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”Wenn die Uhr beginnt zu schlagen,
kalte, dichte Nebelschwaden,
berühr'n dich sacht.......Mitternacht!"

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Heinrich Willhelm von Goethe

Heinrich took a long deep breath and did his best to hold his tongue, at least for the moment.

"Maintain anonymity while leaving whitnesses every time I feed...and don't reap the benefits from a real feeding. Right. I'm a little teapot, short and spout, here is my handle..."

Heinrich made motions indicating that he was a puppet on puppet strings. How was anyone supposed to survive when they couldn't even follow their own nature without someone dictating to them that their own common sense was not good enough...and that they had to adhere to a whole other set of rules besides the ones that were practically encoded into the mind of each real vampire. It sent Heinrich's mind reeling that any true vampire who claimed to be descended of Cain, could allow themself to be...ruled. Binded.

"Certain courtesies remain universal...while others, not necessarily so."

He gave a brief bow to the one that Vermillion had introduced as "Leta."

"When the hour begins to strike coldly,
thick swathes of mist touch you,
and softly....midnight!"
~~:~~ Rhava ~~:~~User Image

Rhava kept her eyes locked onto Heinrick as his appearance changed. He looked like he would happily tear her apart. Rhava had pressed herself against Vermillion listening to Heinrich taunt her. She glared at him once his demeanor changed to something more, human. "Well, this flower is getting rather weirded out by you sniffing me. So, how about you back off," she said to him in a stern voice. Rhava smacked his hand off of her shoulder. "And hands off too. I am not some fluzy," she snapped at him.

Vermillion letting her go made her relax. She sighed looking down on at the floor, shuffling her feet slightly. She didn't want Tizzy to get into trouble with her. "I broke in by myself to finish up a sketch of the church. He must have heard me and came in with me. We hung out while I finished up. Then, we left together. That's it. Please, just don't hurt him. he didn't tell me anything," she explained crossing her arms. Rhava looked up at Vermillion with almost pleading eyes, pouting slightly. She really didn't want to harm Tizzy. Why she was so worried about him so soon, she would never understand. Maybe it was his kindness to her. "Is he.... is he going to show up?" she asked rubbing her arm. Rhava wanted to pull her shoulder out of Vermillion's grasp, but she didn't. Rhava felt a shutter run up her spine when he touched her, causing her to suppress the shake.


"All works, no matter what or by whom painted, are nothing but bagatelles and childish trifles... unless they are made and painted from life" - Caravaggio
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..:: Phantom ::..

Let's play Hide & Seek.

Heehee... Catch me if you can...

Desi stood atop his newest find. An old condemed aparment building. He claimed a top room in the biulding. "Alright... Time's up... Find Tizzy." Leaveing the roof he made his way down among "alley way" people as he refured to them.

"Aye... I heard it to be true." A voice called. "They exsist, and no one can find that boy." A feeling of dread shot through him like lightning. His anger peeked, a wave of fear washed over him. His vision grew dim. 'Tizzy...' His Tizzy. "Come on..." Lucy called from the back of his mind. "Help me find him, and you can have your way."
"Deal, now... Come to me child..." The light dissappered. He was gone. Desi seen a growling wolf in his mind. "Let's play..." Lucy growled useing Desi's voice.

Desi woke laying in the center of his room. Sitting up, he looked at himself. He was drenched in blood from head to toe. Closeing his eye's. He atemted to replay everything from last night, but nothing came. "Lucy, show me."
"No, you need not see..." Growling, Desi stood and moved to the counter in the kitchen. His claws lay on top a piece of paper. Sliding the paper from beneth. He whiped a drop of blood from it's surface.

It was a scetch of a beautiful looking woman. Beneth the picture in the lower left corner the word 'Leta' was neatly printed in cursive. Beneth that was what had Desi holding his breath. 'By Jack O'Conner' was scralled in Tizzy's hand writing. "You found him?"
"No... But I found this at the edge of the wood." Desi gasped. Tizzy had to be alive.

Desi stood in the center of a mess of bodies. "Give up emotion, it'll only get worse." Lucy said with a hint of a smile in her voice. "Dammit..."
"Hay, your the one that made the deal with the Devil." Once again sirens blared. "Once again... Run away..." He muttered and ran off. He couldn't believe one intity could cause so much damage.


Desi nodded and stood. He fetched his pack and retuned his claws to his hands. He had know idea what was going to happen now. He belonged to her. To his own, personal Death. Problems? Yeah, now they were his peoblems. "Idiot." Lucy stated blatently. 'I don't care... If this helps me find Tizzy. Then so be it.' That's all he wanted.

