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                                                  HUNGRIGER BÄR—SEPTEMBER 22; 03:57—CONTACT WITH EMILIAN//O'CONNER
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                                                  Disgraceful, thought Solomon with a deep frown lining his usually passive features. She entered and forced all eyes in the small café upon her frame, but he merely kept his own eyes low for her entrance did not concern him as much as the table did. Calls from the undoubtedly drunken Germans riddled the calm of the café with unwanted sound, bothering the pilot more than he’d liked it to. It was far too early in the morning for this s**t and her arrival was just the beginning of this irritancy storm. And before she could grace them with herself, the woman had to make a show upon a foolish man who dared to reach out towards her. And, as Solo’s eyes fell on the intelligent gentleman to perform such an act, he witnessed the poor fellow face the brunt of Aileen O'Connor’s fist and the whistles, calls, and murmuring ended with the breaking of bone. As if someone had thrown an expensive jewel to the floor just to see it shatter in the presence of the poor, the entire bar dissolved into a surprised silence, saved the sounds of the kitchen. And now, while he could not see, he could feel, their eyes followed her not for her curves and choice of clothes, but for her sense of danger. As for the fool who touched her, Solo wished him moments of hell with his broken nose. It was a churlish act for him; and in front of his wife as if he had no shame. But who was Solomon to judge on the subject of morals? When Confusion seated herself, the pilot realized that the hastily cleaned table held no interest for him and decided to meet her gaze with a question in his. He would have asked her why she decided to make such a scene when there were other, quiet ways of dealing with perverts. But he didn’t exactly find conversation with her pleasant, given that even her words had the potential to baffle him. So he let her comment go over his head, settling his stiff back against the worn upholstery of the booth. Completely shrugging out of his sable coat, Solomon remained silent when another waitress arrived in front of them. Conscious people, weren’t they? Wanting all the business they could get. He did not look over at Aileen as he prepared his German to tell the woman in a kind manner to go away. And he was about to do just that when the girl spoke up and cut him off. Immediately Solo’s eyes buried into her face and the gravity, about him thinned just a bit. He detested when people cut him off, it was one of the things that caused him to lose control. His hands scrambled up to the edge of the table where he gripped it as she put in her order. His fingernails dug into the soft wood with every syllable the girl spoke, only pulling themselves free when the waitress walked away.

                                                  “We are not…here to have breakfast, O’Connor.” The woman’s name came off his tongue as a curse though he did not intend for it to sound that way. “You should have eaten before you came here, otherwise you are being annoying.” His features were controlled enough to where no one around would think something was wrong but as he spoke, the table behind him began to rise. He felt this change in the area around him and begged himself to calm down, loosening muscles he were not aware had tensed and leaning away from the table as he had somehow went forward. Taking a small breath, he exhaled slowly through his nose. The simple action allowed the table to steadily descend from its climb back to the floor where it made a small click. The people sitting around it, so lost in their haze of alcohol, conversation, and cigarette smoke that they only glanced once at the table before they resumed their activities. Releasing the table from his death grip, Solomon removed thin wood chips from underneath his fingernails and laced his fingers together in front of him. Regarding the two women sitting before him with a detached stare, he slid his hand across the table till the tip of his knuckles touched the center. Turning his wrist over, he revealed a small blue panel embedded above the ulnar artery. The simple device was used for transporting files covertly, capable of storing up to sixty-four gigabytes of information. It was commonly used in the government and military so the technology was not new. However, Axis went to painstakingly extensive measures to assure that their data bases, which held all the files of every device, were encrypted with a thousand character code. One mistake and the entire system would shut down. The pilot often commented to the inventors of this system that the pass code needed to be longer and that a thousand characters were not nearly enough. But that was just his paranoia so he was subtly ignored. And so, as he thought the information was not secure enough, the pilot had a special program installed in the device on his wrist. Put in short terms, it was a self-explosion feature that would detonate when certain requirements were met. All of which only Solo knew. Some time ago, the pilot demanded that his teammates be fitted for the devices. The higher-ups and everyone in a right mind at the time responded with a firm no. And his reply was to bring down the entire tech center, but he only succeeded in destroying one section. The battle simulators were shut down temporarily as punishment so Solomon decided to leave the matter alone, for now.

                                                  Solo placed only one piece of information inside the device for safety reasons. And that information was the operation specs of Axis’ Alpha team, which consisted of Emilian, O’Connor and himself. The other two, Giovanni D’Ambrosio and Krister Ingram, were respected but secondary and unimportant as far as his particular mission was concerned. The tiny blue panel flashed once. Solo decided now was the time to make extra safety precautions and reached inside his pocket for another device. Removing his hand, his fingers came away with something pinched between their tips. That thing was a thin glass like item that was no more than an inch in length and width. The pilot carefully placed the device beside his wrist, tapping it’s reflective surface. With that done, he waited for the files he currently carried to load. A pin like sapphire orb darted into the area above his hand, exploding like a mini firework. Smaller blue orbs branched out around the explosion, shortly halting in their advance as if prevented passage by an invisible wall. The orbs then exploded, but into transparent grid panels that grew out diagonally in digital squares, each orb spreading out until the length of the panels separated were nearly the shape of the table. When they combined, a 3D model of their current location sprang to life. A scale of the café presented itself, forming all the patrons inside including themselves. As Solo finalized the projection, he eyed himself occasionally, a slight smirk darting across his lips at the sight of his extremely attractive digitalized form. Sweeping a hand over the corner of the panel, the entire café model disappeared, replaced by the Alpha Team’s future destination. “You have been briefed,” started Solomon in a monotonous voice. “This is our current objective.” He pointed towards the projection, and it pixilated until the model displayed an actual battle occurring. “Axis is close to obtaining Belgium, and we would have succeeded beforehand…except for one unexpected event.” With a glide of his fingers, the model zeroed in on the field’s surface. The warring strife, in live action, was appearing as a blur with this current model, but Solo did not mind. His concern was not on the thousands of Entente forces dying at the hands of Axis soldiers. “I have looked into them already, but there is not much information. It seems that Entente is keeping close tabs.” He knew he was not making much sense to the women, but he did not want them to point this out. “Entente has a few…members, with powers such as ours. They are being sent to Belgium to conclude the stalemate. We must head to the battle for a counter attack and make sure that they do not leave the field alive. We currently do not have visual information on these people, so we must assume that anyone wielding abnormal strength like ours should be killed on sight. If yo-“

                                                  This was the time the waitress chose to arrive with a mug of steaming hot coffee gripped in her wrinkled fist, and several plates of food lined on the length of her homely arms, pressing her girth against the table so she could lean down and place the ordered items before their customers. While Solo was quite sure that the tiny glass panel prevented the patrons in the café from overhearing their conversation or peering directly at them to view their plans, he should have been at ease. But the woman still startled him to the point where instead of allowing her to put her last plate on the table, O’Connor’s hash brown, he maneuvered his gravity towards her, the tower of momentum starting from the back of the café, charging at the woman with the speed of 40mph and the weight of a small car, shoving her half way through the café. The plate flew from her hand and it would have hit Solo had he not snatched it from the air and dropped it in front of O’Connor with a loud clatter that bordered on shattering. The woman herself was slammed against the floor; face first, her body twisting in a circular motion before her crash. She took a few bar stools and several customers with her, and they all landed in a confused and moaning heap fifteen feet away from where Solo sat. He immediately pushed up from his seat to stand. The projection shut off in a wink of light. “Alte Hexe,” Old witch, he spat in a fit of rising anger. “Tun Sie das nicht wieder oder das nächste Mal wird dein Leben sein!” Do not do that again or the next time will be your life! His hands twitched violently but he ignored them. His expression when he twisted his face back to his teammates was distorted with a superfluous rage. Feeling the stretch of skin over facial bone, Solomon quickly schooled his profile back into neutrality and reached for his coat. “Questions?” he said as if he had not just forced an innocent waitress’ body across the room. Pulling on his sable and feeling some form of comfort in the soft fur, he bundled up for the bitter cold, sliding his still agitated hands into sable gloves. “If not, finish up here. We are leaving for the battlefield when you are ready.” With that, he made his way out of the café, pushing past the fallen customers who were just now picking their tangled and bruised bodies off the floor. Their eyes did not meet his, but he could hear the annoyed whispers following him out the door. A sharp pain shot through his skull and he winced but continued on, feeling the tendrils of Belgium’s ice and snow beckon him into their quiet folds.

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                                            ⇘ ENGLISH CHANNEL;September 22nd 03:50
                                            The ring of a gun firing shook the male, Lee trembling at Alaire's sudden wild shooting. The Asian male unprepared for that which made him jump slightly. A blinding light flickered, panning across the area, Lee immediately bringing an arm up to shield his eyes, cursing when flecks of light was still apparent in his vision. The male seeing double and frustratingly rubbing his eyes to allow his sight to focus correctly, "Alaire!" he called out exasperatedly, feeling the boat seem to lift upwards, titling before quickly descending once more back into the ocean with a loud splash. Lee letting out a string of profanities before meeting the ground and tumbling to one side of the boat and hitting his back against the side. He let out a slight wince and picked himself up, rubbing his shoulder before sauntering back over to Alaire who seemed to stare at something in the water. His companian had started to roll up his sleeves and took a step closer towards the water's edge. Lee rushing to Alaire's side and grabbing his arm tightly, pulling him back, shaking his head. "Just let it go." He felt the male relax under his hold, Lee letting out a sigh of relief before bringing his arms back down to his side.

                                            A shatter, Lee letting out a cry, "CAREFUL. YOU MIGHT HURT CONRAD YOU PIECE OF BREAD." The male ran back down to the cabin door to check on the spy who huddled in one corner, a terrified look on his face. Lee turned back around and glared at Alaire who seemed to mention something about giving okapis to the Axis, Lee simply rolled his eyes and ignoring the matter for the time being. "Spy to Cabotage, hear me?" he repeated, moving towards the boat controls beside Alaire, keeping a close watch so that the male wouldn't lose his temper again. The British government was definitely not going to be happy with the condition in which they'll be returning the boat in but what could they do? Nothing, leave it as it is and not make it worse. The wind had begun to pick up, ruffling his hair and giving him a tousled look that somehow suited him, a cheeky grin on Lee's face as they began heading to Belgium at full speed, the cool wind against his face.

                                            ⇘ BELGIUM;September 22nd 04:03
                                            "We're requesting to see Lenore. Ulliel, get her to you as soon as you can!" shouting into the microphone as the whistling of the wind made it harder for communication on both ends, clinging to Alaire as much as he could as he did so. "Please! Conrad needs attention!" Lee glancing at the silhouette from the cabin which he could make out from where he was currently standing, his ear piece screeched slightly which made him flinch, letting go of Alaire in his pain and pulling the device out. Despite the fact that he was standing relatively still, his weight was pushed and shifted away from his original place, the strong wind pushing against the male as he struggled to crawl back towards Alaire, once more looping his arm around the pilot's and fumbling with the ear piece in his other, putting it back in hearing the distressed male voice on the other side. "We'll be there soon, expect us!" before another screech sounded, Lee pulling the thing out and stuffing it in his pocket, unable to stand any more loud and high-pitched noises for the time being. Alaire looked down at him as he let out strings of Chinese, their eyes locking, only for Lee to quickly turn away and shake his head at the mention of 'Bruce'. "You can just make a new one..." he mumbled to himself.

                                            The boat seemed to slow to a halt, and with that the wind as well. The males untangled themselves from each other, Lee straightening up his attire and going in the opposite direction to Alaire, picking up the plank and pushing it down towards the docks, feeling a thud as the wooden board hit the land below. By this time, the spy and pilot pair had already gathered themselve, Lee stepping aside slightly and letting them walk down before himself, shrugging at Alaire's question, "Ulliel said he'd make it happen, let's just trust that he has." Heading down towards the land of Belgium, Lee beamed down at the soldiers which waved at them in excitement and awe, saluting them before returning to whatever they were doing. Lee simply smiled and waved, quickening his pace to catch up to Alaire's speed.

