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                          i f  w e  c o u l d  p u t  i n t o  w o r d s :
                                          ███████ ( every second someone lives on ██████
                          ______    *we feel urselves live n       cecilia lewis | octagon board room   )


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                                      The orange - haired female sighed as she rested her cheek against her fist and tapped the table lightly with her other fingers. Between Lee's constant shouting, Marrin's dozing off, and the droning on of her colleagues, Cecilia was not only bored but annoyed. Annoyed at Lee's shouting. Annoyed at being forced to listen to and participate in this lecture. Annoyed at pretty much everything save for Marrin who wasn't doing anything particularly frustrating. At this moment, she was probably the person Cecilia liked most in the room. That is until the dark haired woman fell forward, creating a large thud to echo through the office. A heavy sigh escaped her lips but she continued to stare forward at the wall, focusing her annoyance on that instead. ' I already said what I needed to. I don't need to be here anymore. They should be able to figure the rest out on their own. '

                                      Then it happened. He appeared out of nowhere, bringing the chaos of his own era into the new one.

                                      As if it wasn't bad enough before, Lee was shouting even louder and now the scientists were shouting and Marrin felt the need to ask Cecilia what was going because apparently, anyone who wasn't shouting understood the situation perfectly. Every growing second just added to the chaos. Didn't any of them have a sense of composure ? She closed her eyes, breathing deeply as she tried to listen to the intruder speak. From his words, she gathered he was a time traveler by the name of Rhys Endrick. A rustling and crashing noise snapped her eyes back open. Needless to say, she was a little surprised to see the conference table lifted over all their heads and Marrin laying in a heap near Lee and Rhys. ' Okay, I am so 200% done with this s**t. ' As calmly as possible, Cecilia rose to her feet and folded her arms.

                                      " EVERYONE, SHUT THE ******** UP. "

                                      Well, that effectively silenced the majority of the others in the room. " Aliander Damascus, I demand you put the table down or you'll be going out of the window. " Cecilia pursed her lips, knowing he'd retaliate against her immediately. Before he could speak though, she produced a small black device from the pockets of her jacket better known as a taser. Unlike most, it took little to nothing for her to personally calm him down; however, whether it took calling out his full name like a mother to a child or shocking him into submission was a matter that they'd find out only if he didn't follow her orders. " Marrin, get it together. This isn't apart of the meeting and next time you try to kick someone, aim for their face or chest. Not the wall. " Then her dull blue eyes shifted to look at Rhys, the source of all the trouble, who looked as innocent as the others. ' Innocent my a**. ' She slowly walked from her position near the front of the room to stand before him. " I'd say it's a pleasure to meet you, Professor Endrick, but it's not. You've effectively not only upset everyone in this room, but you've ruined my day more than I thought possible. You have one minute to explain your reasoning for interrupting this meeting and why we shouldn't kill you. If you fail to do so, well ... we do need a new punching bag around here to relieve stress. Take note that punching bags don't need to be kept alive. Begin explaining now. "
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                    It started out with everyone gaping at him as if he were a two-headed fish or snake or bear or human or something. Then it all went to hell the moment the red-head ('GINGER! How did I not notice that before?') picked up the table ('How groovy!') and threatened to slam it over Rhys' head.

                    Fortunately, Rhys tended to be a bit of an air-head despite having a doctorate in genetics. He noticed, instead, that the ginger (yes he would refer to him as such until a name was given) mentioned something about 2002. The professor cocked his head to the side. "Oh. OH! OOOOHHHH. 2002. That's . . ." He began to rapidly mutter numbers as he counted them all on his fingers. It took all of two minutes to finally finish before he figured it out. How did he even become a professor?? "THIRTY - NINE YEARS! Well, I suppose it's not that big of a difference. I've met Da Vinci already. In fact, he and I got along quite well. Hmm . . . maybe I'll take another trip to Venice after this . . ."

                    Ahem. Earth to Rhys, you are in danger of being crushed under a conference table right now by a very angry ginger man.

                    "Oh! Sorry! What were we talking about agai--" He didn't get to finish his sentence before the dark-haired female attempted to kick the ginger (Lee, was it? He was barely paying attention to anything, really). Sadly, it did not go over well as Rhys watched her slam into the wall. He winced. "Oh, dear . . ." That looked like it hurt. A lot. At least he knew not to attempt that now. Not that he really would try to flying kick someone who could lift an enormous table. Rhys wasn't that crazy.

                    He was about to silently attempt to sneak out and wander about, having grown tired of all the yelling (and it wasn't even the good yelling either) until the younger female spoke up. Or rather, yelled out an expletive that sort of made Rhys outwardly flinch. He looked around, wondering how everyone else reacted. Most of them slammed their mouths shut and as such, he blended in with the crowd (tried to anyway) by pretending to zip his lips together. The girl didn't look amused. Rhys awkwardly smiled. 'Please don't kill me,' he thought. Death by short, ginger female wasn't a part of his agenda and hoped that it would never be.

                    She extracted a strange black device from wherever and pointed it at him. Rhys wondered if he was supposed to cower in fear or laugh or something.

                    Something clicked in his brain.

                    "Oh," he whispered, a hand flying to cover his mouth. Rhys' eyes darted from the female to Lee and back to her again. "You're ginger."

                    The room fell into an awkward silence at his realization.

                    "Now that is just unfair!" He threw both hands up in the air in exasperation. "Why can't I be the ginger one here, hm?" Genetics. Ugh. He loved it, but when it came to hair color, Rhys tended to be resentful.

                    "Did you know that red hair is a groovy mutation?" He grinned, trying to play up his charm. Confusion replaced the previous tension within the room. "Red hair appears in people with two copies of a recessive gene on chromosome 16 which causes a mutation in the MC1R protein. You, my dear, are a very lucky girl."

                    Rhys turned to face Lee. "And you!" He pointed. "You have the grooviest mutation of them all. You, sir, are the ultimate ginger!" The professor smiled proudly. No one seemed to share his enthusiasm. Sadface.

                    "Ultimate ginger? No one? Really? Awww . . . I like that phrase . . ."

                    Again, everyone gave him the oddest of looks. Was he really that strange? Rhys decided that 2002 was a sad, saaaddd year.

                    "Ahem. Well then! Back to business, yes?" He walked back towards the still angry ginger female. What a scary girl. She faintly reminded him of Rhian. Minus the frying pan anyway. "That is a strange device," he declared. "What does it do?"

                    Only one way to find out. He touched it.

                    Not the smartest idea ever.

                    And that's how Rhys Endrick, part-time time traveler, and professor of genetics got tased.
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EMPTYSPACESINMYCODE░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ʜᴇʟʟᴏ ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ! ʜᴇʟʟᴏ ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ! ʜᴇʟʟᴏ ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ!
                For some reason, Jaden had the impression that joining a super secret crime fighting government organization was going to make her life more exciting, not less. But here she was, idling in an iphone watching Lee play temple run (he wasn’t very good either). Jaden sighed, and tried listening to see if she could understand what was being discussed at the moment. She couldn’t. Then again it sounded kind of boring anyways, so maybe that was okay. Ahhh, so bored! There wasn’t much to do at the moment since Lee’s gaming was taking up most of the phone’s processing power. Maybe she could ask to play a little? But then what if he got mad? He seemed to do that a lot. Maybe she should just organize Lee’s apps by color. …Again. Okay, something needed to happen. Now. Preferably before she went crazy with boredom. Heck, even being randomly tossed in the air and yelled at was starting to lose its novelty.

                It wasn’t so much that Jaden wanted to be fighting virus things again, because that was kind of scary. It was just… after she followed Mary back and found out about this government group, she’d been a little curious. Like what kind of people were in this group, and whether she could really be helpful, and perhaps this would be a good chance to make friends. Or something. Anyways, Jaden had agreed to be cooperative, and they’d agreed to help look for her dad and then nothing. Or rather a few diagnostic tests and then nothing. In fact she was pretty sure Lee didn’t even remember she was in here (though that could be because she was too scared to talk to him at first). Maybe she should swap around all the icons for his apps so that he’d never be able to figure them out. …No that’d be mean. And he’d probably break the phone.

