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                          Goddammit, why did he even say that he'd tote Rhys around for the day? Right, because most other people wouldn't be able to withstand getting acid dumped all over them. That shirt was in a truly sorry state, a now - smouldering heap on the floor. It wasn't going to be strangling anyone any time soon. Lee still glared at it like it was going to bite him, because for all he knew, it could.

                          Sentient, mutant, rabid shirts. No big deal or anything.

                          "Look, you wouldn't have to be just sitting there if you were good in the first place and DIDN'T TOUCH ANYTHING. WHY IS THIS CONCEPT SO DIFFICULT FOR YOU TO GRASP," Lee shouted over his shoulder, wringing his hands around what he was imagining to be Rhys' neck. And if his movements went from wringing to ripping a little bit, you really couldn't blame him.

                          "This is stupid, and you keep breaking things, so FINE. I'll take you out to see the city. But if you get lost, we're never going out again, you understand me?" Lee glared hard, hauling Rhys up by the scruff of his collar. And maybe he shook him a little bit too, just to make sure his message got across. "I might just let that s**t burn too, if I were you guys." He made a vague gesture to the shirt that...couldn't really be called a shirt any more. It was even still sluggishly smoking.

                          "Let me grab something to wear from upstairs, since you so considerately BURNED my shirt with ACID. And look, I even won't drop you down the ******** elevator shaft this time. Look at how ******** magnanimous I'm being here for you, Rhys." Hey, you'd be less than happy too if you had acid poured on you. At least Lee was being patient for once. He was only making threats instead of actually going through with them. Someone upstairs (probably the Director) was smiling down at not having to deal with any complaint forms for bodily harm.

                          They managed to get out the front door of the Octagon with minimal damage, although Rhys did feel the need to pull Lee aside when they passed by this one old scientist, telling him explicitly that Lee should treat him well because he was a groovy scientist. The grooviest scientist ever.

                          'What the ******** is even going on any more.' Lee just scrubbed a hand over his face and said that he'd make no promises if he was ever stupid enough to get in his way.

                          Rhys' very serious, puppy dog - esque face may have made him change his response to promising that he wouldn't hurt the "grooviest scientist ever", but that was between him and Rhys.

                          "Come on, Mr. Not - Getting - Lost, my apartment's this way," Lee said, grabbing after Rhys' collar again. He may have promised at some point upstairs that he would avoid hauling Rhys around on his shoulder like a child, but they didn't agree to hauling around by his collar like a puppy. And he would totally do it, so help him -

                          Actually, he'd probably be more likely to throw Rhys into oncoming traffic first, but ehhh. Rhys didn't really have to know that or anything.

                          "Come on, it's, like, right over..." Lee's sentence trailed away as they turned the corner because, wait. He'd never seen that block of buildings before. Or that block. Orrrrrr that one over there. Or that one.

                          Well s**t.

                          "Professor, if you've got some sort of eidetic memory, speak now and I'll forget you threw acid on my shirt."

                          Okay, maybe they were a little bit lost now and Lee was desperate enough to ask Rhys for help. Whoops.
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                                                  millennium ██████████████████████ .. ██████████████████████
                                                  xx ═════════════════════════════════════════════════
                                                  millennium i never wanted it to go this far , x never thought it would be so hard
                                                  millenniumx but now i'm left with nothing else
                                                  millennium ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━

                                                    Okay, so Ariadne caught him by surprise. Marc turned his head, locking eyes with that obnoxious new girl from earlier. When did she get here? Had she been stalking him? Was she a spy? Well, she had to know a thing or two about sneaking around.

                                                    He patted his pockets to check for dart ammo, but they were melted into some melded mess. She was a super too? (Marc was no longer surprised to meet new supers everywhere.) Well, there went the easy way out. Marc sighed calmly, strapping his secretly gushing temper under reigns.

                                                    “Contrary to mainstream belief, things like this—“ he cocked his head towards the KO’d guards—“don’t need to be complicated.”

