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dude. you are rightous and deserve love go get it! hioooooooooooooooooooo!
Play hard to get.
You don't have to be in a relationship with someone in order to spend time with them, enjoy their company, get to know them better etc. If you have an initial attraction to someone, it's worth while to investigate and see how you like them...but don't jump right into a commitment. Seriously.
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I know how you feel. I'm 16 and never had a boyfriend. but know this. its not your fault. its not you. its them. if they can't be happy with the way you are, then thier not good for you.

Aha, actually it's mostly cause I'm too oblivious/nice I guess to things that's my downfall.
Good luck with your endeavor too smile

-pouts- I'm sorry for that. Is it that you a) don't pay attention to your girl or b) are too mushy? If it's either, I might have help. 4laugh

a) there will probably be someone out there for a short-term relationship. It's just that that particular quality will make a few persistent friends who would like to talk and almost no girlfriends. emo Some qualities just need answering to.

b) everyone wants to be bad! twisted let her play the naughty girl once in a while and give her what she wants. (well -- sometimes wink )

These are only answers from watching other people because I also have never had a boyfriend. cry But I'm only 13 so WHO CARES?!?!

Not everyone likes bad boys.
I like good boys. Mushy boys. I like shy, cute and quiet, but chatty when they know you.
Adorable is just too great for me.

Bad boys create problems.

i feel u. i like the same thing if u have a bad boy usually it ends up as drama.
i no how u ppl feel the same thing happens to me neutral but 2 nights ago i met a guy who seems to b alot lik me so wish me luk with him heart
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i wish u luck!!! dont get ur hopes up but keep an open mind or ur true love might just walk past u
I know. Love doesn't have a certain time that it has to happen. I wish you can find your love as soon as possible. I have a love, but it's not going out too well so it makes me a little nervous about everything as well. I tend to be single and just wait for the other person to tell me they love me, even if I know I love them myself in first sight. Sorry if I'm not making too much sense, but it's because I am pretty young and also need some love experience. heart
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love comes always when we never expected mrgreen

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