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Nora stared outside of her apartment window. It was a hobby of hers to watch the activities of those fifteen stories down. She had gotten off work an hour ago, and had spent the last forty-five minutes spacing out at the people bustling around the sidewalks. She had not changed from her work uniform which was a drab and conservative jumper and sport coat, with a modest collar. She stood in matte black heels, with rounded toes; suitable for work and not much else.

She continued to stare out into space until her phone rang. It was a sharp, edgy little thing with a shining black casing. Nora's piercing blue eyes fell upon it, slightly startled by the sudden noise. She strode from the window to pick it up from the coffee table and answered it.

"Frost speaking," Her voice was crisp and gold like whiskey as she spoke. Her tongue was sharp behind her words, which lacked accent. There was a pause as she listened to the man on the other end of the call before she spoke again. "No Carmichael, I don't think Andrews has delivered his evaluation paperwork to me. I'm sure it will be there on my desk tomorrow morning." She finished the sentence with a note of strong finality. She paused again as Carmichael responded.
"Mr. Carmichael, quite frankly I don't give a damn about what you thing should be done about the situation. Its paperwork." She paused only to lick her lips before she continued. " See you tomorrow Carmichael." Lazily she pulled the phone away from her ear and tapped the glistening touch screen. It illuminated to reveal the option to disconnect. With another tap from her finger tip, she ended the call and returned her phone to its place upon the coffee table.

She sighed, and swept her strikingly blonde hair out of her eyes. She had yet to turn on any lights since she'd arrived home over an hour ago. The projected clock on the living room wall read, 19:04. It was getting late.

"Capri, the lights if you please." She spoke to the darkness, and was clear with her words. A soft chiming replied her along with a female voice.

"Capri will turn on the lights. Welcome home Nora Frost." With the end of the automated voice's words, the lights shuddered with electricity and turned on. They projected a soft yellow light that made the air around Nora feel a few degrees warmer as she made her way to the hallway leading to her bedroom, unbuttoning her sport coat as she did so. She took her phone with her, she was expecting a phone call from an old friend of hers. She set her phone on her vanity as she walked into her bedroom, tossing her coat upon the corner of her bed and changed into something more comfortable. Jeans and a tank tops were mainly what she wore outside of work, and they were what she slipped into today.
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"Thing is your going to have to give me a deposit, and it is going to take about a week to make the modifications your requesting to this Heads Up Display unit." He said as he stared off into the distance, spinning a spanner in hand. The costumer spoke but he payed little attention to his words, only grasping what he needed to present his own counter argument.

"No no, I quite understand that you need this in a hurry. I wish I could help you out here but things take time, and these are not simple mods." He said before pausing to listen to the customer once again, the nonsensical droning of this one was starting to get to him, people are always so selfish, they think that just because they went out and earned a few credits like the rest of the cattle that walk the surface, they can just get what they want exactly when they want.

"Listen, let me put this into simpler terms for you. If you can not wait the week you can go elsewhere for the modifications, but thats right. Nobody else around here is willing to risk their hide to make the illegal mods your looking for. Shall I get into asking why it is that you need to be able to see everyone's personal ISC numbers, or shall I mind my own business and you wait the week, ehh?" He said with a wicked smile, knowing right well he had control over this transaction. " Look I scanned you when you came in, your not apart of any government on this planet, and any recording devices or transmitters you might have on you will not work behind these walls. So why don't you just give me the deposit, I can get started on your mod and you can go about your business."

He paused again waiting for a response. There was none however, the man simply handed him a stick, which he took and charged for the deposit. "Pleasure doing business with you. He said before handing the credit stick back to the man. He waited for a moment as the man left his shop, Cogs & Ends was a well known little joint, there wasn't a giant client list, the main crowd consisted of the average joe and jane looking to get the lastest technology, but there are a few steady clients, a few big spenders, who knew that they could really only get what they were looking for at this little shop.

Pete rose from his seat and made way through a door at the back of the room. He opened the door gently pushing through, and made way over to one of the work benches. There were papers strewn about, some were blueprints, others were notes and files. A moment passed as he thought to himself, raising a hand to communicator attached to the side of the HUD.

"Serena Bay..." I haven't talked to her in some time, he pondered before another name caught his eye. " Nora Frost. I wonder how she is doing," Much had transpired between the two of them, it seemed like they had known each other for a lifetime, a familiar smile slipped across his face as the communicator began connecting the call.
Nora had taken to perching herself on the stool of her vanity. Upon Nora's command Capri had turned on the stereo system that ran throughout the house. She preferred early 21st century dance, but dubstep also satisfied her rhythmic needs. She hummed along lazily as she made herself more comfortable taking off her makeup in front of her vanity mirror.
"Today was drearily long..." She breathed getting to her feet and heading over to her bedside table where a pack of cigarettes lay along with one of her man lighters. Carefully, she pulled one out of the box, and replaced it back to the bedside surface. She'd save it for later, it was a hobby rather than a habit for her these days.

Just as she unfurled her hair from her neat, militant bun her phone illuminated again and danced across the surface of her vanity. She had brought it with her and set it absently on the surface closest to the doorway. This was also the place that she usually left her key card.

Nora looked at her phone which rotated slightly on the spot where it lay with its second spasm of buzzing. She snapped the phone up on the third buzz and pressed the answer icon.

"Nora Frost Speaking..."
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" Nora Frost Speaking..." Her voice was just as elegant as it ever had been, he luled for a moment before catching himself slipping. He had known Nora for a long time now, having worked quite a number of "jobs" with her in the past. Thinking, he gathered the words.

" It's been a while, hasn't it, Nora? You must know who this is I am sure, and I would like to extend an invitation to you. Come down to my shop within the hour, I would love to catch up with you. " He said with a sly tone about his voice.
Upon hearing the words through the telephone speaker, Nora's eyes narrowed and her expression became stern.

"You know the last time you called this number, you escaped the clutches of my employer by the skin of your teeth." She paused after saying this, thinking about what this visit could entail to her needs as a double agent. Her expression did not chance, however her tone warmed considerably as she spoke again.

"Regardless of that, I will see what I can do to get to your shop by the deadline. I have a few things to take care of before I leave my apartment again, as I'm sure you understand."

In all honesty, she was not all that thrilled to be waltzing along the streets these days. A lot of tracing and tracking had gotten a lot of her lesser employees fired. She wasn't so much concerned about losing her job though, as she was about receiving flack from her boss. She was far too valuable to dispose of, and besides with the intel she had about the company, they would be more than foolish to let her lose on the street with that kind of information. It could become powerful leverage.

"So, If I catch you by the end of the hour, would that still be okay?" She asked, waiting patiently for a response from the other end of the line.

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