                                            Lee only stood alongside Alaire as he liased with several other commanders, generals and soldiers, asking for a short lift to where Ulliel was currently positioned in "no man's land". Several worried glances directed at Conrad who seemed to grow paler with every step, Lee nudging Alaire to move a little faster, pulling him towards a currently unused vehicle. "Allow us to borrow this," he called out to anyone in particular with much haste, waving Alaire and the spy in quickly, jumping in the driver seat and turning the key which was already in place. The engine started up, Conrad already in with Alaire seated beside him moving to do his seat belt. Lee letting out a "Tch," and slamming his foot down on the acceleration pedal, a dangerous lunge forward, groups of men running to the side to make way for the vehicle. Lee giving a slight nod before the car skidded ahead, zipping past the crowd and taking sharp turns at a ridiculous speed. Hearing loud curses which Lee decided to ignore, they had to move, no time to drive leisurely and admire the oh so lovely ruined landscape of Belgium or reminisce about the country. No. They needed to meet Lenore and Ulliel as soon as they possibly could, they needed Conrad to survive no matter the consequences. The male spy was valuable, very valuable to Entente and without his knowledge Entente may have to struggle for a little longer against Axis. Not like the spy was much help anymore, Axis would have changed their tactics which Conrad may have gotten wind of, but still, a general idea of Axis' plots and plans would be most helpful.

                                            ⇘ No Man's Land;September 22nd 05:12
                                            The rocky ride was soon ended after much screaming and screeching, Lee allowing the vehicle to slow to a halt as they neared and arrived at their destination. Lee let out a sigh, an annoyed Alaire barking in his ears, the Asian opening the door for Conrad to slide out, rolling his eyes when his companion crossed his arms and stormed into the building first. Lee placing an arm around Conrad's waist, supporting the spy into the building after Alaire. He huffed, exhausted from the day's events thus far, even though the day had only just begun. "We made it in one piece didn't we?" Lee laughed when Conrad seemed to shake his head who still shook from all the "excitement", "Hey, I'm Asian, give me a break okay? At least this ain't China." the male chuckling at the stereotype, chasing the sound of Alaire's footsteps that echoed and rang. The hallways mixed with the sounds of chattering, panic, tension and beeping, the rooms full of life and desperation as teams directed divisions out on the battlefield as well as the constant monitoring of Axis' movements. Soon Lee and Conrad caught up, entering the room which Alaire was currently busying himself in. The male guided Conrad to a seat in the room, gently allowing him to sit down before casually saluting to Ulliel. "Nice to see you cap'n!" a cheeky grin and a wink. "Lenore on her way?" he asked, to which he received a nod in response, the navigator giving a curious look towards their spy. "He....he's not much of a talker today you could say."

                                            Ulliel turned away once more, looking back at the 3D holographic map of the area which currently lit the room, static and a voice speaking. The room was silent as Ulliel responded, Lee rolling his shoulders, stretching back and leaning against the wall. He let out a yawn as attention was returned to those in the room, the pilot and himself briefed on the situation currently at hand. Lenore was on her way so all they had to do was wait for her. As for Entente's main show, the preparations of the brilliant display were close to being ready, Ulliel would give the signal for Entente forces to execute the plan when the time came. The clocks ticked away for another few minutes as his other two companions shared some chatter, Lee rubbing his eyes slightly as he analysed the holographic images, watching as windows popped up with co-ordinates or as blinking circles moved across the grids. Lee sighting Ulliel's tall cup of coffee, taking it in hand and sipping from it, waiting for a few moments to feel the tingling sensation of caffeine that was now flowing through his system. The male taking another few gulps before looking at Conrad and offering some of the warm drink to him. The spy shook his head, Lee shrugging and drinking the rest, placing the cup where he found it, a subtle sense of energy returning to him. "Thanks for the drink, really needed it," a chuckle escaping his lips.

                                            It was going to be a long day. The prize? Belgium.
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                                        Mariska snarled as Solomon took away the silverware she'd finally managed to set in perfect order, cluttering them together and making her cringe. Narrowing her eyes she glared at him and was struck with a sudden vision of yesterday's hallucination in the middle of the street. Grinding her teeth her eyes flicked away from him before he could see the change in them and stared instead at the final member of their team to join them. Folding her arms across her chest her fingers dug into the biceps of her arms as she resisted the urge to yank Solomon's jacket from around him and fold it up properly. Swallowing thickly, she scooted herself to the side and leaned subtly away from him before she could give in to the impulse.

                                        She was kept from scooting any further away however when Aileen sat down on the other side of her. Cocking her head slightly she looked at the fallen man with a soft shake of her head. He'd brought the broken nose upon himself but it had also brought them a bit of unwanted attention. There was a shrill ringing noise in her ears as the thoughts of those around them began to pick up steam and assault her. It was one thing to ignore the drunken babble of unfocused minds- but it was infinitely harder to tune out the noise of scattered opinions when they were directed at them personally. Although of course in true useless fashion of her gift while the thoughts were mildly insulting she only caught them in bits and pieces and none of them made a terrible amount of sense. And for that she was actually pretty grateful. From what she was overhearing so far it wasn't anything pleasant.

                                        Solomon was likewise unhappy and every third word seemed to be "me" though considering his degree of narcissism she wasn't too surprised about that. Still the hairs on the back of her nape prickled as his power manifested itself and her eyes fluttered closed as she focused on shoving the uninvited thoughts out of her mind. She was rather glad that she'd only bothered to order a cup of coffee to wake herself up considering Solo's reaction to Aileen's breakfast order. Her eyes glanced down at the perfectly placed cutlery and a small smile tugged at the corner of her mouth and the tight ball of unease in her chest loosened just a bit. Even if her team was messy and disorganized there were still some things in this world she could control and keep in perfect order.

                                        She watched mutely as Solomon displayed the standard data carrier embedded in his arm and she remembered the argument that had been had over the self-explosion device he'd wanted installed in everyone else's. The notion of needing to use such a device had rankled her pride as the unit's top sniper. She would never get captured, never be compromised, never have need of such an insulting device. Then again Solo's much more fragile ego hadn't taken very well to being denied either and she heard he'd tried to bring down the entire tech center in revenge. It hadn't been a fun for many of the Axis's soldiers when the techs shut down the simulator rooms in retribution. Luckily the firing range had still been available although there'd been a sudden influx of trigger happy recruits who'd turned up in the days following. The 3D model expanded and she lifted her mug from the table, sipping at it quietly as she examined the scenes they were being shown. Once Solo was done preening over his computerized image the layout changed to that of a battlefield and Risk found herself leaning forward with interest. She was usually stationed much further away and told to pick off key persons of interest and never got to see the actual battle unfolding everywhere else.

                                        Half listening to what Solo said her eyes had already begun picking out commanding officers on the enemy line. Even if the ant's had a couple aces in the hole like themselves if she could take out a few of their key players and cripple their network the Axis would crush them anyways. Before she could expand on that thought though the waitress reappeared heavily laden with all of Aileen's breakfast items and she was glad that she'd held onto her own coffee cup as Solo's temper snapped and he launched the woman across the room angrily, his german rough as he cursed at her. He'd also taken out a good portion of the patrons at the counter as well and she quickly drained her mug knowing that they would be leaving shortly. No sooner was she done than Solo was standing and followed, not wanting to be left alone with a woman like Aileen. It was nothing personal- well actually yes, it was personal. Risk didn't feel like letting the woman mess with her mind this early in the morning and would rather brave the cold than risk it.

                                        "Get your food to go or we'll leave without you," she said coolly, shrugging her coat on and burying herself in the warm layers before daring to go outside again. They did't have time to sit around and wait for Aileen to finish her breakfast when Belgium was hanging in the balance. Walking up behind Solomon she didn't hesitate to reach out and flick him soundly on the back of his head with a hard thump. "Next time just push the woman yourself. If we're going to be going up against people with powers like ours you can't afford to waste the skill on just anybody," she admonished. "I don't care how strong you like to think you are, if you end up overexerting yourself over something so trivial before the battle's begun you'll be nothing but deadweight," she thumped him again for good measure before deciding she didn't want to push him any further and end up sprawled out in the snow. She'd hate to have to shoot him for something like that.

                                        IN⌋ TIME ☞YOU FIRM⊰LY SECURE☂ YOUR PLACE IN ☠ ❝HELL↓
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                                              xxxx ☷ ! CAUSE I'M ONLY A 【CRACK】 IN THIS CA*STLE OF GLASS
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                                              Ulliel nodded towards Travis and took the man's hand in a rather feeble handshake, nothing one would expect from someone who was put in place as the somewhat loosely defined 'leader' of their current operations. Had the higher ups had another, better option, Ulliel had no doubt they would have chosen someone else for the job. Not that it bothered him in the least. "Travis." One word to denote an entire statement normally dedicated to 'hellos', 'how are yous' and 'pleasure to met yous'. The offer sounded tempting. In fact, he was more than ready to take a quick detour to crab the said sweet as well as a cup of coffee. His lips parted to speak but to his growing irritation, Lenore was first to speak, chiding the man for being hospitable. In truth, they were early. Biting back a retort, he instead fixed mildly irked eyes on the back of the woman's head, passive-aggressively attempting to bore two holes right through. Laser vision was not a skill of his however, no matter how much wishing he might have done. The mission came first however. Searching for a justification of his switch in mood came up hollow and unimportant. As of refusing cookies was reason enough to wish mass destruction upon a person. As such, Ulliel heaved a silent sigh and squared his shoulders, turning his eyes from the mass of dark hair to watch the men at work. The conversation was quick. Everyone knew what part they had to play in the grand picture. Turning to leave, the navigator paused to place a hand upon Travis' shoulder and murmuring a quick good luck that extended to all the soldiers working, made his way toward the flight of stairs leading to the cafe proper. His nose was engulfed with the smell of roasting coffee, sweets, pastries and foods that on a good day, would have been mediocre at best but this morning smelt like the food of the gods themselves. Taking a particularly deep breath, the flicker of a smile passed over his pale features, lips twitching at the corners with a passing glance that raked over the meager inhabitants of the cozy room. Perhaps when everything was over and done with, he would come back for something. A first meal in a country that would possibly be claimed by Entente. Possibly? No, to leave room for possible failure was unexpected. They could not lose. To accept the possibility though it lingered perpetually in the shadows was to lose in a degree. Everything to ensure victory would be done. Shaking hands trembled violently and the man pushed them down into the deep recesses of his pockets. Not yet. Not yet, he told himself repeatedly. Soon. For a moment, at his two comrades, the flare of jealousy lit up the pits of his stomach.

                                              The uneventful journey was yet another welcome reprieve. Belgium was a beautiful and he could remember it looked so much better before the ravages of war. The land was not so deeply scared on this side, but the people bore the brunt of the country's wounds. And to kick an already down dog, the cold mercilessly twisted like a sharp dagger. It was going to be a very long day. When the group crossed into neutral territory i.e the place is so ******** up and decimated that no one bothered even lingering, Ulliel snapped to attention. Hearing Lenore speak, Ulliel wasn't exactly the splitting image of warmth, choosing instead not to show he took notice. Noting several soldiers moving around through the rubble, he eyed their general direction and made note follow. Two branched off to approach them, curious as to who the new comers where then sudden realization. He wasn't sure as to what looks were shown on their faces: relief or worry. Both probably. Or just worry. Hearing his name, the male twisted his neck to Lenore, brow arched in a questioning manner. A forced smile was his only response to her well wishes. Not that he wished her ill will. No matter his dislike and barely tolerant attitude, he didn't want her dying out there on the battlefield. To Amaryllis, he had a lot more to say. "You know what to do. Gather your team and move out. I'll keep in radio contact via encrypted frequency channels. All co-ordinates and lines 'ave been programmed into your set." He turned back to the two approaching soldiers then paused "Bon chance" With those words, he dismissed her from his mind and focused on matters at hand. It felt good to have something outside of just waiting. Any more of that and he was sure he would have gone mad with it. Quick, to the point introductions were passed around though the soldiers should have been briefed on what was happening. The problem with such tight operations. One never knew who knew what. Made him feel bad for the lower ranked foot soldiers who were forced to follow commands.

