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.。o○ тнe вeaυтy oғ deѕтrυcтιon ○o。.

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“Together, they would watch everything that was so carefully planned collapse, and they would smile at the beauty of destruction.” ― Markus Zusak, The Book Thief

An Rp about a decaying city on the verge of ruin, corrupted by metal and greed. Ruled by gluttonous pigs wallowing in their own hatred for their creation, enforced by humanoid based agents who have superhuman abilities. A tale of lust and romance amongst deception and insanity. Its a fight for survival and you're falling behind.
Let your morals falter and join the criminals, or die trying to enforce what you believe is right?

Love ● Destruction ● Lust ● Corruption ● Amorarilty ● Drugs ● Lies ● Deception ● Chaos ● Greed ● Insanity ● Death ●
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.。o○ тaвle oғ conтenтѕ ○o。.

● ιnтrodυcтιon
● тaвle oғ conтenтѕ
● тerмѕ and condιтιonѕ
● oυr нιѕтory
● мap oғ oυr cιтy
● dιѕтrιcт ιnғorмaтιon
● ιмporтanт dιѕтrιcт вυιldιngѕ
● тypeѕ oғ crιмe
● cнaracтerѕ
● allιanceѕ
● ĸey deтaιlѕ oғ тнe drυgѕ avaιlaвle
● мυтaтιon
● daιly ѕeттιngѕ
● тнe eveɴтѕ ѕo ғαr
● proғιle ѕĸeleтon

Love ● Destruction ● Lust ● Corruption ● Amorarilty ● Drugs ● Lies ● Deception ● Chaos ● Greed ● Insanity ● Death ●
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тerмѕ and condιтιonѕ

• I own the RP so it is run under my rules and what I say is final.
Any questions or queries should be PM'd to me

• Please do not steal or copy any posts or ideas from this role play without my consent.
These ideas, names of places, map drawings etc are mostly of my own idea. I have had influences from many films, games and books but none are directly parallel to this roleplay.
I do not own any of the pictures I have used in this forum, and may have modified images to suit my role play.

Thanks to "Clouded Seithr" & "Rios Starwind" for racking their brains to help me.

• Please be semi literate to literate.

You should not use ** for any actions, and please use [[ ]] for ooc chat if it is needed.
Coloured and modified text is fine as long as it is readable. If it is not I will ask you to change it.
I don't want you posting any "text speech", if you do its an instant kick out. Believe me, i’ve had people do it before.

• Do not advertise your own Rp's/guilds here.

• No spamming, it's really annoying and childish.

• Please refrain from creating OOC posts in the main forum. I've made a specific forum for it, so please try to keep it to a minimum in the main forum.

• Don't leave people out, no one likes to be excluded.

• Swearing is ok as long as you use it occasionally. If a post contains swearing every other word, I will ask you to change it.

• Trolls. I'm sorry we don’t have any bridges here for you to hide under or any goats to eat so find somewhere else to set up camp. Anyone found trolling will be reported to the Admin as stated by the ToS.

• The gaia ToS states that we need to keep it to a PG-13 Level. Therefore, time skips are necessary and cybering is banned.
Due to the nature of this RP's themes I suggest that the Role player should be 16+ and have an understanding of the themes and make a decision on whether they are happy to take part or not.

• No god modding.
You are allowed to modify your character depending on the technology you can buy from the districts but this does not mean you are invincible. You are still a human under all that tech.

• Remember. You can't use attacking posts to instantly kill anyone. They have the right to counter your attacks.
This also applies for people who are not online when you have posted. Their character is locked and thus you have to wait until they return before you can continue.

• Try to post regularly.
If you have irl commitments I appreciate that but I would like you to let everyone know so we can work around your absence. This should be posted in the OOC forum so everyone can find it.
If you don't I will terminate your character after 1 week.

• Please follow the ToS. If you don't know what they are or need a refresher, here's the link. Gaia ToS

N.B. If you break the rules you will get a warning. I run on a three strikes basis; three strikes, you're out.
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.。o○ oυr нιѕтory ○o。.

