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"since the begining of time there has been a thin line between good and evil.
History tells us that in every story true or fiction there is always one,one we always look to in times of certin peril, we call this one 'HERO'. Chosen at birth to preform a cartin task at a precise moment at a predestined location, but with every hero brung into this world with the shining light of hope,there is a foe waiting to stomp it out...this is the way it is and the way its always going to be. Here in noctum most people dont beleve in hero's anymore, they figure that there isnt anything
to be afraid of and anything they cant handle the local athorities can..But little do they know that the things that go bump in the night in noctum arnt just in your head..."


the sleepy town of noctum is in the middle of a 16th generation war of two familys, The Mortis (vampire) and Divum (lycan) have been in a deadlock battle for hundreds of years until the recent birth of a child by two love stricken main branch members of both familys.
Luna (lycan female) and Royce (vampire male) now have a hybrid spawn that could very well end the battle for eather side or end both sides all together, both familys know this and have sent groups and armys to seize the child and with both sides modern in appearance the battles could take place at anytime anywhere schools,parks,stores... but Royce is determined to keep his family together and end he war but for that he would need a malitia...so what side are you on?

"Royce and Luna's home"

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Motis Home
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Divum home
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remember everyone likes to see a happy ending but not everyone can be with royce and luna
-House of royce-

gaia name:
Age: (17+)
male/female :
Race: lycan,vampire,etc..(if a vampire or lycan you have to pick a relation to royce or luna but you can be anything you want)
House: divum,mortis etc...
i Look like this: (appearance)

.............also we need somone to rp as luna.........

Gaia name: takota momoshiro
Name: Royce mortis
Age: 121
Race: vampire
Bio: royce always enjoyed his childhood aside from the war he was a very happy child, and as he grew older his interaction with the lycans became more and more frequent and the more he bagan to see luna then eventually fell in love with her royce would do anything to protect his child and luna but to do that royce will have to end the war and the only one who presents a problem to this is his twin sister who has resented royce for leaving the house to begin with.
i look like this:
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-House of Mortis-

-House of Divum-
1.have fun..
2.use common sense
3.post regularly
4.submitt all profiles to me

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