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    Genre: Futuristic government overthrow

    Owner: Prinzack

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    Day: 1 | Year: 2088
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t h e | s t o r y

    By the year 2088, the world could no longer support the overbearing needs of the human race. As a result of man's selfish desires and their constant warring, the physical making of the land broke apart and disintegrated, leaving only a few pieces to float above the surface of the ocean. A great fraction of Earth's inhabitants disintegrated along with the land, and the select few who remained came together under one government.

    The government, once free of corruption and greed, created a technological utopia--Terra Volantis. But when new leaders took up the responsibility of caring for their citizens, a dark cloud crept over the city. They divided the citizens into social classes and formed a Totalitarian world, where those in the low-class "Slums" are left to die, and the high-class "Royalty" bathe in the riches through their apathy.

    Under the noses of the government, a small group of resistors is forming, no longer willing to accept the injustice of the social classes. Under the facade of a bartender, an ex-soldier of the law attempts to build an army.

y o u r | r o l e

    And then you walked in. You take a look around "Sangria" and wonder why it's so empty and quiet. Wrinkling your nose, you debate on whether or not to leave the bar, but something urges you to sit and at least order a drink at the counter. For a moment nothing happens--no one's behind the counter, and no one appears from either of the doors that dot the room. Finally, you turn to leave, but stop at the sound of a light chuckle.

r u m o r | h a s | i t

    Here is the word on the street, whispers here and there about the corrupt and a revolution. Fuel for the flame, shall we say. (Feel free to PM me to add your own rumors.)

    • Exonnica collects people from the Slums to conduct unethical tests

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t h e | r u l e s

    Follow Gaia's ToS:
  • Be respectful to all role-players and keep language and romance PG-13. Cursing is a given in life, I've even seen elementary kids do it. But don't go overboard, which also applies to romance. We've got innocent underaged children on this site. Besides, cybering is gross.

    No God-modding:
  • No auto-hitting or killing off other people's characters without first getting permission. I love the idea of actual character death, and plotting is super encouraged. But please don't piss someone off in the process.

  • Let me reiterate that this is an advanced to lit. advanced roleplay. I expect you, as a seasoned roleplayer, to know what this means. I myself believe in writing in a relaxed environment. That means that I won't really pressure you into posting a lot, which includes length of each post and rate of posting. I can usually tell whether or not you're good at writing without you giving me a wall of text. However, just because I won't bug you every two days doesn't mean I'll let you stay forever if you stop posting. You need to at least be remotely active in the OOC. I will likely remove you from the RP if I suspect you've lost interest without contacting you. You are, however, welcome to return if you contact me.

    Posting Style:
  • Include a bare minimum of your character's name and picture in your posts. I would prefer that you not have giant, gaudy posts, because I find it distracting. But as long as your text is understandable and legible, I won't complain much. All OOC text must be placed in brackets, or feel free to chat in the OOC thread.

    Joining the RP:
  • Please send your profile in a PM titled "Give Me A Drink" to Prinzack. DO NOT POST unless we've given you the OK. Once accepted, you may begin posting. Please take note of the time and weather and act accordingly. I hope to hear from you!

g u i d e l i n e s

    Time and Weather:
  • Weather will be selected by me. I will probably base it on the weather where I live. Time will pass gradually, depending on the amount of posts in the thread. Every 10 pages represents a day--the first 5 pages are the morning, and the last 5 pages are the night. So after about 10 pages, we will be in Day 2. This is flexible and not a strict layout.

  • This is a futuristic RP--not fantasy, mind you. Yes, we're on floating islands, and it screams Final Fantasy world, but it's a bunch of skyscrapers and technology on these islands. So that means we're in our modern world, but with sleeker, more futuristic themes. So yes, movie theaters, malls, and McDonalds--these exist. It won't be hard to imagine the setting. Also, seeing as how we're on islands, travel between the Sections will be via teleportation pads located at the center of each island. Section 5's teleportation pad is restricted to middle and upper-class citizens only. Lower-class citizens must be invited by government officials to visit other sections.

