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Took a quiz for this lol Funny because even without the quiz I was gonna say Kakashi.

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Hinata. In Hinata's case, my family always ask alot from me and whenever I did something that didn't fall in there standards they put on me, they would tell me how I was letting then down and how I could do better. Plus they always compare me to my brothers and always said to me, as the girl of the house I should be better than them and I was shy and that didn't help me when I wanted to make friends. I could say that I was also like Sakura in terms of being bully for having a big forehead and all.
I relate to sasuke because i been through the same thing he has been through emo
Isn't it obvious * points to username *
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I feel the same way, I also relate to Sakura the most.. I guess that's why I liked her since the beggining when I first watched Naruto,back when I use to be extremely into watching the show. like obsessed with it. xD (still obsessed errr with certain characters or pairings just don't watch it really)
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Everyone pisses me off for no reason but at the end of the day I just wanna be a nice guy.
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Much like him, I tend to say things how I view them without sugarcoating.

I'm not emotionally constipated, but my mouth does run marathons.
I relate to sasuke because i been through the same thing he has been through emo

Really now?
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Mhm. I guess I'm like Obito (Lol, before he went batshit crazy), and a little bit like Itachi towards my younger brother somewhat.
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sai/younger gaara/naruto

socially clueless like sai (asbergers syndrome)
kind of unstable and have hatred for people like gaara (from lack of friends and being hated because of asbergers)
great determination like naruto
was hated by about everybody and had no friends in school like gaara and naruto
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Hard to say, probably Kiba though. I have a feeling me and him would be besties. yum_puddi
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I would have to say Sakura, she had a lot of insecurities about her self and abilities; but she sought out to change that and has become someone she can be proud. I felt the same way and did the same thing. I'm sorry if this is a really lame thread but this was the only topic I could think of.

Yeah, I'd say Sakura, too! For the same reasons as above. I had tons of insecurities as a kid, and allthough I'm still working on myself, I feel like I've a bit more confident in myself. (:
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-points to avie-

People are tools.

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