                                              Ulliel was led to the small space dubbed the 'command center'. It in a sorry state but had he expected more, Ulliel showed no signs - he hadn't. Dismissing the men with a simple order to get the troupes to mobilize, he went to work on jump starting the system. Walking to a console, he quickly patched into the system and flawlessly integrated the system to his personal HI-P sys control. It was all fancy talk but all navigators carried one of these enabling them to carry a real time, up to speed holographic H.U.D console on their body at all times. With a few modifications, it was also good for hacking and linking up with most wireless computers. With Ulliel standing in the middle, the room flared into life as a 3D holographic map of the area turned on. He grabbed a pair of visors, slipped them on and went to work on setting up positions, contacting platoon leaders, and generally making sure everything was ready. He wasn't sure exactly how long he was in there. The field was laid down in front of him, filled with several colored units, various co-ordinates highlighted in bright red, flickering lights with a count down above each of these. He looked at the count down for a long while. A sudden, incessant beeping filled the room. Puzzled, Ulliel answered only to be met with a blast of static and raging winds. Wincing, he traced the call and was surprised to find it was from Lee. "I.. what? Lee?" The static was so bad! And the repetitive screeching didn't help. "Lenore? You nee- Conrad? What's 'app- merde" Before he could really say anything more, the line was cut. Lenore was mentioned, meaning she in particular was who they needed. Why? Her skills as a healer no doubt. Someone on the boat was injured. Ulliel cursed under his breath then turned to the map. He scanned over the mass of moving markers in search of the one belonging to their medic and soon found it. Lenore was already moving out with the battalion. Damn. The soldiers would need the medical attention soon. s**t. They would just have to do without her for a little while. He patched in to the frequency and waited for an answer. "Friel. We 'ave an emergency. Return to base."

                                              "Greyhound one and two, status update. Are you in position?" There was silence for a second then static as a voice responded. "In position, waiting orders Sir" Ulliel nodded in satisfaction. "Bien. Stand by. Greyhound two." God dammit, Amaryllis answer! Answer or not, he assumed she wasn't face down in a ditch somewhere. It was time. "Santa, you 'ave the clear. Drop the present. Challenger, you 'ave approval to open fire. Third battalion, move out. First Battalion, stand by" Not long after his orders, Ulliel heard and felt the recoil of several large military and infantry tanks open fire. The retort was loud enough to carry this far in and made the navigator wince. Above head, a fighter jet zoomed by, moving deep into Axis territory. Over the chatter of the radio, Ulliel picked up the sound of guns and explosions. So far screams were minimal. The element of surprise was working well but not for long. Axis would not be long in retaliating. "The present is down the sock. I repeat, present down the sock, returning to base.

                                              Ulliel smirked quietly to himself, amused at the though that Lee would have found the entire exchange hilarious. He'd heard the pilots even tied a bow around the missile and of course, none of the higher ups made an argument against it. There was something to be said about humor in the midst of devastation. It warmed the heart in a way. Noting the entrance of a soldier, Ulliel blinked, mildly surprised at the steaming cup of coffee held between his hands. He gave a nod of thanks then turned back to the screen. Everything was going well. A flashing light indicated Lenore's progress. Seemed that Axis was starting their counter attack. He frowned as more Entente soldiers began to fall. "Prep - " The door opened causing a break in Ulliel's words. He stared first at Alaire then at Lee as he walked through the door. Both looked unharmed, if a little paler and on Alaire's side sort of annoyed. Ulliel turned away to complete the orders. "Second wave, prepare to move forward." He pulled up a digital interface that connected to the on site medical ward. "Bring a transport stretcher to the comm room" He then looked toward his comrades now that he had some free time. "I'm not a capt'n Lee. And, Lee! I needed that coffee too. " Well actually, he didn't. The last thing he needed was a caffeine rush but he wanted one none the less. But there was no point crying over split beans. The most important thing was getting Conrad help since he was the only one left who could be injured. "Friel is still on her way. For now though, we'll take Conrad to the infirmary for now. What's wrong with him anyway?"

                                              Ulliel moved out of the room and looked toward Conrad sympathetically. He hadn't known the man very well personally but it was still a sad thing to see one of their own treated this badly. With a soft sigh, he shook his head and looked to the other two. At that moment, a soldier appeared pushing along a hovering stretcher. Ulliel nodded towards Conrad and watched as the male was loaded onto the stretcher. He motioned for Alaire and Lee to follow. "How come he's not talking? Blasted Axis." He rubbed his hand over his forehead tiredly. Ulliel tagged along after the gunnery, watching as Conrad was covered with a blanket. "The plan seems to be going well so far. I'll have to return to the comm room though. I'll make sure Friel is sent to the infirmary. You can relay what you find to me afterwards" He turned to leave then stopped to look back at Conrad one more time. He offered the other a smile, receiving a tired but relieved one in return when suddenly, there was an explosion. Ulliel acted on instinct. He threw up the barriers as quick as he could and felt the rush of relief as it flooded through his body. The flames spread through the area and he felt the impact against the half made bubble like a hammer to the back of the head. He was thrown off his feet from the impact. The explosion rang in his ears, rock and twisted metal fell around, bouncing over his shields. He could feel his skin bubble from the searing heat. Ulliel was lifted off his feet and his back slammed into ... something. Pain erupted everywhere and his vision blurred, the edges creeped on by black. Groaning through the pain, he forced himself to keep his eyes open. Not to fall unconscious. "Alaire. Lee. Anyone?"

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                                                                        The third battalion was not difficult to find, they were pretty rowdy despite their smaller numbers. Lenore strolled into their group, saluted the general and then took refuge in a nearby chair. The foot soldiers looked at her oddly, perhaps they did not know who she was. Not like it really mattered, she did not like her face too known. Conversations quieted as they neared her and then started up once they were almost past earshot. The glowering face of hers was enough to keep anyone away. The soldiers trudged about, doing their work but in a boisterous manner. They were getting on Lenore’s nerves. They were being so annoying that a small part of her wished she had been ordered to stay with Ulliel. At least they had a mutual dislike for each other and she could vent her anger that way.

                                                                        Finally, finally the battalion was ready to move out. It had taken them much longer to leave than Lenore had thought it would. She sighed, almost happily, as they began marching towards the front lines of battle. So close, yet so far. The soldiers were serious enough, but some were taking out their nerves with unruly behavior. There was no time for their childish actions, every noise they made could give away their position.

                                                                        That group of soldiers, being particularly loud, earned a venomous glare from Lenore. They quietened a little as they saw her stare, but their obnoxious chatter continued. With an annoyed sigh, Lenore fell instep beside them. "Listen here, boys. This is not a game, this is your reality. Quit chatting like petty schoolgirls and keep marching. You’re almost behind schedule. This is one day where a second too late or a step too loud could see you dead." She threw them a disgusted look before opening her mouth to speak again. She was about to continue berating them when her communicator sounded. Ulliel was requesting that she return to the central command room. An irritated grunt of acknowledgement was all he got in reply. "Make sure to follow your orders and keep your head. Otherwise, see you in hell." She called over her shoulder as she left for Ulliel and whatever godforsaken task needed them to be together.

                                                                        Whatever part of Lenore that was hoping for Ulliel’s company earlier was clearly psychotic. Just hearing his voice made her insides curl. She walked angrily back towards the central command room, stepping a little more viciously than necessary. Thankfully, the battalion had not gotten very far. She would be very angry if it was something little, but she doubt it would be. However, she could not think of an adequate reason for Ulliel to call her back. Her steps were quick, though, knowing that it must be an emergency. Control never liked her too far from the main action. It couldn’t be Conrad, could it? Lenore had assumed that, despite the efforts for the retrieval and the trade, Axis would kill him anyway. Hopefully it wasn’t Conrad, hopefully he was dead. If he were lucky, he would be. Anyone tortured by Axis would wish for death before the end. Lenore wouldn’t wish Axis torture upon anyone, even Ulliel.

                                                                        Lenore was just outside the perimeter of the central command when she heard a deafening explosion. Her quick jog turned into a sprint as she followed the smoke. Thankfully, the explosion had not been inside the command room. But, the group had still been near the infirmary. The explosion had ripped apart one wall of the infirmary and any small structures that happened to be outside at the time. Smoke and dust permeated the air as frenzied shouts filled her ears. There were bits and pieces of flesh littered around the devastating scene. Lenore frantically searched the wreckage, looking for any signs of life. Her eyes spotted Lee first. He was mixed in with a pile of rubble, a large gash on his head. His eyes were half-closed and she could not tell if he was conscious. Blood flowed freely from the wound on his forehead. Lenore rushed over and cleared the rubble and debris from his body. Then, placing one hand over his heart and the other on his forehead, she readied her mind for healing. She allowed herself quick breath to calm down before starting to heal him. "Lee, stay awake." She breathed harshly. There wouldn’t be time to fully heal him, but she had to at least get rid of the major injuries. Lenore began with the gash on the forehead.

                                                                        Sending signals from her mind directly to his cells, she was able to speed up the healing process. Pushing the cells into overdrive, they quickly multiplied and healed his wound. As soon as the gash on his forehead was completely patched, she checked all the major veins by following the blood flow from his heart. There was an open wound on his arm spurting blood, but that was healed easily. Some of his bones were bruised and she healed them quickly. She had healed all of the major injuries, leaving scratches and somewhat-severe bruises that would heal in a few weeks unless she could get to them earlier. The burns, however, were another matter. He had one long burn that stretched along his neck and up to his cheek. She managed to rid the burn of its third-degree qualities and left a majority of it only pinkish. Some spots were worse than others, but mostly it looked days old. As he began to stir, she let her eyes search the wreckage.

                                                                        After a few moments of examination, her eyes found Ulliel’s body. Lenore left Lee to attend to Ulliel, who looked to be in worse shape, if that was even possible. Apparently, it was. Placing a hand on his forehead and heart as she had done with Lee, she started the connection to heal him. "Stay awake, Ulliel. Look at me.“ She said gently, staring into his unfocused eyes. Her lips pulled into a frown as she concentrated on healing his wounds. A concussion was blossoming in his brain. She reduced the swelling and knitted up the back of his head where the most damage was done. His leg was broken and straightening out the bone took a bit of time. Bits of rubble had embedded themselves in his skin, she managed to remove the dangerous ones but the others would have to wait. She healed the more severe burns that covered his skin, however a full heal was out of the question. Lenore could feel the unfocused, misty haze of the high coming on, and she fought it because there wasn’t time for her to space out. She had to check for any other survivors. He would still have substantial bruising and aching in addition to the less severe burns but at least he was not as close to death. "What happened? Whose body is it that –" She began to question him, but her eyes fell on the familiar dark hair that belonged to Alaire.

                                                                        "Alaire!" Lenore rushed over to him, panic evident in her movement. A large piece of wreckage was buried in his side. "Hold on, I’m going to pull this out. It’s going to hurt, just bear with it." Lenore said, in case he was conscious. She gripped the protruding fragment and jerked it out. And, placing her hands on him as she had the others, she began to heal him. Lenore patched the puncture caused by the jagged fragment and then searched for other major wounds. A large gash in his leg was bleeding freely and she directed her attention there. Weaving the cells together and refreshing them, knitting the jagged skin back together, move to another area and repeat. Her movements were methodical and quick. Lenore healed Alaire as much as she was able to, her mind was beginning to blur. She was beginning to reach her limit. As soon as she was sure that Alaire would be able to move, albeit with bruises and aching, Lenore removed her hands from him and sat back. Her mind, split into three parts - connected to Lee, Ulliel and Alaire - was getting frayed. As soon as their cells stopped working in overdrive and returned to their normal pace, she dropped the connections. She let out an exhausted sigh and looked at Alaire. Feebly brushing off the excessive wreckage from him, she gave Alaire a dazed smile.

                                                                        Trading sanity for health was a grueling process.