Desi walked closer to Melbourne and nodded. He promissed her he'd help, and hunt for her. He was really good at what he did, but without Lucy killing. He only hunted evil humans. 'Heh... Humans. Even when I was one people called me a monster.' So it still was no different. It was dark out. The moon was high. He was now part of something he had no real business being part of. "Haha..." Lucy laughed.

Considering he stood in wait of Melbourne. Sighing he looked at Mel with his crystal blue eye's. She was quite the doll. Blood would obviously suit her well. "What first?" He asked, wondering if she wanted him to get someone for her. He did after all know where all of the evils resided.

...I'm your bloody Jack The Ripper.

Screw the Gingerbread Man, I ate him.
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resence Kept: All the Guests//
lace:Within the cathedral // Attending Judgment

Sakki nodded quietly at the crimson lord's acknowledgement and warm invitation. The flaxen maned creature stepped further into the church's embrace of stained glass and lunar light. Distinctly avoiding the immodest Heinrich, for the favor of the lunar stone. Through the decorative glass it shone, casting a cool shade of wash across the floor and wood varnish. It almost felt like a beacon for him to follow to a seating arrangement. Eyes were examining a suitable place from him to become situated.

Sakki rather remain a voiceless observer of the enduring situation. The recluse kept the habit of reserving his voice for moments when it would improve on the silence;and for the most part, the words that were being uttered resembled regurgitated moot that he rather not feed on. The calm had seemed to return to Vermillion's features, however, much like any disturbance upon pristine waters. Disruption would ripple only to return back to a placid anew. As was the nature of all things. He finally decided to relocate his mass further into the sanctum of the religious institution. Sakki's precise steps echoed across stone until they met the plush mute of rich rugs. From the outside one could not accurately judge how well the place had been cared for and maintained.

Hand slid the smooth texture of pew and banister making sure that his ears quietly heeded the scuffle and voices. There would be more guests joining, this he was aware, and that fact alone made him flighty. Too many of their kind gathering in one place could be detrimental if anything were to go awry. The Deutschland bloodline didn't seem to be the most stable and his antics alone caused Sakki to ponder the reliability of his own attendance remaining. The male focused on getting comfortable just in time to witness the coming of an elder draped in fine garments and a delicately painted bone structure. The exalted was reminiscent of a porcelain doll, and instantly memories of his mother were summoned to the fore front of his mind. Of course he banished them and only nodded politely at the new arrival, in a motion of hush courtesy. He held eye contact for only a short moment, before he shifted his oceanic gaze to the mad German's rendition of a pale marionette. I would do well to avoid this foreigner -- inside, Sakki was well aware this elder had to have traveled from the European homeland of his fore bearer. A Distinct and miserable son of a b***h that Sakki spent his reclusive lifetime eluding. Wit recognized those uninhibited mannerism and the vocalized favor to the mortality of feeding. So much like that man it made his insides chrun with violent rancor which took far too much of his effort to suppress.

Once Vermillion began voicing code of ethics and conduct, Sakki averted his fixation from Heinrich. Last thing he wished for was to be looked upon with interest. It was best to play the role of nothing more than a dull specimen of his race. The European display of features that made up his face were already working against him. As far as Sakki was concerned, he would stay here only to await the fate of the pleading Rhava. Which was currently attempting to accomplish what the human race spent the entirety of their existence trying to perfect . . . preservation of life. But then again that was a trait liken to many species not limited only to primates.

{( ooc: It was a silent post. . .hope it is alright. He is just hanging out)}

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                She gave a small nod as she heard the boy's name. Tizzy was a peculiar nickname, but so was he. Her eyes were now set on his turned hand. Mary watched the blue blaze dance on his palm in amazement.
                "How queer..." She whispered to herself as she thought how strange it was to see such an ability. She had met quite a few vampires in her life, but non like the boy.

                Tizzy answered her question. By the sound of his voice, she could tell that he wasn't exactly saying what he truly wanted to. She nod at every word he said, as if she knew what he was going through. She didn't really, but it all seemed too delightful. It gave her something to do for a while, at least until he bored her and made her decide to get rid of him.
                "Now, now. It's not stupid..." Mary feigned a worried look,"it seems more like your past has come to haunt you."
                He then mentioned a familiar name. It took her some seconds to remember.
                "Ah, yes, Leta. I'm sure she's right. She's quite the wise woman." The elder had proven to be interesting enough for Mary to remember. The woman oozed elegance like many others, but there was something different about this one. Mary stood once more and paced from side to side. A one or two silly questions frolicked in her mind, though she seemed to be deep in thought.
                "Well, I do like a good romance, but..." She sighed and looked at Tizzy. "seems like you're not particularly interested in this girl." This was the last thing she said before heading to one of the other rooms.


