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1) get rid of the bodies of the people I killed in 2010
2) buy new gun
3) eat more dog
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Ocean of Enceladus
1) get rid of the bodies of the people I killed in 2010
2) buy new gun
3) eat more dog
1. Get a job
2. Fight even more
3. Tone my muscles
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take better care of my body
spend more time with my family
eat healthier
smile more smile
My resolution is to sitll love Justin Bieber at the end of the year smile
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1. Learn to use the sewing machine (hopefully make myself some cosplay for Otakon....maybe...)
2. Learn Flash (partially accomplished, as I'm currently enrolled in a Flash course whee )
3. Work out more (not so much to lose weight, but to get stronger and more flexible)
4. Learn new creative things/ Be more crafty, I guess
And most importantly,
5. Get a job 4laugh
i want to learn to trust again i know its not the usual new years resolution but still its the only one ive got
I want to stop biting my fingernails. I stopped for a great 7 months or so and it was a bad addiction and now I've been stresses out with family problems and started biting them once again.
New Year's Resolution: Not to break any new year's resolutions.

Since it's my only one... I think I'm doing quite well!
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i want to lose weight
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lose 20 lbs >.< I want to be back 107 lbs
survive cosm. school, get cosm. license
get drivers license
be more positive
Retain correct posture
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1. Survive school.
2. Spend more time with friends.
3. Don't be lazy.
4. Get outside more often.
5. Write better resolution for next year. xD
1. Lose my weight in a healthy way (No MORE FAD DIETS!!!)
2. Raise My Algerbra Grade
3. Don't feint in Public Speaking
4. walk my Fat Blob called a Dog, more often
Eat cookies for a whole month .
I can do it !

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