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                                                ━━━━━━ WHERE I COME FROM
                                                   YOU SAY THINGS WILL BE WELL AND FINE
                                                    THOUGH THE WORLD AROUND YOU IS CRUMBLING

                                                "Gio, check him for injury up here."

                                                “Come on,” Gio spoke softly to Alexandre, removing his own hand from his healing wound he then placed it over the spy’s arm in a comforting fashion and lead him to the opposite side of the boat. “Are you okay?” he asked the spy when they were safer. It was a standard question that he hadn’t expected the man to answer, and wasn’t surprised when he had remained speechless. “I’m going to check you for injuries, try to relax,” he cautioned the spy. Gio had done this countless times and knew how hesitant POW’s could be to anyone’s touch. However before he could begin an inspection on the male he heard Krister question the two Entente members. “Why is he still talking to them?” he muttered to himself as to not worry Alexandre, they should have already been on their way back to base. “Stay here, I’ll be back.”

                                                Gio had arrived just in time to witness Krister dump something that appeared to be liquid metal into the ocean. Looking around anxiously Gio attempted to get an understanding of the situation, but to no avail. Still he was sure nothing good was about to happen. “Krister we need to get out of here now,” he spoke up, as a feeling of something bad about to happen became overwhelming. Gio jumped feeling an arm graze his own. “Alexandre!” he called out, turning to face the male. In that moment a white light appeared effectively blinding Gio, Krister screamed out for him to get down, and seconds after a gunshot went off.

                                                Unfortunately Gio’s had been too distracted to process and follow Krister’s order in the right amount of time, and he was still standing as the light began to fade. He was certain he had been the one shot he was certain he was dying, only him, and no one else. If this was to be his end it’d be a blissful one. Soon this ignorant bliss was brought to an end by the boats erratic movements and Gio was thrown down and into the side of the boat. The impact caused the male to groan out in pain, but he realized he was still alive. Feeling around his body he checked for a bullet wound, but could only find his previous scars, he hadn’t been shot….

                                                "He got Alexandre?!"

                                                “Huh?” Gio questioned as he rose from where he had been thrown by the boat. “He got Alexandre what?” Gio questioned Krister once again raising his voice this time. Each step Gio took closer to Krister was slow and hesitant, each step got him closer to the answer of his questioning, and he wasn’t sure he wanted to know the answer anymore. When he finally reached Krister and the motionless body of Alexandre he dropped to his knees harshly. “No, no, no, no…” he began muttering each one sounding more desperate than the last. Placing his hand on the spy’s chest Gio was ready to begin taking on the wound.

                                                "You won't make it either if you heal it, you're not taking that wound."

                                                It was surreal having his hand pulled away from the lifeless body, his intentions were good, and he was willing to give his life, why was Krister pulling him away? “Krister you don’t understand, his life is on me, he was next to me, Ma posso guarirlo*” he spoke almost in a delusional state, as he struggled frantically to escape the navigators grip even as it tightened and was sure to bruise Gio’s skin. This was something he needed to do. This continued until Krister’s grip weakened and the navigator soon fell on Gio while muttering something that sounded similar to stop.

                                                The only sound that could be heard was the boat hitting the waves at it sped to some location Krister had entered before he blacked out from exhaustion. Gio hadn’t moved an inch but kept his eyes on the life he lost in front of him.

                                                UNKNOWN HOUR // UNKNOWN LOCATION

                                                The waves the boat had been hitting appeared to be getting softer and Gio was sure they were nearing some docks (Too much time had passed for them to be headed for France), allowing Krister to drop off of his body Gio kept hold of Krister’s arm to support him for a moment as he shimmied his own coat off, slowly he placed Krister’s head on top his coat before standing to get a better look of the docks. To his shock the dock was nearing but the boat wasn’t slowing. “Krister,” he yelled out, “Krister!” he yelled out louder this time as he ran over to where he laid the male down. When he got there the male had no signs of waking up anytime soon. He looked around for a small hint of what to do next, but there was none, all he could do was pin his own body on top of Krister’s and brace for an impact.

                                                When the time came for impact Axis alarms had been set off and were blaring, all while Axis soldiers ran for their lives away from where the boat was headed. When the boat made contact it tore through the pier and pushed everything in the boat back including Gio and Krister. Gio made sure he was the one that’d be hitting the boat wherever they were pushed, and wrapped his arms around Krister to ensure they’d stay together. Suddenly Alexandre’s body came rushing down past the two at a quicker pace, outstretching one of his arms Gio went to grab the spy’s hand but missed by a few inches, he had failed him again. He didn’t have time to dwell on it as his back hit the back of the boat and another pained groan came out his mouth.

                                                After the boat came to a stop Gio stood once again, however this time he pulled Krister up with him and struggled for a moment to put him on his back. When the navigator was safely secured on his back he began walking off the boat making sure to avoid the wreckage from the crash. He ignored the pain his body was in, he ignored Alexander’s fate, at the moment all he needed was Krister to be safe. When Gio hopped off the front of the boat Krister’s weight brought him down and he landed on his knees, the pain was great, but he needed to continue. Rising from his knees he started once again.

                                                It took a few minutes for a rescue team to arrive but when they did they had to struggle a bit with Gio’s grip before he released Krister, the man had gone far pasts his limits and a simple thing as releasing his grip had become difficult for him. "Make sure he's safe," he spoke when they finally freed Krister, with that Gio was free to join his friend in his current slumber.

                                                * But I can heal him
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                    Aileen hadn't meant to piss Solo off but it seemed like her ordering food did. She looked away, bringing her hand to her mouth to hide a smirk. She enjoyed getting under his skin. He got under her skin just as easily as she got under his. They seemed to have this love hate relationship with each other and it was even better when he was blaming her for for his frustrations. It made her day seeing him get annoyed with her over the littlest things. Once a day it seemed like he had something to blame on her. At times though she just wanted to slap him, to see her hand leave a pink hand mark on his seemly flawless face. Marking it as her own doing. Just once, she wanted to leave a mark on him and see how he acted over his complexion being made imperfect by the hand print. Solo needed to be taken down a step. To have his narcissism get the best of him and his ego become cracked but not completely broken so she could slowly crack it throughout the months. He seemed to have a. . .dislike over the whole place staring at her with something close to lust but he looked down instead of doing the same.

                    "You would have ranted about me being late to see your "gorgeous" face and hear your "seductive" voice, if I were to eat before I came here," she smirked, wrapping a strand of hair around her finger before leaning in close towards him. "I think you need to calm down before you destroy the table. Do I frustrate you that much that you have to take it out on a table?" the words seemed to roll off her tongue like a purr. She could feel the table slowly lower beneath her arms and she backed off to give him some room. She knew when to back off and now was that time to get out of his way before the table was actually ruined. "I guess you are right though. Tell us what we need to know instead of getting mad over me getting food like a child would get mad over being sent into timeout," she sighed, once again playing with a strand of her hair. She wasn't going to let herself feel sorry for setting him off like that because in truth she wasn't sorry. He needed to be taken down a peg and realize that she was the cat and him the mouse. . .not the other way around. She would never let herself be taken as the mouse. There was no room for weakness.

                    She watched with interest as Solo took out his toy, leaning in close to watch the diagram and to listen to him talk over the plan. By the time it was over, the waitress had came with her food. She hadn't expected so many plates. Did she really order that much food? She really couldn't remember but it seemed like she had. Solo, once again, was unhappy with her choice of ordering food. Unhappy enough to almost break the woman with his ability. She felt sorry for the woman, but she didn't do anything to help her. "Way to ******** almost break the poor woman," Aileen growled under her breath, not even listening to what him or Risk had to say to her. She looked at the woman apologetically but as soon as the look appeared it was gone from her face. She stood and pulled her coat back on and left a nice tip since it seemed like no one else was going to do it. It was also her way of telling the woman sorry about almost getting her broken. "We're never going to be allowed in here again," was all she said before leaving. She came just in time for Risk to thump Solo on the back of his head. She would have done so much worse, but she wasn't about to start something by making the situation worse. "Let the idiot do what he wants. Maybe it'll teach him he can't throw defenselessness people around like a barbarian," she said a little too harshly and pushed her way past them.

                    xoxoxoxoxoxox▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ { time skip } ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄

                    The way to base made her relax a little. They had decided to walk, since they were already close to the base. She had kept her distance from the other two and they left her to her thoughts. Her being anywhere near Solo, at that moment, was a bad idea because she would have slapped him. Something would have been said, and she would have been happy enough to slap him. Maybe slapping him would help to calm herself down faster. She didn't know what it was about him that set her off like this but it was usually him that had the ability to set her off. What was it about him that just made her want to slap him across the face and then. . .dare she say it. . .kiss him? ********. She crossed her arms over her chest with a slight huff, looking straight and spotting the base. "Looks like we're close to the base. Only a few minutes left before we reach our destination. Hopefully, Gio and Kris have made it there safely. Knowing them though, something must have happened on their way here. Lets hope that they are unhurt," she stated, not looking behind her to see their responses. She just kept on walking towards the base.

                    By the time they got there, Aileen was in full control over herself and her thoughts. She didn't doubt that Risk hadn't hear them, but at that point she really didn't care if she had heard what she was thinking about Solo or not. If she questioned her, she would refuse to answer her. "Welcome back, Aileen, Risk, and Solo," they were greeted upon entering the base. "It seems like Gio and Kris have gotten into a slight...accident on the boat. They seem to be okay though. Nothing deadly had happened to them...but we lost Alexander. I'm sorry," the male continued, bowing his head for their lost comrade. "It happens. Alexander will be missed, but we can't let his loss be in vain. We will take down Entente until we come out as the winners. We won't let them win this round or the next round. Besides, they have nothing on us," she stated with a slight smirk, gently patting the man's arm. She usually wasn't this nice, but she knew that the man and Alexander had been close like brothers. It was the least she could do to calm him down. She offered him a smile and it was only for him, so as soon as he saw it, it was gone and forgotten about. She didn't want people to think she was becoming soft.

                    "Where are they? Let me wake them up. Pretty sure they've gotten enough beauty sleep," she asked of him, watching as he pointed to one of the buildings. She nodded and left the other two behind. She really didn't care if they followed her or not. At the moment, they needed Gio and Kris up and ready to go fight Entente. She entered the room, seeing the two men there, she wished that Alexander were with them but sadly the male wasn't. She was just glad that at least Gio and Kris were still alive. She just hoped that they would be well enough to fight Entente. She went to Gio first, resting a gentle hand against his shoulder and gently shook. "Come on, handsome. Time to get up and defeat those enchiladas," she spoke and gently shook him again. Gio was probably one of the few comrades she had that she enjoyed being around. She would much rather be around him than Solo. Next she went over to Kris. She wasn't as nice as she had been with Gio. "Kris. Time to wake up, Kris. It's your favorite person," she spoke softly, almost creepy like, and rested her hand against his arm with a slight smirk. She was ready for his reaction to her being the first thing he saw when he woke up from his sleep.


                GIO&&KRISxoxoSLIGHTLY AMUSED
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                    xDxAxNxCxE xRxOxFxxxRxAxYxSx-x!
                                xxxxxxxxxx n a v i g a t o r xofxthexA X I S xW R A T H !!

                                ▐║ && BUT SELDOM DO THESE WORDS RING TRUE :: ↗↗ when i am constantly xf a i l i n g´ y o u
                                xxxxxxxxxxxxxx I JUST WANT TO S A V E YOU while there's still something
                                xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxL E F T TO S A V E !!
                                xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ( ◞ NO TURNING BACK ↺ )
                                xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxand that's when i told him . . .
                                xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx❛ ﹕I ' M N O T T H E A N S W E R ,xf o r q u e s t i o n sx
                                xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. . .that you still have。

                                                                █░⋮* S E P T E M B E R 22ND : 04:30 : B E L G I U M BASE - - - - - - - - !

