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David saw the blade in the corner of his eye and moved the blade right to his blocking it and rolled again trying to stay away and stood and charged at him swinging toward his arm carrying his sword and pulled his pistol out and shot an entire clip directly at him then reloads and put it away while staying away from his blade as much as possible. I'm lasting because it seems like your the lower class of your team Ive seen a kid fight better than you oh wait i am one! He does a round house kick towards his legs sweeping him to the ground.
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Vossler casually met the kid's sword with his own. The suit took the bullets from the small gun with no force reaching Vossler. As the super marine falls to the ground he lets out a tired yawn. "Listen kid. As much as it was to mess with you I have a job here and I don't care enough to keep playing with you." Vossler rolled away and with a flick of the wrist he reloaded his grenade pistol and fired another screaming flare into the sky. "You know what a sabatour is kid? We cause distractions. Take away what our enemies need or allow our allies to do what they need." As Vossler finished speaking other Super Marines and their war machines made there way out of the trees surroundin the group. Vossler was between the red haired boy and the group cutting him off. "Kid you need to think things through. Checkmate." Vossler returned his Grenade Pistol to its holster as th other Marines trained their guns on the militants. Vossler let his sword rest on his shoulder as his armor changed to its default grey and bronze coloring.
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David was paying attention he wanted this to happen he got on his knees and surrendered waiting to set of the ambush he had in mind that was planted secretly on the tank. fine you won i give just take the cargo i need my life for more things in the future.
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Vossler looked the kid over and scoffed. "Sorry kid but you don't get it. You are the Cargo we are after. All of you. So I suggest lining up and handing your weapons to the nearest Marine." Vossler turned and casually began to walk towards the vehicle. He inspected it fr places any Sabatour would place explosives and other various sneaky tech.
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David didn't give in that easily he still held his weapon standing there waiting for a right moment to set off the trap. He was getting anxious but soon the man in the suit was getting offly close to the bomb and was getting scared that he was gonna find it.Its in the tank wheel behind the rims and only the wheel and whatever is close to it will get hit with a huge blast because the tank is heavily armored so luckily for him it wont do anything to the girls inside.
1. name: Zero
2. age: 22
3. sex: male
4. side: Military
5. weapons: protoype exosuit with retractible arm blades, katana, m14
6. looks: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
7. Bio: "Zero" lived with his family, and had a life like ordinary people do. He left home, searching for a more exciting life. His journey ended with the smile of one girl. She became his reason to live.
Time passed, and the day came to celebrate their third year together. That was the day the marines chose to strike. His world changed when he saw a bullet pierce her heart.
She became his reason to kill. He was no ordinary person anymore. He became a ghost, a man who lost his soul. He would make sure that man lost his.
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__Zero had been watching everything from the beginning. He had been waiting for a squad of marines to pass by, but the military worked as bait. Just as a flare went high in the air, he started approching the tank. The smoke was a perfect cover.
__He didn't expect to see a boy with red hair holding a gun and a sword. Worse than that was the man facing him. He had never encountered another man with an exosuit. It wouldn't be an easy kill this time.
__He made sure none of them would notice him. He got a glimpse of the kid's eyes. There was certainly a plan in his mind. ~Come on, kid... give me a diversion... That's all I need... Come on...~
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David looked at Zero through his mask he can tell he wants me to activate the trap installed in the wheel. Super marine watch yourself. He grinned devilishly and pulled out the c4 detonator pulling the trigger and the wheel the super marine was standing in front off exploded in his face and he heard a clang but he was still standing. What the ******** that should of destroyed part of your suit at least. Now he was pissed he charged at him full speed katana drawn lashing out at him trying to kill him. He can feel brute strength building in him from his anger he didn't want to stop he wanted to kill this guy no matter what the cost was.
