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                                                            LOCATION: Langston Estate
                                                            COMPANY: Adrian & Lexi
                                                            OOC: LOLOLOLOLOVERDUEPOST. IT'S SHORT. SUE ME MOFOS.

              DAMIEN LANGSTON

                  Adrian was never much of a conversationalist—Damien even less. As Damien’s golden eyes peered down his timid brother, Adrian eyes averted towards the crowd. At his turn, the pharmacy technician surveyed the crowd with a lack of grand interest. Years spent part as an upper class member required him to attend social gatherings on a regular basis, but Damien was never the one to really care about them. If he was not so concerned about his sibling, and stepping as the heir of the family, he’d be at home, drinking the night away with only himself to keep as company. Man, ******** his life for giving more than two ******** about Adrian. If he could only grow a spine already. Out of mild frustration, a tanned myopic man brought his hand up to his forehead, closed his eyes, and sighed.

                  “Thanks for coming,” Damien heard as he gave away his empty glass of champagne. Huh. Maybe Adrian was not as timid as Damien thought. When did he ever man up? He must have missed the memo… that or he had been gone for too long. The King of Grouches re-opened his eyes to look at his brother who seemed to be nervous about something. Not that many could tell but underneath that thick mask of Adrian’s nonchalance, lies a man with a lot of burdens. Again, Damien looked around the room, observing the people who were present at the moment. He was not politically or financially involved with anyone but he recognized a few familiar faces from a far. Like for example that clumsy butler. He saw him from afar walking around with an unstable stance and unstable hand. Why was that old man still around? The man should have retired by now. He also saw Adrian’s previous love interest, Lexi Laskaris walking towards them. A great sense of dread came over him like a slap in the face. Instead of looking at her, Damien’s eyes were focused on that nameless old butler, dangerously stepping in closer to them.

                  And the predictable worst occurred. He glanced around the room to check who was staring at their direction and whatnot…and eventually looked at Adrian who had his eyes wide open in shock.

                  Damien Langston was not that much of an air head; he was fully aware of Lexi’s…advances in the past but things had changed. Had she still been interested in him, seeing her trip on him could have been considered as some kind of scheme to get near him. Maybe she still desired his wealth. Accidental or not, his decision on entertaining the woman awhile further--Just as Lexi got knocked by the butler, Damien moved in closer to her, giving her an opening to land on him. With one hand, he grabbed her arm and pulled the woman closer. Oh, but one hand could not possibly be enough. What if she tripped? Damien placed his idle arm around her waist, sliding the hand upwards, allowing it to rest on her mid-back and pulled her up and away from the mess the old butler had just caused. His grip on the woman only loosened when the clean cloth was offered to the woman and Damien had stepped back.

                  It was only until Lexi addressed him that he took the time to look at the woman. “The man’s lucky that you chose to wear black, Miss Laskaris,” The man solemnly remarked with a rare and amused smirk. After studying her attire, the pharmacy technician glanced at Adrian. Idly, Damien inched closer to the woman and, gently, held her black feather earrings on his palm, brushing his thumb over the accessory. “This incident worked to your advantage, didn’t it? You look ravishing, Lexi.” he whispered. “And by the way, you’re welcome.”

                  “Adrian,” The man called out as he stared at a middle-aged man in distance. “Are you going to introduce us to the man over there, or do I have to go and investigate the reason why the man has been staring at us for some time now?” Not a familiar face in Damien’s book but surely Lexi or Adrian can inform him about the man.