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Can we do really do it?

Yes 0.83070866141732 83.1% [ 211 ]
No 0.16929133858268 16.9% [ 43 ]
Total Votes:[ 254 ]
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my parents and older all need to stop. I'm 18, my brother's 20, my mom's 47 and my dad's 46. my brother started when he was 13, and my mom and dad have been at it since they were 16 maybe.
The last three years I've stopped enjoying it. Not to mention it actually causes the symptoms I was trying to get rid of with smoking in the first place. Irritability, depression, concentration, all that.

Plus it's a government conspiracy: not only are they getting rich, they're also keeping the population down. Include the other 1500 chemicals that could be causing brain damage we don't know about. No thanks, ******** THE MAN AND HIS WAYS.

All this I knew, it's just so much easier to make sense of everything now that nicotine is almost entirely out of my body.. I'm in the process of reclaiming my brain !
maybe...... stare
Four days mfs: the US government can suck it
My fiance has been smoke free for 5 and a half months now. He did it with one of those electonic cigarettes. I know it's still the nicotine that he is still addicted too but he has already moved onto the ones with less nicotine. I am so proud of him. 4laugh
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Thats a good one. Good Luck. wink
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I am only 18 years old, i started smoking 2 years ago because of the stress put on me by my parents. brokn home, ya know? wel ive moved out now and im doing things on my own and i reaize that the best way to show them that i can be my own person is to be the best "me" i can be...a healthy smoke-free me. im trying, and its hard but its going to happen. by nest new years will have quit. thats not i hope, thats a gaurentee.
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Why not this new year? It's only the 15th afterall..
Ohh Woow.

Wow.. as in?
to a new non smoker to all the smokers out i quit by learning wat r n cigs. rat poision, blach, nail polish remover, tar, fornaleahide, niccotine, tabacco, bug killer and so much more. so when you take out one of ur death sticks think about all the deadly things in them that ur r consuming into ur body that god grasioly gave you it. so take my advice and think to urself "what would jesus do?" lol! sad
i tried to quit multiple times this year already...not working for me sad
" Smokers must recognize that they are drug addicts. Nicotine is a powerfully addictive drug. Once the smoker has smoked for a fairly long time, the body requires maintenance of a certain level of nicotine in the bloodstream. If this level is not maintained, the smoker will experience varying degrees of drug withdrawal. The lower the level, the greater the intensity. As long as any nicotine remains in the bloodstream the body will keep craving its full complement. Once the smoker quits, the nicotine level will eventually drop to zero and all physical withdrawal will cease. Cravings for an occasional cigarette may continue, but this is due to past psychological conditioning and not to a physical dependence.

Cutting down on cigarettes or use of nicotine replacement strategies throws the smoker into a chronic state of drug withdrawal. As soon as the smoker fails to reach the minimum requirement of nicotine, the body starts demanding it. As long as there is any nicotine in the bloodstream, the body will demand its old requirement. Smoking just one or two a day or wearing a patch which is gradually reducing the amount of nicotine being delivered will result in the smoker not achieving the minimum required level, creating a chronic state of peak drug withdrawal.

This state will continue throughout the rest of the smoker's life unless one of two steps is taken to rectify it. First, the smoker can stop delivering nicotine altogether. Nicotine will be metabolized or totally excreted from the body and the withdrawal will stop forever. Or, the smoker can return to the old level of consumptions accomplishing nothing. "

from whyquit.com

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