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As the explosion was set off his armor took the full force. He was a demoman. His suit was made to take ballistics. As the red haired boy charged him Vossler pulled his Grenade Launcher off his strap and aimed at the ground beneath his feet. "Activate Nano tech now." Without having to load the weapon he fired and the explosion sent him into the air. Vossler soared over the red haired boy and fliped through the air. As he came down he returned his sword to its sheath and drew his Grenade Pistol from his side. "Not quick enough kid." Vossler fired a net grenade at the red hair kid without the need to load. The Nano Warp tech allowed the transportation of ammo from a storage unit directly to a synched weapon. All controlled by thought and an interface inside the helmet. Vossler had aimed the Grenade Launcher at the man that arrived in an Exosuit. "Nice try. But your thermal readings are easy to see in this smoke. Seems your people have your first Exosuit. How cute."
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__The moment Vossler discovered Zero, it was too late. Only he had noticed; the rest of the marines were still aiming at the red hair. They didn't expect any resistance other than that, so they had their backs turned away. Zero run behind the marines, making sure Vossler couldn't take a shoot. Then he proceeded to free some of the soldiers who had just been subdued. ~Free the others. Get the guns.~
__Just as Vossler reached the ground, He had set off again, and stood right in front of a marine. "Hello." He didn't think twice and fired his machine gun. Zero just turned and kicked the machine gun away, causing it to shoot at other warrior suits, and at Vossler himself.
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David saw the man in the exo suit he never heard of this nano tech,it didn't matter he wasn't gonna die he dodged it by jumping out of the way at the last second,but his leg caught some of the net and slashed at his leg and was bleeding partially, he just took it and squinted when he stood,started running at him jumped on the tree and sat on the branch and jumped at him full on force sword slashing at him, pulling the man down with him he was on top using the man as a shield for impact. This might hurt. He smiled kicking him to the floor and David landed on his feet without a scratch on him.
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Vossler watched as the one in the exosuit ran. As Vossler was knocked on the ground again he watched as a wave of bullets from the other maines flew above him. He watched as the bullets made their way for the red haired boy. Vossler decided to call in the real fighters."Delta squad its time to show the grunts how to fight." Vossler rolled out of the way of the bullets and stood. He fired another flare into the sky. Two blips on his interface quickly made their way towards them. An animalistic bellow filled the air.
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Zero lets retreat now squad follow in lets get the hell out of here and get the girls were not leaving them behind come on move it hussel ill distract. He felt a bullet fly past his hair almost shooting him the head, he looked at the marine who's gun was kicked by zero and gave him a deadly stare.
1. Name: Markus
2. Age: 32
3. Sex: Male
4. Side: Marine
5. Weapons: Type 32 Heavy Riot Warrior Exosuit. Riot shield,Steel club
6. Looks: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
7. Bio: Markus raised bears in russian for the government. The Bears were used as a replacement for police dogs and base defenses. After one of his bears mauling an officer that provoked it was killed Markus moved to America where he was integrated into the Marines with some of his Bears. His closest one Bart was geneticly altered to be much bigger and stronger. Markus and Bart were put under Vossler's command as a Spec Ops team.

1. Name: Bart the Bear
2. Age: 4
3. Sex: Male
4. Side: Marine
5. Weapons: Bear Exosuit. Retractible rapid fire autocannon,Titanium claws
6. Looks: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
7. Bio: Bart was brought over to America with Markus when one of his brothers were killed. While in America Markus was was put into the Mairnes and Bart was genticly enhanced. He was bigger and stronger. Most of his body was replaced with Machanicle parts. Bart is now a cybernetic walking tank. With retractible weapons.

1. Name: Cyrus
2. Age: 28
3. Sex: Male
4. Side: Marine
5. Weapons: Esper Class Stealth Suit, Anti Material Rifle,Dual Magnums
6. Looks: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
7. Bio: Cyrus was brought into the Marines much earlier than Vossler and in the years before the Demoman had arrived the Marine was part of a special group of Snipers called the Espers. He made a reputation for himself on the team and was the first to be chosen to be put into Vossler's team.

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