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                                  The Profiles and OOC
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                                                                                                      THE PAST

                                  The scientists scurried around the lab in a frenzied panic. Things were not going according to plan. He could hear the slamming. The undead was slamming him self against the wall, flesh already starting to rot off its bones. The skin had taken on grayish hue, and the eyes were completely black, not even a sliver of the iris was showing. The whole lab was in disarray, and he could hear several vials and bottles breaking. Several of the scientists winced. Things were breaking, and they hoped to god it wasn’t the vial. The one with the gaseous virus. If that got loose, then there could be national panic, and the birth of a whole new species. Not to mention extinction.

                                  “We need to take action now!” One plump politician exclaimed, red in the face from yelling so much. People argued around the table, trying to decide on what action to take next. At the moment, there was none. They were located in a safe zone nearly the size Pennsylvania. They were located in Texas. The arguing had ceased, due to one young man. Maybe around his twenties. He was sporting bleach blonde hair, coal black eyes, and wore the causal clothes of a civilian. “Excuse me, sirs.” He had interrupted with a casual clear o his throat, “I do believe I have the answer to your problems.” He twirled a .22 caliber in his hand making some of the pompous politicians nervous. None of them were armed. A grin was dawning on his face, and a slight wild look was glinting in his eyes. “You realize that we could always go below.” Sebastion Jabaari stated, watching the men’s eyes glitter with hope.

                                  Sebastion, Ari, Areeya, Christian, and Garret stood on the ledge overlooking the first underground city of Zabaar. It was located under Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming. This was the first and more were to come.

                                  “Back-up dammit!” Garret screamed at his small line of defenders. They really need more than five Eliminators. The Undead were getting relentless, and it didn’t help that they had to jump from city to city, helping other people solve their Zombie crises. He felt something tugging at his back, and with a quick jab with the butt of his gun, the thing was down and oozing. “SEBASTION! We need to lock up the gates, and start the electricity! Chris and Ari can manage themselves for a few hours!” Garret shouted into the transmitter. Chris was already long gone, either he was out of range, or he was dead. Even though he didn’t want to, he settled with the latter. Garret got no response out of the transmitter. “Aw, s**t.” He mumbled to himself, backing into the gate. It wasn’t really a gate, more like thick, metal bars running in every which way. But gate was just easier to say. Garret slammed his hand on the large yellow button, opposite of the control pad on the other side. Luckily, Undead were stupid. He fired insanely, not really pointing at anything in particular. The things were coming in masses, and for all he knew, he could be hitting his undead companion. He slid expertly under the gate as it grated slowly up ward. He saw several masses diving under it, and a sigh of relief came out. He slammed his fist on the collage of buttons on the control pad, and the gate slammed down. He lay panting on the platform as it slowly lowered itself down into the city. “I’m getting to old for this s**t…” He heard a voice murmur, and several voices chuckled.

                                  “We are proud to announce, the academy is now open.” Sebastion announced proudly, Areeya and Garret standing proudly beside him. But deep in their faces you could see sorrow etched in the expressions.

                                  2080, Present
                                  The academy the The First had set up was still going strong, but now it needed new students more than ever. And recruits were getting sent into the field as soon as they hit their five month period. The Undead were not evolving, but breeding. And it seemed that their will to survive was stronger than ever.
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                                                                                                      THE STORY

                                  Ok, so if you didn’t understand the past, read this. And if you did understand the past, well, then still read this. So, basically in 2012, these groups of scientists were conducting an experiment they had recently developed. Well, you can pretty much guess that things didn’t go right, and the Undead, or Zombie, broke out of his glass cell. He ended up infecting the whole building, and it eventually spread. Then in 2015, Sebastion and his small group of four showed up in a government meeting with a solution. And it was to go underground. After several weeks of discussing, they agreed to do it. Sebastion, Christian, Garret, Ari, and Areeya spearheaded the plan and built a city under the ground. This brings us to year 2030. Year 2032 was when things started to go hay wire and the Undeads, so to speak, figured out where the humans were hiding. The First had to build metal gates to help keep them out. They hooked up and electrical system so when the Undeads got too close, they could fry them. It worked pretty effectively. Until they stated receiving radio calls. The First, of course, had to take action. They didn’t want other humans to be trapped above. So they built a platform the moved up and down, and rewired the gates so that they lifted up incredibly slow, but slammed down with a force that could kill you. It also didn’t help that the gates weighed about as much a four elephants. This is the scene where Christian dies. Ari dies later on a mission above ground. Now we arrive at year 2035, where they had an Eliminator academy open up. They needed help, and this was the only they thought it was possible. More and more underground cities were popping up, and sometimes, they didn’t have the right type of defenders. Might I add that this is not an Academy role-play. Sure you may start out in the Academy, but as I mentioned before, you’re only in there for about five months. Also, if I were you, I would start maybe a day or two before you’re assigned to your teams. Look in Terms and Explanations for more details about the Academy. Um… If you’re confused and need some answers to your questions, just ask. I don’t bite. Much.
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                                                                                                      THE RULES