                                                      The navigator could see nothing and heard nothing. His entire world was an abyss of darkness and even as he concentrated and struggled, the light that he had become so accustomed too wouldn't shine for him. Not a single ray, not a single dabble, he was encased in a sea of black. In many ways, it was terrifying and in others, it was reprieve from what he had become. Willing to hurt his friends because of orders and capable of murdering mindlessly thanks to orders as well. He was nothing but a machine and while he recognized it, he couldn't fix it. Orders were absolute in the military and it had been drilled into him since a young age that it was punishable through corporal means. To say the least, Krister wasn't too keen on being tortured and so he stuck to doing what he was told.

                                                      In his odd dream, he could feel himself being pushed about and he chocked it up to the rhythmic waves of the ocean lapping against the boat he assumed that himself and Giovanni were still on. The occasional out of place shout worried him, but it wasn't enough to pull him from the firm grip unconsciousness had on him. And the longer he stayed in its grip, it seemed the tighter it became. Soon, breathing became uncomfortable and finally he felt like he couldn't breathe whatsoever. Only a voice could be heard through the pounding of blood in his ears, "Kris... Wake up..." Very faint, his mind associated the oddly kind voice with the equally kind face of his partner Giovanni.

                                                      The unconscious abyss receded around him and slowly, painfully, Krister opened his eyes to a blurry world of bright white lights and white hair to match. Unfortunately, the face he first saw was not Giovanni. Rather, Aileen O'Connor, the damn menace of a girl whose power he'd been subject to one too many times. With as much elegance as a man scared half out of his wits after being woken from a comatose state could have, Krister loosed a ludicrously high-pitched scream and scrambled to get away from the girl who looked like a cat ready to pounce on her next meal. The bed though was unfortunately not that long and the Navigator ended up on his a** on the floor, blanket twisted awkwardly around his half-naked body as he propelled himself further away from the hellish woman, screaming obscenities in Dutch at her. His Dutch switched to a rough French and then finally to English as he finished it off, "--CRAZY b***h, THE ******** ARE YOU LOOMING OVER MY BED FOR I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU. COME ANY CLOSER AND I'LL MELT YOUR ******** EYEBALLS RIGHT IN THEIR SOCKETS." His colorful language tainted the clean medical air and he finally noticed that they were in fact not still on their ship but instead a medical bay. He'd obviously missed something.

                                                      Shakily, the Navigator pushed himself to his feet and tried not to wobble in his step. It seemed that Mariska and Solomon had also followed Aileen in and he begrudgingly sent a nod to the two, admittedly a tad embarrassed that they had witnessed his freak out over Aileen being so close to him when he woke up. Realizing that he didn't see his fourth comrade, his eyes darted about the room with obvious worry before they came to rest on the Italian man groaning and sitting up in his own medical bed. Shoving past Aileen none too softly, he muttered a curse under his breath and stopped just out of arm's reach from where Giovanni was sitting up. He suddenly felt awkward and unsure as to what he should say to the man. The last thing he'd done was force the Italian not to heal someone- to allow a brother in arms to die. He'd forced the Italian to live one of his fears. Krister's entire body was rigid, unable to move or even say something, as if paralyzed by fear of rejection from the man he'd wounded physically and mentally.

                                                      For once, a superior's shout was a saving grace. "PRIVATE INGRAM!" Lifting a hand in salute, Krister turned his attention from Giovanni to the superior officer standing in the doorway, calling him over. Hurrying out of the room behind the man, the Navigator snagged up his shades that were resting on a cabinet near the door and pushed them on over his eyes, vision instantly clearing up with the change. Outside of the room, the officer stopped to face him, a look of sternness on his face that made Krister want to duck his head and hide. "At 0300 hours this morning, your boat that was to be taken out to for negotiations in the channel rammed the docks and killed several dock workers. Care to explain?" Krister stared at the Superior, pleased that the shades would hide any infliction of emotion conveyed through his eyes. His mouth stayed in a firm line and he shook his head.

                                                      "I'm sorry, Sir. That was my fault, Sir. After negotiations in the channel, we escaped fire and Alexandre was hit. The wound was far too fatal for Giovanni to heal and so I made the decision to allow him to die." Krister refrained from wincing. It being said out loud made him wonder what the hell gave him the right to choose who lived and who died. But it was done and he was left with the aftermath. "I blacked out due to power overuse but I'd typed in the docks' coordinates before rushing to the back of the boat. I didn't think--"

                                                      "No. You didn't think. And you'll spend time refle--" The officer was cut off by a soldier rushing up to the duo, telegram in hand as he shot a nervous glance to them both and saluted the officer before handing it off. The words were read in a moment and the Officer strode away from him, pushing into the medical bay where the five of power wielders were now assembled. "Listen up you five, Entente forces have opened fire on our field. We'll return fire full power and I want you five at the front lines. Ingram and D'Ambrosio have had enough beauty rest and will be joining you." With that, he shot Krister one last reproachful look before tapping into the earpiece at his ear and commanding one of the airships be readied for flight. They'd be flying into the brunt of the fire, dropped off, and given their objectives at that point in time.

                                                      This tango was nothing new to Krister and he moved back into the medical bay, stripping himself of his medical robe. He didn't care that he was right in front of females or other people considering the boxers he still wore and made quick work of tugging on a black muscle shirt that clung tight to his muscled form in order to keep him aerodynamic. No loose fabric kept wind resistance down and in a situation such as a fight, the smallest advantages helped. A pair of cargo pants with pockets for ammo were yanked on and combat style boots to match. Pushing a hand through his hair, he left with Solomon in tow to go check out the airship they'd be taking to the battlefield.

                                                      She was a beauty. Not one he'd flown before, but they couldn't all be too vastly different. Once on board, he made himself at home in the navigator's chair and hooked up his shades to the ship's system. With the technology, he was able to see out the front of the ship, the back, and the sides on different screens that were displayed on the inner side of his shades. He was given exact longitude and latitude coordinates as well as direct communication to the cockpit. Gaining the affirmative that all five of them were boarded, Krister relayed it off to Solomon that they were ready for take off.

                                                                █░⋮* S E P T E M B E R 22ND : 05:20 : B A T T L E F I E L D - - - - - - - - !

                                                      Already the carnage was obvious. The Entente weren't playing around. Foot soldiers got out of the way as the airship landed and many got on board for a bit of cover from enemy fire. A superior called the five out of their various places on board. His impressive mustache quivering as he shouted out blunt, direct orders.

                                                      "You five are splitting into two groups. Private O'Connor and Private Castillo, you are to detain the Entente's illusionist. Information tells us she's taking down massive amounts of our men and I want her gone NOW." His face was a argumentably unhealthy shade of red by the end of his shouting and once he was done tearing into those two, he was turning on the three left over.

                                                      "And you three are to take down the ones left here on the field! Capture if possible and kill if necessary! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?!" Once he'd gotten an satisfying 'yes sir!' from the group, he dispersed from them and went back to the foot soldiers. Krister had his orders and moved to the weaponry racks where he picked up several guns, resting one handgun at his waist and the other at his shoulder. An automatic assault weapon was slung around his back and he leaned against the door of the airship as he watched his two partners for the mission arm themselves as well. Catching Mariska's eye, he smiled playfully, "Ready to get out there?" He questioned. He knew Giovanni's answer would be a solid no already and asides from that, he wasn't sure the Italian even wanted to see his face right now, much less speak to him.

                                                      OOC;; kjdsffglkcsd
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                        __ __________
                        and you knelt beside my hope torn apart _____________
                        and you knelt beside my hope torn apart_____________
                        and you knelt beside my hope torn apart_____________
                        and you knelt beside my hope torn apart_____________
                        _____ █▌BUT THE GHOSTS THAT WE KNEW WILL FLICKER FROM V I E W
                        _____________________so give me hope in the darkness that I will see the light
                        ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■___________________

                                            ⇘ Belgium;September 21st 0515
                                            Alaire was too tired to protest when Lee claimed the driver's seat. He sat at the back with Conrad, his hands folded and his foot drumming the floor in a constant rhythm as he nervously tried to still his beating heart as the Asian chose to speed through. But his patience only lasted for so much. He leaned forward and shouted at the Asian, "Lee, get out of the car. You drive like a maniac. Can you hear the car groaning? " Although it seemed that the words were lost on Lee's ears as they continued to speed over the bumps which sent him flying from the car seat and landing back on the leather seats. He sent a sidelong glance at Conrad, hoping that he was alright but it seemed all the man could do was groan and roll his eyes. Again the car's engine growled and hissed, spitting at the driver. Alaire cursed at Lee's reckless driving.

                                            "Stop!" Alaire exclaimed once more and to his surprise, the car slowed to a halt. Unfortunately they had already arrived at the compound but he was glad to get out of the death trap.

                                            Alaire clambered out of the car, relieved, and headed inside into the control room, leaving Lee to deal with Conrad. For most of the part, he had enough of Lee's shenanigans and wanted to sit in front of technology once more. The faint humming of electricity greeted him as he walked in and he took a seat near Ulliel, watching the screen with the utmost interest. The navigator moved the screens around with an expert eye which was meant to show the days he spent in front of the screen. There were soldiers dotted everywhere according to the satellite system that the British Empire chose to position in the sky. Clusters of soldiers waiting and hiding, the prey waiting to be hunted.

                                            Of course Lee's first greeting was going to be something like that. Alaire tried his best not to hiss as he angled himself away from the Asian and turned on the headphones, tapping into each of the wave's frequencies. It was strange how there was a little static present on one of the wave frequencies, causing Alaire to pull up the screen with their profile as quickly as possible. "Bonjour?" He stated into the the microphone. The response was cut off but they sounded like they were absolutely fine. He exited the screen and pulled out the RADAR, scanning the area for missiles. Apparently the Axis haven't even started moving. Alaire snickered, perhaps they were getting a little too complacent. "Et alors, le plan? Comment se fait-il?*" He asked, barely taking his eyes off the screen, trying to take in as many vantage points as possible. But the response was cut off by Lee demanding coffee and a squeak of outrage from Ulliel.

                                            "Just share the damn coffee," Alaire muttered and he pulled off his headphones as the medic came in with a stretcher. He reluctantly peeled himself away from the system and followed them to the infirmary. "Not entirely sure," Alaire responded. "But he can't talk according to Lee."

                                            Finally, news about the plan. Alaire sighed in relief. It sounded like they were going to secure Belgium at this rate. The Axis was not going to know what hit them. And then everything exploded. Alaire jerked backwards in surprise, his body flying away at a speed that only ceased when he hit a wall. He groaned in response as the makeshift infirmary began to disintegrate. Something fell on top of his arm and frantically, he looked to see if it was alright. His vision was a mass of red and black hues, seeping into one another like watercolours. He heard Ulliel's voice call out but Alaire couldn't summon the strength to call out to him. "Ugh," he muttered, trying to prise free his arm from the rubble.

                                            Someone began helping him. Weakly, he raised his gaze and saw Lenore, his entire body trembling from pain and shock. "Lenore, je suis bien mais..." He looked down at where she was trying to heal him, the adrenaline still keeping him comfortably numb despite his wounds. But as soon as she started prodding at the item wedged in his side, he began he groan, wincing in pain. He squeezed his eyes shut, heart beating frantically as he willed his brain to work. "The second explosion?" Alaire began scrambling to his feet, Lenore's tight grip on his arm preventing him from doing so. "We've got to secure Belgium. It can wait!" But her grip was unrelenting and so Alaire could do nothing else but comply.

                                            "Is Lee alright?" Alaire asked before turning to see the Asian standing there, looking dishevelled and disgruntled. "Lis, Lis? She hasn't heard the second explosion." In his heightened state, Alaire began panicking. "How fast can you get to her -" But the runner was gone, his wounds hardly healed. All for the sake of the empire. She began healing his leg and only then did he realise that he was actually quite wounded.

                                            "Is Conrad good?" Alaire asked Lenore who said nothing. Alaire looked around to see how the rest of the soldiers were going. The move was sickening, to plant a bomb in an area where there were the wounded surrounding it. But when he saw the remains of a leg, severed off with the obvious Axis boot and part of their uniform, Alaire turned his head away, disgusted. They killed Conrad, the guy with the information that the Entente needed to use to win this war.

