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████████████████████████████ ANNOUNCEMENT
                      ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀

                        CHATZY LINK

                        WELCOME ALL TO DANCING TASTEBUDS!

                        Now listen up for the rules....

                        DTB Workers:

                        - Your curfew is at twelve unless your working or have a damn good excuse
                        - All strippers will live in Ace's apartments, if you live anywhere else, you don't work here. Unless you Bo. ******** Bo.
                        - No favoritism, if you ******** one guy you have to ******** the other.
                        - No sleeping with one another (unless it's girl on girl or with Ace)
                        - No saying no to Ace. No.
                        - No skipping shifts unless you have a good excuse
                        - ALWAYS HAVE CONDOMS AT HAND
                        - NO RELATIONSHIPS
                        - DO WHAT YOUR TOLD WHEN YOU'S TOLD
                        - NEVER ask to leave Dancing Tastebuds

                        DTB customers:
                        - No kissing the hoes
                        - No sex unless you pay Ace
                        - No relationships, they don't want you
                        - No sexual or physical harassment
                        - No stripping before ten
                        - Too drunk and your gone
                        - Break it you buy it
                        - NO SEX IN THE BATHROOMS
                        - NO FIGHTING

                        Also, read the location and crap please
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          xxxxxxxxIf only I was in CONTROL of my impure desires,UNDRESS for me mistress..
          for I love to play with my FOOD



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                                            The digital clock onto of his nightstand blinked as the silent alarm went of, the time at six flashing constantly. Ace had long since gotten rid of the noise that came with the alarm at first, having already trained himself after all these blissful years of owning Dancing Taste Buds to wake up at this very time, or perhaps a few minutes earlier each and every morning. Ace did not bother to look at the clock this morning, confident he was on time as usual as he slowly began to travel through the room and into the walk in closet. He was never late, never sick, and never took a day off, and even when he was sick, he just was not sick. Ace was a man with a plan, and men like that did not let petty colds stand in their way of anything, or many other things for that matter. Ace formed his life so that he would have no distractions from his goals whatsoever. At his age, most men were off getting married, trying to find the girl of their dreams or discovering the 'miracles' of fatherhood. Ace only chuckled at those things, what were they worth, really? Nothing, nothing but a way to distract yourself from real life. Ace knew this ahead of time, he saved himself from the horrific heartaches of waiting your life on, what? A child's diaper? A b***h screaming in your ear everyday? Yeah, no thanks, he'd much rather plot the demise ad fall of every mafia member in his beloved city of Kyuuuten.

                                            Ace searched through his work clothes which usually consisted of a nice vest, a good bartender look, you know, the tie and pants suit, nice pulled back hair, the dashing charm and such, it all came with the clothing, and the face of course. He hummed while his finger slid across the clothes before picking out what he would wear. With that, Ace made his way to the bathroom to cleanse away all the booze and sex from last night. Just to be on time he only took his usually twenty minute shower no sooner and no later did he get out. After that came the facial grooming, ace shaved and plucked away any possible facial hair coming through, he wasn't a bit fan of lumberjack faces. He liked the freshly trimmed, clean look to show off his adorable baby face. Next came the hair gel, slightly pulled back but not all the way, to show that he was professional, but still pretty fun, yes, Ace through about every string and strand of his life. "The pumpkin tarts come in today... Plus I need more pink frosting... mhm, and then there's the whole alcohol shipment today... " The blue haired male began to murmur to himself as he thought over his day, thought over all the complex situations a restaurant owner had to undergo, which, honestly was not much when you were making so much god damn money in a single day. Who would have known selling sex and crepes would be so profitable?

                                            Once he finished grooming himself, he then commenced the dressing stage, Ace ironed his clothes continuing to murmur to himself what needed to be done during the day. There were the bills, the new painting, a bit of construction, the new stove coming in, plenty to keep him busy, and oh! The event of the year was today! The annual meet of the mafia gangs, all coming to his one little cafe this morning. Gosh, if he did not already have a surefire, torturing plan to ruin their lives and then slowly remove it from their vile bodies, then he would probably just go and blow up DTB with all of them in it today. But no, not just yet... not just yet.

                                            The elder finall finished dressing and hummed his way out the door, grabbing his master keys and placing them on his belt. He also grabbed his planner and made his way down to Dancing Tastebuds. Ace unlocked the place, what with the multiple locks on a single back door, and began to set up and turn on the lighting of the place. His humming was the only thing possibly heard through out the place, Ace made his way to the back of the kitchen, placing his planner down and going and opening the garage area in the back so that the storage trucks would be able to slide on in and begin... storing. He looked through a pile of the new menus set on his desk, which he had personally asked Lisa to make last night. Good job Lisa. You know, for that Ace decided he would be kind this morning and make the girls some breakfast. Ace opened the large freezer area and took out a few eggs, and batter and all of that good stuff. He started on breakfast, making a few Belgium waffles for himself and then leaving out a few for the girls when they woke up. With no time to truly enjoy his meal, the bluenette grabbed a few things and went out to the front area of the cafe, "I'll have the dancers clean their own poles when they get here... The first regular should be here in about an hour..." The owner murmured to himself even more of the things on his todo list as he settled at one of the booths. Tamaki glanced down at his watch, the time had now just hit around six forty-five, absolute perfect timing as usual. They had to open earlier than most strip clubs because, well, DTB was really only a strip club from ten to two in the morning, aside from that it was a nice, peaceful place for businessmen to stop by and grab a bagel or coffee and be greeted with beautiful women in the mornings.

                                            All in all it was like waking up to a sexy wife who allowed open relationships, handing you coffee and running her soft fingers through your hair. Yes... every man's dream, right? He settled there sipping some coffee and rading through his planning before looking at his watch once more, it was now seven. The male flipped through some keys in his pants pocket before taking out a cute turquoise key with the words DTB in gold on the handle part. He pushed the key into the sliding doors entrance and let the doors automatically open, the fresh smell of strawberries and icing hitting his nose as a mechanical yet tender voice chimed 'Welcome to Dancing Taste Buds Cafe~' over him.

                                            Dancing Taste Buds was now open.

                                            Ace then went t the back doors and just in time as well, the men where here with his weekly supplies. He smiled at them and kept the door open, letting the two en come in and begin to stock the freezer as they usually did. Ace turned away and went into the kitchen, heating up a few deserts and such he had made the night before and left to cool over night, he then began to start on a new batch of doughnuts and crepes and started the coffee maker, able to see whomever would bless him with a visit this early in the morning. He looked at his watch once more, where were the girls? Ace sighed and walked over to a near by monitor which traced up to all the girl's rooms, he took out his master keys and on the end of it had one of those cute little blow horns. Ace pressed the monitor button, shook the small but very loud blow-horn and let it a loose. What a nice wake up call that would be.

ι`ᴍ gʟᴀᴅ ᴛo нᴀvᴇ ᴍᴇᴛ ʏou, Love
x x x x xι ᴍᴇᴀɴ , ᴛнᴀᴛ ιs ι`ᴍ ʙᴇιɴɢ A Gentleman !

Out of all the times to get hit by a blasted love curse....
Why the hell now?
Anybody here?
Maybe I can cuddle with Haku
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                              The room was dark, some woman of the night before...Was Veronica her name...? Oh well. was sleeping peacefully, her arm laid out across the young leader's chest. The sweet smell of cigars lingered in the air, filling the room with its heavy aroma. He slowly and considerately removed himself from the bed, making sure not to wake his sleeping guest. It's a shame I'm going to have to get rid of her...hopefully I can get them to let her go peacefully.. The chances of that were probably lower than he would have liked, but hey. She's the one who didn't listen when Kazuki gave the bad boy speech. It would be by no means his fault if she ended up dead.

                              He peered out the curtains of his room. The far view of one out of his three condominiums was spectacular. He could see all of Kyuuten from here. Well...All of what anyone would want to see. Areas of the city like where the petty Daichi reside and other low-class neighborhoods, thankfully were not in his view. It was about six-thirty when he had awoken. He dawned nothing but a robe and slip on sandals to move about the luxurious apartment. He poured some black coffee into his D.Eagle mug and went to sit at the counter. he stirred his morning drink lazily, starring into the cup somewhat fascinated by the movement and ripples of the dark brown liquid.

                              He had not notice the girl in his bed wake up, and was startled for a brief moment when she brought her arms around the Tenpi leader from behind. She giggled slightly before taking her left hand and sliding into his robe, as she felt along his chest. Her hands were cold, almost as if it were a corpse caressing him. But of course it was probably just a sign being brought to him. A foreshadowing of sorts. "I'm sorry." he had said unintentionally. The girl laughed asking why the young man could only reply with a shrugging of his shoulders and a false reassuring smile dawning his face.