                                  I want this to be a literate role-play. Comprende? I want a paragraph minimum and three at the most. Nobody wants to read a novel, but we also want something we can work with. A paragraph is eight to nine well thought out, descriptive sentences. Details are out friends. Kay? We r nt n00bz, we r cpbl of spllng lyk hoomn bengz. Absolutely, positively not talking like that or you will be kicked out faster than your puny little brain can comprehend what it going on. Use proper punctuation and grammar. I think we all know how to use the “there, their, and they’re” correctly. Along with colons, commas, dashes, parenthesis. And etcetera. Please be sure that we are able to identify talking, thinking, and actions. Posting colors are not required, but they do make it easier to read. If your character is going to talk in slang, be sure to put apostrophes where needed. Obviously, I don’t give a damn about swearing, so you can be a ******** sailor for all I care. I mean, come on, realistically, who wouldn’t swear with crazy flesh-eating zombie things chasing you?

                                  Pm’s and Profiles
                                  This one’s gunna be short. I want your Pm’s to be titled Flesh, nice and simple. A three-year old could figure it out. Nothing is going to be hidden anywhere in this layout, I do believe that we are all capable of reading rules and comprehending them and the consequences that follow if you choose to break them. Do not change anything in the profiles. If you do, I will ask you to change it, or I won’t respond at all and I’ll leave you to ponder on why you didn’t get a Pm back. When you post, make it pretty, but don’t stretch the page. Don’t make colors blinding, and be sure to at least have your characters name, picture, role and squad number. Never mind, I guess this isn’t going to be short. Those are all important information that other role-players may need to identify your character without having to go back and forth between the profile page and the role-play. It just makes everyone life easier. I want all pictures to be anime, and think futuristic when filling out your profile. Not to the point where we have hover cars and can shuttle to mars, but to the point where the weapons are cooler and everything is “solar” powered or “wind” powered. Will be explained later. Might I remind you that these people live underground, so they will be pale. They will not wear bright happy colors. That doesn’t mean they can’t have a happy personality, just generally not a happy outward appearance.

                                  Other Crap

                                  Okay, so I’ve run out of ideas on how to make this role-play as difficult as possible. Um…YOU ALL MUST BOW TO ME! Hehe, just joking. Three strikes, you’re out. We all enjoy baseball here. I’ll probably add more rules as I go along, so be prepared. Also!!!!! This is extremely important. I see anyone sitting under a god damned tree on their first post; you will be immediately banned never to return. Comprende? I am so sick of stinking trees…Er…Have fun, and ask me if you have any questions~!
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                      Reservations are a must. Send them with your profile or seperate. Title them something random if they're serpate. ^^

                                  [align=center]HUMAN ANIME PIC HERE[/align]

                                  [list][list][list][list][list][list] [u][b]Name:[/b][/u] (First, middle, and last)
                                  [u][b]Sexual Orientation:[/b][/u] (Can be anything. You could be into necrophelia for all I care)

                                  [u][b]Squad Number:[/b][/u] (1-10)
                                  [u][b]Role:[/b][/u] (The Genius, The Brawn, The Techi)
                                  [u][b]Academy Time:[/b][/u] (No shorter than fiv months, and the full time is three years)
                                  [u][b]Weapon:[/b][/u](Can be one you made up, or can be from the list. Just remember, be futuristic.)

                                  [color=white]SPACE[/color] Be extremely descriptive. Give me a paragraph or more.
                                  [color=white]SPACE[/color]Put in sentence form, and put a reason why.
                                  [color=white]SPACE[/color]Put in sentence form, and put a reason why.
                                  [color=white]SPACE[/color]Put in sentence form, and put a reason why.
                                  [color=white]SPACE[/color]Be as descriptive as you possible can. I’m not going to give you a limit, just give lots of details and be creative.

                                  Anything else?
                                  [u][b]Post Color:[/b][/u] Not required

                      [imgleft]http://i575.photobucket.com/albums/ss196/flurry_schemiings/make believe/100x100.png[/imgleft] [u][b]Name:[/b][/u]
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                                  Once you graduate form the academy, you divided into three-man squads. You basically remain in these squads until you retire, and only under special circumstances can you be switched to a new squad, or someone new joins yours. Like when someone dies. There are only going to be ten squads in this role-play, which 30 people. So really, I highly doubt it’ll get filled.

