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The government of a dark society try's to use the military for dark things but they don't allow the government to use their superiority for un Justice qualities but the government has another army that's called the super marines that have high tech armor and heavily equipped with futuristic weapons that can deal mass destruction with a pull of the trigger and there extreme strength of there heavy armor suit that increases every motor,strength,agility,and reflexes to the extreme and the basic military that wouldn't do evil are the normal infantry basic armor like bullet proof vests and ordinary weapons but they have high tech vehicles that deal large amounts of damage, the army fights back for the people of there country.
Story so Far

The men and women of the military have been having a raging war with with the super marines and so far there losing tremendously they made a plan to use a secret weapon because they noticed there's no girls in any super marine armor so the men and women have been planning to use the women to get inside the base and sabotage there head quarters they send a few girls to them every now and then in a escort caravan protected by 4 or 6 men just so they don't look suspicious and when they are captured .....well now its your turn to finish the story..... good luck.
Super Marine weapons:

1. Plasma assault rifle: A automatic plasma gun that shoots 56 rounds per second.
2. Plasma pistol: A semi automatic pistol that shoots 10 rounds per second.
3. Plasma grenade: A stick on grenade that explodes on impact unless timer is set for a specific time.
4: Warrior exosuit: exosuit able to take large amount of damage built in gatlic gun small impact wrist grenade launcher.
5: stealth exosuit: able to blend in with its surrounding completely camouflaging itself carrying a hidden blade in the wrist of its suit.

Basic Military:

1. Advance M27c5 assault rifle: A Fully automatic rifle that shoots 89 rounds per seconds.
2. M60a4: A fully automatic light machine gun that shoots 200 rounds per second.
3. m91191 pistol: A semi automatic pistol that shoots 6 rounds per second,
4. Frag grenade: A lock pin grenade that blows on a fuse that shows shards into the enemies.
5. Combat Blade: 1 foot blade that is made of pure steel that slices through 10 carcasses.
6. Combat Knife: 5 inch blade that is made of pure steel only limited of reach,
7. Brass knuckles: A brass grip that goes on your knuckles that can dent a super marine exosuit
1. No god modding
2. Keep all mature content to a minimum
3. No going one man army
4. Stick together don't kill teammates
5. you may post your own skeleton
6. Don't cuss the host out
7. You can use any weapon you want its not limited i just gave a few examples

5. weapons( 1 exosuit if on super and 2 primary and 1 sec and a close quarted for military)
6. looks
7. Bio

1. David
2. 18
3. Male
4. Basic Military
5. Advance M27c5 assault rifle, m60a4, m91191, and Katana
6. User Image
7. David was born in a military family taking the responsibility at a age of 15 to join the military of the cold and dangerous war. every day he wonders when hell be able to stop fighting a war that cant be won but he soon changes his mind after a accident with a missile that hit his old house killing him mom in the impact he is driven to kill any marine to get in his way and the accomplishment of winning the war.
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1. Name: Vossler
2. Age: 23
3. Sex: Male
4. Side: Super Marines
5. Weapons: Type - 05 Class Sabatour Stealth Exosuit, Grenade Launcher, Grenade Pistol, Sword, Various explosives and grenade ammo.
6. Looks:
7. Bio: Vossler was taken when he was still in training to be in a demolitions unit. He was put through the Super Marines training and was made into a Sabatour. He was sent on many mission to take out enemy machinery and important resources. He was one of the few sent to Ambush and capture the Military personel.
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David was an escortation duty this evening and he was escorting a heavy ac 4 wheel off road tank, including with a back door hatch with a sliding out ramp that allows easy access,and also has no weapons attached for escort purposes they were setting off half way they got a ride to there designation then was told to get out and walk on foot in front of the vehicle now it was covered in debris camo because of the ground was covered in fallen debris from destroyed building and vehicles that traveled from the wind from the city, and things that it connected well to when he got out right away he saw movement. He saw movement in a tree a few meters ahead of them he told the squad of the movement and they readied there weapons but they were told not to shoot just try to negotiate but David didn't listen and trained his weapon strongly on the movement but there was multiple from many directions and was starting to worry but his anger against them wasn't allowing it and shot a waring shot with his m27 and heard a faint scream but he knew it didn't do anything because of there armor is so high tech and basically bullet proof. His squad stared at him in anger was told to stand down but he didn't listen he still kept his weapon trained.
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1.Name: Kaylar "Rose"
2.Age: 22
3.Sex: Female
4 Side: Military
5. weapons: Sniper Rifle & Spiked Ball n Chain, m91191 pistol, Dual Combat Knifes
7. Bio: Living and growing up basically alone, her farther in the Military and her mother dead from illness at her age of 6, kaylar's only family left was her dad. Her childhood wasn't that of a normal child, growing up in the military base wasn't fun, but her dad had no where else for her to go. she managed until her farther didn't come back one day. The news hit the young girl hard, it was tough on her, but her resolve was tougher. Since that day Kaylar's been fighter for her dad, and to make sure no child loses they parents like she did.
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Vossler sat in a tree overlooking the group that they had been tipped about. His armor pigmentation matched that of the tree to keep himself hidden from the soldiers below. Knowing his part in the plan he lifted his grenade launcher and loaded up all six chambers. He fire the first into the sky which sent a screaming flare high above to give off the group location. The other five grenades were fired into the group and released smoke to hinder their sight. Vossler strapped the Grenade Launcher to his back and drew his sword. His armor changed from the green and brown to a wispy grey as he lept into the smoke to get his first catch. He stopped feet away from what looked to be an eighteen year old with red hair.
David Saw this man in a type-05 class saboteur stealth exo suit that looked to be older than him by the way he moves from what he can tell by the smoke. He looked straight foward with his gun aimed and said stand down or we will open fire or ill personally cut all of your damn heads off with my katana . He out one hand on the sword to his side with another finger still on the trigger.
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Vossler let out a laugh at the boy's threat. His laugh and his voice sounded metallic from the helmet. "Come on kid do you really think you have the experience?" Vossler pulled his Grenade Pistol from his side and fired a grenade between the two. A bright flash and a loud bang followed. Vossler used the distraction to get behind the kid.
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David felt the air between him and the man with the exosuit he quickly turned around and shot and rolled to his right drawing his sword altogether holding his ground now 6 inches away from him and the man who highly fears but wont show it because hes right hes only been in the army for 3 years.
Ha don't make me laugh like ill ever be afraid some filth in a suit. Hes gripping the handle to his sword tightly.
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Vossler rolled out of the way of the shots. He twirled his sword and dug his free hand into his explosives pouches. "Gotta hand it to ya kid. For someone so cocky you sure don't die easily." Vossler pull three Grenades and swept his arm out to throw them in specific positions. All giving the boy only one way to go. Vossler leapt to the only escape to meet the retreating boy with a swing from his sword.

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