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Dangerous Lunatic

Location: Damien's Apartment. Koto Ward, Tokyo
Current Situation: "Pleasure is over. It's time for business"
With: Chesty
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Everything sounds muffled when you're head is enclosed by foam and fiberglass. Damien knew this all too well. He had been riding motorcycles for a while now. He barely even noticed how loud his Dyna was. The underwater follies inside his helmet kept him from hearing the roar of his twin cam. He still felt it though. The way the engine reverberated through out his body as he sat on his hog. It made his feel alive, and the speed of the bike made him feel almost as high as any firefight he had encountered... almost. Damien's mind wandered as he rode through the streets and back towards his apartment. He thought about these new bitches. These Cold Fires. Damien knew from the Marine Corps to never underestimate an adversary. But there was something off about these women. Especially in the one he could have sworn was the Right Hand of the gang. Something odd and familiar.

As he rounded the turn towards the parking garage of his apartment, Damien heard a ringing in his ear. His bluetooth ear piece. He pulled out his cell and hit the answer button. "Go for Trask." He answered in his best Japanese, which was still plagued by an American accent. A Japanese voice came into his ear. "Kon'nichiwa, misutātorasuku." Answered the voice. "Watashi wa anata ga mada watashitachi no keiyaku o oboete hoshī."

Damien smirked under the tint of his visor. "Ah... Hai Yamamoto-shi. Your package should be ready by 20:00 today. I'll deliver it personally. You know the place." Damien could almost see the smile on the man's face as he heard the response on the other end. "Yes. Of Course. My Associates look forwards to seeing you, Mist'r Trask." Damien gripped the throttle and sped up the ramp into his apartment's garage, ascending to the third level of the parking complex and pulling up to his ZX-6 and his Skyline. Lowering the kickstand, he sighed as he turned off the hog and lifted his body from his ride. Helmet in hand, Damien made his way into the elevator, his boots making soft clicks as they hit the concrete of the garage floor. As he entered the elevator, he pushed the button for his apartment floor- all the while he began fiddling with his phone, until the name "Iyana yatsu" appeared on his phone. He hit the send button and awaited an answer. The dial tone continued even when he had reached his floor. He grunted in frustration at the lack of an answer from Katsu. When he heard the boy's voicemail, he bellowed. "I hope your getting your rest. I need you for some business later today. Meet me at the Hakuchō no atama restaurant no later than 1800 hours. Don't. Be. Late." He ended, pushing hard on the button to end the call. He then slipped the phone into his pocket and pulled out his keys, unlocking his door and turning the knob. As he heard the mechanism inside the door disengage, he quickly heard the scratches of thin nails scurry on the floor of the apartment. A smile formed on his face. He opened the door to be greeted by a series of low barks.

Damien threw his helmet onto his bed and knelt down, scooping the small English Bulldog pup into his arm. "You hold down the fort while I was away?" He asked the dog, scratching his belly as he carried the pup into the kitchen. Upon entering the kitchen, Damien set the puppy down in front of his food bowl before he made his way over to the refrigerator and retrieving a bottle of beer. As he popped the bottle cap off, he pulled out his cellphone once more, dialing up Kurama. "Hey, Shogun, I got to borrow the runt for a job around 2000 hours. Just running it by you." He said into the phone, awaiting an answer.