                                  The Genius
                                  The Genii are basically the leaders of the group. They make plans and make sure that you get where you are going in one piece. These people have usually been in the academy for a year or more. They’re extremely smart. Think Shikamaru from Naruto.

                                  The Brawn
                                  This is the strongest person in the group and the one who is excellent in hand-to-hand combat and weapons. They can spend the least time in the academy, because mostly for them it’s just muscle tone and beating dummies to pulps. They’re always the first one into a fight, mostly because they can plow through Undeads like they’re feathers. Think Butler from Artemis Fowl.

                                  The Techii
                                  The Techii is the person who’s excellent with the gadgets. They keep a small computer with them always, and a small thing of work tools. It’s important that they know how fix weapons in case one breaks, especially when things go awry. They’re extremely important to the team, even though they sometimes go unappreciated. They are the ones that get the missions and are always in contact with the base. Think Foaly from Artemis Fowl.

                                  These are obviously very important, or else you’d all be screwed. You can make up your own weapons in the profile, and I’ll just add them here, or you can choose from the list. The first weapons actually exist. Just an FYI.

                                  This is basically your average machine gun. Not a lot of people have them, since they’re severely frowned upon, ever since an Undead accidentally got a hold of one. Only a select few get them, and that’s only if you got through a three week training course with one. Not to mention they’re heavy as ********, and a pain to carry around.

                                  Sai Sword
                                  Twin swords that are small and lightweight. Good for close range battling.

                                  Colt Anaconda
                                  A large-framed, double-action revolver.

                                  A small hand gun that basically every common person carries around for protection. People in squads generally carry around more than one, because sometimes it’s easier to shoot from two hands than one.

                                  This is mainly for the Techii’s, so make sure you read this. If you have any ideas for anymore, just PM me and I’ll add it.

                                  Techii’s always have a stash of these, and they always put them on their teammates. That way, if the squad gets separated, they can find each other. They’re small, square chip that you swallow, and they attach themselves to your stomach. They also have small, fine hairs that can attach to anything. So you can attach them to weapons, objects, or other things.

                                  These are bracelets that are basically phones. They’re metal, wide, and project holographic images of the person they’re talking to. This is how squads receive missions, and get yelled at by the authorities if they don’t follow orders.

                                  A tough is a square piece of glass that’s roughly the size of a computer screen. It can fold up to one half of its size, so it’s portable. It’s a touch screen computer that can access the internet, and has Wi-Fi.

                                  These are large, contactable metal rods that Techii jam into the ground to detect space underneath. They’re mainly used for detecting underground cities, but sometimes, when in need, you can ram them through an Undead if you need to.
User Image

                                                                                                      THE SCENERY

                                  The Academy
                                  The academy is set up basically as a tall, dark foreboding tower with a wide field of dirt surrounding it. But, basically everything is dirt anymore. It's split into four levels. the first level is the basic training where you learn a little bit of everything. It's important to know the basics of everything so in case someone get's hurt, you know what to do. Everyone is trained in medicine, but mostly that kind of stuff is carried by the Techii.
                                  The second level is where the Techii's are trained. it's full of touch's, and large, computers covering whole walls. There's a workshop where you learn how to take apart and completely reassemble certain weapons. there's a classroom with sterile hospital beds with holographic bodies floating on it. This is where Techii's learn how to do emergency procedures and basic healing. There is also an experiment lab where you can spend free time designing new weapon designs or medicines.
                                  The third floor is where the Brawn's train. There is a close and long range shooting gallery, and the whole second level is sound-proof, so other students can concentrate. There's a room just for hand-to-hand combat training, and a room just for basic swordplay. There is a room set up with holographic see through bodies standing up-right, so you can see the right places to hit, and where to break certain parts of an Undeads bodies with little force.
                                  The fourth floor is where the Genii reside. A lot of people aren't selected for this particular level, because you need to have the right type of skills to stay calm in a stressful and dangerous situation, and you need to come up with quick plans on the spot if needed. There is a library on this level, each wall containing a different set of books. One contains math books, advanced and beginners. Another has battle tactics and war books, explaining how each ambush and raid was set-up from each war and each side. The other walls contain various literature and science that may be relevent throughout their time out of the academy. This floor is the most set-up like a regular classroom. There are three classrooms, but usually only one, one and a half is needed, due to the lack of eligible students. In these classrooms, students are quizzed, tested, and forced to come up with on the spot strategies in minutes.