                Mary was a particularly "early" riser and was already up and about. The good day's sleep had left her hungry for both blood and answes. She wanted to test the boy. She wanted to see how far he would go for this girl. She was almost sure that he would not disappoint her. Not when it came to the life of this mysterious girl from his past. She went to the room he had stayed in and knocked on his hollowed wall. "I'll be heading out now." She said cheerfully. "I'm sure you don't mind if I give her a little bite, though I do tend to get a bit carried away...." She said before taking the shape of a dark and scruffy cat. Mary wanted to see if he would follow her and if he didn't, she would have a free meal.

                She had got the girl's scent, but it wasn't long before she actually found her. The human seemed to be charging towards the church. The godforsaken church that she began to grow tired of. She slowly crept in the shadows as accostumed while she watch the red-headed yell and throw a rock at the church. Mary would have surely laughed if cats were capable of doing so and if it didn't give her away. She quickly took notice of Sakki. A quick whiff of the air and she could already tell the man was one of her own. Not long after, more and more vampires seemed to join.
                "Well, this will be interesting..." Mary thought and could almost hear herself cackling. She decided to get closer and closer until she was right under Rhava. Mary mewed at the girl and later zigzagged through her legs and nuzzled them as she did. Acting as if she was the girl's pet.


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i . h a t e . i t . w h e n . . .

Moving away from the old apartment, Melbourne attempted to get her bearings. There was an older tree nearby that looked quite sturdy. "Hold on," she said, and climbed to the top quickly. Her hazy rest had slightly refreshed her, just enough to function tonight. Function. What a nice thing to have for once. Although she felt a bit like a child climbing the tree.

At the top she looked over the town. She wasn't very high up, but just enough to see over the dilapidated buildings. She wasn't too far from her place, in fact her wanderings had brought her within a street of her house. With her vision, even with the lights, she could see all the way to the church. I had wandered that far? she thought to herself, and jumped down, creating a small indentation on the already broken pavement. Melbourne smiled a little to herself, knowing that she was showing off a little bit. She didn't get a chance to very often, and despite the hunger that lingered on the outskirts of her mind, she felt invigorated. The air felt electric tonight.

As they approached the broken house at the end of the next street, she was about to begin regaling various items of importance regarding the rules of the Masquerade and his role in them when there was an unexpected figure leaning against the fence. An agent from Vermillion. I thought we were done dealing with him for a few days.

"You're, uh... Melbourne, I take it?" the man said, reaching his hand behind his head. Melbourne nodded. He sighed, relieved. "Vermillion is holding a meeting at the church tonight. You and.. your friend are invited." The man nodded at them, and began walking down the street. She felt annoyed.

"It looks like house keeping will have to wait... at least this way you will view our practices before we get to the church for this... meeting," she said towards Desi, picking up her pace and letting her anger move evident to her face. Fury was most prominent in her eyes when she looked at Desi. "You will speak when you are spoken too at the meeting. You will say nothing regarding how long you have been under my care. If Vermillion is calling Kindred.. Vampires.. then Kindred will be. Should Tizzy be here, he will be there."

Melbourne felt her hunger remind her of another important part. Damn.. I will still need to feed before we get there.

"I require blood. Should you help me find someone discreetly before we make it to the church, I will grant you another sip of my blood, which will further your strength." Melbourne paused a minute. Already she felt like she was putting so many limitations on it, and she shook her head. "Sorry.. after tonight I will give you a few days to get used to my home without any worries."

. . . c h i n c h i l l a s . e a t . t h e . u n i v e r s e .
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Dreaming may have been the correct word.

Leta listened to the words spoken. Tizzy was home, but where was he? Leta blushed when Vermillion kissed her hand. He was such a gentelmen when he wanted to be. Her emerald eye's glittered when she looked over to the girl. She's seen Tizzy, she's been with him. "Judgement I can stand for, but if Tizzy has done anything wrong then he will be punished accoredingly. Nothing more." She love the boy, yes, but she would not stand for him becomeing so careless. When Vermillion spoke of she being next in line for the council, her perfect blood ruby lips upturned into a slightly small smile.