                                                    His eyes held a firm, solemn stare. Unfazed by Ariadne’s appearance, Marc continued, “It’s Saturday morning in the suburban outskirts of DC. Conformists—most people—are sleeping in, going to the metropolitan area, or not around because this is already a closed off area.” Marc pointed to the yellow caution tape with one hand, casually reaching into his bag for his dart gun with the other. “I didn’t kill them, but I could’ve.”

                                                    Marc was planning to shoot her down too, but then…

                                                    "Come on, I'll get us in, but only if you tell me what we're doing here."

                                                    Get us in?

                                                    “Ha. Why would you help me?” he scoffed, pulling his hand back from his bag. Either was she was really gutsy or plain stupid.

                                                    “Let me explain. There’re other cameras besides the ones we could see. If they black out, people will check it out, conformist. The hidden cameras or ones from other buildings will catch us,” he glanced at the glossy, dark camera globe that once eyed them. Ariadne had melted the machinery behind it, so he knew it wasn’t working. “You're lucky this time. I guess the situation must be so bad that their staff is also lacking. The factory has been short on workers lately and they’re probably watching the inside of the warehouse.”

                                                    "So. It’d be better to break into the factory and alter the footage afterwards to not attract much evident attention. Knocked out guards can’t testify to what they haven’t seen. I’ll take care of that."He patted the side of his bag, where the factory blueprints and the dart pack (or what was left of it) lay.

                                                    He scowled at her playfulness, glaring impatiently as she waved the cards in his face. Didn’t she know this wasn’t playtime? “I’m here on reconnaissance. Most of what you want to know is probably classified, so don’t be surprised if you don’t get an answer.”

                                                    He watched quietly, slightly impressed with Ariadne’s handiwork. The card key landed in his palm and he gingerly slipped it back onto the guard’s keychain. Thank goodness for gloves.

                                                    "After you, hipster."
                                                    “Thanks, new girl.”

                                                    With that, he followed her in and shut the door behind them. The inside of the warehouse was dim and filled with neutral-colored objects, which was just great. Marc rummaged through his messenger bag, bringing out a miniature flashlight.

                                                    “Can you see anything? I’d rather not use this if I don’t have to.” At that moment, he considered their light hair colors against the shadowy lighting and wished he were brunette. Maybe like David. “I see a glow further down there…”

                                                    A pale, purple light emanated from behind the metal stacks in front of them. “And don’t bend any of the metal unless you have to. The company needs it for production purposes, so you’ll ******** up stocks and other things if you ruin it,” Marc curtly reminded his impromptu partner. They rounded a corner, “What the mainstream—“

                                                    Marc stepped back, nearly colliding with Ariadne. In front of him was a gargantuan mass of lava lamps, looking ready to burst through the factory ceiling. Their purple goop suspended various items from other lava lamps, filing cabinets, conveyor belt pieces…

                                                    “Help! Help me please!”

                                                    And a person?

                                                  ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ x ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■
                                                  ━━━★ ★ ★ x ❝ you're so damn difficult. 》_______________
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                                                                    Let's be honest, if you're willing to waste your life watching reruns of Blue's Clues and screaming at Steve to get with the program and hurry up, there's definitely something wrong with you. Perhaps you should reconsider your life choices, especially if you could be doing homework or something better, like taking out the trash. "Turn around. Steve. God damn it. Turn. Around. Tu---" Oh gross, Estelle! Rolling off her bed in a frantic worry, she continued to choke on a popcorn kernel in her furious rage about how Steve needed to see the blue paw print on the chocolate syrup (which looked nothing like chocolate syrup). However, this would certainly not do. Watching children cartoons? Hah! She'd much rather watch a chick flick. No, seriously. Estelle would love to watch a good chick flick, something that was full of emotions and a huge tear jerker! Hell, she could even get up and go to a DVD store, right now! And so, she decided to embark on such a journey. For glory. For honor.

                                                                    "I need to invest in Life Alert."