    Character Interaction:
  • If you're planning on leaving the RP (either for a short amount of time or indefinitely), please leave your character in a place that doesn't require further interaction with other people. For example, make them go to bed, or have them do something alone while you yourself are gone. We don't want anyone waiting forever for you to come back to finish a conversation.
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t e r r a | v o l a n t i s

    User ImageSection One:
    The location of the government and all upper-class businesses. This is the most technologically advanced area and is populated with tall skyscrapers and impressive hovercars. Business suits dot the sidewalks, and no one has time to stop and chat. This section floats at the highest level of the atmosphere. At certain landmarks, citizens may peek over the edge and view all the other sections below.

    User ImageSection Two:
    Home to all the upper-class citizens, Section 2 includes beautiful landscaping, regal homes, and esteemed recreational areas. The most famous and important citizens reside here, and all lower-class citizens are restricted from entering, unless personally invited by an upper-class resident. This island floats near Section 1, but is near the uppermost part of the atmosphere.

    User ImageSection Three:
    As the center of the five-section floating city, Section 3 is known as the "Marketplace." All business of commerce are completed here, and the island is complete with restaurants, stores, and recreational areas. In the center of this island is a massive stadium, where citizens may view concerts, theatre productions, and sports games.

    User ImageSection Four:
    All middle-class citizens reside here. The buildings are plain, but of good quality. Each home has the essentials: electricity, plumbing, etc. There are few impressive landmarks and attractions, but citizens have their movie theaters, fast food restaurants, and small shops. Section 4 is located closer to the surface of the earth. One particular attraction is dedicated to viewing the Ocean from the edge of the island.

    User ImageSection Five:
    Often called the "Slums" by upper-class citizens, Section 5 is bleak and dreary. The center is crammed with factories, and the broken-down buildings surrounding the factories are made into makeshift homes for the unfortunate lower-class citizens who reside there. The air is polluted here, and all the trash from the other sections are sent here to rot. Section 5 is the only island resting on the surface of Earth, floating on the Ocean with only the view of the dirt crumbling from the bottoms of the other islands. It is said that the Ocean surrounding it is a grave to many lower-class citizens who have given up their will to live.

s a n g r i a

    User ImageFirst Floor:
    Here is the actual bar, which can be found in a secluded part of Sector 3. It's functional and run by a single bartender. Few people drink here regularly, so it is often quiet and peaceful, save for the soothing music playing over the speakers lined along the walls.

    User ImageSecond Floor:
    A narrow staircase leads to the second floor, which leads to a hallway with two doors. In one room is the bartender's spare bedroom, where he often resides, and the other is the guestroom. Customers of the bar are restricted from entering the second floor, unless specifically invited by the bartender.

    User ImageCellar:
    The secret of Sangria. In the dark room behind the bar counter sits a door leading to the cellar. The door is locked with an assortment of locks, the keys to which are tucked away on the bartender's person. Within the door is a hallway to another door that leads to a sleek white elevator. The elevator leads to 5 levels. The cellar is, in fact, the training facility where possible recruits may stay to plan the overthrow of the government. It is complete with training simulations, an infirmary, guestrooms for sleeping, a cafeteria, and an equipment room.

    User Image
      Level 1: Guestrooms
      Level 2: Cafeteria
      Level 3: Infirmary
      Level 4: Training
      Level 5: Equipment

All images taken from artists on deviantART--we own none of them
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t h e | c i t i z e n s

    These are the citizens who have a special place in the city. They are either rich, famous, powerful, or all of the above. All government officials are upper-class citizens, as the government will allow no other classes to participate in the new government. Because of this, these citizens receive the most economical attention from the government. Whatever they need, they will receive. They are often called "Royalty" by the lower-class people--sarcastically, of course. They are rarely seen in Sections 3-5, as they typically believe those are the places of commoners.

    These citizens are neither treated fairly nor poorly by the government. They are the neutral, apathetic citizens of the city who get by with what they have. After all, a single complaint from them, and the government will punish them accordingly. Due to their fear of being sent to Section 5, they keep quiet and avoid lower-class citizens. These citizens frequent Section 3 and work typical jobs there.