That Heinrich was wareing on her nerves, and becomeing quite the bore with his bantering. She didn't rightly care who he was, but things were to be kept in order. When Vermillion began reciteing things that were to be known of they're home, Leta kept her glittering eye's on the girl. She said he was here. With hope Leta pat the kitten and sighed. Things were about to get out of hand, and she wouldn't beable to save Tizzy this time. This was his problem, and he needed to solve it. Sorcha seemed to growl when she noticed another cat moveing around the girls feet. Prahaps it was hers, but Leta got a strange feel from it. It couldn't be any normal cat.

Leta took Sorcha into her arms and scratched behind her ears. Once Sorcha was purring again, she looked at the moon light as it glowed through the stained glass windows. IT was indeed a sight to behold, and if this were any other night. Tizzy would be here drawing the way they looked into his art journal he kept.

The journal was filled with many of his amazeing works. There was an image of Vermillion, one of herself, one of Chloe. Even one of a man she had never met, but beneth it, he had writtin: Big Brother.

Leta was a bit peeved, it was the only reason why she wasn't rhymeing her head off. Moveing to find a place to sit, she notice the other Vampire being silent. 'Hmm... I'll introduce myself. Learn his name maybe.' Leta moved to stand before he, faceing the others but only placeing her eye's on the vampire. "Evening dear. Why sit silent here? Of course the night might turn violent, but am assured that you would not care. Would you share your name with this kind dame?" She spoke rhymeing to the vampire. The kitten mewed softly and gave a small sneeze before tilting her head in a quizzitive look.

For now you must go unheard.

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~{ }~
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XXXxUser Image

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XX Tizzy closed his fist and dispered the flames. Frowning at the woman as she left the room. Tizzy shrugged and returned to leaning against the wall. Slowly but surely he began to doze off.

Tizzy was dreaming about Greece. He was standing on a cliff in his everyday clothes of black leather jeans and black Tee along with his black combat boots; looking out at the Agean Sea. The sunlight played on the surface it the waves. Sure he was a vamp, but the sun wasn't also banished from his dreams. Which he was glad for. Knock, knock, knock... Tizzy frowned at the sudden sound intruding upon his dream. Opening his eye's, he was once again in the dank old house. "I'll be heading out know." He heard the woman named Mary call. Standing to dust himself off, he was just about to say something when he frooze at her next words that completely iced him over. "I'm sure you don't mind if I give her a little bite, though I do tend to get a bit carried away...." Tizzy hurried for the door and yanked it open. "Mary! Wait!" He called, but he knew it was too late. She was gone.

Rushing down the steps and out into the somewhat cold night and paused to breath in Marys sent. She had gone in the direction of the church. Turning toward it, he pushed passed a couple walking hand in hand and ran toward the church. He could kill Mary for this. He seen her fleeting thoughts, but didn't think twice of her doing something like this. Now he knew he could trust no one, only Leta. She wouldn't get him out of this, but he knew she would never deseive him. Running along he came to a stop before the church and listened for a moment. Rhava was inside... With Vermillion. Fright snapped at him like a viper. He didn't know what to do. He didn't want to bring her into this. It was wrong, and he had to find a way to get her out of this. Slowly walking up the steps. He paused to take a breath and slip inside. Leta was speak to someone he didn't know. Vermillion and someone else was playing with Rhava. Then there was Mary. He glared at the cat that circled Rhava's feet. He could do nothing... He was only a Childe, but he would sure as hell try. Walking you the isle he move closer to Rhava and the others. "Please let her go." Tizzy said without fear. even though thats what he felt right now.

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..:: Phantom ::..

Let's play Hide & Seek.

Heehee... Catch me if you can...

Cutting through a few designated rapist. Blood spattered on the walls of the house they lived in. A crazed looked plauged his eye's as he then began to wipe his claws off on the nearest mans shirt. Blood had found it way into his mouth. He was used to it and really didn't care. The blood tasted like iron and was warm. It was strange. From Tizzy's stories, he could be called a vampire,but that was redeculess.

Desi pulled a match from his pocket an struck it against the hard brick surface of the outside walls. He had poured gasoline over everything. Laughing he tossed the match into the house which instantly burst into flames.

In the glowing light of the flames danceing, Desi looked like a demon with the amount of blood that spattered his body and hair. His blue eye's seem even more eire in the light. He was indeed a man of the night, but was no vampire of course.

