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                  Created by;; iSoprano
                    Inspired by;; James Petterson's Maximum Ride Series and illiterate people.
                      Photos by;; Myself and Photobucket
                        Literacy;; Literate to Advanced Literate

Currently:Under construction • Open • Closed •AcceptingNot Accepting Taking Reserves


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The Story;; Playing God

              Children, bought from their parents as babies, stolen from their parents, brought in many different ways. Children who could not yet walk, talk, or even hold up a bottle where given to an evil company, Itex. If a person were to look at Itex form the outside, they'd see a company that changed the life of other. helping them. But, those children-even adults-that were inside, stuck in cages like a dog could call it life changing, but in a different context. Stuck in dog cages, they suffered like convicts on death row. These people poked and prodded with needles, put though extreme tests to survive another day. Sometimes, a child would be in a cage by someone for months, and all of a sudden, the person would come back. So, you ask what is so important about these people that scientists want to know so much about? When they were simply embryonic cells, they were injected with animal genes, giving them animal qualities like wings, scales, super flexibility, etc. The second the child comes out of the womb, the child is Itex's property, even if they have to lie to the parents and say their child died. From here, they underwent tests that would leave them bruised and battered, no matter their age. Most experiments would not live to see the age of ten, if you were lucky, the animal gene would be defective and it would kill you when you were very young. Itex didn't care, you'd just cremate you and throw the ashes outside. So is Itex Evil? Very much.
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Their background;; The Bird-Kids

              Six children, their past unknown, their parents, the reason they were were given, all unknown. These six children though, are more special than any other project to date. Their bones are very light, making their flight easier for them. The last time Itex had them, three of them were ten years old and none of them weighed more than fifty pounds and they each were much taller than they should be for their age. A six year-old stood as tall as a twelve year old normal child. Despite their weight, they can lift up to three times their own weight. The most important thing about these experiments is that fact that they have wings. Their wings are identical to a bird's, they have feathers and are extremely aerodynamic, the only difference is the wingspan. The largest wingspan is fifteen feet. What baffles the scientists the most is how they developed the powers that they had; mind reading, shadow control, etc. Their theory had been that the bird genes reacted with the human genes they all possessed and gave them super natural abilities that had only been done very few times. It was at this age, eight years ago that the group of bird-kids escaped from the seemly impenetrable base of Itex. Itex though has kept a close eye on them, continually monitoring their success to a point. With the help of new technology and new experiments, Itex can finally reclaim their prize possession. The Scientist that stole them and took them away from the Itex labs has now returned with some valuable information on their progress and location. Jeb, thank you.

The Others;; Freedom

              A select few escaped with the bird-children eight years ago, each of the other children had a different gene; a cat gene, cheetah, shark, and mouse. These children have also grown substantially since their escape. ALL of the children have learned to fight to defend themselves. The other children have gained powers as well, but their powers came in later; after the bird-children. Their powers in fact came only a few years ago, they have no yet mastered their power, but these experiments still are not to be taken lightly.

              Note: They all live together in a house in the middle of nowhere honestly, they live in the middle of many hills. They escaped though a helicopter that brought them to this home.
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The Extermination;; Eraser Elite

              The the latest technology processes, Itex has formed a new highly successful experiment. This experiment excels at the art of combat. We have as well manipulated the genes that creates random powers, and made essentially a perfect human being/mutant. The Erasers are extremely beautiful, but armed and dangerous. The Erasers are very desirable by men and women alike, but they are emotionless, basically just a shell of a human. The most dangerous Erasers are put into an elite squad, simply called Eraser Elite. These select seven Erasers are more fearful than any other living being that did ever live, is living, or will ever live. These experiments got where they are by going though many Fights to the death, round by round of the strongest Eraser experiments. The Erasers have more numbers than any experiment before them, making them lethal in power but also in numbers.
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              You all have probably seen this rule a million times, but follow the Gaia TOS. Simple right? Just read and follow all the rules. I have the right to add more later.

              This is a Semi-Lit to Advanced literate roleplay. That means I expect minimum of two paragraphs a post, and a good paragraph, not two to three sentences. It simply isn't enough to respond for a literate person. Then again, I don't want to think I am reading a novel by having to scroll half a page down to finish your entry. Its really boring. I mainly expect Quality over Quantity. I will NEVER accept one-liners. Everyone has writer's block but wait until something inspires you... Go to a rose garden or something. I will never accept text-talk. This roleplay is for people who have been around the block a few times, not first timers. I expect that you are smart enough to spell things correct with spell checker.

