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Charlotte "Charlie" Thompson

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Charlotte sighed as she reached the docking bay climbing out of her mech with as much grace as she could muster. She was exhausted to say the least. Numbly she looked around noticing Atlas had gone off to a different hangar. Pursing her lips she dodged several men who were rushing over to her about the state of her mech and the silo. "Yeah, Yeah get Udachlivvy fixed up will you? And since the only interesting company went missing there is no reason for me to stay here.I will be eating if you need me." She rushed out the door before she paused and peaked her head back in. "Don't need me." She then quickly rushed her way down the hall to search for something to eat. Digging in her pockets she pulled out a wrist Com. She didn't use it very frequently because it required responses to be typed out on it's screen. It was useful though for when she was at base and someone needed to get a hold of her. Especially when a comrade did not speak.

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Andrea Havada
The Hanged Man

I don’t want to spend another moment, In the arms of which will one day let me fall
I don’t want to keep moving forward, Because I know one day we will stall
Please don’t look at me that way, Stop trying to make me smile
For now everything seems so perfect, But it won’t be in a little while

Andrea stayed seated as the ship finally landed. Most of the soldiers on board got off, however a few stayed. Andrea and her escort, as well as a couple of engineers. They had been a part of the creation of the Banshee, so they would run repairs and tests on it while it was deployed. A large truck pulled up to the aft of the ship, and unloaded the large machine. Luckily it was a smaller mech so it wasn't very hard to transport. Andrea and the others all sat on the back edge of the truck as it wheeled away from the ship towards it's hanger. On the way, her escort filled her in on the up to date info. "There are currently two agents present at this base. Agent Charlotte Thompson in the Udachlivvy and the ATLAS program in an Atlas machine. In the event of extensive damage of the Banshee, the Atlas will be your weapon of choice. Here's the data on both machines," Andrea couldn't see, but was well aware of what her Escort was doing. The woman beside her fiddled with her wrist com, and sent the data to Andrea. Instead of leisurely reading it on her wrist, the info blasted across Andrea's mind at high speed. Andrea shuttered as the feeling passed quickly. Despite having so much info crammed into her brain, the feeling was never pleasant.

She skimmed over the info as the truck parked in the same hanger as the Atlas machine. The physical differences between the two machines were almost laughable. The strong, robust, and giant war machine Atlas stood with it's large arsenal of weapons of all shapes, and at just under half of it's size, stood the now raised Banshee, with it's single weapon. That single weapon was however, a powerful Gauss Cannon which could tear through nearly any armor in a shot or two. It was meant for larger machines, but since it was the only primary weapon, the Banshee could accommodate it. It was also armed with six strong but small daggers, three stashed behind each leg. The gun mounted to it's right arm could eject off, and the Banshee was highly nimble, making melee combat a breeze. She slid off the edge of the large truck, landing with a stumble. She felt the hand of her escort grip her shoulder and the two began to walk, heading towards the Atlas machine and it's pilot. As the new agent, Andrea was expected to introduce herself. Her escort led her like a guide dog until she came to a stop, Andrea stopping with her. Her escort spoke first, "I take it you are ATLAS. This is Andrea, your new agent, pilot of the Banshee." With an added bit of pressure from the escort's grip, Andrea nodded her head, "Pleased to meet you," A young voice spoke. Her tone was dull and lacked any sincerity. It seemed lifeless and devoid, a true testament of the shell of a woman who stood there.

Just go now before it starts to hurt, I already feel it sting
I’ve already said it once before, Happiness my heart does not bring
I want to lock up my own heart, And throw away the key
One day I will mean nothing to you, So leave me to hear the lullaby of the banshee
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ATLAS watched the two women walk towards it on an camera mounted on it's shoulder. When they got near, ATLAS projected it's chosen holographic form on a pedistal near by. Obviously, one of the women was blind, the other, her escort. It was not often that ATLAS spoke, but when it did, people usualy got the hint, and it never repeated itself, so they had better get it the first time. ATLAS turned to the escort. "Leave us." It said in a firm tone. It turned back to Andrea. It was not hard to find her nueral link, and through it he could communicate. "I am ATLAS." It declared through the nueral link, introducing itself. "Get rest and food, we will run a training mission on the simulators shortly, then discuss our next move." ATLAS sent the same message to Charolette, but she would not receive the message with her mind, instead, with her wrist com. ATLAS wondered how well the blind girl would do in combat, if all went well, she would be an asset to the team. "Do you have any questions?" If she said no, ATLAS would call the escort back into the room, and send the two off to get food, if she said yes, ATLAS would do it's best to answer.
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Charlotte "Charlie" Thompson

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Charlotte was sitting in the mess hall her feet were propped up on the chair next to her. She was eating a sandwich she had grabbed because it was easy. That and if someone was looking for her she could bolt and not have to leave her food behind. She looked down at her wrist in mid bite as her wrist com beeped. Reading the message she smiled. She quickly typed back a response. 'Training? Do I have to? I'm in the mess hall. I will be done shortly. See you soon big guy.' She shoved more of the sandwich in her mouth and raised an eyebrow at any of the people in the mess hall who tried to join her at her table then chickened out and sat somewhere else. Charlotte rolled her eyes. She didn't bite...often.

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The Chariot

Charge is the name that the people see as a flash in the blue night. . .A flash that swirls the prepossessing winds, the shape going as fast as a bullets memory. It charged for the victory of silence. .

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Soaring sounds in the ripping blue droughts, Rye arrived into the field that was no longer a battle.
Charge stretched out its legs in a bent position mid-way from the sky, preparing for the brutal landing from the over successful speeds... Impact awoken, dragging its spearing legs into the street, ripping through the pavement as fast as a bullet that splashed out debris. Sliding on its feet, breaking the Columbus rate of movement it had built up. Rye piloted the fearsome mech, painted with corrupted blood lines and gore all around of its small body. The head of Charge looks like a reptile representing its camouflage, Its powerful jaw line painted red and white to outline its brutality. Charge takes pride in its agility, Making charge a nightmare for giant mechs.

"Achoo!" a petite voice was heard through the Arcane communication lines. A voice that should be familiar to everyone in the Arcane, Hopefully the youngest member at the least. "Reporting for dut-" Before her voiced finished the sentence she quickly looked around. .Where did everyone go? "Great. .I'm the fastest one here. .but I arrived late for the mission. ." She announced, just to make people laugh at her for a bit, It would be an attempt for mercy. On the way getting here. .She got reckless with her tremendous speeds and crashed into a far away forest. . Charge had mud and branches all over its points and underneath its armor plating, pulling the wood pieces one by one. . Rye was still young, it was all fun and games for her still. .

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