone was there that shouldn't be. That and his work was just a little bit fun. It even took him a little while to realize that someone had taken a seat beside him, glancing up only when Nana spoke.

"Could you consider that being unlucky at all?" The pink-haired male spoke, "If he hadn't had that drink spilled on him at all, he wouldn't get to have this sort of encounter. That and Lisa, aka Giselle, has a bit of a nice streak in her, so I'm sure she'll repay him in some sort of way-- Not necessarily sex, sources indicate it's not a medium she prefers using, especially when sober." He spoke all in a matter-of-fact tone, and it was all founded in fact. He would know-- After all, he put together her file. He put together everyone's files that came in contact with the Daichi Family... Even ones on the Daichi Family members themselves. Varro had built a database filled with information ranging from personal to known accomplices/connections to mission history to what sort of underwear they liked to wear. He had to know it all, and sometimes gathering that information was a little less-than-private. He may or may not have bugged certain places, hacked certain systems, tapped certain phones... May or may not! Not like he could tell these people anyways, and not like they'd believe them-- He'd just keep on keeping on, listening in on conversations, watching them in showers... W-wait, nevermind, not that last bit! He didn't do that! It's not his fault he just happened to see some of the girls like Nana walking around in their birthday sui-- You know what, he didn't need to justify his actions! He was just doing his job! Viewing naked people just happened to come with the job!

Nana was one of those people as well, though he was pretty sure she did this because she knew someone was watching. It was an odd match-- her and Yamada-- but she was a staple in the Daichi Family as much as the rest of the members were. How long this would last, Varro was unsure, as came with her strong personality came strong retaliations from her mentor, though there must have been some shred of patience in the man when it came to the young woman that made him resist cutting her down just to silence her ADHD mannerisms. But this was not based in fact (other than the ADHD), merely his speculations, and such things were usually kept floating around inside his brain.

"Wha-- N-no, it's not! Well... I mean it is, but it's nothing important!" He tried to convince her, popping up new windows and pretending to be working on other things, fingers clicking at the keyboard furiously. This didn't seem to deter the blonde however, as the two grappled over control of the mouse, though he was losing the fight simply because the hot breaths were tickling his ear and sending goosebumps down his spine. Such dirty tactics!

"Really, it's nothing!" Varro feigned assurance, popping open the first page of the e-dossier. He let her look at the general contents and information, nothing intrusive about that. He wouldn't let her stare too long though as the tab in the corner with the "photos" label might have been the more intrusive part. "And I don't consider it stalking-- It's merely reconnaissance, surveillance, and information-gathering, as is part of my job. It's not wrong that I know your favorite color is red, or that you really don't have a favorite position since you like/try them all-- though you are fond of good foreplay, and that 'doing it in the water' should be natural as you are an Aquarius. This is simply information that I've collected for possible future use, as I've done with all other Daichi and similar Family members. Can't fault me for being diligent."

"Now...!" He closed the file so that his level of diligence would go unnoticed in the other tabs, "Maybe I should check in with Yamada, see if he needs anything! I mean, we can't be looking at my computer all day! It's just normal, boring information after all!" He pulled at his hat down a little, hoping he had dissuaded Nana from pressing further and that her ADHD would kick in. Or that some hot piece of DTB a** would walk by and distract the flirtatious blonde. Whichever happened first.

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Dancing Tastebuds

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Seems Ace was already in a none-too-pleasant mood this morning, and she could hardly fault him when she saw that she wasn't the only girl coming in late on a rather important day. Even with this morning's gift, the rub of his eyes suggested that he wouldn't just let her walk off with a small slap on the wrist and a slap on the a**. He couldn't stay mad at her forever though-- She was Evangelique! She'd just turn up the charm, that's all. Gently run her fingers through his hair, apologize with a few "mon amour"s, maybe even give him the promise of a blowj--


She turned at the same time Ace did, both witness to the mess coating the floor and a Daichi member, as well as all the other mafia members in the rest of DTB now staring at the mortified female. She couldn't blame Lisa for turning so red, as at some point in time, all the girls had a little clumsy mistake here and there. A spilled drink here, a step on a foot there, even a smack to the face during a lap dance... It wasn't routine happenings at the DTB, but everyone has their slip-ups once in a blue moon. The fact that it was today of all days could be what made it worse, at least for Ace, as she could see his face going blank in efforts to decide just how he would react to the situation. Eva hoped it would be one of the lighter reactions, as his anger sometimes knew no bounds; turns out the girls were lucky, as she watched the bluenette disappear shortly before returning with cleaning supplies. She took a rag and made her way to the table, wiping down the booth seat as well as the table and its leg, breasts lightly jiggling with the circular motion her arm was making while she wiped up the spilled beverages. Lisa caught her attention with a whisper, tilting her head into the soft words before giving a small nod of comprehension when told there was to be a meeting in the back; looks like Ace wanted to get the ball rolling. She apologized once more for the disturbance before moving back to the bar, walking into the back to dispose of the dirty linen. Nia had already taken her spot for the meeting, giving a small smile and nod to the seated girl.