                                                                    Now that she thought about it, there really was no honor involved what-so-ever in choking on a popcorn kernel that you put in your own mouth. After all, you had to wipe away the tears from your eyes in your lonely apartment because nobody was around to pat you on the back. Life Alert was looking better and better by the minute. "I'm bored!" Facing her ceiling, Estelle shouted this to no one in particular. As usual, nobody responded. Fantastic. Her cupboards were bare...except for five extra large bags of tortilla chips in one of them. And other things, that, y'know, you had to cook. As if Estelle Wright had to do cooking! She'd leave that for later. But, for shame, she had no salsa. So eating the chips without the delicious salsa...was definitely out of the question. Wondering how on earth she delved into chip technicalities, Estelle let out a heavy sigh and rolled over onto her side, turning on the television. Blue Clues was over.

                                                                    She turned it off.

                                                                    Screw this, she was getting herself a good chick flick. Maybe a tub of ice cream as well. But definitely a good chick flick.

                                                                    Although...she didn't have money. Immediately spinning around, she then started searching the floor for loose change. After grasping several dull quarters, she sprinted to her living room, in which case she started looting the couch. A few bills and too many coins later, Estelle was standing proudly outside of her apartment, having assigned herself a mission. Where could she con some poor, unsuspecting person into giving her a DVD for a very cheap sum of money? ....Obviously, she had to go into a dingy area. Ah, but where to? What if she ran into trouble? Opening her purse and checking her wallet, Estelle hummed in amusement as she fished out a "fake" wallet. That's right! If she ran into trouble, she'd throw the wallet (stuffed with pennies, hah!) down a street and watch as the mugger chased after it. Oh boy, her plan was genius. Hell, she felt it was so brilliant that she'd give herself a nice ol' pat on the back.

                                                                    And so she did.

                                                                    Right, okay, now she was entering the land of druggies and shady dealings. Not something she was familiar with, but definitely something she could handle. Ignoring the looks that she was sure that she was receiving, she passed by a candy shop. Ah! Perhaps...no, focus Estelle, focus! You're here for a good chick flick movie, not some gummies that come from a suspicious place. Entering the DVD store, Estelle puffed out her chest. Right! This sort of place was exactly what she was looking for.

                                                                    Striding over to the counter, she stared at the kid who was there. Ooookay, that was really weird. "Hey, little kid. Where are the workers?" She asked, tapping a beat out on the counter. "I need a chick flick, y'know, something goooood and not cheesy." Oh yeah, easy to find a chick flick that didn't deal with cheesy romantic cliches. Great one! Perhaps she should explain more? "I want to use a lot of tissues." Woah. Woah. "Wait, I don't mean it like that. I meant for my tears. Duh." Nice job, Estelle. This kid looked like he was ... what, ten? Eleven? Twelve? As if he would know anything about...ahem, he's innocent! Don't try to bring him into your filthy little world. "So um, yeah. Where are the workers? Cause I'd like some recommendations before I start searching, mhmmm."
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EMPTYSPACESINMYCODE░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ʜᴇʟʟᴏ ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ! ʜᴇʟʟᴏ ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ! ʜᴇʟʟᴏ ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ!
                  Time seemed to slow as Jaden fell, the world tilting on its side as she flailed her arms uselessly through thin air. ‘Oh gosh I am going to die’ was the first thought to enter her mind, followed by ‘No wait that’s silly, even if my structural components are compromised my memory chips are capable of surviving far greater impacts. I could probably fall from a ten-story building and still be fine. Or rather not dead. I’d still look pretty terrible.’ The image of her body lying there smashed into several pieces flittered briefly into her mind, followed by a strange lurching sensation. Wait, she wasn’t feeling queasy, was she? It was an uncomfortable image for sure, but it wasn’t really that bad and her body shouldn’t be capable of- wait a minute.

                  Jaden had no idea when or where the other girl had come from, only that she was now being cradled in her arms princess style and they were falling together. There was a loud crack as they hit the floor, though the landing was gentle enough, and Jaden turned to stare at her savior, eyes wide with shock. There was something familiar about her, but she looked like a pretty normal girl, brown eyes brown hair, maybe a kind of quizzical look on her face, but nothing to explain how she’d suddenly appeared out of thin air like that.