Turning, he left the house to burn to the ground. Ashes now fillinf the air landed on his shoulders like falling snow. He feared nothing at this point. He had no one, and no one to miss him. So he continued his quest of ending thoughs that hurt children.

Now standing in a park stareing at the moon, he felt like crying. Before he could stop himself a single tear fled the safety of his eye's were he visiously brushed it off leaveing a small cut. His Tizzy was lost, and he was gone. Nothing could bring him back. "I am you bloody Jack the Ripper... Here me call. I will never die. For pain is my only desire..." He growled at the sky. Lucy had left him be for a short while, and it was really starting to peeve him. She was the only one he could talk too.


Desi stood waiting for Melbourne. She had climbed into the tree to obviously see where she was. Watching her carefully Desi silently followed. He could see she was thinking. "I'm bored..." Lucy said in his head. 'Get over it.' When the man came, he grew cauious. He had said they were invited somewhere... To a meeting.

Melbourne was angery, probably because of her interuption. She told him rules of being present in such a place full of others like her, but he didn't think he could keep himself in check if he seen Tizzy. Of course he'd try to keep in line, but he knew he'd slip up at least once tonight.

Desi nodded at her spoken words, but tonight he'd have to worry. To bad. Her request for something to munch on was easy enough to forfill. Desi took her hand and guiding her down an alley to the house of what he knew was a child molester. "Hope you don't mind me killing him in the process." He said just before he kicked open the decayed door. "Oohhh... Lucy... I'm home." He called into the house with a wicked grin on his face. "You talking to me?" Lucy ask. Laughing Desi moved inside. "No not you babe." He told Lucy quietly. A tarrified man stood in the doorway of his kitchen. "Boo." Desi growled, and when the man tried to run Desi lept at him. Pinning him to the wall with a claw shoved into his shoulder. The man tried to scream, but Desi muffled the calls with his other hand. "I'm your Death, I say your times up. Maybe next time you'll think twice." Smirking, Desi grinned wide. "But right now, your dinner for my sweet." He said refuring to Melbourne. Desi fourced the mans mouth open and cut his tounge out so he couldn't scream. Only gurggling sound filled the man now. Draging the man by a leg to Melbourne, he held him up. "Good enough?" He asked.

...I'm your bloody Jack The Ripper.

Screw the Gingerbread Man, I ate him.
~~:~~ Rhava ~~:~~User Image

Rhava looked down at the cat that had come to rub against her legs. It wasn't something that she was too use to. Animals generally avoided her. Never entirely sure why that was the case. She looked around the room at all of the people who had come to judge her. "This whole thing is stupid. You probably want me dead," she said looking up at Vermillion. Rhava was fairly certain that she was pretty much ********.

The sight of Tizzy made a bright smile come to her face. Rhava pulled herself out of Vermillion's grip, running up to him. Rhava wrapped her arms around him, holding onto him as if she was never going to see him again. "Thank you so much for coming," she said quietly feeling a surge of emotions coming to her. Rhava hoped he would be able to help her. Plus, it was genuinely good to see him and feel him, even though he felt a bit cool to the touch. "I'm so sorry. I think I got you into huge trouble," she said looking up at him with a look of worry on her face. Rhava felt a lump form into her throat. She bit her bottom lip, then buried her face into his chest. It felt some what comforting to have someone, even if it wasn't someone she knew too well. She glanced back over to Heinrich and Vermillion then looked back to Tizzy. "Are they.... I'm not going to be forced to be turned or something like that.... right?" she asked him quietly, feeling a rising sensation of fear coming to her.


"All works, no matter what or by whom painted, are nothing but bagatelles and childish trifles... unless they are made and painted from life" - Caravaggio
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The morning had gone by slowly for Ren at the shop, only a small amount customers had come in and out of the small amount only a couple actually bought something. Most of the customers who shuffled in looked at items roamed around laughing with their friends then left without any type of a purchase. "Definitely going to be a long day," Ren muttered heading to the back of the shop to grab a snack. The rest of the day she sat at the cash register drawing anything she could think of. Although she was a young girl on her own in a small town she was truly smart and had a great talent. She was blessed with the talent of drawing, she could sketch just about anything making it so life like and just head turning to its beauty. She never went any where with it though she just never wanted to, this was a hobby to her a thing she did to forget about the past and drown out the present.