"Bonjour, Goddess," Eva returned the greeting as she washed off the dirty rag, dropping it into the receptacle for washing. She excused herself momentarily back out onto the floor to finish attending to the clientele so they would be without want while Ace spoke to the girls. She picked up the tray of refills for the Daichi table that had been remade since the accident and brought them over to the members, carefully setting them down with each of their respectable owners.

"'Ere you are, sorry for ze mis'ap," Evangelique commented softly, trying to be courteous but not wanting to interrupt the seemingly heated discussion the Daichi leader and his members were having. She bowed out from the table and set the tray back behind the bar, noting the table dispersing shortly thereafter and more people walking in through the door. There shouldn't have been many more needed in attendance for things to get underway, and this made her level of anticipation rise, as she was sure so did Ace's. She then noted the blonde currently seated at the bar, watching the man light up his cancer stick and inhale before speaking to him.

"Je suis désolé*... A-ah, I mean, sorry for keeping you waiting. Is z'ere somes'ing I can get for you? A drink? A pâtisserie*? A woman for company?" She couldn't help but chuckle lightly at the last bit, lips parting into a soft smile as she leaned over the bar closer to the Hisakata boss.

[[OOC:// Je suis desole: I'm sorry, and patisserie = pastry]]

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                                              tab 'There's so many things to do, yet all these clowns can think about is a piece of a**... And here comes Hell,' and just as the thoughts ran across his mind, the devil suddenly showed up. Well, didn't Giovanni (Hisakata's boss) look... tender. Yes, he looked like he was in a tender mood, today. Did that mean that Yamada would let his guys off the hook? No, of course not. If Daichi had heard about it, Hisakata had definitely heard about it as well. It was only a matter of time. Giovanni was rather straight-forward, kinda like Yamada, and his blunt attitude pissed the brunette off. He couldn't explain why, maybe the competition, the fact that he saw some ressemblance between the two of them, or just that way his father had raised him to see such a thing as an obvious sign of disrespect. He couldn't tell, but he was well aware that Hisakata's don was something to be avoided in stressful times, such as this one.

                                              tab He turned back to his team, or what had arrived of it, and glared as he turned away. He leaned back, eyes flickering in every direction. He was planning, thinking ahead for options and escape routes. If a fight was to break out, Yamada would have to be swift, light, and prepared. The restrained space would strain his ability to move, but he could use this as an advantage. The less he had to move, the more he could concentrate on speed and strength. The distances were to be calculated, though. Upper-cuts would serve wisely in this situation. He was then taken back to the table when Nana Began teasing that Yamada would be incapable of getting rid of her. Pfft! Of course he couldn't get rid of her! He needed someone he could trust in his position, a valuable asset. Kuujo would probably drive this mafia down by himself due to his incompetence in understanding business, Varro... Weren't you supposed to support your team, not sit in front of a computer screen all day? The others, still not present... Where were they now? That was a good example of his guys' abilities. Maybe a few days at the dojo with his brother and him would make them somewhat better soldiers. "If you don't want to end up as fish food in Tokyo Bay, I recommend you watch your mouth, Nana-chan," he stressed her name out, a way to return her tease. Unfortunately, he would have to agree with some of her thoughts, "Selling Kuujo doesn't seem like a bad idea, though... I wouldn't be the one to buy an action figure of him. What would it do? Fail at performing basic figurine actions?" It might've seemed somewhat cruel to treat his followers in such a way. It had it's perks, though, it pushed them to outdo themselves all the time, and, in the end, it brought positive results. Of course, there were a few exceptions, but he could deal with those.