TITLE your profiles as "There is no backing down, a fight is going down" And Reserves as "History in the making"
              I don't require much, but I expect you to be able to post at least three times a week. I also do not want to see plain Jane posts, add colors and a picture or two. Its not that hard. If you really need help, I can help. Also, a great tool to use for roleplay is the Gaiaonline Toolbar so you can press a button and have your paragraph formatted already (well the header and footer) This requires Firefox, which is a million times better than Internet Explorer. Also; no bright colors please. Its hard to read. :3

              I do not want Mary-Sues that are perfect in anyway shape or form. Just think; These kids are grimy, dirty, and live be themselves after being in a cage for half of their life. Do you really think that they'd be perfect? No. I also do not want stereotypical characters. I want round, full characters that have strengths and weaknesses. THERE HAS TO BE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT!

              Romances will come out--I hope. With this, I don't allow anything past kissing. I don't want "He stuck his tongue in her mouth" Seriously, did you want to read that? Me neither. Romance though is very much encouraged but nothing that would give your grandmother a heart attack. Time-skips are fine, if you really can't stand time skips, take it to the PMs.

              AKA plots involving a few characters or a group of characters. if you have an idea, share it. No one will bite your head off, you will see all though the roleplay that there will be subtle plots that affect characters. In order for this plot to happen that you may want, those directly involved must approve and no one can be forced to do something. (For example; convincing to convert sides, you can't force someone to convert). There must a general understanding of the plot and it must be thought of ahead of time so it can be brought about with progressing factors.

              I give the final 'Go' in here, if I don't like your profile, I will ask you to redo it and give you CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, if you don't like that, then leave.

              Respect everyone. I will not allow disrespect to go on in this roleplay. There will be young people and old people, maybe even people who could post more (but I am very picky so hopefully that won't be the case), treat everyone equal. I don't mind occasional rants or heated arguments, but keep them at a minimum, okay? Also, I have seen this many times, if I decline you access to the roleplay, do not bad mouth me in any way. Accept it.


              Highlight this post and Have fun being a part of this roleplay! ^.^

              OKAY! From now on I require you to post within 24 hours of being accepted, I am tired of waiting a week for your first post! And your profile must be turned in within three days of being reserved.
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The Bird Kids

Note; All the kids have expert fighting technique. The Avians have eyes like a hawk and can see better than any human(also an amazing sense of direction). The roles are pretty much straight out of the book, but the powers are not. Some might... But there will probably not be a blind kid that can see colors by touching an object. I am willing to make changes to this if it is reasonable. Color of wings for example (I only know of three main wing colors in the book, but I am basing them off of birds in general--your picture on your post for the roleplay does NOT have to have wings)

ALL THE KIDS were taken away from the lab by a scientist that befriended them and gained their trust and disappeared three years prior to now (they were stolen about eight years ago)

Need help with the biography? Read Avianna's.

                      . . . . . . . . . . .Avian Project 001

              User ImageName; Avianna
              Age; 18
              Gender: Female
              Wing color; White
              Role; Leader
              Powers; Flying and Gravity control
              Wingspan; 14 feet
              Extra; Grew up next to Avian 002.
                  ____________●Taken ○Reserved ○Open

                              . . . . . . . . . . .Avian Project 002

          User ImageName; Cato
          Age; 18
          Gender: Male
          Wing color; Black
          Role; Second in Command
          Powers;Flight, Darkness manipulation
          Wingspan; 15 feet
          Extra; He respects and loves project 001 as a close friend: although he feels protective over the entire group, he especially caters for project 006, as the ‘baby’ of the group.
              ____________●Taken ○Reserved ○Open

                    . . . . . . . . . . .Avian Project 003

            User ImageName;
            Age; 18
            Gender: Male
            Wing color; Brown
            Role; Cook/Healer
            Powers; Flying and Healing
            Wingspan; 14 feet
                ____________○Taken ○Reserved ●Open

                      . . . . . . . . . . .Avian Project 004

                User ImageName; Anastasia
                Age; Sixteen
                Gender: Female
                Wing color; Red
                Role; Expert Scavenger
                Powers; Flight and the ability to see the past of anything by touching it.
                Wingspan; Thirteen Feet
                Extra; She's pretty quiet most of the time but once you get her talking, it's pretty hard to get her to shut up; especially when she's angry.
                    ____________○Taken ●Reserved ○Open

                          . . . . . . . . . . .Avian Project 005

                  User ImageName;
                  Age; 16
                  Gender: Male
                  Wing color; Blue
                  Role; Pyrotechnic Extraordinaire
                  Powers; Flying, creating bombs out of household items, and Fire control
                  Wingspan; 14 feet
                  Extra: Is number 6's Brother.
                      ____________○Taken ○Reserved ●Open

