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o1.Be honest.
o2.Take better care of my body.
o3.Take time.
o4.Think before..whatever i do. c:
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Be more helpful.
Stop eating chocolates.
Be more positive.
Don't laugh too much for nothing.
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survive high school
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01:Make more friends
02:Become less addicted to gaia
03:Smile more
04: Keep this username
1. To move out of this house and not have my current house mates hate me for it.
2. Own every Terry Pratchett novel.
3. Keep to my kickboxing routine.
4. Sappy as it is... Be happy with who I am regardless of everything life throws at me.
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Hmmmm...... I'm having some trouble coming up with some. Here's what I got:

Take better care of myself
Like myself for who I am
Be nice to my brothers
1: Break my addiction to Manga
2: Lose 10 pounds
3: Do something outof my comfort zone everyday
4: Raise my GPA
5: Be more trusting
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1. Lose weight (like any other Female)
2. Wear more Make-up even though it's not Needed.
3. Get a Boyfriend before Valentine's Day.
4. Dancing,Singing, And all my other talents.
That's what i need the most. *__*

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Do i need to lose weight?
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1. Lose 6kg
2. Get a better job
3. Pay off debts
4. Save money
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Graduate high school
pass the CST
Take a stand for GLBT people, black people, blond people, and people that deserve it in general.
Smile at others more.
Leave anonymous notes around school, at least one daily, about how awesome the reader is.
Be happy.
Stop criticising every damn thing that I do and love myself.

"Even though we're lying in the gutter, some of us are looking at the stars."
Help others look at the stars. Look at the stars myself.
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1: Break my addiction to Manga
2: Lose 10 pounds
3: Do something outof my comfort zone everyday
4: Raise my GPA
5: Be more trusting

Same Here^-^
1. SAVE more money
2. Read more books
3. Eat healthy and Exericse more stressed
4. Don't procrastinate homework
5. Smile to everyone xd
6. Talk more to people on Gaia
... I don't know yet.
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Original Ladykiller

1. gain weight
2. become an alcoholic
3. smoke more then a pack a week
4. whore around
5. never get a job

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