                                              tab His expression quickly turned sour when the blond stroke his chin. If this was supposed to be some pep-talk or some s**t like that, she failed miserably. Yamada wasn't all that into lovey-dovey nicknames. He would tolerate being called "Boss," considering it was his rank, but that was it. You wanted to talk to him, you spoke properly or forever be left ignored. And Yamada was great at ignoring people. "I'm not angry. I'm disappointed; I can't take a vacation, a few days off in the year, that s**t starts to fall apart," his explanation of whether or not he was angry was nothing but a low grumble, barely audible. And then Kuujo showed up. Even though he should've stayed as far away as he could've.

                                              tab Another failed mission. Now was the time to scold them. Why, they were in public and therefore would be most humiliated and compelled to perform better. Why? Because Yamada made it known that praises, from him, were rare, but definitely earned. These little kids barely entering the loan shark business weren't worth s**t, and so wouldn't get s**t from Yamada. Until they proved their worth, they were worthless. Something ticked him off. Something big, something that could get everyone in here, involved or not, killed. Despite being a tiny little thing. Barely a word. He was quick to free his sword's sheath and slam it onto the table. Nanamiko was pushing her limits. "Tell me what I want to know then go take a hike," he growled. At first sight, one wouldn't exactly pin point the reason of his foul mood. It was simple, though. You didn't call him "Ya-ya." Never. You didn't even associate that nickname with him. It was definitely not recommended to test your luck. Close friend, relative, acquaintance, or stranger. It didn't matter. If you dared defile him by offering such frilly names, death was but a corner away, lurking in the shadows, and waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

                                              tab Luckily for the girl, Giselle suddenly lost control of her heel and a scene was created. Now, that was proper mannerism. Even though Yamada was just dying to see just how low Kuujo could bend. "Whatever you say," he responded as if it was faith working it's magic. Something wasn't right, though; As Kuujo helped Giselle to clean up the mess, this venom softly spewed out of his mouth. One should've known better than to offer Yamada the opportunity to strike. When raised the way he was, opportunities were taken as soon as possible, and this was no exception. "No, I wouldn't want another mishap from you. I'll take care of this business," he replied, somewhat of a proud hint hidden within his tone. The conversation was over and the don made sure of it by swapping his hand at the blond, as if to signal him to leave him be. Which, thankfully, he did. And so had Nana. The both of them had left; Kuujo followed Giselle, and Nana was off to their computer addict... Varro. He was useful, when it came to numbers. When it came to actually fight, though, Varro wasn't a very trusted member in that department.

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                                                                              Hammer. Load. Aim. Adjust. Repeat. This was the daily routine of Deak O. It may sound boring and look pretty simple but there was something special about the craft to him. He kept himself in his little work station located in the Hisakata headquarters where he was currently filling out the boss's special order of : four FM 24/29s, two HK21s, and one RPD machine gun. This was a time consuming task that involved a large amount of concentration. Deak hyped himself up prior to the job with two shoots of Heroin. He would be good for a few more hours. Each weapon Deak made was special. He would engrave the gangs title uniquely into each bullet and then engrave the gun itself with the title of the gang member who would wield his work and that would be after he would make the gun from scratch.

                                                                              "I'm behind." he said to himself in a muffled tone due to the gas mask. He was supposed to have completed five out of seven guns by now but was still stuck on the third FM 24/29s. He was about to test one of the guns when he felt his phone vibrate in his back pocket. "********. I'm not ready." he whined. He already knew who it was from. Giovanni was the only person who would or could bother Deak during his work. Everyone else seemed to leave be the druggie handling lethal objects. Deak reached into his pocket and skimmed over the text. No, he couldn't leave now. He wouldn't leave until his job was done. It bothered him greatly to leave s**t undone like that. The boss would understand.

                                                                              ----Le Time Skip----

                                                                              Deak's muffled heavy breathing was the only thing he could hear as he worked on the last gun on the list. The mask made his skin underneath moist and Deak didn't like the feeling all to well. But even with no one there, he wouldn't dare take it off. He couldn't bear the idea of someone accidentally coming in and seeing his burns and scars. It was just all so embarrassing. They would all laugh at him and Deak would feel like a failure.He was sure though that the other gang members had probably seen the real him once or twice but just haven't said anything. Nonetheless, Deak was reluctant to go with out his mask. He looked at the clock he had on the wall and calculated how long it had been since he received word from the boss....hours had passed. Deak was a little worried he would be in deep s**t but he couldn't help himself. "I swear if this crap doesn't work- ah! I got it!" he said as he clicked on the nozzle to the gun. "Perfect fit." he said as his aimed with the gun and pretended to fire it. "Crap! Better leave now!" He said before he made his way out of the headquarters and onward to the club.