                              "So.." The girl started, "How did you end up in this position, I didn't think anyone would've expected YOU to have taken over." It was funny how correct she was. No one would have expected that turn of events, not The old boss, not the other candidates, not even himself. "It's a really long story." Kazu said with a slight chuckle. Veronica had brought her lips up to his ear, whispering in it seductively, "I love long stories...or...is there something in that story that you just can't remember?" Well, that certainly wasn't the case. It was actually really just a long story, but if she wanted to sit through it all, well...than okay.

                              "How could I forget.."

                              Indeed, how could he forget. The excruciating journey he had gone through, just to get to the point he was at now. The cold days struggling to find shelter on the streets of the city he had grown up on. Pick pocketing and getting beaten by the members of the very group he now controlled. The times were indeed tough back then. But...for what he had now.. it was all worth it. Kazu sat with his chin on his hand, whose arm rested lazily on the marble counter top, and found himself staring into the mug once again

                              The color of the drink reminded Kazu of him...it reminded him of the time he had met the boss of Tenpi back in the days when he was younger. About the age of 11 if he recalled correctly. It was a cold day in the streets of Kyuuten. Snow covered the ground like a heavy white blanket wrapping itself around a child and not letting go. It was freezing, and Kazu was with no shelter or source of heat. He had used his last bit of stolen cash on some food two days ago so he couldn't pay for a room for a night somewhere.

                              He lied against the chilled metal bars of the Kyuuten bridge right on the border of town. I'm going to die.., he thought. Life was slowly starting to slip away, and the thought of death became more and more welcoming every second. But it was then when he saw a tall burly man walk by in his expensive, long, warm coat. His entire being was made from money...He didn't just have money, he was money.

                              Kazu struggled his way over to the man, leaning on a tall sturdy stick he had found earlier, using it as a cane. He slowly extended his out to the man's coat. He tried to speak, but he could barely manage a grunt. He tried and tried, but the man with his coat still didn't notice the boy trying to reach out for him. Kazu began to tear up, No one's ever tried to help me before, and this is no different...damnit! The man had stopped in his tracks. Kazu stopped as well, staring now dumbfounded at the man he tried to reach.

                              The man turned his head back just slightly, he removed his hand from his pocket and balled it into a fist. He slowly opened his mouth and began to speak to the raggedy lad that stood ignorantly in his presence. "Speak up boy! Stop relying on that stick! If you wish to catch up to me..then try to do so with your entire being!" These words had ignited something in Kazu that day, and although he would never admit it. Those words are the reason Kazu tried on when Tenpi had treated him like s**t for all those years till now. "Damn old man..It's a shame you had to go.."

                              Shortly after that day it was said that the Leader of the Tenpi family had been murdered along with the other bosses of the different families. Six years later Kazu had been forced to join Tenpi and was handed a .60 cal sniper rifle. The small group of men who had given this to him had explained to him that this belonged to the old boss, and it was a gift from him. Somehow or someway the boss had remembered him from all those years ago. It was an order from the boss that he succeed him in the future by any means necessary. This was an order Kazu fulfilled, with indeed, much blood shed.

                              As Kazu had explained all of this to his guest, he noticed a tear fall from her face out of the corner of his eye. Did that pathetic a** story really make her cry, he thought. She ceased to seduce him and instead gave him a heartwarming hug. "Guess you aren't just some slutty a** b***h after all." he mumbled, hopefully not loud enough for her to hear. It was nearing the time that Kazu had to start getting ready, which meant Lisa had to go. "He walked over to his desk and took out a pen. Leaning over her wrote a quick note, placed it in an envelope, stamp and seal, then handed over to Veronica. "Give this to the guard out front, and whatever you do don't open it."

                              Lisa nodded, seemingly understanding that this letter meant her life. She left him with a kiss on the cheek goodbye, and headed out the door with all her belongings. "Damn...I'm gonna miss that girl. She had a real a** on her." The hooker was gone, and it was time for business, Kazu took a quick shower, tossed on some clothes, grabbed that same .60 cal from all those years ago, and headed down the stairs to the lobby. Once reaching the main floor he was greeted by a multitude of Tenpi family, associates, and workers with either "Hello Boss" or "Morning, Hiroshi-Sama." With stretch of his arms, and the release of a slight yawn, he headed out the door and into the Limousin.

                              "Take me to the cafe, that coffee upstairs was horrible.




                              No one here
                              feels the same fear
                              that haunts me
                              that never ceases to taunt me
                              No wonder from grace I fell
                              into this everlasting hell

                              A man in coat had changed my views
                              Those had tried, so many but yet so few
                              Their tactics and strategies motives and plots
                              were no match for the boy, who couldn't even afford his watch
                              I bet the old man's laughing in his grave, wondered that this could happen
                              all...from what he gave

                              Some find me intimidating
                              Unapproachable to say the least.
                              It's not my fault that I'm vile.
                              It's not my fault I'm such a beast.
                              It's not my fault my life was a lie
                              And the only remnants of my past

                              ...Is that everyone died.
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тαкє тнє ραιη
тαкє тнє ρℓєαѕυяє
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xoxoxoxoxonobuSecond Co.

                                            xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo "N-Nobu. . wake up. . .Nobu!" The woman whispered loudly, sitting up in the bed as she quickly put on a shirt and underwear, begging the sober male to get up. "No. . . A little longer, but not now. . .We'll do it again later. . ." Nobu whimpered half asleep, throwing the covers over his throbbing head and curling up into a ball, he always had such a hangover after going to Ms. Fletcher's house, the woman could really drink! Sometimes poor ol' Nobuo had such a hard time keeping up with her! Then again, she was older... much older... and so, so hot. "No, Nobu get up now! my husband is home, get out!" The girl explained, trying to will the male out of her bed as she could hear her husband close his car door and make way for the house from outside her window. ". . .Husband...? Ms. F I thought you were divorced." The male questioned still half asleep as he slowly sat up and slugged his way out the bed. After that night, it would probably take a whole spoon full of dope to loose the pain staking head ache Nobu had at the moment. His eyes seemed to be pulsing more than his own head. Soon, the boy finally found the strength to open his eyes, looking the apparently married woman over as she ran around cleaning up the area and spraying perfumes to cover the smell of pure sex. " I suppose that explains the ring and wedding pictures... I just assumed she had not finished redecorating yet..." The boy couldn't help but realize it. then again, they had been meeting like this quite a lot recently, how could he not assume that she had no husband around any longer? It looked like the guy just was not around too much or something...

                                            "Well, we're not, I'm sorry sweetie, but you really have to go." Mrs. Fletcher murmured, glancing back out the window only to hear the sound of keys unlocking her front door. She let out a soft whine, taking the confused other by his arm and pushing him towards the window. Nobuo slowly began to wake up and realize the situation, grimacing as he found himself being willed out of a two story window, oh great, this crap again? Yes, again, because, well what with Nobu's specific interest in 'mature' women he found himself being pushed out a lot of windows, weather by an angry husband or a scared wife, and one time he had just randomly fell out. He tried to get himself prepared for the whole jump, having figure d out the best way to not get hurt would be to crouch then instantly roll once your feet just touched the ground to even out the pain. He saw his backpack of goodies settled on the ledge and grabbed it along with his shirt, but, wait, what was with that sudden breeze he felt as the window doors swung open... it was a warning breeze but he could not put his finger on it, "I think I forgot something. . ." The blond pondered on it, but it was too late, he turned to Mrs. Fletcher for a moment and she did not seem too concerned, she kissed him on his cute freckled nose and pushed him out the window. The male then fell and rolled into a flowerbed, thankfully not hurting himself on the way down, although jumping out of any window did not do good for his head, which was killing him even more so now.

                                            "I'll call you next weekend Bou~" The elder woman whispered loudly from her bedroom before closing the windows and probably rushing to pretend she was asleep or something. Nobu sighed and waved, that same breeze hitting him once more. Perhaps it was just the fact that he did not have his shirt on yet? Yes, perhaps. The blond put his bag down and pulled on his shirt, then grabbed his trusty bag, unzipped it and stuck a lollipop in his mouth. He had not had a bit of coke for an entire day, which was definitely lollipop worthy, not to mention he simply could not survive without lollipops when abstaining from coke. He was addicted to both, but one addiction seemed the flair up when the other died down. Nobuo looked around for a moment, trying to figure out where he was... Uptown Kyuuten, great, that just meant he'd have to escape faster. But... where was his car..? Oh, right, he left it at the bar last night when Mrs. Fletcher went to pick him up. Wow, this would be quite an eventful walk, especially since buses rarely came through uptown Kyuuten, oh! But wait! they did have the metro system, right? But that usually cost money... he was sure he probably had eno--- there was that breeze again. Nobu frowned, wondering what was going on and finally looked down. Oh, how friggen fantastic. Once he looked down Nobuo came to discover that he did in fact forget something, his pants.