Finally the day was coming to its end and Ren could head home to shower and get ready for her shift at the bar. She was definitely a night person through and through she loved the night, the moon, the cold air that seemed to rest in the night, the sky as bright it seemed to her, she just loved it. Getting her sweater and bag from the back she got ready then exited the shop locking it up then heading back to her place. Pulling her iPod out she turned it on blaring the music into her ears to accompany her on her semi long walk back to the apartment.
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i . h a t e . i t . w h e n . . .

You're moving into the role of master quite easily... said the voice of Midas in her head. She smiled as she leaned against the doorway, watching her new pet's handiwork with her arms crosed. Already, Phantom was killing for her, and seemed to be enjoying himself. Not only that, his fury would be something she would likely appreciate more and more as she moved into more dangerous situations. She almost could see Midas looking defeated as she thought this. ..Perhaps I spoke to soon, Malris. he murmured and drifted off to some other plane.

Desi dragged the body to her feet. Hmm.. tongue cut out. Good idea she thought to herself, silently complimenting him. Melbourne flipped a stray strand of hair and took a step forward, and closed the door behind them. There was items laying everywhere. Lots of toys for some reason, clustered in a corner. There didn't seem to be any evidence of children here, but why were there little toys all around?

Melbourne shook off the thought and focused on her prey, glaring at the man on the ground. He tried propping himself up with his one good arm. He was trying to get towards an end table that had a long bowie knife on it. Laughing, she kicked his hand, hearing a crack as the wrist broke, and picked the guy up, throwing him in an old chair. She glanced around the apartment and found an old radio. Turned the dial, an older song was playing. Late night radio... brings back memories. Slowly, she turned the volume up as [Johnny Guitar] played.

Melbourne picked the man up, and threw him on the bed. He hadn't lost too much blood with the injuries inflicted, and the tongue that was missing from his mouth was indeed, quite useful. She could hear a gurgley-moan of pain come up from the guy.

"Now now, what naughty thing did you do to anger Death's Phantom? Hmm... oh well, Death is hungry."

And with that, she fell upon the man with a hungry snarl that would make a lion seem friendly, and proceeded to drain him.

As Melbourne looked up from her meal, she knew why Desi had chosen this man in particular. She had only gotten one image from the blood, the thick, not entirely tasty blood of a criminal, and it had been enough. She felt like a god right now. Smiling contentedly she picked up the body.

"...That was Peggy Lee with her wonderful song, Johnny Guitar. This is the Don and you an hour away from the midnight show, Freaks of Fau--" Melbourne turned the radio off, and walked out towards the sewers, making note of the area they were in. Melbourne opened the grate, and broke off bits and pieces of the body, making sure to keep the marks small, and like a rabid dog's. Afterwards she rummaged around in her coat and found two tiny, crumpled packets of wet wipes and cleaned herself up a tiny bit. She giggled to herself and tossed the wet wipes after the man, and kicked the sewer grate closed.

"Alrighty," she said to Desi, and opened the healed cut on her wrist. They were about ten minutes away from the church walking. As she held her wrist out to Desi in the doorway, she looked away. "We'll get you some real food after this summit of blah de blah blah blah."

Melbourne felt good. She was full, for the first time in almost years, having stretched what blood she got out to last her and keep her on the edge of paranoia and the beast mere inches away. She wanted to play right now. She just wanted to do something fun for once.

This meeting should be fun, right?

. . . c h i n c h i l l a s . e a t . t h e . u n i v e r s e .
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Man-Hungry Pants

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resence Kept: Leta // Guests
lace:Seated in pew // Attending Judgment

The presence of the lady was growing ever nearer, Sakki's eyes averted to the female who had been earlier addressed as Leta. The Elder had upon her a furry friend, almost the fashion of a living stole. He must say it was a lively addition to the bolts of exquisite fabric that embraced the curves of her frame. She spoke to him in question with a gentle manner that again brought around troublesome memories. The greeting was rhymed; which Sakki felt the added pleasantry was wasted upon someone like him, but that did not deter the hint of a smile dawning his cold face. "Good eve, Madam." His voice was deep and rich. It was difficult not to scorn these moments of being held in others regard. She wishes to know my label of course that would have been only natural politesse. The Vampire had refrained from ever sharing company with the hidden society of this place, and much rather have kept it that way.