    Basically the scum of the earth, the lower-class consists of felons, poor citizens, and those unfavored by the government. Often sickly and abused, these people--who are hardly "citizens" at all--must fight for their lives each day, lest they fall prey to each other. The government rarely provides these people with their daily necessities, only giving them the upper-class citizens' trash to nourish them. Due to their poor status, they are restricted from leaving Section 5 unless accompanied by a government official. Any caught outside Section 5 are immediately sent back, and multiple offenses may result in death.

n o t a b l e | f i g u r e s

    The following people are notable figures in Terra Volantis. While some are not known by name for their deeds, they each influence the lives of each civilian either politically, socially, or economically--sometimes even all of the above.

    (These characters can be used by anyone in the RP as long as they stay within the boundaries of the character's description. They can either be mentioned off hand in a post, or you may even create an entire post for them to help push plot. Take note, however, that if you decide to create large posts for any of these characters, please run ideas by me so I can ensure that nothing conflicts with upcoming plots. I have plans for many of them.)

    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
                    Name: Makar Vergunov aka "The Savior"
                    DoB / Age: April 6, 2051 / 37
                    Origin: Russia
                    Job: Ecoterrorist
                    Traits: He has a tall, strong build, with tan skin and brown hair. His eyes are a hazel mix, which seem to turn a deep green when he's angry. For the most part he takes on a calm, almost kind demeanor; most of the people who meet him would never even be able to imagine him committing such horrible deeds outside of pretending to be a common civilian. To him, his acts are selfless. He does not wish to claim the acts as his own, but his followers have deemed him "The Savior." When not taking on his tasks for the good of nature, he roams the streets of Section 5, lamenting the pains of the world.
                    Feats: Though very few know him by name, his title is at the top of the Government's Most Wanted List. His entire history is wiped from all government records, therefore none of his deeds can be traced back to him personally, and his band of devout followers worship him as a divine shadow. He has caused significant problems for The Government, attacking assorted buildings dotted across Section 1, encircling--but avoiding--the official Council building as if to taunt the Council. He will also target big business buildings in both Section 1 and Section 3.

    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
                    Name: Verena Eichmann
                    DoB / Age: November 28, 2054 / 33
                    Origin: Germany
                    Job: Commander of a Guard Corps squad
                    Traits: Her appearance is that of a pale and fair woman, the complete opposite of her personality. When it comes to her life, and especially her job, she tackles whatever is thrown at her with intense rage and cruelty. With no sense of self control or patience, everyone around her fears her. The Government is only willing to keep her around because she is good at what they need her to do: killing without mercy, no questions asked.
                    Feats: Every now and then word reaches the Government that strikes from the lower levels spring up. More often than not, when a trip to Section 5 is involved, Verena and her squad is sent down to "deal" with the problem. And that's exactly what she does. Known for her "shoot first, ask questions later" tactics, she acts as a sort of exterminator for the Council, though legally deemed a commander in their Guard Corps, which is publicized to keep the peace.

    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
                    Name: Richard Hopkins aka "The Etcher"
                    DoB / Age: May 16, 2046 / 42
                    Origin: England
                    Job: Serial killer
                    Traits: Richard is short and lean, with light blue eyes, curly brown hair, and a twisted personality. Claiming to cleanse his victims before granting them freedom from their earthly shackles, he is deemed criminally insane. His method of killing is methodical, as if he is hunting a prey. He stalks, gathers information, and thoroughly prepares before striking. His "cleansing" includes torturing his victim, an activity that he greatly enjoys. Not much is known about his life outside of killer, whether or not he attempts to blend into society on his down time.
                    Feats: As far as the Government is concerned, Richard is about as much a threat as a worm in the dirt. Because his victims only involve those who reside in Section 5, the Council sees no reason to expend valuable resources on finding and executing a man who is only "cleaning up down under" anyway. Thus the unfortunate citizens of the Slums find themselves facing a psychopath who stalks and tortures victims of all kind--men, women, children, anyone. His victims are usually found dismembered, and his calling card involves engraving famous paintings onto his victims' torsos.