Our city, along with many others, was one a peaceful, prosperous place. We were part of a larger world project to harness purer forms of energy and prolong our lives by living as close to the planet as possible without damaging it too much. Our catch was to improve technology in such a way that we would flourish throughout time without our resources depleting.

Their other project "Earth" had failed to do so and had collapsed, ending its civilizations. We were the back up..."Moon". We could see their planet in our skies at night. A black whirling sphere, full of hate, reeking of death.

Everything seemed fine, we even had great reports from the mother city saying we had almost accomplished our purpose and we could be able to live freely. Until they arrived.

Coated in shiny metal coats and expelling thick black fog they burnt away our city and took everything from us leaving us standing in a scarred barren land. We were desolate and alone, it seemed as if no one knew we had even existed or wanted to accept the fact that we were gone. We were isolated from everything we had known...we had been guinea pigs...tricked into believing we were in charge.

It was years of abuse, fear and torture as they moulded us into their workers. We got separated into districts and forced to slave away for them while they built a black monstrosity around us where our beautiful land used to be. They took away our sky. It became the black whirling thing we had feared so much, everywhere we turned stank of death.

We revolted. They brought in the S.C.Y.T.H.E.
We killed their agents. They punished us and made our children into S.C.Y.T.H.E.

We live like rats in a sewer, hiding away at the slightest sight of anything we don't recognize. Living away, petrified of being found out, finding a way to kill ourselves off before they get a chance to.
We want our revolt. When it happens they will fall, and we will punish them for what they did.

Love ● Destruction ● Lust ● Corruption ● Amorarilty ● Drugs ● Lies ● Deception ● Chaos ● Greed ● Insanity ● Death ●
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.。o○ мap oғ oυr cιтy ○o。.

A rough guide of district areas marked out in colours
I know its not brilliant but its a rough guide [:

User Image

Red area = Wrath
Blue area = Gluttony
Pink area = Sloth
Green area = Envy
Orange area = Greed
Purple area = Pride
Yellow area = Lust

Love ● Destruction ● Lust ● Corruption ● Amorarilty ● Drugs ● Lies ● Deception ● Chaos ● Greed ● Insanity ● Death ●
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.。o○ dιѕтrιcт ιnғorмaтιon ○o。.

Greed – Technology district
This district sells technological goods to improve the home and or business. It also sells armour and weapons for humanoid modification intended to improve life of an individual. The majority of stores sell equipment for home use which help to ease the day, thus increasing the life and stamina of the humanoid for work.
Technology pieces are not to be used for combat under any circumstances. It is against S.C.Y.T.H.E protocol and is punishable by death.

Gluttony - Agricultural district
This is where the majority of food is produced. It has no specialities, and produces both soil grown crops and animal based crops. It is found on the edges of the city nearest the water’s edge, and is functional 24/7. Furs are sold onto the textile district for further processing and all food is distributed equally to the housing blocks on a daily basis.

Wrath –Power district
This produces all the power for the city. It runs off several different types so that if a time arose where something was depleted, there would still be a decent supply of power. The other reason is that the weather changes are horrific, a way to harness their power seemed necessary. The only power unable to be harvested is Solar due to the lack of sun.

Lust - Pleasure district
Everything a heart desires is here. This district is the largest and richest as it brings in the most customers and thus it has a large proportion of the richer people moving into flats here when they make it big. The major landmarks here include; the bank and Leila's Jazz club. The area is rough and full of people desperate to make money, and to spend it. The homeless rate is high and this leads to an increase in the hire of private security to protect property.

Envy – Textile district
This produces all of the textile goods for the city including clothes and upholstery. Its a relatively small district but like the technology district it doesn't mind trying to make a profit. It supplies clothes designed to conceal Technology pieces...but again...for a price.

Sloth – Transportation/engineering district
This district produces all of the equipment needed for transport in and around the city including lumber and metals. These humanoids are subjected to hours of gruelling work including mining and logging to produce the necessary materials and then to assemble the necessary items as dictated by the mother city. Every item helps to improve the city that tiny bit more and make it a better place to live.