                  …Though she was glowing. That probably had something to do with it.

                  She would have asked about it, but the other girl spoke first, gently putting her down and looking her over as if checking for something. Jaden fretted for a moment, worried that she’d spot a loose wire or an exposed joint and start asking questions, but instead she just ruffled her hair and asked if she was alright. Jaden probably would have blushed if she was capable of it, so instead she just shook her head, voice wobbling slightly as she spoke.

                  “N-no, I uh. I’m feeling fine. Thank you for saving me though.” Frowning uncertainly, Jaden chewed on her lip. Should she call Lee? This was probably one of those things he’d want to know about, but he’d just dropped her off and he was probably busy showing Rhys around or something. Plus what if he decided not to let her use the body anymore? Oooh, it had only been ten minutes, how could she have gotten into trouble already?

                  Unfortunately now didn’t seem like the best time to worry about such things. There was a crowd starting to gather, and they didn’t exactly seem friendly. Well, the weren’t being hostile either, but Jaden was pretty sure that under normal circumstances they were supposed to come forward and ask if she was okay and then congratulate the other person for being so nice and rescuing her. Instead they were just murmuring uncertainly. Jaden peeked through her bangs at the other girl. She was still glowing blue. “Um. Maybe we should move.”

                  Grabbing the other girl’s hand Jaden tried to look purposeful as she pulled her along. She had no idea where anything was in this mall, but she figured anyplace that wasn’t here would be an improvement. After all, there were lots of people who didn’t like super humans, and while Jaden hadn’t exactly seen her rescue in detail, she was pretty sure some kind of huge showy super power involved. The kind of huge showy power that broke floors and scared people and probably would get you in trouble. And she’d feel very, very bad if she got someone in trouble, especially when they were just trying to rescue her.

                  Jaden peeked nervously at the other girl through her bangs. "Are… you supposed to still be glowing?"

                  ▇▇▇ ▇▇▇ ▇▇▇ someday my heart will be error free
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                                                        Jude bit the back of his stylus, eyes locked upon his DS, flicking from one screen to another. The little hand held device was presenting a murder mystery game, and Jude was nearing the completion of stage four. However, he’s missing one last evidence, and without it, he couldn’t get anywhere. He’s combing through the rooms, reviewing the files of everything he’s collected for the third time now. It’s kind of getting on his nerves, but he refuses to go check walk-throughs online. Yeah, he’s one of those type.

                                                        He was reluctant to pause the game even when he heard the door of the DVD store creak open, though he was left with no other choice when said customer came right to the counter instead of wandering off to browse the DVDs. “Hey, little kid.” she called, and Jude finally paused his game and looked up from the swivel chair he sat in behind the counter. “Where are the workers?”

                                                        “I am the worker.” Jude answered. It felt weird calling himself that. Afterall, he's just a part-timer. There aren't even a contract between him and the owner. Jude glanced down at her fingers tapping on the wooden surface of the counter then looked up at her face again.

                                                        “I need a chick flick, y’know,” she began, and Jude’s eyes pointedly went towards one of the signs hanging by the rows of shelves, reading “chick-flicks”. “Something good and not cheesy.” the girl continued, then began counting the requirements of the film she’s looking for, saying something about wanting to use tissues for tears. What else do girls use tissues for anyway? They’re always crying over the most meaningless things. "So um, yeah. Where are the workers? Cause I'd like some recommendations before I start searching, mhmmm."

                                                        “There’s only me.” Jude answered, again, flatly. He closed his DS, connected it to the charger, then stood up. “The owner will be back in a few minutes...” he said, then looked towards the shelf that’s boldly labeled “chick flicks” once again. Without a word, he rounded out from behind the counter and trotted that way. His eyes settled on the wide variety of pink and white DVD cases, all with similar pictures of female and male faces crying, smiling, laughing, or whatever.