                                  The City
                                  The City is set-up in four sectors. There is the academy sector, the shopping sector, the living sector, and the factory sector. New buildings rarely ever go up, due to lack of resources.The shopping sector consists of various stores and malls, including clothing stores, book stores, music stores, etcetera. The living sector is obvious, this is where everyone lives. The factory sector is where they make new products and convert solar and wind energy into electricity. Above these particular factories reside large solar panels, or wind turbines. They are above ground. Wires run through large metal grates that hook up to the factories. There are also factories that filter air, and make sure that the people don't run out of fresh oxygen. Sure, it may be a little stale, but it's still breathable. The factory section is also the biggest sector because is also has factories filtering water from above ground lakes, ponds, and rivers, and send them throughout the city. Remember, these underground cities are huge.


                                  The surface is basically the same as it ever was. Except the air, and water are cleaner due to all the new eco-friendly inventions, and that there are rabid zombies roaming around looking for other zombies or humans to nom on. Most towns and cities are overrun by zombies, and most of them aren't safe to go into. Though, the smaller the town, the less likely you'll run into an Undead because most of them have either eaten each other or wandered off to find more food. the bigger the city, the bigger the danger. Forests can be unsafe as well, but mostly because of wild animals, such as dogs, mountain lion and such. The Undeads generally flock together, mostly because they are cannibals.
User Image


                                  Squad one
                                  The Genius:
                                  The Brawn:
                                  The Techii:

                                  Squad two
                                  The Genius: Skye Rovetta
                                  The Brawn: Arcanys Rein Dashel
                                  The Techii: Edward H. Builder

                                  Squad three
                                  The Genius:
                                  The Brawn:
                                  The Techii:

                                  Squad four
                                  The Genius:
                                  The Brawn:
                                  The Techii:

                                  Squad five
                                  The Genius:
                                  The Brawn:
                                  The Techii:

                                  Squad six
                                  The Genius:
                                  The Brawn:
                                  The Techii:

                                  Squad seven
                                  The Genius: Alyssia C. Hammond
                                  The Brawn: Rebecca 'Rikku' Jester
                                  The Techii: Nadie 'Snips' Rabek

                                  Squad eight
                                  The Genius:
                                  The Brawn:
                                  The Techii:

                                  Squad nine
                                  The Genius:
                                  The Brawn:
                                  The Techii:

                                  Squad ten
                                  The Genius:
                                  The Brawn:
                                  The Techii:
Name: Arcanys Rein Dashel
Age: 19 years old
Squad: 2
Position: The Brawn
Years in training 2 years & 4 months

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✖ ✖ ✖

              Arc stood in the narrow room, the AEG gun resting on her shoulder. The halls were silent, no movement, no sound. After Two years and Four months of training, today was the last day. She couldn't help but feel slightly antsy. She was graduating today and she was a day closer to the future life threatening situations. She kept the gun still on her shoulder and aimed it at the twenty so moving holographs. She let out her breath and started firing, getting them all down in around 3.0 seconds. The reason she was any good was because she let her anger out when shooting, rage could be an enemy but a friend in battle as well. It fueled her determination to kill, leaving no time to think whether or not she was ready to kill. It was what made her good, it was what made her choose to be a Brawn because the rage could only help her.

              In the beginning, Arc had wanted to apply for the Genius, but she knew she was too angry to lead without being reckless, without blood-lust and hunger for war. At least she admitted to herself, that too little, could she clear the anger and think clearly and productively. She stopped thinking and practiced a bit more, shooting more and more holograms in less and less time. After a small while, she threw the AEG gun with the others, shrugged the pads and protections off, and made her way through the silent halls.

              Stopping at the sword-fighting room, she picked up a sword and swerved it around, slashing violently at the air, pretending that she was surrounded. She longed to get out and her excitement and fear were overwhelming. She made a small leap and passed the dummy before landing. Her feet connected with the floor just as the dummy's upper body slid to the floor, cut in half. Arc smiled proudly and swirled around the room a bit more, hitting here and there. She loved swords because of their grace but she wasn't really a graceful person when fighting, she became more rough, that's why guns suited her best. She placed the sword down and flexed her hands, chasing the soreness away.

              She moved to the next floor, the Genius's floor and just stared at all the equipment. She wish she could have made it there, even though she enjoyed the Brawn level. Though people usually tended to perceive them as all muscle no brain, something that annoyed her beyond belief. She tapped her leg lightly, humming some rhythm before turning and leaving back to the main floor, going through the hallways down her own memory lane.