                                                                              The journey to the club usually took him a good thirty minutes since he always moved on foot. Deak wasn't one for public transportation and plus walking long distances helped remind him of the time his father and himself traveled to this city. His mind began to wonder what his father would think of him now. His death wasn't that long ago and it wasn't like much changed about Deak but he wondered what his father would think if he knew he was a gang member. He wondered what his mother would think as well though her opinion he cared less about. He couldn't say this was the life he wanted but he was happy regardless. As long as he did what he loved he didn't care about the little things.

                                                                              Deak sighed as he entered into the Dancing Tastebuds. Was this a important meeting or where they there to get drunk? He was never informed of these things. Besides, he tried to avoid such things as much as possible. He didn't like to waste his time with horny drunk dogs. He walked into the club and scanned the crowd. He spotted Nobu and Keisuke but wasn't about to approach them. He was only here to find out what Gio wanted and that was it. Speaking of the devil, Deak found his boss sitting at the bar and being attended by one of the girls that worked there. He sighed, knowing not to disturb him whenever he was busy with the ladies. 'But he wanted something, dammit. I'm not going to stay here all day.' He walked over to him and tapped lightly on the shoulder from behind and stayed quit. He wanted to get back to his life as soon as possible.

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                                                                                      if if you could call it that.

                                                                                      Nights like this were to be considered usual for Toby, or really, mornings, since it was now two a.m. This town was good for people like him. He paid his taxi driver well and in return, the guy didn’t ask about his face. The neighbors didn’t do anything but maybe walk down the hall a little faster when they saw him coming. Great apartments. Probably the ******** Diachi’s and he didn’t even know it. With all the shady s**t around, it was hard to smell a rat, or better yet, determine who’s mess was who’s anymore. He didn’t fuss. He was a paying customer; they wouldn't bother him. Why kill your money? He felt safe enough with his baseball bat or pipe stashed close to his bed, and slept like a baby.

                                                                                      So really, the only thing he had to worry about when he came home was not bleeding out. He had kicked open his door instead of fussing with keys; he wasn’t even sure if he had them and he was in too great a hurry to get himself stitched up. Literally. Cradling one of his shoulders, he slammed the door closed with his back before tripping his way into the kitchen, knocking around the counter for the first aid kit. It wasn’t until he had the s**t necessary to fix up his lip, that he realized he should probably pop his shoulder back in before messing with the things that required some fine motor skills. Toby groaned. He had really been hoping to put fixing that off. Shoulders were a b***h to pop in. See, this is why he needed a boyfriend. Someone to pop your shoulder back in and stitch up your lip when you got your a** handed to you in shady underground fight rings. The domestic dream. Instead, he wound up smacking his shoulder head-on into a column, and screamed profanities to himself. With that done, and after rolling his shoulder a few times, he picked up the bent fishhook he used for stitches and set to work on that lip. After splashing on some vodka for good measure, and spitting some blood into the sink, he brushed his teeth and examined his face in the mirror. Black eye, stitched lip… was it just him or was his nose a little… He absently touched it, wincing immediately. Yup, definitely broken. So only after having to go through the painful experience of realigning that and taping it with some medical tape, did he get to go to bed.

                                                                                      Final time: three a.m.

                                                                                      And there was that ******** ‘peace’ meeting at tastebuds tomorrow. ******** him.

                                                                                      ❝H O W T I M E F L I E S

                                                                                      His phone was blipping. That. Damn. Thing. Barely six hours of sleep, and he was supposed to be a good little b***h today and not lash out at the meeting. Like he’d be able to do that when he was sleep-deprived. Grumbling, he snatched the offending object off his nightstand.

                                                                                      To: Toby
                                                                                      From: Nobu
                                                                                      Subject: Info

                                                                                      Boss says one of our guys got snuffed a few nights ago, mind looking it up?


                                                                                      To: Nobu
                                                                                      From: Toby
                                                                                      Subject: RE:Info

                                                                                      You got a name? You know what, never mind. I’ll get it.

