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Can we do really do it?

Yes 0.83070866141732 83.1% [ 211 ]
No 0.16929133858268 16.9% [ 43 ]
Total Votes:[ 254 ]
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Down to one a day.. this time I have it.
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Good! I like that! The world needs less smoke. And it's better for you. Kudos to you!
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I am a hopless case but more power to ya!
Officially 24+ hours without a cig after 6 years of about a pack (+) a day. Longest I've been was about 5 days. We'll see what happens when we get there, but I have no intention to cave. It's about that ******** time D;

Regardless, I feel like s**t. But it'll pass.

Pot helps o.O
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I hate cigs.
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I can't hold it for any longer than a week.
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i'm trying to get me and my boyfriend to stop smoking
we gone about oh....... 2 hours sweatdrop
It's hard to handle. I caved a moment there and dragged a cig 2 or 3 times, but for only 3 drags after 3 days.. s**t. I'm back on track I swear.

Unfortunately that's what every smoker says
relapse is normal afterall -_-
Ha this was kind of an in the back of my head resolution, smoked a packet the other night at a party followed by two days of none. Total love hate relationship with cigarettes
Thye wire the chemicals so good that I completely forget why I wanted to quit in the first place. Still going on 3 days though, I could really use one at the moment ;(
I did successfully, but I missed it.
I am determined this time. ******** myself over a bit dragging one yesterday, but we're good for now. It helps to have nicotine-free smoke ;D

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