What should have been an effortless movement proved almost difficult for Sakki. He had been rejecting the idea of feeding frequently, if at all. To him, such tactics were thought of as weak and playing slave to one's constant gluttony. Always remember, my child, the owner is not the one feasting upon the food but the one supplying it. His mother often instilled in him time after time. He often looked back on her learning sessions and pondered that maybe she feared he would revert into his father. The male managed to lift himself with some skill of form. A gloved appendage extended forth and lightly ensnared her more petite fixture. Smoothly, he brought her cluster of fine boned knuckles to the plush greeting of his lips. "You may address me as, Sakki." He would leave her with a simple introduction, nothing to seed her memory of him. His surname and title would be conveniently withheld, due to the possibility one might recognize the dasderdly name of his father. It would be best if he left no impression upon this breathtaking creature.

"As for my silence, words lose their impact when squandered by loose tongue." Leather encased thumb rolled the rise and fall of her knuckles, before releasing the hand. She may have wished to return it to herself. Eyes met and held her emerald gaze kindly, Sakki did not wish to repulse or offend her by taking to long a moment to greet. "I hope that the night has found you well. . . besides the obviously overcasting circumstance." With that he returned to his seated position to allow himself a rest.

There was another voice and presence added into the mix of already muddled attendance. A young childe that was being caught by the human female. Rhava had hugged him with arms of friendship. She must have found solace in his presence. Tizzy? so this was the Childe that had been conversed about earlier. "Young ones are so passionate. . . I fear some of us elderly have forgotten what it means to be lost in our burning youth." He chuckled lightly at the end of his sentence resting a chiseled chin into the soft tissue of his palm. Sakki returned his attention to Leta who seemed to be concerned about some things placed deeply within her own thoughts. "And who might this be?" he nodded to the feline that had made the smallest of noises, for a brief moment. The vampire would have stroked the animal if not for the thought that Leta would rather him not.

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Solomon stepped out of the suite sometime later with trench coat over his suit. He walked slowly towards the church all the while taking in his surroundings. He paid special attention to a familiar face. It seems the ghoul the Sheriff was after is on the hunt again. Interesting. He spent a good time following the ghoul and making sure he found himself somebody other then Chloe to steal from. Having been satisfied that the Ghoul wasn't going to the suite he stopped following him and headed back towards the church.

As he walked Sol thought quietly to himself. If he's starting to come out of the poor areas than he must need more potent blood. That idiot is playing a dangerous game whoever he is. Sol opened the doors to the church and walked in casually. He noted the attendance and walked over to the churches left wall near the front. He leaned against the wall and scanned the room.

I wonder what it'll be this time.
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[ 1 1 : 5 0 P M ]

One, two, three. Eric Perkins flipped the switches on the soundboard and waited the three seconds for the On Air light to come up.

"Gooood evening, midnight Freaks of Faust, this is the Don and we are ten minutes away from the midnight show. Before, we have some classic Ella Fitzgerald and a dandy good gal by the name of a miss Emilie Autumn with her single, Opheliac. On the plate for tonight's Freaks of Faust is something hot - and cold! The list of missing persons in Faust gets longer by the week, and more bodies are turning up. Is this the work of a serial killer, or the perfect killer? We'll have all that, two experts and a SPECIAL report! ....After this!"

Click. He flipped off the mic and threw on the loop of commercials, set up the playlist on the computer and tapped Enter victoriously, leaning back in his chair. Crazies. The both of 'em. Eric looked at the two folders in his possession. One claimed to be an exorcist, something to do with the church and had his fingers in enough money to make Britney Spears blush at the dirt tapes. The other was a local rep from the police station. Behind the folders was some email he got from a local paranoid who called himself Samson. Something about a local Bigfoot sighting.

Facepalm. The things I do for the ratings. he thought, and pulled out a bottle of scotch he had disguised as iced tea. He was pouring when a young intern knocked on the window. He saw two people behind her, and he sighed. Lets get this circus over with he thought to himself as he motioned for them to come in. One, a man, looked like a simple priest. He wore a black shirt, pants and expensive looking shoes. A small gold cross hung around his neck, framing the small white piece of paper that denoted his position. Eric felt stupid enough, but this dude's haircut made him look like someone out of a bad horror movie.

The police officer behind him, however, was a woman. She was in a very conservative suit, and had a badge around her neck showing she was a detective with the special cases unit. They couldn't just send some schmuck on it, no. Had to be a suited schmuck. Pushing his rudeness aside, he held out a hand to the priest.

"Father Brenley, great that you could join us this evening. I'm sure you have a busy schedule." the priest returned his smile and shook his hand vigorously. His smile seemed genuine, and that put Erik a bit more at ease.

"Always time for the press, Mister Perkins. Great of you to invite me on." the Father said, and grinned. Erik chuckled at him.