                                                        Now, Jude’s no expert on what’s good and what’s not when it comes to movies for the female crowd -- his expertise lies in video games -- but he does know a few names. Things the sisters in the orphanage gather around the TV to watch and cry over. Swiftly, he picked out a few that he remembers and went back to the blonde girl. He placed the boxes on the counter: Breakfast at Tiffany’s, An Affair to Remember, Pillow Talk.

                                                        “These are popular.” Jude said. Well, with old nuns, anyway. Maybe this teenager prefers something more up to date. Which Jude would know nothing about. There’s quite a rave about this movie called Having Sex In the City, or something. And that one called The Notebook? Well, he wouldn’t know. “Um... there’s more over there.” Jude said, pointing to the shelf behind him.

              ██° C L E A R███████████████████

              a l l i a n c e ::neutral
              p o w e r s ::power cancelation
              l o c a t i o n ::some dingy DVD store
              c o m p a n i o n ::Estelle

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Known Information: The lava lamps have the ability to suck you up like a vacuum, leaving you trapped inside with the
Known Information: floaty bits. Reports indicate that the influx of lava lamps is due to a time anomaly. Potentially
Known Information: dangerous. Avoid approaching the anomaly until further information is known.

Objective: GENERAL: Get the lava lamps under control and avoid dying.
Objective: GOVERNMENT: Track down the time anomaly.

Notes: If you haven't guessed it yet, the time anomaly is Alternate!Rhys. That is, a Rhys who came
Notes: into the New Mille universe through some timestreams unfortunately crossing. Neutralizing Alt!Rhys
Notes: will shrink the lava lamps back down, although the will still keep their ability to suck things up like a
Notes: vacuum. Alt!Rhys has taken real Rhys' place. Proceed with caution, guys, and try not to break too
Notes: many of those lava lamps, either. They might be useful. FEEL FREE TO CONTINUE FROM WHERE
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                                                              YOU DON'T KNOW HOW LOVELY YOU ARE
                                                              TELL ME YOUR SECRETS AND ASK ME YOUR QUESTIONS OH, LET'S GO BACK TO THE START

                              User Image
                                                              "Leeeeee," Rhys called out in a sing-song voice. He watched with idle amusement as the people standing around them stared. It wasn't everyday you saw an angry red-head hauling a person by his collar. A man holding two coffee cups gave him an odd look before hurriedly walking away. Rhys beckoned the cofffee-cup-holding man closer. "Ah-- Hellloooo! You should mind where you go from now on, all right? The angels are watching so don't forget to not blink." The time traveller smiled sweetly as if he didn't just say something incredibly suspicious and crazy. "Have a safe trip, Mr. Pond!"

                                                              He then looked at Lee over his shoulder, twisting his torso in ways that shouldn't even be possible. "Ah? You're lost? But don't you live around here?" Rhys furrowed his brows, not quite understanding the predicament they were in. He still wasn't sure where 'here' was, exactly. All he could really say about the place was that it was very, very busy -- just a bit different from Cardiff. "I think we should go ask that lady over there," he somehow manoeuvred himself out of Lee's grip and pointed at a heavily decorated and highly conspicuous store down the road. "She seems--" He stopped, narrowing his eyes at a small moving object near the side of the store. "Is that box . . . moving?" Rhys gasped in an overly dramatic fashion before rushing to the box.

                                                              "Ooohh I see," he nodded to himself, gingerly picking up the crying bundle of blankets. "It's a baby!" He said, as if that answered the secret of the universe. Knowing him, it probably answered an age-old question somewhere far, far away. Rhys carefully poked the baby's cheek. "Good morning you cute little thing ~ I hope I didn't bother you? I wasn't exactly sure if you were an inanimate object or not. Sorry about that. I promise I won't mistake you for a box again."

                                                              The baby made unintelligible noises at Rhys to which the time traveller nodded his head seriously. "I see, I see," he turned to Lee. "Lee, this is the Destroyer of Worlds. Destroyer of Worlds, this groovy ginger over here is Lee. He's quite violent at times, but I'm sure you two will get along splendidly. Say hi!" Rhys practically shoved the Destroyer of Worlds into Lee's face with an expectant smile. "Go on! He's waiting. And you wouldn't want the Destroyer of Worlds to wait now, would you?"