                                            The pained druggie sighed with exhaustion at his new discovery, he did not want to deal with this today, really! He huffed and began to walk, knowing they would not let him on the metro without any Goddamn pants on, but, aw hell, it would be a pretty far walk all the way back to the red district, which might as well have been all the way across the world! Nobuo could feel a nosebleed coming on from all this tiresome stress, so he decided that it would be best to take an easy way out. The blond walked, and walked.... and walked. He waled until he was near the metro, which was about twenty blocks away from where he began, and his legs were already tired. He sighed and from there, took out his trap phone and looked though the numbers to make a call. He could not possibly call Giovanni, not unless he wanted his a** beaten through out the whole damn car ride, hmm.. let's try... Keisuke, "Hey, Kei... I know it's early but... ahh... I'm kind of Uptown right now.. at the metro, and kind of hung over... and I think I might have sprained my leg on the fall... I need a ride... " Nobu whispered into the phone, finding his own loud voice to just make a ring in his own head, clearly sounded tired and hung over on the phone. He hung up after that and took a seat on a near by bench, getting very strange looks from a few workers on their way to the metro, it was not often that you saw a boy in boxers hanging out in, what? Fourty degree weather... yeah.. not often at all.

                                            OOC:// OUTFIT

ι'м тнє мαѕтєя σƒ вσтн

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נυѕт вєϲαυѕє ι αϲт тσυgн


xxxxxxx∂σєѕη'т мєαη ι'м αϲтιηg


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                                  BRING! BRING! BRING! BRING! a loud alarm went off breaking the silence in a dark bedroom. From the bed a few small movements could be heard as alone figure rolled over to the desk where a phone sat ringing. Bo reached out and grabbed his phone, and turned the alarm off keeping his eyes shut for the whole thing. Slowly Bo opened his eyes and looked at the time on his phone, and unfortunately for him the time was right. Sighing, he slowly sat up in his bed letting the sheets fall off his bare chest, and then stretched to ward off the stiffness in his muscles. After a moment of sitting on his bed in denial that he actual had to get up and start the day he threw the covers off his body revealing that he was in nothing but his birthday suit. Bo always slept in the nude, he lived on his own so what did it matter to him? Looking over at his clock he saw that he didn't have to be at work for about 2 hours, which would give him plenty of time for his morning routine. Bo stood up stretched out once more, then lazily made his way over to the restroom. He quickly brushed his teeth then took a hot shower.

                                  Getting out he toweled himself off, and then walked back to his room and over to his dresser. He pulled out a fresh pair of boxers, and a white under shirt then slipped them on quickly. Next Bo went out into his kitchen deciding that he was actually going to make himself a good breakfast for once rather than a quick bowl of cereal. Bo went to his fridge and pulled out some vegetables and started chopping them up. Next he pulled out some eggs and some ham, and in no time flat he made himself a nice omelet. After he finished up he looked down at his phone to see that he had about fifty minuets to get ready and head out for his job down at the club. Bo walked over to his room and got dressed in his normal suit. Looking himself over in his mirror to make sure he looked alright, he gave a small nod of approval and after grabbing all his things and slipping on his shades, left his small apartment and locked the door after him.

                                  Bo lit a cigarette then descended the steps of his complex down to the streets of the city. Taking out his phone he looked at the time once more. '30 minuets. s**t, looks like im getting there early today.' He thought to himself with a small frown then returned his phone to his pockets. Walking along the side walk a little slowly letting his cigarette rest in his mouth he let out a small puff a smoke. Ahead of him a boy in his older teens poked his head around the side of the building and saw Bo heading their way. The boy looked to his companion, another boy about his age and nodded to him. After a few more moment they made their move.

                                  Jumping out in front of Bo the one who had poked his head out reached into his pocket quickly to grab his handgun. Unfortunately for them, they didn't know who they were dealing with. Bo reached out and grabbed the boys arm and yanked it into the air causing the boy to fire off his gun into the air from surprise. Taking a step closer to the boy Bo cocked his head back and delivered a swift headbutt right to his face casing him to drop his weapon. But unlucky for him, Bo wasn't done yet. Releasing the boys arm he grabbed his head and then slammed it into the building they were next to, knocking him out and cracking his skull open. As the unconscious boy slid to the ground Bo looked over to the other one that was with him. ''[******** this!" The guy shouted then turned and ran down the alley that they had first stepped out of. Reaching behind him Bo pulled out one of his tonfa and extended it out. Stepping into the alley he reached back and then threw the tonfa as hard as he could. The weapon fell through the air end over end, and then smacked the boy right in the back of the head causing him to fall to the ground. Bo walked quickly over to him and flipped him over on his back the grabbed him by his collar and lifted him slightly. ''I'm going to knock you out, and after I do I'm going to take your money." He said then cocked a fist back and went through with his promise. Walking out of the alley, he decided to go ahead and take the first boys cash as well then reached up and grabbed his cigarette, and flicked it onto the boys body and simply walked away. Reaching into his pocket he looked at his phone to see that he now had twenty minuets to make it to work. 'Well I'll be damned, it looked like the universe has a way of working it's self out' He thought to himself with a small smirk on his face.

                                  After just a little bit more of walking he finally arrived at his destination. Dancing Tastebuds. Looking at the time he saw that he was right on time as per normal. By the looks of things it seemed as if Ace had already set everything up and opened. Bo took a deep breath steeling himself up for the long day that was ahead then stepped inside the club. Walking in right on time Bo heard a loud horn noise come from the up stairs. Bo sighed and shook his head. He had no clue why the girls would ever want to live here with that a*****e running the place, but it wasn't any of his business. If thats what they were wanting to put up with on a daily basis then let them. Bo walked to the backroom and clocked in. Walking back to the bar through the kitchen he saw Ace standing by one of his little computers. ''I'm in a good mood today Ace, try not to ruin it for me." Bo said as he passed by the man, then made his way back into the main club. Sitting on one of the stools by the bar Bo grabbed another cigarette and lit it up. Taking a small drag he looked up the the ceiling and exhaled the smoke. Hopefully today wouldn't be to hard for him. He already had to deal with two punks, and wasn't looking to add on to that list.


                                  Where: Dancing Tastebuds xxxxx With: Himselfxxxxx

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                                      XXXX XXXXXB O Y SXX!X!X!XXgrab your g υ и ѕ

                                                        It's all in good funXXXXX↘↘↘XXXXXWe're making 'em run
                                                        It's all in good funXXXXX↘↘↘XXXXXWe're making 'em run


                                      Location, location, location ;; In mah room.XXX|
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                                      tomato (3rd persona: Sadistic murderer speech), coral (2nd persona: 5yr old speech), orangered (1st persona: Kei speech), rosybrown (Thoughts)
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                                      "Fuck... The Hell did I go wrong..."

                                      tab So, apparently it was harder to return home after a night out at the bar. Keisuke wasn't much of an hermit. He wasn't the most social guy out there either, but his face was widely known around town. Of course, everyone knew everyone in the ghettos. Those who didn't weren't on their territory. Lucky for him; he didn't have to deal with such hostility. Still, now he had to go back home. He was in dire need for a shower and some shut eye...

                                      tab Standing still on the corner of a busy street, one could obviously notice the unsteady feet the ginger was standing on. Having but one eye couldn't help either. The street lights were blurred and thus Keisuke hesitated to cross. Despite being drunk, he wasn't about to do something as stupid as to put himself in a potentially dangerous situation. He would let others do that. Maybe that made him a responsible drunk? Yeah, right! More like an alcoholic. If he wanted to drink another day away, he would have to keep breathing in order to do that... So he just stood there, looking rather lost and exhausted as he stared at the lights blink from red to yellow to green. He watched the Pioneer sign, instigating whether he should cross or not. He looked to his left, his right, and back to his left. He would've had the opportunity to cross at that moment, but he hesitated. And, with the sound of roaring engines, his chance had floated away. And just like that, he went back to stare at the other side of the street.