              Despite all the excitement, she couldn't help but wonder how soon she was to die. It was weird leaving a building, knowing that from now on your own life was no longer safe, secure, protected. It gave her the chills and as much as she tried to shake the anxiety away, she couldn't rid herself of it. She soon decided to go back to her floor, and stay among her guns for a little more. This time she didn't pull out an Airsoft gun. She turned to the real pile. She picked out a Robinson Armament XCR. She pulled out her bandages and wrapped them around her hands to keep them from getting any serious bruises and went to the program set-up.

              She configured the system to be in Invasion mode and she placed herself as the lights dimmed slightly. She flexed her shoulders, gripping gun. The lighting became pretty dark and Arc squinted, trying to see. Fortunate thing was that the program simulated the hard to hear sounds of the undead moving. Arc stood, immobile and listened for the sounds. She heard a hushed step and jumped, shooting what seemed to be like everywhere and haphazardly. The room lit up with the bullets being fired and soon the room lit up again showing the holographic corpses all down. Arc wiped her forehead with the back of her hand and gave a small sigh. She was so ready to kick some a**.

              [[ ooc:: Question! How's the graduation and Squad assignment supposed to go? ]]

✖ ✖ ✖


I'm not going down that easy ! It takes more than that just to break me.... ✗
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Nadie 'Snips' Rabek
Squad #7 Techii
'Whether you like it or not, history is on our side. We will bury you!'
xxxxxxxx-Nikita Khrushchev

'Sitting under a tree...'

Nadie pulled the trigger of her sniper rifle, and off went her newest prototype at her target hologram. Hope rose in her eyes as she watched electric sparks along the trail of the bullet, but for the eleventh time, once it hit the target, it was but an ordinary bullet. With an annoyed sigh, she reloaded her personal weapon before setting it down next to her, staring off into the gun range that seemed like a mile away. 'What the ******** am I doing wrong... Damn it, Nadie, you're twenty years old and about to graduate, at this point, an electrified bullet should be nothing!' She pounded the table as she said this and groaned before ejecting the bullets and putting in a different magazine with different prototypes, determined to get it right this time. She took a deep breath before looking down the scope, 'Come on, baby... Gimme a shot...' And with a pull of the trigger... Failure. This made her think of puzzles and riddles, which she despised. She pounded her fists down unto the table yet again and took a deep, deep breath.

Luckily for her, she was alone in the sniper range of the Brawn section, which, lucky her, she was allowed to go to test out her weapons, and so she let out a loud scream of frustration. With a hmph, she gathered her things, defeated, threw them in a bag and left the room. As she walked along the halls, her anger quickly went away, as she began thinking of all her time spent at the Academy. She sighed, happy and yet disappointed it'd end in just a few days, and at the same time, she was terrified of the fact the iron walls she was surrounded by wouldn't serve as protection anymore. But with a shake of her head, the feeling went away, 'Pucker up, smartass, like you'd be in so much danger snipping from three miles away... In any case, maybe your 'mates would know how to get a bullet to shock someone. Maybe I'm missing the punch a Brawn could provide... And they're not called Genius for nothing!' She smiled big, letting out a punch of victory to the air before blinking, rushing off towards the nearest elevator, eagerness clear in her eyes as she ducked into the first she saw, punching the Techii floor button, 'Maybe I don't have to wait for that, I'm sure Eddie can give me some insight! Techii must stick together, after all, yes yes...' And with a happy bounce, she ran out as soon as the doors let her slim figure slip out.

[[Blah, such a short first post compared to others I've done. Dx Regardless, how WILL the grad and squadding go along? o 3o]]
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User Image Edward H. Builder " Eddie"
Squad #2-Techii

Edward sat in the experiment room.He was designning a new type of bomb but he had to try to stop his hand from shaking first knowing that he only had one shot at this " steady..steady.." He mumbled as he tried to connect two wires together.And one wrong move could set it on,either he looses his life in a split second and blows up the entire 2nd floor or ,if he's lucky ,it would just be a failure and not even pop at the very least.He shut his eyes as he quickly connected it..few seconds past and nothing happened .Sighing in relief ,he took a screw driver and adjusted it to keep the wires fixed in it's place. As soon as he was done ,he smiled at his invention.It was a minature remote controlled time bomb that was highly explosive,it was no bigger than a thumb nail and could be attached to a remote controlled nano bot.

Picking it up with a twizer he carefully put in a container where it would soon have thousands of it's copy will be made once sent to the factory for approval " I'll call this one the bomb bot " He said happily as he Walked out of the experiment room,he went to the hall bringing his invention so it could be sent to the factory. " Ok,My frive months old experiment is now ready.I'm sure they'll love this one "

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