Pride – Housing district
Every humanoid that works in the city is provided with a small space to live, which notably is called a “house”. They are more like single room flats. It tends to be a multitude of single medium room sized areas combined into a large tower in order to maximise the number of tenants. The rooms have one window facing out into the grim city, and contain; a bed, a stove, a fridge, a table with two chairs, a sink and a bath. Any other items such as entertainment devices have to be bought with existing funds or via a loan from the lust district.

Travel between districts is possible by an underground train system. This journey takes a few minutes opposed to days or hours. Efficiency here is a must. For those who need private transport taxi type cars are available for a price.

Love ● Destruction ● Lust ● Corruption ● Amorarilty ● Drugs ● Lies ● Deception ● Chaos ● Greed ● Insanity ● Death ●
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.。o○ ιмporтanт dιѕтrιcт вυιldιngѕ ○o。.

Each district has important buildings. These are where most of the action happens!

Greed – Technology district

James's store sells illegal technology on the back street. Its pretty expensive but then again its the black market so expect to splash out on the cash if you want some decent equipment.

S.C.Y.T.H.E. factory exists in this district and imports children from the Pride district orphanage. Its a large grim factory locked down by several hundred armed men. Some people say these are the same ones that stormed into our city and took it from us all those years ago.

Gluttony - Agricultural district

Sadly has no buildings of interest. It is a set of barns and artificial fields with a few dozen pieces of machinery for harvesting.
There is a grave yard here if you wish to bury your loved ones.

Wrath –Power district

There are quite a few abandoned factories where many humanoids have set up homes rather than travelling using the transport system to their miserable house. A lot of these have turned to crime syndicates and are using them as a way to generate a larger income thus creating a rather nice "lair" for themselves.

The most prominent is []'s Mechanics. It blackmails the factories in this district into paying them or else they will shut down the factories by force or damage them, hurting the economy.

Lust - Pleasure district

Leila's place is a large Jazz club near the center of the district. It claims to specialize in "Granting your every pleasure~." It has a rich, vibrant atmosphere with dancers, singers and the odd hidden room if you're flashing your cash.

R.R Koski's casino is similar to the Jazz club but is focused more on selling alcohol and taking away money by serving dodgy card games by a busty young woman or handsome young man as a distraction.

Dominus is the giant tower in the district that houses the Government figures. Its very flashy and generally makes large announcements through the speakers periodically. Only these people live here.

Salvatore Mansion is the abandoned mansion that used to be occupied by a very rich family which were brutally massacred. The culprits were never caught and no one came forward to claim it so it became a refuge for the homeless. It's grey, graffitied walls and solemn mood stand out in this district of bright lights and maniacal laughter.

Envy – Textile district

Glenda's store sells illegal concealing clothing on the back street. Its not too expensive but still worth quite a bit of gold. If you don't want to get caught with illegal tech its the better option to check this place out.

Sloth – Transportation/engineering district

There are quite a few abandoned factories where many humanoids have set up homes rather than travelling using the transport system to their miserable house. A lot of these have turned to crime syndicates and are using them as a way to generate a larger income thus creating a rather nice "lair" for themselves.

The most prominent is Caesar's lair. They blackmail the factories in this district into paying them or else they will shut down the factories by force or damage them, hurting the economy.

Pride – Housing district

The park is an artificially grown plant section which houses many different but extinct species of plants and trees. It was designed as a way for humanoids to relax after their work to promote well being and rest but it usually gets used for protests or by people conducting shady trades. Sometimes families go for a wander down the paths if the weather synthesizer is set to winter so they can build snow humans.

The fountain is a lovely little feature of two large fish jumping out of a tier of bowls set up in an artificial park aimed to promote well being in the district. A lot of people meet up here for trades at night, its risky because of the S.C.Y.T.H.E patrols but its usually empty of humanoids at this time.

Pride orphanage is where any children who become orphaned are sent to. Their parents may have died from natural causes or been executed by S.C.Y.T.H.E and can be imported to the S.C.Y.T.H.E factory in Greed district by the armed men.