                                      tab His body rocked back and forth, never finding a steady footing. The world of early birds wasn't one he was fond of. He usually went to bed late, or sometimes he would completely skip bedtime and work with his bombs, and wake up late. He preferred the night life, and those who didn't agree with him were a complete mystery to Keisuke. So the rising sun was rather unappealing to him. Especially for his single eye. The quick sound of female laughter suddenly invaded his mind when he felt an outside force move his body forward without fair warning. "Move!" a man growled out as Keisuke turned to look at the intruder with a rather irritated look. Of course, Keisuke wouldn't be the one to shove a stick up his a**, especially not with two bitches there. He was off the sidewalk, though, and cars were honking for him to move. Shoving his hands within his pockets--the feel of two grenades made him feel safer--he picked his feet and stumbled to the other side. Once safe and sound on the side walk, he pulled something other than the grenades out of his pocket: his cellphone.
                                      It was 5 o'clock in the morning

                                      tab Keisuke arrived home a bit after six and made a bee line towards his room. He was now in HQ, so he could relax and take some time off. Unless Giovanni was ready to bust his a** about something that would end up senseless... His room consisted of a bed, a closet containing a mountain of clothes that were never hung, a table with his laptop and latest toys. He had beakers, a variety of jars containing solutions and minerals that had served for too long. So much so that the identification tag was beginning to wear off of them. It was a wonder Keisuke could remember what was what. Or maybe it was his ability to clean and put some order into his "toys." If only he did the same with the rest of his room. Finally, there was his TV which didn't have much of a use aside for late night porn. He had to wake up early, though, not too long after he'd made it home, he would have to leave again and join the others at the Dancing Tastebuds.

                                      tab "S'always the same every God-damned year... Always..." the complaint went unheard within the confines of his room. He took a seat, lazily, on his chair and pushed himself to the table. It was a small work space, but he made due. He wasn't working now, though. With his finger intertwined and his eyes driven on a beaker containing boiling water, his thoughts drifted. He wasn't going to sleep if he had to wake up in two or three hours... What was the point of doing that? Whoever thought of "naps" must've been more than an idiot. And so he waited. Thinking about various subjects, mentally planning new formulas he could try out, new elements to discover, and maybe even a way to pay that old granny back for all the trouble she's caused. His thoughts then drifted into a darker directions, going back a few years. To a time where peace reigned, or at least a small ressemblance...

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                                While life was getting on it's way,inside a small apartment building some choose to still sleep in until other wise. Inside the dark bed room two figures can be seen laying close to one another,Anthyhimenia slept peacefully as she wrapped her arms protectively around young seina,as the two slept in a sweet bliss,their dreams would soon be taken away. Just then a sound of a large horn came flooding into the apartment into the bedroom where the two of them laid the loud base started to ring in Anthyhimenia ears. Hearing the so called alarm goes off Anthyhimenia lazily rolled over onto her side stretching her body,after hearing a couple of cracks in her body she turned back over removing the cover from over Seina face she rubbed his cheeks softly before kissing his forehead"my sweet little one"she said sweetly,watching his face screeched up then let out a soft smile Anthyhimenia giggled at her child before she removed herself from the bed and quietly went over to the door to let herself out,walking into another room across the hall.

                                Stepping inside the bathroom Anthyhimenia turned on the light as she made her way towards the tub she turned on the hot water taking off her booty shorts and sports bra Anthyhimenia stepped into the tub letting the hot droplets of water touch her naked body,feeling the warmth on her body she rubbed the soap on her skin to get any type of dirt off of her body.

                                The bathroom door open up as the steam ran out the door,behind it came Anthyhimenia soaking wet holding her dry towel around her body, her ears perked when she heard small noises coming from the living room,she peeked into the bed room across from her seeing that the only thing on the bed was a body imprint,walking to the living room leaving small puddles behind her she saw Seina in front of the tv eating dry cereal watching Dragon ball Z,feeling movements behind him,Seina swallowed the food he had in his mouth"Morning Nia"he told her still keeping his eyes glued to the television"I see you found something to eat"she mention to him only to receive a head nodded in return"make sure you don't get to close to the TV"she reminded him,fearing if he stayed to in tune with the television he will lose his eye sights"stop worrying Nia...I'm not"he told her. It's a habit in their family you can say that the child never calls their mothers by their names,so when Seina call Anthyhimenia Nia and not mother it really don't phase her she figure that he is still going through his phase.

                                In her room Anthyhimenia opened up her closet looking at a bunch of clothes" I wonder what I should wear?"she thought to herself still keeping in mind that it is morning time,after a long debate in her head she pulled out an outfit and laid it across on her bed.Then she went over to her dresser turning on her Cd player as it began to play Practice by drake,grabbing her lotion she sat down on the end of the bed putting lotion on body. When she was done Anthyhimenia put on her white lace undergarments,then she took her her hair out of her large bun that she wore while sleeping,her hair still held it bounce and curls as some of it rested on her shoulders,the rest stopped at her knee caps.

                                Couple of minutes later Anthyhimenia came out the room wearing a sexy bellybutton maid outfit with blkac stiletto ,walking towards her mirror in the hall she looked herself up and down"your mama sexy"she joked to Seina who in return rolled his eyes at her and continue to watch tv. Smiling at him Anthyhimenia made her way towards him bending over and hugging him"see you soon"she told him rubbing his fluffy hair"okay..okay"he said still being glue to the screen"I left money in the bedroom under the pillow"she told him"try going outside"she asked him,knowing how he is anti-social to most children"Nia it's cold outside where can...or what can I do?"he asked her getting smart mouth with her.Putting her head down in shame Anthyhimenia looked at her feet putting her black jacket on" I was just saying"she spoke softly,sniffling holding back her tears,shaking his head Seina got up and hugged Anthyhimenia"I'll go outside Nia...and see what the other children are doing"he told her which made her gleam with happiness,giving him another kiss on his forehead as her response.

                                Waving one last bye to him Anthyhimenia closed the door behind him,usually most mothers would be scared to leave their seven year old sons in the house all alone but Anthyhimenia feels fine with it after all,if anything was to happen she will be down below and besides Seina isn't like most seven years old he is will mature for his age,after all growing up on the streets will do that to a child,making him aware of his surroundings. At first during Seina earlier years of being on this earth Anthyhimenia was worried,but over the course Seina actually prove to her that he is fine being alone while she was at work,on some occasions through Antyhimenia do have some of the other girls if the wasn't working the same shift as her to keep an eye on him.

                                Humming to self quietly still having the drake song in her head, Anthyhimenia skipped down the steps leading to the back entrance of the club, on the fourth step Anthyhimenia jumped the other two as she landed gracefully onto the ground reaching for the handle of the back door. Antyhimenia walked into the club from the kitchen doors of Dancing Tastebuds,making her way through the kitchen, Anthyhimenia notice Ace by the monitors"Morning Boss" she said innocently walking over towards him wrapping her arms around his waist giving him a peck on the cheek like she usually do every morning like a puppy greeting it's master. Removing her arms from around him Anthyhimenia kept walking leaving out of the kitchen into the main room of the club,as she walked over by the bar taking off her coat she glanced up at Bo"Hey Ya Bo"she greeted him as she put her coat in a bin inside the bottom shelf,bringing her self back up she grabbed a towel and spray can moving out from behind the bar she made her way towards the table,spraying it a few times before using the towel to clean it off,then went to another table repeating the pattern.


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People Make things complicated
People piss me off
But people make me money
Money calms the beast

                                                -x- Kuujo Yomi

                                        The late morning air was cold and damp in the Daichi housing district. It muffled the sound of already quiet footsteps that wandered through the less than middle class section of the district. Few people were out and about at this time still. Out of the few that were, one man stood out a bit more than the rest. Kuujo Yomi was out for a little business stroll, dressed in his usual attire that often had people mistake him for a bartender. Kuujo reached into the breast pocket of his vest and pulled out a pack of cigarettes and put one between his lips. He had to resist the urge to chatter his teeth in response to the cold as he lit up his cancer stick.

                                        He stopped at an intersection and took a long drag before pulling out a piece of paper from his pants pocket. He silently moved his lips as he read the note, the cigarette barely holding on to his lower lip as he did so. Kuujo stuffed the paper back in his pocket and removed the cigarette from his mouth and let out a warm cloud of smoke. He returned it to its resting place as he looked up at the street signs. He looked over his shoulders to check for tag-a-longs. Satisfied with with being alone he took a left down a narrow ally and came up on a pretty beat up wooden door.

                                        Kuujo gave thee hard and loud knocks on the door. He took the cigarette out of his mouth and stopped it out on the ground. "Chojirou Yamaguchi I know you're in there, so open this damned door before I break it down!" Kuujo shouted at the top of his lungs. There was scampering inside the building as someone made their way to the door. Kuujo started to raise his foot to kick the door in when it suddenly flew open. "Please down kick it down sir! I just got it repaired from your visit last month!" An obese, middle aged man cried at Kuujo's feet.

