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I'd want to be from Kumogakure.

Obvs cause its da hood. emotion_dealwithit
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Kumogakure for me as well. I'd want to be on the same team as Omoi and Karui, they're hilarious.
Kumogakure for me as well. I'd want to be on the same team as Omoi and Karui, they're hilarious.

I wanna team up with Bee, man. We would become the new Wu Tang. emotion_dowant
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Well, I'd say... Konoha or something. That s**t has action in there... sfnjsdkghdsfa,
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I wouldn't. I'd live somewhere on the edge of a country that doesn't get involved in shinobi wars.
Konoha too.
Konoha gets into too many damn wars holy s**t.
But it looks nice there.
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Either Kiri or Kumo. Now those are some badass ninja. I wouldn't want to live in Konoha, I would hate to have to keep rebuilding my house over and over or worry about it. They got destroyed how many times now? Nobody touches my house. emotion_donotwant
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I like my home thats all

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i would like to live in village of the leafs ninja
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Well I live in the Adirondacks now and i like it, so I'd say the Leaf
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I'm gonna say the leaf. It seems pretty there. 3nodding
Hidden leaf got to many secrets &' s**t. It's like living there is death.

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