Pride school is a non government funded school provided by some of the workers from various districts. They provide the kids with basic numeracy and literacy skills as well as practical experience with the kind of work they do for their jobs in the various districts. Sometimes it has been known to promote and show how technology pieces work...

April's fun house is not what it says on the tin. It's a small place underground which specializes in illegal fights in which anything goes. Be prepared for loss of life and loss of money.

Other important items;

Nursing stations
Every district has a nursing station. These are machines that can provide you with the drugs necessary to heal you, after a short diagnosis. Its a relatively cheap way to get you back up to scratch.
However, they do alert S.C.Y.T.H.E.S with a warning that you have Technology pieces modified into your body.
Many people do so happen to carry around the necessary drugs with them if you can find them.

The most prominent gang was the Skull sadists. They are now pretty much decimated bar a handful.
The newest gang striking terror into the hearts of the people is Ro's gang. They take victims by force and no one ever seems to find or hear from them ever again.

If your group needs a specific place within a district, more can be added at a later time. For now these are the main ones I see as important~

Love ● Destruction ● Lust ● Corruption ● Amorarilty ● Drugs ● Lies ● Deception ● Chaos ● Greed ● Insanity ● Death ●
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.。o○ тypeѕ oғ crιмe ○o。.

Illegal sales
Roll up, roll up! Get yer technology pieces 'ere.
Genuine, hot off the belt, one hundred per cent legit.

Usually of technology pieces for weaponry or armour to modify the body. Costs a small fortune and is sold on the black market in the district. Additional costs incur for installation, upgrade and repair.

If you ain't gonna pay me, how can I keep this here line connected.

Involves the whole city having money "collected" at a certain point in order to keep the power devices running or stop power lines from being cut or diverted. It can also relate to money being taken from clubs or people in high positions due to secrets or damaging information.

Trust me darlin'. You'll feel like you're flyin' in the clouds.
How can ya put a price on that feelin'?

A large dealing scheme dominated by the club owners in the Lust district. The drugs variety is large and even newly created ones are sold for a profit. Other districts may have a regular dealer who sells it

Protection of services
I liked this here fence. Did you like this here fence boys?
Get on yer knees scrub and pay up.

A small scheme dealing with pesky people who enter the clubs without money or who try to cause a fuss and upset the place. Can also refer to the protection rackets and alliances that run through the districts.

Ponzi scheme
If I had $20k i'd invest it in Coffee stocks, the price is on the rise again.
I can double your money easily. I promise.

Taking hard earned money from the high rollers of the city to pay off their own debts by giving it to people that they owe it to, giving the impression that they are making a profit.

Protection racket
Boys. This 'ere bloke knocked Johnny out cold last night.
He's gotta pay to fix Johnny's pretty face.

Involves having money collected at a certain point in order to keep their property or life intact. Failure to do so will result in injury or death...possibly swimming with the fishes.

Money fights
I bet $20 on you, you worthless worm!

A quick way to get money for the poorer humanoids of the district. They tend to have Technology pieces either stolen or gained through trades mutated into them, thus making the fights very much illegal. A lot of people die in this tourney.

Hacking and Viruses
You always said I was worthless.
Said I was never going to get anywhere playing with computers.
Look at me now. I own you.

Technology savvy people will find that by authorising themselves into a mainframe that they are not allowed on, they can get information on secrets and damaging information. They can also change details in the mainframe to help benefit themselves or other people. Some clever people have even found out how to deactivate S.C.Y.T.H.E.

Love ● Destruction ● Lust ● Corruption ● Amorarilty ● Drugs ● Lies ● Deception ● Chaos ● Greed ● Insanity ● Death ●
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.。o○ cнaracтerѕ ○o。.

These are the general jobs available;

These are groups of humanoids who have a specific aim to exploit a certain section of the district for money. They are ruthless and will fight/kill anyone that gets in their way. Each syndicate has a head honcho, but can have as many lackeys as it wishes.

There is always an abundance of petty dealers in the streets who work without a gang. They can form a gang if enough gather together in one place. They do various types of petty crime including dealing drugs, Technology parts or illegal fights.

