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I am interested but for characters, will there be faces, like an image or actor/actress as the appearance of the character?
yes I expect your characters pic in each rp post. This is especially helpful when people have multiple characters
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messy look
o 3o
I'd like an invite.

I'd say my level is lit to possibly adv.lit.
ok I willl send off an invite! Be sure to tell anyone ou know who is a good rper!
It would be quite the honor to join you. Would you mind inviting me? Lit - Adv. Lit level postings, especially when accompanied by veteran role-players who've had time to hone their craft.
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The 20s are the best! I've been looking for this era roleplay! (: I'm a copy-poster so I give what I get. I can average 4 paragraphs per post. I have no idea what that puts me in...so basically semi-lit and up? xD

May I please have an invite. :3
My role play level used to be literate- adv. literate until school got the better of me and I stopped having time to role play. I've recently started role playing again and my literacy level has dropped down to semi-lit-lit. Hoping to dust the cob webs of my role playing skills. So...requesting an invite.
My level is semi lit to lit and I love mafia rps. So can I please have an invite? I'll give you cupcakes~
Keep your hopes up high...

Could you please send me an invite as well? I can write semi-lit to lit, advanced if time allows and depending on how captivating the story is.
...and your head down low!
I'm interested in joining this, but I'm new to Gaia and have no idea what label I fall under when it comes to literacy.

I'm in a roleplay and could share a few of my posts if you would like. If that isn't a problem, and everything checks out, I would appreciate an invite.
Could I join, I would be most gracious! Here are three (Nine, Dimitrik,Puck) samples because I would say I am mostly Semi-Lit, but people have different definitions of Semi-Lit and Lit.
I'm a semi-lit to lit RPer and I'd be interested.

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