                                        "Don't get your snot on my shoes Chojirou." Kuujo snapped at the distraught man, "Now get out of the way so I can get in from this cold." Chojirou obeyed like a well trained dog, closing the door after Kuujo passed by. "You know what I'm here for Choji, so don't waste my time."

                                        "M-mister Yomi, I'm afraid I have a small problem with the payment for this month." Squeaked Chojirou as Kuujo sat down on the worn couch, "Y-y-you see, last months ships didn't catch near enough fish for a profit, m-most of the money had to stay in the business for upkeep."

                                        Kuujo's right eyebrow twitched at this excuse. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back, leating out a very heavy sigh. "My boss is gonna kill me for doing this." He muttered quietly to himself. "W-what was that sir?" Asked Choji. Kuujo sat up and reached into his back pocket. "I'm gonna make you a deal, but before I do I want to show you a magic trick." He said as he pulled out a brand new deck of cards, with the wrapper still on.

                                        Kuujo opened the cards and removed the unneeded blank card and the jokers.He started to shuffle the deck slowly, making sure Choji could hear the meeting of almost every card. He quickly fanned the cards out in front of Choji. "Pick a card, no need to be hesitant," Kuujo offered in a faux friendly voice. As expected he did as told. "Now I don't want you to show me the card, nor do I want you to put it back in the deck, I want you to put it behind your ear, then pick another card then put it back in the deck after you memorized it." Again, Choji was obedient as ever.

                                        Kuujo start to shuffle the deck, this time extremely fast. Suddenly he slammed the deck down on the table, his face merely inches away. He looked up at Choji with an odd smirk as he turned to top card. "Was this the card you put behind your ear?" Choji's eyes went wide, "H-how did you do that Mr. Yomi?" "A magician never reveals his tricks, but come closer so I can get the card from your ear." Choji bent over as Kuujo reached forward. Kuujo's hand brushed the back of Chojis ear as he gently placed his hand on the back of hi shead.

                                        "What are you do-" Choji was interruped as Kuujo slammed his face down on the table causing the cards to fly everywhere. "YOU HAVE ONE WEEK FOR THIS MONTHS RENT!" Shouted Kuujo at Choji, who once again was sobbing, "If you don't have it by then I am going to tripple next months payment!" "Y-you can't-" "I'l do as I please, because it's OUR money!" "O-okay" Whispered Choji.

                                        Kuujo let god of Choji head before throwing a card at the table, making it stick between the boards on top. It was the second card Choji picked. The fat man stared in disbelief at the card as Kuujo stomped out of the house. Making it outside he felt his phone go off in his pocket. He answered and listened to the voice on the other side. "Rodger that, I'll be right over." With that Kuujo hung up and head off to the Dancing Tastebud.

                                        Simplicity is magnificent.
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If youʼll be my star ill be your sky
XXXXyou can hide underneath me and come out at night
XXwhen i turn jet black and you show off your light
wheniturnjetblackandyoushowi live to let you shine

                                              tab "Look, Nana. This is how you solve these little problems."

                                              tab Before him kneeled a small, slighty overweight man. He begged for two more weeks. Unfortunately, two weeks didn't fit Yamada's agenda. The don was busy that week, he had loyal costumers to collect from. "You're father was a great man, Mr. Daichi. He treated us like family. You should know that, right?" "Did he? Hm... I don't remember anything from my old man except how to chop a head off clean and quick," was the brunette's answer as he unsheated his oh-so precious katana. "Tie those up... They're going to be our payment," he made sign towards the woman and her two children. Watching their father die must be quite a thrill. Yamada didn't care; they would disappear tonight, if not earlier. Besides, if those rumors were correct, the Daichis would be better off fixing the fragile connections they held. This man had a family, mouthes to feed, and owed them a rather large sum of money. At this point, Yamada was almost certain that his father had did it by purpose so that Yamada would be able to cut his head off himself.

                                              tab What a crafty old man.

                                              tab He turned to look at Nana for a moment, prancing his sword in the air. "Most of the time, when they beg like this it means that they don't have the means. You can choose to let them live and make their bedt a greater one, or you can take whatever they have," he explained before turning to the skittish man. His wife and children cried. Must've been a painful sight. "I'll give you five minutes to say farewell. Make it count, it'll be the last thing you ever do," he offered signaling to begin the count down. He couldn't wait, though, he was antsy to shed blood this morning. So much so that he couldn't wait for the four of them to finish and the man's head fell to the ground in a single blow. The head rolled to Yamada's feet where it was picked up and shoved into a bag. "Dump the body, bring the woman and the children to HQ. Kill them if they're too out of hand," he instructed as high-pitched cries broke out. As for Yamada, he simply pulled out a tissue to clean his sword.

                                              tab It was all over, though. He had bargainning chips. "Follow, Nana... There's nothing else we have to check out. Let's hope Kuujo got the job done. Let's go to the bar," the scene was over, he had nothing to do there anymore. All he had to do now, was the peace meeting over at Dancing Tastebuds. He turned to Nana, opening the car's door for her, and commanded her, "Call Kuujo. Tell him to meet us at the DTB with the other. Tell him to hurry his a**." The car ride was rather short and they arrived at their destination quickly and Yamada wasted no time walking into the bar. Taking a seat in his usual booth, one big enough to welcome most of his gang, he rose his hand, "Yo, Ace-chan! My gang's coming soon... I'll have a glass of water. What does Nana-chan wants?" he order before turning to the woman before him.

                                              Here's Johnny! ; ; ; DTB ||| I'll bomb you next! ; ; ; Nana ||| I can see it! ; ; ; Why do they never pay? ||| Give it your best shot! ; ; ; A good night rest.
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___________________________(. `DIACHI :★


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                  xxxxxxxxxxxx*░ ▒ ▓ OUTFIT | AT DTB | WITH YAMADA . .. : Second in Command!

                  __________ ▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅

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                                                      The Trauma is Inevitable

                                                      She could just see it growing, feasting in their eyes, seeming down into their poor lost souls. They would rue the day Diachi ever stepped foot into this home, they would hate, despise and seek vengeance on Diachi as a whole with the torture they were now being put through. Shino and Kima, that was the name of the two kids, right? Nana had done a bit of research before coming here, she always did not really because she was some kind of crazy need freak organizer, no, she just liked knowing things. She felt obligated to know the person who's life she'd be ruining soon, just as a little bit of respect. It made the job harder of course, much harder in these situations, but even so she felt as though she deserved to feel that way, she deserved to cry with every death she was there for, or committed. Although, when snipping there was a lot less emotions. in fact, she found Yamada's ways to be so much more heartless. With a gun, you could not feel yourself actually ruining their skin, breaking into their internal organs and discombobulating them. A sword made you go through all of that, and that alone was just so hard and cruel. Nanamiko did not show any of these internal feelings on her face, though, she had a simple, very small grimace on at that was it, but her eyes were searching, wondering around observing things, like how the mother seemed to be holding her son tighter than her daughter... perhaps the daughter was not hers? Perhaps this old fat man had came into the relationship with a child... She thought more on this, staring at the family until she heard it.


                                                      A thud came close, and Nanamiko knew that Yamada had gone off with his head. She signed and recalled what he had said to her pre-death. She looked down, oh looky there, she already had the swords he mentioned in her hand, funny, she was so lost in thought she had not even realized she took them when told. Nanamiko put them under her arm, holding them close, she really did not understand this infatuation with katanas and crap. Sure, they were pretty cool to ******** around with, maybe fling them around and cut trees in half and crap for a day or so, but after that, what? They were tedious to carry around, it was not like a sniper gun, which you could easily take apart and place in a smaller case, or a normal pistol, which you could just slip into your pants and dance the streets with. But a big a** katana on your waist? Good luck picking up women with that. Then again, from what Nanamiko could tell, Yamada was actually pretty capable of that. What those people saw in him she did not know. He kind of reminded her.... of her brother, yes, definitely her brother. Except.. her brother was a lot cooler. Heh, yeah, tons cooler. No offense Yamada, but he just was! She finally pulled herself away from her thoughts and looked over to Yamada once the job was done, honestly, she had not really payed much attention, he kind of rambled sometimes... it was amusing at times, but not right now. Actually right now, it just seemed kind of cruel.