                                            "You need to help the others," Alaire ordered her as he ran out of the area. To his surprise, the plane with the second bomb had not left the ground. Where the ******** was the pilot? Shaking his head, Alaire rolled underneath the plane to see if the bomb was attached. The missiles were beneath the wings which was good for the second part of the plan. "Ulliel?" Alaire said when he saw the navigator sitting next to the pilot seat. "What?" And then he saw Lenore already buckling herself in the seat behind. "Damnit Lenore, I thought I told you to heal the others." He said as he hoisted himself into the cockpit.

                                            Tapping each of the switches, he placed his headphones on and pulled the controls back, controlling its acceleration. He tapped the controller repeatedly and cursed at the plane's ineptitude. "It's not like Pereguine," he muttered as he watched the RADAR. At that moment, he wished he had his usual plane but it was back in England along with the rest of his belongings. He sighed and pulled back the control wheel and waited for the vehicle to get airborne. Finally, he was in the skies. Elation filled him and he grinned happily, pressing a few of the controls.

                                            "Have you managed to get in contact with Lis?" Alaire asked Ulliel. The second bomb needed to be detonated straight in Axis territory, away from No Man's land. Hopefully the third battalion was no where near the area. Alaire took a sharp turn right and increased the throttle. The second bomb was ready to be deployed.

                                            "Third battalion, come in, third battalion," Alaire said, looking into the distance, seeing that the communication tower Lis is supposed to be at still up and working. "Where are you?"

                                            "We're just heading into Axis territory," the captain said.

                                            "Okay, Alaire out," he said and pressed the button. There were a few clicks in the back of the aircraft and the device was deployed. He sped through the area, away from the explosion. Hopefully it would cause enough disarray to help Lis with that communication tower. Alaire let out a tight sigh and wiped his hands against his pants. The next manoeuvre was going to be hard.

                                            *And so, the plan? How is it?
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                                                  EN ROUTE TO AXIS BASE—SEPTEMBER 22; 04:19—WITH EMILIAN//O'CONNER
                                                    ▅▅▅▅▅ ▅▅▅▅▅ ▅▅▅▅▅ ▅▅▅▅▅ ▅▅▅▅▅

                                                  His heart raced with the rhythm he traveled, a slow and steady thrum at the center of his chest. With each beat, the sole of his weather proof boots connected with the dark and slick surface of the pavement. Blood laced with fading remnants of adrenaline pumped in his ears; a cool dampness of ice lightly covered his unmoving arms and shoulders over the thick coat he wore. He could smell nothing, not the bristling pines and oaks of the small forest surrounding him nor the saltiness of the northern Belgium sea; not the fresh snow roiling down only a few feet from the road he traveled, nor the burning scent of smoke in the air, or the coppery metallic tang of blood blowing in the wind. The senseless rage he felt from before was causing his usually sharp senses to wane and blur between lines of rational thought and foolish emotions. As if on cue, the image of him rising to further attack the woman conjured itself before the man’s weary blue eyes, taunting him with the reminder that he had made a fool of himself in the café. The blush that should have appeared on his face found it carrying its heat to Solo’s ears instead, alerting him that his body too felt the disgrace. But it was not his fault; he wanted to tell himself, it was the woman’s fault and O’Connor’s fault and even Emilan’s. Not his, he was never to blame. The world merely wanted to shame him with its natural cruelty. As if physically dispelling his own indignity, Solomon tightened his cold stiffened hand into a fist and raised it to his face, grinding gloved knuckles into the heat that bloomed in his right cheek. There was no reason for him to feel this way, as if he were the one who did something wrong. The notion was absolutely preposterous and so ridiculous that a faint smile made its way on Solomon’s passive features. It’s not…my fault, his mouth formed the words but he did not have the voice to sound them out. He stared straight ahead at nothing but snowy roads, his eyes blank of emotion and the smile remained. Soon his hands began to tremble and he immediately shoved his thumb between his teeth, biting down until the warm wetness of blood switched off his instincts of self-preservation. The trembling seemed to flow from the wound in his thumb and into the air, drawing away notes of insanity.

                                                  A slight pain resonated around the exterior of his skull, pinpointing the space behind Solo’s eyes. It sent a chain of pressure down his spine and he twitched as if a bullet had just impelled him. There was a presence behind him that he did not notice in his fit of lunacy of which he swore in his native tongue. In a flash of movement, the pilot sidestepped the presence, pivoting his left foot to round on the foe. A glint of metal appeared under the folds of his sleeve and he prepared to ground the barrel of a derringer into the pupil of one unlucky individual. He heard her voice before he saw her face and once it registered in his head that this was not a person he could kill, Solomon immediately shifted his weapon inches right so that the barrel pointed not at Emilan’s light green eyes, but past her head. It took mental effort not to fire several rounds into the snow behind the woman and only because of their close proximity was he able to step back from her and withdraw his gun without taking a fist to the side of her head. “I am not allowed to become deadweight,” he commented in a conversational tone, regarding her as if he had been speaking to her for quite a while. “You would all suffer if I did, and that woman clearly interfered on purpose. I was merely responding in a way that an officer should.” With an air of superiority swarming about him like a grim cloud, Solomon waved away all arguments, turning his back on the woman, but not before reaching out and pinching the tip of her middle finger, using his fingernails to pull the glove from her hand and store it in his pocket. Taking several longer steps, he put distance between them quickly before the woman could lash out at him for his disturbance of her order. He was aware of Emilan’s delicate mental state and her obsession with precision. While it was not sound to exploit such a personal issue, he would use this type of method as retribution for her flicking him. He could have smiled in this moment because it was meant to be amusing, yet his face remained an emotionless mask. Still the hilarity was there.

                                                  The appearance of O’Connor cast a shadow over his face and whatever he was about to say to Emilan was forgotten. She shoved past them, every word to slip from that mouth of her more offensive than the last. With each, the area at his back quaked and vibrated with disturbed energy. Where he stepped on the road, there was a subtle imprint of his boot’s underside in the solid earth. A transparent halo of zero gravity rotated around the crown of his head like it had been stolen from a demon, deliberately ascending into the air and inching its way towards O’Connor with the main intent of reversing its form and wrapping itself around her head until her skull shattered with the unadulterated force. In his vision, he saw a bright blue light skirting throughout the circular body of the halo. With each round, the halo grew smaller and smaller, pinpointing O’Connor’s head. When it made contact with her skin, it would implode and detonate everything within a two foot radius. She was not a fear he could conquer with sheer willpower. Why not just end her? He constantly entertained these thoughts while he simultaneously welded his power against her. And the answer to his thoughts would always be the same. The logical half would force his hand and make him dispel his power, which he did now. The other half…obviously wanted her dead. The gravity at his back settled into normalcy and the halo faded, its unused energy rushing into the air and vanishing. His hands shook inside his coat but he ignored them and instead focused all his might into tuning out the sound of the girl’s words in his head. They daunted his pride and pestered his memory for minutes before he snuffed them out of existence and pushed away all tempting thoughts of murdering the girl here and now. Instead his eyes fell on her body, the swish of her hair as it trailed down her back and the sway of her hips. Even her boots and the way she kept her shoulders straight…he hated all of it. He hated her and her body and her voice and her existence, yet…he did not know but there was a lingering, unsure part of him that he refused to recognize that knew that things would change without O’Connor in his life. But he would not acknowledge the fact. He personally did not need her, he told himself, only her power. Only. Her. Power.

                                                  Removing Emilan’s glove from his pocket, Solo glanced back at her. “Tell me again why we are letting her live," he intoned dryly, tossing her glove back to her. "I constantly find myself forgetting.”

                                                  AXIS BASE—SEPTEMBER 22; 04:51—WITH EMILIAN//O'CONNER
                                                    ▅▅▅▅▅ ▅▅▅▅▅ ▅▅▅▅▅ ▅▅▅▅▅ ▅▅▅▅▅

                                                  "Welcome back, Aileen, Risk, and Solo,"

                                                  Before Solomon could begin to shake the bitter cold from his stiff muscles, his body automatically snapped into action, his spine straightening and his heels clicking together. His gloved hand swung up into a sharp solute at the superior tone of a person he could not see. He disliked recognizing another as his superior, but the habit was drilled into him from years past and there was no way of controlling it. Tiny ice crystals tickled his face, but he did not move until the person in charge commented that the spy was lost. Then Solo wanted nothing more than to face this superior and question him profusely about his lack of skill because there was obviously something wrong here if one pathetic spy could not be caught and captured. The he recalled that it was two of his own team, Ingram and D'Ambrosio, who were charged with the task of retrieving the spy. And they failed. Now the argument died in his throat and he settled back into his passiveness, masking his disappointment. The superior also spoke of an incident involving the Axis pair, but as of now the welfare of the two was secondary in his mind. Condolences were exchanged, but Solo remained silent, instead choosing to walk away from the bout of incompetence pouring from the officer’s mouth and the constant stream of nonsense O’Connor often spoke. It made him wonder how she ever made her way into Axis, disregarding her power. In his opinion, she was extremely dangerous because of her ability and the fact that she was an utter moron with no wit and no other skills. And why could he not kill her? Why did she still live? Why did they want her to live? Though he could find some way to have her killed, why did the thought put him off every single time? And why the hell was he thinking about her when there were other things that should have been on his mind. A mission, failed by what Solomon considered the elite of Axis.

                                                  He needed to speak to both men about this.

                                                  Moving silently into the infirmary, Solomon stood beside the entrance, sliding his hands behind his back in a smooth motion. Waiting for one of the doctors to wake Ingram, Solo walked towards the bed belonging to D'Ambrosio. Gazing down into his pale yet bruised countenance, the officer said nothing yet his fingers flexed behind his back and a wall of pressure hovered above the healer’s immobile form. “What were you thinking…” muttered Solomon, a slight look of frustration churning in his eyes. A hot ache broke out over his forehead and Solomon stumbled backwards, his pressurized wall dissipating. At the same time, Ingram fell from his bed, a mass of red hair, flailing limbs and obscenities in various languages. The pilot did not understand what sounded roughly like French or Dutch, but the hostility the navigator displayed was more than enough for one’s imagination to wander in that particular direction. Solomon stood still in his place; his eyes a blank stare as he observed the events unfold between the two individuals, sights focusing first on Ingram the on O’Connor and back again. If he was one to form common facial expressions, he would exhibit a bewildered look and question the raving navigator about his fear of O’Connor. Sure she harnessed the power that accessed one’s deepest fears and could exploit them in any way she wished, and of course she was capable of such feat as O’Connor undoubtedly had her cruel moments, but…alright, so perhaps Ingram’s reaction to waking up to that woman was justifiable.

                                                  Next thing he noticed, Ingram was nodding in his direction, a light embarrassed flush lining his bluish features. Solo’s response was to simply shrug a shoulder and direct his gaze at the door beside him. The clicking of hard pressed heels alerted him to the arriving presence of another, and it was backed by urgency. Whoever it was, they had business with the group. Soon, Solo turned aside the face the person, likely a superior officer, to salute him when he came through. His gloved hand swung up, thumb pressed against the center of his palm and index finger gently buffeting his eyebrow when the uniformed man stepped inside the infirmary and addressed Ingram. Solomon’s eyes followed the man and when he had left his sight, the pilot dropped his hand. He listened close for the accumulative summary of Ingram and D'Ambrosio’s mission, and his eyebrow notched up an inch when the death of Axis men was mentioned. It appeared that they had a more difficult time than he would have imagined which was to say that he didn’t. Solomon held himself to high standards and that included having the best team in the military. So to hear that two of the best officers of Axis failed a simple mission, it made him want to shake his head in wonder. But he did not because such physical displays were beneath him. He did make to return to D'Ambrosio’s side so he could question the medic but did not get the chance. The superior officer was now addressing all of them, and he focused his attention on the man’s words. The news that Entente was in their territory elicited a small frown from Solomon but his mind was a flurry of thoughts and strategies, torture tactics and the weapons he would use against those bastards. His hands shook with the lack of murderous activity but he himself remained calm. He was lost in his delusions of warfare that it only occurred to him to look around when he realized that Ingram was leading him away from the infirmary.