    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
                    Name: Rafaél de la Vega
                    DoB / Age: January 27, 2042 / 46
                    Origin: Spain
                    Job: Council Chief
                    Traits: Much of his face is altered to mirror his idea of perfection. His skin is a smooth tan, his eyes a brilliant cyan, and his hair a soft ebony. He cares a great deal about his appearance, a concern that is also filtered into his manner of handling Terra Volantis. He takes pride in the city's beauty and success, and in essence ignores the existence of Section 5, all the while sending failures (criminals and poor citizens) there like trash in a compactor. As Council Chief, and the self-appointed leader of the city, he is ruthless in his decisions and indifferent to the general public's needs. When not playing ruler of the world, he drowns himself with fine wine and beautiful women, both of which he has plenty. While he is not in any way generous, he tends to squander his wealth on frivolous things.
                    Feats: As the first unofficial ruler of the New Government and Terra Volantis, Rafaél oversees the political decisions made within the Council. Due to the affluent and cunning background of his family, he holds great power, which is in part the reason for his current status. As soon as he was elected Council Chief, he ordered the immediate creation of an official "Section 5" and issued the purge of all unqualified citizens from the other sections into this newly-created section. Since then he has had a hand in the continued persecution of the lower class. However, thanks to the rest of the Council (hand-chosen by Rafaél himself), the rest of Terra Volantis has flourished with a stable market and state of the art technology, keeping everyone alive and unable to complain.

    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
                    Name: Simón de la Vega
                    DoB / Age: March 18, 2043 / 45
                    Origin: Spain
                    Job: Head of Technology
                    Traits: Much to his dismay, Simón is very nearly the spitting image of his older brother, Rafaél, except that he looks a number of years older due to his lack of surgery. In personality, he is vastly different, caring little about his appearance hating his brother's frivolous spending. As the Council member responsible for Terra Volantis's technological advances, he takes great pride with his successes and cares a great deal about creating an advanced utopia, greater than anything the world could have ever imagined. Unfortunately, he shares his family's distaste for the dirt of the world, looking down on Section 5 as the city's diseased vestigial limb.
                    Feats: Although the Old Government succeeded in putting the city's masses afloat, the New Government improved their accomplishment by cleansing the upper atmosphere and changing the support systems to an energy efficient model so that the masses are ensured to remain afloat. This is largely thanks to Simón's designs and his carefully chosen team of the most brilliant scientific and engineering minds. His designs go as far as to improve even Section 5, cleaning up the air so that it is far less toxic and more or less inhabitable, though this is only because he begrudgingly admits that the Slums has its cheap manufacturing perks.

    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
                    Name: Aada Kivinen
                    DoB / Age: August 24, 2054 / 34
                    Origin: Finland
                    Job: Head of Commerce
                    Traits: She stands tall and thin, with pale skin and long jet black hair. Known for her icy cold stare, many shrink from her intimidating aura. Though she is beautiful, her personality reflects that of a heartless, driven woman who only has eyes for success. Often adamant in acting on her own beliefs, she is stubborn and will only heed the words and warnings of the Vega brothers. Even then, she requires coaxing and incentives before agreeing to anything.
                    Feats: In order to support the ongoing renewable energy research led by Simón de la Vega, Aada is often prompted to put together methods for squeezing money from the citizens on Terra Volantis. Because much of the Upper Class is willing to run fundraisers for their benevolent government, she is advised to lay off of big businesses to ensure their loyalty. As a result, heavier taxes are focused on the modest business owners of Section 3.

    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
                    Name: Lucian "Lucas" Grey aka "The Governor"
                    DoB / Age: July 13, 2036 / 48
                    Origin: Scotland
                    Job: Head of Human Affairs
                    Traits: For a man of his age, Lucas is marked with a face of beauty and a tone enchanting enough to make your blood run cold. Daughters lock up your Mothers. Lucian Grey is blessed with a face of deadly bliss, his hair a mahogany oak flaked with silver and eyes of crystalline blue. Lucian has a stern demeanor about him that demands attention when he speaks, he controls the air in an almost sensually toned accent.
                    Feats: Dubbed The Governor by the upper class, this malicious and cold-hearted man convinced most of the founders to give up their positions of power to bring together this totalitarian community known as Terra Volantis. He is one of the main public speakers for the Council, as it is his duty as the most charismatic of the bunch, and he deals with answering the complaints of citizens with whatever method he deems necessary.

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a p p l i c a t i o n

    Please fill out this ID form, and we will create an ID card for you. This represents who you are and where you belong, and it allows the government to identify you. Do not lose this, or you will automatically be sent to Section Five.


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c u r r e n t | c i t i z e n s

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l i n k s

    For those of you who like to advertise:

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