                                                      She listened to his commands to the other guys, pulling a bit at the collar of her sweater, she did not like the idea of killing them off that much. Sure, she was positive that the kids would probably remember this day forever and try to get revenge, but even so... perhaps if they were kind, maybe lured them into Diachi such a fate would not happen? Or maybe she had just been reading too may comic backstories. But seriously, villains always came about when there was a dead loved one looming around. All she was saying is, there was no need to kill anymore than they already were. They were already technically repaid with the swords, right? So then what was the problem? Besides, it was totally normal for people to resist when being taken away! You shouldnt kill them for having understandable reactions. Nana looked at the men, eyed them a bit, then eyed Yamada. Did all guys seem so cruel? So heartless to just get rid of every little thing that opened it's poor rabbit mouth? They were wolves, gangs as a whole, and here they were killing a rabbit even after being full just for the fun of it! Now that was not fair, "Don't kill'em. That's just a waist, and even more time consuming. Your gunna' have to kill 'em, clean it up, and bury them then probably try to explain the sudden disappearance, people saw us comin' in here.. I'm just sayin' there's no point, besides, they're kids, they can probably help us with something... Geez, no need to be the Hitler of families..." She huffed, clearly having distate over the idea of killing the family and showing it. She spoke to Yamada and both of the guys, then glanced at the family one last time ad walked out.

                                                      Nanamiko was not particularly 'soft' no, she knew how to kill, she understood it's importance and considered herself as kind of.. something like a deadpool role in this world. She was a paid hitman, or rather a hitman in debt, and she did exactly what was required and nothing more, and she expected that from everyone else. There was nothing in there that said the family needed to die, so ******** it, leave them, let them live their life and move the hell on. She glanced back and saw Yamada already out the door, Nanamiko followed behind, stuffing her hands in her pockets and preparing for the chill outside. She glanced up at him as he spoke, recalling Kuujo's job ad nodded, knowing him he probably got it done. The guy was... pretty persuasive... and.. loud. That always scared people into doing what he asked. Nana wondered if perhaps she should try using that tactic now and then. Matter of fact, what was her tactic anyways? Nanamiko was not usually the one set off on missions unless they were quickies or deal with stealing back money. She was much better at blending in with crowds, coming in and swiping things on shooting you in the back without you even realizing you were ever in danger. None of these announcement deaths, or demanding money. Sure, she could be okay at it, but not as good as Yamada and Kuujo.

                                                      She stepped into the passanger seat of the car and nodded, taking out her phone and dialing up the number for Kuujo before sending him a quick text:

                                                      "To: Kuujo
                                                      From: Nana
                                                      Subject: Bar

                                                      Yamada wants you to come to the DTB cafe asap.

                                                      Done and done~

                                                      Nanamiko sighed and settled back in her seat after hitting send, she had not gotten much sleep last night, and they were starting off pretty early today what with the meet and crap. She had heard the news about the dead Hisakata found a few days back... and that certainly did not sound good. It was strange though, hearing Tenpi breaking agreements like that, but she was not too surprised, there was a lot of tension going on since the boss's deaths. "You think this meet will go okay? I hope it doesnt take too long..." Nanamiko hated being in Dancing Tastebuds in the mornings, it was too early for her to get drunk and just not give a damn about her surroundings and enjoy herself, but when they were there now, all she seemed to notice was how beautiful the women who worked there were. And then there was her... settled here in what? A sweater with a car on it? Some tarnished body and mediocre face... It was.. pretty hard living when you found yourself barely noticeable to anyone. In fact, she was sur eif she was nto here in gangs now, capable of doing the things she could, Nanamiko would be invisible to all of society... absolutely invisible.

                                                      She pondered on that more until they suddenly arrived at the cafe, which seemed to have just opened a while ago. Nanamiko got out and followed Yamada inside, grimacing a bit as they came in and were greeted by sexy women in maid clothes, ugh, kill her now, please. They were so damn perfect! Perfect curves, while Nana was probably more like a wall than an hour glass. perfect breast, Nanamiko was settled in between a B and a C, which she considered nothing compared to theirs. Their hair and faces.... beautiful. Nanamiko's, oily and average. This was all her own judgement of them and herself of course, but your own judgement was really the only one that mattered, right? She tried pulling all the negative thoughts from her head, she did not need this today, but there it was, her anxiety was already acting up, she settled next to Yamada scratching tirelessly at her arm and neck, they were both red, but they always were due to her constant rubbing and scratching for the past few years. Nanamiko only stopped a bit as Yamada turned to her, calling her 'Nana-chan' and asked what she wanted, "Strawberry cupcake and a beer,and drop the 'chan' I'm not seven.." She needed alcohol in her system, no matter how early in the day it was, she would need it to survive this meet and really the rest of the day. Nanamiko leaned back in her chair, slumped down in it as if she was hiding from someone and took out her phone, quietly playing tetris and opening her mouth about their past actions,

                                                      "I was thinkin' ... what would we do with that family anyways? I mean.. we could have them work in our stores I guess but.. the kids were like... uber young... we should just let 'em go or somethin'..."


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      Aiko moaned and rolled over in bed and reached over to turn off her annoying alarm. She rubbed her eyes and stretched her arms and let out a large arm, then realized something heavy and disgusting was resting on her legs. Aiko looked downed to see it was her “study partner” from school. Aiko let out a sigh and reached over and gently tapped the boy. Just to get this cleared up: Aiko did not sleep with this boy. They both properly feel asleep.

      “What? … Oh Aiko,” the boy murmured, as he rubbed his eyes and turned to look at Aiko and smile. Aiko smiled back, but inside she was disturbed by his presence and thought, “This is what he looks like in the morning? Does he wear make up or something? He looks just ugh. So much for being the ‘pretty boy’ at school… He is just dirt. And how dare he just sleep in my room. Can’t he be a gentleman and get the hell out of my room? I rather not look at his acne filled face right now.”

      “I guess we were up a little too late last night studying,” Aiko smiled and slipped out from under her comforter and grabbed her robe and put it on. “What was his name?” Aiko thought for a moment, “Oh…. I think it was Manami… heh…. Doesn’t that mean love, affect, beauty, or sea and ocean? … I doubt I will ever fall for this guy, he isn’t a man, he is a mere boy with a huge zit on his forehead. It’s disturbing.”

      Manami stood up and walked around to Aiko and placed his hand on her bottom. And in Aiko’s mind, she thought: “Wow…. On my butt? This boy is just vile. I swear if I look at him for another moment I will just puke.” Aiko held back her grimace and smiled at Manami and slowly removed his hand from her bottom and shook her head.

      “I’m sorry. I hope you understand that I just see us as dear friends. In addition, I hope you understand that I am actually against premarital s-x. So… please respect my beliefs?” She smiled sweetly, and of course she still had this boy wrapped under her finger as he nodded and just smiled like an idiot. Aiko now just really wanted him out of her room. Out of her house. Out of her site for maybe the rest of her life. Aiko walked to her bed and handed Manami his green sweater and ushered him out of her room with a smile and a small push out of the door. Her maid would probably deal with the rest.

      Finally alone Aiko dragged a hand through her shoulder length hair and went to properly dress for the day. After all, today she had to go to Dancing Tastebuds to talk about the annual issues, incomes, and the boring rules. Though that almost meant seeing that nasty, old, fart, donkey butt Ace. The man her father used to always brag and talk about. And since Aiko adores and loves attention, especially from her late father, she absolutely abhors Ace. Oh and also all the other gang members will be there, which means Aiko has to act like the innocent, sweet girl that she truly isn’t.

      Aiko looked at herself in the mirror and fixed the rose in her hair, put her handgun in her purse and her knife in her boot, and headed out of her bedroom door. As she walked down the stairs, Aiko was greeted by the Tenpi family, workers, and associates, she smiled and gave a curt nod to their greetings. Only those within the Tenpi gang know about Aiko’s true identity, how she is the daughter of the former Tenpi boss, well… actually Ace does too… so the Tenpi gang and Ace know of Aiko’s history.

      Aiko went into the den and was informed by some maid that Kazu already left without Aiko. In response, Aiko crossed her arms. Couldn’t this new leader at least wait for a second? “Hopefully he didn’t forget about the meeting tonight…” Aiko mumbled as she headed for the door and slipped into the empty limousine and made her way to Dancing Tastebuds. Once she arrived, Aiko put on her giddy and sweet mask on as she headed into the bar. And boy would she need it, after all Ace is there and Aiko would have to be fighting the urge to throw a drink in his face… her usual tradition when around the man.

      She took a deep breath and pushed open the door and smiled widely, “Hello everyone!” Aiko greeted those in the club and made her way in. Aiko spotted Bo and headed towards the bar and climbed up a stool and sat down, smiling at the man. "How are you Bo? Has the day been a good start for you?” Aiko tried to make small talk as she waited for the other gang members to walk into the club.