                Jaden sighed, wishing something exciting would happen. And then Lee suddenly had white hair instead of red. “Wait what just- Eeek!” Okay, maybe it was still a little disorientating being thrown into the air. Just a little. It took Jaden a second to relocate the phone’s camera, but she eventually found it and figured out which way was up and- ohmigosh Lee’s brandishing a table at someone! And Mary was collapsed on the floor! Who is that mysterious white haired stranger! “No stop, I think blunt force trauma kills people!” Oooh, why would Lee put his phone on silent! She needed to do something before he killed the poor guy! But what…

                After a second Jaden decided that whatever she needed to do, she couldn’t do it in an iPhone, so the correct course of action would be to leave. So she did. She then fumbled around confusedly, accidentally scrambled the data on someone’s computer (she’d fix that later) before stumbling across the building’s sprinkler system. Well, dumping cold water on people got them to wake up, right? Maybe it also got them to calm down? After thinking a bit more, Jaden decided to turn on the sprinklers for the room. Good, that hopefully wouldn’t make things worse. Now she just needed to make her way back to Lee’s phone so she could find out what had happened so far and- hey look, there’s a security camera in the room. And a speaker. And a system that triggers a 24-hour lockdown mode. …Government facilities are kind of weird.

                “Ummm, hello? Can anyone hear me? Err, I’m sorry about the sprinklers but you guys really shouldn’t be fighting and- Oh no, I’m too late! He’s dead! Lee why would you do that killing people is wrong and what if you get sent to jail and wait, this isn’t going to be some kind of government conspiracy cover up because I don’t think I can condone that an-” HELLO, A THREAT HAS BEEN DETECTED IN YOUR SECTOR OF THE BUILDING. WE KINDLY REQUEST THAT YOU REMAIN CALM AND DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CURRENT LOCATION. IN ORDER TO ENSURE THIS, ALL ENTRANCES IN AND OUT OF YOUR SECTOR HAVE BEEN BLOCKED. THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION. HAVE A NICE DAY. “…Oops.”

                ▇▇▇ ▇▇▇ ▇▇▇ someday my heart will be error free
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                                                  millennium ██████████████████████ .. ██████████████████████
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                                                  millennium i never wanted it to go this far , x never thought it would be so hard
                                                  millenniumx but now i'm left with nothing else
                                                  millennium ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━

                                                    If you were sitting anywhere near Marc, all you would hear is the tapping of fingers against keyboard. Trust me. Even the quietest of typers make those buttons click like crazy.

                                                    During class time, he would use his laptop (Seiten Inc, vintage) to take notes or pull up powerpoints to aid his learning experience. Contrary to his diligent reputation, Marc liked indulging his extra class time by Tumblr browsing. There was no harm in his grade, since extra time was exactly what it was-- extra. He scrolled down, grimacing at some of the atrocities people had the nerve to post as art, when he came to an eye-friendly Moleskine drawing with his exact thoughts spelled out in an artsy design of which he approved: "This too will pass." Reblogging that.

                                                    Marc leaned his cheek into his palm, only half-paying attention to his substitute. He didn't normally insult his classes; he enjoyed school. This substitute gave him bad vibes. Vibes so bad that if there were a picture of Caoilfhionn on Tumblr, he'd tag it " #unfeels ". How did this guy's parents even think of that spelling? Marc admired a unique name, but it was impossible for the pronunciation to be Cillian. He had qualms about casually addressing a teacher too, but that was the least of his criticisms. Marc was one of those students where even the friendliest of teachers would not get much respect unless they proved they knew what they were doing.

                                                    "Turn to page three-hundred and ninety-four."

                                                    Why did that sound familiar? Marc shrugged, opening his textbook over his lap and minimizing Tumblr on his desktop. He was so ready to judge the hell out of this teacher. Marc raised his hand, ready to bombard Caoilfhionn with enough material to teach the class himself and humiliate him at the same time. He used to read a lot-- anything he could get his hands on in his younger years. All that information filed away and ready to be opened up should the opportunity ever arise and here it was. I'm telling you this because everyone seems to be dropping hints about character history in their posts and I was feeling left out.

                                                    Well, whatever. Caoilfhionn decided to pick on David instead. David, of all people.

                                                    a*****e, Marc narrowed his eyes. This was going to end badly for David. He doubted he needed to watch to know what happened. The hipster sighed, deciding to look at shoes on Tumblr instead, because that was what good hipsters did. Caoilfhionn was obviously busy terrorizing other students. Marc didn't need to care, since he'd already done his homework. Although, when another voice popped up in place of David's, he was curious.

                                                    "Do you know anything about the Glorious Revolution?"
                                                    "Really now? And what would you know about it?"

                                                    Honestly, Sebastian exceeded his expectations. Marc nodded his head in respect. The accuracy of his recount seemed to take away from the little credibility Caoilfhionn already had. Well done, Sebastian. For a moment, Marc contemplated whether or not using a meter stick to smack a student would be proper evidence to fire Caoilfhionn, should he carry through with the stick against his classmate's face. However, Caoilfhionn, who probably realized he'd picked on a student too smart, turned his attention back to David.

                                                    "And did you hear all that or do I have to send you out of the class?"
                                                    "Say what?"

                                                    Why couldn't he have just said "yes" instead of "say what"? Caoilfhionn would have believed that! Marc facepalmed, too disgusted with the losers in his vicinity to continue watching. This was what bothered him most about school. How many people in this classroom actually cared about European history? Hardly any, that's what. Marc had to admit it wasn't his favorite subject either, but he was at least attempting to express interest. Heck, he wasn't even sure if Caoilfhionn cared too much. With the annoyance cluttering his mind, he decided to open a new tab on Tumblr and begin writing. Maybe someone shared his thoughts on the subject.

                                                    "Hey, sorry I'm late, I - "

                                                    His hands paused mid-click. He stared at the girl who'd interrupted-- somebody new. Everybody seemed to pause in their chaos to greet the stranger with stares. For a moment, Marc felt sorry that the new girl had to deal with this atrocity of a class. She had some background on the Glorious Revolution, which was above average in this class, so that was a plus. Then, she started talking a little too much and he withdrew the thought. Bringing up personal issues during class? She seemed to be making friends real quick, but really, not enough people took this seriously. Although, there was such thing as too serious...

                                                    Marc had a nice view of Antony's back from his desk. The guy was right in front of him, actually, though Marc hadn't really been paying attention to him. His furious scribbling of notes was almost as obnoxious as the clickclickclick of his keyboard, except he was actually taking notes. Why though. It wasn't like anything of significance happened. Marc knew Antony was new to this school thing, so he decided to give a bro a tip and kick the back of his seat.

                                                    "Stop being a conformist and take notes when it's actually relevant. Like when a powerpoint is up or when a teacher says something important." With Caoilfhionn teaching them, Marc doubted the latter would ever be relevant though. "You only need to take notes when you don't know material or you don't think you'll remember. So if you memorize well, you don't even need to. Your mainstream obedience disgusts me," Marc added the last sentence with extra snark to emphasize his point. Silently he hoped Caoilfhionn wouldn't over to their side of the room, even though he was talking. He hardly had the patience to deal with anybody politely.

                                                  ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ x ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■
                                                  ━━━★ ★ ★ x ❝ you're so damn difficult. 》_______________
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xoxoxo│││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││ xoxox xx

                            The recorder, in order to report the conversation back to Lawrence, burned in his pocket.

                            Things had been going smoothly, at first. Xavier Grayson sat forward in his chair, an inscrutable expression on his face. Any information on how to treat the fading of powers could be valuable to him, and becoming an ordinary man wasn't an option.

