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I guess the most recent one where Gaara's dad is all like, "yeah, sorry for being a douche..."
....and then he cried.

And also when Jiraya, Kushina, and Minato all have their respective deaths.
I'm not sure if I remember, but I think I built some tears when Jiraiya died -- more specifically, during the depressing scenes of Naruto being affected by Jiraiya's death.
Third Hokage hit home for me. The funeral was so sad.
For me was when Naruto was beating the heck out Garra. I mean NEVER expected him to beat at of all people Garra. cry

When Haku dies.
When Neji die fighting that spirder guy(please give me a break i cant remember his name)
when gaara dies in shippuden and when he was brough back to life.
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The death of Itachi... Oh, and Jiraiya.
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You know what was a sad ep for me? That ep where Jiraiya gets wrecked by all the paths of Pein, and has a slow death.

They squeezed his throat so hard that they crippled it so he wasn't able to talk, all dived on him at once like it was a game of nfl (cept they simultaneously stabbed him with poles).

What a sad episode that was gonk
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I remember crying when Haku died. I saw that episode years ago and was in tears.

But in Shippuden: Sakura's tears when she sees Naruto's nine tails formation for the first time, Asuma's final words, When Naruto is depressed and goes through the memories with Jiriaya after he passes away.

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