      From the corner of her eye, Aiko noticed one of the strippers and thought: “Wasn’t her name… Oh yes, I believed she is called ‘Goddess’… well I wonder if she really is a goddess. Hm… cleaning the tables. How much does Ace pay these girls? Shouldn’t he hire someone else to clean up the place? Not his precious dancers? Either way… it’ll probably boost my image if I offer to aid her in her… work? Heh… cleaning tables… “

      Aiko raised her hand and waved at the “Goddess” and said, “Do you need any help there?”

          xx ▄▄▄▄ ▄▄ ▄▄▄▄ ▄▄ ▄▄▄▄ ▄▄ ▄▄▄▄ ▄▄ ▄▄▄▄
          l o c a t i o n : Bedroom ➱ Dancing Tastebuds
          a c t i o n s : Waking Up ➱ Talking ➱ Thinking
          m o o d : Annoyed ➱ Disgusted
          w i t h : Some boy ➱ Dancing Tastebud People
          o u t f i t : Outfit for the Day
          o o c : let me know if there are any changes I need to make smile

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                    A clock resting on a nightstand screeched in a small apartment. The inhabitant in the bed adjacent to the nightstand groaned and curled up in a ball. “Too early,” she managed to mutter before pulling the covers over her head. The alarm clock still screaming found a way to silence by the small pale hand that slammed the snooze button. Under the individuals hand glowed 4:00 a.m. in bright red. Indeed, the person living in this room woke up at an ungodly hour and finally after five minutes of inner struggle dragged herself from the warmth that was her bed and into the frigid air of her apartment. Bare feet hit the floor and off the strangely white haired woman ran, making a mad dash to the bathroom connected to her apartment. The handle for the hot water to the shower clasped in her petite hand, the young woman gave it a quick twist and heard the hiss as the water shot out of the shower head and pattered on the shower floor. She counted. One. Two. Three. Three turns of the hot before moving over to the cold and turning it only once. Her exact formula for a perfect shower; not too cold, not too hot.

                    The meticulous individual who was silently mumbling numbers to herself was Lisa Miller, or “Giselle” as she was known at her job. What was that exactly? A stripper. Plain and simple she spent her nights shedding off her clothes, letting men touch her and on occasion performing special services to those who were willing to pay for it. At least, it was plain and simple if she had to give a basic description of her main occupation. She was also a waitress in the morning at the café that her place of employment, Dancing Tastebuds, had open in the day. On top of that, she was a spy, and even a killer. Her employer, a man who went by the name Ace and no other, had a vendetta against the gangs in Kyuuten, Japan. So, it was Lisa’s- or “Giselle’s”- job to help wipe them out when needed. Poisons were the most useful to Lisa, particularly arsenic- a classic. The subjects would be taken to a room for some private time once all drunk and poisoned where they could die and be removed. A little dark, but Lisa did what she had to. Of course, not while sober.

                    The particular white haired female did everything and anything pertaining to her job while on the effects of Ecstasy. The drug boosted her confidence and sexual drive, so using it for her job as a stripper seemed perfect. Unfortunately, it was extremely addictive and Lisa found herself quickly relying on it to function normally in her job. The anxiety of not being able to do her job properly because of the nudity, touching, and sex had her in an emotional mess the first time she was without it. The nights where she was assigned to kill were no better and Lisa had quickly learned to keep some money aside for her drugs. However she wasn’t one to waste her drugs in the morning and with not a single thought on the drugs in her mind, the girl went and bathed, washing her body and snow white hair, properly cleaning herself and making sure to prepare her allure for the job. Lisa was well-aware she was attractive; she just never found a purpose in bragging about it. After all, she wasn’t a vain individual. The girl was actually rather shy about her appearance, but was slowly getting better. On days when she wasn’t assigned to work she could be found in pants and tees, making sure to cover all parts of her body.

                    Lisa stepped out of the shower and wrapped a white towel around her frame before starting to get ready, blow drying and styling her hair as needed for the day. Hair: check. Next was the cosmetics. Lisa had always kept hers light during the day and more dramatic at night. Little blush, but of eye shadow, a light eyeliner, topped off with mascara. Make up: check. She then brushed her teeth until they were clean. Next was the clothes, and Lisa walked to her closet, running through her outfits with a frown. Her most modest one was in the wash. Pulling one out of a light pink shade, Lisa rummaged around until she found her fishnets and matching heels and hung the outfit on the closet door handle before resting the fishnets on a large stack of books nearby and the shoes on the floor right below where her outfit hung. Looking around, Lisa quickly checked her clock and smiled. Five thirty. Right on schedule. Grabbing a pair of jeans and a blue sweater, Lisa glanced around with a frown before fetching her undergarments and then dressing. She then quickly made her bed, swerving in between copious stacks of books scattered around her room.

                    “I should really think about putting those against the walls,” Lisa muttered, her eyes scanning the twelve stacks of books in her room. Each stack held fifteen books, a total of one hundred and eighty books. Thos were just the books she personally owned. In two more stacks of books there were sixteen each, a total of thirty-two books. The thirty-two were from the library, which she needed to return. A total of two hundred and twelve books filled her room, ranging from poetry to prose, non-fiction to fiction, biographies to books on philosophy. The amount of knowledge Lisa could learn was endless and she poured over her books when not busy. The book keeping her occupied currently was Azevedo’s “The Slum,” which she found to be an intriguing story about the life of post-colonial Brazil. Page after page she pored over until it was time to work. Then the book was saved in her sanctuary atop Dancing Tastebuds to be received once more when her work ceased. The idea of having something to look forward to was nice; after all it gave her a bit of purpose in what had become a rather meaningless life.

                    Grabbing a duffel bag that had once possessed the few articles of clothing she had owned when she moved into Dancing Tastebuds, Lisa now filled it with library books to return to Mrs. Green, a kind elderly woman who was the librarian at the local library. She had her own private collection as well, thousands of books she welcomed Lisa to borrow at any time she please. They were locked up in a small shop the woman rented out. Lisa looked around after packing all thirty two books in this bag and went to her nightstand, fetching the key to the shop from a small red jewelry box hidden under a series of papers and bookmarks. She yawned, stretched, and grabbed her coat before walking out of her apartment, slipping it on and locking the door. Down the stairs she went and with the bag slung cross-body, headed out to the small book storage area. She shuddered as a gust of cold wind brushed pass her, combing through her hair. Hand extended, she watched as delicate snowflakes fall onto the palm of her hand. She smiled softly, how delicate winter could be sometimes. A true beauty. She made a mental note to write about it sometime.

                    Lisa quickly arrived, unlocking the door to the shop area and then sealing it shut behind her. Blindly she searched in the darkness for the light and when her hand landed on it, she flicked it on, illuminating the entire small store. Every time she entered was like the first, as the array of novels made her lose her breath in awe. Thousands of inspiring writers shared their wisdom and talent with her by creating the books she so loved and even more wrote novels she had yet to read. Setting the bag full of books on a nearby counter, Lisa ducked under the strap and zipped it open, removing the contents and organizing them, first by fiction, non-fiction, biography and then into more specific sections. Alphabetical, or in non-fiction’s case, dewy decimal number and then alphabetical. Quickly after sorting all thirty two books she put them away before browsing, grabbing four books from one shelf and maybe only one from another. She counted as she retrieved novels and then started at the new amount she had. Thirty six.

                    “Thirty six novels. I’ll read them in meh, week and a half. So about ten days. That’s about three point six novels a day, so roughly four. I can manage that.” Lisa nodded to herself in silence before packing away the novels in her bag and then wincing, realizing she had forgotten a particular book on neurobiology. Going over to look for it, the bibliophile frowned when it wasn’t located and decided to visit the library soon so she could see if Mrs. Green had it there instead. With a curt nod, Lisa once again threw the strap over her body and huffed as she slid the bag filled with a ridiculous amount of books off the table. With that, the light was turned off, the door closed and locked, and the stripper headed back to her home to put her new array of books away and then head to work. She wrapped her arms around her thin frame and bustled home, her amethyst eyes narrowing to watch the white puffs of smoke that escaped from her mouth. Jeez it was cold!