                            To destroy them, he thought offhandedly, I need to get closer to the answer. An answer that I'll need to decide if Lawrence can have.

                            "NO YOU ******** ********, I SWIPED LEFT DAMMIT. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU EVEN DOING,"

                            Tossing an irritated glance in Lee's direction, Xavier clenched his pen, knuckles straining against the skin. "Lee." His voice was authoritative, as if he was the leader of the task force, and almost bored. "You're in a meeting room. Stop yelling for once." While at times Xavier played the part of the subordinate, it was a difficult task for him to hide his impatience with the other man.

                            The meeting seemed to finally be coming to a conclusion --

                            What occurred after left even Xavier momentarily stunned. Literally having materialized into the room, a stranger was positioned quite precariously on Lee's legs.

                            Who? Furrowing his brows, the conversation that followed after was nothing but idiocy, but idiocy that held clues to the man's identity. Seeing it as pointless confrontation, Xavier didn't participate. Instead, he remained in his seat and stared at the intruder, his mind spreading in different directions.

                            "That is a strange device,"

                            "Wait - "

                            The man slumped unceremoniously to the floor. Snorting unsympathetically, Xavier's facial features refused to show much of anything. In truth, he wanted answers just like anyone else in the room, but he wasn't about to throw things or bring out weapons in order to find those answers. The greatest weapon, after all, was the mind. Pushing his dark hair back from his eyes (a Xavier Grayson trademark), he got to his feet.

                            "Just calm down," he snapped, working to keep his voice smooth. "Does he look like he's about to do anything? Lee, set the table down. He's unconscious for the time being."

                            As if the angry male wasn't holding a table, Xavier knelt down next to the man - Rhys Endrick - and began rifling through his person.

                            "By the way he talked," Xavier began, without looking up, "we can assume he wants us to believe he's some kind of time traveler. He's a superhuman, so this could be possible." Pulling out a card from Rhys' pocket, Xavier peered at it. "There are other possibilities. Invisibility, able to manipulate his own matter, etcetera. Though if he were a spy, I doubt he would make your lap his seat."

                            Shaking his head, Xavier rose again, offering the card to Lee. "Apparently he was born in 1933. It could be fake, but to what end? I suggest we interrogate him. Throwing tables at him will not be our first move."
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                          Mary slamming into the wall was of little consequence to Lee. (Okay, that was a flat - out lie, Mary was very dear to him as a person, but really? Trying to flying kick Lee? Why would she think that'd work even? He had to cut off her television or something.) After all, he had bigger fish to fry, like really stupid professors who apparently had no kind of navigation system of any sort. Maybe he was being a bit unfair. Maybe genetics professors didn't want navigation systems installed into their heads. Maybe -

                          "EVERYONE, SHUT THE ******** UP." There was only one person who would yell at the top of their lungs and get people's attention (spoilers: despite what you might think, it honestly wasn't Lee). "Aliander Damascus, I demand you put the table down or you'll be going out of the window."

                          Well then. It was her. Lee turned around slowly (conference table still hovering precariously in his hands, you know, you try moving fast with one of those above your head), completely prepared to have a shouting match with Ceci, and instead came face to face a little...black...ma...

                          Oh hell no. Rearing back, Lee got ready to throw the conference table at Ceci when Rhys cut in with his...ginger comment.

                          Well that was definitely enough to stop Lee and his tirade.

                          Never before had Lee given thought to his hair color. Not until now, when it was being pointed at (literally, he was pretty sure that Rhys was pointing at his hair, not the rest of him, exclusively his hair). Because calling his red hair a mutation sounded pretty damn awesome in Lee's books. Although "ultimate ginger" was pushing it a bit, still. It didn't actually sound that bad. Lee would give him props for coming up with that name, smirking a bit as he shifted his weight into a more comfortable position. His arms were starting to hurt, after all. Holding a conference table above his head was a b***h (although, possibly a good workout, he really had to look into adding that into his routine).

                          "Look, I'll let you off this t - no. NO WHAT ARE YOU DOING. DON'T TOUCH IT - " Lee's warning didn't come in time. Rhys was already a convulsing mess on the floor.

                          He tried. He tried and gave a valiant effort, but even Lee couldn't idiot - proof everything (although, trust me when I say he tried to idiot - proof the office for David; it had about a 59% success rate, which was good enough for him). Shaking his head, Mr. Ultimate Ginger just put the conference table down nice and... 'Steady...steady...steady...'


                          Never mind, Lee probably shouldn't use conference tables for workouts. They made too much noise when he dropped them. Someone was bound to get mad at him if he tried to set it down and just made noises all over the place. (That someone would probably be intimidated by Lee into quitting after a few days, but that was life.)

                          And you know the thing that makes tedious days just plain bad?


                          "Jesus ******** Christ. Jaden!" he shouted, facepalming at the speaker system's message, courtesy of Jaden. He was going to have to have words with her. So many words.

                          "Just calm down. Does he look like he's about to do anything? Lee, set the table down. He's unconscious for the time being." Lee rolled his eyes at the pompous black haired jerk - I mean Xavier.

                          "And do I look like I'm holding the conference table right now, oh high and mighty Xavier?" Everyone else on the team, Lee got along with. And if not get along with, then at the very least was indifferent towards. But Xavier always managed to rub him the wrong way. Maybe it was his condescension (he had, on more than one occasion, had to reply to Xavier with "Your condescension, as always, is much appreciated, Xavier. Thank you.") Lee drew himself up to his full height, all 6'2" soaking wet inches of him, with his arms folded and eyes narrowed.

                          "When we interrogate him, it will be on my terms. I've seen what you do to prisoners, Xavier, and we won't get anything out of him if we do it your way. I mean. We need to approach questioning...Rhys the same way we'd approach questioning David. I think we're dealing with that kind of person." Lee pinched the bridge of his nose, trying to chase away the buds of a new headache. "We'll sit him down in my office and see if that'll make him comfortable enough to talk first." Eyeing Rhys' unconscious body critically, Lee decided [******** it.'
                          and picked the body up unceremoniously, hauling Rhys over his shoulder.

                          "Well? Come on, we're heading to my office. Field trip," Lee said sarcastically, already walking out the door with a soaking wet Rhys on his soaking wet shoulder.
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              pulvis sidereus pulvis( : IFYOU'RENOTALLOWEDTOSTOPx.
              ps: everything is but the dust of x. x. x.
              the starscontinue moving FOR WARD! llike thisI want you to remember you're ×not a l o n e
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              pulvis sidereus ██ 向かい風の中 spica caelum. x. ██ ありのままに downtown. x. ██ 生きること payback time.

                            The radio had been flickering off and on; the only sound emitting from the now foreign object due to society's technological advances was a phrase here and there before static cut in. A scowl on her face, the light haired girl flicked at the gadget repeatedly. However after abusing the already broken radio for a good minute or two, she soon gave up on it. Slouching in her chair, she stared at the empty, vast ceiling and frowned. It was so goddamn white, why. ' Did the people who made this room know how boring and irritating it was to look up and only see nothing but WHITE?! ' Spica mentally screamed, very well rivaling a pterodactyl's, her hands thrown up in the air. After a moment, she sighed and placed her hands over her head wearily. The female had not been at one of the government offices (which one, she had no idea she just reluctantly let herself be led to this room) for even an hour and already she was annoyed at just about everything.

                            It was just another typical day of Spica Caelum.

                            Though she rather had been anyone else at the moment if that meant escaping this hellhole.