                                                  “Maravilloso,” Marvelous, the pilot breathed from a stiffled exhale, beholding the magnificence of the aircraft he would be flying for this mission. With its sleek coating, and the outlining of hidden weapon compartments built into its underside, Solo was at a loss for words and would have stopped to stroke the planes smooth exterior if Ingram was not walking beside him. Mounting the steps that lead inside, he managed to swipe a few fingers across the rim of the door, shuddering at the feel of it, how good it felt to his hands. Indeed, if a man could love something else than another person, it would be planes. He stepped inside and his hands somehow gravitated towards the central controls, knowing where their use was. Before Ingram finished his walkthrough of the coordinates, Solomon smooth his gloved hands over the switches, the stirring wheel, and his eyes falling on the foot pedals and straying to the large touch screen panel built into the dashboard. His eyes lit up a brilliant blue that would never happen in any other situation. He seated himself in the pilot’s chair immediately, his hands and body eager to take control of this magnificent craft.

                                                  “Ready?” he asked, glancing over at Ingram with impatience in his eyes and voice. He barely noticed the others when they entered. The navigator gave him the signal he was waiting what felt like eons for and Solomon turned his body around to stare outside the expansive window in front of him, a child-like giddiness overtaking his usual composure. He could barely contain his excitement when he ran his hand over the touch screen, an assortment of various controls lighting to his touch. The plane ran a quick check of its status, showing him the condition it was in. Suddenly, a giant green ‘thumbs up’ flashed in a rapid session then settled, its image causing Solomon to press himself against the back of his seat for he almost lurched and clutched the screen, letting his hands flutter over it like an agitated fanboy. He reached hesitantly for the screen, careful when he tapped a section of it for fear that everything was a dream and his simple response to it would cause the fantasy to crash and fade. An intercom came to life overhead. “We are heading to the battlefield,” he said, inwardly marveling at the clear sound of his voice coming through the speakers. “The plane has been stocked with everything we will need, so prepare thoroughly.” Shutting off the speaker, the pilot placed his boots over the foot pedals and placed his right hand on the digitalized throttle that pixilated under his hovering hand.

                                                  His heart thundered in his chest with enthusiasm and a wide grin stretched his lips, pulling at rarely used muscles. He powered up the plane, watching a row of small green lights glow in sequence, and pushed down on the foot pedals, preparing to do what he did best.

                                                  BELGIUM;; BATTLE FIELD—SEPTEMBER 22; 06:49—WITH O'CONNER
                                                    ▅▅▅▅▅ ▅▅▅▅▅ ▅▅▅▅▅ ▅▅▅▅▅ ▅▅▅▅▅

                                                  Solomon stared directly at O’Connor, all the hate and frustration he could muster burning in the pits of his deep blue irises. “Yes sir,” he managed in a reply to the orders given to him. “Do not ******** this up, girl,” he said loud enough for everyone to hear but his words were meant for Aileen. With that, he moved into the violence of the battlefield, activating his gravitational powers and forming a pressurized barrier around him that would dissolve any bullets into fine metal dust. He expanded it to house another person, Aileen, if she caught up with him. If not, he wouldn’t worry too much about her. He wanted to find this woman, kill her, and come back to the battle so he could severely reduce Entente’s forces and lead Axis to an easy victory.
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                                            His vision flickered out of focus, everything a blur, seeing double. Lee rubbed his eyes in an attempt to regain his sight only to cause seconds of momentary blindness and receive no change with his actions. He cursed, groaning from the pain, shifting around uncomfortable in a pile of debris. The male let out a wince when he attempted to lift the rubble away from his body, dislodging himself from the mess as best he could without applying further pain to his now sore muscles and bones. His mind faltered, his movements awkward and slow. His skin still stung from the wave of searing heat, his mind numb from the sudden shock. A patch along his neck which extended out to his upper cheek bone tingled and tickled him. Lee's eyes darted around, trying to assess the situation and figure out how he should proceed. He looked down at his fingers which scraped the darkened ground, parts of his clothing singed and torn from the initial lift off and crash landing. Everywhere was a blood-stained mess. A stream of blood from a throbbing gash marked upon his forehead trickled down along his jaw and dripped off from his chin into his lap. His black hair damp with his sweat, coughing and greedily sucking in air. Lee mustered his strength to push himself up, only to be victim to a jarring pain that shot up through his leg, once more he crumbled back down. Everything was hard of hearing, loud shouts and wails of pain did not register. The male however showing recognition to a desperate cry from Ulliel. The Asian turned his head in the direction of the navigator's voice, he squinted, trying to focus his vision. "Boom box at your service," he croaked, managing to produce a chuckle despite his injured state. His breathing ragged, futile attempts to regulate it. Lee refrained from movement with his right arm, a continuous growing pain that ached, warm blood trailing down to his elbow and colouring his sleeve a bright crimson. With much effort he wormed his way through the pile of debris, propping himself up against pieces behind him so that he was in some sort of seated position. "Was that Conrad?" he asked in disbelief, who would have thought. Implanting a bomb into the spy, ingenious idea. Lee mentally congratulated whoever thought of it, completely unexpected. "Well played Axis, well played." He let out another cough when another's movements caused a cloud of dust to envelope the surviving members within the small area.

                                            The male sensed movement at his side, tensing when he felt a warm touch. He flinched back when the person touched the wound on his head, bringing up his left hand and gripping the person's wrist as a warning. His blurry vision did not aid him in being able to verify who exactly it was. A sudden surge of energy ran through him, the male grunted, releasing his weak grip and his arm falling back to his side. He sat silently, trying to figure out what exactly was happening to him, feeling his open wound curl back and close up, blood no longer free falling down the side of his face. Lee allowed himself to relax a little. Lenore, it was just Lenore. He couldn't help but jump whenever she touched another painful spot, feeling a little revived after it all. The female moved from his side to another, giving her a slight nod of thanks before pushing himself up into a some-what standing position, having much difficulty without anything to lean on to. He had an arm around his stomach as if to keep all his organs from bursting out, managing to stand up straight and dust himself off.

                                            His ears still rung with a loud sound similar to the blaring of sirens, catching only the murmuring of Lenore to Ulliel, nothing else reaching him. Lee tested his legs, sauntering forward a few steps, shifting his body weight balance from right to left. He bit into his lip when a nagging pain tingled throughout his left calf muscle. His legs felt like lead, heavy and unwilling to move. His hair falling over his eyes, an irritation he chose to ignore presently. Lee huffed, his eyes blindly searching what used to be the infirmary, trying to pinpoint who was making all the loud shouting. He glanced at Ulliel who was still and silent, still recollecting his thoughts and piecing himself together. His gaze lingered over to Alaire who was currently the epitome of noise. Lenore holding him down gently, and forcing the pilot to stay grounded. The Asian shuffed over a little closer to be able to hear what the male was saying with such a panic-stricken facial expression.

                                            Mentions of Lis and the second explosion caused everything to click in Lee's head together. The illusionist was still in the middle of the battlefield taking out Axis while he was standing here idly staring blankly up at the darkened sky. He needed to get moving and do what he could for Entente regardless of his personal sense of justice and morality, he had to do something instead of just wasting time crashing cars all day. According to what he had last heard, Lis was towards the furthest communication tower which was still currently intact and in the process of dismantling. He had to get there, as soon as he could and carry out his last task for the day. His task? A task that risked his life. His life, also the one being relied on to save another life important to Entente, important to him.

                                            Before Alaire could finish his sentence, the Entente sniper was off. At first it was a light jog with minimal use of his energy, wincing at the occasional jarring pain which caused pain to ripple throughout his body. Lee broke out into a run as he began hearing shouts of success or failure, the beginning of his problems were about to start here. A string of profanities left his lips as he followed closely behind a battalion that were just advancing into Axis area. He slowed down for a brief moment as he approached someone who seemed to have some sort of authority, "Illusions, where is she?" he sputtered breathlessly. The man glanced at Lee, a look of recognition shone in his eyes. The man before him saluting and shaking his head. Lee simply nodded, when the Entente soldier pointed in the direction of the main field of violence, "That's where she was headed, we've lost sight of her, she's much further ahead." Lee sighed, a small wave was exchanged as he ran ahead of the advancing group.

                                            Axis members charged at the sight of him, Lee pulling out a handgun and beginning to shoot without hesitation. With each bullet, he watched another fall before him, blood trailing from open wounds and seeping into the dear Earth. Each face was adorned with an expression of regret, lifeless forms on the floor. Lee grimaced whenever he pulled the trigger, pain shooting up his arm whenever he did so. Pain swept him as he felt a blow against his back, a flurry of colours invaded his vision. "你这个愚蠢的...*" using the butt of his gun and whacking the person behind him against the temple, hearing a satisfying crack, a smirk upon Lee's features. He heard another scream directed towards him, Lee heaved as he felt a surge of power run against his legs. The rest of the world slowed down as he evaded the bullet shot towards him, speeding up towards the brunette male who so dared to aim at him. He placing a gun against the man's forehead, the sound of a zap and time returned. Lee did not even allow for an expression of confusion to sew itself along his enemy's face, shooting the male dead. His hands shook, lowering the gun to his side as those around him stared at him in shock. He grinned, glaring at whoever made eye contact with him.

                                            In that split second of silence he moved again, a new found energy tickling along his leg muscles as everything slowed around him as he moved through crowds, dodging things as best he could. Every step bringing him further to Lis, cuts and scratches left all over him as he rushed past people. At times he'd take advantage of his weight and carelessly ram into others, pushing them over to make way for himself. Bruises littered across his skin, an excited cry as the communication tower came in sight. Lee reloaded his gun as he neared, breathless, gasping for air as he did so. The Asian slowed down, energy soon zipping away from his legs, left to run of his own accord. His breathing was ragged, his heart beating at an unreasonably fast tempo, sweating, searching the crowd for a familiar face, for Lis. The weight of his weapon suddenly ten times more heavier than it was previously. An enemy ran towards him, Lee's vision doubling as he sighted the figure with a weapon in hand. The sniper gripped his gun tightly, pointing it towards where he believed the person to be and pulling the trigger. No wail of pain, the figure still advancing towards him. He blinked, the world focusing for him once more. A frustrated grunt, "不错,但你错过了*", he shot again, this time the enemy before him slowed down while gripping on to his arm. [********] he let out, deciding not to waste time and instead utilizing his power of speed again, zooming through every inch and corner of the tower, avoiding as much conflict as he possibly could, everything starting to turn into a blur. His mind was numb, waves of increasing pain shocking his body, causing him to shiver and shake.

                                            "LIS!" he called out numerous times, only to be disappointed at every scene. Finally he found her, towards the peak of the tower in a room he figured was the control room considering the level of engineering. The male way past his limit and physical capabilities, having much difficulty walking towards her as she took out the last few enemies that were in the room with her. It took up his whole will power to not drop and blank out. Some half-healed wounds were already re-opened, the male smelt of his own blood and sweat, his eyes barely open as he addressed the female, a hand on her shoulder to make sure he had her full attention. "Lis! Keep following the plan accordingly. Ignore the hiccups. " He croaked, his words a quick whisper as he stepped back, leaning against some sort of table when the loud clicking of heels reached his ears. Lee raising the gun in hand again, pointing it at the next which entered the room. His vision tripled, rubbing his eyes with his free hand. Instant recognition of the male that walked in, "Private Ingram," Lee uttered, coughing as he did so. His raised hand shook, the Asian knowing for certain that his gun skills were nothing but useless right now. A frustrated "Tch," left his breath, "Some lovely new faces behind you I see." Lee's eyes locking with Krister's, the Entente sniper swallowing as another two walked in. "Private D'Ambrosio, another friendly face," he chuckled. The "elite" of Axis were the only people who would never underestimate. He had to be careful, glancing over at Lis, only for his gaze to return to a female Axis member who also filed in, the long brown hair and gun in hand causing Lee to bite into his lip and draw blood. He wasn't going to be able to best their Sniper in the state that he was in. He exhaled slowly, "And what brings you here?"