                            . . . . . . . . . . .Avian Project 006

                  User ImageName; Lys (pronounced Lies)
                  Age; 15
                  Gender: Female
                  Wing color; Bluish green
                  Role; Complex Cutie
                  Powers; Flying, mind reading/sends messages(animals and humans), change her physical appearance, and breathe under water.
                  Wingspan; 10 Feet
                  Extra; Is number 5's sister. Is very complex and most wanted by Itex.
                      ____________●Taken ○Reserved ○Open

                      The Others

                      (On these I pretty much give the reigns over to you guys)

                      . . . . . . . . . . .Cat Project 037

        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Name; Constantine Avid Katzenberger
        Age; 17
        Gender: Male
        Powers; Flexibility, Super reflexes
        Extra; n/a
            ○Taken ●Reserved ○Open ____________

            Pending Deletion!

                  . . . . . . . . . . .Cheetah Project 011

        User ImageName; Leona Snow
        Age; 16
        Gender: Female
        Powers; Very fast, amazing stamina, superhuman balance and ability to camouflage herself and those touching her.
        Extra; She has a cheetah print on her back along her spine that starts from the base of her neck and ends at her tailbone.
            Taken ○Reserved ○Open ____________

            . . . . . . . . . . .Mouse Project 018

User ImageName; Fred M. Klaus
Age; Sixteen
Gender: Male
Powers; Can squeeze into small places that others can not.
Extra; N/a
      ○Taken ●Reserved ○Open ____________

      User Image

      . . . . . . . . . . .Shark Project 009

Name; Lokias William Kurio
Age; Eighteen
Gender: Male
Powers; Minor flight abilities and the ability to manipulate air. This is mostly just changing the air currents and being able to direct it in certain directions. He can't really 'fly' as much as it is push himself into the air and glide. He can't go too terribly high.
Extra; He very much hates blow dryers. He's also very soft spoken.
      ○Taken ●Reserved ○Open ____________
User Image


Note; these are the biggest of the big, meanest of the mean, and strongest of the strong. I don't want them to be all alike. They are basically people... But prettier than normal people... SO they can be happy too! Just don't make them all nasty towards everyone--Towards the experiments they have to be. Oh! If I didn't make this clear, the Erasers are made exactly like the other experiments, except these were injected with the actual power-forming gene, but they didn't really grow up like the experiments though... They were waited on hand and foot. A bio tip for these may be the fact that they had to go though fight to the death challenges to get into this squad... Just and idea.

. . . . . . . . . . .Random Generation/Eraser Project 001
User ImageName;
Age; 23
Gender: Male
Powers; Complete control over the weather
Extra; Above average physical attributes
      ○Taken ○Reserved ●Open ____________

      . . . . . . . . . . .Random Generation/Eraser Project 003

User ImageName; Valerie Maci Piper
Age; 20
Gender: Female
Powers; Earth control
      ○Taken ●Reserved ○Open ____________

      . . . . . . . . . . .Random Generation/Eraser Project 148

User ImageName; Stella Fox
Age; 19
Gender: Female
Powers; Self duplication and weapon expert.
Extra; Don't cross this girl. She is Evil, with a capitol E.
      Taken ○Reserved ○Open____________

      . . . . . . . . . . .Random Generation/Eraser Elite 099

User ImageName; Connor James Ives [Eye - Vez]
Age; 18
Gender: Male
Powers; Shape shifting and Mimesis
Extra; If you take a good look deep into his eyes you can tell that Connor isn't all there.
      ○Taken ●Reserved ○Open ____________

      . . . . . . . . . . .Random Generation/Eraser Elite 169

User ImageName; Ariana X. Kimse
Age; 17
Gender: Female
Powers; "Copy-Cat" which enables her to imitate any power, as well as the original user can. Only two powers at a time (max, very straining if used) and physical contact is needed.
Extra; loves violence to a highly sadistic degree. Ironically also enjoys the sensation of pain; Sadomachism
      Taken ○Reserved ○Open ____________

      . . . . . . . . . . .Random Generation/Eraser Project 133

User ImageName;
Age; 16
Gender: Male
Powers; Invisibility
Extra; Can be seen by the Shadow controller (or can even prevent invisibility)
      ○Taken ○Reserved ●Open____________

      . . . . . . . . . . .Random Generation/Eraser Project 233

User ImageName;
Age; 16
Gender: Female
Powers; Amazing reflexes, strength, and Senses. A great fighter
Extra; Newest form of Eraser.
      ○Taken ○Reserved ●Open___________
User Image


Send them in a PM. Post a character profile/reserve on this thread and you're in for a big butt chewin'! Oh! And I require a reserve before a profile.
This will be placed on the front page. ANIME PICTURES ONLY! Thank you.