                            ' Ah ah, I need to calm down or I'm just going to get even more pissed--askfjaowiMNER WHAT THE HELL IS THIS NOISE?!! ' Almost falling off her chair from the obnoxious sound, the girl managed to regain her composure by slamming her fist onto the table. Glaring at the source, a horrid tune was somehow being played by the radio when it was damaged. " I threw a wish in a well don't ask me I'll never tell I looked to you as it fell and now you're in my way I'll trade my soul for a wish pennies and dimes for a kiss I wasn't looking for this but now you're in my way -- " " aoiwhraKSEIURYEHREBSN NO!!! " Spica screeched, grabbing ahold of her chair and banging it against the electronic several times. When she did not hear it no longer she sighed, slowly putting the chair down. Though she hit the device once more, just for safety measures. Well there was her exercise of the day; she probably would not be called up for a mission anytime soon.

                            Or not.

                            It was then a loud bang as the door was swung open, causing her to seethed in a dangerously low voice, " What? " It was one of her superiors, Mr. something bluh she forgot what his name was, who was actually decent. " Ah yeah, Spica we got some mutant rampaging downtown, we needed you and Que to take care of it but if you're busy then I can send someone else. " her superior said, his eyes on the remnants of the radio and then to half-raised chair in her hands. Noticing that she was still holding onto the chair, she dropped it and cleared her throat. " Ahem... It's nothing, just getting rid of a disturbance that was ruining my sanity. " she stated, giving him a nod that meant for him to go on. " Huh oh yeah the mutant seems to be affiliated with the gang ____, codename Rampant-- "


                            The bang echoed in the room and caught her superior off guard, making the poor man flinch. On the table's surface was an easily conspicuous crack along with the cause of it, Spica's fists. A laugh escaped her lips and she grinned, her of all people, grinned. " Rampant eh..? Heh..heheheh. " She remembered the male clearly, though anyone with his striking features would have left an impression. Though he left more than just a mere impression. He had left her with harassment and embarrassment from her superiors and most of all, a wounded pride.

                            There was no way she was going to forget about him that simply nor was she intending to. In fact, it was quite the opposite. On that very same day he had interfered with her capture, she had looked him up in their files. And thus she would never forget the punk's face or name--she had revenge to pay back after all. Grin now a smirk on her face, Spica grabbed her phone and ran out of the room yelling, " Come on Que, we got a man to hunt down!! "

                            It was the only time she had remembered that Que had been in the same room with her and acknowledged his presence.

                            pulvis sidereus pulvis sidereusIN THAT SPAN OF CLEAR SKY WE ARE FREE TO PAINT WHATEVER COLOR WE WANT

                            OH, TRUE COLOR

                            Surfing through the dozens of mirrors downtown, she noted the destruction that took placed. The blond shook her head in disapproval; did the police and / or other government agents tried to stop him or even noticed the damage Ryder had done? Then again, cops were useless 100% of the time and she briefly recalled Cecilia saying there was a meeting today. ' Ah, oh well. At least no one can hold me back. Though I should probably send Ceci a text to make sure she hasn't gone insane yet... ' Flipping open her phone, she quickly texted her how the meeting was going and to try not to lose her sanity. Once her message was sent, she closed the phone and tucked it safely away (where, only god knows).

                            Suddenly a sleek, blue car came crashing through the window. Fortunately for her, Spica had evaded the hit but she searched the vicinity clearly with spite. There, in the middle of the anarchy, was her target Rampant. It was as if god had blessed her since the redhead was still there, still fighting, even though they should have ran for it before the super humans came. Guess the male was stupider than she thought. That or they did not fear the government much. Not that she could blame them.

                            " .. It's done, innit? ******** up an' now - look. "

                            " Who's done you b*****d?! "

                            Literally out of nowhere, she had come falling from the sky, leg aiming straight at Ryder's head. Well, more like she jumped from one of the skyscraper's windows in a kicking position where her panties was exposed but hey he was in her way. Inflicting her kick of fury at the redhead, she jumped and turned around, positioning herself in a defensive stance. The simper on her lips grew; glad to finally have her payback. " Missed me? "
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          provisional's use only, dnt pro pro

          User Imagepro
          proUser Image
          provisonalcode name: heist provisonal's use only real name: caine provisonal's use only power: ability mimicry
          provision ⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯
          provisional's use only. provisional's oops, i guess i shot ya. my finger's on the trigger i had a bullet with your name on it
          provisional's use only. provisional's use only. stealing is a crime. click, click i'm a sex pistol. my love should be illegal. real deal baby, i'm no counterfeit

                                        “Well that was unexpected ~”

                                        Caine tenderly rubbed his a** when he was thrown in jail (literally at that.) The male grunted as he stood, dusting off whatever dirt and dust clung to his clothes when he landed. Casually glancing down to his suit with pursed lips and the face of dissatisfaction with what happened: his cuff links were missing, his tie was ripped, and his suit collar, he noticed the imprinted wrinkles from when Lee grabbed hold of him, “This was a Gucci exclusive too!” Our criminal frowned, finally taking his seat in the cell. The day really didn’t go as planned, but a smile managed to curl up at the edges of his mouth. He got something out of that bank, aside from money and glory – he met someone interesting. “Lee, hm ~” A finger traced his lips, remembering that the rather angry male had indulged himself in kisses before they parted ways. Lee really did catch him off guard – not only did he totally disregarded human life and didn’t give a s**t about the hostages, but managed to carry him and take him to jail within the course of five minutes. What a man! Just kidding. Caine was impressed though, that’s for sure, and a bit pissed off about the suit thing. Fall exclusive – he isn’t seeing another one again.

                                        He did leave a little ‘gift’ in the hero’s pocket though. Just a note with his name on it, after all – it was fun while it lasted.

                                        You know, it would’ve been easy to break out of jail if it wasn’t for the fact that the government had figured out how to subdue powers – it’s been about an hour already and his wait time was long passed. What a pain, he couldn’t use his powers to break out even though he had them. He had to rely on an external source now, and hopefully they got the message. Not that Caine had to leave one or anything, but the media would do the rest of the work for him.

                                        It was a long time filled with silence and suddenly a cellmate was thrown in. Heist raised a brow; did he just say something about cotton candy? ‘The hell?...’ Well a weird guy came. ‘He’s a mess, just what the hell did he do?’ Caine thought to himself, a little wary of his new cellmate. Caine didn’t know why he was thrown into the cell with him, ‘he must be a super…’ he thought to himself before being rudely interrupted by the other guy.

                                        ‘Is that an accent? It’s an accent isn’t it? Yeah, I’m wearing a suit – would’ve looked better if the big boy didn’t handle me so roughly… What’s wrong with being a harlot anyways?’ Caine wasn’t really paying attention to the guy, but he could talk… a lot, and Caine was basically just sitting there like, “Yep… Uh-huh… You don’t say?” until he noticed the guy finally finished talking.

                                        “You should really brush your teeth, sweetheart ~” Caine managed to say, really… His cellmate could talk… a lot.

                                        “Right, I don’t think that’s actually your real name, but name’s Heist. Please to meet you.”

                                        Casually checking his watch, the criminal clicked his tongue. “Your carriage is already on its way. The problem now is that Prince Charming is late.” The dark-haired man smirked. “He should arrive at any moment now ~”

                                        provisional's MISSION: I'M COMING FOR YOU BBY
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                                Snow grit her teeth. It hadn't been that long since the fan attack, something that still lingered on her mind. Luckily no one had died, but who had been the culprit? If the culprit wasn't caught, then it was likely to happen again. Snow had tried to find leads after the fan had died out, but there'd been nothing. People using powers didn't leave much trace, after all.

                                What was their motive? she thought to herself, wrapping her duster around her. It was two sizes too large, old, and from the men's section, but it had belonged to Aedan, and it always felt like she was wrapped within him when wearing it. If it was just to hurt people, then it's probably just some maniac. But if it was to create disturbance in the city, then... what should I do?

                                "Look out! A car is -- !"