Civilians, club dancers, bar staff, workers, bouncers, crafters, nurses etc
These are the humanoids that work for everyone else, making up the general public. They have specific jobs and work alongside or in a gang as they wish to revolt against the terror that has been driven into their city. Some of them are richer than the others as they work directly in the gang and drug trade.

Owners of clubs in lust (High rollers)
The richer members of the public who have built their way up by preying on the needs of others. These humanoids are very persuasive and will not hesitate to try and bring you into their corrupt businesses. Many are here by choice, and by the desire for money and power.

Government figures
There can only be a handful of these that dictate over the city. These people are very money hungry and corrupt. They are responsible for destroying all the cities on this planet for their own selfish purposes. They do not venture out often and if they do are heavily guarded by S.C.Y.T.H.E. as a precaution.

(Superficial Creation Yearning Towards a Horrific End)
These are the humanoid children that have been trained from birth to kill.
They have been disciplined and trained so intensely that they have no sense of emotion and live only by the information they have been brainwashed into knowing from the Government. S.C.Y.T.H.E don't tend to regain use of their emotion but if they somehow manage to by fluke or by malfunction they become very dangerous and unpredictable. A lot of the time they end up being killed by their own kind on command of the Government to avoid this. They have Government issue Technology pieces, thus making them very mutated and corrupt. They seem to last longer than humanoids do in terms of mutation breaking down their bodies.
They will kill if they have evidence of you law breaking.

You can pick to be any character in this section!

It's a first come, first served basis.
If one particular character gets too popular, I will stop anyone else applying for it. Sorry c:
I have no problems with anyone having more than one character. If you can keep up with the posts then it's fine with me.

Walk in's are ok as long as you write yourself out when you get bored, or do not become a main character.

Love ● Destruction ● Lust ● Corruption ● Amorarilty ● Drugs ● Lies ● Deception ● Chaos ● Greed ● Insanity ● Death ●
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.。o○ allιanceѕ and proтecтιon ○o。.

An alliance can be formed between gangs.
In this land, protection can be the difference between thriving for survival or losing your district (and loosing your mind).

If you are a civilian and do not wish to enrol in a protection racket or form an alliance then stop reading now.

A "good" alliance or racket will bring in reinforcements and supplies in case you end up in trouble with a S.C.Y.T.H.E and decide to revolt by killing them.
A "bad" one will strip you of necessities and leave you vulnerable to attack or at the bottom of a lake.

To form an alliance or racket, both parties must agree terms of their alliance.
The terms of the treaty do not have to be made public we should know who is working with who.
An alliance is broken if any member breaks one of the terms set down in the treaty, thus leaving it null and void.
All members of the alliance or racket should be aware of the terms.

Conferring outside in the OOC forum to form a Treaty fine as long as you do not agree until you are back in the main RP with your characters.

Love ● Destruction ● Lust ● Corruption ● Amorarilty ● Drugs ● Lies ● Deception ● Chaos ● Greed ● Insanity ● Death ●
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.。o○ ĸey deтaιlѕ oғ тнe drυgѕ avaιlaвle ○o。.


Glacier is a drug named so by the cold feeling you get once injected into your veins. The purpose of this drug in particular is strength and it can give anyone who takes it superhuman strength thus it is one of the more expensive drugs available on the market. If Glacier is taken enough times and in a steady daily fashion the subject can start to adapt to this strength and it will become their own without even having to inject it anymore, though this process can take months or even a year depending on the person, rarely anyone can afford such a supply and going one day without it can cause severe withdrawal symptoms which disrupts the entire metamorphosis.


The name says it all. This drug improves speed but it does not come without side effects, when the subject has adjusted to this drug and takes a large enough dose, they can seemingly even teleport. Really at this point the drug has degraded the subject's mind causing it to move faster than one person can really process so most who get this far have very faint ideas on what to do with that speed. A subject who abuses this drug can be easily pointed out in the twitchy manner of their movement.