                                            你这个愚蠢的.. = You stupid....
                                            不错,但你错过了 = nice, but you missed
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                              C-xCOUNT⇣DOWN T↻ THE VERY ━END ✖
                              READY ► AIM↷ PULL↴ THE TR⇡GGER NOW

                                        If science ever found a way to channel Solomon's ego into a food source the world would never go hungry again. Risk hissed and snatched at him when he pulled her glove off but he'd already pulled it out of reach. She could shoot him but then he might get blood on her glove. Better not to risk it. Grumbling behind she pulled off her other glove stuffing it deep into her pocket. She couldn't just wear one glove after all. Still her fingers itched to retrieve their companion so at least she had a glove in each pocket. Dropping the glove would be wasteful and she expected the other to be returned at some point and then it wouldn't have a partner at all and she'd have to throw it out as well and just UGH. She wanted her glove back.

                                        They walked in silence towards their destination, her falling into step just behind Solomon and trying to devise a way to get glove out of his pocket. She regretted not picking up pickpocketing as a child now. Every time she reached for his coat he'd jerk out of her way even when she thought he was distracted with watching Aileen's backside; and wasn't that just a thought she could live without. She wasn't drunk enough to be jealous of the other woman and her irritation stemmed purely from the absence of her gloves. Her hands were freezing and if her fingers got too numb she'd have a hard time handling her gun properly and yet she refused to tuck them under her armpits because then she'd really look like she was pouting. Just as she'd resolved Solomon in the leg, thus negating the possibility of a blood glove he turned around and tossed the material back to her while insulting Aileen. She couldn't answered him with the truth but she suspected he wouldn't be pleased with what her powers had picked up regarding the two's thoughts on each other. With so little company on their trek Risk's powers had an easier time focusing and relaying complete sentences to her. Not that she could say she was a fan of knowing either one of them wanted to ******** the other and to be perfectly honest she could have lived without such information but her gift was rarely ever actually helpful. Luckily they reached the base as she slipped her gloves on again and clenched her fingers as the familiar droning buzz sounded in her ears as she did her best to tune it out.

                                        They were welcomed back and given the run down of the situation which seemed to have escalated in the short time they'd been getting together. While the other two worried over the state of their incapacitated comrades Risk walked to the other side of the small medical tent and opened her suit case. Stripping off her thick coat regretfully she disarmed and double-checked every gun for a full magazine and a bullet in the chamber. Opening her suitcase next she assembled her rifle and loaded the cartridge just as there was an unholy scream from behind her. Looking down the barrel to check its sightings she didn't even bother to check on the newly awakened Krister- knowing exactly what, or in this case, who- had scared him. Satisfied, she holstered a gun on either side of the special double harness that banded across her shoulders. Beneath each gun rested three spare magazines, two meant for their respective guns and the bottom one for her rifle. The rifle rested diagonally across her back with the barrel pointing at the ground and while she wasn't used to needing spare ammunition for it she figured being in the thick of the fight anything could happen and it was better to be prepared. The clingy under armour coldgear wasn't anything she wanted to be parading around in at the moment but she couldn't afford to be weighed down or otherwise inhibited by a jacket. She did keep her gloves thankfully and her pants were fitting without being too tight or loose. Around her thigh was yet another firearm and single spare. Despite being geared up for a one man war Risks's body actually looked feminine for once with each curve accentuated by the holster straps that hugged them. Go figure.

                                        Trooping outside she gave Solo his alone time with the plane and boarded without fanfare, her body a tight coil of nerves as she fought to relax her muscles. She felt sick. It was always much quieter when she was off on her own, far away from the battlefield and picking people off. Now though random thoughts crashed around her and only about one in five made any sense to her. Closing her eyes she pretended the world wasn't fracturing around her and belching out gruesome demons. The sun wasn't bleeding into the sky, no one was screaming in her ears. Biting down hard on the meaty part of her hand where her thumb joined her wrist she forced herself to breathe again- knowing deep down none of it could be real of the people in the plane would also be flipping the ******** out. She was still dealing with it when Solo's cool voice sliced through the bedlam in her mind and she latched onto that sound like a lifeline to pull herself out of her own mess of thoughts. When she was calm again they'd landed and she was glad she'd already come prepared as Krister grinned at her from the doorway. "We're going for drinks after this- your treat," she commented, brushing past him to get on the ground, a gun already in hand as she scanned the area, eyes skipping right over the monstrous horrors interspersed with the regular horrors of war.

                                        "We need to get up there and scout the area for anomalies," she commented, gesturing to the large communication tower. "Since we're only targeting specific people we can't waste time doing gruntwork trying to track them in this chaos." Even as she explained herself though Risk was already working her way towards the tower. Her mind filtered uniforms and anything not familiar to her was immediately shot in the chest. She did her best not to focus on the battle around her. Risk didn't mind the gore- it was the mess that had her itching to straighten out uniforms and align the corpses. They reached the communication tower with minimal interference as they hadn't been far from it to begin with and she paused at the door, eyeing the injured man outside of it who was bandaging him arm. "How many are inside?" she asked, not bothering to inquire after his health. He'd live. Still she angled her body so she stood between him and their resident bleeding heart. She didn't want Gio taking pity on the man and healing him when he should be shoring up his strength for their own battle.

                                        "Just the one," the man grunted, "but it sounded like he was looking for someone so someone else might've gotten in.". Or an entire team might've gotten in with man's deficiency. She sighed and shook her head before gesturing for Krister to precede her inside. It had nothing to do with using him as a shield. "Fry anything that breathes, I'll cover our backs," she said, leaving Gio between them in case either one of them was injured. She preferred not to rely on his powers but it also meant he was the most protected of them. They made their way inside the building slowly, clearing the rooms as they went. It wasn't long until they found the insurgents in the main communications room. He seemed to know Kris and Gio as she heard him address them before the entering the room herself. Risk had been winged a couple of times along the way herself but this particular man looked like he'd been chewed up and spat back out the wrong end of Hell. Unfortunately for him he was also pointing a gun at them and Risk couldn't allow that no matter how nonthreatening he seemed.

                                        She fired twice in succession- the first missed as he seemed to blur and move but the other found its mark just above his kneecap. She could kill him but she figured he might a hold a little value as a negotiating tool in convincing his partner to come with them peacefully. Because in all honesty Risk really did not want to try to fight this girl. She'd rather put a bullet in her brain really but she forced her arm back down to her side, remembering their instructions to take the woman alive. She didn't holster her gun though- she wasn't that stupid. Backing herself up against the door she shut to make sure they were snuck up on or surprised- leaving Kris to hopefully deal with the woman as she held Gio back from approaching the man she'd just shot. His energy supplies were exhausted enough- no need to waste it on the rebellious trash. She shut her eyes tight for a moment as the man's face seemed to melt and sag, becoming blurry and then jagged as he transformed. The rushing wind sound was back in her ears and she tightened her hand into a fist to keep from recoiling back. She couldn't afford to show any signs of discomfort to these people.

                                        IN⌋ TIME ☞YOU FIRM:LY SECURE☂ YOUR PLACE IN ☠ ❝HELL↓
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blah blahwe're d r i f t i n g ⇡⇡ aimlessly
and you'llblind ❖ in a world↬ of make ♔° believe
sounds { & forget about the * premonition you need ♢ to conceive }
the images they sell are illusion and dreamxx the images they sell are illusion and dream x
the images they sell are illusion and dreamxx the images they sell are illusion and dream
truth will carry onin other ⋯ words dishonesty

                                                        Recalling her orders she breathed in deeply and exhaled, attempting to calm her nerves. She much preferred infiltration by pretending to be on of their own rather than just walking in invisible. But, orders were orders and had to be followed even if she didn't agree. It would take too long they said, not enough time. Easier and more effective this way. The small team was getting restless as they waited on stand-by. Everyone knew that as soon as they got to three all hell would break loose. She was preparing to dart around a bit in the treetops before sneaking into the comm tower. Her infiltrating team were there as distractions, almost like cannon fodder. She was getting restless, they were supposed to have gotten the go a few minutes ago. "Alaire, Ulliel, Do we have confirmation? Hello?" she tapped the mike but all she got was static. She was talking to them a few moments ago and she wasn't told to keep radio silence. She had to secure that damn tower and delaying anymore would jeopardise it. "Alright team, we have the all clear! Let's head out and give them hell!" she yelled at them and started darting from branch to branch.

                                                        She didn't watch to see how her comrades were doing, chances were they were either already dead or soon to be. Their objective was to allow her safe passage inside before she hit the main comm room. Making herself appear invisible she followed in one of the axis soldiers before quickly darting away to figure out her location. Her target should be down the hallway, take a left turn after three doors and then make a right on the first available room. Following the path she stalled a bit, a door sliding open and a commanding officer storming out of the room muttering curses. "Good for nothing goddamn airheads! What do these toons think that they're doing?" he grumbled while storming out. She drew closer to the door and caught wind of the conversation going on inside. "'mander's just so grumpy and angry all the time. We never seem to meet his expectations..."
                                                        "Yeah well, you know what he's like..."

                                                        The rest of their conversation was too quiet to make out and she continued on her way to the main control room. From her best estimates, she'd say that there'd be about 2 guards outside, at least 3 inside and maybe one or two technical people. A plan suddenly formulated in her mind to easily get rid of the outside guards. Drawing upon her memory, she created an illusion of herself being the commander. She figured all she had to do was be harsh with them and she might be able to pull it off. Approaching the two guards stationed there she began yelling at them mentioning how there was a problem and for them to go check it out. Mentioning the entente seemed to help speed things up.

                                                        She marched into the main control room and everyone stood to attention. "At ease!" she commanded, altering her voice to be deeper and gruff like she had heard. She approached the two soldiers who eyed her illusion with wariness but didn't appear to be able to see through it. Suddenly she burst into movement, throwing two knives right into their throats effectively killing them instantly and before the third could react she pulled out one of the knives and threw it right into the mouth of the third. The two computer nerds at the terminals backed away into the corner when she pulled out her gun and motioned for the two of them to remove themselves from the terminals. "Line up!" she commanded, having already dropped the illusion. Making sure the silencer was correctly on she shot them both, one bullet and two birds down. Not wasting any time she quickly put the gun and weapons back and began fumbling with the buttons. She briefly thought she heard her name being called out but she chose to ignore it, concentrating wholeheartedly on finishing what she came here to do. She was getting there when Lee suddenly barged in. "What the hell? What're you doing here?" she stared at him, her fingers paused from the barrage of typing. Concern filled her features when she noticed just how beaten up he looked but he waved it off and told her to continue.

                                                        The next few moments were chaotic. The room suddenly had Axis members, strong Axis members in the room. Lee began distracting them as Lis quickly made herself invisible. Quickly pressing enter, the comm tower was now under Entente control. This tower no longer had authority over itself. She also managed to steal some secret intelligence which she sent over to her allies to take a look at. Angrily she threw her already bloodied daggers at them. Shooting Lee just sent her over the edge, what kind of a person shoots an already wounded soldier? That, was a stupid question... these people were the enemy. She went after the female, the one that had shot Lee. She aimed a punch at the head while trying to sweep her legs from under her. It was all going great except that she got dragged down with the female. Not letting this stop her, Lis quickly got on top but was stopped right before she was about to deal a harsh blow. There was a sharp pain on the back of her head before she momentarily lost all control over her body. That was enough. She felt her body being kicked and she involuntarily let out a gasp before groaning. "s**t..." she mumbled as she felt her body being relocated.

                                                        Good news was, her mission had been successful. Bad news, she got captured in the process. Oh what joy this would be. The pit of her stomach churned at the thought of what they'd do to her. They were not merciful without a reason, so they'd probably try to extort as much as they could out of her. They weren't even kind with manhandling her body. She'd probably have bruises on her wrists. Ahh hell…
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