                                Head jerking up, Snow activated her powers without a second thought as screams began to clamor around her. Instantly she was pushing past the crowd of people trying to rush off the crosswalk. Light exuded from beneath her skin as she moved, trying to gain her bearings. Glancing at the oncoming cars, getting ready to stand between them and colliding with anything else, Snow felt a strangled gasp rise in her throat. The car swerved before she could even come up with a game plan, towards the sidewalk.


                                Power exploding in her limbs, Snow felt herself leaping, using the top of a car to propel herself towards the towering building, and towards the onlookers that stood there. They were running to get out of the way, but three remained. Grabbing at all of them, pulling them to her chest, Snow shot off like a bullet, leaping just before the car hit the skyscraper. Gently setting them down, Snow eventually glanced over her shoulder to see what looked like to be a gang confrontation. So it hadn't just been a car accident? Another car blocked the road, and people were quickly making themselves scarce from the scene. No doubt not wanting to get involved with the showdown.

                                Tche, now?!

                                Before a younger boy she'd saved - around fifteen - could leave, Snow grabbed him by the neck of his coat. "Hold up a second." She pulled him back, accidentally ripping his coat in the process.

                                "Hey!" he protested angrily, glaring at her. "What are you doing?"

                                "S-Sorry!" Snow burst out, staring at the strip of clothing she'd ripped from his back. She'd tried to keep her strength under tabs, but it didn't always work, especially not with her powers so precarious as they were. "I was just wondering, do you have a cell?"

                                Adam's apple bobbing rapidly, the boy gave a jerky nod, nervously glancing around her towards the fight.

                                Bouncing eagerly on the balls of her feet, Snow gestured to his pocket. "Ok, awesome. Call the cops. Tell them that there's gang members creating a ruckus around here. Tell them that a superhuman will have them rounded up in a jiffy. Can you do that, kid?"

                                For a minute Snow thought he would actually protest, but then he nodded. "Okay. I'll call them. But after I get to a safer... place."

                                Nodding in agreement, Snow jerked her chin. Just as the boy was about to turn away, she felt her mouth open. "Wait."

                                "What? I'm leaving!"

                                Taking off Aedan's old coat, Snow offered it to him with a smile. "Here. Sorry about your jacket. This one belonged to someone really cool, so take good care of it."

                                Tentatively, the boy accepted it. "Someone really cool?"

                                Softness touched her eyes, and she winked at him. "Yeah. A hero. Way cooler than Spiderman or Batman."

                                The boy arched a brow skeptically, but shrugged before turning and darting down the sidewalk, pulling out his phone as he did so.

                                Turning, Snow accessed the damage. There were three people beaten pretty badly - they wouldn't be going anywhere, and they didn't look dead. But she went to check anyways, making sure they had pulses. They were criminals, but they were still human beings, and deserved to be treated as such.

                                ".. It's done, innit? ******** up an' now - look,"

                                Which was why Snow hated people like him. Rolling up her sleeves, a wide grin on her face, Snow was just getting ready to join in and end things.

                                " Who's done you b*****d?! "

                                Snow felt like she was watching a fan-service anime as she looked skywards, skirt billowing around a pair of petite legs. Woah, nice kick, she thought appreciatively. It was slightly ironic, considering one of her kicks could break walls and send cars spiraling into the sky like a soccer ball. When her Hero-Up was activated, that is.

                                The man who the redhead had been fighting tried to make a break for it with the new distraction, and Snow quickly made her way towards the scene, grabbing him by the arm and twisting it around his back. "I don't think so," she said cheerfully. "Nice try. But no." Giving him a swift punch in the gut, he doubled over, unconscious.

                                "It seems like you've picked the wrong neighborhood," she said, jerking her chin at the redhead. "As in, any neighborhood where I'm in is where you don't wanna be. And I'll be anywhere a hero is needed." It didn't look like the blonde girl was alone, and when Snow went to peer at her companion, her eyes widened. "Ah, Que! Is that you?" Even in the midst of a fight, she gave the male a bright grin. "Your girlfriend is pretty strong, huh? And a looker, too! I'm jealous."

                                Rolling her neck to create a succession of audible pops, Snow pounded her fists together. "Awesome. You guys can help me out! Why don't we take these punks downtown? Serve them a little justice! The whole shebang!"
User Image

                                User Image

                                                                    Que Zero;;

                                                                    Oh heyyyyyyy....it was that one chick from the fan store. The self-proclaimed superhero. Nice to see her alive. "Right, the whole..." Que smacked his lips a couple times. Man, his mouth was super dry. He would have gotten water earlier, but the way Spica was annihilating poor Carly Ray, Que thought it would be wise to just chill in a corner until she calmed down. Only she never calmed down. Que didn't even get to take a nap because she was being so loud, so now he would probably have to miss his late night snack and just go straight to bed. "...shebang."

                                                                    The lizard boy stepped from behind Spica, who was still in her defensive stance. Que looked between the thugs, blinking slowly. "Now, I'm sure you all know that public forms of battery annnnnnd assault are prohibited and we are going..." He paused. For no reason. "We are going to have to arrest you." Okay? Okay. Que nodded to himself for being so clear for everyone to understand. They were just speechless. "Alright, settle down everyone. Form a single file line and we'll just..." Que rocked back and forth on his heels. "...go...from there."

                                                                    = u=
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                            ... A..bove! He sensed it coming before he saw it. Barely.

                            Barely or not though, it was enough to have Ryder brace himself, if only marginally. As it was though, the force of the kick still had him off balance and on the ground, before he was able to recover. It'd caught him lower, not the head, if only because of his reflexes.Things could've been worse, much worse, though credit had to be given for the surprise attack. "..Y'little b***h," he growled, trying to shake away the unsteadiness seeping into his mind for a moment after that dizzying blow. He raised the back of his hand to his mouth, spitting callously to get rid of the metallic taste on his tongue, rising from one knee.

                            He immediately recognized the recently aerial-borne woman though. Unlike his buddies, he wasn't nearly as surprised to see her, excluding the fact that she'd fallen from the sky like some sort of twisted fallen angel. Licking his lips, a different look crossed Ryder's face, as he returned to his full - much more intimidating - height. "Missed ya? he grinned, almost cockily despite the blow he'd taken, "S'the other way 'round, ain't it? Didn't think you'd come lookin' for me,"

                            They should have had five more minutes. After all, despite appearances or what have you, Ryder was no fool to believe that they would not eventually call forth some form of retribution after that little mess they'd created, bringing them up to this point. He'd estimated, as he always did, a five minute window before any authorities would show up, but they'd be long gone before then. Of course, it was clear now why his calculation had fallen through; this woman looked as if she'd been dying for a confrontation again. Well, he would not disappoint.

                            Understandably, the others around were more than a little unnerved on the much more drastic turn of events. The majority did the only thing that seemed logical - to scatter, friend and foe alike. His gaze quickly scanned the situation, lingering on only one before he returned attention to more pressing matters at hand, with absolutely no intention of chasing after them or even saying a word to them. That was fine; Ryder didn't, nor had he at any point, expected their assistance. He did not need help from 'weaklings', and putting it simply, that was how he saw the majority of them. To that extent too, this confrontation between himself and the woman from the day before? It was his - their fight, no two ways about it. "I'll play, if that's what y'want,"

                            Since this was the sentiment he felt so strongly, Ryder was not exactly pleased by the intervention of a third - unnecessary - party.

                            "It seems like you've picked the wrong neighborhood,"

                            She piped up, brimming with confidence, as if she belonged here when she clearly didn't. Hero? The word sounded so silly, especially to him, of all people. Come on. What sort of childish television-only nonsense did she think she was spouting? He could tell she was a superhuman as well - only, a naively stupid one, right? Ryder narrowed his eyes dangerously, the more hostile countenance making his opinion on her daring announcements vividly obvious. She was intruding on territory that did not pertain to her, a fight that did not belong to her.