                    The fair-haired girl bustled up the stairs to the apartments above Dancing Tastebuds and unlocked her apartment before shutting the door and emptying the contents of her bag. She stacked the books into two piles of eighteen and smiled lightly to herself before checking her clock and noting it was six-thirty. She dressed and by six forty five she was entering Dancing Tastebuds with a slight smile on her face. She could smell the freshly baked treats and coffee brewing. The scents were very welcoming, as was the place, to a customer. To the workers though it was often a stressful environment. However that didn’t stop Lisa and so she headed over to the booth she normally found Ace at when it was promptly six forty five and planted a gentle kiss on his cheek. “Morning Ace.” Lisa took the seat across from him and yawned lightly. “I hope you like how I did the menus. Oh, and I cleaned the poles last night.” She commented hearing his mutter. She then stood, going to the back as Ace moved to open the doors and clocked in, smiling slightly as she heard the loud blow horn erupt from upstairs. Luckily, Lisa had never had to wake up to such an atrocious noise; she woke up earlier than anyone else in Dancing Tastebuds, including the owner of the establishment.

                    At the signal of the alarm, Lisa knew it was seven in the morning and promptly clocked in, moving over as the bouncer of Dancing Tastebuds made his way in and clocked in behind her, shooting a comment to Ace about being in a good mood and Ace better not screw that up. Bo had good moods? This was news to Lisa, as she recalled the man seemed fixated in a state of eternal boredom. He seemed completely disinterested in everything around him, and honestly, Lisa had begun to wonder if he was excited about anything at all. She had worked alongside the man for roughly a year and never seen any sort of emotional change in him. She inwardly brushed it off before looking around and grabbing a nearby pen and pad to take orders with for incoming customers. Quickly while nobody was in the café she ate a single Belgian waffle and washed her dish before cleaning her hands and heading out to deal with incoming customers. And so the day begun, with Lisa having a full and happy tummy and incoming guests being very happy to see a beautiful lady waiting on them. Anthyhimenia entered in a bit after, and Lisa nodded to the woman but didn’t do anything more, as she was busy with her job.

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                          L O C A T I O N :
                                I am at Dancing Tastebuds.

                          C O M P A N Y :
                                I am with Kuujo, Ya-ya, Nana, and everyone else.

                          T H O U G H T S :
                                I am feeling busy.

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XXwhen i turn jet black and you show off your light
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                                              He stopped sharply at the pleading sounds of Nana's chattering. If there was something he could stand, it was disobedience and questions. He did business and it was his job to make his men (sometimes women, in Nana's case) understand just how exactly business worked. Now, he would have no pity for this family. He couldn't have any in his position. "What are they gonna do? What could a pair of kids do to help us? Give them hope, Nana! Go ahead, tell them what they could do to help us. Don't forget to tell them that their daddy made a deal with me and didn't hold his promises. What a brilliant example," he turned, nonchalant, as he made up a little scenario for Nana to picture in his own way. He paused and look at the family, one after another getting into the car that quickly drove away. "Being dead would be better off than the fate that awaits them. Do you not agree? I would much rather kill myself than to be forced to my knees and beg someone. Still, it's not a picture-perfect world, and I'm sure you would understand that better than anyone. Now get in the car and learn to speak when spoken to." Yamada wasn't fond of children who talked back, and Nana made him think of one. She was petite and girls naturally looked like children.

                                              "If you absolutely must, I'll take your share of the money they owe us and give it to someone else."

                                              The drive was relatively quiet. Yamada would shush Nanamiko as soon as her mouth would open to protest. He didn't need to hear about her complaints. She was entitled to having her own ideas, and Yamada was entitled to keeping them in her head. He prefered silent car rides. Yamada always felt uncomfortable in cars, the limited amount of space stressed him. It made him feel sick to his stomach and would often need to take breaks on long trips. Luckily enough, the trip was short and they'd arrived at their destination: The Dancing Tastebuds. The exited the car, entered, and, almost as soon as they sat, Nana popped the big question that was on everyone's mind. Would the meeting go smoothly.

                                              "Probaby not..." answered Yamada. He wouldn't lie about it, there were very slim chances that the meeting would be anymore peaceful than it'd been last year. On the contrary... Tenpi revolved their actions around themselves. They remained a closed group and, unless you had big money, didn't do business with anyone else. They were a selfish gang ran by just as selfish members. The Hisakatas were... Well, they weren't well-seen by anyone except for druggies and pimps. Still, if the rumors Yamada heard were true, the Daichi would be in deep s**t. "That's why I didn't kill the entire family... The woman looks old and worn out, so they'll probably just use her for her organs and whatnot. The children, on the other hand, are still fresh. Fresh meat for some perverts," the words slithered off his tongue like poison leaving an unpleasant taste in Yamada's mouth. The idea didn't exactly sit well with him, but they were a way to get his money back, and maybe gain forgiveness for whatever happened New Year's eve. Closing his eyes and exhaling as he relaxed into the chair, he stretched his arms above his head. He was tired and it probably showed. "If it doesn't work... I guess we'll be going to war. Again."

                                              There was only one problem at the moment, though: Nanamiko

                                              She didn't understand business, but she would have to one day or another. The principle was easy to understand; if someone is stronger than you, bad business for you, if that another person is weaker, good business for you. That was how his dad taught him and he thought he was doing fairly fine in his seat. "Look, Nana-chan... You can't save that family... If we don't take something of same value, they'll just keep passing on the debt. They'll never have a life. Not the parents, not the children, not the grand-children. Never. The family name will be ruined. No, I chose to end it there, stop the wheel from spinning. Besides, we need that money. it's well over one-hundred-and-twenty million yen they owed us. I'm doing them a huge favor. But you'll understand that one day, I guess," he sighed when the female refused to have him call her "Nana-chan". "I'll call you whatever I want, Nana-chan," he pursed his lips in a teasing manner. She had a strong character but all she was good for was going unnoticed... She couldn't handle hand-to-hand combat, she didn't know how to use any type of sword, or sharp-edged weapon... She couldn't even use kendo stick... Mind as well be considered useless unless he had a recon mission...

                                              So why was she his little side-kick?

                                              "Anyways, I left you alone over the holidays. What happened. I'm hearing talk and I don't like it, so I wanna know if it happened or not."

                                              Here's Johnny! ; ; ; DTB ||| I'll bomb you next! ; ; ; Nana ||| I can see it! ; ; ; No understanding of business. ||| Give it your best shot! ; ; ; A good night rest
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As she got done with her last table Anthyhimenia noticed customers coming into the club,but not any kind of customers,no these customers was on a different league then the others for each of them came from different gangs. Watching as each person came in Anthyhimenia bowed her head every time someone new walked into the club"Hello...Welcome to Dancing tastebuds,please enjoy your time"she told them giving off a warm greeting before she went back to work.

Still staying focus on her task Anthyhimenia,let her eyes drift to scanning the customers up and down starting from, Yamada leader of the Diachi gang and his second in command a young girl name Nana. Getting ready to go over and take their order Anythimenia took note that one of the other girls was already doing it so she had nothing to worry about,seeing Lisa from the corner of her eye Anthyhimenia greeted her by nodding her head and went back to the task in which she was doing.

"I hope I don't see him...or he recognize me?"she thought to herself,already knowing if their was a gang meeting them most likely the leader of the Hisakata will be likely on his way here,after all Anthyhimenia had been avoiding him and by the looks of it when he comes in he don't seem to remember her which is good news for her,something she intends to keep it like that.

The sound of her stripper name rang in her ears like a bell when she heard the young Tenpi heiress call out to her"its.. Miss Aiko"she thought to herself. Anthyhimenia seen Akio around the club before sometimes it seems that the young girl new ace personally,what kind of business the two have with each other,Anthyhimenia didn't know and really didn't care since it wasn't her place to ask such thing.

Growing up with her mother as a child Anthyhimenia use to stand by her mother side as Himeko use to watch the Tenpi family from afar always drifting off saying"This is the life I gave up" or made side comments by"you two come from the same blood line but your blood is tainted,the life she have you can never have."that comment even until this day made Anthyhimenia confuse by her mothers meaning of it.

Smiling to Aiko Anthyhimenia walked back over to the bar switching gracefully with every step that she made she went behind the bar bending over her legs still straight ash she bend putting away the cleaning supplies"Oh..no I'm Fine Miss Aiko"she sweetly said bending herself back up her hair bounced when she straighten her body giving off a naive friendly smile"Please you are our customer it is us who is to serve you."she told her facing her back towards Aiko in her heels standing on her tip toes searching in the cabinet .Putting her hair behind her ear smiling brightly"what would you like to drink Miss Aiko?"she asked her taking some of the cups out turning her body around to place the cups out on the bar.Still keeping eye contact with the young girl" or can I offer you anything to eat"she added in smiling innocently to her, as her eyes took quick glances at the door every time a customer walked in, before returning her attention back to Aiko.

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