                                                                                      Maybe he sounded grumpy, but one, he was grumpy, and two, Nobu knew this was basically his regular tone. Grabbing the laptop from his cluttered floor, he made his way to his living area and cracked down. Good news about his being ‘self-employed’? You could work in your boxers.
                                                                                      Now where do you start when you don’t really have a starting point? Well, the news reports for one. ”Les’ see… homicide… homicide…” Unfortunately a pretty big problem in these parts. Might not have even made the news. Except – hello – what have we here? Washed up body… Blah blah… cops saying it’s a Diachi trademark weapon. ”Oh, hell.” Toby reached for a cigarette from the coffee table, fumbling with the lighter for a few turns before getting it going. Taking a drag, he took another long, examining look at the picture. His face was rotted off from sea water beyond recognition, and it looked like he had been disemboweled. ’Ey, maybe they sold his organs. Make a killing off that. Didn’t really fit the Diachi M.O. though… And hey, this was pretty useless information because he still didn’t know if this was the guy. Time to hit the police records. Cracking his knuckles, Toby set to work. Hacking was a pretty classy skill for a guy like him to have, if you thought about it. But then, so was bomb making. And trap devising. But yeah. Time to see what the good old dependable feds had on this.

                                                                                      #struct group_info init_groups = { .usage = ATOMIC_INIT(2) };
                                                                                      struct group_info *groups_alloc(int gidsetsize){
                                                                                      struct group_info *group_info;
                                                                                      int nblocks;
                                                                                      int i;

                                                                                      …And again and again with the hacking codes until he was in.

                                                                                      And he hadn’t even burned halfway through his cig yet.

                                                                                      Reading through some files, he finally found a face that seemed a bit familiar, and sure enough… Printed from a previous arrest, it was one of their own in that beautiful blue ocean, swimming with the fishes. Hokkaido, Ko. ”Rats. I rather liked him,” Toby muttered to himself in between breaths of cigarette. ”Come to think of it, I think he owed me money. Damn.” As the file pages printed, Toby dressed himself. Casual, not that he ever dressed with much class. Couldn’t exactly throw a good punch or make a clean swing in a three-piece suit, though. Stuffing the pages in the pocket he had sewn on the inside of his jacket, his fingers brushed over, unsurprisingly, a butterfly knife he kept on his person at all times, and more interestingly a syringe and a few smooth capsules. Right. He still had some leftover narcotics, in this case, Vicodin and heroin. He couldn’t even remember where he picked these up. Might have been Deak? Maybe he’d return the favor later and share. Maybe. Finally, he shoved the previous night’s spoils into the pocket. He made fifty thousand last night, because despite the whole split lip, black eye, broken nose dislocated shoulder, he had actually won. It was one of those, ‘you should see the other guy’ fights. So twenty-five thousand was taped up and wrapped up in a brown paper bag, going to the big boss.

                                                                                      Being fight dog was one of the few reasons Gio kept him around. Having someone to deal with security and keep home base protected was beneficial, but not crucial. Not enough to keep him around. Nah. They kept his druggie, paranoid a** protected because he brought home some bacon. It worked for Toby.

                                                                                      It was about a ten minute walk to Dancing Tastebuds from his apartment. Not a big deal because he liked the quiet. Well. Not really quiet with the constant sirens, yelling, and occasional gunfire in the distance. But hey, it’s home. Stepping inside the bar, he glanced around. Not really his scene. Strippers were sort of. Not his thing, considering they were all chicks. If he saw Lisa around, he’d chat, because, hey, they were cool. But as for the rest of them. Didn’t really know ‘em. Didn’t really care. He wasn’t wild about alcohol, but got a waitress to bring him a bottle of beer anyway, if only to have something to hold onto and look like he had a reason to be there other than awaiting his gang.

                                                                                      Apparently, Nobu had made his way in without Toby’s noticing. Toby approached, tugging his scarf down from his mouth as he did so. Upon noticing the other’s pants, Toby gave him a brief quizzical look, but didn’t comment. ”…Got it,” he answered, shuffling the various objects in his jacket pocket for a moment before removing the papers and handing them to the other. ”Was Ko. Ko Hokkaido. The feds are trying to keep it pretty quiet. Public’d panic,” Toby explained shortly. Lowering his voice, he continued. ”The thing is, he looks like he was cut up pretty bad. No organs. Looks like a Daichi blade too. But he owed some favors to the Tenpi, by the looks of the files. I don’t know what to tell you.” Taking out the brown bag, he glanced over at Gio, who was currently in the company of the bartender, with Deak in tow. Giovanni would have a line for his attention, go figure. Real mafia boss in the flesh, that one. ”I was going to try and shoulder this off to him while I was here. Twenty-five ‘k from the fight last night.” Again, Toby explained quietly. ”I’m not suicidal. I don’t want to carry this much in a crowd like this. Don’t think anybody’d even try to steal from Gio though.”

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