                            "Justice? What ********' nursery school did you crawl out from, kid? I think y'should go back, an' stop sticking your skinny a** into stuff that ain't got anything t'do with you," Ryder's voice bordered on another growl, but one that hinted at how his actual interest in her was much too minimal for her to be talking as she was.

                            Nevertheless, he did not overlook the fact that he was outnumbered, though it did little to change his stance on things; three to one.. right? The third person, had appeared, almost belatedly, from behind the first woman. He talked so slow, Ryder could've sworn he'd forgotten the rest of what he was going to say, or maybe he was waiting to see that people paid attention before continuing. It took a bit of time, but all the words finally came out, and when they did, even Ryder couldn't help but give the smaller male a funny look. Form a ... what? A line? Was he kidding? Half the people had already scattered, and those who hadn't were either about to, or on the ground in pain and maybe unconscious, but even they certainly did not want to entertain the possibility of jail time. Incredible. It was almost impressive, just how quickly the heat of a potential showdown had died down with such a calm mannerism and way of trying to handle things - actually, that was a bit impressive. But, still. The fiery-haired young man resisted the urge to pace, to burn out the still brimming energy coursing through him.

                            "Y'should've got some pointers from you're hero-high friend - don't waste time tellin' the plan or they'll all get away,"

                            That was the last Ryder said as he subtly dug his heels into the dirt, as if instinctively coiling the energy in his legs before leaping to action. " 'said I'll play, so let's play!" he said, the feral grin returning to his face as he lunged for the woman without warning, ignoring the others. It looked as if he'd fallen short, but the motion was as fluid as it was swift, as he dropped to his haunches and aimed a kick to bring her down, so she could be acquainted with an uppercut of his own.

▅ ▅▅ ▅ ▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅ ▅▅▅ ▅ ▅

i really dont mind what happens now and then, as long as you'll be my friend at the end
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                                      "Hush, Florence. Anyways, Vise, as I was saying, we should really consider a new cereal brand--"
                                      "Master Hellfire."
                                      "Florence! Fine, what?"
                                      "It seems Master Heist has gotten himself into a bind."
                                      "... What... "

                                      Hellfire dropped his tools onto his desk, abandoning the triangular metal device in front of him and slowly turning away from his work bench. He looked towards one of the television panels he had wired to the wall of his studio. Through his protective goggles, the screen was tinted red, but he could still recognize the handsome face of his bvffl (best villain friend for life, thank you) and his fancy a** Gucci suit before he was shoved into the police car.

                                      "... caught at National Capitol Bank by a superhuman agent and taken into custody ..."


                                      The fail villain threw his goggles at Florence, who promptly caught them as they bounced off his metallic cranium. "Field trip! Vise, you're in charge while I'm gone. Byee!" Before anybody could object or ask Hellfire where he was going, he hurried to his platform elevator and tugged the level forward, lowering himself to the lobby and leaving his company alone in the upper floors. He paused at the key rack next to the garage, wondering which vehicle he should choose. After a couple seconds of intense contemplation, he grabbed at empty (or you would think) hook, jingling what sounded like a set of keys. Invisible keys.

                                      You know. For the Invisible Hellmobile. By the way, that thing was a ******** tank.

                                      I don't know how it happened. The next thing pedestrians knew, a black-cloaked man seated on a blanket of air flew out of a second story garage door (why is Seiten Inc. built that way?) and crashed onto the pavement with what sounded like rubber grinding against pavement. Hellfire rubbed his fingers over the edge of the invisible car, carefully feeling the sidedoor.

                                      "Awh! I just redid that paint job."

                                      Well, screw that. He had his bvffl to bust out. Hellfire floored the gas pedal and ran over everybody's shittily parallel parked cars with his tank's enormous invisible wheels. It was a quite a spectacle to see for anybody who was watching.


                                      The next next thing pedestrians knew, Hellfire in all his fail villain glory was driving off the highway rail, aiming for the Central Detention Facility in the distance. He'd exceeded speeds cars didn't even have in attempt to fly far enough. As the discrete, grayish building neared his dashboard, Hellfire hardly even blinked as the impact broke the wall and kept driving. He needed to find Caine.

                                      "HEEEEIST ? HEIST! I've come to rescue you!"

                                      [********, is that Hellfire?"
                                      "Yeah! Quick, shoot him!"

                                      He ducked down in the driver's seat (which is really dangerous because it is impossible to see over the dashboard omg no), dodging the bullets but accidentally kneeling into the breaks. In the momentum, Hellfire was flipped upside down, slumped head down and feet up in the Invisible Hellmobile. He broke more than one jail cell in his dynamic entry and now that he thought of it, he wasn't sure if he'd busted Caine out or not. Quickly, before the guards could reload, he set their pants on fire like an a** and twisted himself right side up again with his hands planted on the wheel.

                                      Not far from him was Caine and... some dude. Hellfire nearly crashed into their cell with his monster ghost car. Whoops, haha.

                                      "Heist! I'm busting you out," he panted, engulfing his hands in scorching blue fires. He grasped around the jail cell's bars, feeling for the melting point before bending it wider to allow both the prisoners to exit. "What was up with that ?! Who got you? We should totally TP their house!" he suggested passionately, clenching a fist. "We could pass it on the way home. I'll drive!"

                                      As for the other man, Hellfire blinked at him, then beckoned him forward with a hand. "I don't mind hitchhikers!" He mostly said that because this guy was a criminal. Of course he knew how to have fun. "Everybody in the Invisible Hellmobile! Uh... After I find the keys..." he trailed off, patting his hands over his cloak.


                                      "It was in the key slot the entire time! What a silly mistake, hahaha!" Hellfire laughed frivolously, buckling himself into the driver's seat. Caine sat next to him and their strange, foreign friend in the back. "Please keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times or they will be fed to Sentinel. I am not kidding! " Tightening his grip on the wheel, Hellfire slammed his foot on the accelerator and rocketed them through the other wall of the facility, cackling as they made their getaway.
                                                                            User Image

                                                                        ____HAVEWEPUTTHESECHILDISHTHINGSAWAY ───
                                                                        IT'S THE PRICE, I GUESS, FOR THE LIES I'VE TOLD__THAT THE TRUTH, IT NO LONGER THRILLS ME__WHY CAN'T WE LAUGH WHEN IT'S ALL WE HAVE?

                                              Sprawled on the floor, Mary watched further developments proceed from her uncomfortable position. The girl turned her head to the side, watching in awe as Cecilia, in a petite fifteen year old's body, demanded order. The taser was a bit much, in Mary's opinion, but the room slowly quieted (although the chaos was undoubtedly not over). And Lee paused at least. Suddenly, she found herself being reprimanded by the younger older woman. " Marrin, get it together."

                                              Spari's face twisted into something of irritation and shame and various other emotions, but she responded with a dull though somewhat insolent, "...Right." After shaking out her legs, she sat up against the wall and pulled her knees together, contenting herself for the moment with watching Cilia try and interrogate the time traveler. She then fervently thanked the gods that this woman wasn't her mother. Another period of silence followed after that. Finding herself feeling uncomfortable, she tried to find her voice, think of something helpful to say, but -

                                              "You're ginger."

                                              Unconsciously, she released a sigh of slight relief before following Rhys's gaze from Cecilia to Lee. Oh, so they were. Astute observation, professor. But her eyes narrowed and mouth fell into an ugly pout as he went on to explain the wonders of gingers.

                                              "UGGH NOOOOOOO," she groaned. No one heard her.

                                              What the ******** was so great about gingers? Look at these people with their so called groovy - she flinched every instance the word groovy was used in a sentence - mutation. God damn psychos, all of them. Did you know what was really GROOVY? When people didn't interrupt extremely important meetings with their time traveling tendencies. AND ALSO. People with black hair. Whatever they were called. They probably didn't have a specific name because they were so ******** unique. Why didn't they just send this guy home anyways, what was the problem, huh? Or maybe he could just leave to Ginger Town, he'd probably like that.