Mania is the drug usually distributed to the public and being the most popular drug to date. Mania even has it's own drug parlours where one can go to escape their daily troubles, the effects of Mania are so strong most are encouraged to sit down and relax as it takes hold. The purpose of this drug is simple it was created as a drug specifically for happiness or pleasure. Mania causes the subject to see everything and when relaxed, feel everything differently it takes them to a level of paradise that most people can't seem to describe to someone who hasn't taken it. However, when used on someone who is not in the right state of mind and relaxed it can cause them to see everything in a terrifying way, which makes it an ideal strategy to daze someone and capture them.


Bloodlust is the single most illegal drug on the entire planet and anyone caught with this drug by S.C.Y.T.H.E. is to be executed so anyone who carries it takes a huge risk. The side effects make the subject very violent and homicidal making them attack anything and everything. This drug is great for different gangs and syndicates as they can give each new member one dose of this drug and once it has worn off that certain compulsion to kill remains. Bloodlust is completely different from other drugs where most of them are injected into the bloodstream Bloodlust is in appearance a unique red dust that is inhaled and once taken it controls the entire system making the subject only see red, the origin of Bloodlust is a secret known only to Grim the leader of the Skull Sadists who controls the market on the drug.


Compulsion is more of a beverage than a drug and it is named after the effects which make the subject very persuasive and it is something definitely hidden from the general public and very profitable for "brothel" types of clubs. To make these abilities more effective the subject only needs to drink it everyday which can also cause them to persuade a higher level of mutated humanoid when a daily amount is kept up. But there is one secret which applies to compelling individuals of such mutation, a secret that is even lesser known than the actual drink itself and that secret is for the subject to look the victim directly in the eyes and ask politely what they desire from them. Leila Mia Hart only knows the way to mix this drink and controls the market on it making her the most powerful woman in the city perhaps even more powerful than most men.

Smoking Devices

Much like the concept of cigarettes or cigars rather they come in a fine metal casing meant to be lit to burn the content inside and produce the smoke. One would be encouraged to wear gloves due to the heat, then use a simple coolant button when they were finished. Rather than buying a pack the device it can be kept and personalized to the buyer's liking leaving them only to keep up the supply that goes into the device. Some individuals use this as a simple vice but when combined with special chest technology these devices can work to an advantage and turn the smoke into something much more like a shroud or something like a heartbeat detector. The technology allows the smoke to be transformed and the breath can be held to allow the effect to spread throughout the subject's system and it can even be shared after transformation to give someone else the effect.

~ Thanks to Clouded Seithr for his passion to help me out with this role play and his contribution of this section

Love ● Destruction ● Lust ● Corruption ● Amorarilty ● Drugs ● Lies ● Deception ● Chaos ● Greed ● Insanity ● Death ●
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.。o○ мυтaтιon ○o。.

Mutation is a phenomenon due to the polluted atmosphere and vast advances in science, which causes your body to mutate in order to accept a technology piece. Such items include; Armour, Weaponry, Upgrades, Tools and Medical items. Even if these pieces are not attached to the body, they still count as upgrades.
These Technology pieces can be purchased from the Technology district.

Be warned~
Technology pieces are prohibited by the Mother city and are therefore illegal.
Therefore so is combat with a Technology piece.
Technology pieces and combat are punishable by death if you are caught and trialled by a S.C.Y.T.H.E.

One way to avoid this is to buy clothes and armour from the Textile district. With this they can help conceal your Technology pieces and thus reduce the sightings of you in combat... well if that is what you plan to do...

For a Humanoid, your mutation level cannot exceed 100%.
If you reach 100% (or thereabouts) you are no longer Humanoid and will become like a S.C.Y.T.H.E.

You are allowed a maximum of 11 pieces overall (That's 100% duh).
Each piece accounts for 9% of your allowance.
Head x 1
Chest x 1
L arm x 2
R arm x 2
Bottom x 1
L leg x 2
R leg x 2

Overuse and over reliance of technology pieces can cause long term serious effects such as; insanity, hallucinations, intense hunger, blindness, casual cross dressing and self harm.
Technology also tends to have an auto immune effect on the body as it cannot handle the new input, this effectively kills you. Well, at least I warned you.