                                                              There was a slight pause where Rhys appeared to be attentively listening to the baby-- excuse me, the Destroyer of Worlds. "Actually, he says Stormy is also fine. He realized Destroyer of Worlds was a bit of a mouthfu--" Rhys staggered backwards, but still managing to keep his hold on Stormy. Something was wrong. Seriously wrong. He frowned. It wasn't like he was sick or anything. He felt perfectly fine. No, the feeling was similar to a drumming noise at the back of his head. This usually never happened unless a paradox occurred and threatened reality--

                                                              Stormy made an inquisitive noise at Rhys' stumble. "Aha . . . suddenly, I'm feeling quite . . . strange." Rhys closed his eyes. "Hmmmm. Is it just me, or are you also having a very, very un-groovy sense of déjà vu . . . ?" It felt like he already went sightseeing with Lee yesterday . . . didn't he? Rhys was fairly certain he did just that. He could remember finding a baby at the side of the road who called himself Stormy. "It is Sunday, isn't it? Unless I somehow hit my head and lost all my memories. I wouldn't be entirely surprised if that happened, really. Although . . . " He tapped his chin. "I'm preeetttyy sure yesterday was when I spilled acid over your shirt. Right? I distinctly remember you threatening to throw me down an elevator shaft." There was no mistaking it. This day definitely happened already.
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                                                    ________ █ █ █ █ █ █ xx█ █ █ █ █ █ xx█ █ █ █ █ █ xx█ █ █ █ █ █
                                                    __________ ▬▬▬〈 x■⋮xx &i have the upper hand
                                                    Inside one of the massive purple lava lumps was a man. He looked important, suited up with his hair slicked back. He was able to speak and breathe, like he was almost safe inside his amniotic sac like bubble, but that didn't seem to take concern away from the fact he was suspended inside a gigantic lava lamp.

                                                    "Oh, just some kids..." the man groaned. "Could you help me out? I know you're not the rescue squad or anything, but I really need to get out of here!"

                                                    "Not so fast," Marc jutted an arm in front of Ariadne in an attempt to prevent her from doing anything stupid before they got any answers. "How did you get in there? The whole story."

                                                    "I was sucked in! I don't exactly remember how, but I saw a hazy purple light and then... I was in here!"

                                                    Marc backed the ******** up. For some reason, he decided it would be a good idea to not get too close to the lava lamp's light.

                                                    "Hey, I thought you were going to let me out!"
                                                    "I probably will."
                                                    "I think I'll need to know a little more, though. Starting from why these lava lamps are big enough to absorb people in the first place... Why the factory is shut down, etcetera."
                                                    "That's classified information. I can't give it to you. You'd need to be--"
                                                    "I'll give you a twenty."

                                                    "Tch, capitalists," he grumbled, beginning to rummage through his messenger bag. "So start talking."
                                                    "... Okay, here's what happened... Productivity levels were going down. I didn't know why but I was suspecting that some people were sneaking the lamps out to sell them themselves. Whoever it was had to be pretty crafty, since no one even realized where the lamps were going-- not even the cameras. Then, the smaller lamps started being replaced by bigger ones, which was just plain weird. The machines started falling apart in the factory. Bolts and screws were missing and soon we couldn't even produce anymore! So I sent everyone home and I stayed here all night. The place was only closed off two days ago... I've been stuck here for a day. I was supposed to be safe because I brought some bodyguards, but they just ran off when things started getting ugly."

                                                    "What were they running from?"

                                                    "The lava lamps grow... They get bigger and swallow things whole. They've got minds of their own... !"

                                                    Suddenly, as if all the lava lamps in the entire factory heard the man snitch, the purple glow vanished into pitch black.
                                                  //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ___________
                                                  _______________________ ━━━━━━━━━━ ■*   ━━
                                                  ___________you're so damn typical xxxyou're predictable, cynical

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