                                              Then he tased himself.



                                              Perhaps she shouldn't think too harshly of him, she thought as she watched the guy fall to the floor. He was kind of an idiot. And this was coming from Marrin, mind you. She sighed again, intentionally this time, flinching away when the water splashed across her face. She should have called in sick today.

                                              "Lee, set the table down. He's unconscious for the time being."

                                              "And do I look like I'm holding the conference table right now, oh high and mighty Xavier?"

                                              Mary nodded along knowingly in her own little corner of the room, raising her hands to make the shape of a heart.

                                              Her ears perked up at the idea of a field trip - oh look, her legs were fine - and stood up, attempting to shake off some of the water, before trotting after the others. Leaving trails of water on the floor behind her, she fell in step with Lee and gave the unconscious Rhys a cursory glance. "Are we going to keep him?" She prodded the time traveler. "Do you think he can carry passengers? That'd be ******** awesome," she muttered quietly, as if Rhys were sleeping, making various unnecessary hand gestures to accompany her words. She'd love to witness the Glorious Revolution or something firsthand.

                                              Just kidding, she didn't know what that was.

                                              "I don't believe he's an actual time traveler though." She glanced around at the others and sniffed dejectedly. "No phone booth." You couldn't go anywhere in time without a phone booth, everyone knew that, ha, what an IDIIIIOT. Mary tapped Rhys's forehead as if he were a fish tank, half expecting him to wake up and half expecting her to suddenly appear somewhere fifty years ago. A moment of anticipation went by before she let out a huff. "BORING."

                                              When she became aware of the gross squishing sound her drenched shoes made coming in contact with the floor, Mary wrinkled her nose and hurried ahead of the others. "If you think I'm going to walk around all day like this, you are SO WRONG. I'll find you guys in Lee's office, I'm going to change."


                                              Upon returning five minutes later at most (or thirty, she didn't know), Mary ran into a woman carefully carrying a tray and a heap of clean towels into Lee's office. "What is that?"

                                              "What is what?"

                                              Mary pointed at the tray of food.

                                              After attempting to hold her load all in one hand to scratch her head, the woman apparently thought better of it and instead unsuccessfully scratched her shoulder against her head. "This is for the new guy, I just got the first thing I saw at the cafeteria..."

                                              Mary scratched the woman's head for her; the one on the receiving end looked momentarily terrified, caught off guard, but Spari ignored her. "You idiot," she said, moving the tray away. "What if he's - what if -" In high anticipation, the woman waited with a raised eyebrow while Mary attempted to come up with the right word. "- what if he has milk allergies or something? What if you give him this yogurt and cheese stick and he dies because the poor unsuspecting soul has milk allergies?"

                                              The woman stared at Mary for a long time. "You mean lactose intolerant."



                                              She took the towels as well, removing them from their well-folded stack and piling them onto the crook of her free arm.

                                              "Uh, so should I -"

                                              Jeez. "Yeah," Mary said absentmindedly, opening the door to the office as the woman left to get something else from the cafeteria. She waved with her elbow and offered a smile to the occupants of the room because in the short time she had been gone they had probably really missed her, HA HA HA. She completely understood. "Back." Mary draped the towels over their heads or shoulders and then leaned against the desk.

                                              Huh, cafeteria food that wasn't expired.

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              A what ?

              Cecilia definitely knew what the term ginger meant, but it'd caught her off - guard. Along with everyone else in the room, she could only stare blankly at him while he spoke. Why was he bringing this up now ? Had he not even heard her or was he simply diverting attention to a more basic observation to lead suspicion away from his origins ? He played up the simpleton act well, but no professor worth their degree would be this stupid. ' I'm not going to allow myself to be distracted with small chat. ' She pursed her lips at the thought, clearly not enjoying the direction this conversation was going in. His attire wasn't exactly in the " groovy " era of the 70's and 80's. In fact, he seemed to dress more along the lines of an English man in her fantasy novels or sometime around the Victorian Era. She could've been wrong though since history wasn't really taught to her at the government. ' Probably just using words he picked up along his travels. Then again, he could just be a terrible actor. Sending a spy dressed in cheap clothes from a costume store ? He's not even matching his wording to his attire. I've seen this s**t before. Send in someone seemingly harmless as a distraction and then .. ' She could barely finish her sentence before her grip on the taser tightened to the point that the sides cracked. That man had taken advantage of her generosity by distracting her last time and that ended up in the library going up in flames, taking away one of the few places she enjoyed in this hellhole of a state. Cecilia'd rather be damned before she let some a*****e pull a stunt like that again especially in her territory. The Octagon might not have been ideal. It was even the reason behind her bitter and cautious attitude, but it was still home all the same.

              Not to mention, he felt the need to educate her on her hair color. " I'm not lucky. " She remarked though he prattled on regardless of her interruption. Oh well. It wasn't like she needed to elaborate on it anyway. The female preferred keeping her powers secret instead of flashing them all over the place like their brilliant leader. Besides, she was still uncertain of what all Rhys could perform. He spoke like a time traveler but what if he was just a teleporter feigning that act ? Teleportation might not even be the only power of his. It was best to stay on defense before messing with him. Even idiots could prove to be dangerous. She looked up as he pointed his stare back at her. It occurred to her that she'd tuned out what else he said but she figured it wasn't too important. " This ? " Her eyes traveled from him to stare at the taser while her fingers moved to turn it on. A demonstration would be best. Before she could even explain, Rhys acted upon his most intelligent idea of the day : touching an activated taser.

              The rather petite girl blinked at the form before her which twitched for a few more seconds before lying out flat. Rhys was either a complete genius who'd distracted them long enough to KO himself out of interrogation or just a complete imbecile. " Well, it's what he gets for touching things he doesn't understand. Besides, he was too energetic. A good shock and nap should calm him down while giving us time to recollect our thoughts and--- "

              Cue the sprinklers.

              Jaden's apology soon came afterwards, once again interrupted by something else which was an official announcement this time. Great. On top being stuck with ... this group, she couldn't just up and leave to go calm down outside. The literal inner rain only added to the growing frustration however, Cecilia didn't bother to frown or groan, to chastise or complain; the most she did was turn off the taser before it backfired on her and then proceed to stare blankly ahead, lost in thought. Tiny droplets of water pelted her as she thought to herself, ' Doesn't anyone in the universe understand what a meeting means ? Because I thought it mean don't bother the people involved until it's over with. ' Everyone from spontaneous time - travelers to robots to government agents seemed hell-bent on interrupting this one meeting of all the meetings in the world. Honestly, it was getting ridiculous, and Cecilia wasn't looking forward to having to reschedule it. She barely noted Lee and Xavier's brief exchange before the latter set to work snooping through the unconscious man's belongings.

              " Thanks for the absolutely brilliant detective work, Sherlock Grayson, " remarked the red - headed female with a brief, lazy clap, " ... though it looks like you managed to pick up a useful bit of info. We'll just talk about it during the interrogation. " Cecilia didn't particularly enjoy Xavier's company especially when he found it necessary to direct his degrading comments towards her, but she had to respect him for his intelligence. It assured her that she wasn't the only one doubting Rhys's unspoken claim of being a time traveler. " Well? Come on, we're heading to my office. Field trip. " " Looks like someone finally decided to take some initiative, " Cecilia muttered, a small smirk on her face. She'd gotten everyone to quiet down which may have misled some ( namely Rhys ) to thinking she was the leader of the group but technically, Lee was organizing the virus fighting. Like most things, Cecilia only had a supporting part in the matter, one that didn't even require her assistance, but she did it anyway. Maybe it was because Lee & her were something close to childhood friends or maybe because it'd help pass the time when she was bored. No one was really sure. Mary brought up the subject of feeling icky, and the ginger had to agree with her.

