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Deidara( razz Maniacal bomber)
Tobi(He is good boy and...right....RIGHT!)
Konan(I love origami too)
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1. Hidan
2. Kakuzu
3. ...It's hard for me to pick one, cause after that I have no 3rd favorite...I guess I'll say...Kisame! Gotta show the fish man some love! And his death was rather good as well...it's better than rotting in a pit, but like Hidan is like super crazy and I was amazed about how *rambles on about why Hidan is her favorite*
1. heart Deidara heart 2. Konan 3.Kisame

Fish need love too.
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Mine are Itachi, Sasori and Deidara ^^ xp whee biggrin
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Itachi, Tobi, Kisame.

In that order.
Hello fellow Naruto fans!!! Since you love Naruto I made a forum just for you that lets you RP and follow your ninja love. My friend and I has created a Naruto forum but on a different website(link posted at the bottom.) If you followed Naruto and just love how the show goes, this is your chance to be apart of it. With this forum you can be any made up person and take control of the Naruto story as you see fit. Its a fun forum when there's always members that join and they be very active within the RP. I hope for you all that sees this will join and be one of these active members. If you do and you like it please tell your friends and family to join and be active the more people the more the fun. We wish to get the forum populated ASAP. With the help of the true Naruto fans this forum will have the potential to be a very long lasting and populated forum. My account is Kenji and the other admin is Yukio Daichi. He also has an account on here by the name of RileyFreeman101. You can pm either of us or simply post here if you have any questions or concerns. Have a great day and please give it a try thank you.
Naruto Battleground

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