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1.Name Kaine Cross
2.Age 22
3.Sex male
4.side marines
5. weapons A emp grenade,a pistol that fires a explosive round,and his arms which were turned into robotic limbs to enhance strength and his hacking skills,and his remote controlled bots used for fighting,he can control up to 2 at a time
6. looksUser Image
7. Bio Kaine grew up spending majority of his time inside,with the glow of a computer screen in his face.By the age of six Kaine had hacked his first pc.At the age of seven he had completely. built a computer him self.He never had a real mom and dad,or any friends.At the age of 14 the marines had heard of a young and skillful hacker,he surpassed most computer experts.The marines knew they had to had this young lad.So they spent 3 years searching for him.At the age of 17 the marines had found him and enlisted him.He lost his arms in battle so him and other scientist had helped him create these robotic arms that increased his hacking skills,and strength.Kaine can build almost any piece of tech,and hack almost anything.He has helped the marines build some of the most high tech weapons and armor that they have
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__Zero saw the soldiers running for the tank. He started running, dodging one marine's bullets. He took his sword out and hit the gun out of his hand. Then he took the one in the man's belt and pinned him down and kept going towards the tank.
__"What are you doing!? Retreat!" He was told about the people inside the tank. "Are you serious!? Two of you, get them out. The rest buy some time!" He took cover behind the tank and started firing the plasma pistol. "Some help, Red!?"
Screw it get Rose instead i cant handle this beast get her and run we need to get the ******** out of here now! MOVE IT!. He was scared for his life this bear robot will kill all of them in seconds.
sorry to say this but im extremley sorry for waisting ur time this rp is now offficaly closed bc i put the plot and story poorly together sorry i ******** suck at life so i shouldnt do this s**t now please dont worry the world wont end bc of this horrible damn rp i made sorry now good ******** the world

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