              " I'll also be taking my leave to go change clothes. I might return. " Emphasis on might. Just because she couldn't leave the Octagon didn't mean she had to stay with them. After all, she didn't sign up for interrogation duty. Without another word, the girl exited the room and headed into the direction of her own. Despite her words, she didn't spend too long in there. It'd been around six minutes at most before she emerged from the room, clad in a simple white button-up shirt, beige cardigan, black jeans, and beige ankle boots. Her former braids had instead been loosened and pulled up into twin ponytails with whatever she could find to hold up her hair. Though she had the appearance of the child, Cecilia had no intention to entertain the masses by dressing like one. She'd expected to get out of here as soon as they were done with the interrogation and the sector opened back up anyway. She wasn't sure where she wanted to go but she needed to look decent. Maybe to a park ? Or find a pond to stare wistfully into ? Then again, she always found the most comfort alone in her room. It was quiet .. most of the time.

              After mulling over how to spend her free time for a few more moments, she made her way back to the Lee's office. It didn't take an excessive amount of time, but she'd dragged her feet purposefully to slow the process and texted back to Spica about their unfortunate intruder who she'd accidentally knocked out along with interrogation duty. She'd gotten there only a few minutes before Marrin had and spent most of her time wondering how they should go about it. There were plenty of ways, but the best would be to talk calmly. This, of course, coming from the girl who'd threatened him and led the fool into getting tased. She was certain it wasn't her fault though. Rhys shouldn't have touched anything of hers in the first place. The taser was only for Lee under certain circumstances and even then, it was usually just to provoke him because why not ? She'd brought it along again though, hiding it in her back pocket which was covered by the ends of the cardigan. If need be, she'd use it to knock him out again though she'd definitely end up using her fists first if it came to fighting. After Marrin walked in and threw everyone a towel ( Ceci's landing on her head which earned Mary a soft harrumph from the smaller female ), Cecilia leaned back against the wall a little farther away from where they kept Rhys. Ideas came to mind of how to deal with Professor Endrick as she waited for everyone to get situated. She blinked surprisingly as one idea stood out to her. ' It would definitely help us out, but that's only assuming he'll be our ally .. and then combined with our current situation ... would it even work ? '
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                          After plopping Rhys down unceremoniously into the sopping wet chair opposite his own, equally sopping wet spinny chair, Lee plopped himself down, boneless. He let his head loll back, flipping his hood off. Urgh. Everything was wet. Especially his hair, hanging down limp on his head. It was even sticking to his forehead - uncomfortably, mind you. Lee threaded a hand through his "ultimate ginger" hair, making a face at how he couldn't even run his hand through it properly.

                          That really wasn't even the worst part. The worst part was the way his shirt was obstinately sticking to his skin, even when he pulled it off with a disgusting, wet suction - y noise and threw it on the soaking, wet carpet near Rhys' prone body. Oh, and the undershirt could go with, for all Lee cared, landing on the wet, red shirt pile. Hey, it was white. It wasn't as if there was anything it was hiding (Lee wasn't that stupid, thank you very much).

                          Pants were where he drew the line, though.

                          "All right then, all my paperwork is wet, all my everything is wet, and I have an unconscious body in front of me." Lee folded his hands together, staring at Rhys' body, un - artfully arranged in the chair that Lee may or may not have flipped on a weekly basis. "What the hell am I supposed to do." Sinking back into his chair, he was so tired, he could even ignore how cold...wet...leather felt on his bare back...

                          Ew. Ew. Oh god, no. That was such a stupid idea. Never doing that ever again. That felt absolutely disgusting.

                          "You. Hey. Rhys. Hey, you waking up there, buddy?" Lee walked over to the unconscious man, sitting on the edge of his desk, toeing off his shoes before placing a foot balanced on each arm of the chair, effectively caging Rhys. "Hey. Get up. Come on. I have to question you or Ceci and Xavier will gang up on me and kick my a**. Come. On." He even patted the man's cheek, but...nope. No response. Nothing.

                          Lee leaned back, frowning. 'What am I supposed to with this. How are you supposed to wake up a sleeping person. Is he even sleeping?' Lee stared hard at the body in front of him.

                          Never mind. That was incredibly boring. Enough of that.

                          Instead, he voted for hopping off the desk and walking over to his little waste bin that his last unfortunate secretary decided he should have. (Lee had fired him for it, but all was good, since he was pretty sure he had been terrified of Lee.) Yes. Exactly as he'd hoped. It collected a small level of sprinkler water. Well, they always did it in the movies to wake up unconscious people. Lee shrugged, checking the water level first to be certain that it was at a good water - flinging level. Picking it up and sloshing it around next to his head told him yes. Yes it was. Excellent.

                          "I warned you, buddy."

                          Lee was merciless with his water - flinging, hitting Rhys dead in the face with the water, grinning maniacally when he saw it hit its mark. That was so worth it, to watch Rhys flail about in a panic. So. Worth it.

                          So Lee settled back onto his desk, feet on either side of Rhys again. "Rise and shine, Sleeping Beauty. If you're still not up, I can Google how to wake up unconscious people. It won't be a hardship for me at all." He shark - grinned - which is to say, he tried to grin as normally as possible, because all of his last secretaries told him he looked like he was going to eat them when he tried to smile. "All right. So tell me about yourself before we have to make things unpleasant." Rhys squinted intently at him. Lee hoped he was deep in thought. For his own sake.

                          "Hey, you're no ginger! You don't have any freckles! Wow, what a liar."

                          Why though.

                          "You don't have to have freckles to be a ginger, now shut up and tell me why the hell you decided to drop by onto my lap!"

                          "What kind of a ginger doesn't have freckles? You can't be the ultimate ginger at all. Maybe if you and the petite girl from earlier. I bet your children would have really groovy red hair, between the both of you."

                          "I DON'T NEED FRECKLES AND AS IF I WOULD SLEEP WITH CECI. Jesus ******** Christ, no. Ew. God. No. I don't. Mental images. Why. Why though," Lee moaned, hiding his face behind his hands. "THAT ISN'T EVEN THE ******** PO - "

                          "Hey, d'you have any food here?"

                          "What do you think I am, a waiter?" Lee deadpanned, staring really hard at Rhys.

                          He heard a scoff come from the corner.

                          Well s**t. When had the snot - nosed brat idiot rude jerk pompous a*****e Xavier walked in? Lee hadn't even been paying attention at all. Well ******** him, he did say he was going to be in charge of the interrogation.

                          "I could go for some fish fingers and custard right about now. You? Let's just get a whole party set, in wine glasses, make it all fancy - like for you and your friend in the broody corner over there! It'll be a party. I'm starved." Lee could only stare, dumbfounded at Rhys'...idiocy? balls? blind courage? all of the above?

                          Lee could only sigh in response. "HEY. SOMEONE GET ME SOME FISH STICKS - " "Fingers! Fish sticks are so not groovy," Rhys corrected. Lee just leveled him a stare. "FINGERS. Fish. Fingers. Happy? FISH FINGERS AND CUSTARD. IN WINE GLASSES." He glanced quickly at Xavier and Rhys, the both of them, staring at him. "A PARTY SET."

                          This was Lee truly using his executive powers for good here. He turned back to Rhys, staring down his nose at him, staring really, really hard. "Okay. You've got your food coming. So spill. Tell me why - "


                          This interrogation was not going well at all. [********] Lee thought, frowning at Mary and her unceremonious dropping of a fluffy towel on his shoulders. And then Ceci somehow slipped in under the radar - Jesus was he going senile or something? - and had a towel over her head as well. At least he wasn't the only one towel - drying his hair right now.

                          "Is. Everyone. Here," Lee gritted out, glaring at every single person in turn. "No? Yes. Good. I'm not sto - "

                          "M - Mr. Damascus, sir, I - I have your fish fingers a - and - "

                          "JUST GIVE ME THE STUPID FISH FINGERS."

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