[list][list][list][color=color][u][color=white]. . . . . . . . . . .[color=dimgray][size=18]Avian Project 001-6[/size][/u][/list][/list][/list]
[imgleft]http://i734.photobucket.com/albums/ww343/thatsprettyraddx/icon.jpg[/imgleft][color=color]Name; First only!
[color=color]Age; [color=dimgray]
[color=color]Gender: [color=dimgray]
[color=color]Wing color; [color=black]
[color=COLOR]Role; [color=dimgray] If specified, please put here, if not, delete this line.
[color=color]Wingspan; [color=dimgray]
[color=color]Extra; [color=dimgray]
[list][list][color=white]____________[color=dimgray]○Taken [b]●Reserved[/b] ○Open

Follow rubric, if you want to change something, please tell me so!
Short Bio;;

Writing Samples;;

Other Experiments/Eraser Elite

[color=color][u][color=white]. . . . . . . . . . .[color=dimgray][size=18]Title here;Random Generation/Eraser Elite (number) or [Enter experiment name here i.e. cheetah (number)] [/size][/u][/list][/list][/list]
[imgright]http://i734.photobucket.com/albums/ww343/thatsprettyraddx/icon.jpg[/imgright][color=color]Name; [color=dimgray] FIRST MIDDLE LAST
[color=color]Age; [color=dimgray] AGE
[color=color]Gender: [color=dimgray] GENDER
[color=color]Powers;[color=dimgray] CHARACTER'S POWER; follow my rubric/don't over-do it.
[color=lightsteelblue]Extra; [color=dimgray]Anything extra?
[list][list][color=dimgray] ○Taken ●[b]Reserved[/b] ○Open [color=white]____________

For My eyes only;
Short bio; Just a paragraph or less/bullets outlining.

Writing sample; Literacy is a must here, either send me a link of samples or copy and paste one or two examples of your writing.


[align=center][img]Image here![/img][/align]

[color=silver][u][color=color1][size=25][b]L3T`S[/b] get [size=9]down[/size] to BUSINESS[/size][/color][color=white][/color][/u]

[color=silver][u][color=color1][size=25]How looooooong is [u]yo-ur[/u] `STORY?[/size][/color][color=white][/color][/u]
[size=11][color=color2][list][list][list][list][list][list] Age [/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list] [/color][/size]

[color=silver][u][color=color1][size=25]Are YOU what I think YOU are?[/size][/color][color=white][/color][/u]
[size=11][color=color2][list][list][list][list][list][list]Male, female?[/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list] [/color][/size]

[color=silver][u][color=color1][size=25] The [i]Past[/i] is the [b]PAST[/b][/size][/color][color=white]xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[/color][/u]
[size=11][color=color2][list][list][list][list][list][list]Biography here! Most of the Avians will be very similar.[/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/color][/size]

[color=silver][u][color=color1][size=25]Don't [i]worry[/i], it's just [b]US[/b] tonight[/color][color=white]xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[/color][/u]
[size=11][color=color2][list][list][list][list][list][list]I'm not ashamed, I'm a [color=color][b]Avian or Eraser Elite and number[/b].[/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/color][/size]

Nothing[i] LESS[/i] than [b]honesty[/b][/color][color=white]xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[/color][/u]

[color=silver][u][color=color1][size=25]Let's [i]see[/i] what [b]you[/b] can [u]DO[/u][/color][color=white]xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[/color][/u]
[size=11][color=color2] [list][list][list][list][list][list]
[/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list] [/color][/size]

[color=silver][u][color=color1][size=25] Show me what you`re [b]HIDING[/b] under [i]there[/i][/color][color=white]xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[/color][/u]
What you typically carry on your character.

[color=silver][u][color=color1][size=25]You [i]should[/i] [b]know[/b]..[/color][color=white]xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[/color][/u]
Extra information? Omit if you don't have anything else to say.

[color=silver][u][color=color1][size=25]I can't [b]CONTROL[/b] [i]m y s e l f[/i][/color][color=white]xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[/color][/u]
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              Date: July 25, 2012
              Time: 8:00AM

                    Avians and other experiments - Hot, about 98 degrees. Approaching thunderstorms, should hit their location around noon.

                    Eraser Elite - Hot, about 92 degrees, clear skies, no humidity, zero chance of rain.
User Image


              Avians and experiments; Everyone is just waking up and foraging before the thunderstorm arrives

              Erasers; Going in for their briefing session, today is the day they strike.

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