Modifications can be removed for upgraded ones, but its costly and risky. As well as you must have a recovery time. The same applies for repairing damaged goods.
As it is illegal you will have to find someone to contact who will fix it, usually one of the Tech districts syndicates...
for a price.

Love ● Destruction ● Lust ● Corruption ● Amorarilty ● Drugs ● Lies ● Deception ● Chaos ● Greed ● Insanity ● Death ●
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.。o○ daιly ѕeттιngѕ ○o。.

|| Spring || Summer || Autumn || Winter ||

|| Morning || Noon || Dusk || Night ||

|| Monday || Tuesday || Wednesday || Thursday || Friday || Saturday || Sunday ||

|| Artificially Sunny || Cloudy || Showers || Lightning Storms || Heavy Rain || Snow || Drought ||
|| Windy || Hailstorm || Fog || Sleet || Flash Flood || Cyclone || Eclipse || Sandstorm || Breezy || Smog || Rain || Blizzard ||

Love ● Destruction ● Lust ● Corruption ● Amorarilty ● Drugs ● Lies ● Deception ● Chaos ● Greed ● Insanity ● Death ●
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.。o○ тнe eveɴтѕ ѕo ғαr ○o。.

Everyone's favourite blog, spouting out all the gossip of the past and presence.

.。o○ LISTEN UP ○o。.

The story so far

Think i've missed anything? Anon tips on 353-987-191

Grim "died" and narrowly survived
Grim betrayed Lisette
Isaac and Lisette are hunting Grim
A guy called Deadeye appeared
April Eleven was kidnapped by the Mastermind
Leila is currently unconscious in the club
James and R.R Koski uncover Leila's unconscious body
Angel went on a killing spree
Demitra, Miles, Lucius, Talic, Kjell, Kor and Alexander have all been murdered.
Sangue was shot

.。o○ тнe вeaυтy oғ deѕтrυcтιon ○o。. OOC

.。o○ тнe вeaυтy oғ deѕтrυcтιon ○o。. proғιleѕ

Love ● Destruction ● Lust ● Corruption ● Amorarilty ● Drugs ● Lies ● Deception ● Chaos ● Greed ● Insanity ● Death ●
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.。o○ proғιle ѕĸeleтon ○o。.

[imgright](Your image here)[/imgright][u][color=(Your colour here)][size=16] First Middle Last[/color][/size][color=white]XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX[/color][/u]

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[u][i].。o○ The Basics ○o。. [/i][/u]
[b]Age:[/b] (How old you are)
[b]Gender:[/b] (Male, female?)
[b]Sexuality:[/b] (Straight, Bi etc)

[u][i].。o○ Getting Personal ○o。. [/i][/u]
[b]Personality:[/b] (Brief description of your personality, 3 lines maybe?)
[b]History:[/b] (Brief mention of your past, anything you think that would make your character personal to you. Make it as detailed as you want but more than 5 lines.)
[b]Likes:[/b] (4 likes)

[b]Dislikes:[/b] (4 dislikes)

[u][i].。o○ My Poisons ○o。. [/i][/u]
[b]Mutation level:[/b] (Each body section has a value of 9%, calculate how much you have based on what you put on your body)
[b]Weapon/Armour:[/b] (Items bought from the store in Technology district)
[b]District:[/b] (Which district you can be found in, even the building.)
[b]Syndicate:[/b] (Which group do you follow?)
[b]Alliances:[/b] (Do you have an alliance with any other group yet?)

When your profile is done, Pm it to me with the tagline "Destroyer."
Send Hana my PM

Why does no one want to be a scythe? xD

I really want; a Mechanic, a tailor/seamstress, a mayor/person in power.

I am asking you politely not to post until I have put your completed/accepted profile in the OOC profile forum and until i've checked it through and sent you a reply c:

Love ● Destruction ● Lust ● Corruption ● Amorarilty ● Drugs ● Lies ● Deception ● Chaos ● Greed ● Insanity ● Death ●

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