"Please, please. Call me Eric, or Don," and the priest nodded. He moved his attentions to the officer who seemed to be stonewalling him. "And you must be, uh.. Detective...?" Eric trailed off at the end. His file of information had just said representative. No name, no picture, not even any dirt... whoever she was, she worked under the radar. He moved his hand over to her for pleasantries. She eyed it, and looked between him and the Father.

"Johnson, please. Just call me Johnson." she said shortly.

Okay then.

He motioned towards the seats on the opposite side of the DJ table and checked the playlist. A commercial, a song and two more commercials before he would start his show. He nodded at them and sat down. "Please, please. Sit. We have about five minutes before the show starts. I'm excited to see what our debate tonight will yield." The two of them looked at each other and sat down. Johnson seemed very high-strung and he sighed, pretending to check another item on his computer. Excited. Yeah, totally.


Eric pulled a squeeze ball out of a drawer, chugged down the shot he had poured himself and looked at the two. "Have either of you been on the radio before? Well I'm sure Father Brenley has... not sure about the lovely miss Johnson." The detective seemed unperturbed by the question.

"I have been on television before, but this is my first radio interview and debate." Huh. I wonder if she's as cold to her friends. Eric laughed.

"Don't worry, we'll go easy on you." He hoped he could say something to her, anything, that would at least get her damn mood up from the floor and from being so flat. She seemed to crack at least half a smile at him and felt a small glimmer of worry dribble away. Eric glanced up at the clock. One minute.

Eric began moving a few switches over, getting the fade in ready from the intro song and picked a random commercial for prep on the first break. While he fiddled with the balance on the soundboard, he pulled a set of headphones off a hook and nodded towards his guests. "Alrighty ladies and gents, please chose a pair of headphones and remember that the mic doesn't have to be one inch away from your faces for it to pick you up on it! ....And here.. we.. go."

Both of them donned the headphones and sat towards their respective microphones as Eric waited for the commercial about depression research to finish. Then the intro song came on, like the organs from a church. Two measures.... and faade.

"What a set of lungs that miss Autumn has, huh? This is the Don and you're listening to Faust's only midnight show, Freaks of Faust. Tonight we are going to tackle the question that's been on all of your minds - what is with the murders we've had? The ones we have found are torn apart, according to local press, almost by animals. But the local schnauzers aren't eating that much spinach, are they? Claw marks, bites and limbs torn from their bodies leads one to speculate. The one thing seeming to tie in the victims are two And us being the speculative sort, wonder if it might be something of a bit eviler persuasion than a few rabid pups from the woods. What supernatural being is strong enough to do these types of deeds? What does the evidence we have tell us?

To help us figure out what's going on in our streets, we have Detective Johnson from local police, to offer some information regarding what her coworkers have dug up regarding the slowly rising list of missing persons.

And, to add another view point and get our nightly supernatural fix, we have Father Brenley of the local church who claims to have had more than one encounter with -- get this, guys... a vampire!

After we get a few words from these sponsors, we will have forty minutes straight of... The midnight show."
Eric flipped on the final commercial for the next 40 minutes and waved to Amy.

"Go ahead and bring in that paper you were showing me," he said, and turned towards his guests. "Can we get you two anything? I believe we had a brand new pot of coffee put on for once tonight, and Amy can grab cream and sugar if you'd like." He motioned towards her and they gave her their requests, giving him a final chance to check his personal email. he didn't have internet at home, so breaks were his best opportunity.

Junk... junk... junk... he thought to himself, checking off each one. After Amy had left with their requests he decided he'd ask the priest another question before they jumped right into things.

"So, what do you think has been happening around here?" he said frankly. The priest glanced to one side, to Ms. Johnson, and back to him. Eric picked up the scotch and poured himself another shot into a coffee cup. He was beginning to take a sip when Brenley finally replied.

"Truthfully? We either have some sick serial killer who's hiding out in the woods.... or it's demons." Eric felt himself almost choke. The hell? This guy for real? he thought to himself. The priest noted his surprise at the response. "Possession is something quite real to those in my profession. We see many shocking things that forensics and science can't always explain..."

Demons? ********, what's next, fairies showing up at Starbucks and hipsters being the only ones who can see 'em? While Eric always entertained his guests opinions, sometimes it just got to be too much. He downed the last of the scotch and turned to the microphone, his notes spread out in front of him, and ready to start, rubbing an already aching temple, resigning himself over to play nice with the crazies tonight. The commercial was finally, thankfully, almost over.

God, I hope we get some damn calls tonight.

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